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Main Title: Australian Railway Historical Society: Australian railway history 2011 - 2015
Publisher: NSW : Australian Railway Historical Society, NSW Division
Subject: Australian Railway Historical Society
Vol.62 no.879 JANUARY 2011: Rails through the traprock [Stanthorpe, Qld] / Rod Milne p3. Return to the Never Never [North Australia Railway (NAR)] / Glenn Ryan p14. Grain line to Green's Gunyah … and beyond: the Rock to Oaklands branch - part 5 / Neville Pollard p20. Death of the Riverina branch lines but one: Boree Creek / Tim Fischer p29.

Vol.62 no.880 FEBRUARY 2011: Kodachrome 1935-2010: the photographer's favourite colour transparancy film / Richard Whitford p3. Railway radio communications / John Ramsey p10. Twilight of the gods: 50 years since Sydney's extensive tram network closed [trams, Sydney] / Frank McQuade p22. Victoria's G Class Garratts: Chief Mechanical Engineer Thomas Woodroffe: memorandum / Philip Dunn p28.

Vol.62 no.881 MARCH 2011: Recollections of an Eveleigh trainee engineman / Michael Hort p3. Tarana [NSW]: an atypical station on the Main Western Line / Graham Harper p9. The Flinders Bay Branch [WA]: timber tramway to government railway / Rod Milne p15.

Vol.62 no.882 APRIL 2011: Crossing on the level in NSW [level crossing accidents] / Jim Longworth p3. Victorian Railway's Wahgunyah Branch (including notes on the NSW Corowa Branch) part one / Chris Banger p13. Melbourne-Adelaide-Darwin in 1949 / Estelle Elliott p28.

Vol.62 no.883 MAY 2011: Photographer's spotlight: Harold Warren 1915-2006 p3. An attempt at compassion: providing a tumbler of cold water / Neville Pollard p8. The 'new' Hawkesbury River Bridge substructure / Bill Phippen p14. Victorian Railways' Wahgunyah Branch (including notes on the NSW Corowa Branch) part two / Chris Banger p28. Where were they then? a look at preserved locomotives when they were in regular service 4490 / Ben Barnes p46.

Vol.62 no. 884 JUNE 2011:The Victorian Railways: signal and telegraph division / Graeme Castleton p3. Hornsby and 'The Shore' [North Shore Line, Sydney] / Adrian Rynberk p17. Trackwork 1920s style: replacing the timber approaches of Menangle Bridge around regular train workings / Bill Phippen p25. Campbelltown [NSW] full circle: a rambling tale / Chris Sim p26.

Vol.62 no.885 JULY 2011: The Fish: Blue Mountains iconic commuter train / David Matheson p3. Touring NSW in 1973: riding some of the last branch line passenger trains / Robert Hillsmith p21. Where were they then?: a look at the regular service life of preserved locomotives: 3237 p28.

Vol.62 no.886 AUGUST 2011: Wake in Fright: 'Tiboonda' [Horse Lake] / Greg Blackwell p3. Broken Hill's emergency water trains [Menindee to Broken Hill] / Greg Blackwell p6. The end of the 'Richmond Rockets' [Sydney] / Ben Barnes p26.

Vol.62 no.887 SEPTEMBER 2011: 60 years of EMD [Electro-Motive Division] in Australia / Chris Walters p3. The EMD model 567 two-stroke diesel engine / Peter Clark p14. An Australian E Unit / Peter Clark p19. 'Turtle top' GMs / Leon Oberg p20. GM1 in focus / Leon Oberg p25. Clyde proposals for the Victorian Railways / Philip Dunn p26. Clyde-GM advertising paid off / Ben Barnes p36. Classic EMD portfolio (pictorial) p38. Building the bulldog 'myth': how did EMD's handsome E and F unit streamliners attract a nickname of an unattractive dog? / Richard Whitford p45.

Vol.62 no.888 OCTOBER 2011: Remembering NSW livestock trains / Terry Boardman, John Brown, Neville Pollard p3. Rail centre for the Herbert [Ingham, Qld] / Rod Milne p16. Sunday trash and treasure / Graeme Atkinson p24. The Flinders Bay Branch, WA p31.

Vol.62 no.889 NOVEMBER 2011: Opening up / Karl Grunert [Post World War Two German migrant worker on the SA railways] p3. Looking back - looking forward: NSW railway honour rolls and war memorials / Jim Longworth p18. Bank engines - pilot engines - assistant engines: what's the difference? p27.

Vol.62 no.890 DECEMBER 2011: Beauty trifling with power: Capitol Theatre ballet girls and 5701 / Trevor Edmonds p3. Railway women in NSW / Jim Longworth p6. Idealised railway women: depictions of women in NSW railway publicity / Jim Longworth p14. On-train railway fashion of the 1960s-1970s / Jim Longworth p22. Keeping house on the Trans-Australian Railway: five months at Ooldea in 1981 / Julie Edmonds p31. Travelling with father: a teenage daughter and the Chief Traffic Manager of the New South Wales Government Railways / Pam Body (nee Denniss) p35. The railway queens: charitable fund raising competitions during World War II / Trevor Edmonds p39. It's not just 'the blokes' / David Wynter p42.

Vol.63 no.891 JANUARY 2012: Weevils, rodents and the NSW Railways: the 1917 and 1940 mouse plagues and their aftermath (part 1 of a trilogy celebrating the role of the NSW Railways in wheat transportation) / Neville Pollard p3. Victorian Railways proposed broad gauge Beyer-Garratt Locomotives / Philip Dunn p13. Courtroom travels: how a deposition clerk for the NSW Lands Department clocked-up a quarter of a million miles or rail travel in just four years! / Leon Oberg p26.

Vol.63 no.892 FEBRUARY 2012: Photographer's spotlight: Ken Cranfield p3. Decorated locomotives of the WAGR [Western Australian Government Railways] / Jeff Austin and Graham Watson p11. Memories of Walgett [NSW] during the early 1950s / Brian Patterson p20.

Vol.63 no.893 MARCH 2012: Photographer's spotlight: Norm Read BEM.

Vol.63 no.894 APRIL 2012: It's through in '62': opening of the Sydney-Melbourne standard gauge / Col Gilbertson p3. Personal reflections of 'The Gauge' / Col Gilbertson p18. Melbourne-Sydney: standard gauge relief trains / Chris Banger p20.

Vol.63 no.895 MAY 2012: Shifting the NSW wheat harvest 1920-1970: reminiscences of grain handling at Weethalle. Silo to seaboard: bulk handling the golden grain / Neville Pollard p3. Wal Lane: recollections of Weethalle during the 1940s / as told to Neville Pollard p12. An incident near Erigolia p17. 'Striving to keep up': the role of the NSW Railways in wheat transportation during the 1930s to 1960s / Neville Pollard p18. Four loads a day / Geoff Attwell p25. Photographer's spotlight: NSW wheat transportation during the 1960s p26. Keeping house on the Trans-Australian Railway: return to Ooldea 30 years later / Julie Edmonds p28.

Vol.63 no.896 JUNE 2012: NZZA 800: Special heavy load rail wagon p3. Test room travels [Victorian Railways Signal and Telegraph Division test room] p24. Bank engine procedures for Lithgow Coal Stage to Zig Zag p28. Vol.63 no.897 JULY 2012: The A class: locomotives of the NSW Government Railways / Gifford Eardley p3. Moving NSW wheat 1970s and '80s style / Terry Boardman, John Brown and Neville Pollard p16. More about Geradan / Greg Blackwell p28.

Vol.63 no.898 AUGUST 2012: A locomotive blown to fragments: locomotive boiler explosions in New South Wales / Trevor Edmonds p3. William Henry Pearce, Fireman, Thornton accident 4 Dec 1905 p20. The 'traffic offices' of the WAGR [Western Australian Government Railways] / Jeff Austin and Graham Watson p23.

Vol.63 no.899 SEPTEMBER 2012: Experiences of a general relief assistant station master: relieving at stations on the Blue Mountains and West during 1960/1963 / Brian Patterson p3. Heraldry of the New South Wales Railways / Jim Longworth p14. The Boyerine disaster / Peter Gould p29.

Vol.63 no.900 OCTOBER 2012: 900 issues and still going strong p3. The 900 Class Locomotives of the SAR / Des Egan p4. 900 divided by 8 = Proto-Green machine / Owen Roberts p17. Worms to the bush: the 900 Class 'DEB' Sets of the NSWGR part one / Peter Neve p21. How the DEB Set was named / Bill Casley p33. The 'Prospector' railcars / Allan Tilley p34. The W Class Locomotives of the WAGR ... and beyond / Adrian Gunzburg p37. In search of a no. 900 / Jeff Austin and Graham Watson p42. The Victorian Railways had two locomotives carrying '900' number plates / Philip Dunn p43. The Tramways' 900s p44. State Electricity Commission of Victoria: 900 mm gauge p45. Clyde Engineering Builder's Number 900 / Owen Roberts p46.

Vol.63 no.901 NOVEMBER 2012: The 900 Class Locomotives of the SAR part 2 / Des Egan p3. Worms to the bush: the 900 Class 'DEB' Sets of the NSWGR part two / Peter Neve p19.

Vol.63 no.902 DECEMBER 2012: Robbery under arms: the Eveleigh heist, 1914 [NSW] / Rachel Hollis p3. Rates, railways and riverboats: remembering the Riverina's 19th century wool war [between Victoria and New South Wales] / Neville Pollard p7. Christmas greetings, Mr Fraser: a card from the 60th (Australian) Broad Gauge Railway Operating Company R.E., Christmas 1917 [James Fraser] [NSW]/ Trevor Edmonds p18. John Dunn's recollections of C.C. Singleton [Cyril Singleton] [NSW] p22. Ben Bullen and Mount Frome / Greg Blackwell p26.

Vol.64 no.903 JANUARY 2013: Electrifier Extraordinaire: Charles Hesterman Merz (1874-1940) [electrification of the Melbourne railways] / Andrew Everett MA p3. Reading the railway landscape: interpreting visible railway relics between Strathfield and Emu Plains [NSW] / Jim Longworth p10. Exploring the castle: Emu Plains Station today / Neville Pollard p21. Interpreting a NSW railway refreshment room poster / Chris Banger p25. Train lighting in NSW / Don Estell p26. Letters: The Boyerine Disaster p29.

Vol.64 no.904 FEBRUARY 2013: The centenary of rail to Taree [NSW] / Rod Milne p3. The celebrity locomotive - P Class no. 854 / Stephen Halgren p15. Pushing the railway line north: observations on the construction of the New South Wales North Coast Line in early 1914 / Trevor Edmonds p18. Korff's Harbour [Coffs Harbour] p23.

Vol.64 no.905 MARCH 2013: The 'South West Mail' derailment, Rocky Ponds [NSW], 30 June 1948 / Trevor Edmonds p3.

Vol.64 no.906 APRIL 2013: The big lift: the recovery of Locomotive 3817, Rocky Ponds [NSW], Sunday, 4th July 1948 / Trevor Edmunds p3. The other accidents of 3817 / Trevor Edmunds p12. Locomotive 259: South Australian Railways internal combustion experiment of 1913 / Peter Knife p19. Further recollections of C.C. Singleton / Alex Grunbach p27. Letters: The centenary of rail to Taree / Bob Taaffe p30. Interpreting a NSW Railway refreshment room poster / Peter C. Reid p31. Reading the railway landscape: Strathfield-Emu Plains / Paul Rogers p31.

Vol.64 no.907 MAY 2013: From goods trains to freight logistics: Australian railways and the container revolution part 1: tentative beginnings - the 1920s and 30s [freight containers] / Bob McKillop p3. Workhorses of the electric fleet / Geoff Moss p13. The history of WAGR Locomotive Fs 449: a personal mission to uncover the story behind a locomotive number plate / Jeff Austin and Graham Watson p22. Collecting railway memorabilia / Adrian Rynberk p27.

Vol.64 no.908 JUNE 2013: A new spirit of co-operation: the Border Railways Agreement of 1922 [extension of railways from Victoria into Riverina, New South Wales] / Neville Pollard p3. Dispelling myths and legends: was the 38-hauled Newcastle Flyer the pinnacle of passenger train performance, unsurpassabe by other forms of motive power on the Short North? / Alex Wardrop p15. Did the New South Wales A/E Locomotive class exist? / Trevor Edmonds p24. Letters: North Coast railway construction; other accidents of 3817 p30.

Vol.64 no.909 JULY 2013: From goods trains to freight logistics: Australian railways and the container revolution part 2: reshaping interstate transport / Bob McKillop p3. 150 years of Menangle Bridge / Bill Phippen p15. Grown-up in the wrong place: Tony Bull laments that he never saw the cavalcade of steam from Sydney Central p24. The other accidents of 3817 p28. Letters: centenary of rail to Taree p30.

Vol.64 no.910 AUGUST 2013: Memories of a district engineer [Goulburn district, NSW] / Frank Johnson p3. Woodcutters of Broken Hill: the NSW Government Railways' role in the Broken Hill Unemployed Wood Scheme / Greg Blackwell p18. Letters: Dispelling myths and legends: the Newcastle 'Flyer' p28. The history of WAGR locomotive Fs 449 p31.

Vol.64 no.911 SEPTEMBER 2013: From goods trains to freight logistics: Australian railways and the container revolution part 3: linking with the world / Bob McKillop p3. Train indicator boards, signs etc. / Jim Longworth p13. Visiting Uncle Fred [Fred O'Neile, Brooklyn, NSW] / Adrian Rynberk p23. Glenbrook Gorge / Blaxland Junction centenaries / Ian Heather p28. Letters: 150 years of Menangle Bridge; The other accidents of 3817 - the 'hoodoo' engine; Did the NSW A/E locomotive class exist?; Dispelling myths and legends [The Flyer] p30-1.

Vol.64 no.912 OCTOBER 2013: 70th anniversary of the Thai-Burma Railway / Ian Crellin p3. Horse traffic on the NSW Railways: a recipe for frustration / Neville Pollard p16. The Singleton Passenger [train, Newcastle area] / John Gaydon p25. Where and what was 'Old Glenrowan'? / Greg Blackwell p30.

Vol.64 no.913 NOVEMBER 2013: From goods trains to freight logistics: Australian railways and the container revolution part 4: the age of deregulation and greed / Bob McKillop p3. Recollections of passenger train consists of the WAGR (from 1939 to 1953) / Bernie West p20. Eveleigh [NSW]: cavalcade of steam / Graeme Kirkby p28.

Vol.64 no.914 DECEMBER 2013: The Tamaree [Qld] head-on collision of 1947 / Mike Quirk p3. Improving productivity: the Victorian and NSW Better Farming Trains / Neville Pollard p9. Werris Creek Railway Refreshment Room [NSW] / Susan Hourigan p24. My locomotive life at Moe and Seymour depots / Jim Rae p26.

Vol.65 no.915 JANUARY 2014: Valley Heights Locomotive Depot [NSW]: celebrating a century of working life / Colin Bull p3. Western Australian Rail odyssey 1963-1964 part 1: the 'Tea and Sugar' / Peter Sage p14. The Crows Nest Branch Line, Queensland / Rod Milne p21. Thai-Burma Railway anniversary p30.

Vol.65 no.916 FEBRUARY 2014: Commonwealth versus States: Australia's uniform gauge debacle part 1: origins of the debacle / Neville Pollard p3. From consolidation to Mikado: preparing for standard gauge on the VR / Philip Dunn p12. Across the Nullarbor in a cattle truck and other experiences / Peter Ferry p20. South Australian Railways recruitment of displaced persons, Maltese, British and West German migrants 1948-52 / Peter Buske p25. The container revolution p29.

Vol.65 no.917 MARCH 2014: Steam locomotives of the Tasmanian Government Railways and its constituents / Milton Biddle p3. Western Australian Rail odyssey 1963-4 / Peter Sage p22. Centenary of the Exeter Rail disaster [NSW] / Linda Emery p27. Letters: Ben Bullen and Mount Frome; Better farming trains; the Tamaree accident; Valley Heights Loco Depot p28-30.

Vol.65 no.918 APRIL 2014: The uniform gauge question: a South Australian perspective / John Evans p3. Australia's uniform [standard] gauge debacle / Neville Pollard p12. Dramas on Inkerman Bridge [Burdekin River, Qld] / Mike Quirk p19. Back into overalls: the 1949 Coal Strike / Robert Driver p27. Letters: the Valley Heights Loco Depot; Australia's uniform gauge debacle p29.

Vol.65 no.919 MAY 2014: Boorowa Branch Line: a heritage review p3. Boorowa wheat trains January 1984 p9. Memories of the Cooma line p14. Rails to Mulgowie p22. Letters: Ben Bullen and Mount Frome; 100 years of rail to Taree; Better Farming Trains p29.

Vol.65 no.920 JUNE 2014: The Karrijine [WA] story p3. The Merrylands [NSW] story p12. Country signal maintenance: VR Signal and Telegraph Division [at Ballarat] p23. NSW Railway posters and advertising 1920-70 p27. Letters: Steam locomotives of the TGR [Tasmania] p29.

Vol.65 no.921 JULY 2014: From consolidation to Mikado: part 2: N class testing / Philip Dunn p3. Fitters' tales: Enfield Loco Depot part 1: overview and work practices / Keith Robinson p13. Update on infrastructure at Boorowa [NSW] / Greg Blackwell p25. Letters: the other accidents of 3817; Australia's uniform gauge articles; dramas on Inkerman Bridge; branch line articles p29.

Vol.65 no.922 AUGUST 2014: Miss Richardson's journey: a young woman's journey on the Great Western Line in 1895 [diary of Maude Richardson] / David R. Moyle p3. Memories of journeys on the Ghan: 1927 to 1946 / Frank C. Waterhouse p9. The first school-girls' railway 'cruise', December 1933 [NSW] / Trevor Edmonds p13. Life's lessons: my journey on Pick-Up Goods no. 247 in 1950 [Orange to Dubbo] / Robert F. McKillop p17. On taking the old Ghan / David R. Moyle p23. Images from the Ghan journey of Brenda Noble p24. University of Newcastle Library Archives: a valuable resource for railway history / Greg Anderson p25. Letters: Memories of the Cooma Line; the Karrijine story; the Merrylands story p30.

Vol.65 no.923 SEPTEMBER 2014: Wayne's story part 1: carriage works, Eveleigh / Wayne Dempsey p3. Appendix: carriage sets overhauled at carriage works p14. Paper railways in Victoria [former proposed railway lines including: Flemington Bridge to Pascoe Vale; Morkalla towards South Australia; Manangatang towards Mildura; Stawell and Grampians Railway, Halls Gap branch; Warranook; Timboon towards Port Campbell; Forrest towards Barramunga; Geelong towards Barwon Heads; Ballarat to Colac (original alignment); Maldon and Laanecoorie] / Jeff Stocco p18. Journeys on The Ghan, 1927 to 1946 p27. Letters: Commonwealth versus States; Memories of the Cooma Line p30. Fitters' tales part 1 p31.

Vol.65 no.924 OCTOBER 2014: The Moselle accident [1938, Qld] / Mike Quirk p3. Fitters' tales part 2: steam locomotive repairs and maintenance / Keith Robinson p8. Belmont Park [WA]: history of a racecourse station / David Whiteford p18. Paper railways in Victoria part 2 / Jeff Stocco [McIvor Tramway; proposed Ryans Creek and Greta Railway; Whitfield to Cheshunt; Bright towards Tawonga Gap Railway; Cudgewa to Corryong Railway; Mirboo North towards Mirboo Railway; Orbost to New South Wales border railway] p25.

Vol.65 no.925 NOVEMBER 2014: Murder on the Bundaberg Mail / Mike Quirk p3. Wayne's story part 2: at Sydney Terminal Station / Wayne Dempsey p11. Memorable Jamestown [SA] days / John Masson p24. Route-kilometre statistics irrespective of gauge / Howard G. Quinlan p27. Letters: Infrastructure at Boorowa p30.

Vol.65 no.926 DECEMBER 2014: The Nannup Branch [Jarrahwood-Nannup Railway, WA] / Rod Milne p3. 125+ years young: part 1: Demondrille to Young [NSW] / Neville Pollard p14. Working trains 52 Goods and 31 Mixed to Campbelltown and Merrylands [NSW] / Graeme Kirkby p25.

Vol.66 no.927 JANUARY 2015: The battle of Broken Hill / David Matheson p4. Fitter's tales part 3: recollections of working life [Enfield] / Keith Robinson p12. Celebrating 150 years: the opening of the Blacktown to Richmond Branch Line / Craig McPherson p22. From the archives: Selwyn Railway Station, Qld p28. Letters: Moselle accident p30.

Vol.66 no.928 FEBRUARY 2015: South Brisbane Interstate Station / Tony McLaughlan p4. 125+ years Young: part 2: Young to Monteagle [NSW] / Neville Pollard p11. By 'K' Class to Mornington: Victorian Railways Signal and Telegraph Division, 1962 / Graeme Castleton p20. Remembering the Merredin and Avon Link train services [WA] / David Whiteford p24. Letters: Locomotive 259, SAR experiment; Fitters' tales query; Murder on the 'Bundaberg Mail'; Memorable Jamestown days; Paper railways of Victoria; Valley Heights Loco Depot centenary; The Moorabbin plateway: an update p28-31.

Vol.66 no.929 MARCH 2015: Making 'A steam train passes' [engine 3801] / Anthony Buckley AM p4. Evolution of Australian public railway routes 1854-2000 / Howard G. Quinlan p10. The (not so) Great Forbes Mail Robbery / Trevor Edmonds p26. Letters: Valley Heights Loco Depot centenary / Noel Selway; Fitters' tales part 3 / Richard K. Butcher; Robert K. Robinson p30-1.

Vol.66 no.930 APRIL 2015: Queensland's Camp Mountain disaster / Mike Quirk p4. The art and architecture of the early American locomotive imports to New South Wales part 1: U-105 and J-131 classes / David Fletcher p13. Letters: Australia's uniform gauge debacle p31.

Vol.66 no.931 MAY 2015: 125+ years Young part 3: traffic, decline and possible future [Demondrille to Young Railway] / Neville Pollard p4. Evolution of Australian public railway routes 1854-2000 part 2: towards a national railway network / Howard G. Quinlan p13. Turning engines and tenders at Coonamble / Jim Stokes p26. Updating 'Pioneer: a very important engine indeed' p28. Letters: Blacktown to Richmond Line p31.

Vol.66 no.932 JUNE 2015: On loan to Narrabri West / Neil Lyall p4. Art and architecture of NSW Baldwin Locomotives part 2: NSW imports 1884-1891 / David Fletcher p17. The legacy of 'A steam train passes' / Ben Barnes p24. Letters: Fitters' tales part 3; Evolution of Australian railway routes; South Brisbane Interstate p26.

Vol.66 no.933 JULY 2015: Cooerwull Station [NSW] and its worker's trains / David Oveson p4. Platform archaeology in NSW / Jim Longworth and Rodney Deacon p13. N Class [locomotive] Booster trials / Philip Dunn p22. Solving the pilfering problem: the 'tobacco trains' of 1946 [NSW] / Neville Pollard p28.

Vol.66 no.934 AUGUST 2015: Arncliffe to Bexley Steam Tramway part 1: politics, construction and operation [NSW] / Ross Willson p4. Bowser to Peechelba East Branch [Vic.] / Chris Banger p13. Central West Railway memories [Bathurst sojourn, Oberon Line, other towns] / Michael Jensen p24. Remembering Sydney's 'red rattler's summer' / Bill Cooper p28. Letters: Evolution of Australian railway routes part 2; 'A steam train passes' DVDs; Observations at South Clifton Colliery p30.

Vol.66 no.935 SEPTEMBER 2015: Remembering Ipswich Colliery sidings part 1: Redbank area mines and sidings / Late E.D. Behan p4. Remembering the 'big engines' [NSW, 57 Class] / Late Ken T. Groves p14. Derailment on the Blackbutt Range [1930, Brisbane Valley Line, Qld] / Mike Quirk p19. Pier pressure: Sandridge Pier, Dock and Tramway Company [Port Melbourne, rivalry with Melbourne and Hobsons Bay Railway Company] / Peter Fisher p25. Letters: Forbes Mail Robbery; On loan to Narrabri West; Making 'A steam train passes'; Cooerwull Station and its workers' trains p29-31.

Vol.66 no.936 OCTOBER 2015: Growing up with trains: memories of Tasmania's West Coast Railways / Les J. Morley p4. Arncliffe to Bexley Steam Tramway part 2: politics, closure and statistics / Ross Willson p13. South Maitland Railways no.18 on the 'Cockatoo Run' part 1: operations 1995 to 1997 / Ron A. Webb p22. Letters: Cooerwull Station and its workers' trains p31.

Vol.66 no.937 NOVEMBER 2015: Liverpool Station Troop Train smash, December 1915 / Margaret Warburton p4. Ipswich Colliery Sidings part 2: Dinmore - Bundamba mines and sidings / E.D. Behan p12. A siding in the heart of the city: the WA Manufacturing Company's siding, Perth / Justin Smith p20. Proposed attachments for electric train staffs: Dubbo - Narromine / Noel Reed p26. Book review: Simsville and the Jarrah Mill: Myall River State Forest, New South Wales / Ian McNeil p28. Letters: Cooerwull Station and its workers' trains; Remembering Sydney's 'Red Rattlers' summer; Pier pressure [Port Melbourne]; Queensland's Camp Mountain disaster; Shale railways of NSW review p29-31.

Vol.66 no.938 DECEMBER 2015: How many NSWGR men died at Gallipoli? / Bill Phippen p4. SMR No. 18 on the Cockatoo Run part 2: further trials and tribulations / Ron Webb p12. Mary Valley Railway's C17 No. 802 / Tony Hallam p22. Notes on 'Rails to Mulgowie' / John Knowles p24. Letters: Cooerwull Station and its workers' trains; Northampton Railway Station; Remembering the Ipswich Colliery sidings p28. Index to volume 66, nos 927-938, Jan-Dec 2015 p30.

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