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Main Title: Middle Park History Group: newsletter Book Cover
Publisher: Middle Park, Vic.: Middle Park History Group
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Subject: Middle Park History Group (Vic.)
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Middle Park (Vic.)
No. 1 JANUARY 2012: Formation of the group p1. Nimmo Street p2. Lanark Terrace, 55-60 Canterbury Road p4.

No. 2 APRIL 2012: Langridge Street p2. Presbyterian Church p4.

No. 3 JULY 2012: Middle Park house styles: late Victorian p1. Mills Street p3.

No. 4 OCTOBER 2012: Some terms related to Victorian architecture p2. Carter Street p3.

No. 5 JANUARY 2013: Housing: Federation style p1. Boyd Street p3.

No. 6 APRIL 2013: Inter-war architecture and Middle Park / Max Nankervis p1. Danks Street p3.

No. 7 JULY 2013: Architectural oddities in Middle Park part 1 [143 Kerford Road, 20, 27, 168 Canterbury Road, 212, 213 Beaconsfield Parade] / Max Nankervis p1. Know your street names: Fraser Street [after Hon. Alexander Fraser, minister, mayor of St Kilda] p3. Nature study boxes p3. The Emerald Hill Battery / Edward Boyle p4.

No. 8 OCTOBER 2013: Architectural oddities: terraces p1. Cast-iron decoration p3. Patterson Street p4.

No. 9 JANUARY 2014: Architectural oddities in Middle Park part 3: 17 Neville Street, 147 Neville Street, 312 Beaconsfield Parade, Hughenden on Beaconsfield Parade, Miami Towers 189 Beaconsfield Parade, Montalto 197 at Danks Street / Max Nankervis. Ornamental cast iron part 2 / Alison St John p3.

No. 10 APRIL 2014: Architectural oddities in Middle Park part 4 [subdivisions] / Max Nankervis. Cast iron decoration in Melbourne / Alison St John p3.

No. 11 JULY 2014.

No. 12 OCTOBER 2014: Church of Christ / Diana Phoenix p3. Robert McGregor, MLA for Emerald Hill 1880-83 and McGregor Street p4.

No. 13 JANUARY 2015: Flora of Middle Park: the Canary Island Date Palm / Lynsey and Gary Poore. The Presbyterian Church / Diana Phoenix. Erskine Street and Admiral James Erskine.

No. 14 APRIL 2015: Flora of Middle Park: the London Plane [tree] p1. Middle Park on the dark side [Robert Bennet and Angus Murray, robbery 1917] / Meyer Eidelson p2. Churches of Middle Park: St Anselm's [Anglican] Church / Diana Phoenix p3.

No. 15 JULY 2015: Flora of Middle Park: Coast Banksia: Banksia integrifolia p1. Buildings established by the Methodist Church in Middle Park / Diana Phoenix p3. Know your street names: Ashworth Street [after Thomas Ramsden Ashworth 1864-1935] p4.

No. 16 OCTOBER 2015: Flora of Middle Park: Cowitch Tree or Norfolk Island Hibiscus p1. Albert Park Baptist Church / Diana Phoenix p2. Alex Alexiou and the 'Continental and Australian' tailoring business, 147 Mills Street, Middle Park - closure p4. Know your street names: Park Road p4.

No. 17 JANUARY 2016: Decoration in Middle Park architecture: cast iron lace / Max Nankervis. George Leslie Makin and James Joseph Makin [World War One] / Maree Wilson p3. Trees in Middle Park: New Zealand Christmas Tree p5. Street names: Beaconsfield Parade p5.

No. 19 JULY 2016: Middle Park street trees no.7: European olive / Lynsey Poore p2. Fraudsville- 50 Canterbury Road / Max Nankervis p4.

No. 20 OCTOBER 2016: 100 years ago: Oldest Australian a laudable claim [Mrs Bryant of Cooee 160 Page Street Middle Park] (from The Record 20 May 1916) / Sonya Cameron p3. The Middle Park anti-aircraft gun station / Edward Boyle p6. American troops aroused Middle Park in early 1942 / Bruce Armstrong p9.

No.21 JANUARY 2017: 100 years ago [Middle Park Surf Life Saving Club formation] / Sonya Cameron p2. Middle Park street trees no.9: Indian Summer Crepe Myrtle / Lynsey Poore p4. Childhood, growing up and salad days in Middle Park. Chapter one / Bruce Armstrong p6. Sharks and more on swimming: amusing and true stories / Gary Poore p9.

No.22 APRIL 2017: 100 years ago [SP betting in Middle Park] / Sonya Cameron p2. Vale Alison St. John p3. Middle Park street trees no10.: Red flowering gum / Lynsey Poore p4. Childhood, growing up and salad days in Middle Park. Chapter 2 / Bruce Armstrong p6. John Scanlan-solider and public servant (1890-1962) : part 1 : introduction, background, Gallipoli, the Western Front, and post-war / Edward Boyle p10.

No.23 JULY 2017: 2016 census / Gary Poore p2. 100 years ago [motor car destroyed by fire 1917] / Sonya Cameron p2. Vale Barbara Niven / Max Nankervis p3. Childhood, growing up and salad days in Middle Park. Chapter 3 / Bruce Armstrong p4. Middle Park, 1937 - not a good year / Bruce Armstrong p8.

SPECIAL ISSUE 2017: A South Melbourne Tragedy [the drowning of Hannah McLennan and William Robert Satchell on Kerford Road Pier in 1894] / Tony Satchell p1.

No.24 OCTOBER 2017: Childhood, growing up and salad days in Middle Park. Chapter four / Bruce Armstrong p4. Drama on Middle Park beach - lovers tryst or murder-suicide [Alexander Quinn, Margaret Eleanor Watson] / Max Nankervis p7. Alistair Knox - from Middle Park boy to mud brick builder / Sonya Cameron p10.

No.25 JANUARY 2018: Childhood, growing up and salad days in Middle Park. Chapter five / Bruce Armstrong p2. 100 years ago [cigarette evening] / Sonya Cameron p6. Tramway for Middle Park / Sonya Cameron p7.

No.26 APRIL 2018: Mary Crean 17 October 1914- 28 January 2018 p3. Childhood, growing up and salad days in Middle Park. Chapter six / Bruce Armstrong p4. Almost the original street kids / Colin Crawford p7. A first home in a free country [290 Richardson Street] / Dr. Helen Light p9.

No.27 AUGUST 2018: 100 years ago [mysterious safe-breaking exploit] / Sonya Cameron (The Record 27/7/1918) p2. Mystery object July 2018 [orange telephone with high heeled shoe in place of the receiver, facade 180 Beaconsfield Parade Middle Park, Salvador Dali 1936 Lobster telephone] / James Woollett p3. Concert at Middle Park [Charles Martin company] (The Record 17/08/1918) / Sonya Cameron p4. Libraries of Middle Park / Sonya Cameron p5. Middle Park Street Trees No. 11: Ivory Curl / Lynsey Poore p7.

No.28 OCTOBER 2018: Middle Park volunteers in the Great War / Edward Boyle p3. Saving Gunner Doull / Edward Boyle p6. Teenage soldiers / Edward Boyle p8. Aviators / Edward Boyle p12. John Linton Treloar / Diana Phoenix p16. The Honeybones / Diana Phoenix p17. Edwin Arthur Peverill / Diana Phoenix p19. The conscription issue / Edward Boyle p20. The women who were left behind / Sonya Cameron p24.

No.29 JANUARY 2019: Memories of Middle Park Kindergarten / Margaret Riding (nee Jones) p2. Middle Park 100 years ago / Sonya Cameron p4. Middle Park dolls return home [19th century porcelain dolls dug up from land fill in the Albert Park Reserve] / Meyer Eidelson p5. Russell Mockridge: life and legacy / Martin Curtis p6. A brief history of the Carmelite Hall / Ann Rochford p11. Chatterley's retreads [motoring and tyres in the 1930s and 1940s] / Bruce Armstrong p14.

No.30 APRIL 2019: The Melbourne Omnibus and Tram Company and the South Melbourne Co-operative Laundry 63-73 Kerferd Road / Sonya Cameron p2. Vale Mary McDermott / Annette Robinson and Anne Shirley p7. Middle Park 100 years ago [Arthur Oliver and William Tasman Clark] / Sonya Cameron p8. A Middle Park night [John Rossiter] / Bruce Armstrong p9.

No.31 JULY 2019: More on the 'Old Buffers' / Diana Phoenix p2. A decade or two in life of Somerset [Mary Kehoe Community Centre originally called Somerset] / Max Nankervis p4. A Middle Park visitor- the world's longest kayak trip ended here [Egon Kuhn, Heinz Sekoll and Hans Seefeld] / Diana Phoenix p8.

No.33 JANUARY 2020: Beach cleaning horses / Sonya Cameron p2. Mussels in Port Phillip Bay - Problem or delicacy? / Gary Poore p5. 100 years ago / Sonya Cameron [formation of Middle Park Surf Club in 1917 associated with Royal Life Saving Society] p6.

No.32 OCTOBER 2020: 100 years ago p2. Middle Park, ice cream, oysters and ice chests / Bruce Armstrong p5. Dame Annie Jean Macnamara DBE / Gwen McIntosh p6. Images of the Red-Light queen [Caroline Baum- Madame Brussels] / Meyer Eidelson p9.

No.34 APRIL 2020: 101 years ago: influenza epidemic 1919 / Sonya Cameron p2. Mystery object(s) revealed: Middle Park Baby Sitting Co-op-1973 / Ruth Stirling p5.

No.35 JULY 2020: 101 years ago: arbor dy 1920 / Lynsey Poore and Sonya Cameron p2. Who's been living in my house? Charles Ulm-aviator / Sonya Cameron p4. COPP World War 2 commemorations- through childhood eyes: hidden stories of World War 2 p6. Committee For Urban Action Photographic Collection p6.

No.36 OCTOBER 2020: 101 years ago: has anything changed? / Sonya Cameron p2. T.R Ashworth, architect: the Middle Park years / Peter Blackledge p4.

No.37 JANUARY 2021: 101 years ago: Wesleyan Chapel / Sonya Cameron p2. The Parker sisters [Pat, Marie and Eula Parker, Australian entertainers] / Meyer Eidelson p4. Neville Street [James Flett Neville, 1861-1942] p5. Mystery object of October [Middle Park Primary School mural, Mirka Mora (1928-2018)] 2020 p6.

No.38 APRIL 2021: 100 years ago: nude bathing! / Sonya Cameron p2. Peter Patrick McColl and the Middle Park Baths / Sonya Cameron p3. The Australian hobby [bird] / Sonya Cameron p7. Vincent Kane 280 Richardson St, Middle Park, 1938-1939 p8.

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