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Main Title: Tasmanian Historical Research Association: papers and proceedings
Collation: Electronic issues available on library computers (pdf files): 2007-2008
Subject: Tasmanian Historical Research Association
Historical societies - Periodicals
Vol.53 no.4 DECEMBER 2006: Robert Walker of Kilburn Grange [five kilometres east of New Norfolk] / Margaret Mason-Cox p173. 'The transformation of a wilderness': the development of the Tarraleah Power Station 1934-51 / Ian Terry p197. [General Giuseppe] Garibaldi in Tasmania / Stefan Petrow p210.

Vol.54 no.1 APRIL 2007: The Granville Tram [from Zeehan] / Lindsay Witham p21. Introducing Mary Morton Allport and her journals / Joanna Richardson p34. Reality and reputation: convicts and Tasmania in the 19th century / Alison Alexander p50.

Vol.55 no.3 DECEMBER 2008: Orangeism in Tasmania 1832-1967 / Richard Davis p145. Climbing to the top: T.T. Flynn in Tasmania 1909-1931 [Theodore Thomas Flynn] / Tony Harrison p160. Defending the colony: the military in Tasmania (conference): The Black line: military operations in Van Diemen's Land, October to November 1830 / John McMahon p175. 'Military outrage': the riot of the 96th Regiment in Launceston in 1845 / Stefan Petrow p183. The 63rd Regiment of Foot and Sergeant William Smith / Beth Hall p193. Military pensioners to Van Diemen's Land 1850 to 1852 / Maree Ring p206. The influence of the military on Tasmanian nomenclature / Wayne Smith p211. Patriotism and enlistment in Brighton [Tasmania] 1914-1918 / Alison Alexander p215. First World War soldiers of the Richmond [Tasmania] municipality / Peter MacFie p222. The Land Army at Richmond [Tasmania] / Dianne Snowden p235.

Vol.56 no.3 DECEMBER 2009: Ten days on the island: Archduke Ludwig Salvator in Tasmania in 1881 / Eva Meidl p181. A far-famed cantatrice tours Tasmania: Anna Bishop in concert in 1857 / Luke Agati p191. 'The summit of our ambition': Cradle Mountain and the highland bushwalks of William Dubrelle Weston / Nic Haygarth p207. Nurserymen and gardeners: an important part of Tasmania's history / Ann Cripps p225. The slow death of Norfolk's first settlement [Norfolk Island] / Michael Roe p244. Obituary: Mary Nicholls 1924-2009 p258.

Vol.62 no.1 MARCH 2015: Honest History: possible, desirable, necessary? [2014 Eldershaw Lecture] / Peter Stanley p2. Olive Pink as artist - a remarkable Tasmanian / Gillian Ward p19. The life and opinions of William Bugby, schoolteacher of Brighton [vaccination] / Michael Bennett p34. 'Like a day without sunshine': a case study of design, culture and social change in Tasmania [drinking, licensing laws, Arthur 'Pat' Collins, Ship Hotel Bistro] / Jim Marwood p55.

Vol.62 no.2 AUGUST 2015: The history of the Bank Arcade building site in Hobart, Tasmania, from 2014 to 1804 [1955-2000 Hector and Florence McGown; 1923-28 John Harlow Storr; 1922-55 Athelstan and Aristides Palfreyman; 1848-1922 Whitesides and Son; 1832-48 Richard Bent and James Brown; 1815-32 Martin Timms and Mary Frost; 1810-15 William Sherrard / Sharrard] / John Short p2. The rise and fall of Edward Lord and Maria Riseley / Alison Alexander p18. George Frederick Duly and his opera 'Conrad': the first Australian production / Luke Agati p39. The Cotton Brothers and their Tasmanian legacy [Sydney John Cotton; Arthur Thomas Cotton; Hugh Calveley Cotton] / Peter Roberts-Thomson p52. Exhibition review: The suspense is awful: Tasmania and the Great War p76.

Vol.62 no.3 DECEMBER 2015: The pleasures and perils of writing biography / Jacqueline Kent p2. A Tasmanian life: emerging from the swamp [growing up around Mowbray Swamp, Launceston] / John Honey p9. Cecil Malthus: an academic Anzac, linking Tasmania and New Zealand / Michael Roe p30. Two 1838 armed incursions into Upper Canada resulting in transportation to Van Diemen's Land / John C. Carter p43. Exhibition: Ellen Nora (Nellie) Payne's woodcarving, Westbury / Gwen Hardstaff p61.

Vol.63 no.1 APRIL 2016: Making disloyal statements': the case of Dr Fritz Noetling, geologist, anthropologist … spy? / Ian Terry p4. Henry Butler Stoney - author, soldier, settler / Tony Marshall p26. Convict Mary Martin: first officially recognised schoolmistress in Van Diemen's Land / Don Bradmore and Judith Carter p49. Five little fellows blue and shivering with cold: caring for children at the Orphan Schools / Dianne Snowden p60.

Vol.63 no.2 JULY 2016: Michael Roe and the Tasmanian Historical Research Association / Allison Alexander p4. Charles Bishop, pioneer of Pacific commerce / Michael Roe p12. The establishment of local self-government in Hobart and Launceston, 1845-1858 / Michael Roe p24. Challenges to Australian identity and esteem in recent historical writing / Michael Roe p51. Architect Bastow and Preacher Simmons: symbiotic improvers of Hobart [Henry Robert Bastow; John Wilkes Simmons] / Michael Roe p66. Final words on Mary Leman Grimstone / Michael Roe p90.

Vol.63 no.3 DECEMBER 2016: Birchalls Bookshop: a history of survival / Michael Hess p4. Discrimination against Germans in Tasmania in the First World War / Alison Alexander p19. Trials in Ireland of female convicts transported to Van Dieman's Land / Stephen K. Lucas p50. The scandal at Montford Farm: the Sarah Bromley-George Steel affair / Don Bradmore and Judith Carter p71.

Vol.64 no.1 APRIL 2017: A life on the stage (and a smidgen on film) / Noreen Le Mottee p4. Illuminating the Theatre Royal, 1837-1952 / Luke Agati p16. Hobart Town, 1816: Andrew Bent and the fermenting change / Criag Collins and Sally Bloomfield p30. The 'invaluable art' of swimming in the River Derwent and Hobart's many swimming pools, 1803-1998 / Leonie Mickleborough p56.

Vol.64 no.2 AUGUST 2017: Tasmania's aeroplane, Morton Allport and his legacy / Tony Marshall and Marian Jameson p4. The social editress in the 1930s / H. Zoe Crawford p19. The myth of the dedicated thylacine hunter: stockman-hunter culture and the decline of the thylacine (Tasmanian tiger) in Tasmania during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries / Nic Haygarth p28. Bridging the Scamander-a most treacherous river / Liese Fearman p44. Messages in a bottle: Bruny island, 1793 and 1810 / Terry Newman p58.

Vol.64 no.3 DECEMBER 2017: From abundance of emus to a rare bird in the land: the extinction of the Tasmanian emu / Robert Dooley p4. Indentured children from the Queen's Asylum / Lucy Frost p18. This famous eyesore: Rats' Castle in Hobart, lost reality and enduring image / Eric Ratcliff p34. Murder most foul: the death of an overseer at Point Puer / Bruce Rosen p51.

Vol.65 no.1 APRIL 2018: Frances Jackson-Tasmanian aviatrix / Claire Baddeley p4. Just who was John Cole-Kemsley / Scott Clennett p12. Recent discoveries in early Tasmanian music / Luke Agati p31.

Vol.65 no.2 AUGUST 2018: 'Elspeth Vaughan, Tasmanian painter [A short biography on the life of painter Elspeth Vaughn] / Alison Alexander p4. A First World War mystery man's from 1916 returned to Hobart [A mystery Home service badge is discovered in Ireland and the owner William Harding Luceys a Tasmanian resident] / Brian Rieusset p45. Licensing Leisure : the registration of guest houses 1937-71 / David Bloomfield p42. 'Howling and declamatory' : evangelist Walter Douglas in Tasmania, 1869-1972 / Elisabeth Wilson p54.

Vol.65 no.3 DECEMBER 2018: A bicycling trip to Lake St Clair in 1916 / Ernest Harrison p4. In the manner of Virgil: William McCulloch's farm on Maria Island / Kathy Gatenby p23. Water wise: how rivers shaped a colony [Risdon Cove] / Imogen Wegman p45. Communism in Tasmania / Alison Alexander p61.

Vol.66 no.1 APRIL 2019: The long history of Australia in 45 minutes: what are the hallmarks of our history, Tasmania included / Geoffrey Blainey p4. 99 bends [Queenstown hills and the winding road] / Raymond Arnold p17. Cycling in nineteenth-century Tasmania / Rosemary Sharples p25. John Francis: royal assassin, Launceston builder / Derek Binns p47. A short holiday of 65 years ago [1887-1888] / Mrs E.A Reid p57.

Vol.66 no.2 AUGUST 2019: A Tasmanian life: a portrait of a pioneer family [Cox family] / Bill Cox p6. The clash between Aboriginal people and settlers in Van Diemen's Land- the experience of George Meredith of Great Swan Port / Malcolm Ward p19. The trial of Gentleman George [George Farquharson] / Catherine Pearce p42. William Lucey: a remembered footnote / Brian Rieusset p61. The Lord Mayor of Bass Strait: Stephen Murray-Smith and his islands / Eric Ratcliff p63.

Vol.66 no.3 DECEMBER 2019: The errant British prefab: origins and context of Tasmania's Mussett Hut / John J. Matthews p6. One husband too many… female convicts sentenced to transportation for bigamy / Libby Prescott p26. The bush was grey a week to-day: Veronica Mason, Port Arthur and the making of a truly Australian poem [The Wattle] / Michael Winstanley p46. William Bull, convict and colonial builder in Van Diemen's Land / Malcolm Ward and Maureen Martin Ferris p63. A cycling trip to the Lake Country in the Highlands of Tasmania / Kelburne E. Edge p74.

Vol.67 no.1 APRIL 2020: The Eaglehawk Neck dog line / Brian Rieusset p6. The Backspace Theatre: its role in the emerging culture of performance in Tasmania / Christine Goodacre, Barb Lypka and John McCormick p17. Fair Rents Board- a necessary instrument of social justice / David Bloomfield p40. Were female convicts given tin tickets / Colette McAlpine, Elaine Crawford and Alison Alexander p57. More on Musseett huts p66.

Vol.67 no.2 AUGUST 2020: No duty more solemn: Major-General Sir John Gellibrand and the fight for returned soldiers in Tasmania, 1919-39 / Stefan Petrow p6. An early John Williams piano [Bill and Theo Sharples and their John Williams piano] / Rosemary Sharples p31. Dr Agnew- pains, pleasure and politics / Mary Ramsay p40. The first women doctors in Tasmania, 1907-1939 / Alison Alexander p57. Further to Mussett huts or 'mustard' uts' / Leonie Mickleborough p83.

Vol.67 no.3 DECEMBER 2020: The parson, the psychiatrist, the publican and his nephews: the two final thylacine captures in Tasmania / Garath Linnard, Mike Williams and Branden Holmes p7. John Henry Lefroy: Tasmania's almost-forgotten almost-governor / Michael Roe p23. Morton Allport and the acclimatisation of fish in Tasmania / Ruth Mollison p45. The political association of Van Diemen's Land:a failed experiment in democracy / Malcolm Ward p59. Australia's first female doctor [Emma Constance Stone, Clara Stone, Emily Mary Page Stone] / David Halse Rogers p76.

Vol.68 no.1 APRIL 2021: Human quarantine in early nineteenth-century Tasmania / Rosemary Sharples p6. The foundation of King Island's medical service, and the 1919 influenza epidemic / Stephen Conway p18. The Vaucluse Infectious Diseases Hospital / Alison Alexander p28. The Court of Medical Examiners, 1837-1901 / Brian Agnew p40. The Derwent Star and the beginning of the press in Van Diemen's Land / John Currey p46.

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