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Main Title: Association of Railway Enthusiasts: Australian railway enthusiast
Subject: Association of Railway Enthusiasts
Steam locomotives

Vol.1 no.1 DECEMBER 1962: ARHS Museum at Newport opened. A steam trip by road / E.W. Russell.

Vol.1 no.2 MARCH 1963: Two signals: part 1 / Paul Carroll. In pursuit of the cable tram / E.W. Russell.

Vol.1 no.3 JUNE 1963: Two signals: part 2 / Paul Carroll.

Vol.1 no.4 SEPTEMBER 1963: V.R.’s oldest locomotive retired [0-6-0 steam locomotive ‘Y 108’]. Tasmania’s Abt Railway bows out / E.R. Godwin. Electric goods locomotive [utilised for first time in the Suburban Goods Service]. Basic photography for the railway enthusiast / Mike Saunders. Moe-Morwell: deviation of main line.

Vol.2 no.3 JUNE 1964: The story of ‘Pioneer’ [carriage] p2. Mann Boudoir Cars in Australia part 1 / M.A. Venn p4. Tickets of the Victorian Railways part 3: one-class suburban tickets / Keith Atkinson p9. Victorian Railways locomotive list no.21: April 1964 p13. Safe working on single lines (Victorian Railways) part 2: electric staff (continued) / J.F. Sinnatt p15.

Vol.3 no.1 DECEMBER 1964: Association of Railway Enthusiasts: founded 1961 p2. A review of present-day locomotive working on the New South Wales Railways / Peter Neve p4. Heathcote happenings [excursion] p9. North Melbourne Locomotive Depot / R.K. Christopher p15. Safe working on single lines (Victorian Railways) part 4: limitations of the staff system; lever locking and track control / J.F. Sinnatt p19. Victorian Railways locomotive list no.23 October 1964 p21.

Vol.3 no.2 MARCH 1964: A review of present-day locomotive working on the New South Wales Railways / Peter Neve p4. Our second visit to Fyansford / Ted Godwin p14. Tickets of the Victorian Railways part 5: tram and bus tickets [St Kilda to Brighton and Sandringham to Black Rock electric tramways; Brighton-St Kilda Bus Lines Pty Ltd; Sandringham-Beaumaris Bus; East Camberwell-East Kew and Hawthorn-Kew Buses; Dyson’s bus service (Whittlesea); R.W. Adams bus service (Mount Evelyn); miscellaneous bus and boat tickets] / H.K. Atkinson p16. Victorian Railways locomotive list no. 24, January 1965 p21.

Vol.3 no.3 JUNE 1965: Destination: Loftus: the story of the South Pacific Electric Railway / Dale Budd p4. To Cowes – both ways or: The ferry trip was really swell p15. 974 miles of steam p16. A review of present-day locomotive working on the New South Wales Railways part 3: southern line working / Peter Neve p19. Safe working on single lines (Victorian Railways) part 5 / J.F. Sinnatt p21.

Vol.3 no.4 SEPTEMBER 1965: A century of service [Queensland Railways centenary] p4. Australian passenger train speed survey / J. Clarke p6. Safe working on single lines (Victorian Railways) part 6 / J.F. Sinnatt p16. A review of present-day locomotive working on the New South Wales Railways part 4: Western Line working / Peter Neve p19. Railway museum – 5 foot 3 p21.

Vol.3 no.5 DECEMBER 1965: Hamersley iron – railroading with a capital ‘R’ / David Macartney p4. Australian passenger train speed survey part 2: named trains of Australia / Jim Clarke p6. Swan Hill demise [of steam power for passenger trains] p14. Mikdado on the main [excursion] p15. The sage of seven-thirty-five p16. North Australia Railway / Weston Langford p17. A review of present-day locomotive working on the New South Wales Railways part 5: Western Line working / Peter Neve p19.

Vol.4 no.1 MARCH 1966: The Four-Eighty-Six [N 486 locomotive] / G.A. Dee p4. West Coast journey part 1 [Emu Bay and Mount Lyell Railways, Tasmania] / Weston Langford p15. A review of present-day locomotive working on the New South Wales Railways part 6: Northern line / Peter Neve p18. Class leader [3801 locomotive] / David Macartney p21.

Vol.4 no.2 JUNE 1966: Articulated action / Jim Clarke p4. A review of present-day locomotive working on the New South Wales Railways: Maitland to Wallangarra and branches; Maitland to South Brisbane and branches / Peter Neve p7. West Coast journey part 2 [Emu Bay and Mount Lyell Railways, Tasmania] / Weston Langford p15.

Vol.4 no.4 DECEMBER 1966: Steam – where to find it: Queensland p5; New South Wales p9; Victoria p10; South Australia p15; Western Australia p16; Commonwealth Railways p19. ‘X’ Class perpetuated [Mikado type steam locomotives] p12. Letters: Mann Boudoir Cars p22.

Vol.5 no.1 MARCH 1967: Of steam and sand [Central Australia Railway] / C.B. Morris p4. A tour to remember [Mansfield] p10. I remember 3801 / Dale Budd p18 EBR or EZR?: Tasmania’s private railway faces a takeover bid [Emu Bay Railway Company; E.Z. Industries Ltd] / Keith Atkinson p20. Letters: Travelling post offices; Baker valve gear p25.

Vol.5 no.2 JUNE 1967: South Australian memories / L.F. Holmes p4. Through mountain pass and tunnel: the Arthur’s Pass-Otira section of the New Zealand Government Railways / D.G. Hoy p20. Steam on the Great Southern / David Macartney p25. Letters: Slide swapping; Travelling post offices; High horsepower diesels; Baker valve gear p28.

Vol.5 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1967: The memorable mountains: the ‘57’ and ‘58’ Classes [locomotives] of New South Wales Government Railways / M.J.R. Michell p4. Gwabegar – via Gidgeera, Granville and Goulburn [excursion] / Dave Macartney p18. Western Australian Government Railway’s new ‘L’ Class on delivery p22.

Vol.5 no.4 DECEMBER 1967: Queensland’s dieselization spreads [South-West Line from Warwick to Dirranbandi and Texas and all country passenger trains] p5. Electrification comes to Campbelltown p6. A coalfield meeting [Newcastle-Maitland] / Jim Clarke p8. The coal boom in Queensland p10. Hamilton district dieselized p12. Ellen Street [Railway Station, Port Pirie] closes its doors / Jim Clarke p13. Pichi Richi re-visited p14. 3830 withdrawn p15. R Class no longer in revenue service p16. 50 years of Transcontinental main line p18. WAGR’s ‘UT’ roams the system / E.J.B. Payne p19. ‘35’ and ‘36’ Class demise p21. East Perth [loco depot] to close [to steam] p22. Big hauls become commonplace [mining trains] p24. New classes of locos ordered p25. Letters: Engine pass; Vintage steam; High adhesion trucks p29.

Vol.6 no.2 JUNE 1968: Some aspects of train photography / C.H. Henshaw p4. The Peanut [4-8-4 R Class; Melbourne-Horsham passenger run] / Brian J. Brooke p9. BHP’s Iron Knob – Iron Monarch – Whyalla Line / H. Snow p18. Epistle from a loco driver / K.T. Groves p23. Letters: Locomotives on grades; WAGR L Class p25.

Vol.7 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1969: Steam and steel [Hoskins-Kembla Works of Australian Iron and Steel Pty Ltd, Port Kembla] / Greg Triplett p60. A walk along a short-lived railway: the Lancefield and Kilmore Line / Michael D.G. Howes p64. All stations to Kingsford: Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs Railway: past, present and future / Dale Budd p68. The Racer [poem] / Jack McLean p72. Letters: Unusual service; Stainless steel carriages p77. Brisbane traction [trams] / R. Belzer p81.

Vol.7 no.4 DECEMBER 1969: A tribute to the ‘J’s’ [J Class] / P.D. McDonald p88. They didn’t hold the ‘Aurora’ [1969 bushfires, Vic.] / C.H. Henshaw p92. 5.13 pm – to Rewanui [NZ] / Trevor K. Lamb p102. The passengers never complained! [mortuary trains running from Spencer Street to Fawkner Cemetery] / H.F.S. Dunne p104. Duster Boy [on the Barmera passenger] / Ray Vaughton p105. The best place [in Australia for photographing trains] / Ian Cutter p107.

Vol.8 no.1 MARCH 1970: South: a photographic tribute [main Southern Line between Sydney and Goulburn] / Bob Schroeder and Greg Triplett p4. In practice and on paper – a locomotive comparison [38 Class; R Class] / David Barnett p10. Trains and times / L.F. Holmes p14. Narrabri 1969 / John Lovett p18. A quiet night at Buangor / F. Kelly p20. Rainy night! [at Flinders Street Station] / Wal Larsen p24.

Vol.8 no.2 JUNE 1970: We ride the ‘Gulflander’ [Gulf Lander, between Croydon and Normanton, north Qld] / G.T. Jones and T. and P. Nisbet p36. The Railmotor Express [Pinaroo Rail Motor] / C.H. Henshaw p52. My first rail fan trip [Illawarra Coast] / S. Frost p54. Balance / Jack McLean p56.

Vol.8 no.4 DECEMBER 1970: The Western Endeavour [4-6-2 3801; Sydney to Perth tour] / Graeme Cleak p88. National service: my first 1200 miles of free rail travel / Jack McLean p102. Steam on the South Island Limited – a resume [NZ] / Colin Gilbertson p107.

Vol. 9 no.1 MARCH 1971: Tasrail’s centenary [Tasmania] p3. Sleeping out / Patrick Ginnane p4. Where do all the old wagons go / C.H. Henshaw p6. North-East ’64 / John Thompson p8. Troopers on the Trans: wartime journeys across the Nullarbor [Transcontinental Railway / East-West Railway] / Wal Larsen p18. A spanner in the works [Country trains at Spencer Street Station] / C.H. Henshaw p21. Action at Broadmeadow [NSW] / L.J. Pascoe p22. ARHS (SA) divisions Railway Museum opening [at Mile End] / Brian Busch p23.

Vol.9 no.2 JUNE 1971: Sound stop / C. Henshaw p32. Sugar cane and C17’s [Queensland] / Dave Macartney p33. Train control p36. Ted Payne: photos of Bendigo and Ballarat trams p46. Cudgewa capers [Cudgewa Line, Wodonga] / L.F. Holmes p50.

Vol.9 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1971: Our tenth anniversary p63. Ten years of tours in pictures p67. Railways of the Eyre Peninsula / P.J. Knife p76. A commentary on engineering and architectural aspects of the Ballarat Extension [includes photos of Moorabool River Viaduct; Yendon Railway Station] / Andrew C. Ward p80. The Tjibatu Mallets / A. Durrant p91. Large Railcars, a gift from Perth / Patrick Ginnane p92.

Vol.9 no.4 DECEMBER 1971: The Beechie [Colac to Beech Forest and Crowes] / John Thompson p100. Farewell Ballarat trams / photography by G. Triplett p106. The Atjeh Tram / Patrick Ginnuine p116. The survivors [cable trams] / Graeme Breydon p119. Bad day at Yering [derailment 1900] / Wal Larsen p120.

Vol.10 no.1 MARCH 1972: The Batlow Mixed / Patrick Ginnane p4. A night on the North Coast [NSW] / Peter Barry p13. Letters: Ballarat trams p15. The Padang Railway / H.J.W. Stokes p18. Wet Thursday [floods in Melbourne 17 Feb 1972] / Graham Evans p26.

Vol.10 no.2 JUNE 1972: The numbers game: an exercise in duplicity [locomotive numbers] / John Buckland p4. Man – the eternal hunter / John O. Ward p9. A day at Burrumbeet Races 1941 / Jack McLean p19. Shades of the Ghan – and Leaping Lena [line from Quorn to Maree and Alice Spings; North Australia Railway, Birdum to Darwin] / Wal Larsen p22.

Vol.10 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1972: Smoke [photos of steam locomotives with a lot of smoke coming out] p4. By the book [NSW Government Tramways 1912] / Max Michell p10. A grand trunk – and its narrow branches [India] / Stanley Azariah p18. I must ride No.4 [The Melbourne Express, Junee to Cootamundra 1962] / Dave Macartney p24.

Vol.10 no.4 DECEMBER 1972: To Tjikampek by tram [Indonesia] / Graham Evans p4. Queensland [photographs] / K.J.C. Rogers p12. Cootamundra 1935 [photos] p16. On running a railway / W.A. Cliffs p19. By the book [trams] / Max Michell p20.

Vol.11 no.1 MARCH 1973: Whyalla bound [new service] / Patrick Ginnane p4. 900 Class diesels [photos] p8. Trespassers will be prosecuted [train spotting] / G.O. Evans p10. Two gentlemen of the footplate [G.E. ‘Ted’ Burnell; Frank S. Hobbs] / John Grimwade p12. S Class locomotives [photos] p14. The blue at Tumulla 1965 / Jim Clarke p18. A runaway hero [James Henry stops runaway train near Sunbury 1910] / J.D. McLean p21. Sandringham 1889 p30.

Vol.11 no.2 JUNE 1973: Famous steam locomotives: can they be compared? / Howard Girdler p4. Steam festival [Melbourne 3801, 3820] p10. South African scene p16. Firing on the South African Railways / Geoffrey Smith p18. A ride on the North Australian Railway: 1972 style / Graeme Cleak p22. Counter measures / Cyril Henshaw p27.

Vol.11 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1973: Aborigines and appendices [inland rail] / Patrick Ginnane p4. Wimmera steam [photo] / Ian Scutt p9. Traction action [photos of trams] p13. Daylesford memories 1 / Wal Larsen p18. Daylesford memories 2 / Murrell Osborne p19. Free juice [free travel for railway employees and other perks] / Cyril Henshaw p21. Leeor [Railway Station, between Dimboola and Serviceton] / Jack McLean p25. Kingston Flyer [NZ South Island] p28.

Vol.11 no.4 DECEMBER 1973: South bound on twenty-six [NSW North Coast Line] / Lloyd Holmes p4. Swinging St Kilda / Shane McCarthy p12. ‘Ow Commissioners catered for Kew [poem originally published in ‘Kew Advertiser’ 30 June 1938] / W.J. Noonan p18. Strathallan [Vic.]: some notes about a small station / Jack McLean p20. Little Bertie’s blunder, September 1898 [child falls out of train] / Wal Larsen p25.

Vol.12 no.1 MARCH 1974: Ten years ago [first published July 1929 to commemorate ten years of electric traction] / Richard Hughes p4. Suburban steam [Port Melbourne 1917] / by Oldtimer p7. Transporting the brown diamond [Latrobe Valley coal] / Peter Knife p12. A train ride in East Java [Indonesia] / Patrick Ginnane p22. Flying gang [ticket checkers] / Wal Larsen p26.

Vol.12 no.2 JUNE 1974: The Satpura Railway [India] / Stanley Azariah p4. What does the future hold for the T.G.R.? [Tasmanian Government Railways] / Jim Stokes p12. Show Day, 1940 [to Ararat via Castlemaine and Maryborough] / Jack McLean p20. The Manure Cake Affair / Richard Hughes p23. Blow, whistle, blow / Wal Larsen p25.

Vol.12 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1974: New Zealand pictorial p4. Turkish tour [Turkey] / Roger Sallis p12. The three long lines of the inland [Queensland] / Patrick Ginnane p18. Boorowa memories / Robert Morgan p24.

Vol.12 no.4 DECEMBER 1974: A last look round [tour of Peterborough Division SA] / Barry J. Marshall p4. Muscle and dirt [loading goods trucks] / Norm Houghton p10. Farewell to Enfield [NSW Rail Transport Museum pictorial] p12. Central Java: two days’ train ride [Indonesia] / Patrick Ginnane p18. Communication cord: an Edwardian melodrama / C.H. Henshaw p22. ‘Leschenault Lady’ [excursions around Bunbury WA] / Jim Lampard p26.

Vol.13 no.1 MARCH 1975: The railfan and his hobby / Arthur Straffen p4. Fourteen days of trains and pools [to Port Fairy] / Graeme Sproul p12. How the west was … [WA pictorial] p15. Coming down the mountain [Noojee branch line] / Wal Larsen p25. The five-fifty to Moss Vale [NSW] / Colin Gilbertson p26.

Vol.13 no.2 JUNE 1975: Conductor 23 [trams, Wendouree, Ballarat, Vic. 1905] / H.P. James p4. Just one of those days! [Baxter, Nov 1959] p13. Midnight at Manor [Werribee to Melbourne 1963] / Dave Macartney p14. Yarn session / C.H. Henshaw p20.

Vol.13 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1975: Reflections of a railfan / Doug Colquhoun p4. Never move without your camera! / C.H. Henshaw p12. Riding the rails in Ethiopia / John Williams p19. The 9.20 a.m. Ex Fairfield [Australian Papers Mills (APM) siding] / John Sweetnam p27.

Vol.13 no.4 DECEMBER 1975: European tramway and light electric railway guide / Paul Nicholson p4. Stone arch bridge at Sunbury [photo] p16. Christmas dinner in a South African Railways dining car / Warren Doubleday p18. Victoria’s only overnight train [Mildura] / Cyril Henshaw p21. The Emu Bay Railway – 1961 / Jim Stokes p29.

Vol.14 no.1 MARCH 1976: The other enthusiasts [steam engines, rollers, miniature railways] / Shane McCarthy p4. Steam and stainless steel [Brisbane suburban trains] / Dave Macartney p10. Half way to Alice [Marree-Alice Springs] / Barry J. and Max A. Marshall p19. The black locos [Victorian Railways E Class electric locomotives] / E.M.D. p28.

Vol.14 no.2 JUNE 1976: The Beyer Peacock era in Tasmania / T.C.T. Cooley p4. Winning the war [Melbourne trams 1939-45] / Spiros Kondrakis p10. A time to remember [steam train photos] / Robert Carlisle p14. The Malaysian main line [Malaysia] / R.F. May p23. No medal for Mike [Mike Larsen, author’s grandfather] / Wal Larsen p27.

Vol.14 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1976: The gathering of the clans [closing of Campbelltown to Camden line 1962] / C.H. Henshaw p4. That third rail! [Melbourne to Adelaide] / Wal Larsen p9. The Trans-Siberian in winter / Brian Holmes p11. Speaking of diesels! / Chris Wurr p20. Set 32 and 4303 / John Elsol p23. Thirlmere p28.

Vol.14 no.4 DECEMBER 1976: Marsden on Marsden [Goulburn Steam Museum aka Marsden Museum] / Tony ‘Ashcat’ Marsden p4. Railcars part one [pictorial] p10. The film star [steam engine K184] / Terry Norton p18. Two into one won’t go [yarns] / C.H. Henshaw p26. Railcar to ‘Wang’ [Wangaratta] / Wal Larsen p30.

Vol.15 no.1 MARCH 1977: Bits and pieces / Frank Blackwell p4. Tramways through the looking glass [pictorial] p8. When the W5 beat the taxi! Or how I spent $1.50 to hear the news / J.R. Prideaux p20. The Deloraine and Mersey Tramway / T.C.T. Cooley p24. West Toodyay, 1967 / W.A. Cliffs p28.

Vol.15 no.2 JUNE 1977: How they made ‘The Train’ [film] / R.F. Ellis p4. Railcars part two [pictorial] p8. A run-of-the-mill trip [to Korong Vale] / C.H. Henshaw p18. Hawthorn: change here for Kew / Wal Larsen p22. The Bombay Mail [India] / Wal Larsen p26. Down at the station [Beechworth] / Wal Larsen p29.

Vol.15 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1977: AIS Railway / D. Howarth p4. Steam’s survivor [South Maitland Railways Pty Ltd; East Greta Junction to Pelton Colliery Line] p9. The Ofot Railway [Sweden] / Wal Larsen p19. Photo runs and motorcading / Cyril Henshaw p20. Rail border crossings [overseas] / Brian Holmes p27.

Vol.15 no.4 DECEMBER 1977: The ARE in China / Glen Mills p4. In retrospect [pictorial] p13. Of steam and sun [centenary of opening of railway line to Avoca] / Tony ‘Ashcat’ Marsden p22. The last train [line to Coulson] p26. And 6029 came to Canberra / L. Richmond p30.

Vol.16 no.1 MARCH 1978: Western Australian re-visited / Cyril H. Henshaw p4. Incident at Streatham Common or, rescued by W Class [England] / Commuter p11. Railways on banknotes / A.J. Straffen p20. The Hunter Valley Steam Railway and Museum / P. Rankin p27.

Vol.16 no.2 JUNE 1978: Hammersley Iron’s Railway: a current review / W.A. Doubleday p4. Big power [pictorial, big steam engines] p11. To Cairns in 1929 / Frank Blackwell p20. Locating rail tracks [scenery] / Cyril H. Henshaw p21. 3rd Avenue Elevated Railway, New York p29.

Vol.16 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1948: Tales from the Southern Line / Frank Backwell p4. Queensland: The Western Line in 1961 / Ian Manning p11. Nights on the road [nights spent on or near railways in ten years of train chasing in the 1960s] / C.H. Henshaw p19. Seymour – Easter, 1954 [pictorial] / Doug Colquhoun p25. Living in a child’s world [Lal Lal Falls] / Lindsay Richmond p28.

Vol.16 no.4 DECEMBER 1978: Hot line to Scotland / Gerda Cohen p4. Four red lines [narrow gauge] / Wal Larsen p10. Victoria stations [pictorial, includes Malmsbury] p11. Southern Branch Line memories / Frank Blackwell p18. Geelong [pictorial] p26.

Vol.17 no.1 MARCH 1979: Firing down South [NSW] / Frank Blackwell p4. The rail widow / Wal Larsen p7. Sad story of the ACE [Association of Coaching Enthusiasts] – a cautionary tale / Cyril H. Henshaw p10. My favourite engine / Cyril Henshaw p20. Sunday excursion [1930s] / Wal Larsen p23. The coaling stage / Wal Larsen p28.

Vol.17 no.2 JUNE 1979: The Nilgiri Railway [India] / Ian Manning p4. The Korong Vale-Bendigo ‘Mixed’ – May 1969 / Cyril Henshaw p11. Railways in the blood / C.H. Henshaw p13. Long weekend / Dave Macartney p19. The Melbourne pageant 1979 (pictorial) p27.

Vol.17 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1979: China re-visited / Glen Mills and Frank Lodge p4. When steam ruled 1: Maryborough, Victoria / Keith Turton p19. Warburton memories (pictorial) / Bob Wilson p26.

Vol.17 no.4 DECEMBER 1979: Steam on efficient lines p4. By train across the Colorado Rockies [Rocky Mountains] / Keith Turton p10. Cs to Adelaide (pictorial) p13. 9.00 pm Bendigo Goods / Peter Enlund p20. On first seeing at tram / Ian Manning p23. Eight Nineteen [no. 819 engine] / Cyril H. Henshaw p26.

Vol.18 no.1 MARCH 1980: When steam ruled 2: Ardglen, New South Wales / Keith Turton p4. The great railway races of 1890 / Wal Larsen p10. SCUNGE – impressions of an Indian byway / A.J. Straffen p12. Melbourne pageant 1980 (pictorial) p13. North-west England prepares: getting up steam for ‘Rocket 150’ / Diana Hargreaves p19. Eltham both ways / John Prideaux p25.

Vol.18 no.2 JUNE 1980: An afternoon at Garden Loop / W.A. Doubleday p4. A night to remember [Rhodesia / Zimbabwe] / L.S. Jameson p10. 1980 steam safari memories / Steven Holmes p13. When steam ruled 3: Ararat and Stawell, Victoria / Keith Turton p19. Mirror, mirror on the wall! / Wal Larsen p29.

Vol.18 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1980: Standard gauge arrives at Perth / Adrian Gunzburg p4. When steam ruled 4: Bathurst, New South Wales / Keith Turton p19.

Vol.18 no.4 DECEMBER 1980: A century of steam at Bendigo / George Doenau p4. Danger – beware of alibis [seizure of a locomotive for non-payment, Smithton, Tas., Marrawah Tramway Company; Cameron and Sutherland Pty Ltd] / A.C. Jamieson p12. A foreigner in Finland / Wal Larsen p22.

Vol.19 no.1 MARCH 1981: When steam ruled 5: Hamilton, Victoria / Keith Turton p4. The other VR [Finland] / Justin Oakley p10. The 6 am whistle / Norm Houghton p20. The battle of Broken Hill 1915 / Dough Colquhoun p21. From poor beginnings [Glen Waverley Line] / Wal Larsen p24.

Vol.19 no.2 JUNE 1981: Trains, trams and taxis in southern Europe / Brian Witte p4. 4201 returns to service p15. One morning at Gunning / Frank Blackwell p20. Daylesford-Carlsruhe Railway Project / Dane Hawley p22. The Eetwas [dining car, South Africa] / Wal Larsen p25. Footscray memories [tram photos] p27. CWA plus area equals success [drama group, train noises] / Wal Larsen p28.

Vol.19 no.3 SEPTEMBER 1981: Speaking of Spain! / Brian Witte p4. Ballarat – 10 years since closure (trams pictorial) p18. The fall of ‘Fanny’ / Frank Blackwell p21. When steam ruled 6: Orange, New South Wales / Keith Turton p22. Railways in the blood / C.H. Henshaw p27.

Vol.19 no.4 DECEMBER 1981: Hear that whistle blow [complaints about train noise, train horns, whistles] / C.H. Henshaw p4. Victoria Falls: the smoke that thunders [Africa] / L.S. Jamieson p9. Sahyadri [India] / Terry Case p20. When steam ruled 7: Cudgewa Line, Victoria / Keith Turton p23.
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