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Main Title: Historic environment 2003- : journal of the Council for the Historic Environment.
Publisher: Carlton, Vic. : Council for the Historic Environment.
Collation: Journals in magazine box.
Subject: Council for the Historic Environment
Historic buildings and structures
Architects and architecture
Town and urban planning
Conservation and restoration
Vol.17 no.1 2003: Islands of vanishment. Vol.17 no.2 2003: Mountains conference. The cultural significance of Australian alpine areas p14. Joint management of Australia's alpine region with aboriginal people p32. Preserving historic trails p37.
Vol.17 no.3 2004. Vol.18 no.1 2004: the BURRA charter.
Vol.18 no.2 2005: Mountains. JUL 2005: Telling tales: interpretation in the conservation and design process. DEC 2005.
SEP 2006.
SEPTEMBER 2007: Corrugations: the romance and reality of historic roads. Romance and the historic road / Paul Daniel Marriott p4. Tracking through the cultural landscape / Jane Lennon p8. Major Mitchell's bumpy road to Bathurst / Sue Rosen p15. The road behind us: the Pacific Highway, Sydney to Brisbane, as a heritage corridor / Nancy Cushing p21. Encountering place: tripping to the Point [Nepean Peninsula] / Ursula M. de Jong p26. How to prepare a corridor management plan: lessons learned from the historic Arroyo Seco Parkway, Los Angeles, California, United States of America / Diane Kane p32. Road heritage conservation - theory and reality: recognition, protection and conservation practice / Michael Kelly p37. Notes on contributors p43. DECEMBER 2007: Heritage on the margins. Notes on contributors p4. Railway fences: thousands of kilometres of (almost) unknown heritage / John Pickard p5. Shifting trends of heritage destruction in Cambodia: from temples to tombs / Dougald O'Reilly p12. Belconnen Naval Transmission Station: an inconvenient heritage / Brian Egloff p17. Convict landscapes: shared heritage in New Caledonia / Anita Smith and Kristal Buckley p27. Our island home: difference, marginality, community construction and implications for heritage [Magnetic Island] / Jane Harrington p33.
MARCH 2008: Global climate change and cultural heritage. The impact of global climate change and cultural heritage: grasping the issues and defining the problem / Susan McIntyre-Tamwoy p2. Notes on contributors p10. Waterworld: the heritage dimensions of climate change in the Pacific / Rosita Henry and William Jeffery p12. Saving the past from the future [including Keppel Islands] / Mike Rowland p19. Conserving Melanesia's coral reef heritage in the face of climate change / Simon J. Foale p30. Climate change and its impacts on Australia's cultural heritage / Michael Pearson p37. Places worth keeping?: global warming, heritage and the challenges to governance / Peter Christoff p41. Preparing for climate change: the importance of 'maintenance' in defending the resiliance of cultural heritage / John Hurd p45. Vol 21, no 2, JULY 2008 : Thinking rail : Lessons from the past, the way of the future.
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