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Main Title: Council for the Historic Environment: Historic environment 1991-2002
Publisher: Council for the Historic Environment.
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: Council for the Historic Environment
Historic buildings and structures
Conservation and restoration
Architects and architecture
Town and urban planning
Vol.8 no. 1 and 2 1991: Historic structures and contents conference. Proactive vs reactive: the conservator's role within the context of historic homes / properties / Sharon Towns p1. In situ approach for termite damaged architraves / Amber Xavier p11. The carpet of the past: problems of system and process in urban archaeology / Justin McCarthy p15. Conservation in situ or relocation and conservation / Don Godden p28. Microclimate modelling in old museum buildings / Ian D. Macleod p37. The preservation and management of aboriginal carved trees / Katrina Geering, Marion Ravenscroft and Colin Roberts p42. Moving movables - questions of context / Helen Parrott p47.

Vol.8 no. 3 and 4 1991: Work life in Victoria's woollen mills p15. Work in the home p20. Andersons Mill, Smeaton p36. Sewers of Melbourne: planning and building the system p42. Department of Conservation and Environment: legacy of industrial history p49. Yallourn 1920-1990 p64.

Vol.9 no. 1 and 2 1992: Australia ICOMOS national conference 1992. National overview of Australian conservation / Joan Domicelj p5. Current attitudes to cultural heritage: conservation legislation in Australia at State and Territory Government level / Peter C. James p9. Do various levels of government have a role in townscape improvement strategies? Are there conflicts with the principles of the Burra Charter? / Elizabeth Vines p18. Heritage, design and local government: impossible contradictions? / Jeremy Dawkins p27. Effect of heritage controls on property value on example of Victorian historic towns / Trevor Budge p37.

Vol.9 no.3 1992: Underwater cultural heritage: principles and practice.

Vol.10 no.1 1993: Railway heritage [railways]. Railway heritage issues in Victoria / David Watson and Ian Cordwell p4. Some notes on railway station gardens / Christopher Betterridge p18. Heritage in tourist railways / Philip A'Vard p24. Inventories and their role in managing railway heritage / Meredith Walker p32. Policy for the in situ conservation of railway items / Don Godden p41.

Vol.10 no. 2 and 3 1993: Whose cultural values? an international conference held by Australia ICOMOS.

Vol.10 no.4 1993: A comparison of the attitudes of the broader community and heritage experts towards historic landscape conservation / Rob Snelling and Jan Schapper p13.

Vol.11 no.1 1994: Public life and public space: a lament for Melbourne's City Square / Graeme Davison p4.

Vol.11 no. 2 and 3 1995: Managing a shared heritage [with aborigines].

Vol.11 no.4 1995: Heritage interpretation in the 1990s. Interpreting industrial history / Robyn Riddett p17. Australian historic shipwreck trails / Shirley Strachan p26.

Vol.12 no.1 1996: Heritage in print: writing and reviewing. Hyland House p8. Flannel Flower Press p9.

Vol.12 no.2 1996: Memories and meanings. Cemeteries: their significance and conservation / Celestina Sagazio p13. Victoria's watering places: a survey of drinking fountains and animal troughs / Robert Green p31. Avoiding monumental disasters with stone / Helen Lardner p41. From landscapes to stonemasons / Charmaine Clark p44.

Vol.13 no.1 1997: Victorian conference: urban consolidation. The great Australian sprawl / Graeme Davison p10. Gentrification, densification and the inner city / Margo Huxley p47. Urban conservation and urban consolidation - 20 years progress? / Nigel Lewis p54. The rise of the suburban driveway / Karen Olsen and Rowan Wilken p63.

Vol.13 no.2 1997: Placing the past: identifying aboriginal historical places in East Gippsland, Victoria / Megan Goulding p40.

Vol.14 no.2 1999: Sandridge (Bendigo) Gaol, Victoria / Roger Beeston p17. '...of unsound mind' [Victoria's benevolent asylums] / Elizabeth Willis p33. Confinement in Bonegilla Migrant Camp, Victoria / Peter Freeman p39.

Vol.14 no.3 1999: Pathways, waterways and railways. Melbourne and the Yarra [River]: an uneasy relationship / Tony Dingle p5. The Yarra Track: an exploration of post-contact cultural sites along an early Victorian goldfields route / Peter Evans p11. The Upfield Railway Line safe-working system: a unique heritage / David Moloney p27.

Vol.14 no.4 2000: Heritage tourism: sites to be seen. ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Charter p34.

Vol.14 no.5 2000: World heritage. Victorian goldfields: tentative world heritage listing / Jane Lennon p70. Melbourne's Royal Exhibition Building: a case for world heritage listing / Ken Taylor p79.

June 2000: special edition index volumes 1-14.

Vol.15 no. 1 and 2 2001: Rural heritage: Burra in the bush. Pastoral dilemmas: case studies of pastoral holdings [pastoral properties in Victoria] / Robyn Mullens p48. Harnessing some monsters in historic townships: supermarket developments in Main Street [proposals to develop supermarkets in historic Victorian goldfields towns] / Ian Wight p78.

Vol.15 no.3 2001: The Asian connection.

Vol.16 no.1 2002: Risk preparedness [disaster plans].

Vol.16 no.3 2002: Islands of vanishment.
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