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Main Title: Cairns Historical Society bulletins [electronic resource] : 1-550.
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Imprint: Modbury, S. Aust. : Archive Digital Books Australasia, ||2010.
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Historical societies - Periodicals
Cairns (Qld)
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1958: Port Douglas [change of name to Salisbury] / W.J. Gallogly. The whyfor of Cairns [beginnings] / S.E. Stephens. Some memories of early Cairns / T.H. Crowe.

1959: Early communications – roads / S.E. Stephens. 1927 cyclone and flood / W.J. Gallogly. Biography of Herbert Grahame Vidgen / W.J. Gallogly. Cobb and Co. / Thomas H. Crowe. Early reminiscences of Cairns / Mr H.K.N. MacDonnell. Early land selection / S.E. Stephens. Railways / H.K.N. MacDonnell. Somerset / S.E. Stephens. John Atherton / Mrs L. Trappesa-Lomax. Irvinebank / Fred Jones. The Palmer Goldfield / S.E. Stephens. Early flying in North Queensland / Tom McDonald. William Jack / Mrs M. Allen. Early flying continued. Queensland Ambulance Transport Brigade – Cairns Centre / T.W. Briggs.

1960: The Hann family of Maryvale part 1 / Dr G.C. Bolton. Hann family part 2. Early history of Cairns and district railways / H. Purcell. Genesis of Cairns / J.W. Collinson. The route of least resistance [roads, exploration] / W.J. Gallogly. Water supply to Cairns / F.R. Morris. Alexander Moor Renton, prospector, Watsonville / W. Gallogly. The Waddell family / Mrs O.H. Woodward.

1961: My young days in Cairns parts 1 and 2 / D. Headrick. Origin of familiar place names / Mrs M. Walmsley. ‘The Trinity Times’ [newspaper] / S.E. Stephens. Bonar family of Herberton and Kairi / Miss Janet Bonar. Old Cairns parts 1 and 2 / E.T.A Cummings. The origin of Cairns / S.E. Stephens. Henry Palmer Abbott / C.L.A. Abbott. Richard Daintree / Mrs M. Walmsley. Early experiences of the Cairns-Kuranda Railway / Mrs T. Dillon Snr.

1962: Cooktown / S.E. Stephens. The Stannary Hill Tramway / Michael O’Callaghan. The Pearling Fleet tragedy / S.E. Stephens. The Irvinebank Tramway / M. O’Callaghan. Personalities and staff, Stannary Hills and Irvinebank Tramways / M. O’Callaghan. Stratford and Freshwater / Mrs D.E. Griffiths. Torres Straits records [the following is a report on the ‘Prince of Wales’ island group by the Police Magistrate at Somerset, F.L. Jardine]. Wreck on Stephens Island 1874. Pearl fisheries of Torres Straits in 1874 / C. D’Oyley H. Aplin. Report of pearl fisheries of Torres Strait in 1874 continued. The climb of the Bellenden Ker Range in 1889 / H.G. Barnard. Kamerunga in the early 1900s / J. Malcolm.

1963: John Boyd and his wife Lousia [Louisa] / Stan H. Boyd. Mount Mulgrave Station / S. Williams. Cooktown water supply. Peninsula prospecting days [Coen] / Stan H. Boyd. Rossvile [Rossville] and other tin fields / Mrs E. Yeatman. Sandalwood in the peninsula / Stanley H. Boyd. Cairns at the turn of the century / W.F. Tierney. Elizabeth Batts and family / M.O. Walmsley. George Augustus Frederick Elphinstone Dalrymple / M.O. Walmsley. The ‘Brilliant’ [mine] fire at Charters Towers / Andrew Villiers.

1964: William Oswald Hodgkinson, 1835-1900 / Mrs M. Walmsley. Firearms of North Queensland / J.G. Nixon. Mowbray River and Port Douglas / F. Franken. Mossman / F. Franken. Random recollections of Coen in the 1890s / Stan H. Boyd. Street names of Cairns / S.E. Stephens. Thomas Galloway – Galloway Johnstone / W.J. Gallogly. The Palmer Gold Mines Ltd / S.E. Stephens. Ebagoolah / S.R. Williams. The Palmer Gold Field: some proposals for reviving it and sundry reminiscences / H.K.N. MacDonnell.

1965: Historical record of the township of Montalbion / M. O’Callaghan. Visit of Sir Henry Abel Smith and Lady May to Aurukun, 1964 / R.D. Gallop. More notes on the Palmer Goldfield / S.E. Stephens. Captain James Cook: bi-centenary celebrations / Mr Bax. Coen to 1907 / M.O. Walmsley. Cooktown Municipal Council runs a railway / S.E. Stephens. The early history of Cairns School of Arts / D. Douglas.

1966: The Koorboora Tin Company / S.E. Stephens. The Cairns Range Railway / W.T. Johnston. The Mount Mulligan Colliery disaster / S.R. Williams. Local government in Cairns / S.E. Stephens. Normanton / M.O. Walmsley. The Peninsula Telegraph / S.E. Stephens. Mining days in the Chillagoe district / D. Dudley. Aboriginal place names – Kuranda area / George Camino. Historical record of the township of Watsonville / M. O’Callaghan.

1967: Watsonville continued. The Gaslight Sports / George Comino. Memories of my first half-century in Cairns / Patrick Toohey. Railway station names / G. Comino. Hartman’s Museum, Mareeba / J. & R. Hartman. Some early sawmilling ventures / S.E. Stephens. The North Coast Railway / S.E. Stephens. Cairns Timber Limited / T.P. Doherty. The ‘Amelia’ Mine at Crooked Creek. Some memorials in North Queensland / S.E. Stephens. ‘Komet’ (ship) / W.T. Johnson.

1968: The men who blazed the track from the Hodgkinson Goldfield to Trinity Inlet / W.T. Johnston. Aborigines / W.T. Johnston. Fredrick [Frederick] Cutten and family in Queensland / Les G. Alexander. Port Douglas and the Bump Road / W. Trezise and W.M. Stewart. John Moffat of Irvinebank / M. O’Callaghan. Burns Philp and Co. and The Gulf [of Carpentaria] / Chas Taylor. John Moffat of Irvinebank continued. Burns Philp part 2. The Battle of Parramatta Park / M.O. Walmsley. Edward Albert Koch / W.T. Johnston.
1969: Georgetown at the turn of the century / Mr Secombe Snr. To search uncharted waters – the ‘Endeavour’ (ship) cannon / S.E. Stephens. Archibald Meston / S.E. Stephens. Ernest Henry of Hughenden and Cloncurry / Mrs E.R. Heard. Beef riots Charters Towers 1872 / W.T. Johnston. Goldborough [Goldsborough property] / J. Scanlan. Reminiscences of Cairns in the first decade of the 20th century / Doug Seaton.

1970: More Goldsborough and other localities and some persons / H.K.N. MacDonnell. The Hodgkinson Goldfields / John G. Winfield. Mrs Watson, heroine of Lizard Island / S.E. Stephens. The diary of Taam Sze Piu (known in English as Tom See Poy). Cooktown’s Captain Cook bi-centenary celebrations / S.E. Stephens. Diedrich Henne, botanical collector / W.T. Johnston. The Pang family and the Lin Foy family / Amy Lin Foy.

1971: John Graham MacDonald / M.O. Walmsley. The Cairns-Mulgrave Tramway / S.E. Stephens. Vanished towns of North Queensland: Smithfield and Kamerunga / S.E. Stephens. Pioneering days back of Cairns - Myola / Sister Mary Josephine RSM. Millaa Millaa over 60 years 1908-1968 / M.E. and H.J. Tranter. Northcote gold and antimony mining / John G. Winfield. The Queen Constance Gold Mine / John G. Winfield. Maytown Cemetery / S.E. Stephens. Pioneering days back of Cairns – Mareeba / Sister Mary Josephine RSM. Anniversary of the Mount Mulligan [colliery] disaster 1921 / S.E. Stephens. The Granite Creek ghost / Joe Jones, prospector. Burke and Wills search expeditions [John McKinlay; Frederick Walker] / W.T. Johnston.

1972: Burke and Wills search expeditions continued [William Landsborough]. Memorial to malaria control / S.E. Stephens. Railway engine driver Jack Haren / W.F. Tierney. Tin-scratching 1926-7 / H.V. Weston. The first North Queensland tin dredge 1928 / H.V. Weston. The Hodgkinson Goldfield / S.E. Stephens. Chinese of Cairns and district / W.F. Tierney. The Palmer Road in 1972 / S.E. Stephens. Goldsborough / S.E. Stephens. Cairns Prison and other memories of 60 years ago / Mrs Catherine Doherty. Some early history of Kuranda / Mrs R.C. Mann.

1973: Changes and comparisons over sixty years / Mrs Ruth C. Mann, Home Hill. Beginnings of the Douglas Shire / S.E. Stephens. Early land settlement on the Russell River / W.T. Johnston. Robert Colin Ringrose / Mrs M. Allen. Early land settlement on the Russell River continued. Torres Strait Islands reminiscences from 1912 / Mrs R.G. Mann, Home Hill. Law enforcement on the Palmer Goldfield / S.E. Stephens. Three veteran prospectors: Cardwell Peters and Fred and Theodor Roos / M. O’Callaghan. Early land settlement on the Russell River continued / W.T. Johnston. Palmer Goldfields: discovery and early evolution [founding of Maytown] / S.E. Stephens. George Elphinstone Dalrymple and the Queensland North-East Expedition / W.T. Johnston.

1974: Letter from a Prussian migrant in 1855 [Johann Gartner]. Early agricultural activities of North Queensland / S.E. Stephens. George Elphinstone Dalrymple continued. Rocky Bluffs. A scientific expedition to the summits of the Bellenden Ker Range 1889 / W.T. Johnston. Obituary: Mrs Mary Ann Dillon. The Stratford Magazine / S.E. Stephens. Bellenden Ker Range continued. Off Cairns in the week commencing Trinity Sunday 1770 (from the lesser known records) [Captain Cook] / A. McInnes. Daintree Provisional School 1924 / Mrs E.M. Pearson (nee Mabel Vallance). The Northern Sugar Experiment Station / J.H. Buzacott.

1975: Palmer roads early 1974 / S.E. Stephens. Early history of Aloomba / A. Hesp. Daintree School (Educational Department Archives). When Cairns had a [pineapple] cannery / S.E. Stephens. J.V. Mulligan in the Hodgkinson [River] / S.E. Stephens. Obituary: Mrs Margaret Allen. The Hodgkinson Goldfield. Cairns memories 1911 to 1925 / Mrs K. Sim, Edgehill. Obituary: David Headrick. [Archibald] Meston Report on the aborigines / S.E. Stephens. Some memories of an early childhood spent at Cairns 1910-1915 / W.T. Johnston. Meston report on aboriginals continued. Kingsborough, Kingsboro, Kingston [Ned Lee, fisherman] / S.E. Stephens. Frederick Walker and the Native Mounted Police / W.T. Johnston.

1976: George Jonathan Evenden 1829-1907 / G.E. Webb. The steamship ‘Porpoise’ (ship). Obituary: Mrs N.M. Reed. The Public Cemetery, McLeod Street, Cairns / W.T. Johnston. Early days in and around Cairns: sugar industry / H.K.N. MacDonnell. Mining / H.K.N. MacDonnell. The Cooktown Courier (newspaper). Early days around Cairns continued. Edwin Crossland / Rebecca Morton. John Doyle 1842-1932, pioneer track finder / W.T. Johnston. So close to Cairns – June 1768 [French explorers] / Alan McInnes. Droving to the Palmer Goldfield 1875-6 / A. McInnes. The pioneering Arbouin family / M. O’Callaghan. Holmes Reefs [reef] / A. McInnes.

1977: The Centennial Trail Ride: Hodgkinson to Cairns 1976 / Brian Taylor. A record of the deaths which occurred in the first years of the Palmer / W.T. Johnston. Public buildings in Thornborough / Ruth S. Kerr. Extracts from the letters of Bowly on his second droving trip to the Palmer. The Ormiston Sugar Factory. The Green Island tragedies of 1873 / W.T. Johnston. The Croydon Miner (newspaper). The tale of a horse [Edward Daniels] / W.J. Gallogly. Ragged Camp / M. O’Callaghan. Growing up in Babinda / W.T. Johnston. Hells Gate exploratory trip / R. Peever. Japanese fishing tragedy off Cairns / S.E. Stephens. The two companions: ‘Sapphire’ and ‘Marina’ (ship) parts 1 and 2 / Alan McInnes.

1978: The Palmer Goldfield and the rush from the Etheridge / W.T. Johnston. Childhood memories of Fretwell Hotel / John Balzer. Who was Christie’s mate? / S.E. Stephens. Reminiscences of J.M. Tenni, pioneer and canegrower, Redlynch / recorded by W.T. Johnston. Memories of ‘Cyclone Jim’ [Jim Tenni] / recorded by J.M. Tenni, Redlynch. Early newspapers of Herberton / Ruth S. Kerr. A mining accident at Calcifer 1903 [death of William Connor, John Taylor and Alfred Wheeler] / W.T. Johnston. William Walter Mason / Pat Broughton. Mungana memories / Tim Toomey. The Hann Expedition into Cape York Peninsula 1872 (3 parts) / B. Foley. Byerstown / Doris A. Scammell.

1979: Early North Queensland history / Thomas H. Crow (1959). Our first industry [beche-de-mer] / Alan McInnes. Recollections of Cairns / Charles J. Callins. The Palmer Reefs / Mr O’Leary (“Coyyan”). Dangers and difficulties of the Torres Strait and inner route (extracts) / A. McInnes. Police and the early Northern Goldfields / L.E. Skinner. The Palmer (2 parts) / written in Cairns, Dec 1929 by M. O’Leary. Early days in the cane / P.J. Skinner. Personal letter 1906 / by Tom Treston (cane farmer).

1980: Travellers’ accommodation over a century / S.E. Stephens. Kingsborough School / Ruth S. Kerr. Reminiscences of early families: Clacherty; Christensen; Wills; Stratford / Elsie Chamberlain. Trainee days in the 1930s [nurses and nursing] / Mary Anne (Mamie) McQuillan (nee Vinall). Cairns Museum history / S.E. Stephens. Difficulties of founding a town [Palmer Goldfields, Cooktown] / S.E. Stephens. The Hodgkinson Goldfield [Northcote] / M. O’Leary (Coyyan) 1930. The early Australian hydrographic surveyors (2 parts) / Brian Foley. Sayer-Davidson Bellenden-Ker Range expedition of 1886 (3 parts) / Alec Davidson.

1981: Catalina sorties from Cairns 1942-1945. The Wolfram Camp State School Garden 1913 / Howard Newport. A short history of Cairns during the war years [World War Two] / George L. Broughton. Kamerunga State Nursery / S.E. Stephens. Kamerunga Horticultural Research Station. Norman Clyde Coleman 1913-1981 / Mrs D. Magarry, Mrs Beth Smyth, Mr W.T. Johnston. Vignettes of Cairns during the Pacific War years / W.T. Johnston. Muluridji (North East Queensland) traditional material culture [aborigines] (2 parts) / G. Grimwade. Camping trip to Thornborough 1981. Obituary: Charlotte Agnes Earl 1909-1981. William Thomas White – surveyor (1853-1936) / R.H. Pocock.

1982: Early recollections of Katherine Absell (Cairns). The Kennedy Regiment / Leslie L. Sim. Early pioneers: Thron and Elizabeth Matthisen / Major W.E. Hughes. Catalina A24-35 / Alan Broughton. Muldiva (town) / Dr Ruth S. Kerr. Three trips to the Palmer River Goldfields in 1981 [including third trip: Cradle Creek revisited] / Robert and Doris Cairns. Enquiry into Sweers Island shootings in 1872 / L.E. Skinner. Obituary: Alan Queale. The survey vessel H.M. ‘Mermaid’ 1817-1829 (continued) / W.T. Johnston. The Cairns dredge ‘TSS Trinity Bay’ / Phil Landy. What happened to the Macquarie brothers? / Peter Bell.

1983: Trekking through Hell’s Gate 1982 / Noel Burman. Living in the Depression years / Margaret Stephens (nee Summers). The wreck of the ‘Charles Eaton’ (ship) / Allan McInnes. The first Cairns Post (1883-1893) / Rod Kirkpatrick. The Cairns sugar strike 1925 / L.L. Sim and T.P. Doherty. Historical notes of a field trip to Yungaburra district / A.D. Broughton and W.T. Johnston. The writing of North Queensland history / Dr Peter Bell.

No. 288 JANUARY 1984: The writing of North Queensland history (continued) / Dr Peter Bell.

No. 289 FEBRUARY 1984: Tommy Ah Toi’s to the Independent Mine, Palmer River / Bob Cairns.

No. 290 MARCH 1984: The ‘Normanby Woman’ [unknown European women living among aborigines] / W.T. Johnston.

No. 291 APRIL 1984: The story of R.M.S. ‘Quetta’ [ship] 1881-1890 / Brian Foley.

No. 292 MAY 1984: The story of R.M.S. ‘Quetta’ [ship] 1881-1890 (continued) / Brian Foley.

No. 293 JUNE 1984: Historical notes – field trip – Silver Valley / compiled by A and P. Broughton.

No. 294 JULY 1984: Sydney Algernon Barnard – killed by the blacks / W.T. Johnston.

No. 295 AUGUST 1984: Calcifer and its school 1894-1908 / Ruth S. Kerr.

No. 296 SEPTEMBER 1984: Coolgarra 1905-1914 / W.O. Roberts.

No. 297 OCTOBER 1984: President’s report 1984.

No. 298 NOVEMBER 1984: Coolgarra 1905-1914 (continued) / W.O. Roberts.

No. 299 JANUARY 1985: Petition for police protection [from aborigines] – Herberton district 1882.

No. 300 FEBRUARY 1985: Some memories of wartime Cairns 1944-5 / Paul G. Duff.

No. 301 MARCH 1985: The Mt [Mount] Peter Goldfield 1897-1950 – part 1 / Mrs Kay Earl.

No. 302 APRIL 1985: The Mt [Mount] Peter Goldfield 1897-1950 – part 2 / Mrs Kay Earl. Additional notes on the Talisman / Bob Cairns.

No. 303 MAY 1985: Black brittle quartz – specs of tin at Glen Linedale / Ruth S. Kerr. Field trip – Mount Peter Goldfield.

No. 304 JUNE 1985: Gold at Mt [Mount] Bartle Frere 1937 / W.O. Roberts.

No. 305 JULY 1985: The death of [Constable] Michael Dwyer / P.J. Broughton.

No. 306 AUGUST 1985: Recollections of Cairns 1917-1937 / W.O. Roberts.

No. 307 SEPTEMBER 1985: Recollections of Cairns 1917-1937 (continued) / W.O. Roberts. Report on the Tate River field trip.

No. 308 OCTOBER 1985: The ‘Wild Irish Girl’ Ore Stamper Mill [Palmer River Goldfields] / John Hay and Barry Strike. Field trip to Yarrabah etc.

No. 309 NOVEMBER 1985: Twenty seventh annual report / L.L. Sim.

No. 310 JANUARY 1986: Life on Bier Park 1911-1919 / W.O. Roberts.
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