Full Record

Main Title: Australian family tree connections
Subject: Genealogy
Vol.2 no.10 OCTOBER 1994.

Vol.3 no.4 APRIL 1995.

Vol.4 no.8 AUGUST 1996: Cover photo: Emily MUNRO (1876-1938). A tangled tale of loves or scandal in the 19th century [ELSE. ARNOLD. DEAKIN. FIELD. HALSTED. CHALMERS] / Peter Leithhead p18.

Vol.5 no.6 JUNE 1997: The mariner, the wild rover and the Booksearch agent [ANDERSON. RONALD. DOODY.] / Roy Henderson p11. Alpha Cottage, Camden, NSW [WALKER] / Barbara Stoodley p14. The WESTAWAY family of Sampford Courtenay / Shirley Anne Westaway p15. FISCHER reunion / Gwen Fischer p17.


Vol.5 no.8 AUGUST 1997: Cover photo: Queenie SUMMERS wedding, with Jean BARTLEM and Maureen HAGGARTY. Migration between Australia and New Zealand / Ailsa Corlett p13. Wedding photo: Jean BARTLEM, E.J. SUMMERS, Queenie SUMMERS, Mick BARTLEM, Vern JONES, Maureen HAGGARTY p40.

Vol.5 no.9 SEPTEMBER 1997: Cover photo: John ‘Jock’ and Elizabeth (nee ZABELL) BRINDLE with Derek, Denise, Jock, Hamish, Michaela, Elizabeth, Christopher, John, Andrew, Linda, Ian, Shan (holding Katrina). The case of the missing medal [of John NICHOLSON] / Suzanne Manning p19. Afflicks and Fureys [AFFLICK. FUREY. CLEARY. KERIN.] / Robin Deloughery p21.

Vol.5 no.10 OCTOBER 1997: Cover photo: Darcey’s School, Launceston, Tasmania – group photo 1903-4, includes Sarah May REDMAN and Winifred Agnes REDMAN. Canadians in Australia / Roger Lawrence p13. Photo: Elizabeth MARTIN (1814-1903) of Dorking, Surrey, England p19. Elizabeth Ann WINN / TIPPIN / BOWRA / ALLEN / HALL / Geoff Wood p21. Obituary: Terenance Webber MOORE 1945-1997 p26. My great-Grandmother and computers [McNEILL. McKENZIE. WEBSTER. ANDERSON.] / Kerry Farmer p28.

Vol.5 no.11 NOVEMBER 1997: Cover photo: wedding: Lily Doris ‘Dot’ BEAVEN (b1914) and Lindsay Robert MOORE 1934. The lady of many names [Martha Jane WINKWORTH / HUMPHRIES / STOUT / MOORE / WENTWORTH] / Suzanne Manning p19. Photo: Phillip Charles ‘Ching’ MICHELMORE p40.

Vol.5 no.12 DECEMBER 1997: A French connection [FLORANCE. MASSENA. MANASSE. LEAR.] / Sandra Florance p17. Violet Viola Shoebridge [SHOEBRIDGE. PARFREY. O’BRIEN. GOLDNEY.] / Ian Doyle p18. Two family photos [HERBST. BAHR. SHAUGHNESSY.] / Megan McKenzie p19. Benjamin Cooke, Mayor of Cabramatta and Canley Vale / Robin Gemmill p20. Sarah (Snape) Davies / Beverley Garry (nee Snape) p21.

Vol.6 no.1 JANUARY 1998: Cover portrait: Sarah SNAPE, painted 1793. Photo: children of Joseph FRANCIS and Emily Violet COLEMAN: Edna Ellen (6), Keith (1), Olga Mary Frances (7), Ronald Joseph (3) p16. The history of the ‘special vases’ [SELAND. JOHNSON. MARTIN. WAHLBERG. FILMER.] / Lynell N. Charlton p17. Passenger list of the ‘Young Australia’ [ship] dated 21 July 1863 p18. Ladies on the town [BRANS. BROCKMANN. SMITH. DOWNER. AYLIFFE. MacINTOSH. VOLBRECHT. BROCKMAN. SCUDAMORE.] / Robyn Hukin p19.

Vol.6 no.2 FEBRUARY 1998: Cover photo: Ethel, Coral and Michael HENNESSY, the four BUCKLEY boys with Jack SARGENT and Madge COLLINS and Les SARGENT, Mick HENNESSY and Artie SARGENT. John Wright 1790-1844: a case study in research methodology [WRIGHT. JONES. NICHOLLS COGILL. HANNAM. FULTON. DUNLOP.] / Colin A. Cunningham p13. Portrait: Rachael BOSTOCK (nee RAFFERTY) (1800-1837) p20. So soon forgotten! [Keros CAINES / KEYNES.] / John Keynes p21.

Vol.6 no.3 MARCH 1998: Yass heritage project: the Irish orphans of the Southern Tablelands of NSW and beyond / Ray Cocks p19.

Vol.6 no.4 APRIL 1998: The Aussie diggers of Somer Farm [Wallace Alfred ‘Alf’ JONES. MEARS. PENDLETON. HILL. COMB. ALCHIN. BRETT. COOPER. CROSS. CURRAN. DE FONTENAY. GRAY. HINSON. HOARE. KINSELA. METCALFE. MORIARTY. NEWSTEAD. QUINN. STEPHENS. WHISTON. WILKES. WILLIAMS.] / Peter Jones p19. Lyndel Edwards, beauty specialist [first woman in business in the ACT] / Pat Groves p50. The Pioneer Cemetery, Happy Valley, SA / Gwen Parkinson and Rose Kerkhof p52.

Vol.6 no.5 MAY 1998: German emigration to Australia in the 19th century / Eric Kopittke p19. Clouds and silver linings [GIBSON. CONNESS. ROWLEY. NORMAN. McINNES. JONES. BELL. SMART. GASH. TAYLOR.] / Julie Fitzgerald p23.

Vol.6 no.6 JUNE 1998: Cover photo: family portrait of the wife and daughters of Henry CARR, taken on the family property ‘Funny Hill’, Binda 1895. Ada CARR (nee BRANSON), Ada, Maude, Eliza, Grace, Amy Gertrude, Eva. Those lacemakers of Calais / Gillian Kelly p21.

Vol.6 no.7 JULY 1998: Cover photo: the golden wedding anniversary of William and Janet (nee Anderson) Gray 1912 [FALCONER. GRAY. LYONS. LAURENCESON. HUGHES. ANDERSON.]. The army Halls [HALL. WELSH.] / George Hall p14. Jean Elizabeth (Kliendienst) Moore 1958-1988 p17. Photo: August GONDOLF, aged 4, Hill End, NSW p18. Would the real George Alfred please stand up [SCARFE. GARNER. DUNNING. HILL. GARRARD. GARDNER. GARDENER. KITCHEN.] / by ‘Kelby’ p19. Photo: Joseph DAVIES, born 1901, his sister Elsie, born 1902 and his sister Florence, born c1904, photo taken at Ashton under Lyne, Lancashire 1908 p36.

Vol.6 no.8 AUGUST 1998: Constance Adeline Lillian Maude LARDELLI [McINTYRE. HALL. MASSEY. JONES.] / Rebekah COOMBS (HARCOURT) p15. A special family reunion [THIRLBY family] / Dianne Rosser (nee Thirlby) p17. Finding the origins of my unusual name / Eric Kopittke p19. Photo: Elizabeth PEARCE (nee BEAL), born 1840 p22.

Vol.6 no.9 SEPTEMBER 1998: Cover photo: Father, son and Grandfather: Arthur Allan STEPHENS (1874-1936), George Kenneth ‘Ken’ STEPHENS (1909-1980) and George Samuel STEPHENS (1841-1928), taken c1915, family settled Buninyong, Vic. A decent set of girls [Dr Charles STRUTT] / Richard Reid and Cheryl Mongan p15. Photo: Ernest Arthur HAMSON, born Deniliquin, NSW 1883 p18. Charters Towers – a step back in time / Trisha Fielding p51.

Vol.6 no.10 OCTOBER 1998: Cover photo: The SMART girls at the marriage of their eldest sister, Amelia Isabella Beatrice, to Henry THOMPSON, in 1900 in Wellington, NZ. Tasmanians and their churches / Sheila Byard p14. Teddy with glasses [Mary Jane EDMONDS. McCLURE. HALL. AYLETT. NEWELL.] / Michelle M. Richards p19. Jane GITTENS, born 1791 [MARTIN. ROBERTS. DORRINGTON.] / Heather Green p20.

Vol.6 no.11 NOVEMBER 1998: Cover photo: Leslie John ALBERTON, 1898-1917. The grave of Elizabeth GRINTER, buried 1877, Upper Moira p16. Photo: Louisa Ann NICHOLLS, born 1870 at Thumberg Creek, NSW (married Thomas Joseph ABBERTON) p17. Photo: Leslie John ABBERTON (1898-1917) and his sister Mary Anne Clare ABBERTON (1894-?) p17. STARR family of Kent and East Sussex / Mignon Tamsitt p21. Photo: Wedding of Max GAUNT and ‘Kitty’ URQUHART p52.

Vol.6 no.12 DECEMBER 1998: Photo: Annie (FRASER) BARKER, with baby Alice Julia BARKER (later LEITHHEAD), c1878 p18. Hardships of a young Minister in early Queensland [Vincent RANSOME] / Lisa-Anne Sanderson p21.

Vol.7 no.3 MARCH 1999: Cover photo: Bathurst Court House showing Magistrate James Daniel Walker and others. St Patrick’s Day 1895 at Wilberforce, NSW p15. From Elland to Australia – Thomas Rollinson / Thelma Denny p17. Photo: Violet Ernestine UNWIN (nee TOWNER), Mary BYRNE (nee NOLAN), Lillian Ernestine GIBSON (nee UNWIN), Margaret Maud TOWNER (nee BYRNE). Mary Byrne was born c1830, Carlow, Queens County, Ireland p20.

Vol.7 no.5 MAY 1999: Cover photo: GOVERS-JENNINGS wedding, Victoria, early 1920s showing: Mrs John LEVINE and child, Mr John LEVINE, Mr Cecil GOVERS, Mrs Irene GOVERS (bride, nee JENNINGS), Mr Arthur SILVA and Mrs Ruby SILVA (nee JENNINGS). Photo: Ernest and Percy McDONALD (twins), Sydney 1899 p14. Photo: Arthur Patrick DOYLE and workmates ready to set off for the Melbourne Electric Supply Company in 1913 p15.

Vol.7 no.6 JUNE 1999: Charles Robert ‘Charlie’ DARLING (1883-1937) [Craigie; McManus; Liddell] / June Henderson p15. David BILTON (1825-99): an interesting ancestor [Firebrace; Jukes; Willets] / Fiona McLennan p19. Three convict brothers [Joseph, Matthias and John ALEXANDER] / Helen Irvine p21. Photo: Jane (NUNN) PATRICK, born c1790 p50. Photo: Farm workers, Buckingbong Station, near Urana, NSW 1896 p51. Notes of a ramble out west [a journey circa 1921-28 in the West Wimmera, Johnstone worked at ‘Newlands’, a large station near Apsley. Includes photo of JOHNSTONE family c1900] / Alexander Johnstone p52.

Vol.8 no.1 JANUARY 2000: Photo: marriage of Albert Thomas DELLAR and Agnes Margaret BELL at Esk, Qld 3 Oct 1911 p2. Photo of a picnic showing William John GAIL (b1874, Melb) and Mary Elizabeth NORTON (b1881 Adelong, NSW), later married, also William H. NORTON and others p2. Grandma LOWTHER and Jackie [Margaret Teresa LOWTHER (nee QUAIFE) born Pentridge (Coburg) 1861] / Sue Wood p22. Eva Blanche O’DEA (nee HILL), born Port Pirie, SA 1899 / Vince W. O’Dea p23. Searching for a mother [Nancy BOSMAN (nee STEVENS)] / Julie Jackson p39. The CROWLEY - HYDE mysteries [William Frederick CROWLEY aka Daniel Dee HYDE born Castlemaine, Vic. 1862] / Dawn Tapscott p61. Photo: Christmas c1924 at Greenthorpe, near Cowra, NSW: Lettie, David and Fanny JONES; Ivy HATCH and Bill JONES p63.

Vol.8 no.2 FEBRUARY 2000: Wedding photo: George and Elsie (PATRICK) MONTAGUE, Cairns, Qld 4 March 1919 p2. Wedding photo: Norman Francis ZABELL and Everna M. MORGAN, 1931, Surrey, England p2. An unlikely photographer [James ROOKE, photo of Mary Ann and Ada WINDLE, c1847] / David Larkin p16. Jonas PRIOR, convict 1802-1878 / B.J. Parkinson p17. The McHUGH boys [Hugh, Arnliffe, Sydney; John, Patrick and James, Macleay River 1870s] / Jennifer Charlton p20. There’s always a little bit of truth / Ray Estrada p27. If only I’d asked [Eileen Anastasia MARTIN, formerly ROBINSON (nee STONE) died 1987 / Errol A. Robinson p61. Photo: picnic at Balmoral, Sydney 1910: members of the Waitara Catholic Tennis Club: Jack CALLEN (GALLEN?); Mara McDONNELL; Perce McDONALD; Jack REDDING; Kate GALLEN; Mitty O’DONNELL; E. McNALLEY; Mrs BOYD; Audrey REDDING; Florie GALLEN and baby Jack; Phil REDDING; Frances REDDING; Maude SMYTH and baby Rita; Philip SMYTH; Harvey GALLEN; Phil SMYTH; Ernie McDONALD and Gwynda McDONALD; Mary ‘Cis’ REDDING; Kit REDDING; Dick GALLEN and Dot BOYD p63.

Vol.8 no.3 MARCH 2000: Photo: William Frederick and Mary Elizabeth (nee TANNER, formerly CLOUT) SMART and Amelia Isabella Beatrice (b1877 Masterton, NZ), Gertrude Elizabeth (b1878), Madeline Mary (b1882 Wellington NZ), Rebecca Ada (b1887), John Frederick (b1883), Ellen Christina (b1880), photo taken 1890-92 p2. Photo taken Easter c1903, Waitakere Ranges, outside Auckland, NZ: Elijah SPRAGG; Charles Spragg; Mildred Spragg; Wesley Spragg; Annie Dearnley Spragg; Dorothy Spragg; George FOWLDS; Mary Spragg; Hetty Spragg; Harold SIMMONDS; Wesley Neal Spragg p2. Looking for Martin [KILLEEN] [Cudgegong] / Patricia Gee p17. My life / William Frocham NEYLE p61. Photo of Loco Spring Shop employees including Harold Joseph MARTIN (WILLS) p63.

Vol.8 no.4 APRIL 2000: Sapper William THOMPSON [died France 2 Nov 1916] p2, 36. The elusive book – found! [IVERSEN family] / Narelle Hill p27.

Vol.8 no.5 MAY 2000: Cover photo: Edward (born 1912), James (born 1914) and Walter (born 1917) WAIN, sons of Joseph and Alice Maud Ida (Aldridge) Wain. Photo: Susannah (GLAZIER) DAVIS (born 1854) and her family in Bathurst, NSW 1892: Eva (b1879); Emma (b1874); Lillian (b1876); Cecily (b1881); Harold (b1888); Vivian (b1890); Roger (b1895) p2. A colourful life [Percy Wallace Orlando REYNOLDS, born 28 Nov 1866 at Wilberforce, NSW, died 1946] / Heather Green p19. Photos of WINSTANLEY family [Bathurst; Sydney; Glen Innes NSW] p61.

Vol.8 no.6 JUNE 2000: Cover photo: Jeannie G. THOMSON [b1884, died 1900 aged 15 years, buried North Headland Quarantine Station, Sydney Harbour – see story p61]. Photo: Amy GLAZBROOK [born 1870 Hackney, England, married Ernest CLARKE 1898 Melbourne, Vic.] and Ernest Glazbrook CLARKE [born 1904] p2. My convicts – 18 and still counting! [ROWSELL family] / Raymond B. Rowsell p17. The bike [Bertram Roy ‘Bert’ KEYNES of Kapunda SA] / John Keynes p20. What’s in a number? [ASHTON family] / Graham Winnett p29. Dear John DAVIS / Marilynne Black p36. Whatever became of Mary Ann NEWLAND? [brushmaker of London] / Ian Brothers p41.

Vol.9 no.9 SEPTEMBER 2001: Photo: Reginald Craster HUMBLE [b1888, aged 3] p2. Photo: Ewart Archie WATKINS, at Belair National Park SA p2. John ANDERSON – naturalised 100 years ago [b1853, Helsingborg, Sweden, married Sarah BOATMAN 1884, lived at 89 Peel Street and 130 Derby St, Kew, Vic., died 1932] / Irene McNamara p6. LITTLEPROUD – uncommon, but not yet extinct! [Littleproud family] / Barbara Randell p16. Simply the best [Jack SPEERS b1904, Picton NSW] / Jennifer Tilley p17. The search for Samuel ETHERINGTON [Etherington family, Sydney NSW] / Kerry Farmer p19. Captain Frederick John BRANDT, pilot on the Yangtze [b1878 Hong Kong] / Dasha Brandt p21. Arthur MARRIN [Braidwood NSW] / L.J. St Hill p23. Walter Archibald GILLINGHAM – the foundling [Gillingham family] / Pam Watson p25. Henry James BURDEN – a true Englishman [b1881, Lambeth, Surrey, England] / Leanne McGuiness p27. The DEANS family / M. Mason p28. Four generations of the Bennetts [BENNETT family of Shoalhaven NSW] / Pearl Wilson p29. Philip Stanley SPENCE [b1906 Camperdown NSW] / Jan (Spence) Casey p30. Alfred Joseph EATON [Eathen; Eather; Heather; Lee; Bees; Either] / Pat O’Dea p31. Stanley James COLLINS [b1934 Qld] / Tracy Collins p39. Photo: Charles Philp GRIGG p63. Photo: Robert Albert WATKINS (1860-1951) p63.

Vol.11 no.1 JANUARY 2003: In search of Mulgoa Road … and the clues to a life long past [CHARLTON GRIFFITH] [Mount Pritchard] / Dennis F. Charlton p7.
The mystery of William BIRD [KEMPNICH TYLER] / Roma Roberts p9. The missing MARSHALL photos [Elizabeth Hann (CROWL) MARSHALL; Elsie (MARSHALL) SYMONS] [Ben Boyd Road, North Sydney] / Tracy Anlezark p10. John SPARK, my elusive ancestor [WHITEHILL MANGAN MANNION MORGAN MANAGAN MANNING KRUITHOF LEDGER CARMICHAEL] [Fife, Scotland; to Clunes, Vic.] / Peter Spark p15. George THORNTON (1819-1901): first Lord Mayor of Sydney [SOLOMON CREASE (BLACK) ECCLESTON BULMER TUCKER HENDERSON] / June Henderson p17. The REDGEN family of shopkeepers [COADE WEBSTER HARRIS] [Chinchilla, Gympie, Qld; Geelong, Steiglitz, Wycheproof, Vic.] / Barbara Randell p20. Fotheringham FRASER [CHRISTIE NORRIS PHILLIPS BROWN HAYES] [Fife, Scotland; to Sydney, NSW] / Pam Hayes p21. The FREDERICK-MCKECHNIE family [Penrith, Punchbowl, NSW] / Lorraine Gall p24. A German musician in Ashton’s Equestrian Company [Henry FRAHLIG / FELIX / FAHLIS, Ashton’s Circus] [BOURGEMAN] [Brownsville, NSW] / Glynis Cummins p25. Sailors galore [PALMER DOWNMAN IVES PEMBERTON REBURN RABURN ROWTER HERBERT HESLEHURST JOSEPH AUSTIN] / Lefayre (Heslehurst) Palmer p27. The Walter TAYLOR family [TRICKETT DAVIS] [Brisbane, Qld] / Barbara Bielby p30. Photo: Alan Baxter WILSON and Cyrus Henry WILSON, aged 8, at Croydon Road, Croydon 1918 p40. A surprise packet [Alex LEITHHEAD 1840-1912] / Peter Leithhead p42. Wendish ancestors, South Australia [HARRIS WENKE ROHDE VOGT KRAUSE SIEGERT] [Kapunda, Bethel, Light Pass, SA] / John Keynes p43. Photo: Esther Agnes Elizabeth KNUDSEN, born 1884, Newtown, NSW and married Andrew WHITE in 1916 p63. Photo: William James Andrew WEBB (child) p63.

Vol.11 no.2 FEBRUARY 2003: Photo: The executives of the Wellington Physical Training School and Gymnasium 1900 (with names) p2. Photo: This family photograph was taken in New Zealand late 1940s or early 1950s, when Herbert Michael (wearing hat), wife Margaret (nee LESLIE) and daughter Mollie O’SULLIVAN visited from Sydney – seeking identity of others in photo p2. Photo: William Wallace (Wal) MCKENZIE, chief surveyor, Water and Irrigation Commission of NSW p7. Bernard O’REILLY, an assisted immigrant from Ireland [to Canterbury, NZ] / Geraldene O’Reilly p17. George James ALCHIN, fireman [Sydney] / Lilian (Alchin) Osborne p19. The LORING-CAVANAGH love story! [BUTLER TAYLOR THOMSON SULLIVAN JONES] [Hobart] / Jan Roberts p21. What happened to Eunice Bradlaugh (PRIEST) HOARE? [Albert Park, Vic.] / Gloria Green p23. James Barnard BRADFIELD: grave expectations [buried Abney Park Cemetery, Stoke Newington] / Melissa Read p25. 150 years of HUDSONS in South Australia [William HUDSON] [ARCHER BARKER] [Hammond, Kooringa, Hanson, Farrell Flat, Walkerville, Hammond, SA] / Barbara Stinear p27. Robert Edward WEBB [married Mona Lillian HOPE] / Lillian V.A. Smith p29. James CALLAGHAN born c1793-80 [LYNAM] [Maitland, Dungog-Williams River, NSW] and Patrick BAMBRICK / BAINBRICK born c1789 [LAUGHLIN] [NSW]: my ‘lost’ ancestors / Roma Roberts p30. William Downs JOHNSTONE (1865-1949) [WARREN DWYER GUEST HARRIS] [Rockdale, Sydney, Galston, NSW] / Ruth Johnstone-Schokker p32. Ralph VALLINTINE / VALENTINE [BENNETT McKEAN] [Brisbane, Qld; Haymarket, Sydney, Grafton, NSW]/ Doreen MacKenzie p41. Henry Pargeter YATES and family [HILL COLLIS] [SA, WA, Dunolly, Vic., Sydney] / Bryan Slater p43.

Vol.11 no.3 MARCH 2003: Cover photo: Mary Ann TIERNEY and Mary (FRANEY) TIERNEY see story p44. William STEPHENSON of Wattle Farm [Kersbrook, Para Wirra SA] [b1820 Newcastle, Glamorgan, Wales] / Deb Krieger p9. A Welsh LEEKE or just plain SMITH? [Emma Lewis SMITH / LEEKE, married 1847 to Stanley Llewellyn COLE (1860-1942)] / Diane Cole p22. Patrick Charles SCULLY – the luck of the Irish [also Count Fariola de Rozzoli] / E. Hammond p25. Patrick TIERNEY and Jane KILMARTIN / Ray and Heather Estrada p40. Deaths misreported on emigrant ship ‘Fortune’ 1853? [ATKINSON family] p41. George BAKER [born c1826 Southwark, London, England] p42. Patrick TIERNEY and Bridget REYNOLDS / Ellen A. Smith p44.

Vol.11 no.4 APRIL 2003: Cover photo: WWI greeting cards sent to Charles Edward EDHOUSE. Photo: Pte 5834 Thomas A.B. HAMILTON AIF (1891-1917) p2. What became of Doris May McCRINDLE? p7. John REEVES [b1838 Lugershall (Andover) Wiltshire, England] / Kim Crawford p43. Photo: Henry Vanham GREEN (b1886, Williamstown, Vic.) p63. Photo: William FORD (1878-1924), wife Matilda (nee SMITH) (1878-1921) and children Phyllis Alice (b1910); William George (1913-1923); and Muriel A. (b1917) of Lismore p63.

Vol.11 no.5 MAY 2003: Cover photo: Hester (ATKINS) RAGG. Photo: Kate NEWTON and Dorothy [taken by studio of H.P. Robinson and Son, Redhill and Guildford, England 1905] p2. Photo: Henry and Margaret (POTBURY) PEARCE with daughters Ethel May and Jane Margaret GRAY and her children Ethel Mabel 9; Alice 11; Frank 4; Bill 2; Linda 7; Margaret Ann (baby) p2. Grace BOULTON, Elizabeth BOULTON or? / Frances M. Judge p7. Mary (MAYFIELD) NIXON (1871-1982) celebrated 91 Mother’s Days / Margaret Nixon p9. Vere (WALKER) BENNETT / Dot Parr p10. Mary (CANFIELD) LOCKINGTON / Mary T. McLaughlin p19. Hester (ATKINS) RAGG / Min Tobitt p21. My elusive Maurice / Morris EVANS [with photo of Harriet (nee EVANS) (SEARCH) DRAPER (1839-1933)] / Gwen Grimmond p41. Photo: William Lister and Eliza (WING) ROBERTSON and family – William Hamilton (1882-1963); Ethel Gertrude (1885-1912) and Ruby Rose (1887-1945) p63. Photo: Picnic from Temple Street, Stanmore to Clontarf c1899-1900: ? TANCRED; ? TANCRED; ? HANLEY; George BAKER; Archy BAKER; Sonny BAKER; Winnie BYRNE; ? TANCRED; ? TANCRED; Mrs BAKER; Jane BYRNE; Dorothy and Kathleen BYRNE (twins); D’Arcy BYRNE; Vera BAKER p63.

Vol.11 no.6 JUNE 2003: Photo: The FULLBROOK family of Canley Vale, Sydney p2. The KEEFE family of Tasmania / Dennis Barratt p7. The Rifleman – a little ship with a big part in New Zealand’s history / Colin Amodeo p9. The story of George WEAL / WEALE / Don Tugwell p18. Joseph McLEOD’s daughters – Richmond River pioneers [with photos of Peter BROWN 1833-1905 and Mary Hamilton McLEOD 1840-1817] / Pam Hayes p23. Mary Ann WOOLDRIDGE [with photo of Revd Joshua and Marianne HARGRAVE taken at Blaxland] / Margaret Neyle p40. Problem solving: Mattaman Thomas HOGAN p41. Photo: 3 generations: Esther (CATON) PICKERING, HINTON, DOHERTY, COTTER (1856-1923), Edith Josephine (HINTON) HICKS, ADAMS, unidentified male. Children could be Beatrice E. and Charles R. HICKS or Mary I. and Ida M. ADAMS. The house could be in the ‘Corryon’ area 1902-14 p63.

Vol.11 no.7 JULY 2003: Cover photo: Jack, William and Anna DEVLIN: see story p19. Photo: Bessie PITTS, aged 16 p2. Walter [b1859 Oldham, Lancashire, England] and Elizabeth Annie [b1881 Tambo] (AHWAN) TAYLOR p2. Finding John SMITH in California, USA [includes photo of Martha SMITH with daughter Eva BELLUE and baby Robert, taken on the Redlands Cattle Ranch of Eva’s husband, George Bellue, 1926] / Shirley Stevenson p7. Are they William and Bridget (HESSION) WHITE? p8. Count Gabriel Louis Marie HUON de KERRILEAU – a very unlikely pioneer / Ron Callaway p17. The courtship of Margaret PHILLIPS [b1896 Kentucky, grew up in Woodbine, Iowa]: love and prejudice in small town USA [includes photo of Margaret Lillian (PHILLIPS) DEVLIN and photo of Jack Devlin (b1917); William Devlin (b1918) and Anna Devlin (b1916) as children] / Kathy Creer p19. French cousins discovered after 100 years [includes photo of Louis Honora DANIEL (author’s grandfather) and photo of descendants of the Daniel family from Rigaud: Doug Haynes, Rene Giordano, Marie Clementi, Yvonne Silvano and Maurice Gilli] / Doug Haynes p21. Our American WICKHAM-MURPHY connection [Frank John Howard MURPHY (b1886 Port Jervis, Orange County, New York State, USA and includes photo of Frank and Emily (BALCOMBE) WICKHAM] / Robyn Wickham p22. Elizabeth Logan CRAIGIE: volunteer nurse and unsung heroine / Marilyn Mason p23. Problem solving: Francis and Michael CARBERRY; Philip Frocham NEYLE; John Cornelius THOMSON p41-3. Mary (nee JAMES) WEBB [b1837 Monmouth, Wales. Includes photo of 5 generations of Webb family c1920s: Priscilla (nee Ford) Bryant; Gwen (nee Bryant) McLean; Gwen (nee Webb) Ford; Ken McLean; Mary (nee James) Webb] / Gwenda Stanbridge p57. Photo: Hugh Cameron KELLOCK [b1857 Longwood, Vic.] and Sarah Elizabeth (nee HICKSON) KELLOCK (b1857 Lincoln, England] p63.

Vol.11 no.8 AUGUST 2003: Photo: Daniel John O’NEILL (b1872 Rockley, near Bathurst, NSW) [2 photos in police uniform] p2. The missing OVERELL gravestones / Ron Thomson p7. The KENNIFF family over the border (in Queensland) [Rutlidge; Cunniff. Includes photos of James Kenniff and Patrick Kenniff and a Kenniff family photo c1940s] / Judith A. (Butler) Balston p17. Bushrangers and the WOODS [includes photo of Robert Woods Jr (1861-1935)] / Leanne McGuiness p23. The PEARD dynasty of Ireland [includes photo of Richard Peard, district constable Bungonia 1855] / Teresa Ball p26. Problem solving: Who was George McDONALD?; Was William Seymour WEEKS also Robert Daniel GEARY? p41-2. Bowral boy [photo Bowral 1940: Tom Newbold; Milton ‘Bill’ Barlow; Bob Bopping; Albert Dickman; Jim Gash; David Platt; Charles Cope; Bruce Whatman; Ruth Whitney; Carol Cook; Ruth Moore; Beverly Thomas; June Allen; Margaret Bartholemew; Stella Cupid; Patty Fitzgerald; John Watts; Doreen Davis; Margaret Onslago; Stella Morrison; Audrey Neich; Beryl Hanson; Margaret Ball; Jack Ford; Norman Morrison; Paul and Robin Foster (twins); Mack Foster, Neville Murley] / Bill Barlow p57. Photo: Alexander MATHIE (1875-1969) p63. Photo: possibly Samuel PENNINGTON (as a child) who arrived in Victoria with his parents Benjamin and Marjorie (nee Stewart) Pennington in 1852 from Fort William, Scotland p63. Photo believed taken c1913-15 outside the Sydney City Mission off Riley Street, Surrey Hills, Sydney possibly includes Cecil FROGLEY (standing left) and other members of the Frogley family p63.

Vol.11 no.11 NOVEMBER 2003: William Harold PINKERTON 1893-1915: a brave Anzac / Betty Pinkerton p27. Thomas GEOGHEGAN and John WOOD – forgotten heroes [killed in Battle of Inkerman 1854] / Harry Willey p29. Photo: RUTLIDGE-WILSON-DE LANDELLES families taken 24 June 1928: Jack Rutlidge, Phillip Rutlidge, his wife Marjorie, Rupert Rutlidge (grandfather), Rupert Jnr, Howard Rutlidge, James Wilson, Matthew De Landelles, Jessie Rutlidge, Anne Hogan (2nd wife), Sister Phillip Rutlidge (grandfather’s sister), great-grandmother Rutlidge (Rupert Snr’s mother), Effie Rutlidge, Daphne (Rutlidge) Wilson, Ruth (Rutlidge) De Landelles, twins Maureen and Patricia De Landelles, Effie Rutlidge, Daphne Wilson, Marie Rutlidge, Marie De Landelles, Mary Wilson, Gratton Rutlidge, James Wilson, Jackie De Landelles, Jeanette (Butler) Wilson p30. Vincenzo BUCCHERRI – from Sicily to Van Diemen’s Land / Karen E. Healy p59.

Vol.11 no.12 DECEMBER 2003: Photo: William RUTTER p2. Photo: Frances RUTTER p2. Photo: Campsie School c1925 class photo, including Florence PHILLIPS p2. Can you help?: George HUCKER [b1852, Indented Head, Vic.] / Denise Lay p7. Friedrich Albrecht WESSEL [b1854 Schotmar, Germany] [includes portrait] / Graeme Page p19. Laurence MOORE’s midlife crisis [convict] / Natalie Moore p21. The Bulldog Common School, Illabarook State School no. 722 (Vic.) [includes class photo c1924: Ike Dawkins, Jessie Hards, May McKay, Lena McKenzie, Edna Hadler, Keith McKenzie, Jack Furniss, Ginger McKenzie, Ida Bentick, Sarah Hards, Jack Terry, Wallace Rizolli, Ivy Bentick, Richard Hards, Emily Bentick, Frank Perry, Ron McKenzie, Don Terry, Dorrie McKenzie, Louis McKenzie] [includes class photo 1920s: Teacher Mr R.J. Bearlin with Sarah Hards on left and Florence Hards far right] / S. Stevenson p23. The BLAXLAND workbox [Ivy Louise Blaxland (born Kaikoura NZ); Henry Charles Blaxland (born 1875)] / Dorothy J. Stafford p25. Can you help?: Rose PERRIMAN p28. Brick wall help: Hugh DOUGLAS, convict; James and Elizabeth (MITCHELL) EDWARDS; Carl Ludwig SCHOMBERG p29-30. Boondooma revisited [Wilhelm BRILL] [includes photo of Eva Catherina Brill] / Doreen McKenzie p36. Grandmother kept her WHELAN bookmarks [Elizabeth (nee LOWE) WHELAN] / Shirley Powley p59.

Vol.12 no.1 JANUARY 2004: Photo: the family of Alexander MATHIE Snr and Ann (nee WATT) c1899 p2. The HOWARD and BIBBY families of Harrietville, Victoria / Beverley Bibby p7. John McCLELLAND [born 1892, Millibrook (Millbrook?), Vic.] [INNES LOWTHER] [Ballan, Vic.] / Sue Wood p8. Amelia Spence RANKIN: Glasgow to New Zealand [LIND] / Victoria Wilkinson p14. The convict ship ‘Alexander’ 1806 [Thomas ANDERSON] / Graham Thom p15.The (incomplete) story of Samuel and Sarah [Samuel MORTING / MORLING, Sarah M’GREGOR / McGREGOR] [convicts, Sydney] / Loreley A. Morling p17. Kate’s story [Rebecca (GARNER) SMITH (1847-1923)] [BIRD] [Irish convict, Sydney, died East Maitland] / Alma Burg p20. Albert John SLADE [BAILEY HORNE SHENTON] [born 1852, Quainton, Eng.: to Maryborough, Qld; Melbourne, St Kilda, Sale, South Preston, Broadmeadows Vic. Thursday Island] [buried Coburg Cemetery, Melbourne] / Bryan Slade p21. Finding Jack ROBINSON from a scrap of paper [Henry Saunders ROBINSON] [Melbourne, Vic., Geraldton, WA]/ Noelene M. Cummins p23. Sydney at the time of Federation in 1901 p27.Mary FLEMING [born 1816-17 Limerick City, Ireland: convict, to Sydney] [BENNETT NAY NEY] [Mudgee, NSW] [buried Rookwood Cemetery, Sydney]/ Maura Hegarty (deceased) great granddaughter of William Boyd Ney p29. Christmas 1901 at Day Dawn, WA [Alexander LEITHHEAD] [Kalgoorlie, Cue, WA, Cue Cemetery] / Peter Leithhead p46. Bradfield Park [now West Lindfield, Sydney, NSW] and Nanny’s letter [Sarah May ANDERSON (nee ADAMS)] [LINSLEY] / Ian Brothers p58. Photo: Thomas John and Annie Jane (GRANT) CHAPMAN and family c1913, Melbourne, Vic. p63. Photo: a wedding portrait of Ellen Theresa Axtill (born in Carngham, Vic.) and Thomas Fisken (born 1875 in Deptford, Kent, Eng.) who were married in St Patrick’s Cathedral, Melbourne p63.

Vol.12 no.7 JULY 2004: Cover photo: William and Edith LE SOUEF and their children c1904. Photo: William Rutter p2. Photo: Frances Rutter p2 [related families: Eaton, Beauchamp, Dunbar, Downes, Findon, Wells]. Can you help?: Henry Murray DICKSON [b1872 Talisker SA] / Kay Dickson p6. Le Maitre, Taber, Haye, James, Pavitt or Pearson? [LE MAITRE family] / John A. Cooper p7. Can you help?: Edith Hannan CARLILE (b1916) / L. Robinson p8. Finding Frank GRAY’s family in Michigan, USA / Maxine Gray p19. The Huguenot heritage of Victoria / Robert Nash p25. James KINGABY, soldier (b1794 Endell Street, London) / Jim Kent p29. Byrne, Byrnes, Burns or Burn? [includes photos of Francis BURNS and Catherine MAHONY and a wedding photo of Francis Burns Jnr and Ellen Green 1902] / Shane Burns p37. Photo: c1925 of Paulina (nee CALLAWAY) CARTER with her granddaughter Amy Alice ‘Sis’ (nee BUTLER) WHATMAN, daughter Ada Eleanor (nee CARTER) BUTLER and Mona May (nee WHATMAN) ROWE p63. Photo that may be of the DONNELLY or ROSEWARNE family p63.

Vol.12 no.8 AUGUST 2004: Photo: William John Cecil THORNTON [born c1896 in Nottingham, Eng.; came to Australia 1912] p2. Photo: Richard and Fanny (nee FARLEY) GREEN and 8 of their 11 children, taken 1876-81 p2. Swiss connections [VOSTI KEATING NELSON FRANCHINI] [Castlemaine, Eaglehawk, Guildford, Vic. Boulder, WA] / Jan Glasby p7. Andrew BAUMAN–BOWMAN–NELSON born 1858 [NIX CARRODUS WEEDON GORDON] [Brunswick, Vic.] / Shirley Stevenson p8. Anna HONDOW-NOWSCH-NOACK: tragedies and triumphs [RADMANN GOMMALLA] [Tauer, Germany; to Williamstown, Vic.; Peters Hill, Riverton, Mackenzie Creek, SA; Hopevale, Vic.] / John F. Noack p19. Alexander Christian RINEK 1837-1916 [DREISEN] [Archangel, Russia; Kiev, Ukraine] / Dasha Brandt p21. The SPARK-MANGAN-BARKMEYER tangled web [WHITEHILL MANNION MANAGAN MANAGHAN SMITH] [Scotland; to Clunes, Barrakee, Charlton, Swan Hill, Vic.] / Peter Spark p25. Adolf Henry Frederick STEINWEDE 1874-1947 [HIMSTEDT FIELD JUBB ROBINSON JAMES] [Hanover, Germany; to Newcastle, Carrington, Woollahra, NSW] / Spencer G. Steinwede p27. Where is Kay SCHALK? [HILL ALSIN CURRAN CARTAN HOFMAN COOK ALDRIDGE FRENCH ANDREWS FINN CAREY GILCHRIST BIRKS] [Germany; to Murrurundi, Uralla, Bendemeer, NSW] / Michelle Schalk p29. From Latvia to Australia [UPITIS STABULE SKUJA RONIS STUBIS] / Valdis Ronis p36. Photo: Thomas RANSLEY who, with his wife Mercy (nee CHATFIELD) arrived in Adelaide 1881-83 from Sussex, England. Thomas died in 1884 and Mercy later married James DUMBRELL p63. Photo: possibly taken on Granite Island, off Victor Harbour, SA during WW1, the older lady at bottom left could be Sarah Hannah (nee TEAKLE) WILLIAMS and the girl at top left her daughter Gladys, later SCARCE (1896-1977). The other girls may be members of the WILLIAMS-TEAKLE families p63.

Vol.15 no.6 JUNE 2007: Photo: taken c1910 in Kelly Street, Tocumwal, NSW. Lady on the far left is Jane (HODSMAN) WALLACE. Seeking identity of others p2. Photo: Gertrude Olivia (nee MIDDLETON) BYRAM, taken 1893 p2. ‘Mairi Bhan’: the beautiful ‘Bonnie Mary’ (ship) [Howard BALDWIN] [BRISTO HAILL] [Suffolk, England] / Betty La Macchia p12 (pages missing). Alexander and Elizabeth BARNES; ‘Invercauld’ (ship) / A. Tunnicliffe p17 (earlier pages missing). Wreck of the ship ‘Hannah’ 1852 p18. Thomas George ROGERS [ELLIS] [Devonport, Devon, England; to Australia] / Brian Moseley p19. Norman John MACKIE 1886-1956 [ATKINS STYLES SMITH GRIST] [Sydney, NSW] / Anne Gaffney p20. STANTON and ROOTES mysteries [DUFFY ANLEZARK MANNERS OVEN] [Parramatta, NSW] / Shirley Xanthos p22. The HILL family bible [Joseph HILL, WA] / Colleen Ranger p23. James and Mary Ann (KIRWAN) BROWN [NEIL O’GRADY KIRWOOD WYLIE DOWNES HODSON] [Melbourne, Wangaratta, Tarrawingee, Oxley, Tallangatta, Bethanga, Vic.; Toowoomba, Qld] / Rhonda Stuart p24. Pioneers of Far North Queensland [RICHARDS-HARRIS family] [BENNETT TERRILL TREVARTHEN GRANT WILLIAMS] [Wendron, St Keverne, Cornwall; Kent, England; ‘Countess Russell’ (ship); to Peak Downs Mining Company, Clermont, Copperfield, Hodgkinson, Thornborough, Herberton, Palmer River, Chillagoe, Woodville, Richards Creek, Mount Mulligan, Qld; Ballarat, Vic.] / Marion Alexander p26. It’s just a letter: BAKER, Somerset, England [JAMES CHANCELLER LANE JACOB BENGERFIELD] [Binegar, Croscombe, Somerset, England; to Sydney, NSW; Spring Gully, New Years Flat, Vaughan, Bethanga, Rutherglen, Geelong, Vic.] / Valerie Power p28. William ECKERSLEY [SCHOLES / COLAS WHITEHEAD USHERWOOD HAIR JENKYNS GREGORY WINTER DEERING ETHERINGTON McKAY BROWN ARGUS STANLEY REIBELT] [born c1808, Stockport, Lancashire, England; to Maitland, Muswellbrook, Aberfoil, Armidale, Goondiwindi, NSW; Brisbane, Qld] / Marjorie McMillan p30. Photo: SYKES family, taken in Sydney, NSW 1890s.

Vol.17 no.10 OCTOBER 2009: Photo: believed to be the staff of the Selfridge store in Burwood, NSW, Norma Beryl BREEZE (later ROGERS) worked in the office and is in the back row, far right: seeking information about the store p2. Photo: taken in front of the NOAKES family home, Riverglade, Tia, near Walcha, NSW, the lady second on the left may be Gertrude Janet BATH who married Archibald David FLETCHER and the taller of the two girls may be Eva Frances NOAKES who later married Norman Henry WEST, who may be the man fourth from the left p2. William WHITE: born at ‘Greenland’ [convict, Sydney, NSW; William SCOTT, Bargo, NSW; ‘Admiral Gambier’ (ship)] [HIGGINS OWENS BROWN DALY TIVEY SMITH McMAHON] [Maneroo-Monaro, ‘Greenland’ squatting run near Nimmitabel, Gunningrah, Long Swamp near Bungendore, Cooma, Sydney, NSW] / Garry Buchanan p12. LAMAN and DEE families, early settlers [Australian Agricultural Company] [JONES CLARIDGE MORGAN SMALLPIECE] [Finchley, Middlesex, England; to Nelson Bay, Port Stephens, Stroud, NSW] / Annette Hall p14. Eliza GARDINER’s letter from her mother [GARDINER GORNALL] [Enniskillen, Fermanagh, Ireland; ‘Theresa’ (ship); to Bathurst, Prospect near Parramatta, NSW] / Barbara Wyles p15. Leman and Maurice FIENBERG [SIMMONDS FACEY MOLYNEAU] [Sydney, NSW; WA] / Roslyn Webb p16. Edmund Francis FREEMAN [BRADLEY SMITH] [Suffolk, Ashbourne, Staffordshire, England; ‘Garland Grove’ (ship); to Adelaide, SA; Bendigo, Pennyweight Flat (near Beechworth), Vic.; Tuena, Young, NSW] / Barbara Wyles p17. The search for William Thomas MEAKINS [DUCE O’DONOGHUE] [Bolton, Lancashire, England; to Brisbane, Qld, Collie, WA] / Nan Bailey p18. William and Ann JONES [ROBERTSON MUNRO CAMPBELL] [Bristol, Gloucestershire, England; Fort William, Inverness, Scotland; to West Maitland, Clarence River area, Brushgrove, NSW] / Roger W. Jones p20. John Robb FERGUSON [Goulburn, NSW] / Keith A. Ferguson p21. John Lewis EVANS [COOK McCRYSTAL] [St Whites, East Dean, Westbury, Severn, Newham, Gloucester, England; ‘Western Monarch’ (ship); to Qld; Bulli, Lithgow, Orange, NSW] / Maree Hoffman p22. Isaac BERRY [born Stranraer, Wigtownshire, Scotland; Helensburgh, NSW] / Alma Baxter p25. Matthew and Martha (CRAWFORD) BAMBLING [BOLE BUXTON BORTHWICK BURN ORD CRAWFORD] [born Tynemouth, Northumberland, England; ‘Eagle’ (ship); to Sinton?, Ballarat, Vic.; Newcastle, Berrima, NSW; Brisbane, Allora, Bald Hills, Gunalda, Thompson’s Flat, Dickabram, ‘Riverview’ at Scotchy Pocket, Qld] / Suzanne Roberts p26. Photo: Charles PLUNKETT of Kukerin, WA p63.
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