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Main Title: Council for the Historic Environment: Historic environment 1981-1990
Publisher: Council for the Historic Environment.
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: Council for the Historic Environment
Historic buildings and structures
Conservation and restoration
Architects and architecture
Town and urban planning
Vol.1 no.3 1981: Small Homes Service p5. Glass bricks p9. Essendon incinerator p15. Mitchell House, cnr Elizabeth and Lonsdale Street p21. Rockbeare Park [Darebin Parklands], Northcote and Heidelberg / Sue Course p30.

Vol.1 no.4 1981: Australian Heritage Commission p4. Ballaarat [Ballarat] Conservation Study p10. Electricity city [Yallourn] / Helen Weston p20. Heritage surveys / Peter F. Donovan p30.

Vol.2 no.1 1982: Robert J. Haddon, Consulting Architect / Roslyn Hunter p7. James Blackburn, some notes on his sources / Jane Grove p17. Yallourn: the years of consolidation / Helen Weston p37. The corrugated iron aesthetic / Miles Lewis p49.

Vol.2 no.2 1982: The so-called Melbourne domestic Queen Anne / George Tibbits p4. The Australian home: facts, fancies and fallacies p45.

Vol.2 no.3 1982: The Duke of Cornwall Mine, Fryerstown, Victoria / Mark Whitmore p5. Early briquette production in Victoria / Richard Aitken p22. The Wensleydale Coal Mine / Norman Houghton p25. Concrete roads and their construction: facsimile reprint of 1923 article p31. Queen Anne bibliography / George Tibbits p42.

Vol.2 no.4 1983: Conversion or conservation [of cemeteries] / Mary Mackay p5. Cemetery shelters: the cemetery as a park / Richard Aitken p9. Three tombs [Sidney Myer memorial, Box Hill Cemetery; David Syme memorial and Mrs John Springthorpe memorial, Kew Cemetery] / Neil Clerehan p23. Fawkner Memorial Park [Cemetery] / Graeme Butler p31. Funereal emblems (abridged reprint from 'Chronicles of the Tombs', 1857) p41.

Vol.3 no.1 1983: Proceedings of the Australia ICOMOS National Conference 1983. Aboriginal sites and ICOMOS guidelines / Sharon Sullivan p14. The application of ICOMOS guidelines to towns and other urban areas / Meredith Walker p34. The analysis of buildings / Miles Lewis p50. The analysis of cultural significance of industrial sites / Judy Birmingham p76.

Vol.3 no.2 1983: Homes [houses, housing]. Vernacular architecture: a theory of hybridisation / Donald Leslie Johnson p4. Albert Victor Jennings: the early estates / Graeme Butler p32. Trends in small home design / Neil Clerehan p47.

Vol.3 no.3 1984: A burlesque of a burlesque: aestheticism and the aesthetic interior of Victoria / Terence Lane p4. Eleven layers of wallpaper from Clarendon Terrace: a reflection of social change / Phyllis Murphy p22. Liberating linoleum [lino] / Melvin Drummond p31.

Vol.3 no.4 1984: Churches. [William] Butterfield in Australia: high Victorian or mainstream Gothic Revival? / Tyrone Landau p4. William Wardell: practicality, spirituality and absolute conviction / Tom Hazell p20. Stained glass windows in South Australia: their history and significance / Peter Donovan p34. The portable church in Australia [prefabricated church buildings] / Miles Lewis p27.

Vol.4 no.2 1985: A perspective on historic restoration in Victoria / Warwick Forge p5. A scrupulous approach to the restoration process: Black Rock House, 34 Ebden Avenue, Black Rock / Miles Lewis, Peter S. Staughton p8. A part of Melbourne's history lives again: Spotswood Pumping Station, Straining Wells, Spotswood / Peter Christoff p18. All at BSM are delighted: St. Hilda's, 1 Clarendon Street, East Melbourne / Robert A. Bruce p26. A grand nineteenth century dining room revealed: Windsor Hotel, Spring Street, Melbourne / Peter Lovell p37.

Vol.4 no.3 1985: Historic gardens and landscapes. Australian shade houses and ferneries / Richard Aitken p5. Over the garden fence [fences] / Paul Fox p29. The introduction of rhododendrons to Victoria / H.B. Hutton p37.

Vol.4 no.4 1985: Archaeology. Excavations at Lake Condah Aboriginal Mission 1984-85 / David Rhodes, Robyn Stocks p4. Archaeological investigation of a mine site [North British Mine, Maldon] / Christopher J. Davey p23. The contribution of historical archaeology to building conservation studies / Jane P. Wesson p30. Bottle collectors [collecting] on archaeological sites / John Wade p35.

Vol.5 no.1 1986: Bungalows. Craftsman bungalows in Blackburn / Angela Taylor p4. The Californian bungalow in Australia / John Clare p19.

Vol.5 no.2 1986: Engineering. Engineering at the Mount Wills Proprietary Mine [tin mines] / Peter Milner p15. The reconstruction of a mine pumping engine at Sovereign Hill / Peter McCarthy and Barry Davis p20. The Kyneton Railway Station water supply / Andrew Ward p29. The gas industry in Victoria to 1900 / Ray Proudley p35. Early automatic telephony in Australia [telephone exchanges] / J.F. Moynihan p44.

Vol.5 no.3 1986: Commemorations, memorials and monuments. Putting the digger on a pedestal [war memorials] / Judith McKay p5. Centenary gestures in sugar [Sugar memorials produced in 1934 by MacRobertson's Confectionary Firm, Macpherson Robertson] / Carlotta Kellaway p20.

Vol.5 no.4 1986: Conservation analysis. The ugly historian / Miles Lewis p4. How historians can keep heritage architects honest / Peter Donovan p8. Conservation illiteracy - or conservation education / Donald Ellsmore p24. Growing-up time for conservation in Australia / Joan Domicelj p28.

Vol.6 no.1 1987: Leisure. Developing a model: the Myer Music Bowl / Barry Patten p3. Garden buildings and the hard landscape / Richard Aitken p8. Road racing in Australia: the Australian Grand Prix / Bob King p20. Australian cinemas [theatres] / Les Tod p28. The State Theatre: 'Melbourne's Palace of Pleasure' / Frank Van Straten p33. Love evermore: the history of the Springthorpe Memorial / Chrys Spicer p39.

Vol.6 no. 2 and 3 1988: Against the grain: prejudice and ignorance in timber conservation / Miles Lewis p3. The German contribution [to building in Australia] / Lothar Brasse p39. Timber decay and repair: the SPAB [Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings] experience / Philip Venning p49. Conservation of rural timber structures / Peter Freeman p56. The problems of conserving timber bridges / Colin O'Connor p57. Recording, analysing and interpreting timber structures / Martin Davies p60.

Vol.6 no.4 1988: Transport and communications. The Port Melbourne and St. Kilda railway lines [line] / David Moloney and Celestina Sagazio p3. The outer circle railway line: its origins and historical significance / David Dunstan p25.

Vol.7 no.1 1989: Central Goldfields conference, gold mines and mining. Surviving the resource boom: historic minesite conservation in the 1980s / Peter Bell p2. The new mining boom / George White p9. The identification of mining relics / Peter Milner p13. Interpreting Victoria's gold rushes / Jane Lennon p21. Can tourism save the goldfields? / David Dunstan p30. Conservation planning in small towns of the Central Goldfields of Victoria / Alison T. Blake p35. Maldon in review / Miles Lewis p38. The conference: a summary / David Dunstan p44.

Vol.7 no.2 1989: Landscape conservation. Conservation of dry stone walls in Western Victoria p28.

Vol.7 no.3 1990: Cultural heritage and tourism. Pioneer cemeteries as tourist attractions / Gordon Grimwade p43. Victoria's historic wineries: a resource for tourism? / David Dunstan p47.
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