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Main Title: Royal Historical Society of Queensland: Queensland history journal
Subject: Royal Historical Society of Queensland
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Vol.22 no.10 AUGUST 2015: Chinchilla Field Station Insect-rearing Shed: the last relic of a major scientific project [prickly pear eradication] / Hilary J. Davies p717. Rainbow's Punt: crossing one of Queensland's inland waterways [first punt service across the Macintyre River at Goondiwindi] / Douglas E. Booth p731. Baffle Creek: the changing fortunes of a coastal waterway / Darryl Dymock and Kevin Sommerfeld p741. Breaching quarantine: the Flying Cloud Incident 1864 [typhoid] / Duncan Richardson p755. Emigrating to Queensland: medical advice for intending colonists / John Pearn p765.

Vol.22 no.11 NOVEMBER 2015: James George Drake: a man of honour and principle / Lyndon Megarrity p779. Eugene Fitzalan (1830-1911), an enigmatic botanical collector and plantsman in Queensland / John Leslie Dowe and E. Charles Nelson p795. Menzies, Fadden and Moreton's 'youthful' Captain: the fall and rise of Australian coalition-press relations 1939-1945 [Arthur Fadden, Josiah Francis, Robert Menzies] / Caryn Coatney p812. Queensland's own money, 1893-1910: model for the Australian note issue / Jon Stanford p829. 'Protestant Unity' Commune and the establishment of Pomona [William and Louise Ross; William and Edith Warnes; McConnell family; Eugene and Esther von Blanckensee] / Bill Metcalf, Ruth Kerr, Irene Christie p841.

Vol.22 no.12 FEBRUARY 2016: One ring to rule them all?': towards understanding the plethora of bora grounds in southeastern Queensland [aborigines] / Michael Strong p859. Fox's ten men - early administrators of Queensland railways / Janice Cooper p878. Forgotten heroes: Indooroopilly War Memorial [Will Bradley, Reg Webb, Frank Haymen, Donald 'Jack' Sinclair, Harry Homer, Paul Reynolds, Joe Nevill, Eric and Percy Davidson, Robert Elliot, John Bakey, Ernest Gregory, James Parker, Harold Bardwell, Charles Coupland, John Larkin, Kenneth Brydon, Thomas Elliot, Colin Cameron Ross Munro and his brother Keith Ross Munro, Alexander Burns, Herbert 'Bert' Homer, Frank Robertson and John Boyle, Victor Hemming, John Hays, George Gregory, Stanley McDonald] / Jim Gibson p892. James 'Jim' Gerald Fitzgerald: Chevalier de la Legion D'Honneur / Kelyn Flynn p909. John Joseph Ryan (1860-1931): a first-day pupil of St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace, and Queensland's first native-born Catholic priest / Brian Grenier p915.

Vol.23 no.1 MAY 2016: Remembering the forgotten soldier: Queensland aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander defence personnel [World War One: Richard Martin; Douglas Grant; Hodgkinson 'Digger' Davies; Frank Fisher; Horace Thomas Dalton. World War Two: Leonard Waters; Oodgeroo Noonuccal (Kath Walker); Eric and Edward Ruska; Corporal Charles Mene. Vietnam War: Richard Gross. Gulf War to present: Lorraine Hatton; Captain Chloe Dray; Billy McBride] / Dale Kerwin, Lorraine Hatton and Harry Van Issum p1. Lt the Hon Leopold Scarlett RAN / RN / Michael White p19. Lest we forget: sacred memorials [St Martin's War Memorial Hospital; Catholic Church of Our Lady of Victories, Bowen Hills] / D.W. Martin p32. Three doomed communes: a Roma romance? [Nil Desperandum; Excel Pioneer; Obertown Model] / Bill Metcalf and Veronica Dawson p36. Reconciliation? - a traditional owner's view about 'Warrior' by Libby Connors / Ken Murphy and Ann Crook p56. Obituary: Rev Canon Dr John Gladstone Steele 1935-2016 / Dr Ruth S. Kerr p66.

Vol.23 no.2 AUGUST 2016: The Royal Children's Hospital Brisbane: a photoarchive of its last week, November 2014 / John Pearn, Kris Kamusinski and Scott Kernaghan p69.

Vol.23 no.3 NOVEMBER 2016: The Cooktown orchid-Queensland's floral emblem / PS Lavarack p147. My mission in Ireland: Henry Jordan and Queensland immigration 1860-67 / Jennifer Harrison p158. 1864-One of Brisbane's forgotten floods / Duncan Richardson p175. Heinrich Friedrich Niemeyer: Foundation leader of the Apostolic Church of Queensland / CM McGrath p185. Brisbane statuemania: Memorialising Irish-Australian premiers / Rodney Sullivan and Robin Sullivan p199.

Vol.23 no.4 FEBRUARY 2016: Lores Bonney: a woman of achievement [aviatrix] / Kristin Alexander p221. Building community: the role of not-for-profit organisations in the development of Rockhampton, 1860-1880 / Margaret Shield p239. Mrs Janet O'Connor: educator and the Duporth school for young women- a Melba connection / Elizabeth Wheeler p255. Heinrich Carl Wilhelm Buls: a successful gold miner of early north Queensland / Tom Freeman and Ruth Kerr p270. Crux matters [the name of Kingsford Smith's airplane] / Mark Clayton p286.

Vol.23 no.5 MAY 2017: George Phillips and the Normanton to Croydon railway / Greg Hamilton p295. The Equitable Building Society Lottery of 1893: how it raffled the Queensland Deposit Bank's banking chambers / Jon Stanford p312. The life and times of Sir Robert Philip / Lyndon Megarrity p328. The Maltese Cross: the state emblem and symbol of Queensland / John Pearn p344.

Vol.23 no.6 AUGUST 2017: Enduring bonds: Lebanese immigrants in Queensland / Anne Monsour p359. A Lebanses-Australian family story / Yvonne Ashkar-Matta p378. Queensland Day speech; Hon. Ian David Francis Callinan p385. History of daylight saving time in Queensland / Chris Pearce p389. The Amity and the foundation of European settlement in Queensland / John Pearn and Danny Tangney p404. Our American Civil War veterans: Queensland cemeteries' rare grave find / Jonathan Ford p425.

Vol.23 no.7 NOVEMBER 2017: Shattered dreams: recollections of the Palmer Goldrush 1874-1875 / Gordon Grimwade and Christine Grimwade p437. An epic trek to utopia? Reliance Commune, 1893-1896 / Bill Metcalf and Veronica Dawson p454. Growing an empire of leaves: the Brisbane years of Bushell and Co., 1887-1910 / Peter Griggs p473. Charles Snow 1882-1953: the founder of Scouting in Queensland / John Pearn p489. Dr Rod Fisher, 1942-2017 p501.

Vol.23 no.8 FEBRUARY 2018: Philip John MacMahon: Brisbane Botanic Gardens curator 1889-1905 and his vision of Brisbane as a 'City of Palms' / John Leslie Dowe p507. Scenes of faith and sacrifice: the Gallipoli diary of Padre George Green of the 2nd Light Horse Regiment / Simon Farley p522. ANZAC and the memory industry: reflections on recent publications / John A Moses p534. Digging into the Hamilton Hills / Carolyn Nolan p542.

Vol.23 no.9 MAY 2018: Seeds of discontent [Harry Oakman] / Mark Clayton p563. Exploration and settlement: conflict in Queensland - an overview / Val Donovan p581. The Queensland railways, the eggs, the Prime Minister and Warwick / Greg Hallam p593. The origins of women's swimming in Queensland / John Pearn p607. The rise and fall of the Country and Progressive National Party 1925-36 / David Moore p623.

Vol.23 no.10 AUGUST 2018: The Wreck and Rescue of the Royal Charlotte 1825 [One of the most dramatic rescues in Australian Maratime History, Wrecked 20/6/1825 on Frederick Reef, Shipwrecked remains discovered January 2012, Built for consortium of three owners Robert Graham, William Abercrombie and Joeseph Corbyn, Sailed from Portsmouth 5/1/1825 under the command of Captain Joseph James Corbyn RN and during the voyage the convicts planned to murser the officers and take over the ship, Ship docked Sydney Harbour 29/4/1825, the fee-paying passenger Bates the Excise Officer sued the Captain for insufficient rationa and poersonal ill treatment, Immediately she was commissioned to transport elements of the 20th, 46th and 49th Regiments to India via Batavia under Lieutenant Henry Clinto of the 20th Regiment, the trip was delayed by various troubles, 12/6/1825 she sailed straight into a violent storm, 23/6/1825 Mr Parks First Officer Dr Nisbet and others left to row to Moreton Bay for help and met the Amity, The Amity rescued the castaways, The Wreck was purchased in Sydney 3 months later ] / John Pearn p639. Okinawan pearling specialists in Torres Strait and the end of the Queensland pearlshelling industry 1958-1963 [Australian-Japanese labour relations, Japanese in the Australian pearling industry 1890s-1941, Torres Strait Islanders in the Torres Strait pearling industry 1946-1957, Diplomatic political and economic context, Okinawams in the Torres Strait pearling industry 1958, Okinawams in the Torres Strait pearling industry 1959-1963, Apportioning responsibility] / Anna Shnukal p651. Memorialising Irish Australians in Brisbane 1872-2017 [cultural memory practices, new monumentalism began 1870s with the unveiling of a Statue of Protestant rebel leader William Smith O'Brien, Irish-Australian monuments in the early 1870s and 1923 and 2017, , Memorialising Irish-Australian Protestants, earliest Irish memorials in South East Queensland erected in 1972-3, Governor Blackall Memorial Toowong Cemetery, Robert Travers Atkin Memorial Sandgate, Fitzgerald-McKitterick Memorial Nudgee Cemetery, Dan Ryan Nudgee Cemetery] / Rodney Sullivan and Robin Sullivan p666. Kenneth Hutchison 1850-1902 / Jean Stewart p684. How the Queensland Deposit Bank shaped the suburbs in the 1880s [The undue Subdivision of Land Prevention Act 1885, Omibuses, The United Municipalities Act 1881, Horse Drawn Trams 1885, Suburban Railway] / Jon Stanford p693.

Vol.23 no.11 NOVEMBER 2018: Queensland: arrived and survived [Queensland's early years] / Denver Beanland p711. The intriguing journey to design the Queensland Houses of Parliament / Kay Saunders p729. Charles Tiffin: public service Con Amore / Don Watson p752. Parliament House: design and construction apart from Charles Tiffin and John Petrie, who else was involved / Don Watson p770. The challenges of working in and around preserving a heritage listed building: Parliament House / Neil Laurie p798.

Vol.23 no.12 FEBRUARY 2019: Autobiography of an Australian working man: much more than a private hobby [Wal Stubbings] / Lesley Synge p816. Martin Armstrong: a long way from the man he was / Melanie Piddocke p832. Edwin Maurice Little: blind hero of Gallipoli / Jim Gibson p847. Stanley Edward Holle, principal of the Queensland School for the Deaf (1926-1953): an autocrat and a visionary / Charlie McAllister p856. John Dallacy plant collector, and the establishment of Cardwell / Peter S Lavarack p971.

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