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Main Title: Box Hill. / Andrew Lemon.
Author: Lemon, Andrew, 1949-
Year: 1978.
Collation: ill., portraits, bib., index, hbk ; 25 cm. 270 p. :
Subject: General histories
Suburbs of Melbourne (Vic.)
Box Hill (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Burwood (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Surrey Hills (Vic.)
Box Hill (Vic. : City) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
ISBN: 0850910641 :
This book was commissioned by the Box Hill City Council as part of the Golden Jubilee celebrations. It covers both the familiar and unfamiliar in the City’s history. It is not just a collection of anecdotes and reminiscences. It looks at Box Hill as it grew from a rural backwater to a country town amid farms and orchards, then to an outer suburb, and then to – almost – an inner suburb. It looks at Box Hill in its days of rural depression in the 1860s, in the land boom of the 1880s when speculators carved up the farms into building blocks, and in the resulting collapse in the 1890s. And it looks at Box Hill in the hard and sometimes bitter days of two world wars and the Depression, in the sad times and the fun times. It looks at the days when the White Horse statue stood over a pub door and when Tait’s corner was the Railway Hotel, and explains how, why and when Box Hill became a ‘dry’ suburb. It looks at politics, councils, organizations – and at the people of Box Hill. The book has paid equal attention to the twentieth century and the nineteenth, and with the many fascinating photos its author is confident that there is something for everyone to enjoy reading about.

Foreword / Stanley Gordon Dewar, Mayor vii. Preface ix. Note on currency, measures and spelling xiii. Chapter 1: 1837-1859 p1. Chapter 2: The 1860s p28. Chapter 3: 1870-1881 p51. Chapter 4: 1882-1888 p71. Chapter 5: 1889-1899 p91. Chapter 6: 1900-1914 p113. Chapter 7: 1914-1927 p134. Chapter 8: 1928-1945 p157. Chapter 9: 1946-1960 p181. Chapter 10: 1961-1977 p206. Appendix 1: Members of Council, in order of election p229. Appendix 2: City of Box Hill Civic Award p233. Notes p234. Notes on sources p253. Index p257.

View of Box Hill about 1905 ii. Stanley Gordon Dewar, Mayor vii. Map showing the western portion of the Parish of Nunawading 1837-50 (drawn by the author) p5. Arundel Wrighte p9. Robert Sutton’s forge and house p12. Woodhouse Grove Chapel p16. William Ellingworth’s house (shortly before demolition, 1956) p19. Robert Blood’s cottage (dates from about 1854) p23. Map of south-west portion of Parish of Nunawading, lithograph 18 January 1853 p25. William Clisby and pupils stand in front of State School no. 463, south-west corner Middleborough Road and Whitehorse Road p36. Clisby’s electoral office, south-west corner White Horse Road and Station Street p44. Aspinall family at home, 1871 p55. White Horse Road, late 1870s p60. Map showing the western half of the Parish of Nunawading (now constituting the City of Box Hill) 1851-1879 p65. The Talbett family pause from fruit picking, 1880s p77. White Horse Road, about 1883 p81. George Sim’s ‘Albion’ 1886 (house) p86. ‘Banff’, about 1891, later used as Banff Ladies’ College p94. Edward Bishop lays the foundation stone, Shire Hall, 1899; north-west corner of Station Street and Cambridge Street; in centre of photo from left to right: E. Bishop; William Ellingworth; Alfred Rawlings p98. Shire Hall: the finished product p102. Box Hill Band, 1890s: near the former railway footbridge at the Cemetery p106. Payne and Boyland’s brand new shop, north-east corner Station Street and Whitehorse Road, 1899 p111. Box Hill Football Club and hangers-on, 1903: Sam Pope, E.F.G. Hodges, Stephen Sweetman, Tom Ritchie, George Richardson, Tom Swindon, - McClellan, Ted Willis, J.R. Kefford, - Goodall, Jack Bishop, Constable Selwood, Ted Williams, R.A. Garrett, Dick Downes, A. Johnstone, Ed Britnell, Jim Semple, Charles Timms, Bob Strahan, Dave Jones, Edwin Rawlings, George Murray, Pat Garner, George Morton, Ed Richards, Fred Bright, G. Strahan, Jack Young, - Barber, Alf Wilson, Toby Macheter, Peter Richie, G. Garrett (Captain), Oscar Walmsley, Jack Barber p116. Box Hill Market about 1905 p120. Box Hill Railway Station, about 1909, looking east p124. Box Hill Station, Main Street after the new north platform was built, 1912 p128. Carnival at the Surrey Dive p132. Railway gates at Box Hill, First World War p138. Unveiling the War Memorial, 1922 p143. Prime Minister S.M. Bruce at the celebrations from the inauguration of the City of Box Hill, 1927 p147. The Mayor (J.R. Ellingworth), Town Clerk (J.R. Kefford) and first councillors of the City of Box Hill, 1927 p153. Election advertisement: Robert Gordon Menzies for the Legislative Council, from the Reporter, 1 June 1926 p160. Whitehorse Road, south side, 1936 p163. The White Horse Hotel, shortly before demolition, 1934 p166. Station Street, late 1930s p169. Miss Thelma Crump demonstrates cookery on the latest gas stoves: Colonial Gas Association’s new showrooms, 1936 p171. Election advertisement: Mrs Clarence Weber for the Legislative Assembly, from the Reporter 10 September 1937 p174. Opening of the bowling season, September 1947 at the Box Hill Bowling Club, Watts Street p187. Debutantes in a low curtsy, Centenary Ball, Box Hill Town Hall 1957 p193. Box Hill Football Club Captain E. Mihan leads out the Club’s first Association team, 21 April 1951 p199. The Mayor, Mayoress, Town Clerk and friends depart from the Town Hall by Cobb and Co. coach: City of Box Hill Golden Jubilee, 28 April 1977 p216. Portrait of the author, Andrew Lemon, and biographical notes (back cover slip).

Louis Abrahams. Joseph Ainger. – Aisbett. Alexander Allan. Muriel Allen. J.K. Archer. Norman Armstrong. Aspinall family. Eliza Grace Aspinall. Jane Aspinall. Joseph Aspinall. Joseph W. Aspinall. Squire Aspinall. Henry J. Baker. William Baker (timber cutter). William Baker (school teacher). James Balfour. Frank Bamford. Sir Henry Barkly. Reg Barlow. M. Barrowclough. W.L. Bassett. R. Bate. John Batman. Leonard Bayley. J.J. Bayly. Doug Beasey. H.S. Beattie. Frank Beaurepaire. Thomas Beavis. Charles Bedford. Peter Behrendt. Robert Bell. Bennett families. Edward Bennett. George Bennett. Mrs George Bennett. John Bennett. Sarah Bennett. William Bennett senior. Sir Thomas Bent. Thomas Berney. Sarah Bernhardt. Sir Graham Berry. Nathaniel Berry. Sister Best. Sir Robert Best. John James Rainbow Bignell. C. Philip Billot. Edward Bishop. Maria Bishop. Tom Bishop. George Blackburne. William Blanksby. George Blood senior. George Blood junior. Mary Blood. Robert Blood. Thomas Blood. Pierce Boardman. Sir Henry Bolte. James Bonwick. Superintendent Bookey. Dr Booth. Sir Richard Bourke. Ella Boyland (nee Mates). William J. Boyland. David Boyle. Dr Bragge. Patrick Brennan. Belle Brewer. Bertha L. Brewer. D. Brewster. Henry Bride. George and Thomas Bright. Miss I. Broadbent. Alan Broadhead. John Brooke-Little. Brookes family. Walter Brookes. Arthur ‘Empire’ Brooks. Sir Dallas Brooks. Robert Brooks. Alan Brooksbank. Don Brown. Dudley Brown. Edwin Brown. Thomas Brown. Sydney Browning. Lord S.M. Bruce. William Bryson. Ernest Buckmaster. Charles Burrel. Thomas Burrows. John Cain. – Cairncross. Ian Cameron. – Campbell. A.S. Campbell. H.C. Campbell. C.C. Cannam. Rev R.S. Carson. Percy Cerutty. Randall Champion. W. Champion. J.H. Charles. Alwyn Charlesworth. Mrs Cherry. Mrs Christie. David Christie. H.O. Christie. Andrew Clark. Lindesay Clark. Arthur Clarke. Walter Clarke. John Clayton. Patrick Cleary. Samuel Clement. Miss Clevland. Frances Clisby. William Clisby. L.W. Coates. George Cockroft. H.J. Reginald Cole. A.W. Coles. Sir Edgar Coles. Samuel Collier. Ellis Collings. Mrs R. Collins. J.H. Connell. Adrienne Cook. Sydney Cooke. Frank Cornell. Charles Cox. Dr Walter Craig. Hector Crawford. Stephen Creek. J.B. Crews. John Crimp. Thomas Cropper. Edward Crossman. Thelma Crump. – Cummings. S.B. Cumpston. A. Bruce Currey. – Cutts. Angelo D’Agostino. J.R. Daley. John Dane. E.H. Daniels. Jessie Dannock. William Darke. Rev Frederick Darling. Sir Matthew Davies. Herbert Davis. Thomas Davison. Dr Cunningham Dax. Sir Rohan Delacombe. Denis Delany. Patrick Delany. Dempsey family. Stanley G. Dewar. Dr William Dickinson. W. Roy Dimmock. Mounted Constable Douglas. Rev Daniel Draper. Mrs Daniel Draper. Peter Drummond. Charles Gavan Duffy. Albert Dunstan. A. Dyce. Edward Dyer. Sir Clifden Eager. A.A.L. Eberbach. Gary Eddy. Ruth Edgar. P. Edgecumbe. R. Campbell Edwards. Henry Elgar. Queen Elizabeth II. Clifford Ellingworth. Ernest Ellingworth. John Ellingworth. John R. Ellingworth. Mary Ellingworth. Rose Ellingworth. William H. Garibaldi Ellingworth. William Ellingworth. William Elsum. Widge Emerton. James England. George Evans. – Eyton. James Farmer. John P. Fawkner. – Feehan (Feean). Orlando Fenwick. John Fergusson. Benjamin Fink. James Cowley Morgan Fisher. Rev W.H. Fitchett. Fithie family. Mounted Constable Fitzgerald. Tom Fitzgerald. Rev Lionel Fletcher. William Fletcher. F.L. Flint. Henry Foot. Lady Foster. William French. Thomas Fulton. Garde family. John Gardiner. Henry Garrett. Mrs Henry Garrett. Miss Garside. Gatter family. Frank Gatter. George Gatter. John S. Gawler. William Gay. Inspector of Schools Geary. Thomas Gilbertson. Andrew Gilmour. Sir George Gipps. Ron Gleghorn. Vida Goldstein. General Gordon. Andrew Gould. Frederick Goyder. – Graham. Thomas Grant. Mr and Mrs John Gray. Robert Gray. Bob Green. Rev William Green. Edmund Wilson Greenwood. Kingsley Greenwood. P. Griffin. Frank Gromann. Richard Guthridge. Charles Hackett. Rev F.A. Hagenauer. Mark Halkyard. Jack Hallerin. Thomas Ham. R.J. Hamer. Edward Hammond. – Hansen. Harbour family. George Harker. Robert Harper. A.W. Harston. H.H. Hatfield. R.G. Hatfield. William Haughton. Constable Hayes. Alfred Hayes. Thomas Heppell. – Herbert. Sergeant Hickey. Mr and Mrs Higgins. Mrs W. Highett. Joseph Hill. Ray Hill. Henry Hilton. Richard Hoddle. Howard Hodgens. E. Frederick G. Hodges. John Hogan. Grace Holder. Inspector of Schools Holland. Edward J. Holloway. Esther Hone. Job Hone. George Horkings. Nicholas Horne. W.G. Hosie. Rev A.S. Houston. David Houston. Max Howden. W.M. Hughes. Lord Huntingdale. Richard Hurry. Charles Husband. Joshua Ingamells. Richard Ireland. William Irwin. Lola Jackson. Captain Jacobs. John Jago. Mrs James. E.H. ‘Jim’ James. John James. Alan Jarman. Frank Jeffrey. – Jennings. Doug Johnson. Andrew Johnstone. John Jordan. E. Kaiser. Benjamin Kane. F. Katz. Patrick Kearney. John R. Kefford. Dr W. Kemp. – Kennedy. Sir Wilfred Kent Hughes. Ignatius Keogh. John Keogh. – Kerford. Frederick W. Kerr. William Kerr. John Keys. George King. Irene King. Maurice King. Lieutenant Roy King. William Knox. Aubrey Lancaster. Tom and K. Lancaster. H.M. Lanyon. Charles J. La Trobe. Florence Lavers. Thomas Lavidge. Ben Lawford. Tom Lawford. William Lawford. Charles Lawrence. Kevin Lear. Denis Leary (O’Leary). Marianne Leech: see Marianne Rodgerson. P.C. Leigh. R.F. Leigh. Percy Lemon. Frederick Lenke. A. Lewis. Professor Brian Lewis. H.C. Lewis. – Linakre. Thomas Linsley. John and William Little. Edward Lloyd. – Longmore. Captain William Lonsdale. William Lovering. William Loxton. E.O. Lundgren. James McAlpine. Rev Alex McCallum. Rev W. McCook. Patrick McCormack. John McCracken. Leslie McCredden. Frederick McCubbin. Dr McDermott. J.D. MacDonald. Charles McDowall. John McGlone. John, Margaret and Peter Macgregor. Mrs MacIntyre. Duncan MacIntyre. John McIntyre. Kenneth G. McIntyre. Richard Mackay. Rt Rev John Mackenzie. Don Mackinnon. Ian McLaren. Arch McPhee. Sir Frank Madden. Fr J.J. Madden. John Mahoney. Dr Will Maloney. Archbishop Mannix. Tom Mann. Dr Martin. Ella Mates: see also Ella Boyland. Maud Mates. Thomas Mates. Alan Mawson. Mayne family. Alexander Mayne. Annie Meader. William Meader. Ray Meagher. Ralph Mendonca. Sir Robert G. Menzies. Mrs E.D. Middleton. Frederick Miller. Henry Miller. – Morgan. Bernard Morris. Thomas R.B. Morton. Malcolm Muir. – Mulligan. Essie Mulligan. Charles Mullins. Alexander and Patrick Murphy. Mrs John Murphy. Sam Murphy. Peter Nettleton. Mrs A.J. Newton. O.B. Norman. Thomas Nutt. Gavan Oakley. Oates family. Thomas O’Brien. T.J. O’Brien. Michael O’Grady. Mr and Mrs Eugene O’Keefe. O’Regan family. Sir John O’Shanassay. Alfred Padgham. George Padgham. Silas Padgham. Mrs Silas Padgham. Cornelius Palling. Dr (Sir) Frederick James Palmer. F. Parer. Theophile. Paris. Stan Parker. Mrs Patten. John Patterson. Nellie M. Patterson. Robert Patterson. C. Payne. Sir Alexander Peacock. Eric Pearce. J.G. Penson. Rev Pentland. Alfred Petherick. Petty family. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Esther Poelman. Billy Pope. Samuel Pope. Ian Port. Les Proud. Alexander Proudfoot. James Proudfoot. John Purcell. Mounted Constable Philip Purcell. Chips Rafferty. J. Rafferty. John Ragg. Rev Thomas Raston. J.T. Raw. Alfred Rawlings. Murray Rawlings. Walter Redman. Sir George Reid. Norman Reid. Keith Remington. Eric Reu. Dr Ben Richards. W.J. Richards. Doug Ring. Tom Roberts. – Robertson. Albert Robertson. D. Claude Robertson. Jean Robinson. Jessie Robinson. Iris Roderick. Rodgerson family. Marianne Rodgerson. William Rodgerson. – Rossiter. Normie Rowe. Major St John. John Sampson. Sydney Sampson. Jacob Schneider. Pastor Max Schramm. Augustus Schwerkolt. C.E. Scott. Henry B. Scott. Leslie Scott. Warwick Selvey. Mrs Sergeant. John Sergeant. Robert Sergeant. Stewart Sergeant. Serpell family. Miss Serpell. Alfred Serpell senior. Alfred Serpell junior. James Shanley. Bruce Shaw. – Shelton. Dr James Shilliday. Malcolm Shineberg. Reg Shineberg. Shintaro Shibuya. Catherine Sim. George Sim. Simpson family. Ann Sinden. Luke Sinden. William H. Slater. – Slatterie. Edward Smith. G.P. Smith. Jessie Lavinia Smith. Dr L.L. Smith. O.H. Smith. R.M. Smith. Tennyson Smith. W.H. Smith. Ivan Southall. Reginald H.L. Sparks. Dr Sparling. Rev Arthur R. Stephenson. Mrs Arthur Stephenson. Stuart Stephenson. Will Stewart. Sir Arthur Streeton. Rev E.H. Strugnell. Stutt family. Archbishop Stylianos. Dr Sutherland. Robert Sutton. Mrs Robert Sutton. Robert A. Sutton. Stephen Sweetland. D. Sweetman. Thomas Sweetman. George Swinburne. Nicholas Tadich. Frank Tate. Misses Taylor. C.F. Taylor. John Henry Taylor. I.W. Taysom. Mrs Thomas. John Thompson. Paul Thompson. Rodney Thompson. Toogood family. Edith Toogood. Thomas Toogood. John Toon senior. John Toon junior. H.C. Tope. Inspector of Schools Topp. Ford Towt. Patrick Trainor. William Trantor. Marshall Tweedie. Frederick Unwin. Frances Upton: see Frances Wrighte. Dr Alfred Vaughan. John Veale. Edward Vernon. Mr and Mrs John Vickery. Queen Victoria. C.F. Walker. W.F. Walker. Andrew N. Walls. John Walls. William Watchorn. Ron Watkins. Major the Rev E.L. Watson. Clarence Weber. Ivy Lavinia Weber. Wedge family. Mrs Welch. James Wells. L.D. Wells. R.F. Whately. Eva Wheeler. Mrs J. White. Mrs A.A. Whitham. Charles Williams. John Williams. Morris Williams. Rev Thomas Williams. Andrew Wilson. Colonel A.R.L. Wiltshire. Sir Henry Winneke. Alfred Wiseman and brothers. William Witt. – Wood. Rev William Wood. Mr and Mrs Wright. George Wright. George F. Wright. Wrighte family. Arundel Wrighte. Frances Wrighte. Mrs George Yandell. Silas Yeomans. William Yeomans. David Youl. William Young.

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Abattoir, Municipal. Aborigines. Adams and McKenzie. ‘The Age’ newspaper. Agricultural Show. Agriculture. Ainger and Payne. Air raid precautions. Albion Road. ‘Alfred Oval’ (proposed park). Alkira (centre for retarded and spastic children). Allan’s School. Allison Street. America, influence of. Anglers’ Club. Anti-Liquor League. Anzac Day. ANZ Bank. Apex Club. Arbor Day. Artists’ Camp. ‘The Artists’ Camp’ (painting). Ashburton. Ashley Hall. Ashted Road. Asquith Street. Australian Brick and Tessellated Tile Company. Australian Council for Civil Liberties. Australian Freedom League. Australian General Electric. Australian Imperial Force, 1st; 2nd. Australian Labor Party: see Labor Party. Australian Light Horse Regiment, Box Hill Troop: see Box Hill Light Horse Troop. Australian Natives Association (ANA). Australian Women’s National League. Baby Health Centre. Ballet Club. Ballyshanassy, see also Burwood. Ballyshanassy Road, see also Burwood Highway (Road). Balwyn. Balwyn Road. Bamford’s Timber Yard. Band of Hope. Bands: Box Hill Band; Box Hill Military Band; Box Hill Temperance Brass Band; Jack Hallerin’s Dance Band; The Matadors; Nunawading District Brass Band; Widge Emerton’s Salon de Luxe Orchestra. ‘Banff’ (property), see also Schools, private: Banff Ladies’ College. Bank of Victoria. Bank Street. Baptist Church. Barcelona Estate. Barkers’ Road. Barkly Hall. Beatrice Avenue. ‘Beaudesert’ (property). Bedford Street. Begonia Street. Belmore Road. Bennettswood. Bennettswood (State Electorate). Bicycle paths. Bingley’s Poultry Farm. Bird’s Timber Yard. Birdwood Street. Bishop Street. Blackburn. Shire of Blackburn and Mitcham. Blackburn and Mitcham Reporter (newspaper). Blackburn and Tunstall Property Company. Blackburn Creek. Blackburn Lake. Blackburn Mounted Rifles. Blue Ribbon Army. Bodgies, see also Larrikins. Boer War. Boroondara, see also Camberwell. Boroondara (State Electorate). Boroondara Standard (newspaper). Boundary Road (West), see also Warrigal Road. Borough of Box Hill. City of Box Hill. Naming of Box Hill. Box Hill Shopping Centre. Box Hill (State Electorate). Box Hill township. Box Hill Amateur Athletic Club. Box Hill and District Educational Council. Box Hill and District Hospital. Box Hill and Doncaster Tramway Company Ltd. Box Hill Association. Box Hill Borough Council. Box Hill Bowl. Box Hill Bowling Club. Box Hill Brick Company. Box Hill Citizens’ Advice and Aid Bureau. Box Hill Citizens’ League for the Defence of Child Liberty. Box Hill City Council. Box Hill City Repertory, see Box Hill Dramatic Club. Box Hill Club. Box Hill Coffee Palace. Box Hill Crescent. Box Hill Cricket Club. Box Hill-Doncaster Regional Library, see also Box Hill Library. Box Hill Dramatic Club (Drama Society). Box Hill Electric Tramway Estate. Box Hill Football Club. Box Hill Gardens. Box Hill Gas Company, see Colonial Gas Company. Box Hill Gazette (newspaper). Box Hill Golf Club. Box Hill Golf Club (formerly Middleborough Golf Club, later Eastern Golf Club). Box Hill Homestead Estate. Box Hill Hygienic Book Club. Box Hill Library. Box Hill Light Horse Troop. Box Hill Memorial Youth Club, see also Community Centre. Box Hill North. Box Hill Oval. Box Hill Park Estate. Box Hill Progress Association, see also Nunawading Citizens’ Association. Box Hill Reporter (newspaper), see also Reporter (newspaper). Box Hill Sailors’ and Soldiers’ League. Box Hill Soccer Club. Box Hill South. Box Hill South Progress Association. Box Hill Tennis Club. Box Hill Township Estate Company. Box Hill Traders’ Association. Box Hill Tramway and General Improvement League. Brayshaw’s (store). Brick Workers’ Union (Tunstall, Mitcham and Box Hill Branch). Brickworks. Britnell’s Road, see also Middleborough Road. ‘Brompton’ (subdivision). Brotherhood of St Laurence. ‘Broughton Park’ (subdivision). Brownies. Bulleen. Bullock drivers. Burke Road. Burwood, see also Ballyshanassy. Burwood (State Electorate). Burwood and District Progress Association. Burwood Animal Hostel. Burwood Boys’ Home. Burwood Drive-In Theatre. Burwood Highway (Road), see also Ballyshanassy Road. Burwood Township Estate Company. Burwood Tramway Estate. Burwood Tramway Heights Estate. ‘The bush burial’ (painting). ‘Bushy’, see ‘Beaudesert’ (property). Bushy Creek. Bus lines and operators. Cadorna Street. Camberwell, see also Boroondara. Cambridge Reception Rooms. Cambridge Street. Canterbury. Canterbury Gardens. Canterbury Road, see also Delany’s Road. Carnivals. ‘Carrington’ (subdivision). Carrington Road. ‘The cavalcade of the southern cross’ (pageant). Cemeteries: Blackburn Cemetery (proposed); Box Hill Cemetery; Nunawading (Burwood) Cemetery. Central Committee for the Relief of the Unemployed. Chamber of Commerce. Charity Organization Society. Cherryhinton Street. Choral Society. Christian Israelites. Church and Life Movement. Churchill Street. Church of Christ. Church of England (Anglican). Church of the Holy Cross. Church of the Most Holy Redeemer. Cinemas, see also Recreation, cinema. Citizens’ Advisory Bureau. Citizens’ Committee (Music and the Arts). Citizens’ Committee for Community and Cultural Activities. Classic Café. Clisby Street. Clota Avenue. Coat of arms. Coldstream. G.J. Coles (store). Colonial Gas Company (Association). Combarton Street. Communists. Community Centre. Confidential Recruiting Committee. Congregational Church. Conscription, see also National service. Conservation. Cool store. Country Roads Board. Country Women’s Association (CWA). Court House (Courthouse). Court of Petty Sessions. Court Street. Cox Brothers (store). Crime, see also Police; Vandalism. Crossman’s Road, see Elgar Road. Currie Street. Cyril Street. Dairying. Damper Creek, see Gardiner’s Creek. Dances and dancing, see also Mayoral Ball. Deakin (Federal Electorate). Debutantes. Deep Creek. Delany’s Hotel, see Royal Hotel. Delany’s Paddock. Delany’s Road, see also Canterbury Road. Depression. Devonshire Estate. Dole and Relief Workers’ Council. Doncaster. Doncaster and Box Hill Electric Road Company. Doncaster Road (Box Hill), see Dorking Road. Doncaster Road (Doncaster). Doncaster Shoppingtown. Dorcas Society, see also Ladies’ Relief Society. Dorking Road. Drink, opposition to (alcohol), see also Local option; Temperance. Druids. Dry Area Defence League. Dunloe Avenue. East Burwood, see entries under Harkaway. Eastern Golf Club, see also Box Hill Golf Club. Eastern Suburbs Co-operative Housing Societies. Eastern Suburbs Football League. Easter Suburbs Protestant Churches Football Association. Eastern Suburbs Sewerage Committee. Eastern Times (newspaper). East Suburban Property Investment Company Ltd. Education. Eight Hours Union. Elderly Citizens’ Club. Elections, Federal. Elections, Victoria. Electricity supply. Eley Road. Elgar Park. Elgar Road. Elgar’s Special Survey. Elizabeth Street. Elland Avenue. Ellingworth Parade. Empire Day (Night). E.S.&A. Bank. Evangelism, see also denominations by name. Evans Street. Exploration. Ezywalkin (store). Fairbank Private Hospital. Fairhall’s Grocery. Federal Hall, see also Temperance Hall. Fires and fire brigades. Flats. Flinders (Federal Electorate). Foch Street. Forest Hill, see also Mount Pleasant. Ancient Order of Forresters. Franchise. Freehold Investment and Banking Company Ltd. Freeways. Friendly Circle. Friendly Society, see Rechabites; Oddfellows. Fruit-growers’ Association. Gambling. Gardens, private. Gardens, public: see Parks and recreation reserves. Gardiner’s Creek: see also Main Creek. Gas supply. Gipps Land [Gippsland] Road. Girl Guides. Glen Waverley. Gold discoveries. Golf Links Estate. Gordon Crescent, Blackburn. Gordon Hall. ‘Gowanlea’ (flats for the aged). Grandview Road. Grants Commission. Greek Orthodox Church. ‘Gwynton Park’ (property). Hagenauer Reserve. Haig Street. Hamel Street. Harkaway Hotel. Harkaway Road: see also Highbury Road. Harker Street. Harvey’s Implement Works. Haughton Park Brick Company: see also Box Hill Brick Company. Hawthorn. Hawthorn Tramway Trust. ‘Heidelberg School’. Henty (Federal Electorate). ‘Hethersett’ (property, Burwood). Hiddlestone Street. Highbury Road: see also Harkaway Road; South Boundary Road. Hillside Estate. Historical consciousness. Historical Society. Holeproof Hosiery Mill. Holmesglen. Home Help Service. Honorary Justices Association. Hopetoun Estate. Hopetoun Parade. Horticultural Society. Hotel Chaucer Pty Ltd. Hotels. Housekeeper service. Housewives’ Association. Housing. Housing Commission. Housing regulations. Hudson and Keen. Immigration. Independent Church. Industry: see also Brickworks. Infant welfare. Ireland Street. Irish Town. Irishtown Progress Association. Iris Street. Irving Avenue. Isobel of Box Hill (store). Jaycees. Jordanville. Kangerong Road. Kerrimuir (shopping area). Kew. Kew and Hawthorn Express (newspaper). Kia Ora Hall. Kingsley Crescent. Kingsley Gardens. Kitchener Street. Koonung and Mullum Valley Action Group. Koonung Creek. Koonung Heights. Kooyong (Federal Electorate). Labor Party. Labour. Ladies’ Patriotic League. Ladies’ Relief Society: see also Dorcas Society. Land acquisition, compulsory. Land administration: occupation; sale; survey. Land grants. Land reserves: see also Parks and recreation reserves. Land sales. Land speculation. Larrikins. League of Women Electors. Liberal Party. Libraries: W.H.G. Ellingworth’s Library; Surrey Hills Literary Institute; Box Hill Hygienic Book Club; Public library, proposed: see also Box Hill Library. Licences, liquor: see also Drink, opposition to. Licensing Court. Light of Prophecy Pavilion. Lilydale. Linsley Street. Lions Club. Local government: see also Nunawading District Road Board; Nunawading Shire Council; Box Hill Borough Council; Box Hill City Council. Local option. Local Option Alliance. Loyal Liberal Reform Association. Loyal Orange Lodge. Lundgren Reserve. T.H. Lustig and Co. Lutheran Church. Lyndoch Street. Lyric Theatre (formerly New Theatre, later Regent Theatre, which see also). Main Creek: see also Gardiner’s Creek. Main Street. Malvina Street. ‘Marionvale’ (property). Maritime strike. Market: White Horse Hotel Market; Box Hill Market. Market Street. Maroondah Highway: see also Whitehorse Road. Masonic lodges. Matsudo, Japan. Mayoral Ball. Mechanics’ Institute. Medical facilities: see also Box Hill and District Hospital. Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works. Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board. Melbourne Hospital. Mercantile Bank. Mernda (Federal Electorate). Methodist Boys’ Club. Methodist Church: see also Primitive Methodist Church; Wesleyan Methodist Church; United Methodist Free Church. Metropolitan Transportation Committee. Middleborough Golf Club: see Box Hill Golf Club. Middleborough Road: see also Britnell’s Road. Military ball. Military organization: see also National service. Mill’s Recreation Hall (Surrey Hall). Mitcham. Modern Permanent Building and Investment Society. Moloney’s Road. Monash Street. ‘Mona Vale’ (property). Mont Albert. Mont Albert Progress Association. Mont Albert Road. Morality. Moran and Cato. Morton Park. Motor cars and motorists. Mount Pleasant: see also Forest Hill. Mulgrave: see also Waverley. Municipal Offices: see also Town Hall. Munro and Baillieu. Mutual Improvement Society. Myer Emporium. National Citizens Reform League. Nationalist Party. National service: see also Conscription. National Trust. Naturalization ceremonies. Nelson Road. Neville Street. New Church of the First Born. Newspapers: see also by name. New Theatre (later Lyric Theatre, Regent Theatre, which see also). Nightman: see also Sewerage. Norwood. Notre Dame de Sion Convent. City of Nunawading (formerly Shire of Blackburn and Mitcham). Parish of Nunawading: general; survey and alienation; boundaries. Shire of Nunawading: general; inauguration; centenary. State Electorate of Nunawading. Nunawading Citizens Association. Nunawading District Road Board. Nunawading Messiah: see James C.M. Fisher. Nunawading Rifles (Volunteer Rifle Corps). Nunawading Shire Council. Nunawading Vigilance Association. Oakleigh. Observer (Burwood, newspaper). Independent Order of Oddfellows. Olympic Games. Operatic Society. Orana (orphanage). Orchards. Orchestra. O’Regan’s Estate. Our Lady of Sion Convent: see Notre Dame de Sion Convent. Outer Circle Railway: see Railways. Oxford Street. Palmer’s Arcade. Parking. Parks and recreation reserves. Parliamentary Recruiting Committee. Pastoralists. Paterson’s (furniture store). Patriotism. Patterson’s Box Hill Bootery. Payne and Boyland. Pearson’s (grocery). Peppermint Lounge. ‘Piedmont’ (subdivision). Pioneer Youth Club. Playgrounds Association of Victoria. Police. Political standpoints. Pope’s Creek: see also Blackburn Creek. Population: composition and movement; statistics. Post Office: Box Hill; Burwood (Ballyshanassy). Post Office Savings Bank. Pound House. Prahran and Malvern Tramway Trust. Prahran Women’s Franchise League. Presbyterian Church. Primitive Methodist Church. Princess Elizabeth Kindergarten for the Deaf. Prohibition: see also Drink; Temperance. Prospect Street. Protestant Federation. Protestant Hall, Ballyshanassy. Public health: general; Inspectors of Nuisances: see also Box Hill and District Hospital. Queen Victoria Hospital. Race Preservation League. Radio. Railway Hotel. Railways: general effects of; Railways Department (Victorian Railways); Burwood line, proposed; Ferntree Gully Line; Outer Circle; Brick Company siding; Doncaster Line, proposed; Railwaymen; Glen Waverley Line. Railways: Box Hill line: urged; effects of; construction and maintenance; opened; Hawthorn accident; Surrey Hills Station; Box Hill Station site; frequency of trains; connection to Doncaster; (see also Tramways); Mont Albert Station; Empire Night specials; Box Hill Station rebuilt; Station Street level crossing; electrification; transport monopoly; Laburnum Station; Royal train; Middleborough Road level crossing; Edgar Road overpass; transport interchange, proposed. Railway Stations: Box Hill; Laburnum; Mont Albert; Surrey Hills. Railway strike. Ratepayers’ Defence League. Rating reform. Rationing and restrictions. Rechabites, Independent Order of. Recreation: general; restrictive attitudes (see also Sunday restrictions); theatre; motoring; cinema; gramophones; cultural programme; library facilities; pop music; passive recreation areas: see also Bands; Choral Society; Dances and dancing; Empire Day; Mechanics’ Institute; Operatic Society; Orchestra; Radio; Sport; Television. Recreation Hall. Regent Theatre (see also Lyric Theatre). Rennie Brothers. Repatriation. Reporter (newspaper). Returned Sailors and Soldiers Imperial League of Australasia: see RSL. Rialto Theatre: see also Recreation Hall. Ringwood. Rispin Brothers. Riversdale Road: see also Moloney’s Road. Roach and Trebilcock. Roads and streets. Rockman’s Store. Roman Catholic Street. Rose Street. Rossiter’s Track, or Road. Rotary Club. Rotunda. Royal Hotel (Delany’s). Royal Tour (1954). RSL. Rutland Road. Sagoe: see Schools – denominational: United Free Methodist Free Church, and Schools – State primary: Sagoe. St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. St Bridget’s Roman Catholic Church. St Clare’s Roman Catholic Church. St Francis Xavier’s Roman Catholic Church. St George’s Church of England (Anglican). ‘St James Park’ (subdivision). St Leonard’s Private Hospital. St Paschal’s College. St Paul’s Lutheran Church. St Peter’s Church of England (Anglican). St Peter’s Kindergarten. St Theodore’s Church of England (Anglican). Salvation Army. Salvation Army Boys’ Home. Schools, common. Schools: Church of England, Delany’s Road (later Common School no. 469). Church of England, Harkaway (later Common School no. 454). St Bridget’s Roman Catholic (later Common School no. 464). United Methodist Free Church School (later Common School no. 463). Wesleyan Methodist School, Damper Creek or Ballyshanassy (later Common School no. 461). Wesleyan Methodist School, Woodhouse Grove, proposed. Banff Ladies College. Box Hill Grammar School: see also New College; Kingswood College. Campden Ladies’ College. Gladstone College. Horton Girls’ School. Kingswood College: see also Box Hill Grammar School and New College. Mount Scopus College. New College: see also Box Hill Grammar School; Kingswood College. Ormiston. Our Lady of Sion (formerly Notre Dame de Sion). Presbyterian Ladies’ College. St Clare’s. St Francis Xavier’s. St Leo’s College. Surrey College. State High Schools: Box Hill High School. Burwood High School. Koonung Heights High School. Wattle Park High School. State Primary Schools: Bennettswood Primary School. Box Hill Primary School no. 2838. Box Hill North Primary School. Box Hill South Primary School. Burwood Primary School (formerly Ballyshanassy, no. 461). Delany’s (Canterbury) Road Primary School. Kerrimuir Primary School no. 4816. Koonung Heights Primary School no. 4727. Mont Albert Primary School no. 3943. Sagoe Primary School no. 463. Surrey Hills Primary School no. 2778. Wattle Park Primary School no. 3841. Burwood Teachers’ College. Box Hill Boys’ Technical School. Box Hill Girls’ Technical School: see also Whitehorse Technical College. Burwood Technical School. Eastern Suburbs Technical School (later Swinburne). Elgar Road Technical School (proposed). Whitehorse Technical School: see also Box Hill Girls’ Technical College. Scout Halls. Scouts. Senior Citizens Club: see Elderly Citizens Club. Sewerage. Shannon Street. Shire Hall: see Municipal Offices; Town Hall. Shopping centres: regional: see Box Hill: shopping centres. Showgrounds. Silverlight Kerosine Company. Sim’s Road: see also Station Street. Social Reform Bureau. Social welfare. South Boundary Road: see also Highbury Road. South Bourke. South Bourke Standard (newspaper). South Doncaster Land Company. Spanish Influenza epidemic. Sparks Reserve. Sport: horse-racing; athletics; cricket; football; golf; hunt clubs; bowls; tennis; cycling; swimming; war-time restrictions; greyhound racing; lacrosse; soccer; bowling, ten-pin: see also Clubs by name and Sunday restrictions. Sports grounds: see Parks and recreation reserves. Springfield Road. State Electricity Commission. State Savings Bank. Station Street: see also Sim’s Road. Station Timber Yard. ‘The story of a city’ (booklet). Stott Street. Street lighting. Stringy Bark Forest. Suburbanization. Sunday restrictions. Sunday Sports Committee. Surrey Dive. Surrey Drive. Surrey Family Hotel. Surrey Hall: see Mill’s Recreation Hall. Surrey Hills. Surrey Hills Golf Club. Surrey Hills Literary Institute. Surrey Hills Progressive Association. Surrey Hills telecommunications tower. Surrey Lodge. Surrey Park. Surrey Park Ladies’ Swimming Club. Surrey Park Swimmers Club (Swimming Club). Survey. Swanston Gully: see Gardiner’s Creek. Sweetland’s Paddock. Swimming Pool: see also Surrey Dive. Tait’s Corner (store). ‘A tale of Box Hill’ (book). G.W. Taylor and Co. Telephone. Television. Temperance: see also Drink, opposition to. Temperance Hall: see also Federal Hall. Templestowe. Thames Street. Thorncombe Hotel. Thurston Street. Toll gates. Tower Street. Town Hall: Station Street; Whitehorse Road: see also Municipal Offices. Town planning. Traffic lights. Tramways: Brickworks (proposed); Box Hill to Doncaster electric tramway; Burwood tram; Mont Albert tram; Wattle Park Line; Box Hill (proposed); Surrey Hills to Mentone (proposed); East Burwood tram. Tully and Russell. ‘Turriff’ (property). Twenty-fourth Battalion. Unemployed Organization. Unemployment. United Australia Party. United Churches Cricket Club. United Methodist Free Church. Unwin’s Special Survey. Upton House. Vacuum Oil Company. Valonia Avenue. Vandalism: see also Larrikins. Vegetation. Vesuvio Pizza Shop. Victoria Avenue. Victorian Amateur Athletic Association. Victorian Bushmen’s Corps. Victorian Egg and Egg Pulp Board. Victorian Football Association. Victorian Permanent Building Society. Wandsworth Street. Wardens, World War Two. War memorials: Boer War; World War One; Box Hill Memorial Youth Club. Warrigal Road: see also Boundary Road (West). Water supply. Wattle Club. Wattle Park Chalet. Wattle Park Presbyterian Church. Watts Street. Waverley: see also Mulgrave. ‘W’ Creek. Welfare of Child Life League. Wembley Park. Wesleyan Association: see United Methodist Free Church. Wesleyan Ladies’ Sewing Class. Wesleyan Methodist Church: see also Methodist Church. White Horse (emblem and statue). Whitehorse Club (proposed). Whitehorse Holdings. White Horse Hotel. Whitehorse Plaza: see also Clisby Street. Whitehorse Road: see also Gipps Land Road. Whitehorse Road centre plantation (ovals). Widgies. William Street. Windsor Crescent. Windsor Park. Women. Women’s Christian Temperance Union. Women’s Recruiting Committee. Women to Canberra Movement. Woodcutters and carters. Woodhouse Grove (property). Woodhouse Grove Chapel. Wood’s Creek. Woolworth’s (store). Working Men’s Improvement Society, Blackburn. World War One. World War Two. Young Men’s Christian Association. Young Men’s Club. Youth.

Box Hill City Council and its officers. Mr Ian Port, Town Clerk. Box Hill City Historical Society. Frank Bamford. Derek Duke. Mrs Elvie Scott. Miss Marjorie Bishop. Mr K. Greenwood. Mrs M. Kelly. Mrs H.A. Perrin. Mr M. Rawlings. Mrs I.C. Wood. Mrs C. Webster. Mr J.W. Wambeek, Public Record Office. Staff of the La Trobe Library. Douglas Bishop. John Arnold. Mr Alan Holt. Jean Uhl. Keith Patterson. A.N. Walls. Joan Bayldon. Marjorie Morgan. Os Green. Mr Bert Lewis, Chief Librarian, Box Hill-Doncaster Regional Library. Judith Lemon.

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