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Main Title: La Trobe journal 2014 -
Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. : State Library of Victoria Foundation.
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: State Library of Victoria (Melbourne, Vic.)
Nos 93-94 SEPTEMBER 2014: First Australian sketchbooks of Eugene von Guerard / Ruth Pullin p5. Eugene von Guerard's Views of the Daylesford Region for William E. Stanbridge / David R. Marshall p22. Art and patronage in early colonial Melbourne: John Pascoe Fawkner and William Strutt / Elisabeth Findlay p35. 'The premier bird painter in the colonies': the early career of Neville Henry Cayley in Victoria / Mark R. Cabouret p51. 'An unpicturesque vagrant': aboriginal Victorians at the Melbourne International Exhibition 1880-1881 / Lynette Russell p77. Arabesques of beauty: Cullis Hill, the 9 by 5 Impression Exhibition, decorative decor and painting / Andrew Montana p82. A forgotten art critic: Ellen Augusta Chads and the Melbourne Art Scene 1884-86 / Pieter Koster p102. Three generations of the Lazarus family in Australia / Tim Gatehouse p114. Frank Heath: transitions of an architect planner from the 1930s to the 1960s / David Nichols, Robert Freestone and Yvette Putra p125. A tale of two motels: the times, the architecture and the architects [Bairnsdale Motel, Merimbula Motel] / David Yencken p140. Four days in June: the liberation of a teenage generation [The Beatles] / Tony Robinson p160. Alan McCulloch: cartoonist of distinction / Vane Lindesay p175. The battle for the Spencer Barks: from Australia to the USA 1963-68 [aboriginal art] / Rodney James p181.

No. 95 MARCH 2015: Public collections of artists' books in Australia / Helen Cole p8. A history of the Croft Press / Andrew Schuller p21. Books in the Canberra region: the golden years / Sasha Grishin p32. A defining decade: Australian artists' books in the 1970s / Steven Tonkin p42. Artists' books from the collection of the State Library of Victoria: a photo essay p52. The changing face of contemporary letterpress in Australia / Caren Florance p64. Conceptual and perceptual: the early artists' books of Robert Jacks p77. Reading time: the book as alternative architectural practice / Marian Macken p93. The photobook: everyone a publisher? / Doug Spowart p105.

No. 96 SEPTEMBER 2015: Editorial p4. 'We have sprung at a bound': Australia's entry into the Great War, July-August 1914 [World War One] / Douglas Newton p6. A divided national capital: Melbourne in the Great War / Judith Smart p28. 'The great madness of 1914-18': families at war on Melbourne's eastern and western fronts [Lewis family, Purcell family] / John Lack p59. War and private sentiment in Australia during 1915 / Bart Ziino p88. John Springthorpe's war [John Springthorpe] / Joy Damousi p103. World war and worldly women: the Great War and the formation of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom in Australia / Kate Laing p117. 'Keeping your eyes on Germany': Victoria's 'School Paper' and complicated relationships with 'the Germans', 1910-18 / Rosalie Triolo p135. Too good to lose: the Showgrounds Camp Band 1915 / Jillian Durance p152. In search of Stroud Langford / Catherine Tiernan p164. Remembrance: Victoria's commemorative stained-glass windows of World War 1 / Bronwyn Hughes p182.

No. 97 MARCH 2016: Theatre in Melbourne 1914-18: the best, the brightest and the latest / Elisabeth Kumm p6. An historical Cannon [Michael Cannon] / Andrew Lemon p24. Researching by day, writing at night: my 50 years as author and publisher / Michael Cannon p28. 'The premier bird painter of the colonies': the triumphant return of Neville Henry Cayley to Victoria / Mark R. Cabouret p44. The Pinschofs as patrons at home: Belmont, Studley Hall and Hohe Warte [Carl Ludwig Pinschof 1855-1926; Elise Wiedermann-Pinschof 1851-1922] / Andrew Montana p63. Mr Tulk's table: from Marble Hill to Bondi and back [Augustus Henry Tulk 1810-1873] / Julius Bryant p83. James Dawson's intervention in the naming of the Maroondah aqueduct / Ian D. Clark p91.

No. 98 SEPTEMBER 2016: The Melbourne Public Library at war: 1914-18 / Kevin Molloy p6. 'Y'rs affectionately, Mont': the World War I correspondence of William Montgomery / Bronwyn Hughes p19. The Sister Evelyn Hutt World War I Collection: an Australian nurse at war / Jim Claven p36. Mr Sharman's album: University High School and the Great War / Ann Carew p44. World War I posters from the State Library Victoria collection / Olga Tsara p62. 'A universal collection of literature on the European war'? State Library of Victoria's Great War pamphlets / John Lack, Steven Kafkarisos and Walter Struve p77. Personal records of World War I: State Library of Victoria collection highlights / Lucy Bracey p92. From Harkaway to Amiens: Jessie Traill's war / Jo Oliver p108. From Kallista to Mont St. Quentin: JG Roberts and the memory of the Great War / Kevin Molloy p124. Commemorating staff who served: the Great War honour board at State Library Victoria / John Arnold p136. Conflict on the home front: choosing the commemorative mural for the Library / Gwen Rankin p141. Matchless son and brother: Eric Harding Chinner / Ann Carew p145. '...from the bottom of a wardrobe': collecting World War I personal papers at State Library Victoria / Shona Dewar p152.

No. 99 MARCH 2017: Expanding the Howitt way: Alfred Howitt in Victoria / Sandra McComb p6. Marcus Clarke and Felix Meyer's cameo role in the Paris Commune / Barry McGowan p24. The making of a legend: Henry Lawson at Bourke / John Barnes p35. Henry Lawson / Jim Grahame p50. James Miller Marshall: a Norwich School painter in late 19th-century Australia / Ross Bowden p58. Women gardeners without chaperones: the role of Ina Higgins in advancing women in horticulture in Victoria / Sandra Pullman p71. 'Customers and others I am responsible for: Thomas Allan McKay, printer, publisher and entrepreneur / Dennis Bryans p82. Practical idealists: the Free Religious Fellowship, the Great War and conscription / Chris Wade p95. Vergangenheitsbewaltigung: struggle to come to terms with the past / Minna Muhlen-Schulte p108. A note on James Dawson's intervention in the naming of the Maroondah aqueduct / Ian D Clark p124. Obituary: Colin Peter Holden 19 October 1951-12 July 2016 p126.

No.100 SEPTEMBER 2017: Celebrating 50 years of the La Trobe Journal / Kate Torney p6. The Khamsa of Nizami: Rare Books Collection RARESF 091 N65K / Susan Scollay p8. Andrea Palladiom Les quatre livres de l'architecture d'Andre Palladio: Rare Books Collection RARESF 720 P17Q / Anna Welch p10. Jean de La Fontaine, Fables choisies, mises en vers: Rare Books Collection RARESF 841.4 L13F (1755-59) / Wallace Kirsop p12. John Latham, A General Synopsis of Birds... [and] Index Orinithologicus: Rare Books Collection RARES 598.2 L34G / Anna Welch p14. The Time Digital Archive: Newspapers Collection EM 072 T48T / Paul Dee p16. Early Geelong theatre program printed on silk: Pictures Collection H82.108 p18. Thomas Scott Collection: Rare Books Collection / Jan McDonald p21. John Pascoe Fawkner Papers, 1832-71: Australian Manuscripts Collection MS13273 / Tim Hogan p24. Daguerreotypes: 'Hillcrest' images and portrait of William Kerr: Pictures Collection H89.217/1-4 and H89.216 / Susan Long p26. Victorian Turf Club register: Australian Manuscripts Collection MS 13540 / Andrew Lemon p30. The diary formerly known as Lazarus: Australian Manuscripts Collection MS13518 / Claire Wright p32. Diary of a miner working on the Ballarat goldfields: Australian Manuscripts Collection MS 13681 / Shona Dewar p34. 'The Diggers' Ten Commandments, written at Ballarat by digger: Australian Manuscripts Collection MS 15970 / Shona Dewar p36. Henry Short, Our Adopted Country. To the Memory of the Lamented Heroes of the Victoria Exploration 1861: Pictures Collection H86.106 / Lurline Stuart p38. Diary, photographs and related matieral of Lieutenant Dabney Scales and the Shenado: Australian Manuscripts Collection MS15779 / Jo Ritale p40. Manuscript Catalogue of Australiana: Australian Manuscripts Collection MS 15996 / John Arnold p42. Finn Family Papers: Australian Manuscripts Collection MS 12821 / Gerry Brody p44. Unknown artist, Wattle House, residence of Samuel Jackson: Pictures Collection H2013.382 / Madeline Say p47. The diaries of Joseph Jenkins: The Australian Manuscripts Collection MS 13267 / Katie Flack p48. Nineteenth-century illustrated Australian newspaper collection: Newspaper Collection / John Arnold and Jock Murphy p51. First edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland: Rare Children's Books Collection RAREJ 823.8 C23A (1866) / Juliet O'Connor p52. J Harvey photographs of Western District Aboriginal People: Pictures Collection H99.31/1-10 / Maxine Briggs p54. James Waltham Curtin, Falls of Wannon: Pictures Collection H2009.112 / Gerard Hayes p56. Portrait of William Buckley: Pictures Collection H30879 / Gerard Hayes p58. Two drawings by William Pitt: Pictures Collection H31053 and H31055 / Terry Sawyer p60. John William Lindt, 'Views of the streets, buildings and gardens in the city of Melbourne and surrounding country': Pictures Collection H42622/1-86 / Bridie Flynn p62. Melbourne Survey Maps and Plans: Maps Collection / Sarah Ryan p64. Albert Dubucand album: Pictures Collection H2001.60/1-72 / Fiona Jeffery p66. Victoria's Representative Men at Home: Punch's Illustrated Interviews, by Lauderdale: Rare Books Collection RareLTEF 728.0994 V66L / Michael Cannon p68. Brigadier Walter Cass Collection, 1890-2002: Australian Manuscripts Collection MS 15488 / Lucy Shedden p70. Collection of David Low cartoons: Pictures Collection H87.14/1-31 / Vane Lindsay p72. Blaise Cendrars and Fernand Leger, La fin du monde: Rare Books Collection RARESF 702.81 C3324f / De Cowley p74. Dorothy Wall illustrations: Blinky Bill collection: Pictures Collection H2015.180/1-37 / Juliet O'Conor p76. Victor Singer Bookplate Collection: Pictures Collection H2015.250 / Christine Bell p78. Harold Paynting Collection: photographs by the Commercial Photographic Company: Pictures Collection / Madeline Say p80. Eric Thake, two painting of Chinese shops in Little Bourke Street: Pictures Collection H2006.146/1-2 / Sarah Matthews p84. Ray Parkin Papers: Australian Manuscripts Collection MS 13601 / Susan Long p86. Jospeh Patrick ('Max') Martin, Portrait of Archbishop Mannix: Pictures Collection H2007.72/1 / Kevin Molloy p90. Lina Bryans, Portrait of Tristan Buesst: Pictures Collection H89.207 / Dianne Reilly p92. Rennie Ellis Collection: Pictures Collection / Jo Ritale p94. Print Council of Australia Archive: Pictures Collection H2012.250/1-340 / Madeline Say p98. Howard Arkley Archive: Australian Manuscript Collection MS 14217 / Olga Tsara p101. Juan Davila collection of sketchbooks: Australian Manuscripts Collection MS 14591 / Olga Tsara p102. Banks' Florilegium: Rare Books Collection RareSXEF 581.99 B22F / Jan McDonald p104. Ruth Maddison, Women over 60: Pictures Collection H97.76/1-23 / Christine Bell p106. Wayzgoose Press Archives: Rare Books Collection RareLTEF 702.81 D885D / Des Cowley p108. Sonya Hartnett Papers: Australian Manuscripts Collection MS 15486 / Lucy Shedden p110. Peter Carey Papers, 1991-2001: Australian Manuscripts Collection MS 13420 / Jock Murphy p112. Josie Kunoth-Petyarre, MCG: Pictures Collection H2010.139 / Maxine Briggs p114. Peter Wegner, Black Saturday series: Pictures Collection H2012.135/1-5 / Jo Ritale p117.

Vol.17 no.3 NOVEMBER 2018: La Trobe and his horses-testing times / Peter McL.Hiscock p5. District surgeon to chief medical officer: pioneer public health practitioners Port Phillip District / Dr Walter Hale p15. Eliza Nelson and Dr John Singleton: incidents of two remarkable colonial memorialists / Lorraine Finlay p24. Kentish ramblings: La Trobe rediscovers the picturesque English countryside / Dr Dianne Reilly p33. Charles Joseph La Trobe at Addington Vale, 1856-57: a year of hope? / Loreen Chambers p45.

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