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Main Title: Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies: the Genealogist 2012-
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Subject: Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies
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Vol.13 no.10 JUNE 2012: Chipping away at another brick wall … serendipity happens [Dr Robert Nelson Jack] / Judy Miller p11. The fascination of trains: an alternative way to tackle your family history [railway disaster, Elliot Junction, Scotland 1906] / Dale Margaret Vagg p12. He helped light up our city: George Frank South 1813-1891: the innovative engineer and pioneer of gas lighting in Melbourne / Eric Unthank p18.

Vol.13 no.11 SEPTEMBER 2012: Vale: Dorothy Moss p3. Who was the Blue Girl? [cholera victim, Sunderland, England 1831] / T. Fred Smith and T.R. Finlayson p6. Finding history [Moore family] / Sandra Joyce p8. Changes to registration districts of Tasmania (timeline) p9. Meath to Mundoonen: the life of Mary McGrath (c. 1818-1858) / Judith Cooke p10. Notable dates: 20 years in early Australia p14. North New Moon Company [Eaglehawk] p16. Index to 'expired' tenure plaques at Springvale Botanical Cemetery (index now available at AIGS) p17. Book review: 'Abandoned women' by Lucy Frost / review by Barbara Wilson p23.

Vol.14 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2013: Vale: Margaret Hookey, AIGS President 1994-6 p4. Over the sea from Skye: the story of Alexander Anderson / Lynn Haines p5. Australian immigration and shipping / Cynthia Neale p13. The havoc and debacle of the ill-fated 'West Wind' [ship] / P.W. Legg p24.

Vol.14 no.4 DECEMBER 2013: Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry turns 160 p6. Louise's albatross [researching 'Southwark luck', winner of the 2012 Alexander Henderson Award] / Louise Wilson p7. Writing Dan Desbois' life story / Geoffrey R. Morgan, winner of the 2012 Don Grant Award p10. England and Wales censuses / Cynthia Neale p12. Oakleigh and District Historical Society / Sarah Hurley p15. 'The Scotsman' digital newspaper archive 1817-1950 p16. Australian colonial forces and family history online research guide p17. Lost London / Anne Major p20.

Vol.14 no.5 MARCH 2014: Cemeteries / Cynthia Neale p4. In search of Mary Emily [Reay] / T. Fred Smith, Sarah Reay and Colin Booth p8. Lost and found in parish registers / Trevor Dawe p10. Bendigo diggings / David Cotton p12. Using social media for research / Carolann Thomson p13. State Library of Victoria: new research guide to the Victorian Sheriff's Office Warrants p14. Case study: Archibald Aitken and his son, Thomas Aitken p14. Member query: Sybil May Miers p17. New Zealand war medals / Lucille Andel p20. Melbourne wives and widows of H.M. Soldiers of 40th Regiment serving in New Zealand 1860 / Lucille Andel and Noel Clark p22. Annabella Rosa (Rose) Wilson nee Cavell ... where is she now? p31.

Vol.14 no.6 JUNE 2014: Vale: Fred Smith 1939-2014 p3. Hartley: a middle name [Redfearn family] p12. The governess' tale: Mary Jane Hawken / Pike p14. Bigamy on board the 'Will Watch' emigrant ship p18. Family lore [Howard-Hannay-Kleinfeldt family] p19. Richmond and Burnley Historical Society p26. Roll of Honour in St Andrew's Uniting Church [formerly Presbyterian], Myers Street, Bendigo 1914-1919 War p27.

Vol.14 no.7 SEPTEMBER 2014: Hochgurtel Fountain, Royal Exhibition Building p3. Ellen Grant: tragedy and serendipity / Ray Jelley p4. James Jordan: virtuous veteran or vexatious villain? / Lucille Andel p10. Petition from Belfast (Port Fairy) in 1854 / Helen Harris p17. Alexander Henderson Award 2013 p20. Don Grant Award p22. A serendipitous family connection [Hickox] / Ian Nowak p24.

Vol.14 no.8 DECEMBER 2014: Researching, writing and publishing 'Thomas Diprose and Elizabeth Children Diprose of Kent and Van Diemens Land. Strangers' / Elizabeth Parkes p4. William Parkinson: 19th century operatic tenor and 'Professor of Music' / Patricia Rogerson p6. For God, King and Country: the Great War of 1914-1919 / Shirley Devery p10. Genuki / Cynthia Neale p12. A schoolmaster's life: David Stevenson c1819-1859 / Ray Welsford p14. Hennessy family p25. Ogilvie family p25.

Vol.14 no.9 MARCH 2015: The Lone Pine, Orange, NSW p3. Trove newspapers / Cynthia Neale p4. Water in the family history works / Bev Wilson p8. Henry Walsh: clockmaker, pioneer and civic leader / Barbara Alderton p12. Remember the Boer War?: 450 Private Edwin Knox (1876-1901), Third Bushmen Contingent, Victoria / Pamela Hore p18. Lest we forget: the Australian Army Nursing Service [Sister Ethel Mary Ann Giddings, nurse] / Pirrie Shiel p20.

Vol.14 no.10 JUNE 2015: Free BMD website / Cynthia Neale p11. Harry Alexander Rigby, MC: distinguished Australian pilot, Royal Flying Corps, WW1 / Judith Carter and Don Bradmore p14. A last post [Ruby May Barratt and Frank Roberts] / Jilba Georgalis p19. A red Flanders poppy [war cemeteries of World War One] / Des Lambley p21. Lilydale and District Historical Society p36.

Vol.14 no.11 SEPTEMBER 2015: Vale: Margaret Jansen p3. A convict's life [James Edward Pickett 1817-1907 and Anne Nolan 1819-1876] / Greg McKie p4. Using Digger for birth, marriage and death records / Cynthia Neale p7. Vale: Trevor Dawe 1943-2015 p15. Alexander Henderson Award 2014 p19.

Vol.14 no.12 DECEMBER 2015: In the shadow of Feathertop: a history of the lives and legacy of George Jones and Margaret Hardie / Craig Fullerton (winner of the Alexander Henderson Award 2014) p4. One of a kind: the life of Charles Hastings Barton / Ric Barton and John Tidey (winner of the Don Grant Award 2014) p6. St Michael's Church, Linlithgow p11. Bendigo Diggings: Nugget 1: Elizabeth Prideaux and Ernest Rowe family p14. Nugget 2: In search of Jane, Mary, Sarah Williams, Hahn or Haren / Mary Twyford p15. The Hue and Cry Index / Noeline Goodwin p18. The re-internment of King Richard III: white roses, white roses all the way / Rosemary Allen p19.

Vol.15 no.1 MARCH 2016: Small clues to history / Lori Henderson and Carolann Thomson p4. The 'Foundlings' search is over [Benjamin Southey and Jane Patch] / Eric Panther p7. British and Australian salvage operations of the Great War / Graham Caldwell p11.

Vol.15 no.2 JUNE 2016: RootsIreland / Cynthia Neale p10. Letters from England [various resources for tracing English ancestry / Peter Bennett p12. Crinolines and Bustles: Collecting Historical Women's Dresses 1820-1940 / Ann Dixon p17. Letters to La Trobe at the Public Record Office p24.

Vol.15 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2016: Searching with FamilySearch / Cynthia Neale p4. Everybody's talking about Facebook p11. What's your island story? Connection to Jersey, Channel Islands / Linda Romeril p17.

Vol.15 no 4 DECEMBER 2016: Vale [Betty Inwood, Sidney Colin Holt] p3. A rather small family skeleton [Nowak family] / Ian Nowak p5. Alf's crib board: Trench art from WWI / Des Lambley p8. The alphabet postcard [Sir Henry Irving, Marie Illington, Isabelle Irving] / Carolann Thomson p11. Boots, shoes and seeds: the life of Peter Field / John Field p14. A problem to solve [life of William Todd] / David Cotton p18. Daniel McLaurin / Barbara Wilson p19. Seafaring disaster... further episodes in the life of Capt S Unthank / Eric Unthank p25. Pioneers and old colonists. A roll of honour (The Register Adelaide, Wednesday 7 December 1910) / collected from TROVE by Anne Major p28. Bendigo diggings [Waters/Watters/Walters family, John Hansard, James Taylor and Sarah Thomas, Emma Rann, William Maes, Roderick Forrester, Peter Webster Mason, Richard Manser, Ernest Joseph Vercoe, James Heeps, Herbert Stanley Heeps, Arthur and Margaret Heeps, Charles John Nargle] / David Cotton p32. Follow up those clues [Frederick Puckle] / Truda Olson p36.

Vol. 15 no.5 MARCH 2017: Father Timothy O'Rourke, Kilmore Parish Priest / Barbara Wilson p6. Serial serendipity surprises [Guillaume Rachinger and Alphonse Terrier in Daylesford] / Gail White and Dan Cerchi p8. A search for answers [Alan Thorley's family history and the Yea historical society] / Alan Thorley p11. Sly-grogging and the law on the Bendigo Goldfields in the 1870s / James Morris p14. A double life [Edward Frederic Kenny] / Graham Coward p23.

Vol. 15 no.6 JUNE 2017: The tragic tale of Thomas Killick Jrn. And Thomas Killick Snr. (part one) / Giselda Bannister p8. Daylesford miners petition 1859 / Lucille Andel p15. The Sandra Marshall Collection p19. George Walter Downey married seven times "for the sheer love of it". / Elizabeth Williamson p26.

Vol. 15 no.7 SEPTEMBER 2017: State Library of Victoria: fish named after men / Andrew McConville p7. Lost identity [Mary Ann Fetters] / Pirrie Shiel p8. Commonwealth war graves commission / Cynthia Neale p12. The tragic tale of Thomas Killick Jnr. And Thomas Killick Snr. (part 2) / Giselda Bannister p16. A wartime fairy tale [Fadil Osman] / Eliz Bilal p18.

Vol. 15 no.8 DECEMBER 2017: Scotland's people / Cynthia Neale p5. The politicians, the actress and the opera singer: Dr Harman John Tarrant, M.P., and his spectacular fall from grace / Judith Carter and Don Bradmore p8. Nine strategies that helped in writing The Complete History of Arthur and Rose / Tony and Wendy Edwards p13. Millthorpe and District births 1901 p17. Follow-up to finding the Banner Boys / Rebekah Mitchell-Matthews p18. The PMI Victorian History Library: a wealth of history at your fingertips p20.

Vol.15 no.9 MARCH 2018: The Carroll family / Pauline Turville p4. The Ships List / Cynthia Neale p5. Melbourne and Townsville-the link / Rod Beaumont p12. Bendigo diggings p19. Rita goes home [Rita Rosenberg] / Ann Dixon p20. Local histories at the PMI Victorian History Library p22. Bendigo Family History Group p24.

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