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Main Title: Tambo Historical Society: newsletter
Subject: Tambo Historical Society (Vic.)
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Lakes Entrance (Vic.)
No. 17 MARCH 1995: 1939-1945: through the eyes of a child [World War Two] / Marie Fish p3. My dugout in Matruh / Alex Larkins p6. Bumper Vaudeville Show in Mechanics' Hall [Institute] 1945 p8. Shadows and light on the home front / Glad Scarce p10. A few memories of wartime childhood / M. Holding p11.

No. 18 JUNE 1995: The men of the G-George [Hughes Air Base near Darwin] / John Elliot p3. Remember when - Sydney 1942 / Allie Ford p6. Wartime at Nowa Nowa 1944 / Maisie Byrne p8. Air raid precautions p10.

No. 19 SEPTEMBER 1995: The stone barge project p3. Boole Poole School [Carpenter Town] p7.

No. 20 DECEMBER 1995: Vale: Dave Ford p4. Things my mother told me / Glad Scarce p6. The Cunninghame murder [of Frederick 'Sandy' Dowse by Charles Henry Strange, 1895] p8.

No. 21 MARCH 1996: The 'Lady Harriet' and her barge p3. The Maffra beet sugar industry / Marie Fish p5. Fatal accident at Cunninghame: married man killed [Frank Byrne 1914] p7.

No. 28 SUMMER 1997-98: The North Arm Bridge / M. Holding p3. S.S. Bogong [formerly S.S. Bairnsdale] (ship) p6.
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