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Main Title: Broadmeadows : A forgotten history. / Andrew Lemon.
Author: Lemon, Andrew, 1949-
Year: 1982.
Collation: 257 p. : ill., bib., index, hbk ; 25 cm.
Subject: Suburbs of Melbourne (Vic.)
General histories
Essendon Airport.
Pascoe Vale (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Tullamarine (Vic.)
Strathmore (Vic.)
Somerton (Vic.)
Greenvale (Vic.)
Yuroke (Vic.)
Mickleham (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Broadmeadows (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Campbellfield (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Essendon (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Fawkner (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Gladstone Park (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Glenroy (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
ISBN: 0949905100 :
In the Melbourne mind, Broadmeadows is a new suburb. The Housing Commission of Victoria acquired 5,000 acres of land in the 1950s to build a model city, and Broadmeadows has been grappling with the problems ever since. In the process, the history of Broadmeadows has been forgotten. Yet the district was among the earliest settled parts of Victoria, and it has had a continuous municipal history of 125 years. J.P. Fawkner, one of the founders of Melbourne, tried in vain to promote an English yeoman village in the district. He was the first in a long line of land speculators, from G.W. Taylor to the Glenroy Estate Company in the 1880s, stretching on to Stanley Korman’s ill-fated Stanhill developments in the 1950s. While the paper-money fortunes came and went, the agricultural life of the district persisted – keenly observed in this book – and the suburbs of Melbourne crept slowly towards Broadmeadows. The story encompasses the rise and fall of the old Broadmeadows township at Westmeadows, the dominance of the Scottish settlers at Campbellfield, mansions at Glenroy, suburban railways won by the speculators, the controversial early years of the Military Camp which made Broadmeadows a household word in the First World War. Then, in its recent history, into Broadmeadows have poured the town planners and sociologists. Yet, in the vast public housing programme, construction has always run ahead of ideas. The Broadmeadows district, and so this book, has included a substantial area north-west of Melbourne, including Pascoe Vale, Glenroy, Chadstone Park, Tullamarine, Strathmore, Essendon Airport, Fawkner, Campbellfield, Somerton, Greenvale, Yuroke and Mickleham.

Acknowledgements v. Introduction xi. Conversions xiv. Prologue: Broadmeadows, 1857 p1. 1. 1824 to 1857: A place called Broadmeadows, somewhere in this district p10. 2. 1857 to 1882: A country season p43. 3. 1882 to 1888: A capital place for a profit p68. 4. 1889 to 1907: A serious state of affairs p88. 5. 1907 to 1916: The far-famed and long well known Broadmeadows district p107 6. World War One: Broadmeadows – the last part of Australia p125. 7. 1916 to 1939: The Broadmeadows answer p142. 8. 1940 to 1956: A place full of strangers p169. 9. 1956 to 1982: ‘Ongoing Frameworks’ p190. Epilogue: Westmeadows, 1982 p223. Appendix: Broadmeadows district: list of original purchasers of Crown Land: parishes of Jika Jika; Doutta Galla; Tullamarine; Will Will Rook; Yuroke and Mickleham p227. Notes and sources p229. Index p245.

Map: the main roads north of Melbourne, 1850s p2. Map: the original Broadmeadows township p4. Police lock-up, 1859: Old Broadmeadows p6. Map: Will Will Rook Parish p12. Gibb’s ‘Meadowbank’ 1850 (The Manor House) p18. Gowrie Park homestead p18. Map: Strathmore and Pascoe Vale: subdivisions in the 1840s p21. Charcoal drawing: St Paul’s Church of England, old Broadmeadows p26. Scots Church, Campbellfield p28. Land parishes and original purchasers of Crown Land in the Broadmeadows district p33. Relic of homestead, near Oaklands p36. Tullamarine State School 2613, 1872 version p39. Bluestone Parnell’s Inn, Mickleham p45. Will Will Rook Cemetery p47. First permanent municipal offices in Broadmeadows, Ardlie Street p52. Bluestone bridge built 1869, Ardlie Street p53. Frederick Race Godfrey (etching) p56. A steam train of the later era (1920s) makes its way up the Glenroy incline on the North-Eastern Line p61. The beauties of the Merri Creek at Craigieburn (etching) 1877 p62. The township of Broadmeadows, 1920s p70. Sale notice: Glenroy Farm and adjoining properties 1874 p78. Sale notice: Glenroy, the Toorak of the North 1888 p80. Map: from Fawkner to Craigieburn: lands in the hands of the big speculators, late 1880s p83. Land boom advertisement: Coburg and Campbellfield Land Company p84. The mansion ‘Waverley’, Glenroy p90. The Assistant Station Master’s cottage, Tudor Street, Glenroy, late 1880s p92. Aerial photo with Salisbury Street, Glenroy in foreground, c1945 p93. Sawbridgeworth (now Wiseman House), Widford Road p96. Broad Meadows: ‘ripening sunbeams’ at Oak Park 1903 p100. Greenvale Sanitorium (later site of Greenvale Geriatric Centre) p103. Sale notice: land subdivision at Fawkner 1910 [Campbellfield] p109. Sale notice: farms on Pascoe Vale Road [Campbell land] 1912 p111. Broadmeadows township c1915 p114. Broadmeadows jubilee 1908 p115. The Military Camp 1914: camp kitchen p128. Governor-General arrives to inspect the Camp p130. Breaking camp, for departure to the Front p131. The ‘Truth’ riot, 1914 and the story that sparked it p132. Rev. Robert Thomson walks Miss Annie Wiseman home from church 1918, looking north along Blenheim Street p140. War memorial, 1920, in Wheatsheaf Road, Glenroy p141. Sale notice: Tiverton Park, Glenroy 1916 p143. Messrs Benallack and Jack Proudfoot carting water to householders in 1917 p149. Electrification work in progress on the Broadmeadows railway line 1920 p150. Fawkner to Somerton railway 1928 p152. Officers and councillors of the Shire of Broadmeadows 1935: W. Graham; F.W.B. Olsen; A. Cumming; R. Anderson; C. Cook; A.T.C. Cook; J.A. Laffan; F.J. Walters; A. Cameron; E.E. Warry; R. Hadfield; W.H. Henshall; W. Lockhart; P.A. Wedding; W.H. Poole; C. Mutton; A.W. Millar; F.W. Trethowan; C.W.L. Gibson p157. Aerial photo of house where Miss Annie Wiseman and her niece Phyllis Wiseman were murdered p163. St Matthew’s Church of England Glenroy, group photo 1947 p170. Aerial photo of subdivision of Oak Park property, west of Pascoe Vale Road, building activity April 1954 p174. Housing Commission’s master plan for proposed Broadmeadows Estate 1951 p178. Aerial view of Glenroy 1954 p180. Aerial view looking north-east to the country of Glenroy and Hadfield 1954 p184.

SURNAMES / FAMILY names from the index:
George Abbott p58. E. Adams p166. Ray Akers p218, 221. Alex Anderson p97. P.R. Anderson p158. R. Anderson p157. Charles Andrews p94, 95. Ernest Angel p204, 205. Mr Ansell p195. Reginald Ansett p154. Stanley Argyle, government of p159. Henry George Ashurst p19, 76. R.A. Aylett p203.

F.F. Bailliere p43. Louis Baker p27. Thomas Baker p109. William Barry p97. John Batman p11-12. Benallack (aborigine) p149. Thomas Bent p86, 89. Charles Berridge p36. Rev Digby Berry p86. Graham Berry, government of p65. D.H.E. Bessell p185. John Bethel / Bethell p2, 4-5, 9, 25, 44, 47, 55, 63. William Bethell p1, 2. Niel Black p20, 44. John Blanche p63. John Bloomfield p192. Lynda Blundell p203, 219. Henry Bolte p188. Constable Boxall p134. Charles and Evelyn Brandt p214. Edward Jones Brewster p23-4. F.S. Briggs p153. Richard Brodie p13, 45. Sir Dallas Brooks p185. Hugh Brown p55. Malcolm Brown p208. Jane Bryan p8. P.T. Bryant p203. Edward Buller p91-4. John Buntine p47, 49, 115-116. Clara Bunting p86. Joseph Burns p19. Edward Butler p17.

John Caffin p58-9, 63. Mr Cain (butcher, Broadmeadows) p5. John Cain, government of p177. John Cain (junior), government of p221-2 Rev Dr Adam Cairns p38. Arthur Calwell p205. Cameron family p15, 47. Mr Cameron (vet) p100-01. A. Cameron (councillor) p157. Angus Cameron p15, 35. Donald Cameron p15. Duncan Cameron p15. George Gordon Cameron p15, 30, 35, 47-8. John Cameron p45. Campbell family p109, 110-12, 113. Mr Campbell (J.P.) p126. Charles Campbell p15. F.S. Campbell p109. John D.L. Campbell p15. Keith Campbell p195. Neil Campbell p15, 29, 30. Robert Campbell p15, 24, 30. Canning family p47. William Canning p97. David Cargill p80. William Case p41. Mr Cash (J.P.) p126. William Chadwick p8, 40, 44. Mrs William Chadwick p8, 40, 226. James Chapman p81-2, 92, 95, 142, 146. Rev Chapman p28-9, 40. Hugh Childers (Inspector of Education) p27, 39. Harold Clapp p160. Sir Rupert Clarke p108. Sir William Clarke p98, 108, 113. Phillip Cleak p177. Captain Coad p121. M.J.C. Cochrane p79. John Cock p108, 112, 194. Colclough family p58. John and Richard Colclough p55. Thomas Colclough p45, 55. Mr Coleman p107. Mrs Conelly (widow) p65. R.A. Conley p203. J. Consiglio p203. Albert T.C Cook p119-20, 123, 124, 157, 160, 161, 168, 172-73, 175. Mrs A.T.C. Cook p120. C. Cook p157. John H. Cooper p63. George Couser p63, 114-15. John Coutts p211. Mr Cowan, dairy farmer p195. Steve Crabb p221. George Crinnion p91. W.H. Croker p112. Rev E.D. Crotty p117. H.J. Crutchfield p86. Jack Culpin p207. A. Cumming p157.

Superintendent Henry Dana p52. Nellie Dancocks p136. Private Dancocks p135, 136. A.F. Daniells p89. Michael Darmody p72. Major Darvall p129. R.J. Davey p185. John Mark Davies p81, 86. C.J. de Garis p153. Alfred Deakin p89. Arthur Dean p127. W.H Dickenson p40-1. Mrs W.H. Dickenson p41. J.C. Dillon p154. D.R. Dossitor p118. Max Dumais p219, 221.

David Edelsten p92, 94. W.H. Edgar p98. Martha Edis p58. Rev Edwards p72. James Elkin p63. Joseph English p19. L.M. Ericsson p200.

Eliza Fawkner p17, 21. John Fawkner (senior) p17. John Pascoe Fawkner p11-12, 15-20, 21, 23, 24, 39, 53, 75, 173. Mr Flannigan p107. F.L. Flint p84, 86.

Richard Gage p97. Peter Gavin p208. Neil Geddes p124. Gibb family p47. Alexander Gibb p20, 45, 50, 49, 103, 146. Alexander C. Gibb p103, 121, 122, 123, 134, 146, 156, 160-1. Elizabeth Gibb p20. Alfred E. Gibson p155. C.W.L. Gibson p156, 157, 160. D. Gibson p71. Len Gibson p149. Dr Roy Gilbert p218. Duncan Gillies p83, 88, 89. W. Gilmore p7, 25. Hugh Gilmour p63. Thomas Steuart Gladstone p87. William Ewert Gladstone p87. James Glazebrook p65. Edward Glennon p74. Frederick Race Godfrey p55-8, 102. Steve Gore p211. John Ebenezer Gourlay p90-1. Z.R. Gozdzik p203. W. Graham p157. C. Grech p203. George Green p164. Greene family p22-3, 37. Mary Greene (Lady Stawell) p22-3. M.R. Greene p6. William Pomeroy Greene p22-3. George Grundy p103. Rev Peter Gunn p29.

Rupert Hadfield p157. Gladys Hain p180. W.P. Halesp177, 185. Isaiah Hall p122. Dr T.S. Hall p138. R.J. Hamer p108, 213, 217. James Hannon p41. – Hargraves p166. Robert Harper p98. G.W. Harris p34. Rev Hart p39. James Hartmann p133. Alexander Hatty p46. Mrs D. Hawkins p74. Samuel Hawkins p113. Geoff Hayes p217. William Henshall p157, 164, 165. Thomas Higinbotham p59-61. Archdeacon Hindley p117. Richard Hoddle p12, 13-14. E.J. Hogan p161. Phillip Holland p24. George Holmes p35. John Hosking p15, 22. William Hovell p10-11. Sergeant Howard p153. – Howden p86. Florance Howes p41. Richard Howitt p31. William Howitt p31. E.E. Hughes p167, 172. John Terry Hughes p15, 22 Hamilton Hume p10-11. Sir Herbert Hyland p189.

Samuel Jackson p76. A.V. Jennings p198. Jensen MHR p138. Keith Johnson p207-8, 212, 213. John Johnston p46-7, 48. – Jones (J.P.) p126. Senior Constable Jones p52. William Jones p75. Jeanette Joseph p136-7.

Harold Kane p167, 172, 207. Pat Keighran p62-3. Kennedy family p22, 110. Donald Kennedy p5, 22, 37, 45, 79, 108. Duncan Kennedy p22, 81-2, 146. Jessie Grace Kennedy p79. Jeff Kennett p218. A.S. Kenyon p164. William Keogh p97. Kernan family p19, 75-6. John Kernan p63-4, 75. John Kernan (junior) p76, 99-100. Mary Kernan p76. Kerr family p72. John Kerr p72, 79-80, 86, 87, 104, 109, 110. John Kerr (junior) p80. Anna Maria Kilburn p77. Constable Bernard King p1-8, 48, 52, 226. George Kingshott p62, 73, 101. John Kingshott p62, 73, 101. William Knox p38. Korman family p194, 196. Stanley Korman p194-7.

John A. Laffan p157. John F. Laffan p157. Laing (Inspector of Education) p93. Bill Landeryou p207. James Lane p153. Rev John D. Lang p13, 29. Thomas Langford p58. George Langhorne p14, 28. Laurence family p32. Martin Lavars p91. James Lawrence p32. M.D. Leach p203. Lieutenant-General J.G. Legge p136. F.N. Levin p194. Albert Link p185. W. Lockhart p157, 166. Michael Loeman p64. T. Shaw Logan p95. Bev Long p219. Holland Loxton p54-5. William Lynch p76. J.E. Lyons p142, 143. Pat Lyons p107.

Archibald McArthur p125. Donald McBain p124. William McCallum p105. Elizabeth McCarthy p1-8. Senior Constable James McCarthy p1-8, 52. George McCormack p57-8. Robert McCracken p30. Dr Farquhar McCrae p19-20. William McCulloch p80, 81. Inspector McCulloch p2-8. John McCutcheon p81, 91. Donald McDonald (Campbellfield) p30. Donald McDonald (journalist) p137, 139. Catherine McGillivray p70-1. B.D. McGregor p203, 213. D.R. McGregor p48, 54, 60. James McIntosh p47. Evander McIver p97, 98, 99, 100, 102, 119. Rev Dr Mackay p29, 38. Thomas McKendrick p124. Hugh McKenzie p143. John McKerchar p55, 70, 98-9. Peter McKillop p30. T.H. McKnight p148. Hugh McLean p30. Lachlan McLean p124. Rev McLean p72. Duncan McPherson p110, 113. James Maconochie p44, 55. William Main p40. James Malcolm p13, 45. Harry Marsh p49. Race Mathews p192, 221. Richard Meagher p61-2. Allan Meaker p185. James Milford p93. A.W. Millar p148, 157, 167. William Mills p107. James Mirams 85, 86, 91. Peter Mitchell p7, 9, 25, 63. Mrs Peter Mitchell p7, 8. Violet Irene Mitchell p194. Alan J. Moir p180. R.G. Moody p203. Fred Morgan p109. George Morgan p40. R.K. Morgan p215. Elizabeth Morris p27. James Morris p27, 30. Joe Morris p204. H.V. Mortimer p17. T.R.B. Morton p111. Sadie Moss p125-6. W.M. Mott p119. Rev Thomas Mowbray p29. Constable Mullany p66. James Munro, government of p89. E.P. Muntz p102, 104, 105, 119, 123, 226. T.B. Muntz p102. Francis Murphy p35. J.L. Murphy p154. Peter Murphy p194, 195, 196. Mary Murray p2-3. I.R. Musgrove p203. Charles Mutton p156, 157, 160, 166, 167, 169-70, 171, 175, 189, 208. John P. Mutton p156, 185, 208.

Napier family p165. Jessie Napier p23-4. Theodore Napier p23-4, 86, 147-8. Thomas Napier p23. Mrs Claude Nott p74.

Leo O’Connor p180. F.W.B. Olsen p157. A. Orlebar (Inspector of Education) p40. Constable O’Shannessay p66.

Charles Palmer p195. Misses Parnell p94. Shane Partridge p198. Patullo family p47. Sir Alexander Peacock p133, 142. G.F. Pearce p134, 135, 136, 137. Pearson family p96. Charles Pearson p83. James Pearson p45, 56. John Pearson p113. Peck family p47. John M. Peck p64. R.O. Peck p131. Mrs Benjamin Perry p29. Bishop Charles Perry p26. W.H. Pettett p35. Horace Petty p188. W.H. Poole p157. E.A. Porter p115. – Postlethwaite p25. Jack Proudfoot p149. W. Murray Pullar p120, 122.

George Quelch p86.

K. Raeke p165. Robert Ramsay p57. Reg Rayner p176, 182, 185, 207. Rev John Reid p38, 40. John Reid p38. Rev Prof Laurence Rentoul p133-4, 135. Enoch Reynolds p7, 25. A.H. Richards p192. Reuben Roberts p113. A.R. Robertson p112, 142, 143. James Robertson p20. John Robertson p119, 123. K.J. Robinson p185. Rev R.M. Rodda p72. Elizabeth Rogers p1. George Rogers p1. Tom Roper p221. George Russell p20. Jim Russell p107. Rev Howard C. Russell p137. Mick Russell p107. Sir Granville Ryrie p141.

Dr Sample p123. Sasse (Inspector of Education) p38. Prof Ernest Scott p138. James Scott p50-1. Charles Seabrook p175-6. – Seeth, teacher p27. Robert Shankland p46-48. William Shankland p71-2, 119. J.W. Shaw p17. A.E. Shepherd p189. B. Shortell p93. Joseph Sidebottom p58. Robert Sidebottom p46, 58. Bruce Small p199. Thomas Small p81. Edgar Smiley p175, 213. Charles (Ford) Smith p188. Colin Smith p185. George Smith p35. John Smith (Box Forest) p44. Ray Smith p171.William Smith p17, 75. Townsend Somerville p86. Richard Speight p76. N.R. Stafford p172. Lady (Mary) Stawell p22-3. Sir William Stawell p38-9. William Steele p38-9. Robert McPherson Stevenson p45, 46, 48, 59, 66, 89, 146. Clive Stoneham p177. Frank Stuart p81, 91. Swinburne (Minister for Housing, 1951) p169.

L. Tartaglia p203. Taylor (Inspector, Health Department) p99-100. George William Taylor p86-7, 88-90, 194. Constable James Tenniel p7. Dr Andrew Theophanous p208. George Thomas p211. Lindsay Thompson, government of p218, 219. – Thompson p95. Dr John Thomson p100-101, 107. Rev Robert Thomson p140. Pauline Toner p221. Stephen Toogood p45. Rev Townsend p39. Richard Townsend p34. – Trainer, Kalkallo p24. F.W. Trethowan p157, 158. – Trimmer (teacher) p27. Arthur Trotman p93. Dr Turner p66. Bill Turner p211. John Twomey p108, 124.

L.H. Vidler p203.

Colonel Wallace p134. Reg Wallace p203. Frederick J. Walters p150, 157, 171, 175. J.P. Ward p203. E.E. Warry p157. James Watson p50, 58. John Watson p17. William Watt p122. P.A. Wedding p157. – Welsh p1. Patricius W. Welsh p16-19, 21. Sub-Inspector Westcott p125-6. Dr Weston p1, 5. E.G. Whitlam p211, 213. Robert P. Whitworth p43. Dr Isabel Wilkinson p104. Charles Williams (auctioneer) p16. Charles Williams (Secretary, Merriang Shire) p123. John Williams p58. Robert Williams p34-5. David Williamson p98. R.G. Wilson p127, 128, 131, 139. John Wilton p207. G.A. Winwood p179. Albert Wiseman p81, 92, 95, 104. Annie Wiseman p140, 163-4. Arthur Wiseman p81, 92, 95. Mrs Arthur Wiseman p95. Phyllis Wiseman p163-4.

C. Yianoulatas p203. Rev Youlton p72. Peter Young p28-9.


Abattoirs p54, 63-4, 65-6. Aboriginal occupation (aborigines) p10, 11, 147. The Age newspaper in World War One p135-6. Agriculture and farming (1840s) p16, 17, 19, 22, 23, (1850s) p32, 35, 37, (1860s) p43-5, 49; crisis p49-51; recovery p58, (1870s) p63-4, (1880s) p68-9, 70-2, (1905) p105-6, (pre World War One) p107-13, (1930s) p162, (1940s) p169, (1950s) p176, dairying p19, 63, 68, 69, 80, 99-102, 105-6, 108, 109, 112, 165, 195; harvesting p70, 107, 115; ploughing matches p69, 71-2, 107-8; West Bourke Agricultural Society p98. Airport West p209-10. Albert Street, Fawkner p84. ‘Argyle Estate’ p15, 108, 121. Argyle Street, Fawkner p84. Army Camp: see Military Camp. ‘Ashleigh’, Glenroy p95. Augusta Avenue, Campbellfield p113. Australian City and Suburban Investment and Banking Company p88, 89. Australian Democrats p221. Australian Deposit and Mortgage Bank p91. Australian Government: funding local government p190, 211-13. Australian Labor Party p156, 185, 205, 207-8, 211, 217, 221. Australian National Airways (ANA) p167, 173-4. Aviation p152-4, 165, 167, 172, 198, 210. Aviation Ltd p153.

Balmoral Avenue, North Essendon p77, 147. Baltic Timber Mill p175. ‘Bank Vale’, Mickleham p22. Baptists p74, 158. Barber and Lowe Flour Mill p23, 30, 43. Barry Road: upgraded, overpass p188, 109. ‘Bayview Farm’, Glenroy p79, 110. ‘Becomm’ p213. Beech Tree Hotel, Tullamarine p114. Belair Avenue, Glenroy p95. Bell Street, Coburg p216. Beveridge p10, 13, 60, 61, 123. Blair Street, Dallas p150, 193. Blenheim Street, Glenroy p95. Bolinda p108. Boundary Road, Fawkner p85. Box Forest p24, 41, 44, 48, 145. Box Forest Road p24, 48, 94, 205. Bridges: Broadmeadows town 1853 p32; 1854 p35-6; 1869 p51, 69, 225; Camp Road overpass, p216; Pascoe Vale 1857, 1862 p53-4; 1875 p76; Pascoe Vale Road overpass, Jacana, p216; Riggall Street overpass p216. Brighton p55,59. Brisbane Street, Strathmore p77. ‘Broadmeadows – a growing city’ p190. Broadmeadows district: boundaries p14, 44, 53-4, 124, 185, 195, 215-16; descriptions of (1830s) p12, (1870s) p43-4, (1880s) p68-9, (pre World War One) p105, 111, (World War One) p135, 137-8, (1939-56) p188, (1970s) p190, 212; exploration p10-11, 11-12; land alienation p11, 12-13, 14-25, 46-7; land occupation (1830s, 1840s) p12-13, (1850s) p32, (1860s) p44-5; number of holdings p50-1, 58-9, 120, (1908-28) p145, (1870s) p63, 79, (pre World War One) p108, 120, (1950s) p176-7; reputation (World War One) p137-8, (1930s) p162, (1970s, 1980s) p208-9, 218-22. Broadmeadows, electorate p207, 221. Broadmeadows, municipality of: District Road Board (1857-71) p8; formation p37, 42, 45-9; first election p45-6; composition of p46-8, 55; officers p48, 54-5; finances (1850s) p48; meeting place and office p48-9, 51, 52, 55; Godfrey-McIvor dispute p55-7; spending on roads p64-5; and water supply p65; becomes Shire p63.Broadmeadows Shire Council (1871-1956): formation p54, 63; inspectors and health officers p63, 65, 66, 100-1, 117; Shire Office p69, 119, 120, 158, 226, (relocated) p124, 157-8, (extensions, 1950s) p183-4; appoints engineer p120, 150, (full-time) p175; composition p80, 98-9, 102-3, 146, 156, 167, 183; jubilee (1907-8) p115-16; amalgamation with Merriang p122-4; first A.L.P. councillor p156; severance agitations p172-3; (1950s) severance of north p184-5; becomes City p185. Activities and attitudes (1870s) financial problems p64-5; change in role p65-7; bridge at Pascoe Vale p76; (1880s) land boom p81; urging railways p89; attitude to Glenroy (1880s, 1890s) p93, 94, 95, (1890s) depression, unemployment relief p97-8; political views p98-9; nightsoil controversy p99-100; (pre World War One) general cemetery p102-3; and public institutions p104-5; recreation grounds p113; and Northern Golf Club p117-8; first loan p119; dispute over Muntz p119-20; changes in role p120-2; financial problems p122; (World War One) and Military Camp p131, 134-5, 138, 140; defends district reputation p138; (1920s) and Napier Park p147; housing standards p148, 156, 176; electricity supply p148; water schemes p150-1; Fawkner-Somerton railway guarantee p151-2; airports p154; changes in role, expanded services p159; (1930s) depression, unemployment p159-61; coursing and cycling tracks p165-6; quarrying at Fawkner p166; rail service (railways) p168; (World War Two) p171-2; airport p171-2; (1940s) planning scheme p175-6; (1950s) and Housing Commission p177, 183, 185-8; changes in role p183-5. Broadmeadows City Council (1956-), declared a city p185; boundaries altered p195, 215-16, 217; A.L.P. – Independent balance of power p205, 208, 211, 217; City Hall p191, 205-06; and Grants Commission funding p211, 213; Broadmeadows Ministerial Group p221-2. Activities and attitudes: (1950s) Ford factory p189; Stanhill developments p196; Tullamarine airport p197-8; (1960s) reserves p203; youth p204; street construction p204-5, 213; (1970s) Housing Commission black ban p210-11; (1980s) Housing Commission rates p218; social problems p221-2. Officers, see also by name: appointments and retirements of Board and Shire Secretaries and Town Clerks: D.R. McGregor (1857-63) p48, 54; H. Loxton (1863) p54-5; E. McIver (1863-1902) p55, 102; E.P. Muntz (1902-08) p102, 119; A.T.C. Cook (1908-1949) p119-20, 175; E. Smiley (1949-75) p175, 213; B.D. McGregor (1975-) p213. Broadmeadows, Town Centre, see also Broadmeadows East. Proposed p178-9, report p190-1, 212, 181, 209, 215.Broadmeadows, township (Westmeadows), (1830s to 1850s) site reserved p14; land sales p25; (1850s, 1860s) bridge p32, 35; development p37; race meeting p49; growth p51-3; effects of railway p60-3; dams, abattoirs p65-6; (1880s, 1890s) sports and recreation p72-4; railway sought p89; political activities p98; dam, water supply p101; (pre World War One) telephone p105; farm workers p107; activities and decline p114-6; (World War One) p130; war memorial p141; (1920s, 1930s) Shire Office removal p124, 157-8; electricity supply p149; water supply p150; bus p151; courthouse p74, 158; decline p158; (1970s, 1980s) by-pass roads p217; 119, 176, 179, 195, 209; descriptions (1850s) p1-9, 25-7, 28-9, 30-2, 34, 40-1; (1860s) p43, 44; (1870s) p60-3; (1880s) p68-9, 72-4; (1982) p223-6. Broadmeadows Club p213. Broadmeadows East p158, 182, 200, 223. Broadmeadows Hotel p2, 6, 8, 25, 34, 44, 49, 158, 226. Broadmeadows Mending Society p136-7. Broadmeadows Shopping Square p210. Broadmeadows Station Estate p145, 162. Brunswick p36, 46, 55, 78, 83, 119, 121, 144, 162, 188, 212. Bulla p28, 64, 73-4, 86, 88-9, 116, 155, 194. Bulla, electorate p142. Bulla, municipality of, p65, 66, 89, 123, 185, 195, 197, 212. Bulla Road, see also Deep Creek Road: tolls p54, 65; deviation p167; 77, 86, 100, 216. Burke, electorate p207-8. T.M. Burke Pty Ltd p177. Buses p151. Buzzard and Co. p77, 86. Byron Vale Estate, Pascoe Vale p76-7, 216.

Camp Road (World War One) p129, 134, 140; named p140; (1970s) overpass p216-17; 20, 30, 35, 47, 79, 90, 110, 113, 161. Campbellfield: name p15; (1840s) described p29-30; (1850s to 1870s) described p34, 43, 44; toll gates p36, 61; race meeting p49; (1880s) land speculation p85, 87, 90-1; (pre World War One) subdivisions p108-9, 110; township p113; recreation ground p113; quarries p119, 219; proposed tram to 121; (World War One) and Military Camp p127, 132, 134; war memorial p141; (1920s, 1930s) electricity supply p149; water p150; progress association p157; (1950s) industry p175, 188-9; (1960s) housing p193; 19, 20, 23, 45, 50, 66, 72, 97, 98, 122, 131, 156, 176. Campbellfield Heights p193. Campbellfield Hotel p105. Campbellfield Land Company p90-1. Campbellfield North p103. Cargill and Butler butchers p65-6. Cemeteries: Fawkner (New Melbourne General Cemetery), established p102-03; 24, 204; Scots Church p29; Will Will Rook Cemetery, description p213-14; 47, 79, 97, 134. Central Roads Board p34-6. Chalmers Institution p38, 42, 45. ‘Chandos’ p22, 86, 108. Chapman Avenue, Glenroy p95. Church of England: Anglicans, as percentage of population 1861, p27. Box Forest, school p41. Broadmeadows (St Paul’s), built and opened p25-7; described (1880s) p68; parish of p117; vicarage p225; school p27, 30, 40-1. Glenroy (St Matthew’s), Plumpton Avenue (1908) p116-7, 118; (1929) p162, 163; Wiseman House, Widford Road p96. Pascoe Vale, school p39-40. Clyde Industries p193. Cobb and Co. p64. Coburg p15, 19, 75, 76, 82-3, 119, 121, 161, 188, 192, 205, 206, 212. Coburg electorate p156, 208, 221. Coburg, municipality of, p76, 102, 121-2, 148-9, 175, 206. Coburg and Campbellfield Land Company p85, 87, 90-1, 11. Coburg and Somerton Junction Estate Company p85, 86. Coburg North p15, 19, 85, 116, 121. Coburg Reserve Estate (Fawkner) p84-5, 90, 112, 116, 145. Commercial Bank of Australia p91. Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) p161. Community Health Centre p191, 211-12, 213, 221. Coolaroo: Housing Commission black ban p210-11; Health Centre p212; 200, 202. Costain Development (Australia) Pty Ltd p196, 198. Country Roads Board p120, 123, 131, 216. Court: established (1865) p51, (1880s) p74, moved to East Broadmeadows p158. Craigieburn: (1860s) race meeting p49; railway p60, 61; telegraph p62; (1880s) land speculation p85; (pre–World War One) hall p113-14, 124; 43, 46, 202. Craigieburn Coursing Club p165. Craigieburn Farmers Association p113. Cyclists Hotel, Campbellfield p105, 132.

Dallas: Community Centre p190; Housing Commission at p200, 201; 150. Dandenong p98. Darebin Creek p12. Davey and Almy Pty Ltd p175. Deep Creek p6, 12, 13, 45, 50, 124. Deep Creek Road, see Bulla Road. Denzil Don Pty Ltd p193. Depression: (1840s) p20-3, (1890s) p88-98, 102, (1930s) p159-62. Derby Street, Fawkner p84. Borough of Devondale, proposed, p173. Dog licensing p54, 63, 124. Donnybrook: railway committee p59-60; 36, 43, 48, 58, 61. Donnybrook and Wallan Wallan District Road Board p54, 56. Doutta Galla, parish of: part included in Broadmeadows p53; 23-4. Doutta Galla Province, electorate p207. Dublin Avenue, North Essendon p147. ‘Dundonald’ p5, 22. ‘Dunhelen’ p85. Dunn Court p187.

East Bourke, electorate p57-8, 98. Education, see also schools: Denominational Schools Board (1846-62) p27, 38-41; National Schools Board (1846-62) p38, 39-41; Education Department (1872-) p93, 117, 173, 182-3, 193, 213. Electricity: lack of p116; railway and Glenroy substation p142-3, 149; supply to district p148-9, 179, 186-7; transmission lines p148. Epping p59, 109. Essendon p53, 59, 60-1, 64, 66, 75, 76, 77, 79, 86, 88-9, 94, 117, 118, 144, 146, 151, 205, 206. Essendon, electorate p154. Essendon, municipality of: annexation of Strathmore p76, 215-16; nightsoil controversy p99, 100; brick areas p120, 147, 148; 165, 207. Essendon Airport: established p153; taken over by Government p154; expansion p167, 171-2, 215-16; 76, 152, 165. Essendon Board Track (cycling) p165-6. Essendon-Broadmeadows Regional Library p207. ‘Essendon Gazette’ p119. Essendon Golf Club p117. Essendon Hill Estate p77.

Factors Ltd p195, 196. Fawkner (suburb): name, origins p24; (1880s, 1890s) subdivision p84-5, 90; (pre-World War One) housing p121; proposed tram p121; (1920s.1930s) subdivisions p145; electricity supply p148. Sylvania Estate p156; Mutton family p156; Ladies’ Welfare Committee p159; housing p163; quarrying controversy p166; (1940s, 1950s) Housing Commission at p174-5, 192-3, 200; industry p175; (1960s) library p191, 207; schools p192-3; Moomba Park p193, 213; swimming pool p202; street construction p204-5; 102-03, 112, 113, 116, 117, 125, 131, 176. Fawkner Cemetery (New Melbourne General) p24, 102-03, 204. Fawkner Street, Broadmeadows p9, 114, 226. First and Last Hotel, Fawkner p30. Flemington p31, 36, 55, 59, 75, 89, 112, 216. Ford Motor Company of Australia p188-9, 193, 199. Ancient Order of Foresters, see also halls; p63, 69, 73. Franklin Hotel, Broadmeadows p63, 226. Fraser Court, Jacana p200. Freehold Investment and Banking Company p91, 94, 95. Friendly Societies p63, 73.

Gas supply p116, 179, 186. Mount Gellibrand (Gellibrand’s Hill) p31, 44, 68, 69. Gellibrand National Park p23. Gemmell, Tuckett and Co. p81. General Land and Savings Company p81, 91. Gladstone Park: crown purchase p20; (1880s) ownership and speculation p86-7, 88; (pre-World War One) farm, described p108; (1950s, 1960s) Stanhill p194-6; Costain-Jennings p196, 198; 53, 80, 90, 210, 211, 217, 223. ‘Glen Allan’, Broadmeadows p108. Glenlitta Avenue p20. Glenroy: ‘Run’ p15; farm, described p79-81; (1880s) speculation, subdivision p79-82; railway station p79, 81; described p82; township p81, 84; Glenroy West, Chapman p81-2, 95; (1890s) effects of depression p91-6; State School p93-4, 117; cricket club p94, 95; (pre-World War One) land sales p110; description p116-8; Northern Golf Club p117-8; housing standards p118; water supply p85, 122; (World War One) land sales p142-3; electric sub-station p142-3, 148; war memorial p141; (1920s, 1930s) subdivisions p145; electricity supply p148-9; aerodrome p153-4; goods railway p155; progress association, campaign to move Shire Office p157-9, 172-3; description (1929) p162; Wiseman murders p163-4; (1940s, 1950s) A.N.A. estate p173-4; Housing Commission p179, 186-7, 200; shopping centre development p182, 215; housing p198; (1960s, 1970s) street construction p204; library p207; Morgan factory relocation p215; 22, 25, 47, 98, 112, 116, 142, 171, 187, 212. Glenroy, electorate p207, 221. Glenroy Board of Works p92-5. Glenroy Estate Company p82. Glenroy Land Company p81, 91. Glenroy Road p79, 94, 95. Glenroy Street p95. Godding’s Hollow p73, 226. Gold rushes, effects on district p30-5. B.F. Goodrich and Co. p193. Goulburn Street Reserve p202, 214. ‘Gowenbrae’, Bulla Road p195, 196, 215. Gowrie p20, 199. ‘Gowrie Park’ p20. Graham Street p187. ‘Grand View Park’, Oak Park p17-18, 21. ‘Greenhill’ p46. Greenvale: quarry p32; school p38; concert (1890s) p74-5; 41, 86, 88, 113, 121, 151, 167, 185. Greenvale Sanatorium p104-5. Greig and Murray, auctioneers p85.

Hackett Street, Broadmeadows p25, 224. Hadfield (suburb): subdivisions p173; housing p198; street construction p204-05; 146, 163, 218. Halls: Broadmeadows City Hall p158, 191, 205-06; Broadmeadows courthouse [Court House] (Westmeadows) p74, 158; Broadmeadows Road Board and Shire Office (Westmeadows) p51, 52, 55, 69, 99, 158, 226; Broadmeadows Shire Office p124, 157-8; Craigieburn p113-4, 124; Fawkner p156; Foresters Hall (Westmeadows) p69, 73, 98, 158, 225; Glenroy p81, 91, 93, 117. Health, see also Hospitals; doctors p1, 5, 66; Central Board of Health p66, 99; (1880s) appointment of Health Officers p66; epidemics p66; (1890s) nightsoil controversy p99-102; Department of Public Health p99-101; (pre-World War One) Greenvale Sanatorium p104-05; inebriate retreat, proposed p105; and State Schools p117; Merriang Shire Health Officer p123; (World War One) at Military Camp p134-9; influenza epidemic p141; (1950s to 1980s) infant centre p185, 191; Community Health Centre p191, 211-12, 213, 221. Hendricks Crescent, Jacana p200. Hibernian Australasian Catholic Benefit Society p63. ‘Hilton’, Glenroy p96, 110, 145, 153. Holyrood Street, North Essendon p77, 147. Hood Street, Strathmore p171. Hospitals: Broadmeadows, proposed p206, 212; Essendon p206; Melbourne (1890s) p100; Military, Glenroy p95; Military Camp p135; Preston and Northcote p206; Royal Children’s p219; Sacred Heart, Moreland p206. Hotels, see by name, licensing p54, 63, 114; hours p132, 133, 134; at Beveridge p113; at Broadmeadows township p25, 63, 69, 73, 74, 107, 114, 158, 226; at Campbellfield p30, 43, 105, 132; at Kalkallo p24; at Mickleham p44; at Somerton p43, 114; at Tullamarine p114; at Woodstock p114. Housing, see also Housing Commission; (1850s) p9; (1880s, 1890s) p70-1; Glenroy p81, 82, 92, 95-6, 142; (pre-World War One) Glenroy, criticised p118; (1920s) boom p144-5, 146, 148, 152, 156; brick areas p148, 165; standards p156, 167-8; (1930s) p162, 168; (post-World War Two) expansion p173-6, 182; A.N.A. estate p173-4; War Service Homes p174; statistics (1939, 1956) p188; (1950s, 1960s) Stanhill schemes p195-6; other projects p198-200; aircraft noise p210. Housing Commission p169-70, 174-202, 209-11, 217-18; announces district takeover p169, 176; area p176; Commission’s origins p170; first activity in district p174-5; plans and acquisition p175, 178-9, 189; and Royal Commission (1956) p180-2, 191, 209; shops p179, 181-2, 209-10; architecture p181, 209; social conditions p179, 180-2, 208-9; schools p182-3, 192-3; and Council p183, 185; street construction p183, 185-8; land sale to Ford p188-9; Barry Road works p188; and town centre p178-9, 181, 190-1, 209, 212; and industry p188-9, 193, 200; Stanhill p195; works and statistics (1949-81) p200; slowdown (1960s) p201-2; resumption p209; flats p209; black ban p210-11; Leisure Centre p215; new policies (1977-81) p217-18, 222. Hume Highway: see Sydney Road.

Industry: flour mills (1840s, 1850s) p23, 30, 35, 43; quarries p32, 44, 119, 156, 166, 219; bone mill, Broadmeadows (1860s) p44; (1920s, 1930s) factory, Strathmore p165; aviation and services p172; (post-World War Two) p175; zoning p175, 179; and Housing Commission p179; Ford p188-9; other industry p193, 200; at Glenroy p215; p144, 154-5. Infant Welfare Services p185, 191, 211.

Jacana: subdivided (1920s) p146; Albion-Jacana goods railway p155; Housing Commission development p200; p206, 207, 213, 216. Jika Jika: parish p14; sales p15-16; part included in Broadmeadows p53. Johnstone Street p217, 224. Jukes Road p192. Junction Hotel, Tullamarine p114.

Kalkallo, see also Rocky Water Holes; town p24-5; part of parish in Broadmeadows district p54; p19, 43. Keilor p36, 38, 88, 89, 155, 207. Keilor, electorate p221. Keilor, municipality of, p65, 66, 167, 197. Kenny Street, Broadmeadows p25, 226. Kensington p55, 73, 75. ‘Kerrsland’ p72, 80, 104. Kew p55. Kilburn Street p77. Kilmore p31, 59, 60, 123, 185. Kinlochewe p36. Konagaderra p13, 23.

Labour, see also Australian Labor Party: wages, salaries and conditions (1850s) p35; on Sydney Road p35, 41; (1860s) p48, 54, 55; (1870s) p64; (1880s) p66; (1890s) p87, 97; (1906) p105; (pre-World War One) on farms p107; other p120; as political force p98, 156. Land sales and subdivisions: Crown sales, Will Will Rook, Jika Jika (1838-40) p13, 14, 15-16; Tullamarine (1840s) p20; Doutta Galla (1840s) p23; Tullamarine, Will Will Rook (1850s) p24; Broadmeadows township p25; Mickleham, Yuroke p46. Other sales, subdivisions, Batman p11; J.P. Fawkner at Pascoe Vale (1840s) p15-19; Box Forest (1850s) p24; (1880s) Pascoe Vale p75-9; Glenroy p79-81, 82, 91; Glenroy West p81-2, 95; Fawkner p84-5, 90; Tullamarine p86-7; Campbellfield p90, 91; (pre-World War One) p106, 108-13, 116, 124, 145; (World War One) Glenroy p142; (1920s) p144-8, 156; (post-World War Two) p173, 176; (1950s) Housing Commission acquisition p177-8, 189; others p193, 194-6, 198, 199-200. Speculation: (1840s) p15-19, (1880s) p69, 75-87; (1890s) and effects of depression p88-95, 97, 102, 105-6; (1920s) p144-56, 159, 177-8; (1930s) effects of depression p160-1, 169; (1950s) p193, 194-7. Speculators, Campbellfield Land Company p90-1; Coburg and Campbellfield Land Company p85, 87, 90-1; Coburg and Somerton Junction Estate Company p85, 86; Coburg Reserve Estate Co. p84-5, 90; James Chapman p81-2; General Land and Savings Co. p81, 91; Lynch and McDonald p76-7; Somerton Park Land Co. p85; Stanhill p194-7. Larkin-Sopwith Aviation Company p153. ‘Lebanon’, Pascoe Vale p64. Leighton Constructions p193. Leisure Centre p215. Lend Lease Developments Pty Ltd p210. Liberal Party p207, 221. Library: proposed (1880s) p72; survey (1963) p190; Essendon-Broadmeadows Regional Library, Moonee Valley Regional Library p206-7; branch library, Fawkner p191, 207; Glenroy p207. Lighting, street: (1880s) Glenroy p92, 94; (1920s, 1930s) electric p159, cutbacks p160. Lincoln Road Terminus Estate p147. Livestock: (1860s) p50, (1870s) p63, (1908) p108, statistics (1881-1914) p112; proposed saleyard at Broadmeadows p86, 88-9, 154-5. Loch Crescent p77. Loder and Bayley p212. Lorne Street, Fawkner p84. Lorraine Crescent p200. Lutheran Church, Glenroy p162. Lynch and McDonald p76-7. Lynch Street p84, 116. Lyons Street, Broadmeadows p25.

‘Magdala’, p23-4. Magdala Estate p147-8. Mahoney’s Road p109, 216. ‘Manor House’, see also Meadowbank; p20, 161. Marlborough Street, Fawkner p84. J.J. Marr builders p179. Martin and King, factory at Somerton p193. Meadow Fair Shopping Centre p191, 210, 219. ‘Meadowbank’ p20. Meadowbank Estate p145, 146, 148, 160-1. Mechanics’ institute, proposed p72. Melbourne, in relationship to Broadmeadows, p37, 62, 75, 77, 88, 102, 116, 144, 151, 152-5. Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works [MMBW]: proposed p66; water scheme p122; supply to district p151; town planning p175; sewerage p185; creek works p214; p113, 126, 160, 198, 199. Melbourne City Council p103. Melbourne International Airport, see Tullamarine Airport. ‘Merai Farm’, Pascoe Vale p19, 76. Merlynston p85. Merlynston Creek p199. Merri Creek: as water supply p12, 113; p15, 85, 108, 109, 166, 175, 199. Shire of Merriang: amalgamates with Broadmeadows p123-4; statistics (1914) p123; p22, 108. Bureau of Meteorology p161. Methodists; as percentage of population (1861) p27; church, Campbellfield p113; at Military Camp p140; Wesleyan Methodist schools at Tullamarine, Mickleham p39, 41; Primitive Methodists p72. Mickleham district: p14, 22, 37, 62, 89, 151, 167, 185; parish p44, 45, 46, 55, 57; town and school p41, 44, 58; agricultural crisis (1860s) p50-1. Mickleham Hotel p44. Mickleham Road (Old Sydney Road), see also Pascoe Vale Road: deviation p224; p44, 48. Military Camp p125-41; established p126-7; criticisms of p132, 133-9; conditions at p129-30, 135-9; recreation p132, 140; ‘Truth’ riot p132-3; 2nd and 3rd contingents p133; illness at p135-9; troops transfer to Seymour p138; purchase by Government p139; role in rest of World War One p139-40; later uses p140; as unemployment camp p161-2; in World War Two p171; p110, 143, 146, 150, 153, 187, 225. Moe Shire Council p98. Moomba Park p193, 213. Moonee Ponds p31, 75, 144, 205. Moonee Ponds Creek: as water supply p12, 65-6, 101, 112-13; described (1850s) p31; bridges, floods p31, 35-6, 53-4; beautification (1970s) p214; effect of freeway p216; p9, 11, 15, 63, 69, 76, 80, 89, 108, 146, 165, 179, 213, 223. Moonee Valley Racecourse p112. Moonee Valley Regional Library p207. Morality: and cycling p105; and Military Camp p131-4. R.K. Morgan Pty Ltd p215. ‘Mornington Park’ p110, 127-8. Motor cars and traffic p105, 121, 144, 216-17. Mount Ridley p10, 13, 43, 56.

Nabisco p200. ‘Nairn’, Bulla p28. Napier Park p23, 147, 165. Napier Park Coursing Track p165. New Melbourne General Cemetery: see Cemeteries. Newmarket p73, 88, 89. Newmarket Saleyards p59, 86, 88, 154-5. Nightsoil: see Sewage and sewerage. North Essendon, see also Strathmore: p146-8, 153, 154, 159, 164-6, 167-8. North-Western Regional Council for Social Development p212, 213. Northern Golf Club: established p117-18; p79, 202.

Oak Park: origins p17; station p151; subdivisions p173; swimming pool p202; street construction p204; p198. Oaklands p116, 155. Oaklands Hunt Club p112.

Park Estate, Hadfield p173. Parnell’s Hotel, Mickleham p44. Pascoe Vale: foundation p16-20, 21; National School p39-40, 75; part included in Broadmeadows p53; (1880s) land sales p75-9; railway station p76, 89; (pre-World War One) housing p116; (1920s) progress association p157; (1960s, 1970s) and freeway p216; p23, 63-4, 99, 116, 146, 167, 173, 184. Pascoe Vale Road: as Old Sydney Road p19-20, 31, 61; toll gates p36, 65; bridge, Moonee Ponds Creek p53-4, 76; altered for railway p60; at Glenroy p92, 182; effects of freeway p216. ‘Pasture Hill’ p79. Payne’s Properties Ltd p193. Pentridge p15, 19, 34, 35, 39, 49. Plough Inn, Campbellfield p43. Ploughing matches p69, 71-2, 107-8. Plumpton Avenue, Glenroy p79, 162, 166. Police: (1850s) p1-8, 9; station, Kalkallo p24; station and lock-up, Broadmeadows township p51-2, 226; proposed district headquarters (1982) p221; p36, 74. Politics, Victoria, effects on district: Hon D. Kennedy p22; East Bourke disputed election (1874) p57-8; (1877-8) crisis p65; and railways p89, 142-3; East Bourke campaign (1890s) p98; C. and J. Mutton p156, 208; A.L.P. dominance p207-8; 1981 election p221. Population: (1857) Broadmeadows township p9; (1861) origins and religions p27, ages p48; (1881-1901) p69; (to 1901) Glenroy p92; (1870s-1914) p108, 116; (1914) p123; (1921-31) p145; (1946) p173; post-World War Two immigrants p176, 178; (1939, 1956) p188; (1954-81) p191, 192; (1961) p202; (1976) p213, 215. Port Melbourne p154. Port Phillip Association p11. Post offices: Broadmeadows p1, 43, 47, 69, 114-5, 158; Kalkallo p24; Mickleham p58; Military Camp p126; telegraph p62. Presbyterians p27-30, 38, 39, 40, 46, 72; Presbyterian Church, Broadmeadows p9, 28, 31, 72, 225; Scots Church, Campbellfield p29-30, 30, 113, 193; schools (Campbellfield) p29-30, 113; (Tullamarine Freeway Presbyterian) p38; (Yuroke – Chalmers) p38; (Tullamarine National) p39; (Broadmeadows National) p40. Preston p84, 206. Pretty Sally Hill p14, 32. Princess Street, Fawkner p84. Progress associations, see also Glenroy Board of Works: Broadmeadows p158, 210; Campbellfield p157; Fawkner and North Coburg p116; Glenroy p118, 122, 155, 157, 172; North Essendon p154, 157; North Essendon and South Broadmeadows p164-5, 167; Pascoe Vale p157; Strathmore p172; Tullamarine p157.

Quarries: Bulla p88; Campbellfield, clay p119, 219; Fawkner p166; Greenvale p32, 37; Pascoe Vale, sand p77; and Council by-laws p156. Queens Parade, Fawkner p84.

Radio p149. Railways: Albion-Jacana goods line, opened p155, Pascoe Vale bridge p216. Coburg-Fawkner-Upfield-Somerton line, opened to Coburg p75, 83; Coburg-Somerton campaign, opening p82-4; (1880s) effects on land speculation p85; (pre-World War One) reduced service to cemetery only p103, 110, 116; campaign to re-open p121-2; Coburg-Fawkner service restored p122; electrification proposed p122; (World War One) Fawkner-Somerton remains closed p130; (1920s) campaign to re-open p146; reopened, service p151-2; betterment tax p152, 160; (1950s) closed p188; electrification, reopening to Upfield p188; suburban service p199. North-Eastern (Broadmeadows) line, Melbourne to Essendon p59-61; extension survey and construction p59-62; opening and fares p61; (1880s) and land speculation p76-7; duplication p84; suburban service established p76, 77, 79, 81; (1890s) service cuts p94; (pre-World War One) p116; electrification proposed p122, 142-3; (World War One) special trains p128-9; (1920s, 1930s) electrification p151; service p151, 168; effect of goods line p159; (1950s to 1970s) proposed extensions p169, 202; vandalism p219. Proposed lines (1880s) Essendon-Bulla p86, 88; to Broadmeadows township p69; Flemington Bridge-Pascoe Vale p89; Newmarket-Keilor-Bulla p88-9. Stations: Beveridge p61; Broadmeadows p61, 62, 68, 81, 126-7, 151; Campbellfield p91; Coburg p103; Coolaroo (proposed) p202; Craigieburn p61, 62; Donnybrook p61; Fawkner p85, (moved) p103, 151; on Fawkner-Somerton line p152; Glenroy p79, 81, 151; Gowrie p199; Jacana p200; Merlynston p85; North Coburg p85; North Essendon (Strathmore) p151, 168; Oak Park p151; Oakfield Crossing (proposed) p66; Pascoe Vale p76-7, 89, 151; Upfield p188, 199. Recreation, see also Reserves, Library, Sports: (1850s) dancing p30; (1870s) Mutual Improvement Society p63; (1880s) picnics p72; balls p73; (1890s) concerts p74-5; (pre-World War One) A.N.A. Day picnic p115-6; camping p121; (1960s, 1970s) community centres p190; swimming pools and sports centres p202-3, 212, 213, 215. G.H. Reid and Sons p186-8. Reserves: Broadmeadows township p66, 73, 116, 226; Campbellfield (1909) p113; (1920s) in subdivisions p146; Napier Park p147; Council purchases p173; (1960s, 1970s) p202-3; Coolaroo, proposed p211, Town Park, proposed p212; Moomba Park p213; development of p214. Riddell Street, Broadmeadows p40. Riggall Street p162, 216. Roads (1830s, 1840s) p19-20; (1850s) p31-7; Central Roads Board formed p34-6; District Roads Board formed p36-7, 45-9; tolls p36, 54, 64-5; main works p46, 48; (1860s) p54; (1870s) affected by railways p60; expenditure on p64; (1880s) at Glenroy p81, 92, 94, 95; (pre-World War One) effects of cars p105; private street construction p116; Council attention to p118-19; Sydney Road tramway for heavy vehicles p119; Country Roads Board formed, first works p120-1; (1920s) street construction p159, 168, 172, 173; (1950s, 1960s) major street schemes p204-5, 213; proposed arterial roads p179; Housing Commission street construction p179, 183, 185-8; (1970s) overpasses, upgrading p216-17, 224. Robert Burns Hotel, Melbourne p4, 30. Rocky Water Holes, see also Kalkallo; p24-5, 34, 43. Roman Catholics: as percentage of population (1861) p27; at Somerton (1850s) p41; (1870s) friendly society p63; at Military Camp p140; church, Broadmeadows township p225; schools (Pascoe Vale 1855) p40; (St Vincent’s, Strathmore) p147; (Corpus Christi, Glenroy) p182; St Joseph’s foundling home p72, 104, 150. ‘Rosebank’, Strathmore, house and subdivision p147, 148. Royal Mail Hotel, Somerton p43. R.S.L. p185. Rubbish collection p159, 160, 171. ‘Ruthven’ p79.

Salvation Army Girls’ Home, Glenroy p95, 104. ‘Sawbridgeworth’, Glenroy p95-6. Schools, see also Education: (1840s, 1850s) p27, 29, 37-42; (1890s) p93-4; (1950s, 1960s) overcrowding p182-3, 202; facilities p202, 208; (1970s) design p213, 217. Bethel Primary School p217; Box Forest Church of England School p41; Broadmeadows Church of England School p27, 30, 40-1, 51; Broadmeadows National School p40-1, 49, 51; Broadmeadows State School p40, 63, 158. Broadmeadows High School p202. Broadmeadows Technical School p202. Broadmeadows East Primary School p182. Broadmeadows West Primary School p212. Broadmeadows West Technical School p202. Campbellfield, Scot’s Church School p29-30, 113. Campbellfield State School p113. Chalmers – see Yuroke. Fawkner High School p192-3, 202. Fawkner State School p116. Fawkner North State School p193. Glenroy, Corpus Christi Roman Catholic School p182. Glenroy High School p182. Glenroy State School p93-4, 117, 182. Glenroy Technical School p202. Glenroy North School p182. Greenvale State School p74. Greenvale – see also Yuroke. Kalkallo School p24. Meadow Fair North Primary School p213. Mickleham, Wesleyan School p41. Moomba Park State School p193. Pascoe Vale Church of England School p40. Pascoe Vale National School p39-40. Pascoe Vale Roman Catholic School p40. Pascoe Vale State School p202. Somerton National School p41. Strathmore High School p165. Strathmore State School p173. Strathmore, St Vincent’s Roman Catholic School p147. Tullamarine Free Presbyterian School p38, 39. Tullamarine National School p39, 41. Tullamarine – Timmer’s School p27. Tullamarine, Wesleyan Methodist School p39. Upfield High School p202. Westmeadows Primary School p40 – see also Broadmeadows State School. Westmeadows Heights Primary School p217. Yuroke Free Presbyterian School (Chalmers) p38 – see also Somerton. Scot’s Church: see Presbyterians. Scottish settlers p15, 20, 22, 23, 27-30, 38, 46-7. Sewage and sewerage: (1870s) as fertilizer p63-4; (1880s, 1890s) nightsoil controversy p66, 99-102; (post-World War Two) pan service p159, 171; sewerage p179, 185, 186. Shops and shopkeepers: Broadmeadows township (1850s) p1-9, 25, 47, (1870s) p62-3, (1880s) p9, (1912) p114-15; Campbellfield (pre-World War One) p113; Glenroy (1880s) p81, (1890s) p91, 94, 95, (post-World War Two) p182, 215; Kalkallo (1840s) p24-5; Military Camp (World War One) p134-5; Strathmore (1920s) p147; zoning p175; in Housing Commission estates p179, 181-2, 201; regional centres p209-10. Social conditions: (1840s) p22-3, (1850s) p1-9, (1880s) p70-1, (1920s) p146, (1950s) p180-2, (1970s) p190-3, 208-9, 212, 219-22. Somerton, see also Railways; (1850s) p35; school p41; (1860s) described p43; (World War One) p129; (1959) created ward of city p205; p85, 86, 113, 115, 151, 188, 202. Somerton Hotel p43, 49. Somerton Park Land Company p85. Somerton Road p185. South Melbourne p119. Sports: athletics, Easter Monday Sports p73, 115; coursing p165; cricket p66, 73, 94, 95, 113, 116; cycling p105, 165; football p73-4, 116; golf p117-8; horse racing p49; hunting p112; shinty p30; swimming p202-3; tennis p73; sports centres p212, 215. Shire of Springfield p124. St Agnes’s Girls Home p95. Mission of St James and St John p95-6. St Joseph’s Foundling Hospital p72, 104, 150. St Nicholas’s Boys Home p95. St Paul’s, St Matthew’s, see Church of England. St Vincent’s School, Strathmore p147. Stanhill group of companies p194-7, 198, 215. Stanley Street p95. State Electricity Commission [SEC] p148, 151, 187. Strange’s Garage, Glenroy p171. Strathmore, formerly North Essendon (see also): crown sales p23-4; included in Broadmeadows district p53; (1920s to 1940s) development p146-7; named p164-5; street construction p159, 172; severance moves p172-3; (1950s) Community Centre p190; housing and development p199-200; (1960s, 1970s) opposition to city hall project p205; annexed by Essendon p215-16, 217; effects of freeway p216. Strathmore Heights p199, 210, 216. Sunbury p113, 123. Sunset Boulevard, Jacana p213. Sunshine, municipality of, p211. Sydney Road (Hume Highway), see also Pascoe Vale Road (Old Sydney Road); route p19-20; gazetted p19; Sydney Road Board p19-20; (1850s) improvements p34-5; toll gates p36, 51, 61, 64-5; described p49, 60, 61-2; (pre-World War One) and access from Glenroy p94; cycle races p105; land sales at p108-9, 110; at Campbellfield p113; stone and steel heavy vehicle tramway p118-19, 120; (World War One) C.R.B. works p120, 131; (1920s) proposed electric tram p121-2; (1950s to 1970s) widening p113; traffic congestion p188, 216; p29, 30, 31, 85, 103, 129. Sylvania Estate p156.

Tawonga Street, Coolaroo p210. Telecom p161. Telegraph p62, 94. Telephone p105, 126. Thomastown p15, 109. Tiverton Park Estate, Glenroy p142, 144, 155. Toll gates p36, 54, 64-5. Town planning, see also Housing Commission; T.P. Commission p154-5; Town and Country Planning Board p169, 175; Shire of Broadmeadows Planning Scheme p175-6; M.M.B.W. role p175; p146, 147, 190. Tramways: (1880s) Preston-Fawkner, proposed p84; (pre-World War One) Sydney Road stone and steel, for heavy vehicles p119; Coburg-Fawkner electric, proposed p121-2; (1940s) Essendon airport electric p172. Tree planting p95, 117, 118. ‘Truth’ newspaper, in World War One p132-3. Tullamarine: (1840s, 1850s) crown sales p20, 24; schools p27, 38, 39, 41; part included in Broadmeadows p53; (1880s) land boom p86-7, 88-90; proposed railways p86, 88-9; (pre-World War One) reduction in hotels p114; (1920s) progress association p157; (1950s) land speculation, housing development p194-7; p98, 107, 151, 153, 155, 172, 197-8. Tullamarine Airport (Melbourne International): established p197-8; effects of p210; p152, 216. Tullamarine Freeway: construction p215-16; p76, 165.

Unemployment: (1890s) p97; (1930s) p159-62; unemployment camp p161-2; (1970s, 1980s) p215. United Disposal Services p219. Uniting Church, Westmeadows, see Presbyterians. Upfield p188, 199, 200. Utah Australia p186.

Vandalism, see also Youth; p219-221. Government of Victoria, see also Politics; Housing Commission; and local government (1850s) p36-7, 48; (1860s) p54; (1870s) p64-5; (pre-World War One) p120, 123; (1950s, 1960s) p192-3, 202-3, 206-7, 209, 211, 212-13; (1970s) p217-19; (1980s) p221-2; and railways p59-61, 83-4, 88-9, 121-2, 143-4, 151-2, 155; and depression (1930s) p159, 161-2. Victoria Hotel, Broadmeadows p6, 8, 49, 57, 63, 226. Victoria Street, Fawkner p84. Victorian Aero Club p153, 154. Wallan Wallan, see also Donnybrook and Wallan Wallan; p10, 36, 59, 60, 124, 157, 167, 184. Wars: (World War One) p95, 122, 125-41; war memorials p141, 225; (World War Two) p170, 171-3; war service homes p174. Water supply: creeks p68; dam, Broadmeadows p65-6, 85, 101; windmill p101; underground p110; supply schemes p112-13, 122, 149; lack of supply p116, 118, 143; to Military Camp p126, 150; M.M.B.W. supply p150-1, 179, 186, 187; reservoir, Dallas p150. Weeds, noxious p54, 68, 110, 202, 206, 212. Welfare, see also Depression, Infant welfare, Youth; (post-World War Two) surveys p190; home help p204; regional council established p212; Broadmeadows Welfare Advisory Committee p212, 219; p214-15. West Broadmeadows, see Broadmeadows township, Westmeadows. West Street, Hadfield p94. Westbreen p145, 175. Westmeadows, see Broadmeadows township; (1982) p223-6; p9, 79. Westmeadows Heights p200, 217. Westmeadows Tavern p226. Wheatsheaf Hotel p30,43, 49. Wheatsheaf Lane p85. Wheatsheaf Road p81, 95, 117, 182. Whittlesea p59, 185. Widford Road p79, 81, 92, 95. Will Will Rook: survey and sale p14-15, 20, 24; parish p22, 37, 44, 45-6; representatives on Council p47; agriculture in 1860s, p50. Will Will Rook Cemetery p47, 79, 97, 134, 213-14. ‘Willowbank’ p195, 226. Windsor Avenue, North Essendon p77, 147. Wiseman House p96. Women’s Political Association of Victoria p133. Women’s suffrage p98. Woodland Street p23, 53, 146, 147, 148, 165, 171. ‘Woodlands’ p6, 22-3, 37, 112, 194, 196. Woodlands Estate, proposed p195-7. Woodstock p57. Woodstock District Road Board p48.

Yakka p193. Yan Yean p59-60. Young Queen Inn, Pascoe Vale p17, 31, 75. Youth: (1950s to 1980s) in Commission estates p181; educational facilities p182-3; Broadmeadows Youth Advisory Council and research committee p190, 203; Youth Liaison Officer appointed p204; youth unemployment p215; clubs p218; violence p219-21; p202-4. Yuroke: (1830s, 1840s) occupation and survey p13, 14; (1850s) p32; parish, representatives on Road Board p37, 44-7; Free Presbyterian school p38, 42; National School p41; (1860s) agriculture statistics p49-51; changes in Road Board boundaries p54; p55, 62, 72, 151, 185. Yuroke Creek p209.

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