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Main Title: Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies: the Genealogist 2016-
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Subject: Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies
Genealogical societies - Periodicals

Vol.15 no.1 MARCH 2016: Small clues to history / Lori Henderson and Carolann Thomson p4. The 'Foundlings' search is over [Benjamin Southey and Jane Patch] / Eric Panther p7. British and Australian salvage operations of the Great War / Graham Caldwell p11.

Vol.15 no.2 JUNE 2016: RootsIreland / Cynthia Neale p10. Letters from England [various resources for tracing English ancestry / Peter Bennett p12. Crinolines and Bustles: Collecting Historical Women's Dresses 1820-1940 / Ann Dixon p17. Letters to La Trobe at the Public Record Office p24.

Vol.15 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2016: Searching with FamilySearch / Cynthia Neale p4. Everybody's talking about Facebook p11. What's your island story? Connection to Jersey, Channel Islands / Linda Romeril p17.

Vol.15 no 4 DECEMBER 2016: Vale [Betty Inwood, Sidney Colin Holt] p3. A rather small family skeleton [Nowak family] / Ian Nowak p5. Alf's crib board: Trench art from WWI / Des Lambley p8. The alphabet postcard [Sir Henry Irving, Marie Illington, Isabelle Irving] / Carolann Thomson p11. Boots, shoes and seeds: the life of Peter Field / John Field p14. A problem to solve [life of William Todd] / David Cotton p18. Daniel McLaurin / Barbara Wilson p19. Seafaring disaster... further episodes in the life of Capt S Unthank / Eric Unthank p25. Pioneers and old colonists. A roll of honour (The Register Adelaide, Wednesday 7 December 1910) / collected from TROVE by Anne Major p28. Bendigo diggings [Waters/Watters/Walters family, John Hansard, James Taylor and Sarah Thomas, Emma Rann, William Maes, Roderick Forrester, Peter Webster Mason, Richard Manser, Ernest Joseph Vercoe, James Heeps, Herbert Stanley Heeps, Arthur and Margaret Heeps, Charles John Nargle] / David Cotton p32. Follow up those clues [Frederick Puckle] / Truda Olson p36.

Vol. 15 no.5 MARCH 2017: Father Timothy O'Rourke, Kilmore Parish Priest / Barbara Wilson p6. Serial serendipity surprises [Guillaume Rachinger and Alphonse Terrier in Daylesford] / Gail White and Dan Cerchi p8. A search for answers [Alan Thorley's family history and the Yea historical society] / Alan Thorley p11. Sly-grogging and the law on the Bendigo Goldfields in the 1870s / James Morris p14. A double life [Edward Frederic Kenny] / Graham Coward p23.

Vol. 15 no.6 JUNE 2017: The tragic tale of Thomas Killick Jrn. And Thomas Killick Snr. (part one) / Giselda Bannister p8. Daylesford miners petition 1859 / Lucille Andel p15. The Sandra Marshall Collection p19. George Walter Downey married seven times "for the sheer love of it". / Elizabeth Williamson p26.

Vol. 15 no.7 SEPTEMBER 2017: State Library of Victoria: fish named after men / Andrew McConville p7. Lost identity [Mary Ann Fetters] / Pirrie Shiel p8. Commonwealth war graves commission / Cynthia Neale p12. The tragic tale of Thomas Killick Jnr. And Thomas Killick Snr. (part 2) / Giselda Bannister p16. A wartime fairy tale [Fadil Osman] / Eliz Bilal p18.

Vol. 15 no.8 DECEMBER 2017: Scotland's people / Cynthia Neale p5. The politicians, the actress and the opera singer: Dr Harman John Tarrant, M.P., and his spectacular fall from grace / Judith Carter and Don Bradmore p8. Nine strategies that helped in writing The Complete History of Arthur and Rose / Tony and Wendy Edwards p13. Millthorpe and District births 1901 p17. Follow-up to finding the Banner Boys / Rebekah Mitchell-Matthews p18. The PMI Victorian History Library: a wealth of history at your fingertips p20.

Vol.15 no.9 MARCH 2018: The Carroll family / Pauline Turville p4. The Ships List / Cynthia Neale p5. Melbourne and Townsville-the link / Rod Beaumont p12. Bendigo diggings p19. Rita goes home [Rita Rosenberg] / Ann Dixon p20. Local histories at the PMI Victorian History Library p22. Bendigo Family History Group p24.

Vol.15 no.10 JUNE 2018: The Abbott family / Barbara Wilson p4. A family goes to the Great War [Reid family and World War One] / Denise Probert p12. Historical Society Periodicals at the PMI Victorian History Library p20.

Vol.15 no.11 SEPTEMBER 2018: Your Council [Garry White, Carolann Thomson, Robin Stuchbury, Marg Stammers, Mary Middleton, Bev Greenway, Rob Grimes, Pauline Turville, Wendy Brown, Jenny Wyke, Gary Fitzgerald] p3. Friendly Societies in Bendigo 1856-1916 [Friendly Society membership benefits, Friendly Society's expected loyalty led to federation and patriotic fervour in WW1, 1889 there were 32 societies with 969 branches throughout Victoria, 81710 members each paying 3d or 6d weekly, Buffaloes and Freemasons were never officially recognised with the government prefering autonomy, men often belonged to two or threre different societies, societies trained men how to run a meeting and formulate a motion and debate, Bendigo membership was not swamped by miners who often formed their own private accident and sickness funds, largest group of societies was an off shoot of the Oddfelloes and the Gran United Order of Oddfellows, The Ancient Order of Foresters, Oddfellows and Foresters originally met in hotels but temperance movements were established when drunkeness became a problem and the strongest were the Independent Order of Rechabites, Many Rechabites were Methodists and the first to establish female lodges as the ladies protested most loudly about the evils of alcohol, German immigrants formed the Deutsche Verin with a German Language Library but left the distract with the outbreak of WW1, 65 lodges in the Bendigo District and 7300 members, Many historians claimthe collective mateship was also the basis of the Trade Union in righting inherited wrongs, Eaglehawk had the largest MUIOOF lodge in Victoria with over 600 members belonging to the Loyal Catherine Lodge, The Australian Natives Association were one of the biggest influences on Federation and promotion of wider extension of voting rights for women, Because Friendly Society activities came under government legislation there are records at the Public Records Office Victoria, Search term Friendly Societies results in VA1390, VPRS284 is a place name search] / The Bendigo Family History Group p6. 1910 Letter to The Age: Another woman looks back [A Nielsen's Locomobile steam car and how it worked, Minnie Paterson and Cecil Paterson of Flinders were the first people to enter Korumburra in a motor car] / Minnie Paterson p8. Fleet Week: Records at the PROV [16 white hulled battleships carrying 14000 sailors a marines of the US Atlantic Fleet steamed through the Rip into Port Phillip Bay, The Great White Fleet has been launched on its circumnavigation of th globe by President Theodore Roosevelt, An American officer failed to pass on an invitation so only 7 sailors attended reception dinner at the Exhibtion Buildings meant to cater for 2800, Two sailors died of tran-related incidents, newspapers quoted "we lose a few in every port..."] / The Herald: Saturday Evening 29/8/1908 Fleet Edition] P11. Who was William Trinder [William Richard Trinder married Mary Anne Hitchcock burried in a family plot at Booroondara General Cemetery Kew Melbourne with Grand-daughter Alma Green nee Trinder, Albert Edward Trinder married Ada Jane Christopher Curnow and Jessie Marie Octavia Faulkner nee McNeill, Laura Trinder married Ezekiel McCann, William Richard Trinder married Esther Mullin, George Edward Trinder married Alice Maud Croker and Winifred Beatrice O'Hara, Augustus Trinder, Alfred Trinder married Sarah Munro, Clara Trinder married William Cooper, Lily Trinder married Charles Henry and James Veal, Eva Trinder, Charles Trinder, Richard Trinder, Henry Trinder married Elizabeth Reece nee Lawrie, William Trinder and Thomas Gregory found guilty of stealing at Cheltenham Gloucestershire and transported to Van Dieman's Land] / John M Slattery p12. Letter from England [Sheffield, National Library of Wales has uploaded title maps online from 1840s, Ancesty has added Pre-1858 probate records for the county of Wiltshire, London trade directories 1736-1943, Ancestry Registers of employees of the East India Trading Company and the India Office 1746-1939, Findmypast British Inida directories 1792-1948, Findmypast Suffrage collection, Findmypast Brompton Cemetery 1840-1997] / Peter Bennett p15. A callout for family histories at the PMI Victorian History Library p18. Twelve common rsearch mistakes / Gail White p20. Goldfields newspapers digitised [Maryborough newspaper 1857-1867 digitally availvale through NLA on Trove, Genealogical research and DNA testing for Chinese Australians, Treasurer of the Chinese Australlian Family Historians of Victoria Inc CAFHOV] / Robyn Ansell p22. The Alexander Henderson and Don Grant Awards p23. Treasures in the Library / Lesley Haldane p28.

Vol.16 no.12 DECEMBER 2018: Separated by the Spanish Flu / Barbara Wilson p4. Andersons Creek Cemetery. Warrandyte / Des Lambley p8. Kilmore Historical Society / Barbara Wilson p10. Who was William Trinder? (part 2) / John M. Slattery p11. Dear Will [letter from Thomas Cragg to his son Will] / Des Lambley p13. In the windows of the library [Parnell Family, Meddings Family WWI] p17. PMI entertainment resources [Prahran Mechanics' Institute Victorian History Library] p18. Lieutenant General Si JJ Talbot Hobbs p21.

Vol.16 no.12 MARCH 2019: Lois Koochew: Her Gaasch and Eagle family ancestors / Ray Jelley p4. Kilmore Historical Society Inc. / Barbara Wilson p8. Probates and inventory in NSW / Michel Raymond p11. PMI: art and design [Prahran Mechanics' Institute Victoiran History Library] p12. The children of mothers in the convict system of Van Diemens land / Professor Lucy Frost p14. Robert Hishion, poet / Barry Hishion p20. Genealogical abbreviations: genealogy in time p30.

Vol.16 no.2 JUNE 2019: My inimitable grandfather-in-law [Hector Roderick McWilliam] / Ian Nowak p4. Immigrants of the David Clark, arrived 27 October 1839 / Michel Raymond p6. Bendigo Family History Group: Bendigo diggings [Percy Thomas Knight] p9. From the vault: Industrial Chemical Industries (ICI) of Australia & New Zealand advert p18. Windsor House, Walhalla / Kim Crane p20. Mission to Seafarers Victoria p22. PMI: natural history in your family [natural history in the Prahran Mechanics' Institute Victorian History Library's collection] p24.

Vol.16 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2019: From barbed wire to freedom [Stanley Internment Camp detainees coming to Australia] / Annette Williams p4. Tracing the tantalizing Tillbrooks / Giselda Bannister p8. Kilmore Historical Society Inc. / Barbara Wilson p13. A name, a window, a photograph: Robert Sunter, Captain of the Manunda / J.Miller p20. Beryl Morrin, shark attack survivor / Barry Hishion p24. Bevin boys / Avril Mitchell p30. PMI: Natural history in your family [actually crime and criminal resources in your family] p34.

Vol.16 no.4 DECEMBER 2019: Pribislaw model for Westgarthtown: 170th anniversary celebrations / Robert Wuchatsch p4. Photographing the Bendigo pioneers / Rita Hull p5. Women in family history [Threaded Lives, Stories of the Symonds, Price, Walker, Hitch and Moody families / Eril Jolly p6. The naming of Olinda / Norman Harris p8. Was your female relative elected to a Council in Victoria? / Helen Harris p10. On Sarka to Westgarthtown / Robert Wuchatsch p13. Snips and snaps: surprises galore! / Noel Tozer p20. PMI: women in family history p24.

Vol.16 no.5 MARCH 2020: Bendigo Family History Group: lost the cyclist, but found his trophy [JS Luke] / David Cotton p4. Euroa Genealogy Group / Helen Gilbert p5. Murder and mayhem in the east and beyond [Walter Charles Choat] / Giselda Bannister p6. Finished at last: the index to Hue & Cry / Noelene Goodwin p12. Kilmore Historical Society / Barbara Wilson p16. Is Elizabeth Pollock in your family? p19. The Sunday roast / Judith Lesley p20. Cemeteries transcriptions index / Gail White p24. If only they hadn't gone [Paynter family in Lake Burrumbeet] / Gail White p26.

Vol.17 no.2 JUNE 2020: A symbol of confidence [Manchester Unity Building] / Carolann Thomson p4. The foundlings- a golden gem [Benjamin Southey and Jane Patch] / Eric Panther p5. How the battle of colenso was remembered / Ann Collins p6. Where there's a will there's a way [Dudgeon family] / Denise Probert p9. An abbreviated life: William Pickthorne, convict. Part 1: the beginning / Giselda Bannister p11. The soprano and the seafarers: a woman with a mission 1906-1930 [Mission to Seafarers and Ethel A. Godfrey] / G.Brault p19.

Vol.17 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2020: Cousins at war [Burrowes] / Ian G. Burrowes p5. Edward Ing- missing in death / Geoff Brown p6. Never give up! [Philip Bolger] / Ray Welsford p9. An abbreviated life: William Pickthorne, convict. Part 2: the end / Giselda Bannister p11. Who was Charles Desetre and was he a participant at Eureka / Lucille Andel p13. Rail, hail or shine the washing was on the line / Judith Lesley p15. Ancestors in the Grampians [Scherger] / Gregor Mason p18. The Alexander Henderson Award 2019 p22. Southern Branches, Northen Roots- an Investigative Odyssey [Isaacs, Parker, Liddy, McCulloch and Pratt] / Kris Jacobson p26. Sunbonet Sue / Carolann Thomson p33.

Vol.17 no.4 DECEMBER 2020: Luton Hoo, Bedfordshire / Carolann Thomson p4. The accidental bigamist [Oakley Family] / Robyn Watters p5. Finding Amelia [Jeanette White, the White family and Amelia White] / Kim Crane p8. Following the flock: a lesson in what not to do [bad genealogy research and gateway ancestors] / Betty Horskins p9. Earl Roberts / Gail White p11. Neighbourhood treasures [John Attwood and Attwood Lane] / Kim Crane p12. A blaze of green [Plenty Valley and Patrick Reid] / Cheryl Mullins p14. The home in Hassett's Estate / Judith Lesley p16. About the Anglican Archives / Hazel Nsair and Leonie Duncan p22. St Kilda Cemetery [Dr William Clarke Haine, Baron Von Mueller, Alfred Deakin] / Carolann Thomson p24. A youthful diary [diary of William Mark Forster] / Geoff Brown p28. Chasing an inheritance [Alice Briars and Richard Beardsworth] / Denise Probert p30. The Kendall connection with Australia / Edward kendall p32. Workers on one of Victoria's oldest pastoral stations "Glenaroua" / Lucille Andel p33. The drunken captain and the irate passenger [Dorothy Marriott and the ship United] / Helen Doxford Harris 36.

Vol.16 no.9 AUTUMN 2021: Mary Oakley 1 May 1898-20 June 1955 / Robyn Watters p4. The resting place of Walter Burley Griffin / Carolann Thomson p7. Kilmore Historical Society Inc. p8. The Cararaqui, Australia's largest civilian maritime disaster: including a transcription by Maureen Gibbs p9. Regional sunday schools p13. Bendigo diggings / David Cotton p17. A mariner's mischances [James William Robinson] / Dan Cerchi p18. Sir John Franklin / Judith Lesley p32.

Vol.16 no.10 WINTER 2021: What book is that? Applying family history research to an old book / Chris Browne p8. Saving family treasures: the old biscuit tin [Isobel O'Connor nee Sims correspondence with with POWs and their families] / Darralyn Cusack p18. Bentley Priory Museum / Carolann Thomson p20. Intriguing Edwin Tylor Brown / Robyn Waters p22. Brighton Cemetery; a long way from home [Graeves family] / Rita Hull p29.

Vol.16 no.11 SPRING 2021: Post Office, Kilmore [Kilmore Post and Telegraph Office building] / Barbara Wilson p8. My father helped dig the trenches [Australia in 1942, World War II home front] / Judith Lesley p12. Myth or reality? [James Borham aka Robert Pridham] / Sue Kemp p18. A fortune won and lost [Samuel William Watcham (1837-?)] / Noel Clark p21. Aussie soldiers in the Channel Islands [World War I] / Gail White p22. The Box Hill Historical Society: its history and holdings / Helen Harris p24. Is Willian Cralley a member of your family? [American Civil War solider] / Carolann Thomson p27.

Vol. 16. No. 12 SUMMER 2021: President’s report & council / Gail White p2. Bettina Bradbury on winning the Alexander Henderson award [author of Caroline’s Dilemma: a Colonial Inheritance Saga] p4. Louise Wilson on winning the Don Grant Award [author of The Long Road to the Finish Line] p6. Letter from England / Peter Bennett p8. The short-lived Special Survey System [Port Phillip District] / Heather Knight p12. The singing Scotsman: it’s all there on TROVE! [William Campbell, William Allerdice, Nicol (Nicholas) Allerdice] / Anne Major p24.Within walking distance: hot air ballooning [Australia’s first balloon ascent, Cremorne Gardens] p36.
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