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Main Title: Broadmeadows : A forgotten history. / Andrew Lemon.
Author: Lemon, Andrew, 1949-
Imprint: West Melbourne, Vic. : City of Broadmeadows in conjunction with Hargreen Publishing Company, 1982.
Collation: 25 cm. 257 p. : ill., bib., index, hbk ;
Subject: Suburbs of Melbourne (Vic.)
General histories
Essendon Airport.
Broadmeadows (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Pascoe Vale (Vic.)
Glenroy (Vic.)
Gladstone Park (Vic.)
Tullamarine (Vic.)
Strathmore (Vic.)
Fawkner (Vic.)
Campbellfield (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Somerton (Vic.)
Greenvale (Vic.)
Yuroke (Vic.)
Mickleham (Vic.)
Essendon (Vic.)
ISBN: 0949905100 :
In the Melbourne mind, Broadmeadows is a new suburb. The Housing Commission of Victoria acquired 5,000 acres of land in the 1950s to build a model city, and Broadmeadows has been grappling with the problems ever since. In the process, the history of Broadmeadows has been forgotten. Yet the district was among the earliest settled parts of Victoria, and it has had a continuous municipal history of 125 years. J.P. Fawkner, one of the founders of Melbourne, tried in vain to promote an English yeoman village in the district. He was the first in a long line of land speculators, from G.W. Taylor to the Glenroy Estate Company in the 1880s, stretching on to Stanley Korman’s ill-fated Stanhill developments in the 1950s. While the paper-money fortunes came and went, the agricultural life of the district persisted – keenly observed in this book – and the suburbs of Melbourne crept slowly towards Broadmeadows. The story encompasses the rise and fall of the old Broadmeadows township at Westmeadows, the dominance of the Scottish settlers at Campbellfield, mansions at Glenroy, suburban railways won by the speculators, the controversial early years of the Military Camp which made Broadmeadows a household word in the First World War. Then, in its recent history, into Broadmeadows have poured the town planners and sociologists. Yet, in the vast public housing programme, construction has always run ahead of ideas. The Broadmeadows district, and so this book, has included a substantial area north-west of Melbourne, including Pascoe Vale, Glenroy, Chadstone Park, Tullamarine, Strathmore, Essendon Airport, Fawkner, Campbellfield, Somerton, Greenvale, Yuroke and Mickleham.

Acknowledgements v. Introduction xi. Conversions xiv. Prologue: Broadmeadows, 1857 p1. 1. 1824 to 1857: A place called Broadmeadows, somewhere in this district p10. 2. 1857 to 1882: A country season p43. 3. 1882 to 1888: A capital place for a profit p68. 4. 1889 to 1907: A serious state of affairs p88. 5. 1907 to 1916: The far-famed and long well known Broadmeadows district p107 6. World War One: Broadmeadows – the last part of Australia p125. 7. 1916 to 1939: The Broadmeadows answer p142. 8. 1940 to 1956: A place full of strangers p169. 9. 1956 to 1982: ‘Ongoing Frameworks’ p190. Epilogue: Westmeadows, 1982 p223. Appendix: Broadmeadows district: list of original purchasers of Crown Land: parishes of Jika Jika; Doutta Galla; Tullamarine; Will Will Rook; Yuroke and Mickleham p227. Notes and sources p229. Index p245.

Map: the main roads north of Melbourne, 1850s p2. Map: the original Broadmeadows township p4. Police lock-up, 1859: Old Broadmeadows p6. Map: Will Will Rook Parish p12. Gibb’s ‘Meadowbank’ 1850 (The Manor House) p18. Gowrie Park homestead p18. Map: Strathmore and Pascoe Vale: subdivisions in the 1840s p21. Charcoal drawing: St Paul’s Church of England, old Broadmeadows p26. Scots Church, Campbellfield p28. Land parishes and original purchasers of Crown Land in the Broadmeadows district p33. Relic of homestead, near Oaklands p36. Tullamarine State School 2613, 1872 version p39. Bluestone Parnell’s Inn, Mickleham p45. Will Will Rook Cemetery p47. First permanent municipal offices in Broadmeadows, Ardlie Street p52. Bluestone bridge built 1869, Ardlie Street p53. Frederick Race Godfrey (etching) p56. A steam train of the later era (1920s) makes its way up the Glenroy incline on the North-Eastern Line p61. The beauties of the Merri Creek at Craigieburn (etching) 1877 p62. The township of Broadmeadows, 1920s p70. Sale notice: Glenroy Farm and adjoining properties 1874 p78. Sale notice: Glenroy, the Toorak of the North 1888 p80. Map: from Fawkner to Craigieburn: lands in the hands of the big speculators, late 1880s p83. Land boom advertisement: Coburg and Campbellfield Land Company p84. The mansion ‘Waverley’, Glenroy p90. The Assistant Station Master’s cottage, Tudor Street, Glenroy, late 1880s p92. Aerial photo with Salisbury Street, Glenroy in foreground, c1945 p93. Sawbridgeworth (now Wiseman House), Widford Road p96. Broad Meadows: ‘ripening sunbeams’ at Oak Park 1903 p100. Greenvale Sanitorium (later site of Greenvale Geriatric Centre) p103. Sale notice: land subdivision at Fawkner 1910 [Campbellfield] p109. Sale notice: farms on Pascoe Vale Road [Campbell land] 1912 p111. Broadmeadows township c1915 p114. Broadmeadows jubilee 1908 p115. The Military Camp 1914: camp kitchen p128. Governor-General arrives to inspect the Camp p130. Breaking camp, for departure to the Front p131. The ‘Truth’ riot, 1914 and the story that sparked it p132. Rev. Robert Thomson walks Miss Annie Wiseman home from church 1918, looking north along Blenheim Street p140. War memorial, 1920, in Wheatsheaf Road, Glenroy p141. Sale notice: Tiverton Park, Glenroy 1916 p143. Messrs Benallack and Jack Proudfoot carting water to householders in 1917 p149. Electrification work in progress on the Broadmeadows railway line 1920 p150. Fawkner to Somerton railway 1928 p152. Officers and councillors of the Shire of Broadmeadows 1935: W. Graham; F.W.B. Olsen; A. Cumming; R. Anderson; C. Cook; A.T.C. Cook; J.A. Laffan; F.J. Walters; A. Cameron; E.E. Warry; R. Hadfield; W.H. Henshall; W. Lockhart; P.A. Wedding; W.H. Poole; C. Mutton; A.W. Millar; F.W. Trethowan; C.W.L. Gibson p157. Aerial photo of house where Miss Annie Wiseman and her niece Phyllis Wiseman were murdered p163. St Matthew’s Church of England Glenroy, group photo 1947 p170. Aerial photo of subdivision of Oak Park property, west of Pascoe Vale Road, building activity April 1954 p174. Housing Commission’s master plan for proposed Broadmeadows Estate 1951 p178. Aerial view of Glenroy 1954 p180. Aerial view looking north-east to the country of Glenroy and Hadfield 1954 p184.

SURNAMES / FAMILY names from the index:
Abbott. Adams. Akers. Anderson. Andrews. Angel. Ansell. Ansett. Argyle. Ashurst. Aylett. Bailliere. Baker. Barber and Lowe. Barry. Batman. Benallack. Bent. Berridge. Berry. Bessell. Bethel. Bethell. Black. Blanche. Bloomfield. Blundell. Bolte. Boxall. Brandt. Brewster. Briggs. Brodie. Brooks. Brown. Bryan. Bryant. Buller. Buntine. Bunting. Burke. Burns. Butler. Buzzard. Caffin. Cain. Cairns. Calwell. Cameron. Campbell. Canning. Cargill. Case. Cash. Chadwick. Chapman. Childers. Clapp. Clarke. Cleak. Clyde. Coad. Cochrane. Cock. Colclough. Coleman. Conelly. Conley. Consiglio. Cook. Cooper. Couser. Coutts. Cowan. Crabb. Crinnion. Croker. Crotty. Crutchfield. Culpin. Cumming. Dana. Dancocks. Daniells. Darmody. Darvall. Davey. Davey and Almy. Davies. De Garis. Deakin. Dean. Denzil. Dickenson. Dillon. Dossitor. Dumais. Edelsten. Edgar. Edis. Edwards. Elkin. English. Ericsson. Fawkner. Flannigan. Flint. Gage. Gavin. Geddes. Gemmell, Tuckett and Co. Gibb. Gibson. Gilbert. Gillies. Gilmore. Gilmour. Gladstone. Glazebrook. Glennon. Godfrey. Goodrich. Gore. Gourlay. Gozdzik. Graham. Grech. Green. Greene. Greig and Murray. Grundy. Gunn. Hadfield. Hain. Hales. Hall. Hamer. Hannon. Hargraves. Harper. Harris. Hart. Hartmann. Hatty. Hawkins. Hayes. Henshall. Higinbotham. Hindley. Hoddle. Hogan. Holland. Holmes. Hooper. Hosking. Hovell. Howard. Howden. Howes. Howitt. Hughes. Hume. Hyland. Jackson. Jennings. Jensen. Johnson. Johnston. Jones. Joseph. Kane. Keighran. Kennedy. Kennett. Kenyon. Keogh. Kernan. Kerr. Kilburn. King. Kingshott. Knox. Korman. Laffan. Laing. Landeryou. Lane. Lang. Langford. Langhorne. Larkin – Sopwith. Laurence. Lavars. Lawrence. Leach. Legge. Levin. Link. Lockhart. Loder and Bayley. Loeman. Logan. Long. Loxton. Lynch. Lynch and McDonald. Lyons. McArthur. McBain. McCallum. McCarthy. McCormack. McCracken. McCrae. McCulloch. McCutcheon. McDonald. McGillivray. McGregor. McIntosh. McIver. Mackay. McKendrick. McKenzie. McKerchar. McKillop. McKnight. McLean. McPherson. Maconochie. Main. Malcolm. Marr. Marsh. Martin and King. Mathews. Meagher. Meaker. Millar. Mills. Mirams. Mitchell. Moir. Moody. Morgan. Morris. Mortimer. Morton. Moss. Mott. Mowbray. Mullany. Munro. Muntz. Murphy. Murray. Musgrove. Mutton. Napier. Nott. O’Connor. Olsen. Orlebar. O’Shannessay. Palmer. Parnell. Partridge. Patullo. Payne. Peacock. Pearce. Pearson. Peck. Perry. Pettett. Petty. Poole. Porter. Postlethwaite. Proudfoot. Pullar. Quelch. Raeke. Ramsay. Rayner. Reid. Rentoul. Reynolds. Richards. Roberts. Robertson. Robinson. Rodda. Rogers. Roper. Russell. Ryrie. Sample. Sasse. Scott. Seabrook. Seeth. Shankland. Shaw. Shepherd. Shortell. Sidebottom. Small. Smiley. Smith. Somerville. Speight. Stafford. Stawell. Steele. Stevenson. Stoneham. Strange. Stuart. Swinburne. Tartaglia. Taylor. Tenniel. Theophanous. Thomas. Thompson. Thomson. Toner. Toogood. Townsend. Trainer. Trethowan. Trimmer. Trotman. Turner. Twomey. Vidler. Wallace. Walters. Ward. Warry. Watson. Watt. Welsh. Westcott. Weston. Whitlam. Whitworth. Wilkinson. Williams. Williamson. Wilson. Wilton. Winwood. Wiseman. Yianoulatas. Youlton. Young.

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