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Main Title: Tasmanian Family History Society: Tasmanian ancestry
Publisher: Launceston, Tas.: Tasmanian Family History Society Inc.
Collation: Periodicals in box
Subject: Tasmanian Family History Society
Genealogical societies - Periodicals
Vol.30 no.3 DECEMBER 2009: Tasmania's honour roll of women: Lilian Delsa Watson 1932-1996 p144. Amelia Lucy Wayn MBE 1862-1951 p145. To be hanged? / Leonie Mickleborough p146. State high school boarding houses 1915-1927 / Betty Jones p147. George Coatsworth Hopwood: infamous cutthroat? / Margaret Nichols p150. Mathinna [aborigine] / Carmel Bird p155. 'Notorious strumpet': the short, boisterous life of convict Johanna Lynch c1798-1840 / Don Bradmore p160. Convict William Jones writes to his wife in Anglesey / Mark Dillon p163. Trawling Penguin General Cemetery burial records / Ross Hartley p165. Was your ancestor a convict guard on the 'William Jardine'? [ship] p174. Applications by convicts for permission to marry / Dr Neil Chick p177. In ships they came to the lure of gold / Pauline Quirk p188. Johnson family / Margaret Prestedge p195. Tales from St John's Cemetery [Hobart] (Inquests: Mary Ann Curry 1845; Hugh Curry 1858) / Rosemary Davidson p199. Scanning slides / Vee Maddock p200.

Vol.31 no.4 MARCH 2011: The Prince of Wales visit 1920: Elsie Corrick 1894-1974 p200. Robert Thirkell p201. Early 19th century teachers in government schools p209. Mrs Marian Maria Chester p209. Julius Samuel Imberg p210. Discovering my Irish ancestors part 1 / Pat Coy p213. Smallpox vaccination on the convict transports p218. Greennow sisters p225. Learning to swim at Dynnyrne 1926-47 / Leonie Mickleborough p229. Archie Stocker: DCM winner or not? p234. Laura Davis (nee Tatnell), Felmingham, Canslawr p240. Family of Matthew Forster p241.

Vol.32 no.1 JUNE 2011: Christchurch, New Zealand: Elsie Corrick 1894-1974 p8. Voices from the orphan schools: The Blackfriar 1851 p9. The state of education in Burnie 1885-1905 p11. Myra Bessie Sargent: a Wynyard photographer p17. The conundrum of Grandmother Watkin's portrait [Caroline McGuire, nee Watkins, nee Rudman] p20. A letter from M. Hemmings and the family of Charles William Taylor p21. William Oliver: from Chelmsford Gaol to Hobart Gaol p26. The bright side of life [Dudley Bright Ashford] p37. Punishment on the female convict transports p39. Robert Thirkell, John Frederick Schutte and Elizabeth Jane Schutte p41. The mystery of missing Maida [Maida Lilian Bradmore] p51. Mr Richard Dry: an Irish patriot in Van Diemen's Land p53. Transcribing Tasmanian convict records p57. The 'sandstone boys' p57.

Vol.32 no.2 SEPTEMBER 2011: The days of the old school yard / Betty Jones p69. Vale: Dawn Collins p76. Not just a bed of roses [new government school] / Betty Jones p77. Mary Allen, proper name Flannery / Pauline Bygraves p83. Bartholomew Broughton: a 'remarkable convict' or simply a 'rascal'? / Don Bradmore p87. The 'sandstone boys' p93. William Rose Falconer 1818-69 p94.Voices from the orphan schools: the 'Tasmania (2) [ship]' 1845 / Dianne Snowden p99. A noteworthy voyage: the 'Royal Admiral' (4) [ship] and 1842 female convict transport from the UK / Anne McMahon p101. A Thirkell by another name part 4: Robert Thirkell / Richie Woolley p103. The saga of the Sarah Anns [Sarah Ann Bullock] / Jennifer Clark p110. Private Patrick Crowley: British redcoat, 50th Regiment of Foot / Don Bradmore p116. Tasmania's ghost towns and settlements / Michael Holmes p120.

Vol.33 no.1 JUNE 2012: Paying for the school piano [Hagley Public School 1867] / Betty Jones p9. Voices from the orphan schools: a boy named Henry Osborne / Dianne Snowden p15. The Anglo-Indian family of Henry Claye Watson / Paul Edwards p19. Norfolk Plains descendants' day p28. Help wanted: Rebecca Conroy (nee Lambert); Cunningham; Dawson; Hewitt; Iles; Partridge Island p33. William Stanley Sharland / Rosemary Davidson p34. The 'Emma Eugenia' (4) 1846: a disagreeable voyage / Anne McMahon p35. Agnes Hunter (nee Thompson) located / Leonie Mickleborough p37. Hotels and boarding houses in the Hobart area circa 1925 / compiled by Laurie Moody p40. The squatters' joy [Corrick family] / Shirley Foster p42. Albert Edward Bird: a flawed champion / John Bird p43. John Pyner: intriguing 'bit player' in a family saga [Bromley family] / Don Bradmore p49. Sophia Hopwood: 'harbourer of prostitutes' / Margaret Nichols p53. Keeping memories alive / Allison Carins p55. Early burials at the Wesleyan Chapel, O'Brien's Bridge, Glenorchy p56.

Vol.33 no.3 DECEMBER 2012: William Owen (Ow-En): my Chinese ancestor / Janine Hunt p133. Voices from the orphan schools: children of Susan Chickley / Dianne Snowden p135. Tracing the lives of Irish convicts before transportation / David Coad p137. Never give up - found at last!: one missing grandfather [William Hall] / Hilary Martin p142. Educating the poor: the Murray Street Free School [Hobart], 1872-1896 / Betty Jones p145. Henry Tingley 'I am doing well': assigned to William Lyne / Leonie Mickleborough p152. Help wanted: Aiken; Bishop p155. The 'Gilbert Henderson' [ship] (1839-1840): a timely rescue / Anne McMahon p159. The professional misfortunes of the doctors of the penal colony of Sarah Island, Van Diemen's Land / Anita Pierantozzi with Dr Peter Stride p161. Albert Edward Bird: a flawed champion part 3 / John Bird p173.

Vol.33 no.4 MARCH 2013: Vale: Cathryn Marie (Kate) Ramsay 1944-2012 p196. Early education at Stanley 1842-1854 / Betty Jones p197. Two of a kind - Jessie George and Janet Jamieson / Joyce Purtscher p205. Voices from the orphan schools: the children of the 'Rajah' (ship) / Dianne Snowden p209. Last arrivals of Norfolk Islanders to Norfolk Plains VDL 1813 / Irene Schaffer p213. Help wanted: Becker and Wood; Ellen aka Annie Cammel (Campbell?); Heazlewood; Frances Hogg; War Services Homes, Newstead; Thomas Hart (1812?) descendants? p217. Pitfalls and brickwalls / Dennis Edwards p221. Mary Fogerty, 'wet nurse' for Matilda Sorell / Leonie Mickleborough p223. Indexes are useful / Mary Ramsay p226. Emma Green: a life out of the ordinary / Don Bradmore p227. Jewish Burial Ground [cemetery] Harrington Street [Hobart] 1828-72 / Leonie Mickleborough p231. Hotels and boarding houses in southern Tasmania circa 1925 p235. Hotels and boarding houses in northern Tasmania circa 1925 p237. The brazen Bridget Sheen / Cynthia O'Neill p241.

Vol.34 no.2 SEPTEMBER 2013: The 'Emma Eugenia' (5) [ship] 1850-51: with a harrowing case of child neglect / Anne McMahon p75. Voices from the Orphan Schools: Edward Deans, Orphan School boy / Dianne Snowden p77. Timber deliveries to Hobart Town 1876 / Laurie Moody p80. The less important classes [Tasmanian school system in the late 19th and early 20th centuries] / Betty Jones p83. Charlotte Salter (nee Clarke) 1811-1893: much loved teacher at Fenton Forest / Don Bradmore p97. Aunt Arberry's three husbands [Mary Anne Mitson (1822-1902) and her husbands Edmund Eayers (1819-1845), John Allum and Henry Arberry (1811-1877)] / Lou Daniels p99. Preserving the past: memories - diaries [Herbert Simmonds] / Allison Carins p111.

Vol.34 no.3 DECEMBER 2013: Vale: Beverley Ann Surkevicius 1929-2013 p133. Three Austin sisters attend high school and become teachers in the early 20th century [Lala Maria Austin 1903-1924, Joy Alice Austin 1905-1972, Gladys Mary Austin 1909-2002, Ada Beatrice Austin 1881-1945] / Elizabeth Parkes p135. School records: the value of admission registers [Errol Flynn, Joseph Lyons, Henry Brune Atkinson, Maude Ethel Leggett, Frank Bathurst Edwards] / Betty Jones p143. Mulga Mick [Michael Joseph O'Reilly]: prospector, miner, author and poet: a lost father rediscovered / John O'Reilly p149. Voices from the Orphan Schools: George Jones, apprentice / Dianne Snowden p153. Partridge Island 'The Crown has no claim ...' part 1 [Captain John Laughton 1825-7, Thomas Laughton 1827-49] / Erika Shankley p159. Francis Flexmore's encounter with Matthew Brady [Francis Flexmore c1766-1835] / Laurie Moody p168. Brickfields [Female] Hiring Depot / Anne McMahon p171. James Charlwood: Evandale bound / Leonie Mickleborough p175.

Vol.35 no.2 SEPTEMBER 2014: Voices from the Orphan Schools: Margaret Connell and St Columba Falls / Dianne Snowden p77. Built of bluestone in 1866: Stanley Public School / Betty Jones p81. Could this be true? [Robert Watts and Helen Kernen] / Ray Welsford p87. Annabella Rosa (Rose) Wilson (nee Cavell): where is she now? / John B. Wilson p97. Pub [hotel] signs of old Hobart / Lou Daniels p99. Ringarooma: the town that moved / John O'Reilly p107. Outrage at the death of convict John Pike: murder, manslaughter or the visitation of God? / Don Bradmore p109. The 'Chapman' (1) [ship] 1817: welcome to convict arrivals / Anne McMahon p115.

Vol.35 no.3 DECEMBER 2014: Vale: Audrey Hudspeth p128. Isaac, Alice and Sarah Elizabeth Briggs / Andrew Cocker p134. Expanding the curriculum: Woodwork Schools, 1907 [Hobart Woodwork School, Launceston Woodwork School] / Betty Jones p139. Bunks in barns [World War Two evacuation plans] / Ivan Heazlewood p145. My sister's stories from India: Elsie Corrick 1894-1974 / transcribed by Shirley Foster p153. Voices from the Orphan Schools: actions speak louder than words [Thomas Hill, Dennis Monaghan and Edward Reader absconded from Queen's Asylum 1863] / Dianne Snowden p159. The Hamilton Inn sofa: origin and ownership? / Judith Carter and Don Bradmore p163. Clara, court cases to heroes [Clara Adelaide Cleaver] / Georgina Dooley p171. Charles Baker [born 1847] / James M. Gray p175.
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