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Main Title: Royal Historical Society of Victoria [RHSV]: Victorian historical magazine : nos 1-80.
Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. : Royal Historical Society of Victoria.
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: Royal Historical Society of Victoria
Historical societies - Periodicals
No. 1, JANUARY 1911: Early Collingwood: recollections of the 'fifties and 'sixties of last century / Edward A. Petherick p3. The early settlement of the eastern shores of Port Phillip Bay: with a note on the aborigines of the coast / George Gordon McCrae p17. Pioneering on the lower Murray / Mitchell Kilgour Beveridge p27. Notes and queries: 'Captain' Dutton's grave, Early St. Kilda p30.

No. 2, APRIL 1911: John Walpole Willis: the first resident judge of Port Phillip / G.B. Vasey p36. Notes and queries: early St. Kilda p49. The history of settlement in the Western District / C. Stuart Ross p51. Is there an authentic portrait of John Batman? p72.

No. 3, SEPTEMBER 1911: Early days of the Victorian Police Force / J. Sadlier p73. The origin, distribution and social organization of the inhabitants of Victoria before the advent of Europeans [aborigines] / John Mathew p79. The origin of some Victorian place names / Edwin I. Watkin p89. Notes and queries: Waratah Bay, Chilwell, Nhill, Shortland's Bluff, Beeac p98.

No. 4, DECEMBER 1911: The resistence to convict transportation in Victoria 1844-1853 / Ernest Scott p101. A day in 1839: Mr La Trobe's arrival in Victoria [Charles Joseph La Trobe] / Henry Gyles Turner p142. Notes and queries: Shortland's Bluff, Foster p154.

No. 6, OCTOBER 1912: The beginnings of Gippsland (continued) / A.W. Greig p49. The beginning of the second chamber in Australia / W. Harrison Moore p70. Notes and queries: McMillan's marked tree, An aboriginal breastplate p80. Hume and Hovell's overland expedition 1824-25 p81. Bibliography of the State of Victoria (continued) / Edward A. Petherick p87.

No. 7, NOVEMBER 1912: Camping places of the aborigines of South-East Australia / A.S. Kenyon p97. Early reports of Gippsland coal deposits / Ernest Scott p111. Some recollections of Melbourne in the 'forties / George Gordon McCrae p114. Bibliography of the State of Victoria (continued) p137.

No. 8, DECEMBER 1912: English and French navigators on the Victorian coast / Ernest Scott p145. Bibliography of the State of Victoria (continued) p179.

No. 9, SEPTEMBER 1913: The Howitts in Australia [Howitt family] / E.B. Howitt p1. Gleanings from the Richmond 'Australian' 1959-61 / F.G.A. Barnard p26. Bibliography of the State of Victoria (continued) p41.

No. 10, DECEMBER 1913: Romance and tragedy in Victorian history / Henry Gyles Turner p49. Some of the Murray pioneers and their services to the State / C. Stuart Ross p70. Bibliography of the State of Victoria (continued) p89.

No. 11, MARCH 1914: Extracts from the diary of the Rev. William Waterfield, first Congregational Minister at Port Phillip 1838-43 / J.H. Waterfield p105. Samuel Thomas Gill, the artist of the goldfields / A.W. Greig p133. Notes and queries: Murray pioneers, Lillydale [Lilydale], Jacka Jacka p142.

No. 12, JUNE 1914: Scraps of early Melbourne history 1835-39 / Thomas O'Callaghan p145. Report on the proposed mail route from Yass to Port Phillip, June 1837 p168. The white woman in Gippsland: an incident of the 'forties / W.M. Buntine p174. Notes and queries: Cape Everard, Bairnsdale p176. Bibliography of the State of Victoria (continued) p177.

No. 13, SEPTEMBER 1914: The Historical Society of Victoria - special Quinquennial Report 1909-1914 p1. The story of the Mallee / A.S. Kenyon p23.

No. 14, DECEMBER 1914: The story of the Mallee (continued) p57. Notes and queries: George Stewart (with portrait), Naming of the Yarra River p75. The beginnings of literature in Victoria / Henry Gyles Turner p83.

No. 15, MARCH 1915: Captain Lonsdale and the foundation of Melbourne / Ernest Scott p97. Obituary: Richard Tobin p120. The story of the Mallee (with maps) (continued) p121. Notes and queries: first overland mail to Port Phillip; Yarra borderers; Naming of the River Yarra; Mangalore p151.

No. 16, JUNE 1915: Memorials to Victorian explorers and pioneers part 1 / C.R. Long p153. The progress of British possession in Australia / N. Lockyer p162. Obituary: John McEwan p174. The story of the Mallee (concluded) p175.

No. 17, MARCH 1916: The Liardets of 'The Beach' [Liardet] / A.W. Greig p1. Obituary: Rev. E. Orlando Knee p18. The first settlement of the North-East of Victoria (with map) / Arthur Andrews p19. The true story of the Hobart hulk Aladdin [ship] / Marjorie Masson p38. Notes and queries: Sir Thomas Mitchell and the naming of Mount Macedon p48.

No. 18, DECEMBER 1916: The charting of the Victorian coast line: a reply to Ernest Scott / Thomas Walker Fowler p49. Notes and queries: The Liardets of the Beach Clerk [Liardet] at the first Melbourne Land Sale p78. The early history of North Melbourne / Albert Mattingley p80.

No. 19, MARCH 1917: The early history of North Melbourne (continued) p97. The first overland mail and the Howlong Station of the Murray / Arthur Andrews p107. The Australian career of Henry Fysche Gisborne / N.M. O'Donnell p112. The charting of the Victorian coast line: further note by Mr Fowler p138. Notes and queries: Naming of Frankston; Mahogany Ship p144.

No. 22, DECEMBER 1917: The early history of Western Port part 2 p49. Some early Victorian maps p65. Henry Howey: pioneer of the Gisborne district p82.

No. 23, March 1918: Early Victorian railways p97. Henry Howey: the pioneer of the Gisborne district (continued) p121. Our observatory: the story of its establishment p134.

No. 24, SEPTEMBER 1918: The administration of Captain Lonsdale p145. Parramatta and its association with early Victorian history p160. Notes and queries: Henry Howey - Early Brighton p165. The oldest road in Gippsland p166. Early days in the Western District p182. Recollections of early Melbourne by J.W. Miller p186. Some notes on early Geelong p189.

No. 25, JANUARY 1919: Further scraps of early Melbourne history p1. Early paper currency of Australia p24. Notes and queries: naming of St Kilda - Port Phillip Gazette p34. The official foundation of Melbourne p35.

No. 26, APRIL 1919: Some of the pioneers of the Sunbury district (Samuel and William Jackson, George Evans, John Aitken, William Wright alias 'The Tulip') p49. Where Hume and Hovell first crossed the Hume or Murray River in 1824 p77. Some further notes on early Victorian railways - official opening of the railway from Melbourne to Hobson's Bay p94. Early railway companies p95.

No. 27, JULY 1919: Origin of postal services in New South Wales and extension of the system to Port Phillip p97. Some further notes on early Victorian railways - Early railway companies (continued) p116. Development of railway signalling in Victoria p117. Early timetables etc. p122. Two American types that left their stamp on Victorian history (George Francis Train, John S. Cheney) p126. Early days of Sale p135. Notes and queries: Church on Batman's Hill, Aboriginal place names, Official foundation of Melbourne p143.

No. 28, OCTOBER 1919: The fable of Batman's discoveries at Port Phillip during May and June, 1835 (John Batman) p145. A vindication of John Batman's first visit to Port Phillip in 1835 p154. Obituary - Mr John Sadleir p168. Early days of Sale (continued) p169. Notes and queries: Early duel, Melbourne in 1852 p184. Australian place names p186..

No. 29, NOVEMBER 1920: The history of the Victorian ballot p1. Obituary - Dr Nicholas M. O'Donnell p14. Australian place names (concluded) p15. Early Wangaratta p38. How we settled at Bontherambo: the story of a migration (Reverend Joseph Docker) p43. Notes and queries: Brighton street names; Early burials in Melbourne p48.

No. 30, MAY 1921: The history of the Victorian Ballot by Ernest Scott p49-62. The beginnings of Brunswick by B. Cooke p63-69. Social life in Melbourne in 1840 by G.B. Vasey p71-80 (short history of the Melbourne Athenaeum on pages 79-80).

No. 31, OCTOBER 1921: Fire insurance offices and 'fire marks' in Australasia part 1 p81. Mortlake: a township of the plains p94. Social life in Melbourne in 1840 p101.

No. 32, DECEMBER 1921: Fire insurance offices and 'fire marks' in Australasia part 1 continued p113. Notes on the history of border duties p117. Early Ararat p137.

No. 33, JULY 1922: Early squatting (squatters) days p1. Obituary: Early Inns of Port Phillip and Victoria p26.

No. 34, DECEMBER 1922: Memorials to Victorian explorers and pioneers part 3 p33. Early Inns of Port Phillip and Victoria: continued p47.

No. 35, MAY 1923: Memorials to Victorian explorers and pioneers part 4. The first electoral roll for Port Phillip p87.

No. 36, SEPTEMBER 1923: The first Australian warship [Victoria, ship] / A.W. Greig p97. Notes and queries: Disappearance of native flora and fauna; Early brickmaking p114. Early Williamstown / W.A. Hall p115.

No. 37, MAY 1924: HMS 'Calcutta' (ship) in Port Phillip Bay 1803 p1. Baron Sir Ferdinand von Mueller p23.

No. 38, NOVEMBER 1924: Origin of the [Royal] Historical Society of Victoria / A.W. Greig p33. Baron von Mueller (continued) p34. Some notes on John Batman's [Batman] journal of his visit to Port Phillip in May and June, 1835 / A.W. Greig p75. Dendy's [Dendy] special survey / Ernest Scott p82.

No. 39, JUNE 1925: Commemoration of the centenary of the Hume and Hovell expedition (with map) p109. Stuart Murray and irrigation in Victoria / A.S. Kenyon p112. A trip to Mount Gambier in 1845 / W.A. Hall p123. The Batman Stone p125. Three incidents in history: The Sorrento settlement p127; The Hume and Hovell map p131; The Westernport settlement p133 / Ernest Scott. The Overlanders part 1 / A.S. Kenyon p138. Reminiscences from 1841 of William Kyle / C. Daley p158.

No. 40, DECEMBER 1925: The Overlanders part 2 p173. Reminiscences of William Kyle (continued) p207.

No. 41, MARCH 1926: Old Melbourne Markets / A.W. Greig p1. Fictitious history / Thomas O'Callaghan p6. Our first international steamers / George Cox p37. In the Henty [family] country / Henry Pottage p45. Alfred Deakin: memorial tablet on birthplace p53.

No. 42, SEPTEMBER 1926: The 'Shenandoah' incident 1865 / Ernest Scott p55. The South Australian boundary and its surveyors / A.S. Kenyon p75. Fictitious history part 2 p100. The history of petroleum in Australia / George D. Meudell p128.

No. 43, MARCH 1927: Angus McMillan / Charles Daley p143. How the Hunters [Hunter family] came to Gippsland / Charles Daley p156. The centenary of the Western Port settlement / A.W. Greig p170. Photo-lithography: a Victorian invention / A.S. Kenyon p175. George Cooper / J.H. Walsh p178. Pioneer wheat-growers at Euston / Mrs N. Grace p183. Memorial at Torquay p186.

No. 44, JUNE 1927: The first Victorian mailman [John Conway Bourke] / A.W. Greig p189. Scraps of early Port Phillip history / Thomas O'Callaghan p198. Who selected the site of Melbourne? ( a reply to Mr O'Callaghan) / A.W. Greig p232. Overseas postal communication in the fifties (1850s) / Miss M.E. Deane p237. Some Western District pioneers / J.D. McInnes p259. The 'Shenandoah' incident / John A. Gurner p270. Notes on the career of the Rev. James Clow / R.J. Clow p273. Unveiling of memorials to the explorers of Gippsland / Charles Daley p274. The death of Mrs Sage of 'Eurutta', Baxter p279.

No. 45, OCTOBER 1927: The Australian sheep and wool industry / J.F. Guthrie p1.

No. 46, DECEMBER 1927: Letters from Australian pioneers p21.

No. 47, MARCH 1928: Some new documentary evidence concerning the foundation of Melbourne / A.W. Greig p109. Early days in South-Western Victoria / Miss Grace Tyers p117. The Aboriginal Protectorate of Port Phillip: report of an expedition to the aboriginal tribes of the Western District by the Chief Protector, George Augustus Robinson / A.S. Kenyon p134.

No. 48, JUNE 1928: Some new documentary evidence concerning the foundation of Melbourne (continued) p172. Police in Port Phillip and Victoria 1836-1913 / Thomas O'Callaghan p181. Personal recollections of Melbourne in the 'sixties [1860s] / James H. Watson p203. A review of the Melbourne Commercial Directory 1853 / P.C. Clements p229. The formation of the first Federal Ministry / R.A. Crouch p232. Sir James Stephen on a White Australia / Paul Knaplund p240.

No. 49, SEPTEMBER 1928: The growth of Queenscliff p1. Early conditions in Victoria p14. Reminiscences of Brighton p29. Mr Latrobe's perplexities: choosing legal advisers (Charles Joseph La Trobe) p35. Gleanings from an old day book, Port Albert p39. The unveiling of a memorial tombstone over the grave of John Conway Bourke p50.

No. 50, DECEMBER 1928: Robert Hoddle and the planning of Melbourne p53. The Victorian political deadlocks p64. Some Warrnambool memories: personal reminiscences by George D. Meudell p87.

No. 51, JUNE 1929: The name (naming) of Australia: its origin and early use p99. Melbourne's first settled minister: the Reverend James Forbes 1813-1851 p115. Notes from an early diary of Sir Redmond Barry p133. Some particulars of the life of Robert William von Stieglitz (first settler in Ballan) p146. Korumburra in the early days p154. Opening of the Geelong to Melbourne railway 1857 p163. Sir William Molesworth and his draft for an Australian Colonies Government Act 1854 p174. Errata in 'Robert Hoddle and the planning of Melbourne' p191.

No. 52, FEBRUARY 1931: The Sturt centenary / Charles Daley p1. The Victorian Protection Movement / W.T. Charles p7. The Chinese in Victoria / Charles Daley p23. Governor Hotham: his story in dispatches / Miss M.E. Deane p35. The Henty family / G. Henty Balfour p43. The Hunter Brothers at the Devil's River[Delatite River, near Eildon Weir] / J.D. MacInnes p56.

No. 53, AUGUST 1931: The convict hulk 'Success' [ship] / W.A. Hall p73. The Hunter brothers at the Devil's River (continued) p88.

No. 54, MAY 1932: Royal Park (Parkville) p109.

No. 55, DECEMBER 1932: The alienation of the Melbourne Parks / W.A. Sanderson p141. Early days of the Mornington Peninsula / Gerald Byrne p166. Obituaries: George Bell p195. Thomas O'Callaghan p195. Francis G.A. Barnard p196.

No. 56, DECEMBER 1933: Mr John Waugh: reminiscences of early Melbourne p1. With Bonwick through Western Victoria p18. The barque 'Glen Huntly' (ship) p28.

No. 57, DECEMBER 1934: Sir John Quick / Charles Daley p33. Port Phillip's oldest native [Mrs Spotswood, Edward Stephens] p53. Obituaries: Edward C.O. Howard p54. Dr. G.F. Howard p57.

No. 58, MAY 1935: The Royal Mint and its Australian branches p61. The Hon. George Frederick Belcher p83. The James Hamilton letters p91. Melbourne's early booksellers p98. Edmund Finn ('Garryowen') p108.

No. 59, DECEMBER 1935: The Wye River settlement / Colin Macdonald p117. The beginning of Presbyterianism in Melbourne [Presbyterian Church] / W.A. Sanderson p124. The Experimental Farm in the Royal Park / Gerald Byrne p132. The early emigrant ships / G.R. Leggett p142. Centenary celebrations: Indented Head p123. Merri Creek, Hawthorn p131.

No. 60, MAY 1936: Charles Daley [portrait] frontipiece. Early Melbourne charitable and philanthropic organizations [charities] / A.W. Greig p1. Pre-Federation hopes and promises / Augustus Wolskel p13. Some educational reminiscences [education] / Charles Daley p31. Charles Daley p42. Benalla centenary celebrations p42. Back to Mooroopna p42.

No. 61, NOVEMBER 1936: Hawthorn / Mrs Andrew Lyell p45. Some educational reminiscences / Charles Daley p57. The Lands Department in the 'seventies [1870s] / J.R. Mossman p64.

No. 62, MAY 1937: Surveyor Hoddle's field books of Melbourne [Robert Hoddle] p77. The Port Phillip Association p102.

No. 63, NOVEMBER 1937: The first flour mills of Port Phillip p117. Richmond: early military history p121. Melbourne: land sales p133.

No. 65, NOVEMBER 1938: Melbourne in 1839 / A.W. Greig p41. A history of Alexandra part 1: the beginnings / C.R. Long p52. Charles Darwin and Australia / C. Daley p64. Centenary celebrations p71. Obituary: Thomas Latham p75.

No. 66, APRIL 1939: The greater highways of Melbourne p77 (Heidelberg Road p77, Sydney Road p81, St Kilda Road p83). Some forgotten ships p87. Captain Octavius Skinner Burton p95.

No. 67 MAY 1939: Melbourne’s land sales part 2/ W. McIlroy.

No. 68, OCTOBER 1939: Some forgotten ships (continued) / O.S. Green p149. The United Service Home, Drysdale / R.K. Peacock p153. A history of Alexandra part 2: early institutions / C.R. Long p167.

No. 69, FEBRUARY 1940: The pioneers of horticulture in Victoria / Edward E. Pescott.

No. 70, APRIL 1940: Dirk Hartog's plate (Hartog) p33. The early history of the Melbourne Fire Brigade p39.

No. 71, JULY 1940: Arthur's Seat in the 40s p57. Melbourne's land sales p65. James Monckton Darlot: reminiscences p67.

No. 72, DECEMBER 1940: James Sinclair: maker of Fitzroy Gardens p81. A.S. Kenyon p88. The story of the Yarra River p91.

No. 73, JUNE 1941: One hundred years of bible work in Victoria 1840-1940 p1. Captain James Cook and Point Hicks p17. Some notable Australian wrecks (shipwrecks) p31.

No. 74, DECEMBER 1941: Count Paul Strzelecki: ascent of Mount Kosciusko and journey through Gippsland p41. Francis Ormond (with portrait) p54. Alfred Douglass and Joseph De Little p69.

No. 75, JUNE 1942: State primary education in Victoria from its foundation to 1872 / Charles R. Long p77. The American contribution to the Victorian gold rush / L.G. Churchward p85. The early settlement of Port Phillip / A.D. Hardy p96. Recording the history of Brunswick [Brunswick Historical Association] / C.A.J. Dollman p105. The history of Melbourne's water supply part 1 / R.C. Seeger p107.

No. 76, DECEMBER 1942: The history of trained nursing in Victoria p121. The history of Melbourne's water supply part 1 (continued) p133. Early Victorian wine growing p140.

No 77, JUNE 1943: John Hardy: an early Victorian surveyor p1. The story of Victorian Junior Cadet Corps p15.

No. 78, DECEMBER 1943: Thomas Ham: pioneer engraver, publisher etc. p33. Some pioneer Lillydale (Lilydale) vignerons (vinyards, wineries) p51.

No. 79, JUNE 1944: Memoirs of a pioneer clergyman [Rev. Francis Hales] in Gippsland / Charles Daley p69. The history of the John Knox Church, Swanston Street, Melbourne / J.A. Allan p85. Obituaries: Edward Alan Mackay p102. Leonard Vivian Biggs p102. Alfred Woolley Greig [with portrait] p102.

No. 80, DECEMBER 1944: John King: explorer, sole survivor of the Burke and Wills expedition to the Gulf of Carpentaria 1860-1 p105. The story of the Young Men's Christian Association p138.
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