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Main Title: Royal Historical Society of Victoria [RHSV]: Victorian historical magazine : nos 81-160
Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. : Royal Historical Society of Victoria.
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: Royal Historical Society of Victoria
Historical societies - Periodicals
No. 81, MARCH 1945: Excerpts of letters of Baron Sir Ferdinand von Mueller p1. Carr's Plains p24. The late Mr Charles Richard Long 1860-1944 p47.

No. 82, JUNE 1945: James Harrison 1815-1893 p1. The Melbourne, St Kilda and Brighton Junction Railway Company p14.

No. 83, SEPTEMBER 1946: Racial contacts with Australia p1. The Gippsland Community Settlement p16.

No. 84, DECEMBER 1946: The Melbourne and Essendon Railway Company 1858-1864 p1. The life of Doctor John Patterson and the election of the first Mayor of Melbourne (Henry Condell) p16. The Red Lion Inn and early Hawthorn p28.

No. 85, JUNE 1947: Early pioneers in the Mallee p1. The early defences of Melbourne p10. The history of Melbourne's water supply part 2 p23.

No. 86, SEPTEMBER 1947: Maribyrnong p49. Historical aspects of the Wonnangatta Valley p67. The Dirck Hartog - Vlamingh plates p85. Excursion to Dight's falls p87.

No. 87, SEPTEMBER 1949: Links with Captain Charles Sturt and his family p89. Early Australian cables and O.T. Line (submarine cable, telegraph line) p116.

No. 88, JANUARY 1950: Early Walhalla reminiscences p134. Geology as and historical factor p149. Frederick A. Weld (an Australian Governor) p164.

No. 89, APRIL 1950: Swan Hill - past and present p1. Early motoring in Victoria p12. Excursion: Toorak House p41.

No. 90, JUNE 1950: Early Melbourne hotels: Governor Bourke Hotel p50, Lamb Inn and Scott's Hotel p50, Fawkner's Hotel p51, Hockin's Hotel, Commonwealth Hotel p52, Eagle Tavern, Britannia Hotel p53, Elephant and Castle, Bull and Mouth, Victoria Hotel, Garricks Head Hotel, Cricket Club Hotel, Ritz Hotel p54, Angel Inn, William Tell Tavern p55, Waterloo Inn, Stallbridge Hotel p56, Imperial Inn, Old England Hotel p57, Royal Hotel, Criterion Hotel, Collins Street p58. Builders Arms Hotel, Harp of Erin Hotel, Alma Hotel, Thurles Castle Hotel p60, Duke of Wellington Hotel p60, Harvest Home, Conference Hotel p61, William ('Tulip') Wright, British Hotel, Bridge Inn, Lincolnshire Arms, Gold Digger's Retreat, Sir John Franklin Hotel p61, Ship Inn, Tavistock Hotel, Norfolk Hotel p62, Adelphi Hotel, St John's Tavern, Salutation Inn, Sabloniere Hotel p63, Western Port Hotel, Robbie Burns Hotel, Carpentaria Hotel, Limerick Castle Hotel, West Coast Hotel, Beaufort Hotel p64, Albion Hotel, Ye Old Albion Inn p65, Traveller's Rest Hotel, Globe Hotel p66, Clarence Hotel, Collingwood Hotel, Bedford Hotel, Oriental Hotel, Claremont Hotel, Phairs' Hotel p68, Yarra Yarra Steam Packet Hotel, Yarra Family Hotel, Mercantile Hotel p69, Supreme Court Hotel, City Court Hotel p70, Melbourne Hotel, Royal Highlander Hotel, Temple Court Hotel, Victoria Hotel, Hawthorne Hotel p71, Melbourne Tavern, Shamrock Inn, Royal Railway Hotel, Railway Hotel, Connell's p72, Market Square Hotel, Rob Roy Hotel, Heather Belle Hotel p73, Princes Bridge Hotel, Sparrow's Hotel, Rollands Hotel, Corner Hotel, Morrell's Hotel, Orient Hotel, Royal Mail p74, Royal Hotel, Royal Theatre Hotel, Empire Hotel, Cafe de Paris p75, No Good Damper p76. Short history of the Shire of Numurkah p82.

No. 91, SEPTEMBER 1950: Presidential address: history in national character p105. The writings of Daniel Bunce p115. Early Mitchellstown and Nagambie p126.

No. 92, FEBRUARY 1951: In search of John Dunmore Lang p161. The early tug service of Port Phillip p183. Excursions: St Ninian's, Brighton p190. Black Rock House, Black Rock p193.

No. 93, MAY 1951: Charles Joseph La Trobe p1. Early history of the churches of Swan Hill p23.

No. 94, SEPTEMBER 1951: The story of Allanvale, Kensington, near Geelong p33. Magellan and the first voyage round the world by the 'Victoria' p52.

No. 95, DECEMBER 1951: Our pioneers p73. John Chandler, goldfields carrier p92.

No. 96, APRIL 1952: Prominent personalities of the 1850s: J.S. Butters p121. James Harrison M.L.A. p125. Sir Henry Cuthbert p126. Alexander Kennedy Smith p132. H.C.E. Childers p135. Excursions: St Helena p140. Bishopscourt p141. Church of England Grammar School, Melbourne p147.

No. 97, AUGUST 1952: Australian traits and tendencies p1.

No. 98, JUNE 1953: Historical figures in Australian literary history to early 1860s p33. History of Bass Strait p44. Visit to Williamstown p61. Exhibition Building p67. First Melbourne telephone directory p72.

No. 99, DECEMBER 1953: Narrative of a journey through Arnhem Land in 1910 by Major Stuart Love p73. An early Victorian legislator: Sir John O'Shanassy p96.

No. 100, JUNE 1954: Sir Charles Gavan Duffy p107. The discovery of gold at Ballarat p133. Early letters of John MacFarland, First Master of Ormond College, University of Melbourne p144.

No. 101, SEPTEMBER 1954: Local history in Australia p1. Excursion to the Victoria Barracks, St Kilda Road p14. Port Phillip 1840-1850 part 1 p25.

No. 102, DECEMBER 1954: Port Phillip 1840-1850 part 2 p41. Two Australian novelists' interpretation of early history (Eleanor Dark and Ernestine Hill) p57.

No. 103, MARCH 1955: Doctor John Singleton: Victorian pioneer, physician and philanthropist p81. Walter Burley Griffin in Victoria p102. Melbourne Town Hall p116.

No. 104, JUNE 1955: Maltese links with Australia p121. Hon. Samuel Mauger 1857-1936: a great humanitarian p139.

No. 105, OCTOBER 1955: The history of Warrandyte p1. Andrew George Scott - 'Captain Moonlite' p26. Excursion to Mount William p37.

No. 106, JANUARY 1956: George Higinbotham p41. Excursion to Jolimont (East Melbourne) p57. Excursion - State Parliament House: Victoria's parliament from 1856-1901 p66.

No. 107, MARCH 1956: Sir William Stawell p73. Excursion to South Melbourne Town Hall p87.

No. 108, JUNE 1957: Captain Alexander Maconochie p1. Reminiscences of Hugh Hamilton Gibson: a pioneer p15. The Ruhr of Australia: a history of the Latrobe Valley p33.

No. 109, DECEMBER 1957: The 26th Olympiad (Olympics, Olympic Games), Melbourne 1956 p1. Como: an historic Melbourne home p16. The military life of General Sir John Monash p25.

No. 110, MAY 1958: Notes on the natives (aborigines) formerly inhabiting the Goulburn Valley p45. He flogged the editor (Nathaniel Lipscombe Kentish) p59. The Reverend Doctor W.H. (William Henry) Fitchett: educationalist, ecclesiastical statesman and man of letters p66.

No. 111, AUGUST 1958: A survey of aviation literature p85.

No. 112, DECEMBER 1958: The Nepean Peninsula in the nineteenth century p145.

No. 113, FEBRUARY 1959: The Great South Land: evidence of early visits by explorers of European nations p1. The Gippsland Road 1836-1848 p8. Military reforms of General Sir Edward Hutton in the Commonwealth of Australia 1902-4 p34.

No. 114, MAY 1959: A letter book of an early Melbourne solicitor: Mr Henry Moor 1842-43 p61. Some aspects of Australian naval operations in World War 2 p70. Some aspects of business life in Bendigo in 1853 p92.

No. 115, AUGUST 1959: The origin of the name of Caulfield Road District p133. The military life of Major General Sir John Charles Hoad p141. The late Ernest MacGregor Christie: an appreciation p205.

No. 116, NOVEMBER 1959: The Victorian exploring expedition and relieving expeditions, 1860-61: the Burke and Wills tragedy (Robert O'Hara Burke and William John Wills) p213.

No. 117, FEBRUARY 1960: A pioneer of two colonies: John Pascoe Fawkner 1792-1869 - part 1 p1.

No. 118, MARCH 1960: A pioneer of two colonies: John Pascoe Fawkner 1792-1869 - part 2 (storm and stress) p67.

No. 119, APRIL 1960: A pioneer of two colonies: John Pascoe Fawkner 1792-1869 - part 3 (a newer world) p103.

No. 120, MAY 1960: A pioneer of two colonies: John Pascoe Fawkner 1792-1869 - part 4 (the long day closes) p175.

No. 121, August 1960: The white woman with the blacks in Gippsland p7. The McCay family of Castlemaine: ninety years of community service 1866-1956 p26. The history of Melbourne fire fighting (brigade) p50. Aborigines in the Southern Mallee of Victoria p63.

No. 122, NOVEMBER 1960: First disovery of gold in Victoria p86. Jean Theodore DeRavin, pioneer of Sheepwash Creek, near Bendigo p97. All Saint's Church of England [Anglican], East St Kilda 1858-1958 p106. The unveiling of the statue of Field Marshall Sir Thomas Blamey p118.

No. 123, FEBRUARY 1961: The residential component of university education (residential colleges) p141. A Dame Nellie Melba centenary oration p159.

No. 124, MAY 1961: The young James Riley p171. The coming of the 'David Clark' in 1839 and the story of James McNay p189. 'Meltham' near Geelong p200. Doctor Daniel Curdie, an Australian who did the Grand Tour in 1851 p203. Dame Nellie Melba: a centennial review p210.

No. 125, AUGUST 1961: Inglewood 1861-1961 p7. C.J. Dennis: his life and work p37.

No. 126, NOVEMBER 1961: The Melbourne City Mission 1855-1960 p73. Kalkallo - a link with the past p99. A tribute to the late Edward George Honey p119. The secret companions (poem) p124.

No. 127, FEBRUARY 1962: Recollections of Cole's Book Arcade 1899-1929 p131. Captain Daniel Woodriff p143. Outward voyage of Frederick Atyeo p162.

No. 128, MAY 1962: Hovell's return to Geelong 1853 (William Hovell) p186. Batman treaty re-enactment committee (John Batman) p196. The McEvoy Gold Mine disaster 1895 p199. A biographical sketch of Patrick Hanna 1819-90 p207. William Buckley p216.

No. 129, AUGUST 1962: Thomas Walton Stanford: an American in exile p245. The history of the Yelta Mission Station p251. Henry (Harry) Douglas Stephens, Herbert Hewlett and some of their colleagues p263.

No. 130, NOVEMBER 1962: Melbourne's churches and cathedrals p299. Wills' centenary celebrations at Totnes, Devon 1961p332. William John Wills 1834-61 p337.

No. 131, FEBRUARY 1963: Ararat: from mining camp to city p358. Louis Charles Bernacchi: the first Australian scientist to work and winter on the Antarctic continent p379.

No. 132, MAY 1963: Monash University p409. A saga of two hundred years: the families of Governor Philip Gidley King and John Macarthur (King family, Macarthur family) p422. Some notes and sidelights on the St James' Old Cathedral p442.

No. 133, AUGUST 1963: The John Batman stone p8. A great doctor: Horace Pern of Leongatha 1872-1936 p13. A history of Lake Condah Aboriginal Reserve p29.

No. 134, NOVEMBER 1963: Dandenong: from slab hut to city p61.

No. 135, FEBRUARY 1964: The history of New Guinea p6. A history of the Australian Natives' Association p23. Edward John Eyre p37.

No. 136, MAY 1964: Sources of Australian history p58. Australian saga 1862-1877: a snapshot of pioneer life in the colony of Victoria (pioneers) p67. Memorials of Ireland: place names in Victoria p79.

No. 137, AUGUST 1964: The late Sir John Latham: an appreciation p94. Memories of Coranderrk Aboriginal Mission Station p102. The early days of hydro-electric power p116. Jean Theodore Deravin of Chateau Dore, Bendigo p120.

No. 138, NOVEMBER 1964: Sir Samuel Augustus Pethebridge p127.

No. 139, FEBRUARY 1965: Acclimatization in Victoria p8. Brass bands have played a prominent part in the history of Victoria p30. The South African [Boer] War 1899-1902 p48. Plates: Sir Winston Churchill - frontipiece. Menzies Hotel p6. James Cue Ryan 1869-1955 p50.

No. 140, MAY 1965: An historical survey of Jolimont in East Melbourne p71. Edward Edgar Pescott 1872-1954 p81. James Graham and archives p89. The first Australian Antarctic Committee 1886-1892 p107. Major-General Sir William Throsby Bridges p121.

No. 141, AUGUST 1965: Sir John Monash p74. The Austin family in Australia p78. The squatters in Gippsland p97. William Rutledge p110.

No. 142, NOVEMBER 1965: Roentgen's discovery of the X-Rays and the pioneer Melbourne radiologists p136. Viticulture (wineries, vinyards) at Geelong and Lilydale p154.

No. 143, FEBRUARY 1966: A history of the Royal South Street Society of Ballarat p5. The men from East Anglia - the Wedge family p22. The discovery of the Woods Point goldfield p50.

Nos 144 and 145, MAY and AUGUST 1966: Report of the first Victorian Historical Conference: Local and regional history. Contents: The first invaders: an illustrated study of the prehistory of Victoria p85. Sources of local history p104. Problems of interpretation p116. Problems of writing p133. The role of affiliated historical societies p149.

No. 146, NOVEMBER 1966: Village settlements p189. Four North-Eastern portraits p202. Doctor George Edward Mackay, Myrhee Pastoral Run, King Valley p202. William Bowman, Tarrawingee Pastoral Run, Ovens Valley p207. William Forlonge, Seven Creeks Station, near Euroa p209. Henry Kneebone, Bowman's Forest and Whorouly Districts, Ovens Valley p214. The development of a zoological garden (zoo, zoos) at Royal Park p221.

No. 147, FEBRUARY 1967: Australian children's literature: a history to 1920 p6.

No. 148, MAY 1967: The Holden saga (Holden motor car / automobile company, General motors Holden GMH) p42. The Merriang Road: its discovery and development (1824-1860s) p60. The Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force (W.A.A.A.F.): an outline history p74. The Australian Women's Land Army: a brief history p87.

No. 149, AUGUST 1967: A century of Naval defence (Royal Australian Navy) p104. The origin and growth of the Legacy Movement in Australia p133. The victory of the ballot in 1856 (election campaign in Victoria) p144.

No. 150, NOVEMBER 1967: Water in the Mallee p169. The late emeritus professor William Alexander Osborne: an appreciation p236. Classes of archival records in the custody of the State Library of Victoria p240.

Nos 151 and 152, FEBRUARY and MAY 1968: The writing of history p11. How Victoria began: printed works on Australia Felix and the Port Phillip district to 1850 p24. How Victoria began: what has been done and what might be done p35. The beginnings of law in Victoria p40. The function of land in a colonial society p46. The growth of a folk museum (Swan Hill) p52. Affiliated societies: problems of local historical societies in the metropolitan area p60. Affiliated societies: problems of local historical societies in country areas p64.

No. 153, AUGUST 1968: Farewell to Mr Alan Thomas Latham p87. Richard Hale Budd: a nineteenth century educationist p89. Doctor George William Torrance: the first head of Trinity College in the University of Melbourne p113. Clement Hodgkinson (1819-93): the first Secretary of the Board of Crown Lands and Survey, Victoria p127. William Bailey and Mount Egerton p139.

No. 154, NOVEMBER 1968: Deaths of war historians: Charles Bean and Gavin Long p154. Percy Leason: artist, cartoonist and historian p158. Church architecture in Australia p181. Some aspects of the first Selection Acts in Victoria p197.

Nos 155 and 156, FEBRUARY and MAY 1969: The Society's diamond jubilee p8. Doctors and daguerreotypes: contributions of medical men to the history of photography p23. Captain Foster Fyans of Portland Bay district p45.

No. 157, AUGUST 1969: Governor Arthur and the opposite coast p87. Major General Sir Charles Rosenthal: soldier, architect and musician p101.

No. 158, NOVEMBER 1969: Talking of overlanders p150. Some aspects of prehistory in Victoria p173. Ludwig Leichhardt p190. The late Doctor Colin Ferguson Macdonald: an appreciation p204.

No. 159, FEBRUARY 1970: Two kinds of Australian patriotism (historiography) p225. The gold escorts p244. The gold generation p265.

No. 160, MAY 1970: Point Hicks: land or illusion of land? p285. Captain Cook bi-centenary celebrations in Victoria in 1970 p298. Thomas Finn (1813-95) p307. William Wilkinson Wardell: architect and engineer p327. John Helder Wedge at Port Phillip in 1835 p351.
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