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Main Title: Then awake Sea Lake : a history of the Sea Lake district and Tyrrell Station / Keva L. Lloyd.
Author: Lloyd, Keva L.
Imprint: Sea Lake, Vic. : Sea Lake Centenary Committee, 1997.
Collation: 432 p. : ill., portraits, notes, maps, bib., index, pbk ; 30 cm.
Subject: Tyrrell Station (Sea Lake, Vic.)
General histories
Sea Lake (Vic.) (Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia and Jupagalk Country)
ISBN: 0646308122
Sea Lake School song p4. Introduction p5. The Lake - 'Tyrille' p6. The natives [Aborigines] - 'Boorong' p9. The explorers p13. William Edward Stanbridge p14. Robert Ross Haverfield p16. Hubert de Castella p18. The Stations [Properties] p20. Tyrrell Station p22. Charles Brown Fisher p23. Winfield Attenborough; Joseph Mack; Edward Harewood Lascelles p24. Tyrrell Downs School p47. Sporting p50. The settlers p54. Nine Mile p62. Boigbeat p72. Green Lake p78. Myall p83. Nyarrin / Ninda p91. Tyrell West p96. The Township 102. Sea Lake Mechanics' Institute p113, 115, 116, 137 (photo p387). The schools p222. Sea Lake State School 3273 and Higher Elementary School p222. Primary School Mother’s Club / Parent’s Club p240. High School p241. High School Mother’s Club / Parent’s Club p245. St Mary’s School p246. Pre-School p248. The churches p251. Baptist Church p251. Salvation Army; Lutheran p252. Anglican p254. St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church p258. Sunday School p262. Methodist Church p265. Sunday School p268. Uniting Church p269. Uniting Church Fellowship p270. St Mary’s Catholic Church p271. Christian Reformed Church p273. The services p274. Roads p274. Railways p276. Post Office p287. Water p290. Local Government p299. The paper [newspaper] ‘Sea Lake Times’ p302. The health-carers [doctors, nurses, hospitals] p305. Hospital Ladies’ Auxiliary p313. Baby Health Van p315. Infant welfare p316. Ambulance service p317. The players p318. Horse racing p318. Football p319. Basketball / Netball p331. Rifle Club p332. Pistol Club p334. Croquet Club p339. Cricket Club p342. Coursing Club p346. Pony Club p348. Bowling Club p349. Bowls associates p353. Men’s Basketball Club; Pigeon Club p356. Boxing p362. The entertainers p364. Dances p364. Caledonian Society p366. Concerts p367. ‘Crispo’ p369. Singers p370. Accompanists p372. The movies; Live theatre p373. Sea Lake Ballet Guild p381. The clubs p384. A & P Society [Agricultural and Pastoral] p384. Progress Association p393. Fire Brigade p396. Tyrrell Masonic Lodge no. 215 p401. Hope of Sea Lake Tent – Independent Order of Rechabites no. 426 p402. Returned Servicemen’s League (RSL) p402. Red Cross p406. Young Farmers Club; Lions Club p409. Leo Club of Sea Lake p410. Senior Citizens’ Club p411. Apex Club; Neighbourhood Watch p412. The salt industry p413. The future p420. Appendix 1: Licensees of pastoral runs p422. Appendix 2: Parliamentary representatives p422. Appendix 3: Shire of Wycheproof representatives p423. Appendix 4: School principals p423. Appendix 5: Clergy p424. Appendix 6: A & P Society p424. Appendix 7: Bankers p425. Appendix 8: Police officers p425. Appendix 9: Servicemen and women p426. Appendix 10: Ambulance station officers p428. Acknowledgements p429. Index p430.

Map: Wergaia language area and clans p9. William Edward Stanbridge p15. Robert Ross Haverfield p16. Edward Harewood Lascelles p24. Three McKinley brothers: L., H. and E. p28. Peter and Sarah Howard about 1926 p28. Shearing at Daytrap 1905 p29. George, Grace, baby Nell, Grace, Jack, George Casey about 1900 p31. George Casey, Murdoch Ross, George Jnr, Grace Jnr, Grace, Laurie, Olivia, Nell about 1905 p32. Ern Lutze; Pat Lutze p34. Marriage: Jim Cuthbert and Kate Umbers about 1911: Frank Umbers, Dick Umbers, Jim and Kate Cuthbert, Ada Umbers, Will Umbers, Sandy Umbers, Myrtle Umbers, Margaret Umbers nursing Grace, Charlie Umbers nursing May, Barney, Clarrie, Archie and Jack Umbers p43. Marriage: R. Lynch and Mary Gleeson about 1910 p43. A.J. Blythman p44. Arthur Giddings p45. Teresa Lambert (nee Gleeson) and Susan De Lacy (nee Pook) 1989 p49. Tyrell Downs Football Team about 1910: W. Butcher, P. Schubert, M. Rymer, Pullinger, A. Giddings, C. Cox, D. Chapman, L. Costello, ‘Tot’ Smith, E. Bowden, W. Currie, H. Loader, E. Schubert, J. Gleeson, C. O’Bryan, L. Ferrari, A. Schubert p50. Supporters of Tyrrell Downs Football Team about 1910: Joe Thompson, Sid Smith, George Allan, Albert Butcher, Dick Booth (Waitchie), Peter McNeil, Bob Allan, Jack Anderson, Mary Gleeson, Nellie Gleeson, Muriel Bennett, Katie Umbers, Tilly Kabale, Agnes Gleeson, Flo Millstead, Edith O’Shannassy, Annie Neilson, Bill Neilson, Millie Blythman, Eileen Gleeson, Eileen Smith, Grace Casey, Ada Umbers, Ruby Umbers, Nora Taggert, Mary Taggert, Bill Lloyd, Ashie Smith, Paddy Hickey, Donald Umbers, Charlie Umbers p51. Lutze family picnic p53. Walton McManus, Nine Mile 1928 p65. John McManus; Ian McManus p66. Nine Mile School about 1920: Bert Cox, Jack Gunn, Maggie Gunn, Isa King, Bob Newell, Luke Brennan, Mary Newell, Daisy Cox, Olive Cox, Vern Craig, Alice King, Bert King, Matt O’Bryan p67. Nine Miles School about 1922: Billie Hoiles, Jack Gunn, Fred Cox, Luke Brennan, Stan Cox, Bob Newell, Miss Mason, Ollie Cox, Jean Devereaux, Margaret Gunn, Dorrie Hoiles, Mary Robbins, Mary Hoiles, Daisy Hoiles p68. Nine Mile Public Hall p70. Boigbeat School 1948: Jim Dettmann, Keith Stewart p75. Pupils of Boigbeat School 1947: Ken Austerberry, Lewis Summerhayes, Myra Cox, Noel Summerhayes, Maureen Summerhayes, Lester Lord, Grace Summerhayes, Margaret Lord, Beverley Putland, Margaret O’Brien, Barbara Lord p75. Summerhayes family at Boigbeat about 1926 p77. Florrie, Duncan and Malcolm McLennan, pioneers at Sea Lake 1903; Hector McLennan p78. Pupils at Green Lake State School 1923: Ethel Cathcart, Norma Case, Lack McLoughlan, Robert Clark, Maurice McLennan, Ted McLoughlan, Ross McLennan, Lucy Peucker, Audrey Cathcart, Nellie Clark, Joyce Clark, Vic Peucker, Colin McLennan, teacher Mary J. O’Donohue p79. Green Lake Football Team 1907 p80. Joe Case and family 1916 p81. Mudbrick homestead of Anton Haggblom and family: Anton Haggblom, Dick Woodburn, Wattie Stacey, Bob Woodburn, Harry Loader, Frank Smith, Agnes Woodburn, Mrs Johanna Haggblom nursing Frank, Vic Haggblom, Grace Haggblom, Lavinia Stacey, Dolly Haggblom, Ada Woodburn p83. Sea Lake West State School 1901: teacher Walter McCartney, Mrs McCartney, Mary McDonald, Tom Stacey, Percy Stacey, Agnes Woodburn, Grace Hanns, Mary Hammond, George Hanns, Herb Hammond, Alf Stacey, Celia Hammond, Wattie Woodburn, Leo Stacey, Wattie Stacey p88. Working bee at Sea Lake West School 1901: John Hanns, Bob Woodburn, Dick Woodburn, Tom Miners, Martin Richter, Norman McDonald, Donald McDonald, Anton Haggblom, Walter McCartney, Alf Stacey, Arthur Stacey, Frank Stacey, Hugh Woodburn, Jack Miners, Martin Irwin, Mary McDonald, Celie Hammond, Ethel Miners, Mary Miners, Maud Miners, Percy Stacey, George Hammond, George Hanns, Herb Hammond, Vic Haggblom, Willie Miners, Ida Richter, Emily Richter, Hilda Richter, Leo Stacey, Walter Stacey, Tom Stacey, Walter Woodburn p88. Brock family, south of Myall about 1910 p89. Myall Football Team about 1910: Mark O’Bryan, Arthur Stacey, Joe McCague, Tom O’Bryan, Frank Stacey, Tom Stacey, Dick Woodburn, Edgar Brock, Arch McGarry, ‘Boss’ O’Bryan, Mick McInerney, Dick McGarry, Dougal McLarty, Percy Stacey, Bob McGarry p90. Myall Football Team 1912: Alex Irwin, Bill McInerney, Ross Goldsworthy, Matt McInerney, George Anderson, Mick McInerney, Dick Woodburn, Bob McGarry, Wattie Stacey, Perc Stacey p90. Myall premiers at Nandaly 1940: Tom Place, Hugh Woodburn, Tom Irwin, Arch McCooke, Reg Place, Dave McCooke, Gordon Rutherford, Bill McInerney, Joe Trotman, Bill Bartlett, Vic Schubert, Les Woodburn, Ken Metherall, Carl Haggblom, Bob Metherall, Jack Stacey, Leo McInerney, George Haggblom p90. Will Macague harvesting at Ninda p92. Nyarrin State School and pupils 1920: H. McDonald, E. McGarry, S. Fullarton, E. Nuske, L. Fullerton, M. McInerney, A. McGarry, I. McDonald, J. Fawcett, McInerney, B. McGarry, R. Fawcett p93. New Nyarrin School nearing completion 1923 p93. Mrs Florence McGarry with daughter Betty and son-in-law Bob Thomas 1988 p93. Nyarrin Cricket Team 1947: Kelvin Goldsworthy, Joe Hegarty, Carl Haggblom, Arch McGarry, Thornton McGarry, Keith Cousins, Perc Edgecumbe, Bob Thomas, George Haggblom, Fred Rose, Martin Irwin, John McGarry p94. Sons of prominent Myall / Nyarrin pioneers about 1910: Leo Stacey, Walter Stacey, Ross Goldsworthy, Alf Stacey, Arch McArthur, Dick Woodburn, Edgar Brock, ‘Gundi’ Woodburn p94. Bob McGarry 1921 p95. Thomas and Mary Ann Banner with children Sarah Ann (later McConky) and John about 1895 p96. Banner homestead a generation later with family p96. Tyrrell West School about 1907: Don Dalton, Ada Smith, Frank Smith, Mr Hiscox, Charlie Hallam, Jean Crosbie, Vern Daniell, Sadie Crosbie, Roy Dalton, Bob Edgecumbe, Mac Daniell, Elsie Hallam, Gwen Daniell, Sarah Hallam, Edie Edgecumbe, Ivy McCrae, Ada Edgecumbe p98. Nandaly School 1939: Graham Pearce, Pat Smythe, Eileen O’Bryan, Mr Cummings, Valda Pearce, June Walters, Bill Herrick, Veronica Kelly, Mary Walsh, Frances Walsh, Enid O’Bryan, Mary Kelly, Margaret Walsh, Mary Conlan, Audrey Herrick, Jim Elliott, Noel Smythe, Max Walters, Tom Elliott, Sam Ryan, Norm Pearce p99. Nandaly School about 1945: teachers at rear: B. Ryan, M. Irwin. Pupils: G. Pearce, M. Power, T. Power, M. Walters, V. Kelly, F. Walsh, M. Kelly, A. Herrick, J. Hender, J. Elliott, P. Callendar, K. Walters, B. Stacey, F. Stacey, M. Walsh, M. Conlan, N. Pearce, T. Callendar, D. Power, M. Conlan, D. Kelly, P. Walsh, D. Walters, R. Kelly, S. Pearce, L. Elliott, P. Conlan, R. Walters, B. Walton, N. Kelly, H. Walters, R. Walsh p99. W.H. Byrne and family: Eileen (later Mrs Mick Conlan), W.H. Byrne, Annie (later Mrs Ted McLoughlan), Mrs Byrne and Eugene p102. Gallagher family: Ned, Mrs Gallagher, Bridget (later Mrs Vin Thomas), Dennis, Bert Herrick p103. Sea Lake Railway Station about 1910 p107. W. Wilkinson’s Saddlery 1907: Ted Ingram, Billy Wilkinson, Frank Groat p111. Andrew and Christina McClelland and baby Penuel about 1896 p112. Sea Lake Mechanics’ Institute 1911 p113. Post Office, Best Street p114. Phil Ryan’s Sea Lake Hotel about 1898: John and Christina McKenzie, Mrs John (‘Jockey Jack’) McKenzie, Mrs Phil Ryan, Annie Neilson, John Ryan, Francis Ashton Howard, Anna Eckel, Phil Ryan, Maggie Neilson, Paul McKenzie, John ‘Jockey Jack’ McKenzie, Tim (hotel groom) p114. Frank Howard, cyclist p115. Mrs Bennett’s Drapery Store with Mrs Bennett and Bessie McInerney p118. F.A. Howard’s first Sea Lake Store with F.A. Howard and Bert Herrick p119. Mrs Prentice with her boarders and patrons of the Central Coffee Palace about 1910 p119, 120. Panorama, corner of Best Street and Horace Street about 1910 p120. Best Street about 1906; Zimmerman’s Newsagency and Wine and Billiard Saloon p121. James Auction Mart; John Ettelson’s Store; H.J. Cox’s Agency p122. Best Street looking east about 1910; Mr and Mrs Matt Daly at their Best Street home p123. Garden’s New Royal Hotel beside the old; Mrs Maydwell’s Coffee Palace, Horace Street, 1911 p124. Bank of Victoria, F.A. Howard’s new Store: Bert Herrick, Clarrie McKenzie, ‘Puppa’ Bryans (includes interiors) p125-6. Kirchner’s Furniture Store and Farmers’ Cash Store, with Bert Herrick and son Harold p127. Best Street about 1915 with G.M.J. Cole’s at right p127. Floods 1911; Howard’s Store 1912 p128. ‘Elderslie’ scenes, home of Andrew and Christina McClelland p129. Best Street looking west about 1914 p130. Fire 1914 p131. Dining room at Mrs Lugg’s Crown Café; Dan O’Connor’s Store 1911; Dining room at Umber’s Sea Lake Hotel 1911; Sea Lake Hotel p132. Sea Lake Power House, later Central Park Hall p134. Mrs Maydwell as ‘Britannia’ p135. Percy, Beatrice and Jessie Kean about 1910 p136. Best Street about 1920 p137. Jim Parker and Tom Cail beside ‘Woggies’ Dam about 1915 p138. Sea Lake Memorial Hall 1924 (including interior) p139. Bell’s Motors 1924; E.F. Haussmann Sea Lake Toilet Club and Billiard Saloon about 1920; Best Street looking west about 1925 p140. Bell’s Motors 1925; Lawson’s Bakery, Bell and Mann’s Agency about 1925 p141. Best Street looking east 1925 p142. Best Street 1926 p143. Best Street looking west about 1925; Aftermath of 1925 fire p144. A.V. ‘Stump’ Hart’s new Family Butchery p145. Stockyards and Memorial Hall 1926 p146. Bob Robert’s bullock team about 1925 p147. Remains of Sea Lake Hotel after 1929 fire p150. Best Street about 1930 p151. New Sea Lake Hotel nearing completion 1930 p152. New Commercial Bank Building about 1930 p153. Sea Lake ‘Gilpin Girls’ about 1935: Francis Draffin, Margaret Brock, Ivy Caldwell, Flora McNeil, Billie Currie, Muriel Peach, Joy Ratcliffe, Noel Brock p155. O. Gilpin’s remodelled store; More ‘Gilpin Girls’ Betty Burnham, Billie Currie, Dorothy Amos, Peggy Smith p156. Leo Dillon, chemist p157. O’Loughlin’s Talkies Bedford Van p158. Les N. Kean’s store with Mr Kean at front p159. Best Street about 1930s p163. F.A. Howard p164. Len Lloyd p166. M.V. Sands’ Sea Lake Motors p168. Best Street about 1940 p169. Bill Crisp’s Studebaker car and Hairdressing Caravan p171. Members of the Dad’s Club: Con McNally, Jack Mann, Les Kean, Clarrie Marshall, Erol Schneider, Roy Williams, Gordon Austerberry, Hedley Daniel p172. Len Lloyd, Bert and Olive Stubbs p173. Malcolm McLennan welcomes son Clive into partnership; Local identities at Sea Lake Show 1948: Bill Hill, Jim Parker, Bill Crisp, Gordon Austerberry p174. Clohesy’s Sea Lake Hotel 1948; Mr and Mrs C.R. Williams p175. Ted Foster; Changes in agriculture at ‘Kurrajong’ p176. Mr and Mrs Sam Lockhart and children Jean and Ken about 1925 p177. Jim and Elva Jordan p178. Best Street looking west, and east, about 1950 p179. Mrs Dorrie Dunn p180. Wagon Bridge near Waitchie, across the flooded Lalbert Creek 1956 p184. Stubbs’ Newsagency p185. Charlie Roberts p186. Stubbs’ Drapery p187. Best Street 1960s with National Bank building p188. Leo Dillon p189. Opening of new swimming pool p190. Stubbs’ Newsagency new shop about 1970 p191. Brown and Fisher’s office p194. Stubbs’ Drapery about 1970: Audrey Lloyd and Jill White p197. New SEC Showrooms p198. TAB, Lands Department, Hewitt’s Drapery, Poole and Associates p200. Deneys Pty Ltd p201. Templeton’s Sports Store p202. Doug Scourfield p204. Frank Dunn p208. W.G. Johnston Motors p210. Bill Boyd, Col Haeusler, Prof. Weston Bate p216. Pupils at Sea Lake State School about 1908: Reg Wheelan, Wilfred Halliday, Norman Wheelan, Bill Brock, Frank Pomeroy, Amy Donnelly, Christina McClelland, Mr Eason, Ivy Brock, Liz O’Brien, Eileen McDonald, Jean McClelland, Alice Prentice, Mrs Eason and Noel, Jack Harvey, Frank Harvey, Tom Prentice, George Ingram, Joyce Lugg, Lila Bowd, Myrtle Brock, Nellie Pomeroy, Ivan Louttit, Herb Schubert, Olivia Bowd, Jessie McClelland, Alexandra McClelland, Harry Louttit, Bob Sands, Archie Louttit, Charlie Bowd, Frank Pomeroy, Noel Howard, Bert Prentice p223. Sea Lake School 1913, 1914 p224. Pupils at Sea Lake State School about 1915 p225. Higher Elementary School girls 1920: Dorothy Bowd, Mona Sudholz, Jean Stewart, Nellie Rooke, Edna Cox, Sylvia Reade, Molly Shaw, Lucinda Gregson, Evelyn Gleeson, Ollie Bryans, Pearl Langley, Alice Nixon, Jessie Blythman, Olivia Bowd, Olga Sudholz, Jessie McClelland, Dolly Cathcart, Grace Webster, Nellie Boysen, Dorothy Allan, Ivy Gregson, Edith McLennan, Alice Smith, Enid Rowlands, Alice Bowd, Allie McClelland p226. Higher Elementary School boys 1920: George McKenzie, Allan Butcher, Jack Rowlands, Bob Allan, Don Nicholson, Malcolm Lockhart, Wally Gregson, Carl Haggblom, Franklin Coleman, Ken Turner, Billy Byrne, Hugh Costello, Andy McClelland, Alfred ‘Sandy’ McPherson p226. Grades 1 and 2 in 1921: includes Tom McClelland, Gordon Haeusler, Keith Hart, Merv Fuge p227. Grades ?, 1922: Clive McLennan, Jim Bailey, Ross McLennan, Sands, Leo McLoughlan, Tom McClelland, Ken McNeil, Jean Knight, Alice Sands, Eva Hart, Nell Reed, Marg Hayes, Thelma Haeusler, Miriam Allan, Ollie Gregson p228. Andy’s Intermediate Class 1922: Janet McKenzie, Essie Cathcart, Andy McClelland, Sylvia Stewart, Nell McGowan, Nell McKenzie p228. Grade 3, 1928: includes Billie Currie, Norma Kean, Les Brock, Col Haeusler p229. Classroom scenes about 1930 p230. Grades 3 and 4, 1938: Marion McCandlish, Olivia Hudson, Bill Harper, Syd Rosevear, Dick Caleo, John Louttit, Alan Putland, Bill Caldwell, Bob Gould, Sands, Ted Foster, Betty Amos, Joan McDonald, Isla Schubert, Betty Harper, Dorothy McEwan, Joan Fawcett, Audrey Boyd, Gloria Caleo, Fay Stewart, Ian Thomas, Rolfe Howard, Kevin Clohesy p231. Grades 5 and 6, 1938: Betty Wilson, May Rosevear, Rex Amos, John Hodgson, Jack Hart, Ruth Treble, Joan McGregor, Grace Caleo, Joan Harper, Dorothy Amos, Isabel McLennan, Peggy Smith, Monica McInerney, Joan McEwan, Joan Fawcett, Dorothy Porter, Joan Kean, Margaret Hodgson, Marcia McDonald, Joy Ratcliffe, John Lambart, Harold Benzley, Murray Sudholz, Rolf Mann, Syd McCann p231. McKenzie’s buses p233. Form 4, 1948: J. Robertson, K. Smith, B. Stone, M. Wilson, J. Black, M. Nixon, G. Kelly, L. McCalman, M. Pierce, J. Lloyd, D. McSwain, T. Barry, N. Clements, D. Clohesy p234. Higher Elementary School staff 1948: Mr Healey, Mr Holloway, Mr Magnusson, Miss Nichols, Mr Clements, Miss Carver p236. Higher Elementary Staff 1957: Mr Adams, Mr King, Mr Welton, Mr Howley, Mr Hadley, Mr Pearce, Miss Medwell, Miss O’Donohue, Mrs Crisp, Mr McCallum, Mrs McCallum, Miss Thompson p237. Grade 2, 1958: teacher Miss Scurr, Val Carter, Jean McClelland, Margaret Pratt, Peter Sleeman, David Hanns, Rodney Maxwell, Ruth Fawcett, Heather Rogers, Ray Wright, John King, Ian McManus, Edward Ratcliffe, Margaret Sudholz, Cheryl Bailey, Gay McLennan, Diane McLean, Lynette Singe, Ruth Watson, Joan Summerhayes, Val Stacey, Julie Jordan, Christine Fawcett, Jean Stacey, Sandra Putland, Carol Sutton, Heather Campbell, Edwin Rogers, Max Caldwell, Ian Craig, Peter Zeuschner p237. Grade 6, 1958: Neil McLean, Ian Guy, Noel Watson, Colin Bell, Brian Hickmott, Jan McLennan, Ray Trembath, Sarah Matthews, David McKinna, Lionel McKenzie, Geoff Zeuschner, Norman Saunders, Les Nixon, Wendy Cox, Heather Roberts, Vicki Jordan, Shirley Carter, Marion McKenzie, Lynette McPherson, Nola Sutton, Sharon Wright, Marie Lehman, Sandra Sarah, Wendy Johnston p238. Higher Elementary School officials 1960: Les Bibby, Max Kuhnell, Noel Anderson, Mr Ward (head teacher), Douglas McCooke, Neil McKenzie, Kevin Bailey, Gary Bell, Jean Schubert, Loryl Lloyd, Beverley McKenzie, Margaret Barnes, Margaret Fankhauser, Marion McKenzie p238. Grades 3 and 4, 1962: teacher John Cowell, Barry Maxwell, Keva Lloyd, Irvine Putland, Joan Bailey, Geoff Caldwell, Lyndon Rogers, John Twigg, Rodney Lawry, Ron Box, Nola Sapikas, Janine Austerberry, Lois Rogers, Glenys Cameron, Julie Wild, Susan Allan, Helen Watson, Sheryl Ahchow, Petie McManus, Fay Campbell, Margaret Matthews, Nanette Johnston, Judy Carter, Bev Goldsworthy, Lindy Schneider, Jenny Stewart, Heather Carter, Judy Evans, Liz Newell, Peter McEwan, Ken Stacey, Linton Wright, John Louttit, Lance Ratcliffe, Arthur Singe, Robert Hannig p239. Grade 6, 1971: head teacher Mal McArthur, Neville Upton, Richard Louttit, Lionel Upton, Ian Scougall, Trevor Hanns, Peter Caldwell, Peter Thomas, Shane Wright, Ashley McCooke, Geoff Upton, Andrew McManus, Tim Ahchow, Julie Matthews, Ann Arthur, Kim Pook, Narelle Dettmann, Donna McKenzie, Kaylene Pollard, Lois McMillan, Lisa Summerhayes, Sandra Matthews p239. Form 1, 1962: form teacher John Hutchinson, G. Smith, G. Gregson, G. Hornsby, H. Simpson, N. Anderson, J. Twigg, Mr Hutchinson, L. Ryan, D. Bailey, J. Mitchell, G. Collier, P. Twigg, B. James, R. Poole, F. Matthews, L. Hinneberg, J. Drury, L. Jones, M. Singe, M. McManus, V. Palmer, C. Tink, H. Goldsworthy, R. Blight, G. Pym, P. Nixon, R. Newell, J. Warne, C. Allan, R. James, C. Mitchell, R. Allan, N. Peucker, M. Hinneberg, L. Carter p241. Form 2, 1962: form teacher Phyllis Fox, M. Smith, L. Carmichael, R. Prentice, L. Bailey, D. McManus, Miss Fox, R. Crouch, A. Bailey, A. McClelland, S. Mitchell, S. McLean, K. Bath, P. Rose, R. Palmer, B. McDowall, J. Matthews, E. Sutton, G. Olney, S. Putland, D. Caldwell, C. Mountjoy, C. Riordan, R. Pratt p241. Advisory Council at opening of High School 1964: Kelvin Goldsworthy, Bob Newell, Stan Twigg, Reg Mitchell, Ross Boucher, Jack McClelland, Len Lloyd, Hal Warne, Jack Bailey, John Evans, Bill Bailey, Thirza McClelland, Fred Rose p242. Year 8Z, 1982: co-ordinator Brett McMurdo, Nerdine McErvale, Brad Youren, Simon McIntosh, Mark Hannig, Helen Simpson, Vietta Steele, Peter Godwin, Carl Peucker, Craig Wilson, Jamie Peck, Lisa McInerney, Lindy Trewin, Vanessa Richards, Tracey Pearce, Kate Irwin, Steven Newton p244. St Mary’s Grades 2, 3 and 4, 1969 p246. St Mary’s Grades 5 and 6, 1969 p247. Pre-school 1976, 4 year old group p249. Pre-school 1987 – group A p250. Pre-school 1992 – group B p250. Mr and Mrs Peter Howard and two of their daughters p251. Lutheran congregation after a service at Paul Schubert’s about 1922: Mrs Schubert, Mr P. Schubert, Hilda Lutz, Edward Liersch, Olga Sudholz, Mrs F. Weckart, Alma Sudholz, Ern Lutze, Emma Lutze, Bill Lutze, Bill Liersch, Mrs Nuske, Theo Nuske, Mrs and Mr Liersch Snr, Mr and Mrs Lutze Snr, John Liersch, Minnie Lutze, Olga Schubert, Alma Schubert, Victor Schubert, Charlie Nuske p252. Lutheran congregation at closure of the Bethlehem Church 1996: Steven Millar, Andrew Schultz, Maurice Schultz, Wayne Schultz, Helen Grogan, Alison Millar, Anne Grogan, Leanne Millar, Pastor Merv Rudolph, Pastor Peter Janetski, Joan Millar, Phyllis Schultz, Yvonne Amos, Verna Schodde, Darren Millar p253. Laying of the foundation stone of St Aidan’s 1917: Bishop Gumbleton, Rev. Norman Crawford, Mr Parker, Mr Moore, Dr Greer, Mrs Johnston, Mrs Parker, Mrs Maydwell, Mrs Greer, Mrs Rowlands, Mr John Rowlands, Mr Seccombe, Mr Gilliard, G.M.J. Cole, Eddie Parker, Bill Jones, Jas Mudge, Mr and Mrs John Lord, Alan and Mr Mudge p254. St Aidan’s following completion p255. 50th anniversary of St Aidan’s: Louisa and Harry Rowlands, Elsie Rowlands (nee Haggblom), George and Enid Loader (nee Rowlands), Grace Haggblom, Dolly O’Shannassy (nee Haggblom) p257. St Aidan’s at its closing, 1993 p257. Ist Presbyterian Sunday School picnic 1899 (group photos with names) p258, 259. Presbyterian Church about 1915 p260, interiors 1911, 1919 p261. Miss Sutcliff’s Sunday School class (?) about 1910: Annie Duthie, Miss Sutcliff, Eileen Umbers, Jim Russell, Pat Ryan, Joe Barrett, Jim Ryan, Bert Umbers, Alec McKie, W. Russell, Myrtle Duthie, Lita Leeder, Jamie Leeder, Pearl Duthie, Gladys Duthie, Ethel Umbers, Katie Russell, Janie McKie, Charlie Umbers, Percy Umbers p262. Andrew McClelland and members of his original Sunday School class about 1954: Donald McDonald, Mrs Benzley (nee Currie), Murdoch McKenzie, Mrs Goldsworthy (nee McDonald), Alex McDonald, Mrs McClelland, Mr Andrew McClelland p263. Presbyterian tennis players 1937: Ian Templeton, Bob Allan, Bert Gregson, Ivan Wakefield, Marj Bowd, Alice Bowd, Mim Allan, Olly Cox p264. Presbyterian Junior Choir about 1952: J. McKinna, C. Butcher, O. Bowd, M. Mannix, B. Brewer, N. McLean, L. Hart, J. Collins, C. Francis, T. McClelland, M. Sulman, J. Horman p264. Sunday School about 1958: teachers: Audrey Boyd, Fay Ellen, Margaret McLean, Olive Bowd, Hilda Schubert (also pupils with some names) p264. Methodist Church on original site, Sutcliff Street, 1911 p265. Methodist tennis players about 1916: Bert Stubbs, Mrs Stubbs, Audrey Stubbs, Alice Prentice, Mrs Alec Prentice, Mrs Tom Prentice, May Pomeroy, Cora Cail, Bob Prentice, Peter Howard p266. Methodist Church about 1925 p267. Methodist tennis team 1935: Stone, Charlie Butler, Bill Thorndel, Wakefield, Inez McIntyre, Sykes, Rev. Hull, Thelma Haeusler, Lois Glen p268. St Andrew’s Church p269. New Uniting Church 1982; Rev. G.L. Turner and Rev Don Aitken p270. St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church about 1920 p271. Father Davis with first communion confirmees: Margaret Irwin, Margaret Seery, Loretta Lazarus, Margaret Walsh, Ray Sands, Barry Conlan, Frank Lloyd p272. Father Jack O’Brien p272. St Mary’s tennis team 1939: Jack Seery, Monty Weiderman, Ivan ‘Spud’ Giddings, Lindsay Giddings, Margaret Giddings, Mary Nieman, Stacia Giddings, Mary Wise p273. Sea Lake Railway Station about 1915 p278, 1924 p279. Mr and Mrs John Rowlands and daughter Enid p288. New Power House about 1940 p300. Mr Walter Gregson p302. Sea Lake Times office 1911 p303. Best Street looking west about 1910 p304. Nurse Louise Milburn and her son Arthur Hart p307. Dr Sleeman 1936 p309. Dr Greer on retirement: Alan and Ada Greer, Blanch Greer, Claude Greer, Kath and Ken Greer p311. Debutante set 1951: G. Onslow, M. Onslow, R. Summerhayes, L. Crisp, L. McMillan, J. Elliott, T. Elliott, L. Lord, L. Summerhayes, L. Onslow (trainer), M. Conlan (pianist), Mrs D. McClelland, Hon. J. Hipworth MP, Mrs Hipworth, Mrs Onslow (trainer), A.C. McClelland (hospital president), R. Weir, T. Henderson, K McManus, Roger McLennan, A. Ferguson, L. Prater, C. Eames, M. Summerhayes, D. McKinna, W. Rohde, L. Elliott, E. Edgecumbe, H. Sudholz, N. Hart, Neil Collins, J. McLennan, C. Crisp, S. Lloyd, V. Quirk, L. Lazarus, J. Nicholls p313. Deb set 1959: Brian Olsen, Dorothy Anglin, Brian Walters, Nola Lamaro, Don Bell, Jean Bowd, John Hanns, Vivienne Walsh, Thirza and Tom McClelland, Sue King p314. Deb Set about 1960 (with names) p314. Sister Shirley Goldsworthy p316. Sister Joyce Thomas p317. Sea Lake Football Team about 1904: Herbert Gould, D. Daly, Edgar Roberts, J. Hansen, Claude Mudge, Matt Daly, ‘Jumbo’ Fields, Vin Thomas, Father Quinn, Norman Patterson, Arthur Hetherington, Bert Johnston, Joe Groat, Dennis Gallagher, Albert Groat, Bill Currie, Ned Gallagher, Claude Greer, Archie Fordham, George Holland, J. Daly, George Hayes, Bert Ingram p320. Sea Lake Football Club about 1906: J. Connors, M. Conlan, B. Cox, H. Kiley, C. Mudge, J. Groat, M. O’Brien, J. Tadgell, ‘Jumbo’ Fields, W. Thornbury, H. Ingram, A. Pentland, F. Howard p320. Sea Lake Football Team 1907: B. Johnson, T. O’Bryan, E. Brock, G. Cook, H. Rhymer, W. Currie, C. Fields, F. Howard, D. McLarty, M. O’Bryan, Boss O’Bryan, F. Stacey, P Stacey, R. Woontin, E. Schubert, R. McGarry p321. Sea Lake Football Team about 1914: includes A. Giddings, H. Kiley, N. Patterson, Stewart, R. Prentice, A. Thomas, R. Gemel, Davis, Reg Paul, A. Fordham, C. Treble, H. Cail, T. Arundel, W. Currie, G. Hayes, Johnson, V. Thomas p322. Sea Lake second eighteen 1925: Herb Stacey, Allan Butcher, Wal Gregson, A.G. ‘Mac’ McKenzie, Mark Bonner, Jim Parker, Len Slavin, Murray McClelland, Carl Haggblom, Bill Byrne, Stan Cole, Bill Gregson, Hugh Bradshaw, Andy McClelland, C. Renney p323. ‘Old Buffers’ 1925: Hec Gooley, Alec Gillon, Elliot Argyle, Malcolm McLennan, Hartley Dixon, Charlie Fields, Tommy Loutit [Louttit?], Eddie Schubert, Arthur ‘Snorky’ Giddings, C. Williamson, Doc Greer, Billy McManus, Bert Stubbs p323. Sea Lake Football Team 1934: W. Gregson, C. McLennan, C. Hamilton, W. Butcher, K. Coventry, N. Ogden, T.R. McClelland, M. McClelland, E. Cummins, K. Hilgrove [Hillgrove], N. Reed, L. Dillon, J.C. McClelland, A. McCooke, H. Cathcart, H. Carmichael, A. Roberts, C. Page, A. Peucker, J. House p324. Sea Lake Imperials about 1938: Les Peart, Artie Bailey, Don Howatt, Frank Wise, Allan Smith, Leo Stacey, Austin O’Loughlin, Alec McPherson, Vin Lynch, John McGregor, Vic Peucker, Wally Gregson, Lindsay Giddings, George Davidson, Erol Schneider, Claude McManus, Ian Templeton, Jim Jordan, Alan Wakefield (mascot), Jack Bailey, Keith McManus, Jim Bailey p325. 1935 team on their trip to Adelaide: E. Caldwell, K. Hillgrove, D. McLeod, K. Lockhart, W. Butcher, W. Gregson, J. Conlan, A. Peucker, J. Porter, S. Lockhart, W. Gregson, H. Carmichael, G. Haeusler, W. Irvine, L. Giddings, A. Hart, C. Page p325. Football committee about 1940: Bill Irvine, McLeod, Sam Lockhart, Arch McCooke Snr, Felix Caleo, Charlie Thomas, Bill Gregson, Artie Dillon p326. Sea Lake first eighteen 1939: G. Loader (trainer), L. Dillon (President), K. Lockhart (obscured), J. Scarlett, E. McLoughlan, W. Butcher, C. McLennan, Gordon Stacey, E. Caldwell (trainer), C.R. Thomas (Secretary), A. Mitchell, Graham Stacey, J.C. McClelland, T. McPherson, H. Carmichael, K. Hillgrove, Ivan Giddings, Phil Smith, Bob Metherall, T.R. McClelland, W. Crisp, K. Metherall p326. Sea Lake premiers 1959: N. McKenzie, K. Lutze, G. Hickmott, T. Clohesy, M. Brewer, G. Farrell, R. Jolly, W. Collier, I. Moore, L. Crisp, F. Clohesy (Secretary), R. Schubert, D. Bell, C. Crampton, J. Jordan (President), B. Healey, G. McKenzie, M. Irwin, A. Wakefield, D. Cousen, C. Francis, F. Palmer p327. Sea Lake premiers 1965: T. McClelland, K. Delahoy, L. Francis, J. Jordan (trainer), Geoff Walsh, I. Cousen, George Walsh, K. Lutze, M. Nihill, J. Wise, K. Wright, G. Giddings, G. Thomas, B. Moscrop, A. McClelland, D. Cousen, M. Palmer, G. Rasmussen, G. Flenley, L. Crisp, A. Jordan, N. McKenzie p328. Sea Lake premiers 1995: David Hanns (trainer), Peter Roberts, David Simpson, James King, Jaeson Smith, Ben Musgrove, Shaun McInerney, Paul Walsh, John Clohesy, Mick Elliott (trainer), Rick Austerberry (selector), Bryan Hanns, Greg Martin, Jayson McKay, Craig Felstead (secretary), Craig Clohesy, Terry ‘Jacko’ Kiley, Mick Clohesy, Daniel James, Todd Hedley, Kevin Jolly (selector), Craig Harker, Dean Byrne, Zane Kiley, Corey Giddings, Leon Craig, Ray Wright p330. Sea Lake A grade (women’s) basketball team 1955: Faye Roberts, Margaret Walsh, Maureen McMahon, Lorraine Hart, Maureen Bell, Kaye Johnston, Stephanie Matthews, Heather Stewart, Marj Mannix, Colleen Butcher p331. Sea Lake sparrow march 1914 p332. Sea Lake Rifle Club about 1962: Richard Crouch, Linley Crouch, Dr Jim Sleeman, Alf Fletcher, Walter Sands, Ernie Harrison, Ron Buckingham, Ray Sands, Eric Carra, Alan Collier, John Hutchinson, Dudley Ratcliffe p333. St Patrick’s Day procession 1911 p334. Tennis players about 1900; Tennis courts 1911 p335. Tennis Club 1913; Tennis courts about 1930 p336. Sea Lake Red tennis team 1969: Robert Hender, Robert McClelland, John Hender, Ian Cousen, Peter Nuske, Russell Carter, Jean Austerberry, Fay Collier, Olive Nuske, Frances Austerberry p338. Sea Lake Imperials cricket team 1938: Merv Stacey, Arch ‘Punch’ Currie, Eric Wilson, Jim Jordan, Austin O’Loughlin, G. Chappell, Fred Byers, Max O’Halloran, ‘Woop’ Crisp, Percy Vaughan, Artie Dillon, Roy Mannix p344. Sea Lake A grade cricket premiers 1978: Terry Cleary (scorer), Malcolm McLeod, Ambrose Ryan, Peter Caldwell, Rod James, John Lenaghan, John Caldwell, Peter Cleary, Kevin King, Phillip Clohesy, Ed Pearce, Kevin Waters, Russell White p345. Sea Lake Coursing Club about 1936 p346. Coursing Club enthusiasts: Len Hodgson, Reg Hodgson, Malcolm McLennan, Ray Clohesy, Alex King p347. Coursing Club executive: Bert Stubbs, Ray Clohesy, Malcolm McLennan p347. Opening of Sea Lake Bowling Club 1927: Mrs Olive Stubbs, Mrs Bryans p349. Bowlers at Sea Lake 1930: Edgar Brock, Ted Parker, Dave Putland, Mick Conlan, ‘Puppa’ Gregson, J.L. Stevenson, Malcolm McLennan p350. Bowls players 1966 (with list of names) p354. Sea Lake lady bowlers 1986: Joan Bailey, Audrey Lloyd, Ursula Nix, Roma Giddings, Elaine King, Una Johnston, Lorna Pratt, Isa King, Becky Stewart, Eunice Fenton, Stacia Smith, Bernice Nihill, Clara Conlan p355. Opening of Sea Lake Golf Links 1912 with President Mr Paull p357-8. Lady golfers about 1940: Ann Dillon, Belle Cairns, Win Hart p359. Sea Lake Brass Band 1902: Bob Sutcliff, A. Prentice, D. McDonald, J. Leslie, Walter Gregson, B. Buchanan, C. Mudge, B. Ingram, W. Ingram, George Ingram, Bob Prentice, Harry Wheare, Mick McNally, Bill Allen, Ted Ingram p365. Sea Lake Brass Band 1911: George Ingram, Ted Ingram, Constable Weibye, Jim Prentice, ‘London’ George Roberts, H.J. Cox, Jack Hannigan, Mick McNally, Dick Couch, Harry and Archie Ingram (boys) p365. Sea Lake Highland Band 1925: Elliott Argyle, Clarrie Renney, George McKenzie, Joe Fawcett, ‘Mac’ McKenzie, Joe Brock, Bob Corbett, Bob Peace, Jock McMurtrie, Harry Fawcett, Avon Argyle p366. Sea Lake Pipe Band about 1930: Hec Putland, Angus McDougall, Joe Brock, Harry Fawcett, Jock McMurtrie, Bill Brock, Joe Fawcett, Howard Anderson, A. Copeland, Crookson, Bill Denley, Bill Gregson p367. Concert for the Army group: Bill Crisp, Bill Thorndell, Rene Ford (Crisp), Flora McNeil (McManus), May Denley, Isobel McClelland (Austerberry), Roma Beilby (Giddings), girls: Margot Crisp (Anderson), Marge Denley (Mossop) p369. Bill ‘Crispo’ Crisp p369. Sea Lake Entertainers about 1955: Wal Gregson, Beryl Fawcett, Margot Crisp, Bill Fawcett, Bill Crisp p370. Wal Gregson and Bill Crisp p370. Music pupils about 1911: Joyce Howard, Tresna Ingram, Vida Ahern, Frances McPherson, Wally Gregson, Linda Ingram, Heather Dixon, Enid Rowlands p371. Sea Lake Methodist Church Choir about 1911: Prentice, May Pomeroy, Rev. Lovell, Cora Cail, Mr Kennedy, Trixie Cail, Prentice, Miss Howard, Prentice, Thelma Bryans p372. Sea Lake Dramatic Club 1930: Rita McLennan, Jack Ogden, Andy McClelland, Miss Gibson, Charlie Thomas, ‘Mac’ McKenzie, Jean McClelland, Murray McClelland, Margaret McNeil, Ken Lockhart, Mary McDonald, Doug Mann p374. Sea Lake Dramatic Club at Presbyterian Babies’ Home, Melbourne 1930: Andy McClelland, Jean Lockhart, Jack Ogden, Mary McDonald, Dot Allan, Doug Mann, Jean McClelland, Miss Gibson, Charlie Thomas p375. The cast of ‘Happy Days’ 1955: Rod McDonald, Harold Singe, Ian Templeton, Audrey Mann, Ruth Matthews, Maurice ‘Mo’ McLennan, Fay Roberts, Bev Brewer, Bette Nuske, Audrey Boyd p376. Part of the cast of ‘Noah’: Bruce Ahchow, Mary Vic Buckley, Trina McInerney, Dianne Pearce, Barry Richards, Allan Mills, Grace Lolicato, Robert McClelland p379. Part of the cast of ‘Hitz of the Blitz’: Steven Brew, Bob Brocklehurst, Keva Lloyd, Martin Haeusler, Allan Mills, Carol James, Jan McEwan, Pam Austerberry, Ron Paynter, Ursula Nix (obscured), Di Pearce, Ro Richards (obscured), Jenny McLoughlan, Ian McClelland, Robyn Ferrier, Kathy Paynter, Liz Donnellan, Betty McKenzie, Marga Wennerstern, Geogia [Georgia?] Anastasiou, Di Challis, Anne McClelland p380. Ballet recital 1978: Janette Nuske, Laree Byrne, Sarita Wright, Pamela Nix, Lisa Pearce, Amanda Barr, Kim Austerberry p381. Ballet recital 1988: Monique Conheady, Penny Hetherton, Angela Nix, Deidre Francis, Tracey Greeves, Rachael Grogan p383. Officials and visitors to the A & P Society show 1907: H. Cox Snr, Alec Cumming, Norman McDonald, Alec Prentice, J. McNicol, Father Quinn, Mrs Ross Goldsworthy, Mrs Vin Thomas, Mrs Malcolm McLennan, Miss Frances McDonald p387. Spectators at the Sea Lake show about 1910: Dick McGarry, Les Brock, Jock Macague, Norman McDonald, ‘Cocky’ Roberts, Edgar Brock, Bob Woodburn, Joe Macague, Arthur Giddings p388. Sea Lake Agricultural and Pastoral Society members about 1910: H. Gould, Alf Blythman, Duncan McDonald, Theo Bennetto, H. Loorham, Fred Garden, Alex Sands, Charlie Milburn, Jim Gilmour, Alec McClelland, Charlie Umbers, Sam Lockhart, Jim McDonald, Paddy Hardiman, Joe Groat, G.M.J. Cole, Tom Saunders, Matt Daly, Tom Bennetto, Bob Hannon, Ned Gallagher, Dennis Gallagher, Dr Greer, Hugh McClelland, Bert Cox, N.W. Sandiford, Malcolm McLennan, Jack Hay, Walter Pomeroy, Arthur Giddings, Jack Gilmour, Lou McLennan, Reg Paull, George Giddings, James Mudge, Norman McDonald, Alec Cumming, Arthur Hetherington, Walter Newell, H.J. Cox, Tom Umbers, Andrew Groat p388. A & P Society executive about 1910: H. Gould, Dr Greer, Arthur Giddings, Charlie Milburn, Matt Daly, Jim Gilmour, Alec Cumming, Arthur Hetherington, Duncan McDonald p389. Bert Herrick leading ‘Mafeking’ (horse) p389. A & P Society officials about 1940: Vin Thomas, Peter McNeil, Jack Mann, Dave Putland, Malcolm McLennan, Edgar Brock, Alf Clare, Jack Gibney, Ewin Metheral, Erol Schneider, Harry Holbrook, Mick Conlan p391. Sea Lake Fire Brigade 1940: Ross McLennan, Clive McLennan, Ken Lockhart, Bill Butcher, Frank Wise, Don Howat, Norm Fartch, Jack Lambert, Don Brock, John McGregor, Bill Gregson, Hugh Jeffery, Jack McEwan, ‘Stump’ Hart p398. Sea Lake Fire Brigade about 1945: Jack Hart, Carl Schneider, Clive McLennan, Ken Lockhart, Ted Foster, Jack Fawcett, ‘Mac’ McKenzie, Doug Schneider, Col Jarry, Jack McEwan p399. Sea Lake Fire Brigade 1948: Doug Schneider, Col Jarry, Col Haeusler, Jack McEwan, ‘Mac’ McKenzie, Max Brewer, Murray Sudholz, Jim Dettmann, Ron Pope p399. Bill Fawcett; Bill Bailey p403. RSL flag presentation to Sea Lake Police about 1985: Col Haeusler, Ian Cumming, Mick Parkinson, Sgt Russell Walsh, Ray Jones, Dud Ratcliffe, Jack Anderson, Bill Butcher, John Churchill, Ken Lockhart, Bert Cox, ‘Digger’ Campbell p404. Red Cross fete about 1915: Mrs Cox, Mrs Rowland, Annie Keating; Mesdames Greer, Garden and Daly, Jessie and Beatrice Kean p406. Mrs E. Lloyd, Mrs E. Guy, Mrs Marie Hogan 1989 p408. Mrs J. Dettmann and Mrs V. Hanns 1995 p408. Pam Pook, Val Stewart, Elizabeth Renney, Lorna Goldsworthy, Dianne Pook, Tita Craig, Margaret Bodinnar, Joyce Goldsworthy, Dot McClelland, Yvonne McClelland, Joan McDonald 1995 p408. A.V. ‘Stump’ Hart 1973 p411. Sea Lake State School picnic 1913: includes Tom Cail and Prentice p423. Police Station, Court House and Mechanics’ Institute about 1913 p425. Sea Lake fishermen: Bill Crisp, Bill Hill, George Lazenby, Jim Parker, Morrie Theobold, Jackie Anderson, Bert Leggett p427.

PLACENAMES and INSTITUTIONS from the index (selected):
A & P Society (Agricultural and Pastoral). Apex Club. Avoca River. Balmer’s Tank. Ballet Guild. Berriwillock. Birchip. Boig-be-at. Boigbeat. Boorong. Bowling Club. Brass Band. Buslines. Calder Highway. Caledonian Society. Chinkapook. Comberndil. CWA (Country Women’s Association). Cricket. Culgoa (Kaneira). Daytrap. Dog Hill. Don Djon. Dunmunkle Creek. Dunn’s. Electricity. Eureka. Fire Brigade. Football. Gallaghers. Gerahmin Station. Gilmour’s. Gilpin’s. Gleeson’s. Golf. Gormann’s. Grain Elevators Board. Green Lake. Hannigs. Hart’s. Hopetoun. Independent Order of Rechabites. Jess’s Tank. Lake Boga. Lake Bungunnia. Lake Corrong Station. Lake Hindmarsh. Lake Lalbert. Lake Lonsdale. Lake Tyrrell. Lalbert. Lascelles (Minapre). Leo Club. Lianiduck. Lions Club. Log Tank. Long Plain. Lunettes. Mallee: general, land boards, tracks, Land Acts, leases, surveyors, water. Mallee Agricultural and Pastoral Company. Marlbed Station. Masonic Lodge. Medical. Moortwarra. Myall Tank. Nandaly. Ninda. Nine Mile. North Tank. Nyarrin. Parilla Sands. Pink Pond. Police. Politics. Post Office. Progress Association. Pup Lagoon. Railways. Rechabites. Red Cross. RSL. Round Swamp. Senior Citizens’ Club. Shire of Castle Donnington. Shire of Wycheproof. Soldier settlement. Springfield. Sutton Tank. Swan Hill. Telegraph / telephone. Tennis. Theatre. Tin Hut Reserve. Tyntynder. Tyrrell Creek. Tyrrell Downs. Tyrrell Station. Tyrrell South Station. Tyrrell West. Tyrrell Downs Agricultural and Pastoral Company. Urum-Tyrill. Vermin Proof Fence. Victorian Wheatgrowers Association. Waitchie. Walsgotts. Washaways. Wergaia. Wycheproof. Yarriambiack Creek. Young Farmers Club.

SURNAMES / FAMILY NAMES from the index:
Allan. Attenborough. Banner. Barkley. Bassett. Bennett. Bennetto. Betheras. Blythman. Bodinnar. Boxhall. Bowd. Boyd. Brennan. Brock. Brown. Bryans. Brymer. Byrne. Cail. Caleo. Camp. Carruthers. Carty. Case. Casey. Castella. Cathcart. Cay and Kaye. Clapham. Clark. Clohesy. Clowes. Coad. Conlan. Cooper. Cornell. Cox. Crisp. Cumming. Daly. Denley. Dennys. Dillon. Donnelly. Drieberg. Dunlop. Ettelson. Eyre. Fields. Fisher. Fraser. Garden. Gardiner. Giddings. Godwin. Greer. Gregson. Groat. Haeusler. Haggblom. Hannon. Hanns. Harrison. Hart. Haverfield. Hayes. Hetherington. Hoad. Howard. Howatt. Huddlestone. Ingram. Irving. Jardine. Johnson. Johnston. Jones. Jordan. Kean. Kenyon. Kilcullen. Kiley. King. Kirchner. Langley. Lascelles. Leeder. Lloyd. Lockhart. Louttit. Lutze. McCallum. McClelland. McDonald. McGaw. McGinnis. McGowan. McInerney. McKay. McKenzie. McLean. McLennan. McManus. McNeil. Macague. Mack. Mackenzie. Maydwell. Miles. Milburn. Mills. Morieson. Mudge. Murnane. Neal. Neilson. Neumayer. Neuss. O’Bryan. O’Callaghan. O’Connell. O’Connor. O’Reilly. O’Shannassey. Odgers. Overs. Panton. Paull. Porter. Proctor. Prentice. Pritchard. Pullinger. Putland. Rose. Ross. Runnalls. Ryan. Sandiford. Sands. Schneider. Schubert. Scott. Sleeman. Stacey. Stanbridge. Stavely. Steedman. Stewart. Stokoe. Stubbs. Summerhayes. Sutcliff. Templeton. Thomas. Thorndel. Tobin. Trembath. Umbers. Vanderfeen. Vean. Wakefield. Watts. Webster. Wilkinson. Williams. Wise. Wohlegemuth. Wookey. Zimmerman.

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