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Main Title: St. Kilda : the show goes on : the history of St. Kilda. Volume III, 1930 to July 1983. / Anne Longmire.
Author: Longmire, Anne, 1951-
Imprint: Hawthorn, Vic : N.S. Hudson Publishing, 1989.
Collation: 340 p. : ill., bib., index, hbk ; 25 cm.
Subject: General histories
Suburbs of Melbourne (Vic.)
St Kilda (Vic.) (Bunurong Country)
ISBN: 0949873268 :
St Kilda has as many faces as a hall of mirrors. There are still a few great houses, relics of the time when it was the best address in Melbourne, and many reminders of its second period, when it was the entertainment centre of Victoria. This book opens towards the end of this period. We see the conflicting images of the 1930s, the extravaganzas of the Efftee film studios and the misery of the depression; we see the tumultuous war years, when St Kilda was the centre for the entertainment of American troops on R&R leave, and the post-war years when the city was the first home for many newly-arrived refugees from the refugee camps of Europe, giving St Kilda a cosmopolitan tone which it has never lost. The next image in the mirror is a less happy one, when the city’s name became synonymous with crime, drugs and prostitution, and mindless redevelopment almost destroyed the remaining relics of its great past. However, just enough remained to inspire the architects of its latest period, which was just starting when this book ends: a St Kilda fostering its long connection with the arts and re-establishing itself as a good place to live.

Acknowledgements vi. Units of measurement vii. Introduction: St Kilda prior to 1930 p viii.
Chapter 1: Big Dipper 1930-1933 p1. High p1: St Kilda in carnival; accommodation for holiday makers; Luna Park and the funfair; The beach; Gardens; Dance halls and picture theatres; film making; sporting and social clubs; a mixed community; prestige of St Kilda. Slipping p17: Concern about slide in St Kilda's reputation; vandalism; sly grog; cocaine; prostitution; downturn in entertainment industry; plight of Cr Albert Jacka; other returned soldiers, families and unemployed. Low p31: Local, state and federal action to combat Depression; anxiety of propertied classes; conservative fears about subversion of social framework, death of Cr Jacka, defeat of Labor coincides with economic improvement, declining sympathy for unemployed.
Chapter 2: Roll up! 1934-December 1941 p46. 1: Drumming up business p46: Amusement operators try to drum up business on the foreshore; nostalgic recollections of Edwardian days; Luna Park; Funfair; gardens; beaches; The Galleon; the Prince of Wales Hotel; The Astor; Efftee Studios becomes 'The Streets of Paris', then 'St Moritz'; business drummed up beyond the foreshore with flat development; inadequate building controls; traffic problems. 2: Storms p66: Storms mirror the upheaval of the age; shifting moral standards; bathing costumes; gambling; continuing effects of the Depression; local anti-Semitism; problems posed by refugees; early preparations for war. 3: Side-show p81: patriotic response when war is declared likened to that of 1914; measures to boost the war effort; concern about flagging interest; Japan enters the war.
Chapter 3: Fireworks: December 1941-1948: p94.1: Aflame: Rocketing fear; precautions against enemy attack; the Americans arrive; gradual defusing of fear of attack by enemy planes; a season of austerity; special wartime measures; diverse social conditions of wartime St Kilda; anguish of relatives about those in service overseas; Corporal John Metson; Flight-Lieutenant William Newton V.C. 2: Hot time: p114: Impact of soldiers on leave in St Kilda; St Kilda, one of the hottest spots in town; abnormality of the time reflected in behaviour in St Kilda. 3: Ashes: p126: Declaration of peace does not bring an end to strain; government controls continue; political divisions; conflict within the Jewish community.
Chapter 4: Interval p138. Artists capture the searing effects of the 1930s and 1940s, and the ambiguity of St Kilda; Sidney Nolan; Albert Tucker; Joy Hester; Noel Counihan; dark and light sides of the city; John Perceval; Arthur Boyd; Rupert Bunny; Tucker: a refugee from Australian culture.
Chapter 5: Variety 1949-1959 p150. 1: Mime artists: Imitation a keynote of entertainment; adopting American and British attitudes; impact of Menzies' performance on St Kilda; Michaelis loses St Kilda to J.P. Bourke; Korean War; demonstrations of loyalty to the new Queen, Elizabeth II; Liberal victories; boundless optimism; Olympic Games; television; St Kilda's Centenary 1957. 2: New actors p165: European migrants in St Kilda; confusing questions about assimilation and identity for new and old Australians. 3: Out of step: p175: Declining prestige of St Kilda; the George Hotel and St Kilda likened to a sinking ship; St Kilda out of step with suburban aspirations of many city-dwellers; fears of social deviance; misplaced complacency of a Council out of tune with the variety of St Kilda.
Chapter 6: Sea 1960-1973 p195. 1: Ebb tide: St Kilda at a low ebb; much of old St Kilda wrecked as new flats are built; reduction of residential amenity because of cars; ruinous state of parts of the foreshore; transient population provided with few community services; St Kilda's reputation the only brake to profit in real estate; St Kilda loses football club prior to its greatest victory. 2: Breakers: p215: A sea of dissent; Vietnam; youthful rebellion; Dr [Bertram] Wainer; Germaine Greer; St Kilda a hothouse of artistic expression. 3: Swimming: p227: Residents crash through the Council resistance to win a library; Council inertia seems to end; tourism; welfare; environmental issues; appeal of Gough Whitlam to St Kilda voters.
Chapter 7: Hall of Mirrors 1974-July 1983 p242. 1: Disillusion: Propertied and property-less in St Kilda; suffering visible in St Kilda; economic recession; Sir Zelman Cohen appointed to heal wounds after dismissal of Whitlam; increasing unemployment in St Kilda; community services burdened; some unemployed youths caught in a lethal network; growing schisms in Council. 2: Confrontations: p260: Community divisions about punishment, legalisation or decriminalisation of prostitution and treatment of heroin addicts; allegations of sexual discrimination on Council. 3: Split images p277: St Kilda Festival as a vindication of the city; St Kilda's various attractions; St Kilda a showplace of consequences of worsening social and economic problems; defeat of State and Federal Liberal governments; street kids, poverty; economic outlook an inducement to restructure Council administration by July 1983; conclusion.
Endnotes p299. Councillors of the City of St Kilda 1930-1983 p316. Index p323. Short biography of author Anne Longmire (back cover flap).

Map: The City of St Kilda ii.
Between pages 148-149: Luna Park showing Scenic Railway. Luna Park at night. People out for a good time at Luna Park. The 1937 St Kilda Carnival: the sand-castle competition finals. Palais de Dance [Danse], 1930s. St Moritz ice rink 1939. Ray Dean and his orchestra at the St Moritz. Air raid precautions (document) 1941. ‘Thanks for the memory’: American soldiers on leave in St Kilda. Aerial photos of St Kilda immediately after World War Two, buildings visible include: Catani Gardens, Yacht Club, Pier, Municipal Baths, Catani clock tower, St Moritz, Earl’s Court, ‘Little Luna Park’, Palais de Dance [Danse], Palais Theatre, Luna Park. Original plans for the arrangements at St Kilda Town Hall for the fencing events in the 1956 Olympic Games. 1964: St Margaret’s, Barkly Street, (above) just before it was demolished to make way for three blocks of flats (below). Advertisement for Edgewater Towers, 12 Marine Parade, 1960s. Political posters in the campaign for a library. St Kilda Marina, opened 1969. Scheme for two freeways to cut through the heart of St Kilda, dropped 1973. The widening of St Kilda Junction: before and after photos. ‘Clean up St Kilda’ campaign against prostitutes, and their response. The Art Bank. Albert Jacka VC, Mayor 1930-1. Elaine Miller, Mayor 1982-3. William Greaves, Town Clerk, 1934-64. Maurice O. Moran, City Engineer, 1949-73.

Abbot and Costello. Alfred Abrahams. Emanuel Abrahams. Nola Adams. Josephine Alexander. Alice and the Alligators. Victor Allard. Cr Ernest Allen. Mr Sydney Allen. G. Anagnos. Peter Arbon. Sir Stanley Argyle. F. Arlington-Burke. Joan Armatrading. Louis Armstrong. Joe Aronson. Bruce Arthur. Maurice Ashkanasy. R. Ashton. M.C. Atkinson. Chantal Babin-Irvine. Philip Badger. Don Baker. Darrel Baldock. Kenny Ball. Joe Bancroft. Joe Barille. Barker family. Cr Ken Barker. Flight-Lieutenant Frederick William Barnes. Cr N.F. Barnfield. N. Baron. May Baruch. Charlie Bassett. Batagol Brothers. Cr Alan Bawden. Marion Bear. Jean Beaumont. Robin Beaumont. Frank Beaurepaire. Bobbie Bell. Cr Colin Bell. George Bell. Graeme Bell. Marie Bell. Nathan Beller. Phil Bennett. B. Benshemesh. Yosl Bergner. Cr J.T. Berkley. Sarah Bernhardt. Betty Bertram. David Bick. Des Bicknell. Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs. Cr F.W. Binns. Rosemary Black. Maurice Blackburn. Donald Dearness Blackie. Barbara Blackman. Charles Blackman. Audrey Blake. Jack Blake. General Sir Thomas Blamey. Norman Bland. Blashki family. Jad Louis Blashki. Lew Boar. I.H. Boas. Mrs John Bobbie. Ben Bodna. Henry Bolte. Mrs Bolte. John Bond. Pam Bond. Richard Bonynge. Lieutenant A. Borella VC. J.P. Bourke MLA. William Meskill Bourke. Shane Bourne. Stan Bourne. Mrs Boyce-Gibson. Arthur Boyd. Guy Boyd. Martin Boyd. Mary Boyd. Merric Boyd. Graham Bradbury. Nicole Bradbury. Reg Bradley. Norman Bradshaw. Barry Breen. Jeffrey Bren. Robert Brewster. Claude Breydon. Leonard Bridgford. Bill Brodie. Jack ‘Jazza’ Brokensha. Ernest Bromley. John Bromley. Ken Bromley. Geoff Brooke. Laurie Brookes. Captain Brown. J.J. ‘Jack’ Brown. Allan Browne. Rupert Browne. Cr Robert Browning. Felicity Browning. H.J. Brunning. Dorothy Brunton. Major Leon Brusiloff. Cr William Buck. Captain Ben Buckler. Errol Buddle. Brice Bunny. Rupert Bunny. Rev Hugh Buntine. Victoria Buntine. Wilfred Burchett. Professor Joseph Burke. Robbie Burns. Cr Bill Bush. Tom Busst. Molly Byron. Dorothy Caddy. John Cain junior. John Cain senior. Peggie Cairns. A.A. Calwell. G. Canastra. Reg Cantwell. Amada Joseph Capadona. Cappicchiano Brothers. Mary Carey. John Cargher. Sister Ruby Carr. F.C. Carroll. Deirdre Cash. Carlo Catani. Max Causon. Keith Cerchi. Frederick Chamberlin. Senator Fred Chaney. Art Chapman. Frank Chapple. Charles Chauvel. Elsa Chauvel. J.B. Chifley. Don Chipp. Richard Chugg. Cr I.W. Clark. Terence Clark. Lillian Coade. Winnifred Coady. James ‘Mark Foy’ Coates. Abe Cohen. Colonel Harold Cohen MLA. Kaye Cohen. Pearl Cohen. Senator Sam Cohen. Richie Cole. Nellie Collins. Paul Collins. Cr Terry Collison. Jack Conabere. Vic Connor. John Butler Cooper. Louis Corbeille. Pam Corrigan. Rowena Cory. John Cotter. Mrs Claude Couchman. Noel Counihan. Patricia Counihan. Roy Cowan. Benjamin Cowderoy. Benjamin Cowen. Sir Zelman Cowen. Paul Cox. Dick Cranbourne. Colin Crane. Frank Crean. Canon Crotty. Allan Croxford. Arthur Cumming. Cr George Cummings. Father Cunningham. John Lang Currie. Dan Curtain Mavis Curtain. John Curtin. Garnett Curwen. Snowy Cutmore. Julie Dahlitz. F.G. Dalgety. Rabbi Jacob Danglow. Cr J.L. Darbyshire. Dr James Darling. Miss Davern. J.H. Davey. Jim Davidson. Irena Davis. Len Davis. Humphrey Davy. Cr Frank Dawkins. Betty Day. Ray Dean. Peter Dekker. Sir Rohan Delacombe. Sergeant Delaney. Cr Tony Della-Porta. C.J. Dennis. Kevin Denny. Nancy Dexter. Issy Di. William Dick. Barry Dickens. Vance Dickie. John Dickinson. D. Dimmattina. J. Dinan. Carl Ditterich. Brian Dixon. Cr F.E. Dixon. William Dod. Jack ‘Smiler’ Doheny. Sue Donavan. Heinz Dorndorf. Ken Dowling. Mrs J. Downing. Stuart Doyle. Ian Drake. Henrietta Drake-Brockman. Edwin Duff. Sir Winston Dugan. Cr J. Duggan. Karl Duldig. Slawa Duldig. Sir Edward Dunlop. Lieutenant Dunstan VC. A.A. Dunstan. Joan Dwyer. Clifden Campton Eager. Sergeant B.G. Eastwood. Nancy Eccles. Echo and the Bunnymen. Vic Eckberg. ‘Eckerberg’ (property, Inkerman Street). Michael Edgely. Alfred Edments. G. Edson. Cr David Edwards. James Egan. Sir Frederick Eggleston. Queen Elizabeth II. Harold Ellis. John Enticott. ‘Ern Malley’. T.H. Eslick. Alfred Evans. Kingsley Evans. Dr H.V. Evatt. Mrs Evatt. Dr Andrew Fabyini. Arthur Fadden. Johnny Farnham. Denis Farrington. Rita Fasio. Sergio Fasio. Benny Featherstone. Desmond Fennessy. Corporal Anthony Ferrara. Alec Ferrier. Buster Fiddes. Leo Fink. Marjory Finkelstein. Mrs Gordon Finlay. Brian Fitzpatrick. Bert Flanagan. George Florence. Bob Fong. Joseph Fonti. Jack Ford. William Ford. Silvio Foschini. William Foster. Lindsay Fox. Roy Fox. Malcolm Fraser. Rev Alex Fraser. Captain Frawley. Rear Admiral Fugita. Funston Sisters. Colonel Galloway. Cr Eric Gamon. Clarrie Gange. Garton family. Bert Gaudion. Pete Gaudion. Jack Gay. Jack Geoghegan. Cecil Gertz. Leon Gettler. Bob Gibson. Diana Gibson. J. Gibson. Mr Gilbertson. Hermon Gill. Max Gillies. James Gilligan. John Francis Gilligan. Brian Gleeson. Eleanor Glencross. Ray Glickman. Samuel Goldbloom. S. Goldfine. Jack Gordon. John Desmond Gordon (Machinegun Fred). Lee Gordon. Eugene Gorman. Norma Gormley. Father Gorry. Craig Gough. William Arthur ‘Bill’ Goulding. Captain Graham. Mary Grant Bruce. Rev John Grant. Ray Graves. Cr Burnett Gray. William Greaves. Sol Green. Dr Germaine Greer. Eric R. Greer. Margaret M. Greer. Ross Gregory. Captain Grieve VC. Dr Richard Griffith. Larry Griswold. Michael Gudinski. Sergeant A. Guider. Audrie Gullett. H.B. Gullett. Sir H.S. Gullett. Henry Field Gurner. Amirah Gust. Itzak Gutstadt. Manka Gutstadt. May and Gordon Haiming. Gladys Hain. Cr Harry Hall-Kenny. Lucie Hallenstein. Reuben Hallenstein. Cr Helen Halliday. Rupert Hamer. Sid Hamilton. Claude Harding. Lee Harding. David Hardy. Narelle Harmey. A.J. Harris. Joan Harris. Liz Harris. Max Harris. Mrs A.J. Harris. Colonel E.F. Harrison. Freddie ‘the Frog’ Harrison. Mrs P. Hart. Bob Hawke. 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‘A bunch of ratbags’ (novel). ‘A ticket in Tatts’ (film). Aborigines. Abortion. Acland Street: general; businesses; prostitution. Acland Street Gallery. Addison Street. Advertising. ‘The Age’ (newspaper). Aged. Air Force. Air raid precautions. Albert Park. Albert Park Lake. Albert Park Land Act (1932). Albert Park Management Committee. Albert Square. Alcohol: general; drunkenness; sly-grog. Alexandra Avenue. Alexandra Ballrooms. Alexandra Street. Alfred Square. Aliens Act (1947). Aliens. Alister Clark Rose Garden. All for Australia League. All Saints Church. Alma Park. Alma Road. Alma Road Grammar School. American Forces Band. American servicemen. Americanadians. Amusements (fairground): see also Dodgems, Ferris wheel; Merry-go-round; Luna Park; Little Luna Park; Swirl; Miniature railway. ANA Hall. ‘Angry Penguins’ (magazine). Anti-Reclamation Committee. Anti-Semitism. Anti-war movement. Anzac Day. Apartments. ‘The Argus’ (newspaper). Argyle Street. Art Bank. Artists. Astor Picture Theatre. Atomic bomb. Austerity. Austin Street. ‘Australasian Post’ (magazine). Australia Day 1939. Australia Day Council. Australia Party. Australian and New Zealand Congress for International Cooperation and Disarmament. Australian Comforts Fund. Australian Defence League. Australian Jewish Historical Society. Australian Jewish Welfare and Relief Society. Australian Opera. Australian Performing Group. Australian Royal Commission of Inquiry into Drugs. Australian United Development Company. Australian Women’s National League. Avoca Avenue. ‘Aylesbury’ (property, 71 Queens Road). B’nai B’rith Parents Home. Balaclava. Balaclava Road. Balaclava Railway Station. Seat of Balaclava. Balalaika String Orchestra. Balberyszski Book Shop. Ballet Victoria. Bands. Banff Flats. Bank nationalisation. Barkly Street. Bath Street. Bathing costumes. Bathing pavilion. Beach: general; Elwood; St Kilda; West Beach. Beach Avenue. Beach Inquiry. Beaconsfield Hotel. Beaconsfield Parade. Beat Detectives. Bella Napoli Pizza Restaurant. Bendigo Street. Berioska Restaurant. Bernardi’s Restaurant. Beverly Crest Motel. Bickham’s Tennis Courts. Big Dipper. Black Rose Café. Blanche Street. Bleak House Hotel. Blessington Street. Blessington Street Gardens. Blues Express. Bluff Road. Boarding houses. Bobby-soxers. Bodgies and widgies. Bolshoi Ballet. Bop. Boy Scouts. Breakwater. Breast feeding. Brighton. Brighton City Council. Brighton Road. Brighton Road State School. Brighton Technical School. British Empire. Broadway Theatre. Broadway, Elwood. Brooke’s Boatshed. Brooke’s Jetty. ‘Brooklawn’ (Royal Melbourne Hospital Hostel, Fitzroy Street). Brothels. Brown-out. Brownlow Medal. Brunning Street. Brunswick. Builders Labourers’ Federation (BLF). Building regulations. Building Regulations Commission. Buoyancy Foundation. Burnett Street. Byrne Avenue. Caenwood Estate. Cairo Café. Camberwell. Camden Street. Canterbury Road. Captain Cook Monument. Caravans. Carlisle Street. Carlton. ‘Carnegie Courier’ (newspaper). Carnival. Catani Clocktower. Catani Gardens. Caulfield. ‘Caulfield-Elsternwick Advertiser’ (newspaper). Cavell Street. Censorship. Centenary celebrations, St Kilda. Centenary celebrations, Victoria. Centenary celebrations, Yacht squadron. Chapel Street. ‘Charnwood’ (property). Charnwood Crescent. Charnwood Grove. Charnwood House. Chaucer Street. Child-care. Children: general; 1970s /80s. Chinese. Christ Church, Acland Street. Christian Brothers College, St Kilda. Church of Christ. Chusan Street. Cinesound No.3 Studio, Fitzroy Street. Citizens’ Advice Bureau. Civil defence. Clarke Gazzard Planners. ‘Clean Up St Kilda’ Campaign. Clyde Street. Cole Street, Elwood. Coles store. Collingwood. Commonwealth Employment Service. Commonwealth Police. Communism. Community Drug Liaison Committee. Community services. Community Youth Support Scheme. Concentration camps. Coney Island. Congregational Church, East St Kilda. Congress of International Cooperation and Disarmament. Conscription. Consolidated Rock Entertainment Agency. Contemporary Art Society. Contraception. Cora Graves Elderly Persons’ Recreation Centre. Coral Room. Coronation. Coronation Court Pty Ltd. Corroboree Tree. Cosmos Book Shop. Country Roads Board. Country Women’s Association (CWA). Cowderoy Street. Crime. Czechoslovakians. Dalgety Street. Dandenong Road. Danglow’s Own, Third St Kilda Scout Troop. Dawson Street. Delinquency. Delta Taskforce. Democratic Labor Party (DLP). Depression, 1930s. Dickens Street. Dimboola. Disabled. Disarmament. Dismissal. Divorce. Docker Street. Dodgems. Domestic service. Douglas Social Credit Movement. ‘Down by the dockside’ (novel). Dr Whackem’s College. Draft dodgers. Dreamland. Drugs: general; treatment. Duke Street. E.C. Mitty Reserve. Earl’s Court. Edgewater Towers. Education Week. Efftee Film Production Studio. Eilat (restaurant). Eildon Road. ‘Eildon’ (property, 51 Grey Street). Elections, Council: 1946-8; 1949; 1967; 1977; 1979; 1980. Elections, Federal: 1931; 1949; 1953. Elections, State: 1931; 1947; 1976; 1979. Electric Ballroom. Elm Grove. Elster Canal. Elster Creek. Elsternwick Park. Elsternwick. Elwood Canal. Elwood Canoe Club. Elwood Citizens’ Vigilance Committee. Elwood High School. Elwood Life Saving Club. Elwood Presbyterian Church. Elwood Primary School. Elwood Progress Association. Elwood Reserve. Elwood Sailing Club. Elwood Younger Set. Elwood-St Kilda Peace Committee. Empire Day. Empire Honour League. Empress Road. Enfield Street. Environment Protection Authority. Equal Opportunity Act (1977). Equal Opportunity Board. Esplanade. Esplanade Hotel. Euro-Yroke (aboriginal name for St Kilda). Eureka Youth League. Euston College. F2 Freeway Regional Committee. F14 Freeway. Fair Rents Board. Fairy Stork Restaurant. Family Day Care. Family Planning Clinic. Fareham (early name for St Kilda). Fascism. Fawkner Street. Feminism. Fencing. Ferris wheel. Financial Emergency Act (1931). Fire. Firewood. Fireworks. First Marine Division Band. First World War. Fitzroy. Fitzroy Football Club. Fitzroy Street: general; businesses; prostitution. Flat Action Group. Flatman’s Timber Yard. Flats: 1930s; 1940s; 1950s; 1960s; 1970s; 1980s. Floods, Elwood. Flying Barcolas. Foam Street. Fonti Family Milkbar. Footscray. Foreshore. Forests Commission. Foster Street. Foundation of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence. 14th Battalion. Frampton Street. Fraser Street. Fun Factory. ‘Gainsborough’ (property, 602 St Kilda Road). Galleone / Galleon Coffee Lounge. Gambling. Garbage. Gardens. Gardenvale. Gatwick Hotel. Gay Teachers and Students Union. Gentle Touch Massage Parlour. Gentrification. George Hotel. Giggle Palace. Giller’s Continental Grocery. Girl Guides. Girls’ Week. Glaciarium. Glen Eira Avenue, prostitution. Glen Eira Road. Glenhuntly Road. Go-Go (dance). Go-Set (magazine). Gold Coast. Goldsmith Street. ‘Good Companions’. Gordon Avenue. Gordon Street. Gourlay Street. Grants Commission Act (1973). Greater Melbourne Bill (1951). Greeks. Green and Thomas. Green Knoll (building). Greeves Street. Greig Court. Grey Street: general; prostitution. The Groove (band). Grosvenor Street. Grove Café. GTV9 (television station). Gurner Street. Gutter crawling. Haiming, May and Gordon. Hakoah (soccer club). Hamburger Bill’s. Happy Day Nursery. Hare Krishnas. Haus Vaterland (German restaurant). Hawaiian Health Studio. Health (Special Accommodation Houses) Act 1980. ‘Heide’ (property, Heidelberg). Henryville Street. Hepatitis. ‘Herald’ (newspaper). Herald Learn-to-Swim Campaign. Herald Art Exhibition. Herbert Street. Hetaira (prostitutes’ group). High Court. High-rise. Seat of Higinbotham. Hiroshima Day Peace March. Historic Buildings Preservation Council. Hockey. Holy Trinity Church. Home-help. Homosexuality. Hong King Café. Horrie Dargie Quintet. Horses. Hotham Street. Housewives Association. Housing Commission of Victoria. Housing: general; eviction; shortages; homelessness: see also Apartments; Boarding houses; Flats; High-rise; Own-your-own apartments; Rent; Tenancy. Housing Investigation Slum Abolition Board (1936). Hoyts (cinemas). HSV-7 (television station). Hudson Conway Holdings Pty Ltd. Hughendale Road. Hungarians. ‘Huntly’ (property, boarding house, Herbert Street). Hyland’s Barbeque Café. Iliad Restaurant. ‘Illoura’ (property, guest house, 53 Acland Street). ‘In Melbourne tonight’ (television show). Incest. Infant welfare centres. Inkerman Road. Inkerman Street. Inverleith Street. Irwell Street. Israel. Italians. J.H. Hewison Reserve. J.J. Brennan and Associates. Jack Gay’s Hawaiians. Jackson Street. Japan. Jazz. Jewish Council to Combat Fascism and Anti-Semitism. Jewish Museum of Australia. Jews. Jitterbug (dance). John Street. Joyce Street. Jugoslavians (Yugoslavians). Junction Gallery. Junction Hotel. Junction Oval. Jungwirth Report. JUST (soccer team). Juvenile delinquency. Katarina Café. Kellett Brothers’ Bakery. Kiddieland. Kindergartens. Kinetics. King Street Bridge. King’s Cross. Kinnereth Kosher Restaurant. Kirov Ballet. Korean War. Kozy Kennel Coffee Lounge. La De Das (musical group). Labor Party. The Lady of St Kilda. Lambeth Place. Landlord and Tenant Act 1931; 1948. Larundel (mental hospital). Le Bon Cake Shop. League of Women Voters of Victoria. Legal Aid. Lempriere Avenue. Leo’s Spaghetti Bar. Leonard Café by the Sea. Les Girls. Lesbians. Liberal Party. Liberal-Country Party. Library. Lifesavers. Link-Up (telephone crisis intervention centre). Little Lonsdale Street. Little Luna Park. Little Murders (musical group). Little Vienna Restaurant. Local Government (Building Regulations) Act (1940). Loch Street. Lonie Report. Lopata and Sons. Lorne Street. Los Angeles Court. Luna Park Limited. Luna Park, St Kilda: see also Big dipper; Dodgems; Giggle Palace; River caves; Scenic railway. Luna Park, Sydney. M. Notkin Construction Company. MacDonald’s Carnival Amusements. MacRobertson Girls’ High School. Maison de Luxe. Majestic Mansions. Malvern City Council. ‘Mandalay’ (property, guest house, 20 The Esplanade). Manitoba Restaurant. Manly Pier. Manpower. Manpower Authority. ‘March for the Dead’. Marina. Marine Parade. ‘Maringa’ (property, guest house, 24 Dalgety Street). Marlborough Street. Marriott Street. Martin Street. Mary Street, West St Kilda. Mason Street. Massage parlours. Masters Apprentices (musical group). Mavis Bramston Show (television). Mayoral Ball. McEwan’s supermarket. Meals on Wheels. Melba Coffee Lounge. Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works (MMBW). Melbourne City Council. Melbourne Film Festival. Melbourne Jewish Advisory Board. Melbourne Metropolitan Planning Scheme. Seat of Melbourne Ports. Melbourne Soccer Club. Melbourne String Quartet. Melbourne Swimming Club. Memorial Theatre. Mental health. Meredith Street. Merry-go-round. Methadone. Mickey’s Country Rock (nightclub). Middlesex Kosher Grocery. Migrants: 1950s; 1960s; 1970s / 80s. Milton Street. Miniature railway. Mitford Street. Mittagong Estate. Mixed bathing. Models. Monarch Cake Shop. Monash Feminist Lawyers. Mondo Rock (musical group). Montefiore Homes. Montmartre Motel. Moorabbin. Morality. Moreland Hall Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centre. Moriah College. Mousetrap Cabaret. Mr Peppi’s Vineyard Charcoal Barbeque. Munitions. Murchison Street. Musicians’ Union of Australia. National Civic Council. National Congress Against War. National Council of Women. National Security (Building Control) Regulations (1940). National Security (Change of Name) Regulations (1946). National Security (Land Transfer) Regulations (1940). National Security (Landlord and Tenant) Regulations. National Security (Venereal Disease and Contraceptives) Regulation (1942). National Service Act (1964). National Theatre. National Trust. National health. Nelson Street. Neptune Street. Netley College. ‘News’ (free community newspaper 1947). ‘Nicky and Graham Show’ (radio show). Normanby Street. Nudity. Nurses. ‘Oberwyl’ (property, Burnett Street). Odd Jobs Bureau. Odd job scheme. Olde Boys Inn. ‘Olympia’ (amusement park). Olympic Games. Open Family. Operation Zita (police blitz). Opus (dances at St Kilda Town Hall). Orange Grove. Organ (Town Hall). Ormond Esplanade. Ormond Road. ‘Orwell’ (property, Robe Street). Oscar’s Taboo Restaurant. Own-your-own apartments. Oxford Show (radio). Pacifism. Painters and Dockers (musical group). Pakington Street. Palais de Danse. Palais Garage. Palais Theatre. Parer’s pavilion. Park Street State School. Parks. Patriotic Shop. Pattison Street. Pavilion Tea Rooms. Peanut Farm Reserve. Petrol rationing. Phoney war. Pier, St Kilda. English Pierrots (open-air beach show). Pink Elephant Bar. Pirates Ice Hockey Team. Pizza Palace. Planning. Plaza Coffee Lounge. Point Ormond. Police. Police Offences Act 1928. Polio. Pollington Street. Pollution: general; lead. Population. Pornography. Port Melbourne. Port Phillip Authority. Port Phillip Bay. Port Phillip Conservation Council. Ports and Harbour Department. Poverty. Prahran. Pras Court Private Rest Home. Prest social survey. Prince of Wales Hotel. Princes Bridge. Pring’s bus service. Property development: 1930s; 1940s; 1950s; 1960s; 1970s / 80s. Prophylactic station. Prostitutes Action Group. Prostitution: 1930s; 1940s; 1950s; 1960s; 1970s / 80s. Psychiatric patients. Psychology and Guidance Branch, Education Department. Public relations. Punt Road. Queen’s Way. Queens Road. Rachell Howley Art Centre. Radio 3SA. Railway Place. Ram Jam Big Band (musical group). Ratepayers and Owners’ Association of Victoria, Elwood Branch. Rates. Rationing. Rats. Real Estate and Stock Institute of Victoria. Real estate agents. Record Specialist (store). Recruiting, Second World War. Red Cross. Redan Street. Refrigerators. Refugees: 1930s; 1940s; 1970s / 80s. Regional Employment Development Scheme. Rents. Republicanism. Rest and Recreation. Returned Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Imperial League of Australia. Richmond. Right to Life Association. Ritz (hotel). River Caves. Robe Street: general; prostitution. Rock and roll (music). Rockman’s Self Selection Store. Roller skating. Rolling Stones (musical group). Rosamund Street. Rose Court Private Rest Home. Royal Life Saving Association. Royal Life Saving Society. Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron. Royal Park. Royal St Kilda Yacht Club. Royal Victorian Institute of Architects. Royal visits. Sacred Heart Church / Parish. St Peter and Paul Catholic Church, South Melbourne. Salvation Army. Samuel Meyer Hall. Sandcastles. Sarti’s Restaurant. Save our Sons Movement. Save the Line Committee (railway). Scenic railway. Scheherezade Café. Scoota Boats. Scott Street. Scrap iron, salvage. Sculptors. Sea Scouts. Seaquarium Pty Ltd. Seaview (music venue). 2/14th Battalion. 2nd Battalion. Second World War. Selwyn Street. Senior citizens’ centres. Serenaders (open-air beach show). Sergio’s Rendezvous Cabaret. Sex shops. Sex-changes. Sexual discrimination. Shakespeare Grove. Sharpies. ‘Sheepskins for Russia’. Shelley Street. Shelter and Aid Company. Shooting Gallery, Luna Park. Shopping hours. Single parent families. SKRAG (St Kilda Residents’ Action Group). Slavia (Czechoslovakian soccer team). Slums. Smallpox. Smith Street, St Kilda. Soccer. Social workers. Society of Jesus. Soho Coffee Lounge. Soldiers’ Lounge. Something Incredible Saloon. South Melbourne. South Pacific Health Studio. South Pacific Holdings. South St Kilda Café. South Yarra. ‘Southern Cross’ (newspaper). Southern Memorial Hospital. Southey Street. Space Age Books. Spanish Civil War. Special Youth Employment Training Program. Special accommodation houses. Split Enz (musical group). Spray Street. Square dancing. St Bede’s Schoolroom. St Columba’s School, Elwood. St Gabriel’s House. St Kilda Amusement Company. St Kilda and Brighton Electric Railway Act (1904). St Kilda and Brighton Electric Street Railway (Dismantling) Act (1958). St Kilda Army and Navy Club. St Kilda Baths. St Kilda Boys’ Club. St Kilda-Brighton Electric Street Railway. St Kilda Café. St Kilda Churches Citizens’ League. St Kilda City Band. St Kilda City Council: see also Elections: beach regulations; building regulations; divisions 1970s/80s; prostitution regulations; relations with Foreshore Committee; restructuring; traffic regulations; unemployment relief 1930s; welfare policy. St Kilda Community Centre. St Kilda Community Garden Club. St Kilda Community Group. St Kilda Conservation Study. St Kilda Court House (Courthouse). St Kilda Court of Petty Sessions. St Kilda Cricket Club. St Kilda Crisis Centre. St Kilda Debating Society. St Kilda District Salvage Committee. St Kilda Emergency Mission Centre. St Kilda Evacuation Committee. St Kilda Festival. St Kilda Football Club. St Kilda Foreshore Committee. St Kilda Garden Festival. St Kilda Gardening Group. St Kilda Hebrew Congregation, Synagogue. St Kilda Historical Society. St Kilda Junction. St Kilda Ladies’ Benevolent Society. St Kilda Land Act (1965). St Kilda Library Promotion Committee. St Kilda Life Saving Club. St Kilda Market. St Kilda Municipal Symphony Orchestra. St Kilda Palais Theatre Orchestra. St Kilda Park State School. St Kilda Patriotic League. St Kilda Patriotic Society. St Kilda Police and Citizens’ Youth Club. St Kilda Police Station. St Kilda Post-War Reconstruction Committee. St Kilda Presbyterian Church. ‘St Kilda Press’ (newspaper). St Kilda Progress Association. St Kilda Railway Station. St Kilda Residents Action Group. St Kilda Road: general; prostitution. Seat of St Kilda. ‘St Kilda sketchbook’ (book). St Kilda Railway Station. St Kilda Street. ‘St Kilda the beautiful’ (brochure). St Kilda Theatre. St Kilda Unemployment Organisation. St Kilda Welfare Organisation. St Kilda Women’s Liberation Group. St Kilda Younger Set. St Leonard’s Avenue Community Centre. St Leonard’s Avenue. St Leonard’s Flats and Guest House. St Michael’s Church of England Girls’ Grammar School. St Moritz. St Vincent de Paul Society. Stables, Blanche Street. Stamps (Unemployment Relief) Act (1930). ‘Star’ (newspaper). Stardust Room. Stars of the World Ballet. State Electricity Commission. State Emergency Council. State Relief Committee. Strata Titles Act (1967). Strata subdivision. Street kids. Streets of Paris. Striptease. Subdivision. Suicide. Summary Offences Act (1966). Summerland Mansions. ‘Sun’ Beach Girl Competition. ‘Sun’ (newspaper). Sunday entertainment. Sunday trading. Sunset Towers. Supreme Court. Surfing. Sustenance. Swanston Street. Sweet Swing (music). Swirl (amusement building). Taco Bill’s. Talkies. Talmud Torah. Tarax Bar. Ted Lowe’s Menswear. Teddy Boys. Television. Temple Beth Israel. Tenants’ Union. Tenancy. Tennyson Street. The Chain (musical group). The Executive Suite (massage parlour). The Groop (musical group). The Groove (musical group). ‘The Lees’ (property, St Kilda Road). ‘The paper chase’ (autobiography of Hal Porter). Theo’s Café. 3AW radio. 3DB radio. 3LO radio. 3PBS-FM radio. 3UZ radio. 3XY radio. Tickled Pink Massage Parlour. Tientsin Café. ‘Times’ (free newspaper). Tinsley Waterhouse Band. Tiuna Grove. Tolarno Galleries. Tolarno Hotel. Tony Gould Trio. Toorak. Torquay Flats. Totaliser Agency Board (TAB). Tourism. Town Hall, St Kilda. Town Planning Commission (1929). Traffic Advisory Committee. Traffic Commission. Traffic. Transcendental Meditation Centre. Transport: buses; cable cars; cars; railway; trams. Transfer of Land (Stratum Estates) Act (1960). Transvestites. Trees. ‘Truth’ (newspaper). Tuberculosis. Tullamarine Airport. 22 Squadron. Twin Towers. U.S.S.R. Unemployment: 1930s; 1970s/80s. Union Road. United Australia Party. United Country Party. Uniting Church. University of Melbourne. U.S. Army Officer Club. Vale Street. Vandalism. Vautier Street. Veale’s Dry-cleaning. Venereal disease. Verandahs. Victoria League. Victoria Street. Victorian Council Against War. Victorian Drug Bureau. Victorian Ice Hockey Association. Victorian Opera Company. Victory Theatre. Vietnam Moratorium. Vietnam. Village Belle. Village Belle Hotel. Vine Street, Windsor. Volleyball. Voltaire-Racine Residential Mansions. Voluntary Aid Detachments. Voluntary workers. Volunteer Outreach Program. Wages. War memorial, Alfred Square. ‘Warwick’ (property, Fitzroy Street). Water polo. Waterloo Crescent. Wattle Path (dance hall). Wavenhoe Avenue. Weekend trading. Welfare. Wellington House. Wellington Street. West St Kilda Conservation Group. West St Kilda Life Saving and Swimming Club. West St Kilda-Middle Park Coastline Conservation League. Westaction. Westbury Street. Whisky-a-Go-Go. Wickliffe House. Wielunski’s International Delicatessen. Wilgah Street. Wine Industry House. Women Against Rape. Women Behind Bars Collective. Women’s Abortion Action Campaign. Women’s Electoral Lobby. Women’s International Zionist Organisation. Women’s Liberation Halfway House. Women’s Voluntary National Register. ‘Woodlands’ (property, boarding house, Enfield Street). Woonsocket Court. ‘Woonsocket’ (property off Barkly Street). Wowsers. X-rays. Yachting. Ye Kynge’s Galleone Coffee Lounge: see Galleon. YMCA. York Street Infant Welfare Centre. Zarf Rivers Band. Zion Restaurant.

Past and present members of the St Kilda City Council History Projects Committee: Cr John Callanan, President; Cr Mary-Lou Jelbart; Cr Elaine Miller; Cr Brian Slattery and Cr Norma Walker. Nancy Newell, Secretary, St Kilda Historical Society. Vida Horn and Vera Boston, directors, Library Services St Kilda. Brian Jones and Ken Dowling, Chief Executive Officers, City of St Kilda. Judith Dodson, Council Archives Officer. Don Taggart and members of St Kilda Historical Society. Des Bicknell. Orm Bird. Sister Collette Joyce. Margaret Edgar. Kingsley Evans. Fred Farrell. Denis Farrington. Jules Feldman. Fonti family. Sam Goldbloom. ‘Mac’ Hall. Helen Halliday. Carolyn Harper. Russell Holmesby. John Howley. Tim Hubbard. Les Isaacs. Ray Jewell. Olive Johnston. Esther Jones. J.D. Keating. Chantel Babin-Irvine. Cathleen Kelly. Jenny Love. Judith McDonald. Francis Mogg. David Moloney. Mirka Mora. Dr Lindsay Newton. Dr Richard O’Bryan. Pat O’Toole (nee Ironmonger). Angela Pedicini. Frank Power. Leon Ress. Frank and Dale Rich. Molly Robarts. Ralph Rosenfield. Wendy Lee Selover. Miss Shmith. Ruth Shnookal. Ron Stefani. Commander Veale. Dr Wainer. G.F. Wallace. Bob White. Barbara Williams. Masha and Avram Zeleznikow. Jack Porter. Dr Gwynyth Dow. Vida Horn. Kathy Curkpatrick. Ruth Dwyer. Catherine Kelly. Vera Boston. Nola O’Dea. Pam Newton. Mary Crooks. Greg Meredith. Nick Hudson. Ray Watson. My children Alison, Deirdre and William.
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