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Main Title: Sunshine and District Historical Society: the Sunshine recorder
Publisher: Sunshine, Vic.: Sunshine and District Historical Society
Subject: Sunshine & District Historical Society (Vic.)
Historical societies - Periodicals
Sunshine (Vic.)
No. 27 SEPTEMBER 2013: Style hairdresser passes [death of Ern Davis] / John Willaton p1. Wally Peeler VC in Sunshine / John Willaton based on research by Frank Noonan and Anthony Staunton p2. Constance (Connie) Duthoit Parsons (nee Bell) 1922-2013 / Olwen Ford p3. From one heritage home to another [Raymond John Clayton, Bonnie Doone (house), Clayton family, Tarleton family] / as told to John Willaton by Carole Clayton p4. Sunshine's twin champions [James and Christopher Gowans] / John Willaton p5. Sunshine showtime 1937 [Sunshine Amateur Dramatic Society] / Gilbert Bell p7.

No. 28 DECEMBER 2013: Sunshine Technical School centenary / Linda Pongracic p2. Head to head with Headlie's Header: the genesis of the Sunshine Header according to Headlie S. Taylor p3. Vale: Beverley Ann Hickey (nee Bult) 1934-2013 p5. Vale: James Ingram p5. Greyhound racing p7.

No. 29 MARCH 2014: Sunshine Railway Station pedestrian underpass closed p1. Vale: Joyce Mousley / John Willaton p3. Sunshine ex-servicmen no.1: Ian Teague / John Willaton p3. Sunshine ex-servicemen no.2: Jim Gaylor, Sunshine's iron man / John Willaton p5.

No. 30 JUNE 2014: Memories of Sunshine / Doug Caddick p1. Arlene: satisfying a model ambition / Arlene Andrewartha p3. Vale: Dorothy Carlton (nee Neyland) p4. Vale: Jessie Parks (nee McKay) p5. St Mark's Debutante Ball 1954 / John Willaton p5.

No. 31 SEPTEMBER 2014: Navigating into history [S.S. Warrimoo (ship)] / John Willaton p1. Sunshine's test cricketer reunion [Joan Schmidt, Myrtle Bayliss and Lorraine Kutcher] / John Willaton p2. From St Marks to the Olympics: Ken Doubleday / John Willaton with thanks to Margaret Spratling (nee Doubleday) p4. Sunshine's longest serving Town Clerk [Thomas William Deutschmann] / John Willaton p4. John R. Kirby AM p5. When H.V. McKay lit up Sunshine [electricity] / John Willaton (courtesy of Ken Porter) p7.

No. 32 DECEMBER 2014: A century innings for a Sunshine cricket lover [Joseph Wise] / John Willaton p1. Phillips family history / Colin Phillips Jnr p2. Vale: Judith Wright (nee Powell) p3. Sunshine Harvester Works trains / Mel Bajada p4. Sunshine's stained glass window [at City of Sunshine Municipal Offices and Council Chamber] p4. H.V. McKay honoured again / John Willaton p5. Growing up in Sunshine / Ian Teague p7.

No. 33 MARCH 2015: Find of original radiator for a H.V. McKay 'Sunshine A model' tractor p2. Sunshine's gentle giant of the ring [Al Basten] / John Willaton courtesy of Alex O'Brien p3. Joyce and Charlie [Skidmore] celebrate 60 years / John Willaton p3. All round good sport: Tommy Laffan / John Willaton p4. Sunshine's own picture palace [The Roxy, Ballarat Road, Maidstone] / John Willaton p5. Sunshine shone in Argentina [harvesters, soccer] / John Willaton p7.

No. 34 JUNE 2015: A job for life: Roy Day p3. Sunshine's supreme sports administrator: Col Utber p4. Report of working party on community grant for commemoration ceremony to dedicate the Sunshine Avenue of Honour and Sunshine RSL Memorial Gardens stage 1 p7.

No. 35 SEPTEMBER 2015: Peter Wright OAM / John Willaton p1. Remembering Sunshine's first chain store [O. Gilpin, Hampshire Road] / John Willaton p3. Vale: Mary Elizabeth Harrison 1923-2015 p4. Avenue of Honour / John Willaton p4. Vale: Vida May Caddick (nee Mousley) 1927-2015 p5.

No. 36 DECEMBER 2015: Hill Street hues: as told to John Willaton by Virginia Rae Potter (nee Cordy) and Lois Lowe (nee Cordy) [Verna Cordy, artist, 16 Hill Street, Sunshine] p1. Ye olde village blacksmith: compiled by former member, the late Eric Wegener p2. Connor Shea according to Tom Dealy / by John Willaton, from the 1988 memories of Tom Dealy courtesy of Maree (nee Dealy) and Robert Howie p3. The Cinderella Gardens / John Willaton p5.

No. 37 MARCH 2016: Gentlemen start your engines [Braybrook Motor Cycle Club] / John Willaton p1. Connor Shea according to Tom Dealy / John Willaton p3. The ANZAC dawn service [ Reverend Arthur Ernest White] p6.

No.38 JUNE 2016: H.V McKay anniversary / John Willaton p1. From humble beginnings to the heights- the Jack Williams story / John Willaton p2. Connor Shea according to Tom Dealy / John Willaton p3. Gwen Goedecke 28/03-1922-14/05/2016 / Olwen Ford p4. Renate Haehnsen [Vale] / Olwen Ford p5.

No. 39 SEPTEMBER 2016: Kenny's dad-In the beginning [Ron Jacobson] / John Willaton p3. Frank Ford 17 April 1927-12 July 2016 p2. Isabel Grace Bell 24 January 1928-13 July 2016 p4. Ruth Winifred Evans 17 April 1921-20 August 2016 p4. From humble beginnings to the heights: the Jack Williams story / John Willaton p5. ARC Sunshine: saving the memories 22nd May 2016 / Shaun Crosbie p6. John Kelly: artist [Man lifting a cow sculpture on Hampshire road.] p6.

No. 40 DECEMBER 2016: The tradition of the gold whip [winning jockey of the Melbourne Cup receiving a gold whip] / John Willaton p1. Raymond Gibson Carlton: 28-02-1922 to 22-11-2016 p2. Kenny's Dad-In the beginning [Ron Jacobson] / John Willaton p3. Douglas Leonard Caddick 20/06/1928-29/11/2016 p4. Memories of Deer Park Carols / Anne Best p6. A champion recognised [Shaun Crosbie best and fairest 1964] / John Willaton p6. Albion Primary School turns 90 p7.

No. 41 MARCH 2017: Vale Beryl Jean Rigg p2. Tom's vision realised [Tom Rigg and St Alban's station] p2. Vale Mick James p3. Standing the test [John Richard Collins and cricket] / John Willaton p3. H.V McKay's legacy never-ending / John Willaton and Clive Patter p4. Scouts and guides: A rich history / John Willaton p5. Finding Sunshine [house that Tracee Hutchinson bought, built in 1928] / Tracee Hutchinson p5.

No. 42 JUNE 2017: Vale Jim Cannon p2. Finding Sunshine / Tracee Hutchinson p2. Vale Tom Rigg p3. Vale Brian O'Reilly p4. Sunshine old boys [Sunshine and Districts Old Boys Association] / John Wilanton p5. We like Ike [Ike Barber] / Jim Learmonth p6.

No. 43 SEPTEMBER 2017: Sunshine's history in 50 objects p1. The barber of Sun Crescent [Frank Hayden] / John Willaton and Pat Pemberton (nee Hayden) p3. Vale: Lyn Learmonth: 12 November 1923-22 April 2017 / John Willaton p4. Vale Tim Hogan: 1918-2017 p4. Keeping your cool [coolgardie safe] / John Willaton p5. A close shave [rolls razor] / John Willaton p6. The mini series [Sunshine tv series 2017] p6.

No.44 DECEMBER 2017: Play ball: Sunshine Baseball Club / John Willaton p2. Vale Alma Frances Learmonth 17 November 1929-9 Nov 2017 p4.Vale Elsie Jean "Skeeta" Deveson 12 May 1929 - 4 August 2017 p5. Historic objects - show and tell [Victor Richardson's cricket bat] p6.

No. 45 MARCH 2018: Sunshine's Tarax bar / John Willaton p1. Vale Wally Zielinski / Alan Dash p2. Casting far and wide [Sunshine Fly Fishing Club] / John Wilaton p4. Mr Derrimut / John Willaton p6.

No.46 JUNE 2018: Legally yours: J.E Sievers / John Willaton p1. Vale Norma Learmonth 11 March 1929-20 April 2018 p2. Memories of Sunshine businesses and industries [Parsons and Lewis Horsehair Factory, Leo Fisher's butcher's shop] p3. A generous philanthropist-"The Reichstein Foundation" / John Willaton p4. A Sunshine royal occasion: crowning of queens [Queen of Sport] / John Willaton p5.

No 47 SEPTEMBER 2018: Remembrance day p1. To Doctor Gary Ayton OAM p2. To the late Ken Missen (JP) OAM p2. Smithy update p4. Helen Keller's Sunshine visit / John Willaton p5.

No.48 DECEMBER 2018: Another Sunshine inventor: Alan Mitchell p1. Duty nobly done: recognition for Ivy [Ivy Rule] / Jim Learmonth p2. The David Darcy story / John Willaton p3. Vale Arlene Andrewartha p5. Dave Cameron's Albion / Jim Learmonth p6. Before baristas [tea and Turban and Bushells coffee and chicory essence] p6. He came out fighting: Frank Flannery / John Willaton p7. Watch the doughnut not the hole [Downyflake restaurants and the American Doughnut Machine] p8.

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