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Main Title: The history of Ballarat. : from the first pastoral settlement to the present time / William Bramwell Withers.
Author: Withers, William Bramwell, b. 1823
Imprint: Carlton, Vic : Queensberry Hill Press, 1980.
Collation: xx, 395 p. : ill., folded maps, index, hbk ; 22 cm.
Subject: General histories
Eureka rebellion
Gold mines and mining
Ballarat (Vic.) (Wadawurrung Country)
Edition: Facsimile ed. of 2nd edition (published 1887)
Preface to the first edition vii. Preface to the second edition xii. List of illustrations, plans etc. xv.

Chapter 1: Ballarat before the gold discovery p1-16: First exploring parties; Mount Buninyong; Mount Aitken; Ercildoun; Ballarat; Lake Burrumbeet dry; Settling throughout the district; First wheat grown; First flour mill; Founding of Buninyong; A wide diocese; Appearance of Ballarat; The natives [aborigines]; Aboriginal names; The squatters; Premonitions of the gold discovery.

Chapter 2: The gold discovery p17-45: California and the Ural; Predictions of Australian gold; Discoveries of old bushmen; Hargreaves and others in New South Wales; Effects of discovery at Bathurst; Sir C.A. Fitzroy’s despatches; First assay; Esmond and Hargreaves; Esmond’s discovery at Clunes; Previous Victorian discoveries; Esmond’s the first made effectively public; Hiscock; Golden Point, Ballarat; Claims of discoverers as to priority; Effects of the discovery; Mr La Trobe’s despatches; His visit to Ballarat; The licenses; Change of scene at Ballarat; Mount Alexander rush; Fresh excitements; Rise in prices.

Chapter 3: From the gold discovery to the year of the Eureka Stockade p46-71: Great aggregations of population; Opening up of golden grounds; A digger’s adventures; Character of the population; Dates of local discoveries; Ballarat township proclaimed; First sales of land; Bath’s Hotel; First public clock; Tatham’s and Brooksbank’s recollections; Primitive stores, offices and conveyances; Woman a phenomenon; First women at Ballarat; Curious monetary devices; First religious services; Newspapers; Theatres; Lawyers; First courts; Capture of Roberts, the Nelson robber; Nuggets; Golden gutters; Thirty or forty thousand persons located.

Chapter 4: Digger hunting p72-96: The gold license; Taxation without representation; Unequal incidence of the tax; Episodes of digger hunting; Irritating method of enforcing the tax; Suspicions of corruption among the magistrates and police; Visit of Sir Charles and Lady Hotham; Big Larry; Roff’s recollections; Reform League; Murder of Scobie; Acquittal of Bentley; Dewes suspected; Mass meetings; Burning of Bentley’s Hotel; Irwin’s narrative; Arrest of Fletcher, McIntyre and Westerby; Re-arrest of Bentley; Conviction of Bentley; Rich’s experiences; Conviction of Fletcher, McIntyre and Westerby; Demand for their liberation; Increased excitement; Fete to the American Consul; Foster; Sir Charles Hotham; Arrival of troops; Troops assaulted; Bakery Hill meeting; Southern Cross Flag; Burning the licenses.

Chapter 5: The Eureka Stockade p97-163: The last digger hunt; Collision between the diggers and military and police; Southern Cross Flag again; Lalor and his companions armed, kneel and swear mutual defence; Irwin’s account; Carboni Raffaello, his pictures of the times and men; More troops arrive; The diggers extend their organisation under arms; Lalor ‘Commander in Chief’; Forage and impressment parties; Original documents; Shots fired from the camp; The Stockade formed; Narrative of a government officer in the camp; Attack by the military and taking of the Stockade; Various accounts of the time; Raffaello’s description; Other tragic pictures; First stone house; Bank of Victoria fortified; A soldier’s story; List of the killed; Burials; Rewards offered for the insurgent leaders; Their hiding and escape; Charge against A.P. Akehurst; Proclamation of Martial Law; Feeling in Melbourne; Foster’s resignation; Deputation of diggers; Humffray arrested; Vote of thanks to the troops; Legislative Council’s address to the Governor; His reply; Prisoners at the Ballarat Police Court; Royal Commission of Enquiry; Trial and acquittal of the state prisoners; Humffray; Lalor’s and his captain’s hiding place and peculiarities; Cost of the struggle; Compensation meeting at the Stockade; Raffaello there selling his book; Subsequent celebrations; Soldiers and digger’s monuments; The burial places; The insurgent flag; Death of Sir Charles Hotham; Hotham and Foster vindicated.

Chapter 6: Political development p164-192: Ballarat politically active and influential; New constitution; Humffray and Lalor elected; Their addresses; Humffray in trouble; Lalor on democracy; Lalor on the ‘Star’; The Grand Trunk affair; Petition for a private property mining law; Neglect by the parliaments of mining interests; Probable causes; New political demands; Votes for Lalor and Humffray; Burial expenses of Governor Hotham; O’Shanassy Chief Secretary; Haines succeeds, with McCulloch as Commissioner of Customs; O’Shanassy in power again; Nicholson cabinet; Succeeded by Heales, with Humffray as first Minister of Mines; O’Shanassy in power again, Succeeded by McCulloch; The tariff; Re-call of Governor Darling; Darling grant crisis; Death of Governor Darling; Grant to his widow and family; Sladen ministry; McCulloch in power again; Representative changes; Jones declared corrupt; Defeats Vale; The Macpherson ministry; Its resignation; Macgregor’s failure; McCulloch and Macpherson in office together; Michie elected for Ballarat West; First Berry government; McCulloch in power again; Joseph Jones, Minister of Railways; Major Smith in the second and third Berry governments; His ‘merry millions’; His breach with Berry; Ballarat sticks to him; C.E. Jones returned again; He and his ‘Tribune’; R.T. Vale and Jones beat Bell and Fincham; Ballarat East candidates: their ups and downs; James, Minister of Mines, loses his seat and leaves political life; Council elections; Wanliss petitions against Gore’s return; A local self-government paroxysm; Local court; Mining Board; Court of Mines; Local courts wrongly constituted; Mining boards; Judge Rogers and Black Wednesday; One code of mining law required; Valuable services of the earlier courts and boards.

Chapter 7: Development of mining p193-238: Block and frontage claims; Some early diggers; Election excitements; Opposition to extended areas; Such opposition a mistake; Present areas; Progress of mining discoveries; Increased operative difficulties; Introduction of machinery; Luck in digging; Mining agreements and litigation; The Egerton case; The Clunes riot; The Browns leases; Pleasant Creek jumps; Stink pots; Private property leases and law; Foreign capital; Sebastopol drainage; Prospecting Board; Koh-i-Noor, Band and Albion consols, Llanberris, and Black Hill Quartz companies; The Kingston alluvial field; Gold returns and mining statistics; Pre-eminence of the Ballarat district; Westgarth on the purity of Ballarat gold; Assays for Ballarat nuggets; Table of nugget dates, weights and localities; Sebastopol Plateau revival; Increasing proportion of quartz gold; The future to be chiefly quartz mining; The Corner; A great transition.

Chapter 8: The town of Ballarat p239-328: Area and population of Ballarat; Great mining collapse; Municipal statistics of Ballarat West, Ballarat East and Sebastopol; Water supply; Lake Wendouree; Yacht and rowing clubs; Hospital; Benevolent Asylum; Orphan Asylum; Female Refuge; Ladies’ Benevolent Society; Roman Catholic and Anglican dioceses; Churches; State and church schools; School of Mines; Museum; Observatory; Public Art Gallery; The Stoddart Gift; The Russell Thompson bequest; The Burns statue; Other statues projected; Typography; Photography; Lithography; Public libraries; Mechanics’ Institute (p286); Academy of Music; Eisteddfod; Cambrian Society; Musical societies; Agricultural and horticultural societies; Iron foundries; Implement factories; Woollen mills; Coachbuilding; Flour mills; Bone mills, Breweries; Distilleries; Cordial factories; Bacon factories, Tanneries; Boot factories; Juvenile industrial exhibition; Fire brigades; Volunteers and militia; Gas Company; Banks; Recreation reserves; Cricket and football clubs; Hunt, race, coursing and gun clubs; Roller skating rinks; Acclimatisation, Caledonian and Hibernian societies; Reformatory; Hope Lodge; Railways; Tramways; Public offices; Public halls; Gaol and Court House; Camp; Last of the military; Explorers’ monument; Queen’s Jubilee and old pioneers; Electric telegraph and telephone; Rainfall and temperature; Henry Sutton; Local journalism; Royal and other visitors; Reminiscences; Past and present contrasts.

Appendix A: Representatives in Parliament for Ballarat from the first election in 1855 to the year 1886 p329.
Appendix B: Gold mining p337. Index compiled by Frank Cusack p363.

PLACENAMES and INSTITUTIONS from the index (selected):
A1 Lead. Aboriginal Police Depot. Aborigines: Borhoneyghurk tribe, King Jonathan, Murray tribes. Academy of Music. Adelphi Theatre. Aeronautical Society of Great Britain. Alabama Rowing Club. Albion Co. Albion Lodge. Alfred Hall. Alfred memorial, memorial bells. Alfredton. Amalgamated Miners’ Association. Anglican Church, diocese. Ararat. Ararat diggings. Argus newspaper. Ariel Rowing Club. Art Gallery. Asches Lead. Associated Training School. G.M. Australasian Co. Australasian Hotel. Australian Natives Association (ANA). Bacchus Marsh. Baillie’s Creek. Bain’s High School. Bakery Hill. Bakery Hill Lead.

Ballarat: Acclimatisation Society; Agricultural and Pastoral Society; Banking Company; Benevolent and Orphan Asylum; Bowling Club; Ballarat College; Ballarat Company; Coursing Club; Cricket Club; District Hospital; Fine Art Public Gallery Association; Grammar School; Gun Club; Horticultural Society; Hunt Club; Pigeon Shooting Club; Rangers; Rowing Club; Turf Club; Visiting and Benevolent Association; Volunteer Rifle Regiment; Yacht Club.

Ballarat East. Ballarat West. Ballarat and Creswick Race Club. Ballarat, Smythesdale, Linton and Carngham Tramway Company. Balliang. Balligney Hotel. Band and Albion Consols. Band and Barton Gold Mining Company. Band of Hope Company. Banks: Ballarat Banking Co.; Bank of Australasia; Bank of Australia; Bank of New South Wales; Bank of Victoria; City of Melbourne Bank; Colonial Bank; Commercial Bank; London Chartered Bank; Mercantile Bank; National Bank; Savings Bank; Union Bank. Banner of War Gold Mining Company. Baptist Church. Barley Sheaf Brewery. Barrabool Hills. Barwon River. Batesford. Batesford Hill. Bath’s Claim. Bath’s Hotel. Beale’s Dam, Swamp. Bellpost Hill. Bendigo see also Sandhurst. Bendigo School of Mines. Bentley’s Hotel. Berry Consols Gold Mining Company. Berry No. 1 Gold Mining Company. Better Late than Never Gold Mining Company. Bible Christian Church: Armstrong; Skipton; Grant Street; Humffray Street. Biddle’s Saw Mills. ‘Big Bendigo’. ‘Big Larry’. Birch’s Creek. Bishop and Co. Black Hill. Black Hill Flat. Black Hill Quartz Company. Black Hill United Gold Mining Company. Black Horse Brewery. Blakeney’s Creek. ‘Blue and White Flag Store’. Bones’ Buildings. Bonshaw run. Book and Sons. Botanic Gardens. Bradshaw and Salmon. Brecon Hills. Britannia United Gold Mining Company. Bromley and Co. Broomfield Gully. Brown Hill. Brown Hill Wesleyan Church. Brown’s Creek. Brown’s Diggings. Brownbill’s Diggings. Building Society. Bullarook Forest. Bullock Horn Claim. Bungaree Shire Council. Buninyong. Buninyong Estate Gold Mining Company. Buninyong Gazette and Gold Mining Journal newspaper. Buninyong Gold Mining Company. Buninyong Highland Society. Burnbank. Burra Burra Company. Burrington, Anstis and Baker. Burrumbeet. Caledonian Lead. Caledonian Society. California. Cambrian Society. Camp Hill. Camp Hospital. Campaspe River. Campbell and Wooley’s Store. Canada. Canadian Gully. Canadian Lead. Canadian Ranges. Canadian Swift. Carngham. Carroll Gold Mining Company. Caselli and Figgis. Castlemaine. Catholic Apostolic Church. Catholic Ladies College. Catholic Training College. Cattle Station Hill. Central Bowling Club. Central Division. Central Plateau Gold Mining Company. Ceres Farm. Chalk’s Mines. Charlie Napier Hotel. Charlie Napier Theatre. Chilwell. Chinaman’s Gully. Chinese school. Chinese Advertiser newspaper. Choral Society. Christ Church Pro-Cathedral. Christian Brothers College. Circulating library. City Cattleyards. City Fire Brigade. City Hall. City Produce Market. City Rowing Club. City of Melbourne Banking Company. Court of Mines. Cowley and J. Noble Wilson. Craig’s Hotel. Creswick. Creswick Advertiser newspaper. Creswick Chronicle newspaper. Creswick Creek. Creswick Division (Mining). Creswick Road. Creswick Shire Council. Creswick toll gate. Cricket Reserve. Criterion Hotel. Daisy Hill Diggings. Dalton’s Flat. Dan Fern’s Corner. Danish lode. The Darling Grant. Davies and Graham. Day’s Bacon Factory. Dead Horse Gully. Dead Horse Lead. Debating Society. Defiance Gold Mining Company. De Murska Gold Mining Company. Dennison, Wynne and Hepburn. Denominational School. Derwent Co. Desoza Gold Mining Company. Devil’s Gully. Devil’s Point. Devonshire Lead. Dicker’s Mining Record. Digger’s Advocate newspaper. Dingle, Laverick and Co. Disciples of Christ. District Court. District Orphan Asylum. Dividing Range. Dixon and Dilke. Doane and Ringrove. Dolly’s Creek. Don Gold Mining Company. Dowling Forest. Dowling Forest Estate. Dowling Forest Estate Gold Mining Company. Dowling Forest No. 1 Gold Mining Company. Dowling Forest Racecourse. Duchess of Kent Hotel. Duke Mines. Dunnstown. Durham Lead. Earl Beaconsfield Gold Mine. Eastern Market. Eastern Oval. Eastern Town Hall. Ebenezer United Presbyterian Church. Eclectic Association. Egerton Company. Egyptian Hall. Elephant and Castle. Endeavour Company. Enterprise shaft. Ercildoun. Esmond’s Diggings. Essex lead / mine. Eureka Flat. Eureka lead. Eureka stockade. Evans and Barker. Farmer’s Bacon Factory. Female Refuge. Fenton, Coldrey and Co. Field Club. Fire Brigade lode. Fletcher and Evans. Foord’s Bacon Factory. Free Church of England. Freemason’s Hall. Free Presbyterian Church of Victoria. Free Trade Hotel. Frenchman’s Lead. The Friends. Fry and Company. Fryer’s Creek. Galatea Football Club. Garden City Steam Boat Company. Garden Gully claim. Gas company / works. Gay’s Freehold Company. Geelong. Geelong Advertiser newspaper. Geelong Mutual Mining Association. Geelong Savings Bank. Geelong West. George Hotel. Gill’s Hotel. Gingellac. Gippsland. Glee and Madrigal Union. Glendaruel. Glenbogie. Gnarr Creek. Golden Fleece Hotel. Golden Gate Company. Golden Gully (Fryers Creek). Golden Point. Golden Point lead. Golden Point Range. Golden Point Wesleyan Church. Goldfields Commission. Goldseeker’s Lead. Goller, Brind and Walker. Gong Gong. Gong Gong Creek. Gong Gong Reservoir. Goulburn (NSW). Government Camp. Government Gazette. Government House. Government Offices. Grand Trunk Gold Mining Company. Grand Trunk leads. The Grange. Grant Electorate. Gravel Pits Lead. Gray’s Station. Great Britain Gold Mining Company. Great Extended Redan Gold Mining Company. Great Gulf Gold Mining Company. Great Republic Gold Mining Company. Great River Company. Grenville Electorate. Grenville College. Grenville Shire Council. Grimley’s Baths. Guiding Star Gold Mining Company. Gum Tree Flat. Gum Tree Flat lead. Gymnasium. Hand-in-Hand Gold Mining Company. Haphazard Lead. ‘Happy Dinah’. ‘Happy Jack’. Happy Valley. Harmonic Society. Hayter’s Year Book. Heifer Station Creek. ‘Hell Fling Mob’. Henderson Memorial Spire. Hepburn Estate Gold Mining Company. Hibernian Australian Catholic Benefit Society. Hibernian Society. Hifflling and Greig. Highbury Park. Hiscock’s Gully. Hiscock’s Hill. ‘HMS Electra’. Hobson’s Bay. Holmes and Salter. Holy Trinity Congregational Church. ‘Hope Lodge’.

Hotels: Australasian Hotel, Balligney, Bath’s, Charlie Napier, Craig’s Royal, Criterion, Duchess of Kent, Eureka, Free Trade, George, Golden Fleece, Jamison’s, Keeley’s, Lake View, Prince Albert, Royal George, Sellick’s, Separation Inn, Shakespeare, Star, Tontine, Trooper’s Arms, Unicorn, United States, Victoria, Watson’s.

Hurdsfield. I.C. Rangers’ Brigage. Imperial Football Club. The Indicator Line. Inkerman Lead. Ireland. Ironworker’s Association. Irving, Glover and Co. Italians’ claim. Italians’ Holes. James and Piper. Jamieson’s Hotel. Jim Crow Creek. Jim Crow Ranges. Jopling’s. Juvenile Industrial Exhibition. Kearney’s Ballarat Grammar School. Keeley’s Hotel. Kelly and Preston. Kingston mines. Kirk’s Dam. Kohinoor Gold Mining Company. Kong Meng Mine. Labona. Ladies Benevolent Clothing Society. ‘Lady Barkly’ locomotive. ‘Lady Hotham’ nugget. ‘Lady Loch’ nugget. Lake Burrumbeet. Lake Colac. Lake Learmonth. Lake View Hotel. Lake Wendouree. Lake and Gardens Committee. Lal Lal. Lal Lal Creek. Lal Lal Falls. Lal Lal Iron Company. Lal Lal Racing Club. Last Chance Gold Mining Company. Lebentia Rowing Club. Legislative Assembly. Legislative Council. Leviathan Gold Mining Company. Lewer’s Freehold Company. Library. Limehouse Reach. Little Bendigo. Little Bendigo Wesleyan Church. Little River. Llanberris No. 1 Mine. Llanberris Quartz Mining Company. Local Court. Local Court and Mining Board. Local Government Reform and Extension League. Loddon River. Loddon Valley. ‘The Logs’. London Chartered Bank. Lone Hand Gold Mining Company. Long Acre. Lord Harry Gold Mining Company. Loretto [Loreto] Convent. Lothair Mine. Loughlin Gold Mining Company. Loyal Liberals. Lutheran Church. McNeil and Hall’s Station. Madame Berry Gold Mining Company. Madame Midas Gold Mining Company. Maennerchor. Magill and Coghlan’s Brewery. Majestic Lode. Majorca. Malakoff Lead. Martin and Grose. Maryborough (Vic.). Mary’s Mount. Master Tradesmen’s Association. Mears and Stainbank. Mechanics’ Institute. Medical Benefit Society. Medical Society. Melbourne Herald newspaper. Melbourne University. Mercantile Bank. Merri Creek. Midas Gold Mining Company. Midas Consols: East, Extended, King, Mount Cavern, No. 1, North, Revival, South. Mile End Road. Military: 40th Regiment, 12th Regiment, 48th Foot, volunteer corps, first militia battalion. Mine Managers’ Association. Mine Owners’ Association. Miners’ Association. Miners’ Racecourse. Miners’ Rest. Miners’ Right Lead. Mines Department. Mining Boards: Ballarat Mining Board. Mining Exchange. Ministry of Mines. Moliagul. Monkey Gully. Monte Christo Claim / Lode. Montezuma Theatre. Moorakoil Hill. Morrison’s Diggings. Morrison’s Station. Mount Aitken. Mount Alexander. Mount Blackwood. Mount Blowhard. Mount Buninyong. Mount Emu. Mount Gambier. Mount Hollowback. Mount Mercer. Mount Misery. Mount Pisgah. Mount Pleasant. Mount Pleasant Lead. Mount Pleasant Reserve. Mount Pleasant Wesleyan Church. Mount Rowan. Mount Warrenheip. Munro’s. Murdering Valley. Museum. Musical Union. Mutual Improvement Association. Myrtle Grove Farm. Napier Mine. Napoleon’s Lead. Narmbool run. Narracoorte. Narre Warren. Native Police. National Bank. Native Youth Lead. Navarre. Nelson and Wellington. New Chum Gully. New Enterprise Gold Mining Company. New Koh-i-Noor Gold Mining Company. New North Clunes Gold Mining Company. Newspapers. Nightingale Lead. ‘Nil Desperandum’ nugget. North Grant Electorate. North Grant Livery Stables. North Grenville Mercury newspaper. North Plateau Gold Mining Company. North Woah Hawp Mines. Northern Star Gold Mining Company. Nova Scotia. Nuggets. Oddie Observatory. O’Hehir and Company. Old Bendigonians. Old Cemetery. Old Colonists’ Hall. Old Pioneers. Old Post Office Hill. Old Post Office Lode. One Eye Gully Lead. Orange Lodges. Oregon Lode. Orphan Asylum. Ovens River. Owen’s and Band of Hope Gold Mining Company. Paddy’s Gully. Paddy’s Lead. Pall Mall Gazette newspaper. Palmer’s Gully. Pearse’s Lease. Pennyweight Flat. Pennyweight Lead. Pentland Hills. People’s Tribune newspaper. Perewur (Peerewurr). Pettett’s Look-Out. Pharmacy Board. Philharmonic Society. Phoenix Foundry. Photographic Society. Pincott’s Dam. Pinkerton and Company. Pleasant Creek Jumps Company. Pleasant Street Wesleyan Church. Point Henry. Police. Polkemmet (Scotland). Port Phillip Heads. Portland. Port Natal. Port Phillip and Colonial Gold Mining Company. Port Phillip Bay. Port Phillip District. Port Phillip Heads. Port Phillip Quartz Mining Company. ‘The Portsmouth System’. Post and Telegraph Office. Poverty Point. Presbyterian Manse. Presbyterian Synod of Victoria. Presbyterianism. Primitive Methodist churches. Prince Albert Hotel. Prince of Wales Gold Mining Company. Prince of Wales and Bonshaw Gold Mining Company. Prince of Wales Lead. Prince of Wales Light Horse. Prince Regent Gold Mining Company. Prince Regent’s Gully. Prison Gate Brigade. Promised Land Lode. Pug Lode. Pyrenees mountains. Psychological Association. Quaratwong (Smeaton Hill). Queen Victoria Statue. Queen’s Birthday Oak. Queen’s College, Ballarat. Queen’s College, Oxford. Queen’s Jubilee Gold Mining Company. Queen’s No. 2 and No. 3 Company. Railway. The Red Bull. Red Hill Lead. Red Hill Theatre. Red Streak Lead. Redan. Redan Lead. Redan Racecourse. Reform League. Reformatory. Regatta Club. Religion. ‘Republic of Victoria’. Ribbon Slates Lode. Rider and Mercer. Rifle Club. Ristori Gold Mining Company. Robertson and Ross. Roman Catholic Church. Ross’ Creek. Rothschild Gold Mining Company / Lode. Rotten Gully. Round Water Holes. Rowlands and Lewis. Rowsell and Son. Royal Exchange. Royal Hotel. Royal George Hotel. Royal Park. Royal Society. Royal Standard Brewery. Russell Square. Sailors’ Gully. St Alipius’ Church / School. St Aloysius’ School, Redan. St Andrew’s Church. St Andrew’s Society. St Arnaud. St David’s Day. St James’ Church. St James’ Church, Little Bendigo. St John’s Anglican Church. St John’s Presbyterian Church. St Joseph’s School. St Kilda Junction. St Patrick’s Cathedral. St Patrick’s Day. St Paul’s Cathedral (Melbourne). St Paul’s Church. St Paul’s Church, Ballarat East. St Peter’s Church. St Thomas’ Free Church of England. Salvation Army. ‘Sanctified Mob’. Sandhurst. Sandhurst Exhibition. San Francisco. San Francisco Stock Exchange. Scandinavian Lode. Scarsdale. School of Design. School of Mines. School of Mines Museum. Scotchman’s Gully. Scotchman’s Lead. Scotland. Scots. Scrase and Ainley. Sebastopol. Sebastopol (Crimea). Sebastopol Hill. Sebastopol Oval. Sebastopol Plateau Gold Mining Company. Sebastopol Star Gold Mining Company. Select Committee: Brown’s leases; Grand Trunk leases. Sellick’s Hotel. Separation Inn. Serjeant’s Gold Mining Company. Seven Hills. Seven Hills Estate. Seven Hills Estate Gold Mining Company. Seymour Crescent. Shakespeare Hotel. Shaw mines. Shaw and Dowden. Shuter’s Hill. Sinclair’s Hill. ‘Sir Dominick Daly’ nugget. Sir William Don Alluvial Company. Sisters of Mercy School. Slaty Creek. Smeaton Hill. Smythe’s Creek. Smythesdale. Societe Internationale. Society of Telegraph Engineers. Sodawater Lead. Soho Foundry. Soldiers’ Hill. Soldiers’ Hill Fire Brigade. Soldiers’ Hill Presbyterian School. Solomon and Bardwell. South Africa. South Australia. South Ballarat Football Club. South Grant Electorate. South Plateau Gold Mining Company. South Star Gold Mining Company. Southern Cross Flag. Sovereign Hill. Spain. Specimen Gully. Specimen Hill. Speedwell Claim. Spencer Street Rail Terminus. Squatting. Ships: Arabian, Blundell, London, Moselle, Nelson, Sunbeam. Staffordshire Reef. State Schools. Station Peak. Statues. Star Hotel. Star of the East Gold Mining Company. Stawell. Stink-pots. Stock Exchange. Stock Exchange (Melbourne). Stoddart and Binnie. Stone Quarry Lead. Stores. Strachan and Beaton. Strathloddon.

Streets: Albert Street, Armstrong, Ascot, Barkly, Beverin, Bonshaw, Bridge, Buninyong Road, Burnbank, Camp, Chancery Lane, Cheshunt, Clayton, Dana, Dawson, Doveton, Drummond, Durham, Dyte’s Parade, East, Eastwood, Errard, Esmond, Eureka, Eyre, Fraser, Grant, Grenville, Hill, Humffray, Holmes, Little Bridge, Lydiard, Lyons, Macarthur, Main Road, Main Street, Mair, Market Square, Melbourne Road, Neil, Peel, Plank Road, Pleasant, Police Camp Lane, Post Office Place, Princes, Queen, Raglan, Railway, Skipton, Stawell, Sturt, Urqhart, Victoria, Webster, Windermere.

Sulieman Pasha Gold Mining Company. Sulieman and Indicator Gold Mining Company. Sulky Gully Lead. Sunday schools. Sunny Corner. Survey Office. Sutton air pump. Swamp Lead. Sydney. Sydney Morning Herald newspaper. Synagogue. Tannery. Tarnagulla. Tasmania. Telegraph. Telephone. Temperance Gold Mining Company. Temperance Lode. Temperance Society. Terrible Gully. Terry and Oakden. Textile factories. Theatres: Adelphi Theatre, Charlie Napier, Montezuma, Red Hill, Theatre Royal, Victoria. Tontine Hotel. Toorak. Tourella Road. Tower of London. Town Hall. Town Mission. Trade unions. Trading companies statute. Trahar and Sons. Tramways [trams]. Transport, early days. Tribune newspaper. The Trooper’s Arms. Tulloch and McLaren’s Brewery. Twentyman and Stamper. Unicorn Hotel. Union Bank. Union Foundry. Union Jack Lead. Unitarians. United Extended Band of Hope Gold Mining Company. United Hand-in-Hand Gold Mining Company. United Hand-in-Hand and Band of Hope Gold Mining Company. United Presbyterian Church. United States. United States Hotel. United Welsh Protestant Church. University of Melbourne. Ural Mountains. Usk River. Van Diemen’s Land. Victoria Club. Victoria Foundry. Victoria Hotel. Victoria Lead. Victoria Mining Company. Victoria Restaurant. Victoria Theatre. Victoria United Gold Mining Company. Victorian Board of Agriculture. Victorian Defence Department. Victorian Government. Victorian Land League. Victorian Railways. Victorian Telephone Exchange Company. Villamatta. ‘Vinegar Hill’. Walker, Boyd and Company. Walker, Hickman and Company. Walker, May and Co. Wardens’ Courts. Warrenheip. Warrenheip Gully. Warrenheip Distillery Company. Mount Warrenheip. Warrnambool. Washington Gold Mining Company. Water supply. Waterloo Claim. Waterloo Diggings. Waterloo hut. Watson’s Hotel. Waverley Park. Webbville. ‘Welcome’ nugget. Wellington Province, Electorate. Welsh. Welsh Congregational Church. Welsh Eisteddfod. Welsh Presbyterian Church. Welshman’s Lead. Wendouree. Wendouree Parade. Lake Wendouree. Wendouree Nursery Gardens. Wendouree Rowing Club. Werribee. Wesley Church. Wesley Hill. Wesleyan Church: Barkly Street, Neil Street, Sebastopol, Wendouree. Wesleyans. West Llanberris Gold Mining Company. West Loughlin Gold Mining Company. West Ristori Gold Mining Company. Western Australia. Western District. Western Oval. Western Slates Lode. Westminster Bridge. Wheeler, Fletcher and Evans. White Chapel. White Flat. White Horse Ranges. White Star Company Line. Whitehorse Lead. Whitten and Cairns. Williams and Young. Wimmera District. Windsor Hotel. Winter’s Flat. Winter’s Freehold Gold Mining Company. Woady Yallock. Woah Hawp Canton Gold Mining Company. Woah Hawp Hong Kong Gold Mining Company. Women on the diggings. Woollen mills: Ballarat Company; Dennison, Wynne and Hepburn. Woolshed Lead. Working Miners’ Gold Mining Company. Wrestling Club. The Wroeites. Yachting. Yaldwin. Yambuck Station. Yarra Yarra. Yarrowee. Yarrowee Bridge. Yarrowee Creek. Yorkshire Lode. Young Men’s Christian Association. Young and McGuigan. Yow [You] Yangs. Yuille’s Creek. Yuille’s Flat. Yuille’s Swamp.

SURNAMES / FAMILY NAMES from the index:
Abbott. A’Beckett. Abraham. Acheson. Adams. Adeney. Ahrens. Aikens. Airey. Aitken. Akehurst. Allan. Allanby. Allender. Alley. Allison. Alroe. Amos. Anderson. Andrews. Appleby. Archibald. Armstrong. Aspinall. Asplin. Attwood. Bacchus. Bacon. Bagge. Bailey. Baillie. Bain. Baird. Baker. Bannister. Bantock. Barker. Barkly. Barnard. Barnes. Barrie. Barry. Bartley. Barton. Bath. Batman. Batten. Batty. Beattie. Bechervaise. Beck. Becker. Bedford. Bedwell. Beilby. Belcher. Belford. Bell. Bellinden. Benson. Bent. Bentley. Berry. Beverin. Beyer. Bickett. Bickford. Bignell. Bilton. Binks. Binsted. Birch. Bishop. Black. Blackett. Blackwell. Blaikie. Blair. Blakeney. Blanchard. Bland. Blight. Blythe. Bodycomb. Bolger. Bond. Boughen. Boughtman. Boulton. Bowen. Bowder (Bowdler). Bowker. Bowman. Boyd. Boyle. Bracewell. Bradbury. Bradcock. Bradford. Bradshaw. Brady. Braidwood. Brannon. Brassey. Brawn. Bray. Brederode. Brentani. Brind. Brooke. Brooksbank. Brophy. Brough Smyth. Brown. Brownbill. Bruhn. Brunn. Bryant. Bucke. Buckle. Buckley. Budden. Buley. Bullencrook. Burke. Burns. Burrows. Burton. Butchart. Butcher. Butchers. Butler. Butterly. Byrne. Cadden Caerleon. Cahill. Cahir. Calder. Caldwell. Callanan. Cameron. Campbell. Canning. Carey. Carlyon. Carmichael. Carpenter. Carr. Carroll. Carter. Carty. Carver. Caselli. Cathcart. Catherall. Cathie. Cave. Cavenagh. Cazaly. Celeste. Chalk. Chalmers. Chamberlain. Chambers. Champion. Chapman. Charpiot. Chidlow. Chinnery. Chirnside. Chomley. Christie. Chuck. Clarke. Claxton. Clegg. Clendinning. Clifton. Clissold. Clocheary. Coates. Cochrane. Coghill. Coghlan. Cohen. Coleman. Collard Smith. Collins. Combe. Commons. Connor. Cooke. Cooper. Coote. Cope. Corbould. Corcoran. Corkhill. Cornwell. Corrigeen. Cortlet. Cossack. Costain. Costin. Cotter. Courtis. Coutts. Cowan. Coward. Cowland. Cox. Coxhead. Craddock. Crane. Crannage. Creighton. Creswick. Crews. Critchley. Croft. Croker. Crowe. Croyle. Cummins. Cunningham. Curnow. Curtain. Curten. Curthoys. Curtis. Cuthbert. Cutter. Dalgleish. Daly. Dana. Dane. D’Angri. D’Arcy. Dark. Darling. Darlot. Date. Davey. Davidson. Davie. Davies. Davitt. Daws. Deakin. Dean. Deeble. Deegan. De Grouchy. Dennant. Denney. Denovan. Denver. Desoza. Detmold. Deutsch. Dewar. Dewes. Diamond (Dimand). Dibdin. Dicker. Dickinson. Dickson. Dignam. Dillon. Dimant. Dimsey. Ditchburn. Dixie. Doane. Dobson. Dodds. Don. Donaghey. Donald. Donnelly. Douglas. Douglass. Dovan. Doveton. Dow. Downes. Downie. Downing. Doyle. Drake. Draper. Drew. Drury. Duchesne. Duck. Duncan. Dunlop. Dunn. Dunne. Duthie. Dwight. Dynan. Dyte. Earl Aberdeen. Earl Clanwilliam. Earl Grey. Earl of Portsmouth. Eastward. Ebden. Eddy. Edison. Edwards. Egan. Egerton. Elbertfeldt. Elder. Ellery. Elliott. Ellis. Ellsworth. Elvins. Embling. Emmerman. Engeler. Esmond. Etcells. Eva. Evans. Eyre. Eyres. Fairbairn. Farming. Farr. Fawcett. Fawkner. Fennelly. Fenton. Ferguson. Fern. Ferres. Figgis. Figis. Fincham. Fink. Finlay. Finlayson. Finnegan. Finnis. Fisher. Fisken. Fitzgerald. Fitzherbert. Fitzpatrick. Fitz Roy (Fitzroy). Fletcher. Fleury. Flynn. Follingsby. Forbes. Ford. Forshaw. Forster. Foster. Francis. Franklin. Franz. Fraser. Frazer. French. Frencham. Froude. Fulton. Furnell. Fussell. Fyffe. Fyson. Gab. Gale. Garbutt. Gardner. Gardyne. Garrard. Gates. Gaynor. Gell. Gellatly. George. Gerrard. Gibb. Gibbs. Gibson. Gilbert. Gill. Gillard. Gillespie. Gillies. Gilpin. Gittins. Gittings. Glenn. Glenny. Goddard. Golightly. Goller. Gooch. Goodenough. Gordon. Gore. Gosman. Gough. Goujon. Goold. Gow. Graham. Gramme. Grant. Gray. Green. Greene. Greenfield. Greenwood. Greeves. Gregory. Grey. Griffiths. Gripe. Grose. Gunn. Haddon. Hafele. Hager. Haines. Hall. Halley. Ham. Hambrook. Hamilton. Hanafin. Hanly. Hanmer. Hanninton. Hardy. Hare. Hargreaves. Harper. Harrington. Harris. Harrison. Hartley. Hasleham. Hassell. Hastie. Hathorn. Haverfield. Hawkins. Haydon. Hayes. Haynes. Heales. Hedrick. Henden. Henderson. Hennah. Henty. Hepburn. Herbert. Herlitz. Herring. Hewet. Hickman. Hicks. Hiffling. Higgans. Higgins. Hill. Hillas. Hiscock. Hobson. Hodges. Hodgson. Hogarth. Holding. Holland. Holloway. Holmes. Holthouse. Holyoake. Homan. Hooker. Hope. Hopkins. Horwood. Hosking. Hotham. Howarth. Howe. Howell. Hudson. Hughan. Hughenden. Hughes. Hume. Humffray. Humphrys. Hunt. Hunter. Hurdsfield. Hutton. Huyghue. Hyne. Inglis. Ingram. Innes. Irvine. Irwin. Isaacs. Ivey. Jack. James. Jamieson. Jeanes. Jefferson. Jeffrey. Jenkins. Jenny. Jessup. Johns. Johnson. Johnston. Johnstone. Jonas. Jones. Josephs. Julien. Julius. Juniper. Just. Kaulbach. Kay. Kean. Keatch. Kelly. Kendall. Kennedy. Kenny. Kent. Kenworthy. Kerferd. Kerr. Kildahl. Kilmarney. King. King Billy. King Jonathan. Kirk. Kitchen. Kneebone. Knight. Knox. Korn. Kortlang. Krause. Kupperberg. Labona. Laidlaw. Lake. Lakeland. Lalor. Lamb. Lamble. Lang. Lanigan. Langlands. Langley. Larkin. Larner. La Trobe. Lawn. Lawrie. Leake. Learmonth. Leckie. Lee. Lees. Leggatt. Leggo. Le Gould. Leigh. Leishman. Leonard. Lerderderg. Lessels. Lessmann. Le Vet. Levien. Levinson. Levitt. Levy. Lewis. Lexton. Liddiard. Lieder. Lidertafel. Ligar. Lindsay. Linton. Lister. Little. Llewellyn. Loader. Loch. Lock. Locke. Lockhart. Long. Longden. Longley. Longmore. Lonie. Lord. Lorenz. Lorimer. Loughlin. Lovitt. Lowe. Lowther. Lugg. Luplau. Lydiard. Lymington. Lynch. Lynn. Lyon. Lyons. Macarthur. Macaw. McBain. McBurney. McCafferty. McCombie. Maconnochie. McCoy. McCrae. McCrea. McCullagh. McCulloch. McDermott. McDonald. McDowall. McFarlane. McGarey. McGill. McGlyn. McGowan. MacGregor. McHutchinson. McIntosh. McIntyre. McIvor. Mackay. McKean. McKee. McKenzie. Mackie. MacLachlan. McLaren. McLellan. McLeod. McMahon. McMillan. McNaughton. McPhail. McPhee. MacPherson. Macrae. McVitty. McWhae. Madden. Mager. Maher. Main. Mair. Male. Manderson. Mann. Manning. Marquis of Normanby. Marshall. Martell. Martin. Martyr. Marxsen. Massey. Mathes. Mathews. Matthews. Maynard. Meanowski. Medwell. Meek. Melhado. Melville. Melvin. Mendoza. Mercer. Meredith. Merrick. Michie. Middleton. Miles. Millard. Miller. Milligan. Milne. Miskelly. Mitchell. Mobeck. Moffatt. Molesworth. Mollison. Molloy. Monsbourgh. Montez. Montgomery. Moore. Moran. More. Morey. Morgan. Morris. Morrison. Morton. Mosterd. Mother Jamieson. Mount. Moxom. Muff. Muir. Muller. Mullins. Mumby. Munro. Murchison. Murnane. Murphy. Murray. Murrell. Musgrove. Myles. Nash. Neill. Neilson. Nevett. Neville. New. Newman. Newry. Nicholl. Nicholls. Nicholson. Nicol. Nightingale. Nimmo. Niquet. Niven. Nixon. Norgate. Oakden. Ochiltree. Ocock. O’Connor. Oddie. O’Grady. Oldham. Old Harry. Oliver. O’Loghlen. O’Meara. O’Neil. O’Neill. Orchard. Ormond. Orr. Orton. Osborne. O’Shanassy (O’Shannassy?). Otway. Owen. Owens. Oxlade. Palmer. Papenhagen. Park. Parker. Parkin. Parling. Parry. Partridge. Pascoe. Pasley. Patterson. Peach. Peake. Pearson. Peeping Tom. Peerman. Perkins. Perks. Permewan. Perry. Peter the baker. Pettett. Peyton. Phayer. Phelan. Phillips. Pincott. Pinkerton. Pinnock. Pobjoy. Pooley. Pope. Pipe. Porter. Potter. Potts. Powell. Power. Powlett. Prentice. Preshaw. Price. Primrose. Prince Albert Victor. Prince Albert. Prince George. Pringle. Proctor. Prosser. Pugh. Purdue. Queade. Quendo. Quin. Quinan. Quinlan. Quinn. Radcliffe. Raffaello Carboni. Ramsay. Randall. Rankin. Rathfarnham. Rattray. Rayreux. Read. Reade. Rede. Reed. Rees. Reeves. Regan. Reid. Rennie. Retallack. Reynolds. Rhys. Rich. Richards. Richardson. Richfould. Richmond. Riddell. Ridgley. Riordan. Ristori. Robb. Roberts. Robertson. Robinson. Robson. Rochlitz. Rodier. Roff. Rogers. Ronalds. Roony. Rooney. Roseby. Rosenblum. Ross. Rossell. Rothschild. Rousse. Rowan. Rowland. Rowlands. Rowsell. Roy. Ruffle. Rusden. Russell. Rutter. Ryan. Ryce. Sadlier. Sala. Salmon. Salter. Sanderson. Sandhurst. Sandry. Saville. Sawyer. Sayers. Scarse. Schutze. Scobie. Scott. Scrase. Seal. Seekamp. Seeley. Selman. Semple. Sergeant. Serjeant. Service. Severn. Sewell. Shanahan. Shannahan. Shaw. Sheehan. Sheffield. Shelly. Sheppard. Sherard. Sheridan. Shiel. Shiels. Shoppee. Showman. Silverlock. Sim. Simson. Skarrett. Skoglund. Sladen. Slater. Sleep. Smith. Smyth. Smythe. Snowball. Solomon. Sommers. Soranson. Spain. Spanhake. Spence. Spillman. Spottiswoode. Stallard. Stansfield. Stawell. Steinfeld. Stephen. Stephens. Stewart. Stirling. Stoddart. Stout. Stower. Strachan. Strange. Stretch. Stringer. Strongman. Strzelecki. Sturt. Stutt. Sullivan. Suter. Sutton. Swan. Sweeney. Swift. Swifte. Swindells. Syme. Symmons. Tait. Talavera. Talbot. Tannock. Tappin. Tarleton. Tarte. Tatham. Taylor. Teddy the hut keeper. Terry. Thackeray. Thatcher. Thomas. Thompson. Thomson. Thonen. Thornton. Thurling. Tindale. Tolhurst. General Tom Thumb. Tonner. Torbitt. Torregiani. Towl. Toy. Trahar. Train. Tree. Trembath. Trench. Trennery. Trevor. Tristram. Troedel. Trollope. Trotman. Tuckett. Tugwell. Tulloch. Tunbridge. Tuohy. Turnbull. Turner. Turpie. Tweedie. Tynan. Udney. Usher. Uthwatt. Vale. Vallins. Vaughan. Vennik. Vern. Verner. Vesey. Vickers. Victor. Villamatta. Vowles. Wagg. Wainwright. Walden. Waldie. Waldies. Walker. Wall. Wallace. Walsh. Wanliss. Ward. Ware. Warner. Wasley. Watkins. Watson. Watt. Wattie. Watts. Waugh. Way. Webb. Webster. Weekes. Weeks. Welch. Weller. Welsh. Were. Westcott. Westerby. Westgarth. Whalley. Whatley. Wheeldon. Wheeler. Whelan. Whitcombe. White. Whitehouse. Whitelaw. Whitpaine. Whitrick. Whittaker. Whitten. Whyte. Wicking. Wilkes. Willern. William. Williams. Williamson. Willox. Wills. Wilson. Windley. Winsor. Winter. Wise. Witherden. Withers. Wittkowski. Wollaston. Wood. Wood Beilby. Woods. Woodward. Woolcott. Woolley. Worsly. Wreford. Wrenfordsly. Wright. Wrigley. Wrixon. Wye. Wyndholm. Wynne. Yates. Young. Yuille. Zichy-Woinarski.

FULL INDEX available on library computers: Electronic resources \ indexes (alphabetically by name of place).
Result Collection Location Shelf No Status Notes
Non-Fiction Main Library 994.57 BALL WIT Available
Non-Fiction Stacks 994.57 BALL WIT Available
Non-Fiction Stacks 994.57 BALL WIT Available