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Main Title: Royal Historical Society of Victoria [RHSV]: Victorian historical journal nos 281-
Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. : Royal Historical Society of Victoria.
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: Royal Historical Society of Victoria
Historical societies - Periodicals
No. 281 JUNE 2014: John Keith Dunstan 1925-2013 p6. Finding indigenous history in the RHSV collections [aborigines] p12. The convict ship 'Hashemy' at Port Phillip: a case study in historical error p31. Williamstown High School: Victoria's first government secondary school? p54. Popular imperialism and the Victorian Scottish Regiment 1898-1938 p73. The apprenticeship of Richard Seddon p97. Identifying Ellen Clacy: a cautionary tale p119. George Isaac Porter: across two worlds p129. Batman's route revisited: his exact steps to a new treaty site p141.

No. 282 DECEMBER 2014: Melbourne's reaction to the Bathurst gold discoveries of May 1851 / Douglas Wilkie p189. The birth of the Melbourne Cricket Club: a new perspective on its foundation date / Gerald O'Collins and David Webb p219. The Point Hicks controversy: the clouded facts / Trevor Lipscombe p232. Charles La Trobe and Geelong keys / Murray Johns p254. Attempts to deal with thistles in mid-19th century Victoria / John Dwyer p276. Gita Yoga in Australia from the 1950s to today / Fay Woodhouse p299. Greyhound coursing of live and tin hares at Albury / Noel Jackling and Doug Royal p321. Commemorating judges: statues, portraits, busts and street names / Joanne Boyd p340. The charter of the Polynesia Company Limited of Melbourne and Fiji / Darren Watson p353.

No. 283 JUNE 2015: Vale: Dr Catherine Anne 'Kate' Jones 1949-2015 p5. At home with the war: the Great War in Victorian private life / Bart Ziino p7. Doing it tough: life on the rural Home Front / Michael McKernan p27. 'Heartstrings aching for the absent boy': years of anguish - the losses of war / Ross McMullin p41. Women waging war: the National Council of Women of Victoria 1914-1920 / Judith Smart p61. 'Doing all that is possible': women state school teachers, girls and preferred contributions to Victoria's war effort 1914-1918 / Rosalie Triolo p83. Federal Government House: headquarters of the Australian Red Cross / Carole Woods p105. The band has rendered valuable service: Victorian brass bands on the Home Front during the Great War / Jillian Durance p121. Class or nation?: worker loyalties in Melbourne during the Great War / John Lack p141. Frank Anstey, Money Power and the Labour Split in war time / Peter Love p161. Workplace football and industrial recreation during the First World War / Peter Burke p187.

No. 284 DECEMBER 2015: Vale: John D. Adams 1935-2015 p229. Victorians abroad: the Ferguson family's sojourn in Argentina 1904-1907 / Damian Veltri p230. Victoria's yellow stain: the fleet of floating prisons / Roland Wettenhall p250. British migrant settlers on a failing Soldier Settlement Estate [Mount Violet, Dundonnell area, Western Victoria] / Mary West p276. William Hughston 1867-1930: his life and legacy / Elizabeth Roberts and Mary Lush p299. 'Pop goes the rhino': Hotham and the Toorak House furniture / Robert La Nauze p321. 'Why can't I have my baby tomorrow?': a legislative periodisation of intercountry adoption in Victoria and Australia from the early 1970s to the present / Kay Dreyfus, Marian Quartly and Denise Cuthbert p336. Historical note: A letter home to Scotland from Warrenheip in April 1857: insights into life in a Railway Survey Camp [John C. MacDonald] / Ian Clark and Beth Kicinski p363.

No. 285 JUNE 2016: Wodonga's Bonegilla: depicting and remembering the impact of post-war immigration / Bruce Pennay p5. Empires of Leaves: Tea traders in the late nineteenth century and Edwardian Melbourne / Peter Griggs p29. Brahé's Cache [Burke and Wills and the Dig tree] / David Corke p58. The Eureka Treason Trials: 160 years on / The Hon. Marilyn Warren AC p76. Frankenstein, Convicts and Wide-awake Geniuses: The life and death of Charles Brentani / Douglas Wilkie p98. The Killing of Charles Franks and the Obliteration of Port Phillip's Convicts / Thomas Rodgers p117. Lost and Found Wetlands of Melbourne / Rod Giblett p134. Chasing Ned Kelly: A policeman's working diary for 1879: John Sadleir / Richard Sadleir p156. Charting Some Port Phillip Myths / Susan Priestley p162.

No.286 DECEMBER 2016: 'I feel it dreadful to be out of work': Tom Purcell and William Farrell and the Melbourne Labour Market 1875-1908 / John Lack and Charles Fahey p196. Melbourne journalist reports on the 'Storm Centre of Asia', 1931-32 Janet Mitchell: journalist, internationalist, educationalist / Patricia Clarke p217. Beechworth goldfield and large scale water management in colonial Victoria / Peter Davies, Susan Lawrence and Jodi Turnbull p237. The Wirrengren-Kulkyne Pathway: locating a cultural icon / John Burch p261. 'The remarkable disappearance of Messrs Gellibrand and Hesse.' What really happened in 1837? A re-examination of the historical evidence p278. Historical note: the day Georgiana McCrae got it wrong [George Smythe] / Barbara Minchinton p298.

No.287 JUNE 2017: Reflections on the history of the Supreme Court after 175 years / Hon Marilyn Warren AC p4. William Meek: Melbourne's first lawyer / Simon Smith p40. From foundational case to footnote: Judge Willis' opening address in the case of R. v Bonjon p69. In the case of Molesworth v Molesworth / Honourable Justice Bennett and Mr Kevin Summers p76. Flos Greig: solicitor, woman, pioneer / Kathryn Miller p89. Judge-made law: the 'Menhennit Ruling' and abortion law reform in Victoria / Brinwyn Naylor p97. Sir Leo Cussen-a brief note about a great jurist / Justice Mark Weinberg AO p114. The McGarvie letter: reforming from the inside / Michael McGarvie p126.

No.288 NOVEMBER 2017: Ballarat's Betsy Buckley: 'victim of circumstance' or 'habitual criminal' / Douglas Wilkie p146. James Denham Pinnock: a gentleman in society / Liz Rushden p170. Capital punishment in colonial Victoria: the role of the executive council / John Waugh p188. The legend of Lalor's arm: Eureka myths and colonial surgery / Nicola Cousen p212. The political economy of Victoria' brushtail possums 1890-1975 / Chris McConville p235. Mixed fortunes: the postwar lives of East Melbourne's Great War nurses / Janet Scarfe p256. Ladies and libraries in nineteenth century Melbourne / Margaret Bowman p281. The Victorian letter sheets from the 1840s to about 1865 / John Lancaster p292.

No.289 JUNE 2018: Twists and turns: the origins and transformations of Melbourne's metropolitan press in the nineteenth century / David Dunstan p5. Police use or misuse? Police agency and the Neglected and Criminal Children's Act 1864 / Elizabeth Offer p27. McKay's 1891 journey: a window into the Victorian Mallee back country / John Burch p45. More than just peaceful and picturesque: how tuberculosis control measures have preserved ecologically significant land in Melbourne / Rebecca Le Get p67. Soldier settlement at Yanakie: the making of a model post-war rural community / Cheryl Glowrey p89. Rights, reconciliation, and the restoration of Djabwurrung and Jardwadjali names to Grampians-Gariwerd / Ben Wilkie p113. Lt James Cook on the coast of Victoria 1770 / Trevor Lipscombe p137. J.T Gellibrand and the naming of Gellibrand Hill / John Daniels p153. The Maldon panorama / David Oldfield and Peter Cuffley p165.

No.290 DECEMBER 2018: Joan Hunt and the local history movement in Victoria / Bill Russell p209. History and heritage: the inaugural Weston Bate oration / Stuart Macintyre p214. The Uiver: memory creation, loss and recovery / Noel Jackling p227. Turning the screw: the 1916 Victorian campaign for conscription / John Lack p253. Melba's gift book: fund-raising, propaganda and Australian identity in World War I / Lucy Bracey p283. A place of hope? Family life and post-war refugee experience in Somers migrant holding centre / Sandra Sutcliffe p304. Amelia Carey White-her book, her life: Victoria, October 1852 to November 1859 / Marion Amies p325. Dendy's Brighton plan: questions, conjectures and insights / Mike Scott p347. Joseph Raleigh: 'a new course of life' and some street names / John Daniels p360.

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