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Main Title: El Dorado gold ... an Australian story / edited by Sandra Buchan.
Author: Buchan, Sandra.
Imprint: El Dorado, Vic : James and Sandra Buchan, 2001.
Collation: viii, 340 p. : ill., ports, bib., index, pbk ; 30 cm..
Subject: Gold mines and mining
General histories
Family histories
Eldorado (Vic.) (Yorta Yorta Country)
Tin mines and mining
ISBN: 0957965400
"A chronological mining history with over 230 family and individual stories, over 400 photographs, includes history of El Dorado infrastructure".
Erratum iii. Foreword iv. Acknowledgements v. Introduction p1.

Part 1: El Dorado: Chapter 1: Original inhabitants – the arrival of gold and tin miners p2. Pangerang Aboriginals p2. El Dorado – the gilded one p2. William Fury Baker p2. Chapter 2: Overlanders and miners [chronology] p3. Kneebone’s claim; McEvoys claim p4. Wellington claim; The Ovens Gold and Tin Mining Company’s claim; The Great Extended El Dorado Gold and Tin Mining Company (projected) p5. Chapter 3: Beginnings and changes p23. North Ovens Shire rate book 1871 p27. Chapter 4: Business houses and professionals from the newspapers of the late 1860s and early 1870s p30. Chapter 5: From the newspapers p35.

Part 2: Community structure: Chapter 1: Religion p38. Anglican – the Church of St Jude p38. Congregational Church, also known as the Independent Church p39. Roman Catholic – St Augustine’s Church p40. Wesleyan Church – established 1860, became Uniting Church 1977 p41. Chapter 2: Court House p43. Chapter 3: Halls p45. Chapter 4: Police Station p46. Chapter 5: Post Office p47. Chapter 6: El Dorado Primary School no. 246 p51. Chapter 7: The Common p54. Chapter 8: Weather Station 082015 p55. Chapter 9: Rural Fire Brigade p56. Chapter 10: Museum p57. Chapter 11: Cemetery p58. Chapter 12: Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows – Loyal El Dorado Lodge p59. Chapter 13: Red Cross and Comfort Funds p62. Chapter 14: Country Women’s Association [CWA] p64. Chapter 15: Girl Guides and Boy Scouts p65. Chapter 16: Young groups p65. Chapter 17: Citizens Associations p67. Chapter 18: Centennial Park 1870-1997 p68. Chapter 19: Cricket Club p74. Chapter 20: Football Club – Red and White p76. Chapter 21: Rifle Club p78. Chapter 22: Tennis Club p79. Chapter 23: Honour Roll – three wars p80. Chapter 24: Gun House Park p82. Chapter 25: Monument Hill – One Tree Hill – The Bawden Memorial p83. Chapter 26: Memorial Avenue 1939-1945 p83.

Part 3: Family stories p84. Charles Abbot and Elizabeth nee Donaldson; George Adams, Senior Constable, El Dorado Police Station, 1903-8; Charles Allen and Lenora nee Trainer, Park View p84. Frank Allen and Alice nee Bulleid p88. Robert (Bob) Allen and Annie Lavina Gwendolyn (Gwen) nee John p89. George Anderson and Clara Ann nee Fordon, cordial manufacturers p91. Thomas Anderson; John Colin, known as Colin Angus, store keeper, landscape artist, historian p92. Thomas Annesley and Eliza Jane nee Levitt, Castleblaynay, Ireland, Bontharambo, El Dorado p96. John Baird, Victorian mounted policeman p98. Edward Barrass and Elizabeth nee Dixon p98. Bridget Barry and Edward Ryan, first marriage in St Augustine’s Catholic Church, 1 Jan 1871 p99. Edwin Bawden, Boer War veteran p100. William Bawden, Tributer McEvoy Mine – Engine Driver and Fanny nee Hollow p101. James Andrew Begnone and Margaret, known as Marj, nee Collins p102. Richard Berry, bootmaker, and Letitia, nee Berry p103. Henry Bligh, storekeeper c1866-77 and Annie, nee Hargraves p103. Franz / Francis Borchers and Sophia, nee Schieler, 1500 Borchers 1911, Goslar, Germany p105. Fredrick / Fredrik Tobias Bork / Bok, victim McEvoy Mine disaster, 1895 p106. Alexander Boulton, miner, Wellington Claim, 1868 p107. Ron Bourke, teacher, El Dorado Primary School no. 246, 1959-60 p107. David Brewer and Rosa, nee Allen, three Cornwall brothers p108. Bruce Bridger, dredge master – Cocks El Dorado Gold Dredging Company No Liability p110. Thomas Brooker, mounted policeman, El Dorado 1908-13 p110. Tom Brown, rigger – Cocks El Dorado Gold Dredge p111. William Bruce, fatal accident, Wellington Claim 1863 p113. Ron Bryant, player and coach – El Dorado Football Club p113. William Burn and Ann, nee Cook p114. Sarah Cahoon nee Fullerton and Lewis Cahoon, Belfast, Ireland, Hurdle Flat, Beechworth, and El Dorado p115. Lockie Cameron, proprietor, Star Hotel p116. James Carnsew, a miner at age 11, Cornwall, gold and camel trains, and Eliza nee Smith p116. Patrick Casey and Jane, nee Canney: money to burn? p118. Richard Chapman and Elizabeth, known as Betsy, McCaffery, farmers p118. Walter Chard, builder, Home Missionary, and Amy, nee Ward p119. William Chaundy, exiled to Australia, and Rachel, nee Green p120. Thomas Cheesman and Mary, nee Reid p120. Samuel Coade, Coade and Clemenger Victoria Store, MacKay Street p121. Timothy Coakley, miner from Blarney, County Cork, and Mary, nee Burns p122. John Cock, mine manager, born Maldon, Cornwall 1838, died Chiltern 1924 and Mary Ann, nee Nicholls p123. George Cooper, fires and tragedy p124. John Crabtree, steam engine mechanic, miner, and Victorian Railways, and Elizabeth, nee Halliday Booth p124. John Edgar Crane, McEvoy disaster victim 1895 p125. Jack Crockett, dredge storeman p125. Alfred Croucher and Mary Elizabeth, nee Madew p126. Patrick Cruise c1857-1919, and Agnes, nee Wellington, 1863-1932 p127. Robert Edgar Cunningham and Martha Ann, nee Ralph, baker, school bus and drag p128. Fred Curtis, unsung hero, McEvoy engine driver, July 1895, and Eliza, nee Dunstan p130. Victor Davey, reminiscences of a head teacher 1944-48 p132. William / Wilhelm Dawe, carpenter, miner and farmer, and Mary Ann, nee Horne p133. Charles Augustus Dawkins, victim of McEvoy disaster, and Catherine, nee Hill, and Elizabeth, nee Burn p133. Jack Daykin, Daykin’s saw bench p135. William De La Rue and Louisa Augusta, nee Borchers p135. Joseph Dobson, bootmaker, haystack builder and woodcutter, and Frieda Gillday / Gilday, nee Bacher p136. Patrick Dolan, shareholder, McEvoy Mine 1859, best friend of Michael O’Neill p137. John Down and Mary Ann, nee Crute p138. George Drover and Margaret, nee Williamson, married by Independent / Congregational Minister p139. Jack Duell and Maude, nee Mull p139. Albert John / Johnnie Duell, Pop Hole Jack, 1924-2001 p140. Rev. John Taylor Duggleby, Home Missionary, and Helen, nee Milne, Nursing Sister p142. Mary Martin Dunsmore 1837-1897 p143. Edward Olive Dunstan and Mary Anne, nee Loar, and Elizabeth, nee Loar and Ralph Dunstan, original shareholder, McEvoy Mine p144. William Dunstan, 1830-1911, farmer, and Eliza, nee Knuckey p144. William Dunstan, known as Bill, in later years known as Bally Bill, 1863-1951, and Elizabeth Little, known as Lizzie, nee Young, 1865-1951 p147. George Swinburne Dyson, Cocks Pioneer Mine accident victim 1915, and Jessie Griffiths, nee Reid p149. Jacob and Mary Jane Eddy, miner and Wesleyan Church Steward p150. Hannibal Edwards 1842-1923, and Mary Jane Matthews p150. John William Elkins, Attorney, Solicitor and Proctor of the Supreme Court of the colony of Victoria, 1862 p151. William Ellis, fatal accident, 1868, McEvoy Mine no. 1, and Emma, nee Bailey p151. Marion Evans, housekeeper – Carraragarmungee and Anthony Strahan, Policeman, Beechworth and El Dorado p152. The Faithfull family – McEvoy and Sheedy p152. Hugh Falconer 1864-1936, respected mining leader, and Mary Elizabeth, nee Shellnack, 1869-1948 p153. Alfred Edward / Ted Fealy, tragic dredge accident 1938 p155. Alfred George, known as George Fealy 1842-1922, Justice of the Peace, Director of Try Again Mine, storekeeper, businessman, and Margaret nee Shaw 1847-1933, loving mother to her children and grandchildren p155. Thomas Fealy 1791-1869 and Isabella nee Brown, great grandparents p155. Alfred George Fealy and Margaret Shaw p156. Alfred Thomas Fealy, avid reader and keen cricketer, and Elizabeth nee Allen p160. Frank William Fealy, El Dorado, Fremantle, Kirrup and Dumbleyung, and Adelaide Henrietta nee Kilian p161. George Alfred Fealy 1869-1926 and Mary nee Davidson p161. James Henry Fealy 1879-1927 and Ada nee Manning p162. Ralph Barnard Fealy 1909-1975, known as Barney in El Dorado and in Melbourne – a Postman known as Banjo p163. William John Fealy c1838-1906, a farmer at heart, and Mary nee Miller p165. John Dobbs Ferguson and Eliza nee Howard p166. Joseph Wellington Ferguson, hero at the McEvoy disaster p166. Eddie Fitzgerald p167. Bertie Fitzpatrick, tin miner, Neioff’s Road p167. Ernest Julius Fleischer and Amelia Auguste Graetz p168. Douglas Percy Fletcher, Engineer p168. Jack Foletti, dredge master and caretaker, Cocks El Dorado Gold Dredge 1945-1971 p169. Henry Francis, head school teacher 1907-1923, and Mildred Ethel nee Peeck p169. Thomas French and Amelia nee Driscoll, and Annie nee Bartsh p172. Thomas Gentle and Emily nee Ingrey, it’s a long way to Tangambalanga p173. Sarah Hannah Gentle p175. The story of Ann Gentle, as seen through the eyes of her ninth child Charles Andrew Jenkins p175. Thomas Gidley, cattle duffer p177. Phil Goddard, wood cutter p177. John Payet Godwin, mill man – ore and tin dresser, Cocks El Dorado Gold Dredging No Liability, 1937 p178. John Grant, El Dorado butcher, brutally murdered near Grahamstown, NSW about 2 Dec 1873 p178. Bob Gully, market garden, Kangaroo Crossing p180. Dougal Haigh, horse and show pony trainer p180. Heinrich Hansen, blacksmith p180. John Hammer Harry c1838-1915 and Elizabeth Ann nee Wellington c1849-1914 p181. George Blythe Harvey and Elizabeth Dickinson nee Morrison p182. Dr Edward Hawkins, goldfields doctor, Woolshed, El Dorado Flat, Buckland and beyond p183. Thomas Hicks and Mary nee Nicholls p183. Veronica / Rocky Hill Carey nee Ramsay, daughter of Antonio and Henrietta Ramsay 1916-1996 p184. Elizabeth Ann Hinker, Smith nee Wellington 1866-1948 p185. Joseph Hollow, El Dorado’s first Justice of the Peace, and Jane nee Thomas p186. Arthur George Holroyd, The Golden Mile, Paris, Glasgow and El Dorado p187. Hiram Horrocks, store keeper, butcher, Shire Councillor p188. Charles Huggins, hawker, miner and farmer, and Mary Harvey Wellington, boarding house proprietress p189. Walter Edward Humphries, known as Frederick James p190. George Hynes and Caroline Jane nee Wellington p190. Indian hawkers p190. Israel Irlam p191. Sam James, market gardener p191. Esther Jebb, school teacher c1875 p192. James Lambert Jenkins 1828-1918, sailor, gold miner and hawker, and Hannah nee Sinclair p192. Alfred Thomas Johnson and Harriet nee McGrannahan, growing up at Clear Creek p193. Cyril Claude Johnson and Caroline Emily nee Wood p194. Robert George Johnson and Susan Sophia nee Knuckey p195. Francis / Francois Xavier, known as Xavier Jolin, carpenter, and Sarah Ann nee Lynch p196. John William Jordon, builder, contractor and miner, and Mabel nee Stirling p197. William and Henry Keat, carters at El Dorado, farmers at Gundowring p198. James Kenny, apprentice 1935-6, Thompson’s Engineering p198. Frank Kiely, mates and memories p199. Thomas King and Anne nee Dolan p200. Henry Klemm 1832-1913, blacksmith, miner and farmer, and Margaret nee MacKay 1837-1893 p200. George Kneebone p202. John Kneebone 1830-1895, El Dorado mining pioneer, McEvoy Mine disaster victim, and Catherine Bassett nee Williams p202. William Hosking Kneebone, Gwennap, Cornwall, and Elizabeth Traplin nee Nankervis, St Just, Cornwall p204. William Reid Knuckey and Susan nee Dunstan p205. Soda Larkins, horse breaker p206. Edward Bull Lemin and Mary Ann nee Oates p206. Hay William Fythe Lonie and Salome nee Young p207. Margaret Edna Lowcock, Worn nee Fealy, postmistress 1932-46 p208. Hector McDonald and Mary nee Barry p210. James McEvoy, mining pioneer 1835-1876 p210. Malcolm McFarlane, farrier, and Jessie nee Bennett, district nurse p211. John McGregor, tragic accident at the Try Again Mine, and Jane nee Simmonds p211. Alex and Bessie McIntosh, Edenvale p214. Robert Frederick McIntosh, jack of all trades, and Amy Victoria nee Wright p215. Leo and Margaret McKoy, El Dorado Bakery 1920-47 p216. John McLaughlin, farmer, carter and mail coach contractor, and Ellen nee Cameron p218. James McMaster, baker and confectioner p220. Bernie McNama, student, El Dorado Primary School p220. Richard Trembath Maddern and Phillipa nee Wellington p221. Alexander Sydney Madew c1841-1904 and Louisa Wellington c1845-1907 p221. William Manson, Manson and Co. Drapers and Outfitters, Victoria, New South Wales and New Zealand, and Elizabeth Ann, known as Eliza, nee Gladders p222. Joel Marshall and Mary nee Hunt p224. Francis, Louis and Albert Martell, Albion Hotel p224. Elsie Corralie, known as Corrie Matheson nee Bradley 1912-1998 p226. Enoch Matthews, hay and corn merchant and general storekeeper p227. James Matthews and Jane nee Rowe, in their children’s footsteps p228. Thomas Maynard, mine shaft death 1871, United Ovens Gold and Tin Mining Company p229. Henry Miller and Agnes nee Kernan p230. James William Wemyss Milne and Florence Myrtle, known as Myrtle, nee Chard p230. Robert Mitchell and Rose Ann nee Mulvena, bakers p232. William Moffitt, first El Dorado postmaster p233. Arthur Howard Prichard Moline, extraordinary mining career, and Molly nee Wallen p233. Joseph Moore, miner and grazier, and Elizabeth Reid nee Lang Boyd, John Moore, grazier, and Fanny Eliza nee Ward, Rueben Leslie Moore, known as Tom, grazier, and Alice Mabel nee Smith p236. Stephen, known as Steve, Moore and Mabel nee Sampson, fond memories and Dad’s mining adventures p238. Ben Morgan, wheelchair beekeeper p240. Albert Mull and Wilhelmina, known as Minnie, Niehoff, Bacher, farmers p240. Christian Mull, Hannover, Germany p241. Ernest Mull and Elizabeth nee Banks p242. William Mull, blacksmith, and Annie nee Wilkinson, hotel keeper p243. John Naughtin, miner El Dorado, farmer North Boorhaman p244. Joseph James Newton (1) – bootmaker; Joseph James Newton (2) – soda manufacturer; Isaac George Newton – farmer; Joseph James Newton (3) – wood cutter for Cocks Pioneer Mine, Wyadra Jersey Stud p244. William Nicholls and Jane nee Steel p249. Wilhelmina Niehoff, Bacher nee Gremmel, Grannie Neihoff, and Fritz Niehoff, miner p249. William Oates and Mary Ann nee Sprague p251. Michael O’Brien and Isabella nee Wellington p251. William Daniel Patrick O’Brien and Caroline Jane Hynes nee Wellington p251. Daniel O’Neill, nephew of Michael O’Neill, miner El Dorado and Sandy Creek, and Catherine nee Minogue p252. Michael O’Neill, County Roscommon, Ireland, McEvoy Mine pioneer, farmer, and Honorah nee Duhy p253. The Parish family, Star Hotel – The Depression and mine closures p254. William Henry Percy, carrier, and Grace nee Kelly p255. The Press family, Tasmania, El Dorado and Nigeria p256. Robert John, known as Bob, Pyle, saw miller, miner and storekeeper, and Mary Dorothea nee Bartsh p256. Gregory Raby and Leah nee Chaundy p258. Antonio Ramsay, a Portuguese sailor, and Henrietta nee Petersen p259. Charles Henry Rankin, sometimes known as Charles Henry, storekeeper, miner and vintner, and Emily nee Hollow p261. William Rainald Rankins, miner, orchardist, and Hilda Clare nee Cornford p262. William Ray and Sarah Jane nee Cahoon p265. David Reid, overlander, and Mary Romaine nee Barber p266. William Rhodes, blacksmith and miner, Eureka to El Dorado p268. Charles Rich and Margaret nee Keating, an English convict and an Irish orphan, prosperous in Armidale, destitute in El Dorado p267. Nicholas Richards, farmer, and Lucy nee Farmer, boarding house proprietress p269. Thomas Emanuel Rollings and Amy Elizabeth nee Chanter, El Dorado Post Office 1946-1987 p271. Charles Ferris Rolls and Emmeline nee Williams, in-laws of John Kneebone p273. Danny Rudd, apprentice, Thompsons of Castlemaine, dredge fabricators p274. Reuben Henri Salvado, Wellington Mine accident 1873 p274. Conrad Sasse, mining pioneer p274. Ernest Sault, head teacher 1932-36 p275. Johan Henry Charles Schuppe, baker from Germany, and Julia nee Cousins p275. Herbert James Shannon and Mabel nee Adams p277. Robert Sharp, mine manager, last Kneebone mine p277. John Shaw 1843-1920, and Ellen nee Grimshaw p278. Samuel Grimshaw and Ellen nee Morrison p279. Martin Sheedy p279. Marjory Sheedy nee Allen, wife of John Martin Sheedy junior, known as Jack p280. George Sheppard, gentleman, gold miner, farmer and Susan nee Coster p281. George Sidquick and Honora nee Dannaher; Matthew Sidquick and Margaret Ann nee Lee, a 1300 mile walk for work p282. Joseph Slee, wheelwright p284. Hugh Smith and Ann ne McCabe, County Cavan, Ireland, Mummell, New South Wales and north east Victorian goldfields p285. William Kneebone Smith, young father’s tragic death, and Elizabeth Ann nee Wellington p285. Samuel Snell, fatal accident, First McEvoy Mine Shaft 1871 p286. Nick Snow p286. Thomas Walter George Speary p287. Gorda Singh [Indian hawker] and Jack De La Rue p287. The Wise family p287. Billy Trimble p288. Thomas Justin Stevens, Star Hotel 1952 p288. Allan Stewart, police constable p288. John Stewart, manager McEvoy Mine, c1892-1895 and c1897-c1899 p289. William Studham and Josepha Catherine nee Rau p290. James Taylor, saddler, and Agnes nee McDonald p291. Harold Temby, store manager and photographer p292. John Terrill and Elizabeth nee Browne p293. Francis Terrill; Samuel Terrill and Jane nee Welsh p294. James Thompson, McEvoy Mine disaster victim p294. Michael and Mary Tobin p295. James Alexander Trainor, fatal accident in the McEvoy Mine, and Harriet Eleanor nee Bryant p296. Joseph Tredinnick, miner and Home Missionary, and Jane nee Hicks p297. Thomas Harvey Trembath, head teacher, El Dorado School no. 246 1863-1883, and Philippa [Phillipa] nee Wellington p298. Joseph Henry Trezise and Agnes Alvera nee Fyfe p299. John Trimble, a legend in his own time p300. Lesley Turnbull and Annie nee Heffernan, Youanmi, Misima, El Dorado p301. Henry Ramsey Turner and Elizabeth nee Maslin p302. H. Urquhart, death at the Warrior Claim? p303. Edward, known as Ned, Visick and Caroline Emily nee Oates p303. Thomas Wain and Caroline nee Madew p304. Harold Walker, pupil teacher and tennis enthusiast p305. Gilbert Murray Wallace, writer p305. James Wallace, teacher, and Barbara nee Allan p306. John Alston Wallace, Star Hotel, El Dorado p307. William Ward and Beatrice Mary Emma nee Spragg p309. Gerard Wardell, surveyor engineer, Cocks Pioneer Mine 1934-38 p309. Charles Curnow Warren and Margaret nee Horan p310. John and Joseph Webster, soda water manufacturers, El Dorado and Adelong p311. Wellington family, from Devon to the goldfields, Castlemaine, Daylesford, El Dorado, Adelong and Tumut 1563-1900s p312. Caroline Welsh, Furnell nee Wheeler and Edward Welsh p314. Albert King West and Edna May nee Mull p316. Henry White, drowning at Ovens Crossing p317. Clara Whitehead and Walter Wynne Jones p317. Andrew / Andreas Wittmer and Catherine / Katherina Eva nee Rau p318. Eliza Young nee Coade, Zaccheus Young and Isaac Young, El Dorado butchers p319. Thomas Young and Emily Rachel nee Chaundy p320. John Youngman and Mary Ann nee Pettet / Pettit / Pettite p321. Back to El Dorado, Easter 1985 (with list of names of people who signed the visitors’ book) p322. An alphabetical list of mines, claims and leases at El Dorado – mid-1850s to mid-1950s p326. Miners who lost their lives in El Dorado mining accidents p327. Bibliography p329. Index p331.

Mercury jar p3. El Dorado woolshed and bullock wagons, about 1861 p3. McEvoy No. 1 Mine, about 1860 p4. Probably the Try Again Mine p7. McEvoy Mine, shaft no. 3 poppet head p9. Four rescued men: P. Cruise, E. Collins, T. Quick and J. Connors p9. Old identities of El Dorado, 1895 p9. Joseph Ferguson and Richard (Dick) Madew, heroes of the McEvoy disaster p9. McEvoy Mine no. 4, about 1899 p10. Cocks Pioneer Mine p11. First Stephen’s dam, about 1912 p12. Cocks Pioneer Power Station and Mine: series of photos p13-16. Jordan’s sluicing works, now known as Jordan’s Hole, about 1930s p16. Wombat Gold and Tin Mine poppet head, 1930 p16. The Kelly Company tin pressing [dressing] plant, about 1931 p17. Clear Creek Tin Mine p18. Cocks Pioneer Mine p19. Men who worked on the construction of the El Dorado dredge, 1935: includes - Maddern, Bill Oliver, Eric Hodge, Reg Smith, Peter Black, Charlie Rantner, Joe Greville, poss. Frank Kiely, Les Hopper, Jim Taylor, Joe Samson, Jack Bengar, - Rankins, Tom Brown, Scotty McGregor, Hector Banks p20. El Dorado dredge photos p21. El Dorado store, Star Hotel, and dredge, about 1936 p22. Grant-Welsh Butcher’s Shop p23. Map of El Dorado township 1861, by Joseph Hollow p24. Moving Moore’s house, 1930s p25. McIntosh’s blacksmith shop p26. Old swing bridge behind Richard’s boarding house, blacksmith shop and Cock’s Pioneer offices p26. Beer’s and Granny Smith’s residences near Cock’s Pioneer offices p29. Main Street looking east, 1920s p29. MacKay Street looking north p29. Alfred George, known as George Alfred Fealy’s store p32. An El Dorado baker’s cart, possibly James’s, at Kangaroo Bridge p33. Charlie Matheson delivering groceries around El Dorado for Mr A.E. Woodroffe, who was leasing the store from Walter Angus, 1920s p33. Map of location of homes and businesses in El Dorado about 1897 p34. St Jude’s Anglican Church, about 1870 p38. Rev. John Henry May, 1870 p38. Miner’s right of Nicol Turner p39. St Jude’s Rainbow Fair, about 1930 p39. St Augustine’s Catholic Church, 1980 p41. First communion group, about 1960 p41. Second Wesleyan Church, built about 1868 p41. Wesleyan Harvest Festival [church interior], about 1907 p41. Wesleyan / Methodist Church, about 1930 p42. Centenary service, held just south of original site, 1960 p42. The early Angus store, the Bank of Victoria, and in the distance the Court House and residence, about 1910 p44. Soldier’s Memorial Hall: Gala night dance [interior] 1937; Exterior view 1994 p45. Charles Robertson, police constable, about 1891 p46. Police Station building after closure, now used as residence p46. Kath Duell and Charlie McSkimmon, about 1939 p48. Mail car, about 1940, with Annesley home in background p49. Amy Rollings outside El Dorado Post Office, 1979 p50. Sandra Buchan sorting mail, 1987 p50. Miss Campbell, school teacher, 1870s p51. El Dorado School and residence, early 1900s p52. School, 1930 p52. Working bee at School, 1931 p52. Pioneer Day at School, 1938 p52. Interior of School, about 1940 p53. Students on Empire Day, 1939 p53. Remains of the Gun House, after storm, 1996 p55. Tornado, 2000 p55. Rural Fire Brigade, service awards and handover of new tanker 1991: Klaus Brendel, Geoff Milne, Nick Ramsay, Colin McIntosh, John Duell, Dick West, Anthony Carey p56. El Dorado Cemetery p58. Cemetery working bee 1971: Jim Milne, Mrs Petterd, Alice Allen, Frank Allen, Val Dobson, Maude Duell, Myrtle Milne, Joy Dobson, Fred Grealy, Bob Allen, Ron Grealy, George Mull, Anthony Carey, Laurie Grealy, Harry Lonie, Ray Cheesman, Anthony Ramsay, Tom Moore, Bertie Fitzpatrick, Jack Duell, Faye Allen and son John, Geoff Milne, Johnnie Duell p58. Loyal El Dorado Lodge (MUIOOF) members, date unknown p60. Red Cross ladies, 1915: includes Miss Syme, A. Sheppard, Mrs Syme, Mrs V. Sheppard, Adelaide Connor, Caroline Wain, Mrs H. Francis, Mrs Moore, Mrs Angus, Mrs Volprie, M. Austin, Miss Bussell, Mrs G. Sheppard, Mrs Delaney, Mrs Richards, M. Connor, Mrs MacKay, Mrs A. Allen, Mrs Sayer, Mrs Moline, Mrs Swan, Mrs Dunstan, Miss Collins, Mrs Klemm p62. Fund raising carnival in Wangaratta for World War One, 1915 p62. Red Cross members 1970: Betty McIntosh, Pat McDougall, Lilian Angus, Madge Ballinger, Mavis De La Rue, Kathleen Milne, Daisy Dent, Yvonne White, Iris Grealy, Joy Dobson, May Grealy, Shirley West, Belle Connor, Mary Bradley, Corrie Matheson, Mary West, Myrtle Milne p63. El Dorado sports day, about 1910 p69. Eldorado cricket team, about 1896, with Dad Studham and George Ranson p74. Junior football team 1911 p76. Football team and supporters 1914: Jim Milne, Polo Cabassi, Gil Stewart, Phil Ray, Ron Falconer, Doug Bradley, Don Toohey, Jim Moffatt, George McLaughlin, Arthur Stewart, Ernie Kelly, George Fealy, Jack Kelly, Bill Trimble, Frank Collins, Dave Methven, George Norman, D. Purser, George Studham, John McLaughlin, Billy Wallace, Tom Moroney, Joe Dobson, Peter Sanderson, Ted Johnson, Dick Baird, Billy Johnson, Percy Johnson, Jack Connor, Buff Dempsey, Joe Connor, Alf Smith, - Eggleston, Bill Dobson, George Connor, Tom Ray, Jack Melville, Don McDonald, Steve Moore, Alex Blakie, Walter Angus, A. Blakie junior p76. Football team, premiers, Ovens and King 1919: Arthur Stewart, Jack Hodgens, Joe Moffit, Cyril Smith, Jack Heaney, Lyall Ray, George Hocking, Don Payne, Phil Ray, Ron Falconer, Dave Matheson, Frank Gorman, Len Allen, Allie Knowles, Stuart Hutcheson, Jim Milne, George Fealy, Jack Kelly, Harry Culph p77. End of year trip to Castlemaine, team and supporters, 1953: Keith Whitford, Alan Kinder, Jack Foletti, Griff Farquhar, Rex Allen, Dave Dent, Brian Burke, Graham Moore, Wagga Grundy, Bruce Hales, Des Dent, John Foletti junior, Peter Graham, Doug Ferguson, Jack Sheedy, Malcolm Graham, Graham ‘Tiger’ Campbell, Les Hill, Geoff Milne, Wally Milne, Johnnie Duell, Harold McLaughlin, Les Brown, Roy Jordon, Pat Quinton, Keith Hocking, Len Richards, Graeme Kneebone, Leo Jordon, Doug Sinclair, Arthur Clarke p77. Mrs Emily Whitehead takes the first shot on the new rifle range, 1906 p78. El Dorado and Beechworth tennis teams, about 1900 p79. Soldiers’ memorial in Gun House 1931 p82. Mrs Elizabeth Falconer planting a tree in Memorial Avenue, 1953 p83. Marjory Sheedy (nee Allen), Rayma Richards, Len Richards, Lenore ‘Bay’ Richards (nee Allen), Kel Richards, Joyce Allen p85. Frank Allen, Alice Bulleid, Harry ‘Plugger’ Culph and Jean Allen p86. Charles Linial Allen and Maria Robina (nee Smirl) p88. Allen family: Jean, Jack, Marjory, Frank, Lenora, Charlie and Joyce p89. Lily ‘Lil’ Allen, about 1915 p89. Bob and Gwen Allen, about 1936 p90. Anderson family: Alfred William, George Henry, Clara Alice (nee Butterworth), George, Clara Ann (nee Fordon), Emily Louisa (nee Preston) p91. Clara Alice and Emily Louisa Anderson, about 1893 p91. Walter Roy Angus’ children at Hillview: Ray, Lyall, Colin and Lilian p92. Inside the El Dorado Premier Store, about 1931 p93. Walter Roy Angus in his Ford, 1919 p94. Colin Angus p95. Eliza Jane Annesley (nee Levitt), about 1900 p96. Andrew Annesley in his early 20s p96. Phoebe Helena Annesley (nee Jeffers), at age 19 p97. Bill Annesley p97. Helen Annesley, Lennie Richards, Lenora ‘Bay’ Richards, Rose Annesley (nee Beeby) 1940 p97. David Baird 1914-18 p98. Edwin Charles Bawden p100. Begnone family at Stanley: Max, James, Ronnie, Marj and Margaret p102. James Andrew Begnone p102. Ronnie Begnone p102. Richard and Letitia Berry p103. Henry Bligh, 1840-1897 p104. Henry Bligh’s general store, about 1870 p104. Ernest Theodore Borchers p105. Christiana Borchers (nee Drennan) p106. Group of McEvoy miners with Fredrik Borg p107. Frances Matheson p107. David Brewer; Rosa Jane Brewer p108. Brewer children: Daisy, Edna, Mabel, Vince and Bill p108. Jack and Daisy Dent p109. Bucket ladder repairs, Cocks El Dorado Dredge p110. Constable Thomas Brooker, about 1910 p111. Ron Bryant p114. Mary Ann Brown (nee Burn), her husband Edwin, and their son Harry’s marriage to Margaret Pogson p114. Sarah Cahoon (nee Fullerton) p115. James Carnsew p116. George and Catherine Carnsew p117. Christopher and Mary Carnsew p117. Annie Hulme (nee Carnsew) and her youngest son James, 1919 p117. Carnsew Brothers camel train p118. Thomas John Chapman p118. Amy Chard (nee Ward) p119. Chard family: Myrtle, Mervin, Thelma, Les, Walter and Howard p119. Cheesman family, about 1919: Annie, Irene, Hilda, Ray, Muriel, Lorna, Edward, Stanley, Bob in pram, Marjory, Elizabeth p120. Mary and Thomas Cheesman, about 1940 p121. Lizzie and Hugh Falconer junior with child p121. Samuel Coade’s store p122. John Cock 1838-1924 p123. Crockett family, about 1949: Ron, Maisie, Bev and Gwen p125. Arthur Alexander Croucher p126. Agnes and Patrick Cruise on the verandah of their Globe Hotel, Tumut, about 1910 p127. Ted Cunningham’s El Dorado Drag at Everton p129. Ted Cunningham’s bakery delivery vehicle, later became the first El Dorado bus, used to transport students between Wangaratta and El Dorado p129. Grace Sanderson (nee Cunningham), first driver of El Dorado school bus p129. Robert Edgar ‘Ted’ Cunningham with Grace, Ron and Hazel p129. Joe Dobson p129. Emma Curtis, aged 16, 1904 p130. Fred and Eliza Curtis, 25th wedding anniversary 1909 p130. Curtis family at ‘Endilloe’: Myrtle, Nell, Em, Fred and Fred senior p131. McEvoy miners, about 1895 p134. Elsie’s Cottage: home of William Frederick De La Rue (2) and Elsie Jean (nee Hill); previously Windy Ridge, home of Alfred Thomas Fealy and Elizabeth (nee Allen), more recently home of Lindsay and Mavis De La Rue, photo 1998 p136. Joe and Frieda Dobson p136. John Down senior p138. Henry Down p138. Jack and Maude Duell’s wedding day: Dolly Plum (nee Mull), Jack Duell, Maude, George Mull p139. Albert John Duell, 1988 p140. Rev. John Duggleby and Sister Helen Milne on their wedding day 1919 p142. William (1) and Eliza Dunstan, about 1872 p145. Emily Ann Dunstan (nee Phillips) p146. Thomas Knuckey Dunstan p146. Eliza Dunstan, 1883 p146. Susan Maria Connor (nee Dunstan) p146. Mary Ellen Dunstan, known as May p146. James Dunstan (3) and Elizabeth (nee Johns) p146. William ‘Bill’ Dunstan p147. Bill Dunstan and Elizabeth Little (nee Young) p147. W.M. Elkins, solicitor p151. Margaret and William Oliver Faithfull p153. Hugh and Mary Falconer and children: John, Hugh junior, Ronald, Alexander and Charles, about 1902 p153. Hugh Falconer’s T Model Ford p154. Alfred George, known as George Alfred Fealy p156. Margaret Fealy (nee Shaw) p156. Miss Maxwell, an employee at Fealy’s store p157. Ada Mary Fealy, born 1877 p157. Edward John Fealy and his wife Mary (nee Smith) p159. Alfred George Fealy’s family at their home in El Dorado p159. Alfred George and Margaret Fealy’s grandchildren: George Henry, Allison Mary, Lenora, Margaret Edna and Frank p159. Alfred Thomas Fealy p160. George Alfred Fealy and his wife Mary (nee Davidson) p162. Ada and James Henry Fealy on their wedding day p163. Barney Fealy in a spring cart at rear of the Angus store, about 1930 p164. William John Fealy p165. Joseph Ferguson p166. Eddie Fitzgerald p167. Bertie Fitzpatrick’s hut: pen and ink sketch by Sandra Buchan p167. Mildred and Henry Francis on their wedding day, 1905 p169. Four of the Francis children: Marjory, Mona, Doris and Alan p169. Henry Francis with school group outside slab shelter hut, 1920 p171. Mark Gentle p174. Family of Ann and John Jenkins, about 1903: Donald, Emily, George, Herbert, Esther, Daisy holding baby Perce, Edith, Charles, Frederick, Thomas p176. Phil Goddard, timber cutter, 1922 p177. John Payet Godwin p178. Dougal Haigh p180. Nicholas Harry (2) and his police horse p181. James and Grace Harry p182. Veronica Hill with her brother Nick and three of her children p185. MUIOOF Lodge, El Dorado, about 1891: William Smith, William Moffit, Harry Walker, Charles Robertson, Alfred Hollow p187. W.C. Hollow’s drapery shop and Crameri hairdresser shop p187. Alfred George Holroyd, Tinley Holroyd and Co. laboratory, Kalgoorlie, 1896 p188. An Indian hawker p190. Israel Irlam outside his slab hut p191. Sam James in his vegetable garden, about 1930 p191. Cyril Johnson as soldier, 1916 p195. Robert George and Susan Sophia Johnson with grand daughter Loreen p196. Francis Xavier Jolin p196. Sarah Jolin and her daughters, 1919: Sarah Cooper, Adelziade Walsh, Catherine Jolin, Ethel Jolin, Louisa Kelly, Celina Kirkup, Sarah Jolin, Malvina Gray p196. Doreen McLaughlin, Kath McKoy, Len and Hettie Jordan, their son Johnny, Mrs McKoy senior, Jack Jordan, Les McKoy, Lena Jordan (nee McKoy), Jack Jordan senior, his wife Mabel, Vic and Ida Jordan p197. Horses and scoops cutting a water channel at El Dorado: Vic Jordan, Percy Lancaster, - Walker p197. Maria Keat (nee Broom), in her later years p198. Frank Kiely at Alice Springs during World War Two p199. Margaret Klemm (nee MacKay) 1837-1893; her daughters Wilhemena Therese, Margaret Jane, Mary, Eleanor ‘Ellen’, her son Henry James and his wife Alice Josephine p201. Catherine Kneebone, wife of John p203. McEvoy funeral, 4 Aug 1895: John Kneebone in the hearse, three other victims, James Armstrong, Fredrick Bork and Charles Dawkins, on following wagons p204. Susan Knuckey (nee Dunstan) and William Reid Knuckey p205. William Reid Knuckey and Anne Katherine Rau on their wedding day, 1864 p205. Rosina Johns (nee Knuckey) p205. Ellen Knuckey (nee Gladders), wife of Thomas p205. William and Marlene Knuckey and Neil Wileman p205. Soda Larkins p206. Four generations at Mr and Mrs Knuckey’s: Millie Studham (nee Lemin), Gladys De La Rue (nee Studham), her son Maxwell, and his son Russell p206. Hay William Fythe Lonie p207. Salome Young as a teenager p207. The old Lonie home, about 1980, pen and ink sketch by Sandra Buchan p208. Emily Theresa, known as Emma Smith p208. Margaret Edna Worn and her children, Mildred and Douglas p209. El Dorado store, Post Office and Savings Bank, 1930 p209. Winifred May Faithfull (nee McEvoy) and William Faithfull p210. Adelaide Helen McGregor, about 1900 p214. Alex and Bessie McIntosh p214. Amy and Robert McIntosh p216. McIntosh family: Violet Elizabeth ‘Bess’, Colin Robert ‘Col’, their mother Amy, and Rubena Florence ‘Rube’ p216. The bakehouse, 1994 p216. Residence, corner of Main Street and McCoy Street, El Dorado, 1980: previously Schuppe’s shop, Cunningham’s, and then McKoy’s shop and residence p217. Ellen Cameron and John McLaughlin on their wedding day, 1887 p218. McLaughlin soldiers: Bert, Fred, George p219. Alexander Sydney ‘Sandy’ Madew and Louisa (nee Wellington) p221. Elizabeth and William Manson p222. Sophia Eleanor and John Donald Manson, about 1872 p223. Jack and Corrie Matheson on their wedding day p226. Enoch Matthews p227. William Milne p230. Jim Milne and butcher’s cart, about 1945 p231. James and Myrtle Milne p232. Geoff, Joy and Wally Milne p232. William Moffit (2), about 1891 p233. ‘Sherwood’, the mine manager’s home, 1914: after Arthur Moline left El Dorado, it was occupied by the Falconer family p234. John, Paul, Geoff and Dorothy ‘Dor’ Moline, 1915 p234. Christmas at ‘Sherwood’, about 1914: Tiger Leach, mine surveyor, and Arthur Moline, John, Molly, Paul, Geoff and Grace Wallen, Molly’s sister, Poppy the governess, and Dorothy p235. Fanny Eliza and John Moore p236. Girls of the El Dorado Primary School 1922: Miss Dot Sanderson, Miss Ashworth, Jean McLaughlin, Hazel Cunningham, Dolly Lee, Beryl Sanderson, Doris Francis, Mavis Cheesman, Joyce Allen, Myra Locock, Julia Matheson, Annie ‘Goog’ McDonald, Marjory Allen, Chrissie Lee, Mollie Wilson, Lorna Cheesman, Ilma Lyons, Marjorie Francis, Hazel Warren, Florrie Schaffer, Myra Fealy, Lil McDonald, Ellie Proven, Beryl Moore, Vera Proven, Joan Wilson, Stella Sanderson, Marjory Cheesman, Veronica ‘Rocky’ Ramsay, Sarah McDonald, Lena McKoy, Irma Turnbull, Marjorie Lowcock (Locock), Jean Trezise, Elaine Trimble p239. Albert Mull p240. William, Minnie, Edna May, Gertrude, Maude and Wilhelmina Mull p240. Elizabeth Mull (nee Banks) p242. Ernest Mull senior p242. Tilly Mathew (nee Mull) and Jack p242. George Mull, 1985 p243. All that remained of the Mull home, 1994, pen and ink sketch by Sandra Buchan p243. Five of John Naughtin’s children: Nora, John, Johanna, Margaret and Bridget p244. Joseph James Newton (2) p246. Woodcutter’s camp p248. Wilhelmina Niehoff p250. William Niehoff p250. William Daniel Patrick O’Brien p252. Caroline Jane O’Brien, Hynes (nee Wellington) p252. Michael O’Neill p253. Annie Catherine O’Neill (nee King) p253. Phoebe Parish and friends, 1927: Bobby Allen, Phoebe Parish, Tommy Stevens, Barney Fealy, Percy Lancaster, Mavis Cheesman, Hilda Cheesman and Bill Webb p255. The family of William Henry Percy (1) and Grace (nee Kelly): Carrie, John, Charlotte, Arthur, Emily, William (2), Grace and William (1) p256. Bob Pyle at work on his lease p257. Bob Pyle’s mining plant p257. El Dorado’s store and soldiers’ memorial – Gun House p257. McEvoy miners, early 1890s: Walter Studham, Bill Dawe, Joe Connor, Edward ‘Ned’ Visick, Christian ‘Christie’ McArthur, Old John Keenan, James Melville, Edward ‘Ted’ Dawe, Dad Studham, Gregory Raby, Tom Dunstan, John Cahill, Alexander ‘Sandy’ Madew, Thomas ‘Tom’ Knuckey p258. Antonio and Henrietta Ramsay p259. Nick and Muriel Ramsay’s wedding day 1941: Antonio Ramsay, Lizzie Crew (Muriel’s mother), George Ramsay, Muriel, Jimmy De La Rue, Nick, Margaret Raymer, Lizzie Crew senior and child Margaret Carey p259. Nick Ramsay bringing a mob of sheep down the Old Coach Road, 1960 p261. Original home of William Rankins p264. William Stanbury Rankins p264. Reid’s shed, about 1978 p264. Ernie Rankins p264. Eva Rankins p264. William Rainald Rankins p264. Rankin’s almond orchard and Cock’s Pioneer ponds, about 1930 p264. Ned and Tom Rankins p264. Lyle and Reg Rankins p264. Mavis Rankins, in garden of home, now Reid’s shearing shed p264. Jean Rankins p264. Family of William Ray and Sarah Jane (nee Cahoon): Annie, William senior, Sarah Jane, Robert, William junior, Arthur, Phillip, Thomas, Laura Sarah, Violet, James and Richard p265. William Rhodes, about 1875 p266. Lucy Richards p270. Mrs Richards’ boarding house p270. Thomas E. Rollings, about 1914 p271. Amy Elizabeth Rollings, just prior to her retirement, 1987 p273. Ernest Sault, 1929 p275. William John and Alice Schuppe, with children Robert and Ina p276. Charles William and Cis Schuppe p276. Olive Nora Schuppe and Ina p276. Robert Andrew and Gert Schuppe p276. Herbert James Shannon p277. John and Ellen Shaw p278. Sheedy family at home, Pyle Road: John Martin Sheedy, Martin Sheedy, Billy Wallace, Alan Jack Connor, Bob Delaney, Margaret Sheedy, Daisy Sheedy, Annie Theresa Sheedy (nee Delaney), Mary and Merle Sheedy p279. George Sidquick; Hanorah Sidquick (nee Dannaher) p284. Joseph Slee p284. William Smith, about 1891 p286. Speary family, about 1919: Thomas Walter George, Charles William, Gordon Arthur, Arthur William, Mary p287. Bill Falconer and Tom Speary p287. William ‘Bill’ Studham senior p290. Phillip Studham, wood carter p290. Granny Studham – Millie Elizabeth (nee Lemin) p290. Taylor family 1899: Wilfred, Harold, Doctor (2), Hector, Edgar Trebilo, son-in-law, Elizabeth, James, Agnes, Mary and her infant son Allan Trebilo, Cyril p291. Harold and Margaret Temby p292. John Terrill with children Albert and Frank, about 1872 p293. Samuel and Jane Terrill on their golden wedding anniversary p294. James Thompson’s mother Annie (nee Barry) and his wife Jane (nee Petty) p295. Probable children of James and Jane Thompson p295. Joseph Tredinnick (2) p297. William Tredinnick (2) p297. Mary Ann Brown (nee Tredinnick) p297. El Dorado School, about 1872 p298. William Henry Trevenen in Townsville p299. Vera and Joe Trezise’s children, 1932: Jean, Laura, Joe, Bill and Elizabeth p299. Vera and Joe Trezise, 1944 p300. John Trimble p300. Lesley Turnbull with Irma and Leila in native village on Misima Island – Barrewo carrying Irma, Kekkum carrying Leila, about 1920 p301. Caroline and Thomas Wain p304. The four Wain boys with Vi York, Christmas 1930 p304. William Wain delivering for the Angus store, 1919 p305. The Star Hotel, proprietor W. O’Keefe, about 1912 p307. Mrs Spence, proprietor, Ron Begnone at right, about 1934 p308. Margaret Begnone, Wally Archer, Lauris Brooks, Charles Mitchell, possibly Ron and Max Begnone, about 1935 p308. Cliff Mathieson, Star Hotel proprietor Gary Ward, Jack Duell, Pat and Kath Duell holding Eileen Ward p308. Charlie Pilgrim, licensee, and an Indian hawker, about 1939 p308. William Ward; Emma Ward (nee Spragg) p309. Cock’s Pioneer Barge, about 1935 p310. Joseph Webster p311. Webster’s soda water factory, possibly El Dorado or Adelong, about 1873 p311. William Anderson, his wife Eliza Jane (nee Wellington), born 1871, daughter of Joseph and Catherine (nee Foster) and their children: William Matthias, Alice Isobella, Ella May and Robert Leslie p313. Caroline and Edward Welsh p314. Mary Ann Manning (nee Furnell) and John Goodyear Manning p315. Doll houses made by Caroline Welsh p315. Ada Fealy (nee Manning) p315. Albert and Edna West p316. El Dorado store, about 1904: Hiram Horrocks wagon, Walter Wynne Jones left of entrance p317. Clara and Walter Wynne Jones, about 1899 p317. Catherine Wittmer, about 1880 p318. Andrew Wittmer, about 1880 p318. Isaac and Eliza Young (nee Coade) with their family p319. Young’s butcher shop, rear view and front view, about 1885 p320. Emily Young (nee Chaundy) p320. Henry ‘Harry’ Youngman, about 1918 p321. Bob and Gwen Allen with their Citizens of the Year award, 1985 p322. Bill Mull, George Mull and Bob Allen p322.

SURNAMES / FAMILY NAMES from the index:
Abbot / Abbott. Adams. Aitken. Allan. Allen. Allison. Anderson. Angus. Angwin. Annesley. Archibald. Armstrong. Arthur. Ashford. Bacher. Bailey. Bain. Baird. Baker. Balderson. Balfoar. Banks. Barber. Barnes. Barras. Barrass. Barrie. Barrow. Barry. Bartie. Bartsh. Bassett. Bawden. Baxter. Beck. Beeby. Beech. Begnone. Belford. Bell. Bennet. Bennett. Bennetts. Berkafeld. Berliner. Berry. Berryman. Best. Bickford. Blackford. Blatchford. Blewitt. Bligh. Bonacich. Booth. Borchers. Bork / Bok. Boulton. Bourke. Bowden. Boyd. Bradley. Bramstone. Bray. Breakell. Brewer. Bridge. Bridger. Brook. Brooker. Broom. Brown. Browne. Bruce. Bryant. Bulleid. Burn. Burns. Burry. Butler. Cahill. Cahoon. Cairns. Cameron. Campbell. Canney. Carey. Carle. Carlyon. Carmody. Carnsew. Carroll. Casey. Caurse. Chambers. Chapman. Chard. Chaundy. Cheesman. Chicken. Christesen. Clancy. Clarke. Clinton. Coade. Coakley. Cock. Coleman. Collier. Collins. Connor. Connors. Conrick. Considine. Cook. Cooper. Cornell. Cornford. Coster. Couria. Cousins. Coxon. Cozens. Crabtree. Crags. Craib. Craig. Crameri. Crane. Crans. Crawford. Cresswell. Crew. Crisp. Crocket. Crockett. Croucher. Crowley. Cruise. Crute. Culph. Cunningham. Curtis. Dale. Daly. Dannaher. D’Arcy. Darlon. Davey. Davidson. Davy. Dawe. Dawkins. Daykin. De La Rue. De Visser. Delaney. Dent. Dickinson / Morrison. Ditchburn. Dixon. Dobson. Docker (Rev. Joseph). Dodsworth. Dolan. Donaldson. Ah Dow. Down. Doyle. Drennan. Driscoll. Drover. Drummond. Duell. Duggleby. Duhy. Duke of Edinburgh. Dunsmore. Dunstan. Dyce. Dyson. Eddy. Edmond. Edwards. Eggleston. Elkins. Elliot. Ellis. Evans. Faithfull. Falconer. Falkingham. Farmer. Farrell. Faux. Fealy. Ferguson. Fiehn. Finch. Fish. Fisher. Fitzgerald. Fitzpatrick. Fleischer. Fletcher. Flood. Foletti. Fordon. Fortune. Foster. Francis. Fraser. French. Fullerton. Fulton. Furnell. Fyfe. Gamage. Gambetta. Geigstone. Gentle. Gibson. Gidley. Gilbertson. Gill. Gladders. Glares. Glaves. Goddard. Godwin. Gold. Goldsworthy. Goodear. Goodwin. Goodyear. Gorda Singh. Grainger. Grant. Gray. Green. Greene. Greg. Gremmel. Griffiths. Grigg. Grimm. Grimshaw. Grose. Groves. Gully. Haigh. Haird. Hall. Hallworth. Hans. Hansen. Harbron. Hardisty. Hardware. Hargraves. Harris. Harry. Harvey. Hasselbrook. Hawkins. Hay. Haywood. Hazelbrook. Heffernan. Hennessy. Henry. Herd. Hickey. Hicks. Higgins. Hill. Hindmarsh. Hinker. Hocking. Hodge. Holderness. Hollow. Holroyd. Holt. Horan. Horne. Horrocks. Hoskins. Hourigan. Howard. Hudson. Huggins. Hugo. Huguenin. Hulme. Humble. Humphries. Hunt. Hutchens. Hutton. Hynes. Ingrey. Irlam. James. Jayet. Jebb. Jeffers. Jeffs. Jenkins. John. Johns. Johnson. Johnston. Jolin. Jones. Jordon. Jory. Kearns. Keat. Keating. Keenan. Kelly. Kemp. Kennedy. Kenny. Kernan. Kernighan. Kerr. Kidd. Kiely. Kiernan. Kilian. King. Kinsman. Kitchen. Klemm. Knapp. Kneebone. Knevels. Knuckey. Kruger. Kyte. Lachmond. Lampe. Lang Boyd. L'Argent. Larkins. Lean. Lee. Leggo. Leitch. Lemin. Levitt. Lewis. Lillis. Lisle. Loar. Lobb. Lockwood. Lonie. Lord. Louden. Loveridge. Lowcock. Lumby. Lynch. MacKay. Maddern. Madew. Manning. Manson. Maple. Maroney. Marshall. Martell. Martin. Maslin. Masterton. Matheson. Mathew. Matthews. Maxwell. May. Maynard. McArthur. McCabe. McCaffery. McCardell. McCarthy. McCaull. McCullock. McDonald. McDonnell. McEvoy. McFarlane. McGrannahan. McGregor. McIntosh. McKibbin. McKinlay. McKoy. McLaughlin. McLeod. McMaster. McMillan. McMullin. McNama. McPherson. McRae. Melvie. Melville. Menzies (Robert). Meyer. Milawa. Mildrum. Miles. Millar. Miller. Milne. Minogue. Mitchell. Moffitt. Moline. Moody. Moore. Morey. Morgan. Moriarty. Morley. Morrison. Moss. Mull. Mulvena. Murphy. Murray. Mustel. Myal. Nage. Nancarrow. Naughtin. Negal. Nevers. Nevill. Nevin. Newton. Nicholay. Nicholls. Niehoff. Noble. Nolan. Norman. Oates. O’Brien. O’Connor. O’Gorman. Oiselle. O’Keefe. O’Neill. Paley. Parish. Parkes. Parr. Paton. Peeck. Pemberton. Peppard. Percy. Perry. Pescio. Petersen. Pettet. Phillips. Pollard. Power. Prendergast. Press. Pyle. Quick. Raby. Ralph. Ramsay. Ramshaw. Rankin. Rankins. Ranson. Rantner. Rau. Ray. Redferry. Reid. Rhodes. Rich. Richards. Richardson. Robert. Roberts. Robertson. Robinson. Robson. Rodam. Roddy. Rollings. Rolls. Rowe. Rowlands. Rudd. Rutlidge. Ryan. Sabine. Salvado. Sammon. Sampson. Sanderson. Sasse. Sault. Scadden. Scanlan. Schieler. Schnook. Schuppe. Scott. Seddon. Sedgwick / Sidquick. Shannon. Sharp. Shaw. Sheedy. Shellnack. Sheppard. Short. Sidquick / Sedgwick. Simmonds. Simpson. Sinclair. Singh. Slee. Smirl. Smith. Snell. Snow. Southey. Sparks. Spearing. Speary. Spencer. Spragg. Sprague. Stamp. Stanley. Steel. Steele. Stevens. Stewart. Stirling. Storey. Strahan. Studham. Surtees. Swan. Syme. Talleur. Taylor. Temby. Terrill. Thom. Thomas. Thompson. Thomson. Thresher. Tipman. Tobin. Tone. Toohey. Traill. Trainer. Trainor. Traplin. Tredinnick. Tremaine. Trembath. Trevenen. Trezise. Trimble. Turnbull. Turner. Tutty. Urquhart. Visick. Vivecomb. Vowell. Wain. Walker. Wallace. Wallen. Walsh. Ward. Wardell. Warrell. Warren. Webb. Webster. Weinberg. Weller. Wellington. Welsh. West. Weston. Wheeler. White. Whitehead. Whitmore. Whittle. Whitton. Wilkinson. Williams. Williamson. Willis. Wilson. Wise. Wittmer. Wood. Woodroffe. Woods. Worn. Wright. Yeo. Young. Youngman.

FULL INDEX available on library computers: Electronic resources \ Indexes \ Eldorado

FROM THE INDEX (Place names, institutions, etc.):
Aborigines. Air observers. Albion Hotel. All Nations Hotel. Allan Brothers. Alliance Hotel. Anglican Church – St Jude’s. Athenaeum. Australia Day Carnival. Bakehouse. Bakery dwelling. Band of Hope. Bank of Victoria. Barambogie. Basketball Club. Bawden Memorial. Beechworth, Spring Creek. Boy Scouts. Bush Fire Brigade. Bussell and Bligh. Bussell and Taylor. Byawatha. Carnsew Brothers’ Camel Train. Cemetery. Centennial Claim. Chappell’s Gully. Citizens’ Association. Clear Creek. Clear Creek Station. Clear Creek Tin Mine. Coade and Clemenger. Cocks El Dorado Gold Dredging Co. NL. Cocks Pioneer Electric Gold and Tin Sluicing Co. Cocks Pioneer Gold and Tin Mines (1934) NL. Cocks Pioneer Gold and Tin Mines NL. Cocks Pioneer Mine, Manager’s Home. Comforts Fund. Commercial Hotel. The Common. Congregational / Independent Church. Country Women’s Association (CWA). Court House. F.S. Crans and Co. Cricket. Criterion Hotel. Crowther and Co. Darlon Brothers. Davidson and Dobson. Dent, Jack and Daisy. Devon Company. Diamonds. Drag. Early buildings – private and commercial.

El Dorado: and District Star. Bakery. Crier. Flat. Gold and Tin Mining Co. Hotel. Jockey Club. Mine. Museum. News and Mining Record and Ovens General Advertiser. Oxley and Tarrawingee Advertiser. Police Court. School song. Star. Store. Times. The Gilded One.

Elsie’s Cottage. Empire Hotel. English mail. Excelsior Gold and Tin Mining Co. Excelsior Express. Fealy’s. Fire Brigade. Fitzpatrick’s Hut. Flood 1909. Football. Forrester’s Arms Hotel. Gemstone Caravan Park. Girl Guides. Girls Marching Team. Gold Cup. Golden Eagle. Golden Gate Claim. Golden Lake Gold and Tin Mining Co. Grant and Taylor. Great Extended Gold and Tin Mining Co. Gun House Park. Halls. Head teachers and teachers. Hindmarsh and Company. Honour Roll. Horse racing. Horses and scoops. Indian hawker. Johnson’s. Jordon’s Hole. Justice of the Peace. Kangaroo Bridge. Kangaroo Crossing. Kelly Tin Dressing Plant. Kenyon and party. Kneebone / Hindmarsh and Co. Little Gem. Lyon and De Jarlan. Mail contractors. Manchester Unity Independent Order of Oddfellows (see also MUIOOF). Maps. Martell’s. McEvoy Mine Disaster. McEvoy Memorial. McEvoy Mine. McEvoy miners. McEvoy Tavern. McKenna and Co. Memorial Avenue. Menlon Brothers. Mercury jar. Methodist Church. Methodist Sunday School certificate. Miner’s right. Monument Hill. Morton and Fealy. Mount Buffalo Camp. MUIOOF Hall. MUIOOF Lodge. MUIOOF members. Napoleon Flat. National fitness. Netball. North Wellington Claim. Old Buffers. One Tree Hill. Opening hours of business houses. Oriental Bank. Ovens Gold and Tin Mining Co. NL. Ovens Tin Mining Company. Pangerang (aborigines). Perseverance Company. Picnic days. Picnic group. Police Station. Polocrosse. Post Office. Postmasters / Postmistresses. Presbyterian Church. Publican’s licences. Racing Club. Rechabite Lodge. Red Cross. Reedy Creek. Reedy Creek Tin Mining Company. Registrars of Births and Deaths. Reid’s Creek. Reid’s Flat. Richards’ Boarding House. Rifle Club. Robbery under arms. Roman Catholic Church – St Augustine’s. Royal Hotel. Royal Oak Hotel. Rural Fire Brigade. School. School bus. School honour roll. Sebastopol. Sheedy and Company. Slippery Rock. Soldiers’ Memorial Hall. South Wellington Company. Sports, annual. Spread Eagle Mine. St Augustine’s Catholic Church. St Augustine’s, first marriage. St Jude’s Anglican Church. Star Hotel. Star Hotel licensees. Stephen’s Dam. Swing Bridge. Table Tennis. Telephone service. Tennis. Thompsons of Castlemaine. Thresher’s Store. Tin Pot Shaft. Town views. Township, declaration of. Try Again Gold and Tin Mining Co. Try Again Mine – share certificate. Turnbull and Simpson. Union Gold and Tin Mining Co. Union Hotel. United El Dorado (McEvoy’s) Company. United El Dorado Co. United Ovens Gold and Tin Mining Co. United Ovens Hotel. Uniting Church. Victoria Store. Vietnam War. War effort. Washington Gold and Tin Sluicing Co. NL. Weather Station. Webster’s Soda Water Factory. Wellington Gold and Tin Mining Co. Wellington Hotel. Wesleyan Church. Wesleyan Church – first baptism. Wesleyan Sabbath School. Wesleyan Young Men’s Improvement Association. Wesleyan Youth Group. Wombat Mine. Woodcutter’s Camp. Woolshed in El Dorado. Woolshed Valley. World War One. World War Two. Young’s Butcher Shop and Dwelling. Youth groups.

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