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Main Title: Blackburn, a picturesque history / Robin da Costa.
Author: Da Costa, Robin.
Imprint: Lilydale, Vic : Pioneer Design Studio, 1978.
Collation: 144 p. : ill., maps, portraits, bib., index, hbk ; 23 x 27 cm.
Subject: Pictorial works
General histories
Suburbs of Melbourne (Vic.)
Blackburn (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
ISBN: 0909674132
Contents include: CONTENTS:

A bush burial (painting) – Frederick McCubbin (frontispiece). Author’s note p6. Acknowledgments p8 . Blackburn p9. Travellers' Rest Hotel (Blackburn Hotel) p10. Blackburn Creek Hotel p15. Post Office and Telegraph p17. Railway p23. Pioneering families and early landowners (to 1880) p34. Blackburn Mechanics' Institute p44 (brief reference). Blackburn: a model township 1889 p36. George Augustus Goodwin p45. Land boomers p47. T.R.B. Morton p52. Brickworks p56. Churches: Church of England (Anglican) p60. Methodist Church p65. Church of Christ p68. Presbyterian Church p70. St Thomas the Apostle Peace Memorial Church (Catholic) p72. Seagoe Common School p73. Blackburn Primary School p74. Open-Air School p77. Blackburn College p80. Blackburn Kindergarten - Newark Grammar p82. Blackburn Hall p84. Morton Park p86. Blackburn Lake Sanctuary p89. Wandinong Sanctuary p96. Memories: A.W. Steel p98. Personalities: Dud and Leo Prior p106. Joe Harris p108. Isaac Champion p110. Edwin Schwab p112. Bakehouse p113. Blackburn Cool Store p114. Blue Moon Fruit Co-operative Limited p116. Scouts: 1st Blackburn Scout Troop p119. The Municipality of Nunawading p123. The Dairy p124. The Courier newspaper p126. The Library p128. Blackburn and District Tree Preservation Society p129. Plants indigenous to Blackburn p131. Birds of Blackburn p134. Reference sources [bibliography] p141. Index p142.


Map: Blackburn township 1890-1906 showing location of Post Office, Traveller’s Rest Hotel, St John’s Church of England, Church of Christ, United Free Methodist Church, Blackburn Primary School, Wesleyan Church, Blackburn Hall, Brick Works p6. James Blackburn (1803-54) p9. Annual Kew Flyer Road Race (1909), pictured outside the Traveller’s Rest Hotel p10. Travellers’ Rest and Blackburn Hotel, 1929 p12. Blackburn Hotel, 1977 p13. Blackburn Creek Hotel 1865-70 p15. Original water well discovered at the King family home in 1966 at the time of demolition p16. Blackburn Creek Post Office, Whitehorse Road (today no. 82), opened 10 January 1876 p18. Building of H.W. Poyntz, Postmaster and Confectioner, Blackburn Road, 1913 (today Rob’s Cycle Shop) p19. Official opening of the new Blackburn Post Office, September 1960 p20. Blackburn Post Office, 1977, corner of Railway Road and Chapel Street p21. Large gathering on the Blackburn Railway Station 1909 p22. Blackburn Road, looking south from Railway Road, 1918, note gatekeeper’s house on left p24. Looking west from the level crossing 1919 p25. Map: Blackburn Railway Station ground 1909 p26. Blackburn Railway Station, about 1918 p29. Blackburn railway before electrification, 1920 p30. Electrification of the line at Blackburn, 1922-3 p31. Blackburn Railway Station showing goods yard, 1977 p32. Looking west from the level crossing, 1977 p33. Blackburn citizens 1908: photo includes Mrs Rooks, Mrs Chrystie, Mrs Collins, Mrs Jackson, Mr Bayley, Mrs Pope, Mr Hone, Mrs Bayley, Mr T.J. Jennings, Mr C. Rooks, Mr S. Pope, Mr T.R.B. Morton, Mr G.A. Goodwin, Mr S. White, Mr V. Davey p35. Map: part of subdivision by Freehold Investment and Banking Company, 1889 p37. Gordon Crescent, 1910 p38. Mrs A. Taylor leaning on a bridge in Blackburn, 1910 p40. Lake Road in 1964 [near Halley Street]; the bridge built in about 1888 of handmade Blackburn bricks, was demolished in 1965 p41 and 43. Refreshment rooms, Blackburn Lake, built 1889, demolished 1915 p42. George Augustus Goodwin (1948-1916) p45. War Memorial erected in 1920 at the corner of Railway Road and Whitehorse Road, later re-sited in Morton Park p46. Picture taken outside Mr G.A. Goodwin’s home in 1901, located opposite the primary school, where Cottees stands today: Ernest Goodwin, Edgoose, Nellie Wilson (Goodwin), Charlotte Skyes (Goodwin), Ruby Stuckey (Goodwin), Mary Skyes (Goodwin) holding her son Norman, Charlie Wilson, Edgoose, Frederick Goodwin, George A. Goodwin, Jack Skyes, George Goodwin junior, Mr Cotter p46. Part of photo-map Ringwood A4A 1945 (aerial) p48. Part of photo-map Ringwood, map sheet 7922 – 1974 (aerial) p49. Map from Directory of Maps, County of Bourke, Melbourne 1892 p50. Subdivision in part of City of Nunawading 1973 p51. T.R.B. Morton (1854-1923) p52. The Morton’s family home on the corner of Gordon Crescent and Blackburn Road, built about 1888 p53. Miles of post-and-rail fences once meandered through grass and bushland, a small section along Central Road entrance to Blackburn Lake Sanctuary p54. Surrey Road looking south from Springfield Road, 1918 p55. Map showing location of clay pits p56. A Blackburn brick p56. Original bakehouse at rear of 97 Railway Road, built about 1891 with hand-made Blackburn bricks p57. Situated in Railway Road, this building was originally a general store and residence constructed with Blackburn bricks, it was first occupied in 1891 by James Robertson and Co., baker and storekeeper, and Stephen Prior, dealer and butcher, the Gedye family purchase the business in 1907 p58. Interior view of the general store in 1909, Mr Gedye is on the left p59. Original St John’s Church of England, Queen Street, built 1890 p61. The first Anglican place of worship built in 1883 in Whitehorse Road, it was removed and re-erected in Box Hill in 1889, then destroyed by fire p62. St John’s Anglican Church, 1977 p63. Original bell p64. United Free Methodist Church, built 1888 in Chapel Street, re-sited in 1902 to corner of Whitehorse Road and Melvin Street, Ringwood p65. Methodist Church Hall, corner of Railway Road and Mary Street, 1914-57 p66. The Avenue Hall, corner The Avenue and Gardenia Street, 1977 p66. Wesleyan Church, built 1891 in George Street, sold 1939 and converted to a dwelling, later acquired by the Blue Moon and demolished p67. Original Church of Christ, built 1906, south-east corner of Whitehorse Road and Albert Street, later sold and removed; photo includes Elizabeth Sanders, Miss Sanders, Alf Edwards, Edwin Schwab, Alf Schwab, Albert Hone, Theo Edwards p68. New Church of Christ in Surrey Road, built 1961 p68. Second Church of Christ replaced the original in 1934 on same allotment p69. Original Presbyterian Church Hall built 1926 in The Avenue, The Avenue Uniting Church of Australia, 1977 p71. St Thomas Roman Catholic Church, Central Road p72. Seagoe Common School no. 463, built 1864 on the site of the present Box Hill High School p73. Blackburn Primary School, Whitehorse Road, built 1889, photo taken 1911 p75. Blackburn Primary School grades 6, 7 and 8 in 1924: Hilda Cuttle, Phyllis Erickson (now Mrs Bakes, Nunawading), Audrey Berliner, Ruby Adams, Maude Pearson, Bessie Adams (Mrs Eric Gill-North, Blackburn), Pearl Steet, Renee Frith, Joyce Foster (Mrs H. Davidson, Blackburn), Jean Mackinlay (Mrs C. Cummins), Mona Perrier, Lil Collier, Jean Roach (Mrs J. Kennedy, Nunawading), Thora Luker, Ruby Bone, Elsie Perrier, Stan Gould, Walter Skinner, Alan Lawson, Harold White, Len Pepperell, Harry Sinclair, Ross McRobert, Fred Cripps, Bill Kiker, Len Harris, Les Coffin, Alex Street, Noel George, George Heyer, Les Grant p76. Views of Open-Air School: the building; a bowl of soup at midday; open air class; interior of school p78. Psychology, Guidance and Speech Therapy Centre, Gardenia Street, 1977 p79. Blackburn College, opened 1914, local Blackburn girls entertaining soldiers during 1918 war: Joe Sword’s hall in background is now located as the Scouts Hall in Lake Road p80. Masonic Hall, Clarke Street, Blackburn p83. Blackburn Hall, built 1888, corner of Central Road and Blackburn Road, demolished 1965 p84. Annual bazaar held by St John’s Church of England at the Blackburn Hall, photo includes Arthur Roberts, D. Collins and M. Chrystie p84. Gathering of local children outside the Blackburn Hall, Arbor Day 1908, photo includes Ann Cairnduff, Violet Davis, May Erickson, Doris Goodwin, Margery Harrison, Daintry Harrison, Doris Hamilton, Doris Davis, Ruby Rooks, Doreen Bird, Nellie Schwab, Annie Phillips p85. Blackburn Football Club team 1929: W. Lea, R. Dell, L. Bambridge, R. Luff, W. Luff, W. Brown, L. Young, C. Cooper, R. Tickle, C. Rooks, C. Williams, J. Heatley, R. Headford, N. Young, F. Kiker, L. Stainsby, H. Peters, S. Lee, C. Foster (captain), F. Kiker, W. Heppner, T. Jenkyn, P. Jenkinson, C. McClelland, A. Yeomans, inset: Alex A. Jamieson p86. Tennis courts, early 1900s p88. Blackburn Lake Sanctuary Flower Farm, looking east, 1910: A. McLellan, T. Nelson, P. Swain, S. Buse, E.J.D. Abraham, A. Hull p90. Flowers and vegetables loaded to go to Victoria Market, 1910: P. Swain, A. McLellan, S. Buse, A. Hull, E.J.D. Abraham p91. Gathering jonquils and daffodils, looking west, 1910 p92. Adult Deaf Society home for the Superintendent and Men’s Wing, opening day, 27 November 1909 p93. Blackburn Lake: the power house of the reticulation scheme for the flower farm, 1910 p95. Blackburn Lake, 1910, boats for hire p95. Wandinong Sanctuary p96. Bills horse [water] trough, north-west corner of Canterbury Road and Blackburn Road, 1977 p97. Steel’s Orchestra: Fred Steel, Arthur Thornton, Alan Steel, Cliff Luscombe, Mrs Frances Steel p98. Coronation celebrations 1911, photo includes Lillie Merton, Ruby Rooks, Myrtle Walker, Alice Creek, Vera Salisbury, Beatrice Henwood p101. Blackburn Private Hospital, 1922, corner of Gordon Crescent and Clarke Street, later purchased by the Catholic Church and demolished 1977 p102. Blackburn looking south from Albert Street, 1918 p103. Blackburn Road looking south from the railway gates, 1920 p104. Blackburn Road looking north from the railway gates, 1920 p105. Dud Prior on his property in Whitehorse Road, with some of the wildlife from his private zoo, 1940, pictured in the background are the chimney stacks of the Blackburn Brick Works p106. Dud and Leo Prior inspecting the butcher’s first business van, 1927 p107. Joe Harris, lock-maker and locksmith, Railway Road p108. A.C. Brown Stores, south-east corner of Railway Road and Blackburn Road, 1918 p108. Margery Chrystie at the gate of a typical early Blackburn home in Cottage Street p108. Mr and Mrs Aldridge going shopping in Blackburn, 1925 p109. Railway danger sign, painted by Isaac and Ray Champion, 1922 p110. Early Blackburn shop, photo includes Isaac Champion and Ray Champion p110. ‘Fairy House’ in Lake Road, demolished 1969 p111. Edwin Schwab, bootmaker at work p112. The Bakehouse, now occupied by a clothing manufacturer, 1977 p113. Original water-hole with indigenous vegetation at the border p114. Rustic right-of-way adjoining Cool Store, heart of Blackburn p114. Blackburn Cool Store, 1977 p115. A team of packers inside the Blue Moon Fruit Co-operative, 1960, Pat Brice facing camera p117. Entrance to Blue Moon, 1977 p118. Retail outlet of the Blue Moon in Railway Road, 1977 p118. Official opening of the Scout Hall, Railway Road, 1919 p120. Original Scout Hall, destroyed by fire, 1928 p121. Joe Sword’s Hall p121. First meeting of the Council for the Shire of Blackburn and Mitcham, 1925, Blackburn Hall: H. Ellemor, W. Mock, A.J. Elmore, Watts, C. Husband, L.J. Gray, H.T. Bishop (shire secretary), L.S. Bayley (president), N. Armstrong, G.F. Fankhauser p122. Municipality of Nunawading coat-of-arms p123. Corner of Albert Road and Railway Road, early Blackburn home, demolished 1977 p124. Bonnie (horse) and milkman Len Blood, a familiar site in the 1940s [Backhouse’s Dairy] p125. T.J. Higham Printers, situated Railway Road next to rail line, now Acacia Press p127. Blackburn Branch Library, corner of Central Road and Blackburn Road, 1977 p128. Blackburn street with trees, classified by National Trust p130. Portrait of author Robin Da Costa and short biography (back cover flap).


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Whitman family. L. Whittaker. – Wicking. G. Wild. Mr Williams. C. Williams. E. Williams. H. Williams. J. Williams. W. Williams. Wills and Paton. L.J. Wilson. Nellie Wilson (Goodwin). Charlie Wilson. Wilson family. Edward Wilton. J. Woods. P. Woolsworth. A. Yeomans. D. Young. L. Young. N. Young. A. Zerbe. Zerbe family.

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Acacia Press. Adult Deaf Society. Alandale Road / Property. Albert Street. Alfred Street. Allendale School. Anderson’s Creek. Annett Key. Auction room. Bakehouse. Baker’s Road. Ballarat Bank. Balwyn. Barelli’s Bakehouse. Barnes’ Corner. Barnes Road. Barnett’s Hall. Barnett’s Sweet and Paper Shop. ‘Bell birds’ [poem by Henry Kendall]. Bills Horse [Water] Trough. Birds of Blackburn. Blackburn Bacchus Marsh Brick Company. Blackburn Branch Library. Blackburn Brick Works. Blackburn Bush. Blackburn College. Blackburn Company. Blackburn Cool Store. Blackburn Creek. Blackburn Creek Hotel. Blackburn Creek Post Office. Blackburn Cricket Club. Blackburn Cup. Blackburn Estate. Blackburn Football Club. Blackburn Hall. Blackburn Hotel. Blackburn Kindergarten. Blackburn Lake Sanctuary. Blackburn Lake Committee of Management. Blackburn lamps. Blackburn Post Office. Blackburn Preparatory School. Blackburn Private Hospital. Blackburn Progress Association. Blackburn Road. Blackburn RSL. Blackburn School. Blackburn Scout Troop. Blackburn Station. Blackburn Swimming Club. Blackburn Tennis Club. Blackburn Township Estate. Blackburn Traders’ Association. Blackburn Tree Preservation Society. Blackburn Tunstall Property Co. Ltd. Blacksmith’s shop. Block Station. Blood’s Hill. Blue Moon Fruit Co-operative. Board of Crown Lands and Survey. Botanic Gardens. Box Hill. Box Hill – Doncaster Tram. Box Hill High School. Box Hill School no. 2838. Brick making. Brick piers. Brick siding. Bridge. Brushy Creek. Camberwell. Camberwell Grammar School. Canterbury. Canterbury Road. Carriage Dock. Catholic Church. Central Library. Central Road. Chapel Street. Church of Christ. Church of England [Anglican]. Clarke Street. Clonmore (house). Coat-of-Arms. Cobb and Co. Conservation Council of Victoria. Cool Stores. Co-operative Brick Company Pty Ltd. Cottage Street. Cottees. Country Roads Board. The Courier (newspaper). Cricket pitch. Crossing stations. Croydon. Dairy. Dandenong Creek. Dandenong Ranges. Doncaster. Double line block telegram. East Burwood. Education Department. Electrification [of railway line]. Emerald. Emery’s Hill. Eustace Street. Fairy House. Father of packing. Flower farm. Foundation Day. Francis Street. Freehold Bank. Freehold Investment and Banking Company. Furness Park. Garden tours. Gardenia Street. Gardiner’s Creek. Gascoigne Investment Co. General Store. George Street. Golding’s Shoe Factory. Gordon Crescent. Halley Street. Healesville. Heatherdale. Heatherdale Road. Herald Learn to Swim. Highbury Road. Hindon Street. Hoffman Kiln. Holland Road. Ivanhoe Grammar School. Junction Road. Kew Flyer Road Race. Koonung Creek. Laburnum. Lake Road. Land boomers. Landscape classification. Launching Place. Lawn tennis grounds. Library. Lilydale. Linacre’s property. Linum Street. Lock Bar. Locksmith. Lyndaville (house). Lyndhurst College. Lyndhurst Girls’ High and Boys’ Prep School. McKinnon Street. Main Street. Mary Street. Masonic Hall. Mechanics’ Institute. Memories – A.W. Steel. Mercantile Bank. Methodist Church. Middleborough Road. Mitcham. Monster Carnival. Mornington Methodist Church. Morton Park. Morton Park Hall. Municipality of Nunawading. Murray’s Hall. National Estate. National Trust of Australia (Vic.). Native Plants Preservation Society. Naughton Grove. Newark Grammar School. Nunawading Branch Library. Nunawading District Roads Board. Nunawading Shire Council. Nurlendi Road. Open Air School. Orchard Grove. Oslo Diet. Paradise Square. Picture Theatre [Cinema]. Indigenous plants of Blackburn. Pope’s Grocery Store. Post and rail fences. Post and Telegraph. Post Office. Post Office report. Power House. Presbyterian Church. Prospecting mine. Psychology and Guidance Centre. Queen Street. Railway. Railway Road (Parade). Recreation Hall. Refreshment Rooms. Ringwood. Rob’s Cycle Shop. Rosslyn Street. Royal Investment and Banking Company Ltd. RSL. Scout Hall. Seagoe Common School no. 463. Signals. South Parade. Southern Victoria Pear Packing Company Ltd. Speech Therapy Centre. Springfield Road. Springvale Road. St George’s Church of England [Anglican]. St John’s Church of England. St Peter’s Anglican. St Thomas Apostle Church. Staff and ticket. Station Street. Steel’s Orchestra. Surrey Road. Swimming Club. Sword’s Hall. Templestowe. The Avenue. The Avenue Uniting Church. The Green Area. The Triangle. Travellers’ Rest Hotel. Tunstall riding. United Free Methodists. United Free Methodist Church. Uniting Church of Australia. Vermont. Laburnum Viaduct. Victorian Investment and Guarantee Company Ltd. Victorian Trust and Agency Company Ltd. Walton’s Warehouse. Wandinong Sanctuary. War Memorial. Warrandyte. Water-hole. Water well. Wattle Day. Wellington Road. Wesley Hall. Wesleyan Methodists. Whitehorse Road. Winnington Grammar School. Wolseley Crescent. Yan Yean. Yarra River.


Acknowledgements p8: Mr B. Lewis, Box Hill Librarian. Mr and Mrs A. Steel. Mr Flynn, director, Adult Deaf Society. Mr and Mrs H. Schwab. Mr and Mrs E. McKenzie. Mrs A. Miles. Mr and Mrs B. Jacobs, Croydon. Miss M. Bishop. Mr K. Patterson. Mrs D. McRobert (nee Williams). Mrs H. Champion. Mr and Mrs P. Brice. Mrs G. Wilson. Mr A. Jamieson and Mr D. Jamieson. Mrs A. Burn. Mr A. Clark (Methodist Church, Ringwood). Mr M. Wellman. Mr J. McLean, railway historian. Mr R. Reid. Mrs E. Hall. Mr J. Elmore. Mrs G. Zerbe. Mr F. Steel. Mrs J. Davidson. Mrs J. Field. Mr H.E. Tarr. Mr R. Bortoluzzi. Mrs J. Hensler. Miss C. Pavey. Mr Leigh Blackburn. Mrs P. Wainwright (granddaughter of T.R.B. Morton). Mr A. McNaught. Mr J. Bird. Mr E. Gedye. Mrs J. Kennedy. Mrs A. Dobson (granddaughter of G.A. Goodwin). Mrs M. Morgan, Box Hill Historical Society. Mr and Mrs D. Prior. Mrs P. Mace. Mr R. Luff. Mr R. Turnbull. Mr Norman Armstrong. Mr A.E. La Galle. Mrs J. Morgan. Mr D. Baker. Photographs: Mr Irvine Green (restorer of historical photos). Mrs Beris Stokes, Lake Road, Blackburn. Mr Clive Tilson, Nunawading Historical Society. Open Air School – E.J. Dowers’ Collection. Mr Arthur Gulliver. Mr Ivan Da Costa.

Travellers’ Rest and Blackburn Hotel licensees 1861-1977 p14: Joseph Counsel; Ellen Elizabeth Counsil [sic]; George Gilbert Miller; Elizabeth Davies; John Davies; Ray Craven; Edward Alexander; James Collier; Walter Downing; C.M. Madden; M. Ryan; J. Turner; J. Morrissey; Miss Laura Sewell; Mrs Laura Kemp; Charles H. Leech; William Meader; Mrs Annie Gromann (Meader); G.E. Graham; Emily Graham; Emily Turner; Richard Johnson; William Male; Thomas J. Carmody; John M. Watson; 1929: Blackburn Hotel replaced the Traveller’s Rest: Charlotte Kelly; Harry S. Jackman; John T. Lynch; Robert John Falconer; John Walter Reginald Jennings; William Stafford; James Joseph O’Dwyer; Ramon John Harris; Brian Ronald Upton.
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