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Main Title: From sand, swamp and heath : a history of Caulfield / Peter R. Murray and John C. Wells.
Author: Murray, Peter R.
Wells, John.
Imprint: Blackburn, Vic : J. and D. Burrows for City of Caulfield, 1980.
Collation: 278 p. : ill., graphs, maps, portraits, index, hbk ; 25 cm.
Subject: Suburbs of Melbourne (Vic.)
General histories
Caulfield (Vic.)
Carnegie (Vic.)
St Kilda East (Vic.)
Elsternwick (Vic.)
Gardenvale (Vic.)
Glen Huntly (Vic.)
Hughesdale (Vic.)
Murrumbeena (Vic.)
Ormond (Vic.)
Ripponlea (Vic.)
St Kilda (Vic.)
Caulfield (Vic. : City)
ISBN: 0959839267
The history of the City of Caulfield is almost all in a minor key. There are none of the moments of high drama that have marked the histories of some other places in this still-young country, yet there is more here than meets the eye of the casual observer. Caulfield has grown to maturity through a long process of reconciling differences, through more than a century of patient, tolerant and persistent pursuit of the common good. There have always been conflicts inherent in the nature of its communities, but those conflicts have never managed to divide the people in any bitter confrontation or for very long. When the timber men came to Caulfield, before there was any such name on our maps, they were soon faced with a band of small farmers who wanted the timber for fencing and for building. These small farmers were in turn opposed by the gentry who hunted kangaroos, foxes and even deer on horseback and wanted no fences barring their way. Later, when roads were being built, there were arguments over who should meet the costs. There were enormous problems with drainage and during the 1880s and 1890s Caulfield was beset with epidemic after epidemic. As these were being mastered the economic crash of the early 1890s destroyed much of what had been achieved. Caulfield was affected very badly and the nature of the population changed almost overnight, but the problems were faced and overcome. For every crisis, there was a leader and there was a host of hardworking people to follow, with the future firmly in their hands. Those people sowed a harvest which is being reaped today in Caulfield, a City which might well serve as a model for many others in the standards it has achieved in every field of municipal, social, cultural and commercial endeavour.

Part one: Labore Vinces - 1850s to 1945. First surveys and land sales p2. Caulfield named p4. The infant Roads Board p4. Control of swamps p6. Samuel J. Masters' ideas p8. Permanent public parks p9. The tollgate headaches p11. Early private roads p13. Land boom subdivisions p14. Nightsoil p15. Disease strikes p17. At last, sewers p18. Cr W.J.C. Riddell p19. Reticulated water p20. The mad eighties p21. The aftermath p23. Tightened public expenditure p24. Charles DuPlan Lloyd p26. Caulfield's 'Tramway' King p26. A turning point to better times p27. Lempriere's Paddock p29. Drainage p30. Town planning p31. Parks and gardens p32. Main sports grounds p34. Caulfield Park reverts to State p36. The Great War p38. A hospital city p40. Private hospitals p41. The influenza epidemic p42. A new social caring p44. An infectious disease hospital p45. Frederick Jowett dies p46. The busy 1920s p47. Street lighting p47. Electric power (electricity) p48. Noel Lathrop Murray p49. William Wharington p49. The Depression starts p52. Relief organisation p54. John T. Packer p55. The prosperity carnival p56. The Caulfield Work Plan p58. Death of the Packer plan p59. Duncan Cornelius Mackinnon p60. The sluggish 1930s p61. The refuse story p63. Robert Harry Lord p65. World War Two p66. Geology p77. Flora and fauna p78. Aborigines p81. Squatters, graziers p85. Farming, agriculture p92. Chinese market gardeners p101. First communities p104. Elsternwick p109. Ten civic pioneers: Gilbert Handasyde p119. Harold Pennington p120. William Murray Ross p122. Thomas Watts p123. John Hart p126. Charles Nelson p127. James Wilberforce Stephen p129. Samuel Jermyn Masters p130. John Charles Lloyd p132. George Henry Frederick Webb p134. Railways p137. Brighton line p139. Rosstown Junction Railway p140. Frankston line p143. Outer Circle Railway p145. Horse tramway p146. Electric trams arrive p149. Mansions p152. Rippon Lea p156. City (Town) Hall p162. Clubs p169. Sandown p176. Local government p177. Industries p193. Coachbuilding p207. Milk p211. Churches p213. Houses, housing p224. Chinese p238. Education, schools p243. Glen Huntly Road School p244. Primary School no. 2987, Carnegie p247. Primary School no. 3449, Murrumbeena p248. Primary School no. 3703, Glenhuntly p249. Primary School no. 3820, Caulfield North Central (Balaclava State School) p249. Caulfield South Primary School p250. Ormond Special School p251. Primary School no. 4087, Ripponlea p251. Caulfield Technical School p251. High schools p252. Private schools p253. Cromarty School for Girls p254. O'Neill College, Elsternwick p254. Shelford Church of England Girls' Grammar School p255. Kilvington Baptist Girls' Grammar School p255. Grimwade House p256. Caulfield Grammar School p256. Cato Methodist Ladies College p257. Mount Scopus Memorial College p258. The Roman Catholic Church Schools p258. Place names p262. Street names p266.

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Bevan. Bone. Briggs. Brooks. Eggleston. Foot. Fullard. Fulton. Gill. Grimwade. Hall. Handasyde. Harris. Hart. Heywood. Higgins. Holland. Howitt. Hudson. Ilbery. Irwin. Jennings. Jowett. King. Langdon. Lempriere. Le Page. Lloyd. Long. Looker. Lord. Lyall. Mackinnon. Marriott. McLaurin. McMillan. Mickle and Bakewell. Millar. Moore. Morris. Muntz. Murray. Nelson. Newton. Packer. Payne. Pennington. Renwick. Ricketson. Riddell. Ross. Sargood. Service. Smith. Stephen. Thomson. Ueckermann. Watts. Webb. Webster. Wharington. Whitelaw. Williams. Wilson. Wood. Woolley.

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