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Main Title: Royal Historical Society of Victoria: Bendigo Branch newsletter 1971-1974
Publisher: Bendigo, Vic.: Royal Historical Society of Victoria, Bendigo Branch
Subject: Royal Historical Society of Victoria
Historical societies - Periodicals
Bendigo (Vic.)
Vol.1 no.1 NOVEMBER 1971: The canons on Camp Hill / 'Jock' p1. Hailstorm 27/3/1914 p3. The 'flicks' in Bendigo [cinema] / R. Anderson p4. The Bendigo City Market / Lydia Chancellor p4. 'Illira' (house) / B. Mullins p5.

Vol.1 no.3 FEBRUARY 1972: Vale: Albert Richardson p7. Primitive shafts: early quartz mining days / Albert Richardson p7. Phenomenal hailstorm cont. p8. Chinese Masonic Hall, Bridge St. / 'Jock' p8. The Big Hill Tunnel / Lydia Chancellor p9. Bendigo: the pugilist (boxer) p10. Indian hawkers of Bendigo p11.

Vol.1 no.4 MARCH 1972: Henley-on-Lake Weeroona / 'Jock' p14. Some memories of the Eagle-Hawk (Eaglehawk) / Mrs D.M. Carroll p14. Registrars Office - Temperance Hall / Mrs E. Checcucci p15. The cannons at Eaglehawk p4.

Vol.1 no.5 APR-MAY 1972: Some more memories of the Eagle-Hawk / Mrs D.M. Carroll p18. The Golden Square Methodist Church / Mrs L. Chancellor p19. Australian aboriginal on the Bendigo Goldfield (aborigines) / W. Perry p20. Introduction of gas to Bendigo / I. Hendry p20. A memory of the visit of the Prince of Wales / Mrs E.M. Checcucci p21. Indian hawkers in Bendigo / 'Jock' p22.

Vol.1 no.6 JUNE 1972: The late Mr Albert Richardson p23.

Vol.1 no.7 JULY 1972: Mine safety cages p25. Further memories of the Indian hawkers p26. The 'Donald Mckay' (ship) p26. Eagle-Hawk memories / Mrs D.M. Carroll p27. Bendigo, South Africa p28. Mud brick homes p28.

Vol.1 no.8 AUGUST 1972: Mine safety cages cont. p29.

Vol.1 no.9 SEPTEMBER 1972: Bridgewater Flour Mill trip p31. Safety cages cont. p32. Eaglehawk Police Station p32. 'Dear old Bendigo' (booklet extract) p33. Damaging the stormwater channel 1872 p33. Trollope's fabulous Bendigo p34.

Vol.1 no.10 OCTOBER 1972: Bells in and around Bendigo p35. Mine safety cages cont. p36. 'Dear old Bendigo' cont. p37. Memories of 'fedder duster' (Chinese hawker, Ah Louey) p37.

Vol.1 no.11 NOVEMBER 1972: Mr Henry Jones, gold buyer p39. Gold strikes around Bendigo p40. Bells in and around Bendigo cont. p41. Eaglehawk Police Station p41. The A.N.A., Federation and Sir John Quick / A. Llewellyn p41.

Vol.1 no.12 DECEMBER 1972: Concert to celebrate opening of the organ at St Kilian's Church 1872 p44. Bells cont. p44. Removal of enormous boulder from Mount Alexander 1860 p45. Memories of old East Bendigo / 'Joch' p46. Links with the past (names of tradespeople) / Mrs Lydia Chancellor p47. A humerous pugilist (fight between Cornish and Irish 1857) (extract from 'Dear old Bendigo') p47.

Vol.1 no.13 MARCH 1973: Bells cont. p49. Bendigo City coat of arms p50.

Vol.1 no.14 APRIL 1973: Coat of arms cont. p51. Flood damage 1864 p52.

Vol.1 no.15 MAY 1973: The Eaglehawk-Bendigo trams (poem) / Rose Sayers p54. Royal relics (Royal Arms in Bendigo) / R.A. p54. Bells cont. / Alex H. Stone p55. The Sydenham Gardens Hotel / 'Joch' p56.

Vol.1 no.16 JUNE 1973: Bells cont. p57. Roots' blower: from 'Ventilation of the Bendigo mines' / P. Herdman p58. The New Chum Railway Mine / Ken Bice p58. Specimen Hill Methodist Church / Ian Hendry p58. 46 Lucan Street, formerly Thunders Brewery / 'Joch' p59. Cash register p60.

Vol.1 no.17 JULY 1973: Market Square / 'Joch' p61. Bendigo memories 1860-1880 / G.D. Meudell p62. Laying the foundation stone of the Sandhurst Masonic Hall (Australasian Sketcher 9/8/1873) p63. Chinese testimonial 1856 p63. Statue in conservatory gardens / Alex H. Stone p64. Chinese court case: theft of a rooster 1868 p64.

Vol.1 no.18 AUGUST 1973: Former historical societies in Bendigo p65. Market Square cont. p66. Bendigo memories cont. / G. Meudell p67. The Pearl Mine p68.

Vol.1 no.19 SEPTEMBER 1973: Bendigo on the Bendigo Creek / Lucy Hill p70. Market Square conclusion p71. The Pearl Mine concluded / Ken Bice p71. Bendigo memories 1860-80 cont. / G.D. Meudell p72.

Vol.1 no.20 OCTOBER 1973: Miner's phthisis / I. Hendry p74. The Bendigo waxflower - specialty wildflower p75. Bells cont. p75. Bendigo memories 1860-80 / G.D. Meudell p76. The Central Napoleon Mine / Ken Bice p77. The 'Bendigo Monthly Guide' 1894 p77.

Vol.1 no.21 NOVEMBER 1973: Bendigo memories cont. / G.D. Meudell p80. The burning of the Beehive Stores, Pall Mall p81. The Diamond Hill Company (late Melbourne Hope) / Philip Herdman p82.

Vol.1 no.22 DECEMBER 1973: Bendigo memories cont. / G.D. Meudell p84. Australian folk lore and the ubiquitus goat / 'Joch' p85. Some memories of Golden Square in the early 1900s / Mrs Lydia Chancellor p87. Diamond Hill Company cont. p88. Temperance Hall 1894 p88.

Vol.1 no.23 FEBRUARY 1974: The steam motor car in Bendigo / 'Joch' p91. Bendigo memories cont. / Meudell p92.

Vol.1 no.24 MARCH 1974: Captain Matthew Flinders R.N. p93.

Vol.1 no.25 APRIL 1974: Opening of the Matthew Flinders Bicentenary Celebrations / Ian Hendry p104. Tanneries p105. Hitching posts p106. The first butter factory p106.

Vol.1 no.26 MAY 1974: Miner's phthisis and the Wesley boys / Mrs T. Lunn p108. Mark Twain visits Bendigo / 'Joch' p109. Bendigo memories cont. / Meudell p110.

Vol.1 no.27 JUNE 1974.

Vol.1 no.28 JULY 1974: The Matthew Flinders bicentenary in Lincolnshire p116. Eaglehawk North (Sailor's Gully) State School no. 1428: centenary celebrations / L. Priest p117. Bendigo and the trackless train / I. Hendry p119.

Vol.1 no.29 AUGUST 1974: Matthew Flinders bicentenary ball p122. The poetry of Miss Susan Talbot (Mrs E.M. Howe) p123.

Vol.1 no.30 SEPTEMBER 1974: Poetry of Susan Talbot cont. p126. Bendigo memories / Meudell cont. p128.

Vol.1 no.31 OCTOBER 1974: Giant cradles used by Chinese in gold mining / 'Joch' p130. Bert Hinkler and the Eaglehawk Methodists [Methodist Church] p131. The Wesley College Dramatic Society / J. Werry p131. Susan Talbot poetry cont. p131. Bendigo memories cont. / Meudell p132.

Vol.1 no.32 NOVEMBER 1974: Bendigo memories concluded / Meudell p135.

Vol.1 no.33 DECEMBER 1974: Christmas Day on the Forest Creek diggings 1852 / Alex Stone p138. Christmas in days gone by: childhood memories / Mrs E. Lunn p138. Rae's School on Ironbark Hill p140. Christmas on Tully's Farm / 'Joch' p140. Love came down at Christmas / Mrs A.S. Craig p143. The spirit of Christmas fifty years ago / Grace Roberts 'The Age' 23/12/61 p144. Formation of Bendigo Historical Society (newspaper article 1958) p145. Donation of poppet head of Central Nell Gwynne Mine p146.
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