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Main Title: Australian Railway Historical Society (Victorian division): Newsrail 2009 - 2016
Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. : Australian Railway Historical Society, Victorian division.
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: Australian Railway Historical Society
Vol. 37 no. 1 JANUARY 2009: Tales from the rails / Reg Bambrook p7. The governor and the cook: the basic idea for this story comes from an anecdote told about Jack Neeve of the old Train Lighting Depot in Spencer Street / Norman A. Cave p19. Then and now: Maffra Dock, Traralgon p27.

Vol. 37 no. 2 FEBRUARY 2009: St Kilda - Elwood VR Trams - 50 years on p41. English Electric Company Ltd: a brief history / Darryl Grant p42. A fortnight in the life of X43 p46. Seymour - Wodonga track conversion p48.

Vol.37 no.3 MARCH 2009: 150 years of Victorian Government railway services / Ian Jenkin p71. A brief history of Geelong's depots / John Scott p75. Seymour: a survey of traffic prior to the closure of the broad gauge line north of Seymour / Peter Foote p78. Alexandra inspection tour p80.

Vol.37 no.4 APRIL 2009: Puffing Billy: 1965 to 1970 / Geoff Williams p103. Not the spirit of Christmas (poor service by V-Line) / Don Potts p106. A day at Albury-Wodonga / Peter Foote p107. Modern day railmotors p109. Chasing trains by train / Peter Foote p110. Ex-Victorian locomotives in New South Wales p112.

Vol.37 no.5 MAY 2009: Victorian steam loco tender tank numbers / compiled by Chris Banger p136. Contraband: mechanisation of goods handling in the 1950s / Norman A. Cave p143.

Vol.37 no.6 JUNE 2009: Yarra Valley Railway: bushfires destroy bridges and track / Matthew Oakley p171-3. Loco 92 to Geelong 1863 / Ian Jenkin p174-5.

Vol.37 no.7 JULY 2009: Then and now: Mansfield p197. The call of the pied piper: Keith shares his memories of his early railfan days and visiting his relatives in Melbourne by train over seventy years ago / Keith Vanstan p200-201. Locomotive watering facilities / Chris Banger p202-3. Remember Jolimont Yard p204. Newsrail survey: what readers think p206-7. Vlocity sets working around the state p208-9.

Vol.37 no.8 AUGUST 2009: The Melbourne Goods and Passenger Yards / Geoff Williams p233-5. Second series T Class - 50 years in service p236-7. Geelong passenger trains / John Scott p238-43.

Vol.37 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2009: No.1 Signal Box, Spencer Street / Andrew Waugh p269-270. The W Class diesel-hydraulic shunter - 50 years of service / Barry Eadie p271-7.

Vol.37 no.10 OCTOBER 2009: Train workings in the Maryborough district - early 1950s / Geoff Williams p299-302. Then and now - Sunbury p303. Bairnsdale Station p304. The Korong Vale Railway Reservoir / Chris Banger p305-6. More on Spencer Street No.1 Signal Box / Andrew Waugh p307-10.

Vol.37 no.11 NOVEMBER 2009 (2 copies): The Broad Way to Albury: this timeline history of the North Eastern broad guage line north of Seymour 1973-2008 will be published in four parts over subsequent issues / Chris Banger p332-44. Vale: Walter (Wal) Larsen 1915-2009 p351-2.

Vol. 37 no. 12 DECEMBER 2009: The broad way to Albury: continuing the timeline history of the north eastern broad guage line north of Seymour 1973-2008 part 2: the 1980s: a 'new deal' for country passengers and branch line closures / Chris Banger p363-5. Bowser signalbox p369. Victorian locomotives working in South Australia p372.

Vol.38 no.1 JANUARY 2010: The broad way to Albury: continuing the timeline history of the north eastern broad gauge line north of Seymour 1973-2008 part 3: the 1990s mainline infrastructure rationalisation / Chris Banger p8.

Vol.38 no.2 FEBRUARY 2010: The broad way to Albury: concluding the timeline history of the North Eastern broad guage line north of Seymour 1973-2008: part 4 the 2000s: decline of the freight business and the end of broad guage operations / Chris Banger p40. Glenrowan p45. The Lascelles accident (1945) / John Scott p47. Nunawading - Springvale Road separation p48. Latest liveries p64.

Vol.38 no.3 MARCH 2010: Service at Serviceton [Fred Rochow reminiscences of Serviceton 1940s] / Lloyd Holmes p71. Newsrail index 2008 p80. Historical: Tank loading ramp at Seymour; Kuldala [Victorian and South Australian Railways joint stock twinette sleeping car]; Highest railway bridge in Victoria p91-2.

Vol.38 no.4 APRIL 2010: The suitcase: a story of inter-system co-operation [Albury Railway Station 1983] / Lloyd Holmes p104. From cement to sand [steam railway preservation project, the Belmont Common Railway] / Michael Menzies p106-111. Oaklands Line and Wodonga Bypass p112.

Vol.38 no.5 MAY 2010: Victorian railways: Wangaratta and district / Geoff Williams p136. The diesel railcar / John Scott p140.

Vol.38 no.6 JUNE 2010: The Melbourne Yard: an important link in Victoria's development since 1859 / Sid Brown p168. Newsrail index 2009 p i. Financial accounts for the year ended 30th April 2010 (insert). Nominations for office holders (insert).

Vol.38 no.7 JULY 2010: The Deepdene accident [Outer Circle Railway] / Mark Cauchi p199. Departmental residences at Donald / Ian Jenkin p203. Walhalla Railway pictorial p208.

Vol.38 no.8 AUGUST 2010: The S Car fleet / Chris Banger p230.

Vol.38 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2010: The darkest hour part 1: railway accidents / John Scott p266. The great deception: reminiscences of working at the Railway Workshops, Newport as an apprentice fitter and turner / Norman A. Cave p271. The Hawthorn to Kew line p284.

Vol.38 no.10 OCTOBER 2010: Victorian Railways: Benalla and district / Geoff Williams p296. Another 24 hours by the Geelong Line [Little River] / John Scott p300. Line reopening: Daylesford to Musk p313.

Vol.38 no.11 NOVEMBER 2010: A comparitive study of British and Victorian steam locomotive wheel arrangements / Stephen C. Phillips p328. E Class electric locomotives / Chris Banger p330. Hump retarders removed p335.

Vol.38 no.12 DECEMBER 2010: The darkest hour part 2: accidents on the Victorian railways during the diesel era 1960-2007 / John Scott p359. Visiting an old friend: by train from Seymour to Maldon / Peter Foote p363. Wodonga bypass derailment p371. Remember: the Kerang and Koondrook Tramway p375. Then and now: Creswick p379.

Vol.39 no.1 JANUARY 2011: Flinders Street Station: the yard [historic photos] / Ian Jenkin p7. Shay locos and the Noojee line / T. Woodroffe p13. Then and now: Wycheproof Station p25. Headboards p26.

Vol.39 no.2 FEBRUARY 2011: The broad way to Albury: addendum / Chris Banger p39. Moment of glory / Norman A. Cave p46.

Vol.39 no.3 MARCH 2011: Australia's first [steam] locomotives / Norman A. Cave p72. 4D: double-deck development and demonstration train / John Scott p78. Then and now: Ararat, the Portland dock p92.

Vol.39 no.4 APRIL 2011: Change on the Western Line: Bacchus Marsh and Ballarat / John Scott p103. Victorian turntables / Chris Banger p110. Westall p121.

Vol.39 no.5 MAY 2011: The migrant trains [Port Melbourne to Bonegilla] / Lloyd Holmes and Geoff Williams p135. Willaura [Railway Station]: a history / John Scott p139. Railway water supply at Ballan / Chris Banger p143.

Vol.39 no.6 JUNE 2011: The Casterton branch: stopping all stations / John Scott p168. Yard pilot [this story is based on an anecdote related by driver Gerald Dee which suggested that the safety valves could be manipulated with the shovel. The incident described however is pure fiction] / Norman A. Cave p174.

Vol.39 no.7 JULY 2011: Junee: from dusk 'til dawn / John Scott p199. Southern Cross: an interesting building p202. The Toolamba-Echuca Railway reopens / Andrew Blair p204. Vale: Neil Pearson p220.

Vol.39 no.8 AUGUST 2011: Memories of the North East [livestock wagons, Wodonga] / Lloyd Holmes p230. POTA rice train Deniliquin / Tocumwal p234. South Dynon: diesal maintenance depot / Geoff Williams p236. The return of the local Albury passenger service p240.

Vol.39 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2011: Memories of the North East: breakdown on the Cudgewa line / Lloyd Holmes p264. Trains on the plains: train watching on the Gheringhap to Maroona railway line / Peter Foote p270.

Vol.39 no.10 OCTOBER 2011: The Ballarat to Maryborough Line and its branches 1975-2010 / Chris Banger p296.

Vol.39 no.11 NOVEMBER 2011: The Ballarat to Maryborough Line and its branches 1975-2010 part 2 / Chris Banger p327.

Vol.39 no.12 DECEMBER 2011: The Ballarat to Maryborough line and its branches 1975-2010 part 3 / Chris Banger p359.

Vol.40 no.1 JANUARY 2012: Straight thru' [50th anniversary of opening of standard guage link between Wodonga and Melbourne] / John Scott p7. The Gang / Lloyd Holmes p13.

Vol.40 no.2 FEBRUARY 2012: Daisy' DERM in the suburbs / Peter Foote p39. V/Line XPT driver training / Geoff Williams p42. To Belgrave via broad guage [conversion of Upper Ferntree Gully to Belgrave section, 50th anniversary] / John Scott p44.

Vol.40 no.3 MARCH 2012: The restoration of Brill Trailer 200MT / Chris Banger p71. Parcel vans: a brief history / John Scott p82. Then and now: Railmoter Depot, Melbourne p94.

Vol.40 no.4 APRIL 2012: The launch of the standard gauge passenger service: a dream fulfilled / Chris Banger p103. Baggage Van - 1CS: its history and restoration / David Liptrot p108. Deniliquin rice train p119. Then and now: Carlsruhe p120.

Vol.40 no.5 MAY 2012: Centenary of the 1911 Royal Commission on Railways and Tramways in Melbourne and suburbs / Ian Cook p135. An engineman's career on the railways / Geoff Williams p140. Then and now: Then and now: Thomastown Railway Station p158.

Vol.40 no.6 JUNE 2012: A bite on the Beechy [narrow guage railway from Colac to Beech Forest and Crowes] / Norman Houghton p167. Blast from the past: rebuilding Richmond Station p173. The Gang / Lloyd Holmes p174.

Vol.40 no.7 JULY 2012: An interest in railways / Bernie Dowling p199. Victorian rolling stock with names part 1 / John Scott p206.

Vol.40 no.8 AUGUST 2012: K160 - super stalwart / Tony Marsden p231. Fyansford remembered p240.

Vol.40 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2012: Grade separation: it's about (travel) time / Peter Flanagan p262. Geelong-Ballarat Line: 150th anniversary tour / Barry Eadie p264. Closed 50 years ago: the Colac to Beech Forest Railway / Norman Hougton p267. 50th anniversary of the closure of the Colac-Beech Forest-Weeaproinah Railway / Michael Menzies p270.

Vol.40 iss.10 OCTOBER 2012: 150th anniversary of the Melbourne to Bendigo Railway / Ian Jenkins p293. Current day Riddells Creek p299. 'Bruce' [locomotive] and the parentage of 'Avenel' / Paul Miles p300. Bendigo through the years p304. Woodend p308.

Vol.40 no.11 NOVEMBER 2012: The Regional Rail Link (RRL) Project / Marcus Chadwick p325. The standard way to Albury part 1 [North Eastern Standard Gauge Line 1962-2012] / Chris Banger p329. Yarra Valley Railway acquires Railtractor p348. Then and now: Stratford p349.

Vol.40 no.12 DECEMBER 2012: Development of the Lilydale / Belgrave Railway / John Scott p358. Public transport and growth areas [Melbourne transport options and issues] / Peter Flanagan p365.

Vol.41 no.1 JANUARY 2013: The Standard way to Albury part 2: history of the North Eastern Standard Guage Line 1962-2012 / Chris Banger p6. Victorian Railways 4-8-4 - H220: Geoff Williams, a retired inspector of Locomotive Running at Wodonga describes his experience with the operation of the H and the railwaymen involved in his time p11. What Sydney can learn from Melbourne about public transport (and vice versa) / Peter Flanagan p14.

Vol.41 no.2 FEBRUARY 2013: New electric trains for Victoria / Peter Flanagan p38. Two bridges: during the 1920s the railway landscape in the Newmarket area changed considerably, with two major bridge projects being carried out / Dave Macartney p42. Then and now: Korong Vale p44. End of an era: Jolimont Substation, last rotary converter switched off [1973] / Ian Cook p46. Newsrail index 2010 p49.

Vol.41 no.3 MARCH 2013: Building the Geelong-Ballarat Railway / Dr Anne Beggs-Sunter p70. Victorian rolling stock with names part 2 / John Scott p75. G33: Australian standard garratt p80.

Vol.41 no.4 APRIL 2013: Two side by side: the Larpent and Pirron Yallock story / Norman Houghton p102. Colac DERM tour, Sunday 5th August 2012 / Barry Eadie p108. Strengthening the Moorabool Viaduct 1918 / A. Goudy p110. Victorian grain harvest (pictorial) p112.

Vol.41 no.5 MAY 2013: As the newspaper reported: Introduction of the Rowan Steam Car; Opening of the Royal Park to Clifton Hill and Clifton Hill to Heidelberg lines; Opening of lines Sale to Bairnsdale and Moe;Opening of the Lilydale to Yarra Flats (Yarra Glen) line / Peter Flanagan p134. Victorian rolling stock with names part 3 / John Scott p141. Wal Jack collection (of photos) p144.

Vol.41 no.6 JUNE 2013: Merz and McLellan - 1912: further report on the application of electric traction to the Melbourne suburban railway system / Ian Cook p167. The standard way to Albury part 3 / Chris Banger p171.

Vol.41 no.7 JULY 2013: Melbourne Metro and Cross-Town Tunnel / Peter Flanagan p198. The Yinnar Ballast Siding / Mark Cauchi p205. Newsrail index 2011 p209.

Vol.41 no.8 AUGUST 2013: Victorian Railways goods locomotives: Geoff Williams tells of his experiences both firing and driving the engines used in goods and passenger haulage in Victoria p230. Built in Victoria: a brief history / Peter Medlin p237. Puffing Billy: as it was (1950s) p240.

Vol.41 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2013: Y class 50th anniversary / John Scott p262. Melbourne pilots / Chris Wurr, William Owens, Philip Miller (reprinted from Feb 1976) p269. On the 06 30 Freightgate Pilot / Gavin McLaughlan (reprinted from March 1987) p272.

Vol.41 no.10 OCTOBER 2013: The 'Ariel': Geelong's locomotive of 1855 / Paul Miles p294. Around Murtoa / Peter Foote p298. The last decade of the Western Broad Gauge p304.

Vol.41 no.11 NOVEMBER 2013: The standard way to Albury part 4: a history of the North Eastern Standard Gauge Line 1962-2012 / Chris Banger p326. Y Class addendum / Philip Dunn p334.

Vol.41 no.12 DECEMBER 2013: We close at 2.30 pm: tales from the Beeac to Irrewarra Railway / Norman Houghton p358. Planning the Metro Rail Network: revised 29 March 2013 / Peter Flanagan p364. Then and now: Sunbury p367. Maldon steam spectacular p368. The remains of Wodonga p381.

Vol.42 no.1 JANUARY 2014: Victorian Railway passenger locomotives [Geoff Williams continues with his experiences as a fireman and driver] p6. The standard way to Albury part 5: history of the North Eastern Standard Gauge Line 1962-2012 / Chris Banger p10. Then and now: Horsham p15.

Vol.42 no.2 FEBRUARY 2014: Luncheon tour to Cobram and Nathalia / David Alexander p38. Part of Melbourne's electrification heritage disappears with regional rail link progress / Ian Cook p42. An R Class in Gippsland / Stephen C. Phillips p45. Mitcham grade separation p63.

Vol.42 no.3 MARCH 2014: The Kerr Stuart 'Great Western' Steam Car: evolution of the Victorian Railways motor car no. 3 / Bruce Payne, edited by Mark Cauchi p70. The standard way to Albury part 6: history of the North Eastern Standard Gauge Line 1962-2012 p75. Traralgon to Stratford Railway Line via Maffra p80.

Vol.42 no.4 APRIL 2014: An exciting day [travelling to Beech Forest by rail 1956] / Andrew Blair 2004 p102. The early days of the Sandridge Line: as The Argus reported on 29 December 1858 p108. Vale: Don Potts 1931-2014 p112.

Vol.42 no.5 MAY 2014: The standard way to Albury part 7: history of the north-eastern standard gauge line 1962-2012 p134. Phoenix Foundry heritage recognition ceremony p138. A Melbourne monument re-discovered [Newport Railway Museum] p140. Springvale grade separation p141. The unused Mount Gambier line in pictures p142. Rail moments in the Yea district p143. Then and now: Hamilton p157.

Vol.42 no.6 JUNE 2014: Elecrail farewell: Hitachi train tour p166. Flinders Street Station - the yard: a photographic essay part 2 p172. Hitachi silvers: trains of transition p176. Water tower clock returned to Southern Cross Station p179. H Class on the Warrnambool goods p182. Hitachis under construction p187. Hitachi sets and CM Parcels Vans p189. The Hitachi train concept in 1972 p192.

Vol.42 no.7 JULY 2014: Rail revival study: an alternative proposal / Noel Laidlaw p198. Remember when: the Sunraysia diverted via Castlemaine p203. Before I forget, or remember too much!: Ian Cutter reminisces about his experiences living beside the Frankston Line at Mentone, and his railway travels p204. Newport Workshops: open for 125 years / captions by Ian Jenkin p208. Then and now: Portland Station p211. Noojee Station: reconstructed with J550 p221.

Vol.42 no.8 AUGUST 2014: Shepparton passenger services under Hoys / John Scott p230. End of the line for West Coast Railway 1993-2004 p234. Pakistan's CLP 15 Class locomotives / Robert Carlisle p236. Rushworth to Colbinabbin Line: 100 years old p240. Remember when: E class ran on the Frankston goods p247. Then and now: Joel Station p249.

Vol.42 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2014: How the railway reached the Murray [River at Echuca] / John Scott p262. An exciting day revisited [Beech Forest Line] / Norman Houghton p268. Lost yards in inner Melbourne p271. 2012 index. Then and now: Croydon Railway Station p283.

Vol.42 no.10 OCTOBER 2014: A brief history of locomotive T413 in Victoria / Michael Menzies p294. The standard way to Albury part 8: a history of the North Eastern Standard Gauge Line 1962-2012 / Chris Banger p298. Croydon as it was / Ron Woods p304. Then and now: Minyip Station p313. R766 on standard gauge: progress review p314.

Vol.42 no.11 NOVEMBER 2014: The turntable at Warrnambool p325. School days on the railway [travelling on the 'Train of Knowledge' 1965] / John Dare p326. Remember when: P class locos working push-pull in South Gippsland p333. All geared up to Gembrook: a historic day at the Puffing Billy Railway / with Sam Daly p334. 6029 in Victoria 15 June 1980 p336. 1974: Benalla Station tower demolition p352.

Vol.42 no.12 DECEMBER 2014: From the past: The proposed East Preston Branch Line and Alphington Substation / Ian Cook p358. Croydon [Railway Station] as it was, part 2 / Ron Woods p367. Great Northern Rail Services 1993-2002 p368. Then and now: Port Melbourne Station p379.

Vol.43 no.1 JANUARY 2015: Mixed trains for high school students [closed lines around Wangaratta 1970s: Beechworth, Shelley, Wahgunyah] / Andrew Blair p6. The Frankston goods / Barry Eadie p13. Then and now: Toora Station p26.

Vol.43 no.2 FEBRUARY 2015: ARHS Healesville trip [Walker rail car] / Jonathan Scutt p39. Vale: Ian Rodney Bird 1955-2015 p40. Terang and beyond / Michael Menzies p41. Victorian Railways narrow gauge rail motor proposal [for Colac-Beech Forest-Crowes service] p43.

Vol.43 no.3 MARCH 2015: Deer Park junction p71. The standard way to Albury part 9: a history of the North Eastern Standard Gauge Line 1962-2012 / Chris Banger p72. The rise and fall of Colac Rail / Norman Houghton p76. Then and now: New Street level crossing, Brighton Beach p80. Dimboola yard derailment p87.

Vol.43 no.4 APRIL 2015: Branch lines: Mallee Country p102. Vale: Charles Craig p103. Anakie and district railway proposals / Michael Menzies p104. Footwarmers on the Victorian Railways / Andrew Blair p108. Dog box cars destroyed by fire at Newport / Scott Bray p112. Letters: railways and clocks p126.

Vol.43 no.5 MAY 2015: The Outer Circle Railway in 1890 / Mark Cauchi p134. Then and now: North Brighton Station p137. Memories from the footplate of Lance Adams: from engine cleaner to locomotive driver p138. Moonee Ponds Creek Viaduct: double headers p158.

Vol.43 no.6 JUNE 2015: Design and procurement of the three batches of VR X Class diesel-electric locomotives / Phil Dunn p167. Preservation: Daylesford Spa Country railway report; Walhalla Goldfields Railway; Bendigo Tramways; Dermpav Suburban Tour; VR Tram 53 moves from Preston to Hawthorn p182.

Vol.43 no.7 JULY 2015: Elecrail swing door cars / Kevin and Tom Clark p198. Did someone mention the Climax [1694 locomotive] is back? (pictorial) p 208. V Line via Werribee: before the Regional Rail Link opening p215. Letters: Koondrook Tram p222.

Vol.43 no.8 AUGUST 2015: The last train to Warburton: riding it three times / Barry Eadie p231. Tait Cars at Swan Hill p239. S317 livery transformation / Chris Jones p241. Then and now: Warburton Turntable p253.

Vol.43 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2015: A field trip to explore some former North East Branch Lines [Rushworth, Wahgunyah, Cudgewa] / Ashley Quarrell p262. Another fire at Newport Workshops / Michael McGlade p268. Then and now: Frankston Station p281.

Vol.43 no.10 OCTOBER 2015: Bridges on the Healesville Railway part 1 / Andrew Blair p294. Waurn Ponds Station / Michael Menzies p298. Rediscovering history [bus tour to the North East to inspect the remains of the former narrow gauge Wangaratta to Whitfield Railway] / Peter Charrett p300. Sentinel sequel [Kerang and Koondrook Tramway Sentinel] / Roger Hill p303. Then and now: Box Hill Station p311.

Vol.43 no.11 NOVEMBER 2015: The Weed Spray Train across Victoria p325. Rails through the dunes: the Cranbourne sand sidings part one / Mark Cauchi p327. A visit to the South Gippsland Railway / Andrew Blair p336. Then and now: Baxter Station p348.

Vol.43 no.12 DECEMBER 2015: Then and now: Deniliquin, NSW p357. Oily R Class memories / John Fowler p358. Bridges on the Healesville Railway part 2: Yarra Glen - Healesville / Andrew Blair p364. 125th anniversary of the opening of the Koroit - Dunkeld and Penshurst - Hamilton railways / Mark Cauchi p368.

Vol.44 no.1 JANUARY 2016: Then and now: Camberwell Flyover p5. VR locomotive class allocations in 1915 / Phil Dunn p6. Dimboola in a day by V/Line / Andrew Blair p12.

Vol.44 no.2 FEBRUARY 2016: Ballarat revisited / Peter Foote p39. Bridges on the Healesville Railway part 3: Yarra Valley Railway bridge replacement / Andrew Blair p43. Then and now: Beaufort p60.

Vol.44 no.3 MARCH 2016: C Class locos on the North East [Line] / Kev Schultz p71. My obsession with The Overland / Stuart Hicks p76. Then and now: multi-N Class working p79. Ararat: as it was [pictorial] p80. Index 2013 (insert).

Vol.44 no.4 APRIL 2016: Then and now: Flinders Street Station p101. Bairnsdale to Orbost railway bridges / Helen Martin p102. Ausrail 2015 and Core 2016 rail exhibitions / Andrew Blair p110. Newport open days 2016 pictorial overview p112.

Vol.44 no.5 MAY 2016: C Class locos on the North East Tour: a passenger's perspective / Peter Foote p133. Memories of Gordon Station part 1 / Chris Banger p136. Index 2014. A point in time: the 90th anniversary of the first run of the 'Geelong Flier' / Barry Eadie p157.

Vol. 44 no.6 JUNE 2016: Memories of Gordon Station Part 2 / Chris Banger p166. Murray Basin Project / Jeff Stocco p170. Orbost Addendum p174. Then and Now: Thomas Town p175. Railway Centenaries [Tallangatta to Shelley, Heywood to Dartmoor, Lorquon to Yanac] p176.

Vol. 44 no.7 JULY 2016: A History of Melbourne's Z1 and Z2 Class Trams / Gareth Lumsden p198. Then and Now Piangil p203. Puffing Billy Commissioners' Train / Andrew Blair p 204. Vales Geoffrey Alexander Peterson p207.

Vol. 44 no.8 AUGUST 2016: Bendigo metro rail: Some early observations / Greg Michael p232. Notes on Epsom Station / Chris Banger p235. Mortlake line field trip / Michael Menzies p236. The X Class at 50 p238. Then and now: Queenscliff p247.

Vol. 44 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2016: Opening of the Beechworth railway / Ian Jenkin p262. Personal recollections of the Walker Diesel Railcars in Victorian railway service / Lance Adams p265. Caught in the snow / Martin Bennet p272.

Vol. 44 no.10 OCTOBER 2016: The day before the grand final [Melbourne's metro rail network the day before the 2014 AFL grand final] / Peter Foote p294. Driving the first Z class trams / Greg King p298. My story as a volunteer with the South Gippsland Tourist Railway / Aaron McKinnon p300. Then and now: Cressy p303. The grain trains p304.

Vol. 44 no.11 NOVEMBER 2016: VR Turntables / Phillip Dunn p326. 95 years of electric trains to The Royal Show [Melbourne Show] / Ian Cook p335. Geelong station transformed into Shanghai [filming of Dogfight] p336. Remember when… Ford shuttle service p343.

Vol. 44 no.12 DECEMBER 2016: A train controller's memories of the Ararat marshalling yard / Alan Butt p358. The proposed East Preston branch line and Alphington substation / Ian Cook p362. Level crossing removal: St Albans Station p376.

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