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Main Title: Royal Historical Society of Victoria [RHSV]: History news 1981-2008
Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. : Royal Historical Society of Victoria.
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: Royal Historical Society of Victoria
Historical societies - Periodicals

No.14, FEBRUARY 1981: Pilgrimage to Melba's grave p2. Archival conference 23-26 May 1981 p2. Atlas of Victoria planned p2. Donations p3. Lady Stawell's recollections p3.

No.16, APRIL 1981: Matthew Flinders measured drawings competition [drawings of Victoria's historic buildings] p2. Strzelecki stamp [explorer of the Snowy Mountains and Gippsland] p3. Donations p3. National Dairy Museum p3.

No.17, MAY 1981: C H Currey Memorial Fellowship p2. Donations p3. Campberwell Historic Society p3.

No.18, JUNE 1981: Site of Sorrento settlement under threat p1. Prahran Mechanics Institute p2. Nan Phillips honored p2.

No.22, OCTOBER 1981: United Shire of Beechworth celebrates 125th p2. Donations p3. William Strutt water colours p3. Australian historical bibliography p4. City of Moorabbin Historical Society p4.

No.24, FEBRUARY 1982: The 'Lady Nelson' - 180th anniversary p1. Generous gift from Lieut.-Col. W D Joynt, V.C p2. Donations p3. Spielvogel Papers Vo.22 p3.

No.25, MARCH 1982: First settlement of Sorrento fund p2. Mahogany ship [launching of the First Australian symposium] p2. Opening of 'Buda' p3. Donations p3. Richmond city centenary p3.

No.26, APRIL 1982: Trespassers and intruders [Port Phillip Association] p1. Chinese in Australia [Morag Loh] p2. C.H Currey Memorial Fellowship p3. Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies [Family History Awards for 1981] p3. Pioneers of Gobur p3. Donations p3. First Lady [story of HMS Lady Nelson] p3.

No.27, MAY 1982: Museum resource service p2. Matthew Flinders measured drawing competition p3. Donations p3. Historic map of Australia [James Wyld's 1851 'Map of Australia'] p3. New journal [This Australia] p3.

No.28, JUNE 1982: Walhalla historic area [Stringers Creek] p2. Sovereign Hill [history of Textiles] p3. Australia 1788-1988 [a Bicentennial history] p3. History of the Commonwealth Parliament p3. Donations p3. The Old Melbourne Cemetery 1837-1922 p3. The 'Casino' jubilee [50th anniversary of the sinking in Apollo Bay] p6. American Civil War round table of Australia [10th anniversary] p6.

No.29, JULY 1982: First settlement Sorrento appeal p2. Donations p2. Percy Granger centenary p4. 'Box Cottage' Moorabbin [removal, reconstruction and renovation] p4. Charles Grimes nd the VRC [Maribyrnong River] p4. Creswick mine disaster [commemoration] p4.

No.30, AUGUST 1982: National estate program in Victoria [$330.000 grant] p1. Donations p2. Living biographies project p3. Genealogical sources p3. Field Marshal Sir Thomas Blamey p3.

No.31, SEPTEMBER 1982: State library of New South Wales C H Currey Memorial Fellowship p2. Research in humanities in Australia p2. The Australian National dictionary [publishing in 1988] p3. Donations p3. Croydon Historical Society [opening] p4.

No.32, OCTOBER 1982: Victorian Archaeological survey [Sullivan Bay, Corinella, Hattah-Kulkyne] p2. Donations p3.

No.33, NOVEMBER 1982: Presbyterian Church records [still retain records] p2. Great Ocean Road - 50th anniversary p2. Creswick mine disaster - commemoration p4.

No.34, FEBRUARY 1983: Unveiling of plaque on Charles Grimes Bridge - 2 February 1983 p1. Valuable guide to Victorian history and politics p2. Donations p3. Chart available [Gippsland history] p3.

No.35, MARCH 1983: The Charles Grimes Bridge p1. Army project Australian soldiers 1939-1945 p2. Bendigo branch provides history award p3. Migrant history project p3. National register of Naval War relics p3. Donation p3. Australia 1788-1988 [the push from the bush, Australian Historical Bibliography] p4. Church history available [The English Church at Whittlesea] p4. Journal of the Australian War Memorial p4. In the wake of Captain Bligh p6. Success of Coleraine Historical Society p6.

No.36, APRIL 1983: History of lighthouses p2. UNESCO regional conference on historic places - Sydney 22-28 May 1983 p2. Marcus Clarke bibliography p2. Donations p3. Charles Ferguson Historical Museum Mentone p4. Mayne Nickless history p4.

No.37, MAY 1983: Broadmeadows Historical Society [125 years] p2. Alfred Felton remembered p3. The Australian Bicentenary 1788-1988 p3. Pulitzer Prize p3. Donations p3.

No.38, JUNE 1983: Brighton woman of the year p2. New shipwrecks legislation p4.

No.39, JULY 1983: Victoria illustrated 1834-1984 p1. The Walter Stone Memorial award p2. Australian biographical and genealogical record p3. Donations p3. Winifred Hall Trust account, Kew historical society p4. Ringwood historical research group p4.

No.40, AUGUST 1983: Microfiche series of the Victoria Post office directories 1884-1900 p1. Administrative history conference p2. History and film conference p2. Victoria illustrated p2. Donations p3. Name change for reserve [currently known as 'Batman Reserve', previously known as 'Napier street Gardens', and prior to that 'Thames Gardens'] p4. Management of First settlement site Sorrento - from National Park News p4.

No.41, SEPTEMBER 1983: Strzelecki stamp p1. Mount Macedon Historical Society p1. The James Flood Victoria illustrated 1834-1984 p2. Building a 20th century photographic collection p2. Donations p3. History of pharmacy p3. Churchill fellowships 1985 p3. The Western Plains symposium p3. Music in ancient Israel p3. Site of first Government House in Sydney p3. Creswick Historical museum p3. Performing arts museum p3. Data sheet affiliated societies p4. William Bossence library p4.

No.42, OCTOBER 1983: Blackwood society buys a building p2. Donations p2. Mooroopna historical society p3. Rochester pioneers' society p4.

No.43 NOVEMBER 1983: Tall ships [from overseas with gather in Sydney on 26 January 1988] p1. Women graduate centenary - 1983 p2. Museum association regional seminars p2. The Australian Garden journal p3. Crooked River chronicle p3. Two centenaries in November 1983 p3. Historical records of Victoria - new volume p3. Oral history Ballarat p3. Historic tour of Great Britain p4. Norfolk Island p4.

No.44 FEBRUARY 1984: Italian Historical Society 2. South-Eastern Historical Association - discovery school 31th March to April 1984 p3. Donations p3. Museum and the law: legal title p3. Adam Lindsay Gordon commemoration p4. Ascot Vale primary school no.2608 centenary - April 1985 p6. Edmund Buckley commemoration Sunday 11th March 1984 p6.

No.45 MARCH 1984: Victoria illustrated 1834-1984 p1. Bicentennial azalea p1. Over the Alps on two wheels [tour on Vintage Motor Cycles] p1. Legacy time capsule [Dimond jubilee of Melbourne Legacy] p2. Donations p3. Centenary of Field-Marshal Blamey's birth p4.

No.46 APRIL 1984: Housing As It Was: heritage week exhibition April 9th-May 13th 1984 [Melbourne 1900-1940] p1. Two anniversaries [1974 - Premier Sir Rupert Hamer opened new rooms at 459 Collins St & start of the Royal Geographical Society of Australasia] p1. C H Currey Memorial Fellowship p2. Victoria illustrated 1834-1934 p2. Trade Union exhibition p2. Second National conference of the value of engineering heritage p3. Koelmeyer-Edmonds collection p3. Donations p3. Australia Post 175 years p4. H V McKay centenary p3. Marcus Clarke plaque p3. Incorporation under the association incorporation Act 1981 p6.

No.47. MAY 1984: The RHSV is 75 years old p1. D C Egan memorial award p2. Donations p3. Celebration at Somerville [Heritage week] p4.

No.48 JUNE 1984: Bicentennial grants p1. Historical panels [Victoria's 150th anniversary] p1. National literary awards for 1983 p1. Henry Dendy of Brighton [original owner and founder of Brighton] p2. Allen Foundry history [founder of alloy iron and steel foundry] p4.

No.49 JULY 1984: Queen's birthday honors p1. Pursuit of Excellence BHP awards p1. Heritage week p1. Field-Marshal Sit Thomas Blamey p2. The first freeters [meeting of descendants] p2. Henry Lawson remembered p3. Captain Cook study unit p4. Alfred Leahy 1843-1880 p4. Shepparton post-office clock [restoration] p4.

No.50 AUGUST 1984: Liverpool museum of Emigration p2. Alistar Clark of Glanara Bulla p3. Centenary Victoria Bridge 1884-1984 p4.

No.51 SEPTEMBER 1984: Donations p2. Alma Doepel [restoration of sailing ship] p3. Proposed history of nursing p3.

No.52 OCTOBER 1984: Albury regional museum p1. Rupertswood expo '84 p1. Donations p2. Honour for historian [Justice Rae Else-Mitchell] p2. History of Victoria's yachting 1838-1894 p3. Moorabbin Cottage [built in 1850s in Joyce Park, McKinnon] p4. Gould League is 75 years old p4.

No.53 NOVEMBER 1984: Donations p2. Victoria illustrated 1834-1984 p2. Paintings of old Melbourne [by Genny Edmonds 1905] p2. 1986 Churchill fellowship p3. Grand military review p3. Cycle road racing in 1906 p5. The 'Broadford Courier' p6. Lancefield Court House museum p6. Halley's Comet p6. History of Traralgon p6. Port Phillip 'Exiles' p6. History of Sandrigham p6. The story of the Dandenongs p6. Mallee Memorial p6.

No.54 FEBRUARY 1985: The RHCS's new headquarters p1. Donations p2. Victorian memorials project p3. Victoria illustrated 1834-1984 p3. Soldier settlement 1915-1938 [preparation on the book] p3. William Culican memorial fund p3. 1985 Museum of the year p3. Henry Lawson memorial and literary society p4. Italian photographic exhibition p4. Old Eko [Nathan Spielvogel] p4. Brighton comes of age [21 year old] p4. Court-House museum [Mansfield] p4. Peninsula celebrations [The Nepean] p4. Open day at Kyneton p5. Murtoa honored by Telecom p5. Portland celebrates [150 years] p6. History of Noble Park p5. Blacksmith's cottage Bacchus Marsh p5.

No.55 MARCH 1985: Euroa honors historian [Cliff W Halsall] p2. The Cucutta convicts [and settlement in Sorrento] p3. Victoria's Italians 1900-1945 p5.

No.56 APRIL 1985: Here comes the bride [bridal gowns worn from 1862] p2. Photographs of Altona [150 anniversary] p2. D C Egan award p2. Hawthorn historic churches p3. Bicentenary '88 p3. Gold-discovery memorial p3. Photographs of the future p3. Edwardian Melbourne streetscapes p3. Plagues at St Kilda [sailing ship Glenhuntly] p3. The Salvation Army in Ballarat p3. A notable citizen of Traralgon [Miss Eva West] p3. Donations p3. Sate elections 1856 p3. Warragul as it was p4. Ballarat school's history p4. Getting to know Fitzroy p4. Some beginnings in Boronia [The Knox Historian] p4. C R Long memorial p6. Chronology of Ballarat p6.

No.57 MAY 1985: Point Hicks p2. Back to Tostaree and Wairewa p3. Serviceton railway station exhibition p3. Sailing to Australia in 1849 p3. St John's church Heidelberg p4. Costumes in Australia 1788-1901 p4. Vida Goldstein honored p4. Australian science archives project p4.

No.58 JUNE 1985: Victoria illustrated launched [1834-1984] p1. 1986 museum grants p3. Prahran city libraries p3. Vanished rural schools [between Quyen-Murrayville] p3. Mullee-root building [Alford Buddle] p3. Forum on museums and the law p3. Anniversary service at St Paul's [150th anniversary] p3. Melbourne 1897 [A Trip Round the World] p6. Warrnambool's oldest cottage p6. Lady of St Kilda [yacht of Sir Thomas] p6. Kerang renovates museum p6.

No.59 JULY 1985: Hospital Creek Valley centenary p3. The girl from Snowy river [Miss Mary Gilbert] p3. Donations p3. Memorial to port founder [Captain Wilbraham Liardet] p3. Time capsule for 2084 [sealed within walls of Caulfield Town Hall] p4. G A Robins letters p4.

No.60 AUGUST 1985: Donations p2. Federal referendum 1899 p2. Captain Cook remembered p2. Sesquicentenary medallions [150th anniversary of European settlement] p3. Memorial to Adam Lindsay Gordon p3.

No.61 SEPTEMBER 1985: Donations p3. 118th anniversary of birth of Henry Lawson p4. John Shaw Neilson (1872-1942) - some poetry set to music p4. Memorial to George Coppin p6. William Pelham Dutton p6. Heidelberg's time capsule p6.

No.62. OCTOBER 1985: Launching the RHSV manuscript catalogue p2. An afternoon of fashion 1838-1964 p3. Donations p3. A cultural policy of Victoria p3. History of Sealing in the Pacific p3.

No.63 NOVEMBER 1985: Wood-engraving - 'Ballarat 1870' p3. Lighthouse keeper remembered [Henry Beyles Ford] p3.Donations p3. Italians in Australia p4. Presbyterian Historical society p4. Regional studies and rare books p5. The Ballarat Banking Company Limited p6. Old Warrandyte post office p6. Caulfield Town Hall[long saga of confrontations] p6. Aboriginal affairs 1842 p6. The streets of Williamstown [1837] p6. The local 'Rag' [Terang Express] p6.

No.66 APRIL 1986: Public records Victoria p2. History of Sunshine p3. Euroa activities p3. Shipping arrival and departures - Tasmania p3.

No.67 MAY 1986: Victorian Registry of Births, Marriages and Deaths indexes 1837-1896 p1. Minister launches 'Victoria's Italians 1900-1945' p3. Western port: a victory for the Hasting society p3. Centenary history [Mayne Nickless] p3. Cantenary of Larden Hall [John Larden] p4. Yachting at Colac - 1882 p4. The ratepayers of Foster - 1871 p4. Unusual historical display [Mining Exchange] p4. South Gippsland sub-centre 1911 p4. 75th anniversary of RHSV journal p4. The Plague ship [Manlius, W A Wellsted] p5. The burial of Captain Cook p5. Bowes Kelly of 'Moorakyne' p5. South Memorial Hospital ['Glen Eira' twenty-room mansion, Henry Ricketson] p6. New school for Sovereign Hill [Denominational education] p6. Carlton community-history catalogue [for school children] p6.

No.68 JUNE 1968 (should be 1986): Historical societies and redundant public buildings on Crown land p1. Bicentennial heritage grants p1. Historical societies and national estate grants p2. Federation of Australian Historical societies (FAHS) p2. Gift to library by Living Museum of the West p3. St Albans railway station [booklet for celebration of centenary] p4. The Jewish marriage [exhibition] p4. Craig's Royal Hotel Ballarat p4. Mansfield schools - past and present p4. Early Caulfield [Caulfield Historical society] p5. It is never too late [The Langdon Homes of Caulfield] p5. Daylesford Museum [Daylesford Advocate] p5.

No.69 JULY 1986: Register of early colonists p3. Western region cultural heritage study p3. Royal society's gift to National Gallery [Australian Intercolonial exhibition 1866-67] p3. Twenty-five years of Monash University p5. 'Victorian Italians 1900-1945' p5. Wheels in Victoria 1824-1984 p5. 119th anniversary of birth of Henry Lawson p5. Knox gets the key to the door for 'Ambleside park' p5. Important gift to RHSV library p5. Shades of Gordon [Craig's Royal Hotel. Adam Lindsay Gordon] p6. Mallacoota Pioneer's grave p6.

No.72 OCTOBER 1986: Birthday Beacons - linking the nation [a national network of Beacon to celebrate Bicentennial 1788-1988] p3. Vaccari Italian Historical Trust [Australia's Italian heritage] p3. Mallacoota pioneer's grave [new road to avoid it, Captain John Stevenson] p3. New additions to historic building register p3. Voyage to the Great South Land [Willem de Vlamingh] p4. The archives office of Tasmania p4. Biographical index of South Australians 1836-1885 p4. Ruffy school centenary [Ruffy family to Van Diemen's Land] p5. Maryborough's Coat of Arms p5. First race meeting at Caulfield p6. Melbourne Cup 1870 p6.

No.73 NOVEMBER 1986: Bacchus Marsh's own sesquicentennial [150th anniversary] p2. Westpac Museum of the year awards 1987 p4. Camberwell and Waverley libraries separate p4. British regiments of foot in Australia p5. Bicentennial: historic records search PSL Warrnambool p5.
No.74 FEBRUARY 1987: History on ABC radio national [ABC social history unit] p4. Royal presence in Australia 1967-1986 p5. Historical links between Australia and Britain p5. Engineering heritage 1987 p5. Gift of index to library [Sue Douglas] p5. A history of Hurdle flat [Geoffrey Craig] p6. Walter and Eliza Hall Institute p6. Court-houses and other redundant public buildings p6. Bicentennial bibliography of Australian medicine and health services (BIBAM) p7. Tech Australian Society of the History of Medicine p7. Grants for cultural environmental and cultural heritage groups p8. Bush nursing [in Victoria - the first 75 years] p8.

No.75 MARCH 1987: Australian Society of Archivists p1. Oral history association of Victoria p4. A gift across the pacific [Christmas 1895] p4. Cook memorials in England p4. Clow's old home [James Clow] p4.

No.76 APRIL 1987: Telegraphy - 'message ends' [gold rush in 1854] p2. Kerferd Road Pier p3. The Waghorn collection [Postmasters and Postmistresses] p3. Italian bicentennial exhibition p3.

No.77 MAY 1987: Echuca Historical Society collection p2. Survey of Mechanical Engineering establishments in Victoria p4. National register of unusual monuments p3. Victorian historic memorials register p3. Victorian year book reaches 100 years p3.

No.78 JUNE 1987: Book labels of Australia [the Holroyd Collection] p3. Victorian indexes for family and local history p3. The Argus index p4. Bibliography of the history of Australian science p4.

No.79 July 1987: Springvale centennial expo p3. Bicentennial historic records research p4. William Broughton and the Kennedy connection p4. The Bligh notebook [Dr John Bligh] p4.

No.80 AUGUST 1987: The British Army in Australia p3. Historical societies - services available to museums p4. Victorian themes for the bicentenary p3. Major F W IND, R A 1858-1887 [Centenary Commemorations Ceremony] p5.

No.81 SEPTEMBER 1987: Special resolution to amend the rules of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria Inc p2. Exhibitions HMAS Lonsdale p2. Historical register of persons who arrived or where born in Victoria before 1900 p4. BHP awards for the Pursuit of Excellence p4. Historic records search p4. Record of research projects p4. Talking history p5. Alma Doepel p5. Adelaide - old and new p5. Historical display in church [Scots' Church] p5. Churchill Fellowships p5. Conservation advice for museums p5. Healsville Shire centenary exhibition 1887-1987 p5. Golden Harrison's autobiography republished p6. Finis Coronat Opus [Salter Walks South Yarra] p6.

No.82 OCTOBER 1987: Special resolution to amend the rules of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria Inc. p1. Historical bibliography monograph No.15 p4. Chinese/Australian historic research p4. Shipping arrival and departures - Victorian ports 1846-1855 p5. James Cuming - an autobiography p5. Early Euroa story p5. Police history book p5. Opening of Prahran historical museum p6.

No.83 NOVEMBER 1987: Special resolution to amend the rules of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria Inc. p1. Text of the rules it is proposed to amend p2. Songs of the past - Jack O'Hagan p2. Malmsbury sesquicentenary p4. Working people's history project p6. Poles in Australia p6. Johnson/Burman family reunion p6.

No.84 FEBRUARY 1988: Amendments to rules of RHSV p2. Historic buildings on Crown land p5. Historic societies and bicentenary p5. Museum of the year award - Mobil award to Westpac p6. The Australian self-portrait [History News] p6. Manning Clark's history of Australia: the musical p7.

No.85 MARCH 1988: Museum grants for 1988 p2. History institute - first maritime history conference [Victoria and the Sea] p2. National library of Scotland [Australian exhibition] p3. Ned Kelly songs found in Tipperary p3.Victorian memorials project p4. Mechanics institutes and free libraries in Victoria p5.

No.86 APRIL 1988: C.H. Currey memorial fellowship p3. 13th international congress of vexillology p4. Feminist history conference p4.

No.87 MAY 1988: Museum grants p1. Important innovation by S.E.H.A. [formation of junior group] p2. City of Melbourne's bicentennial plaques project launched [major sponsorship by State Bank Victoria] p3. Lord Crathorne visits RHSV p3. The life and adventures of Edward Snell p3. Australian society of Indexers medal p4. The Oral History association of Australia [a new Oral History Handbook] p4. The Australian association for Maritime history p4. Winchelsea remembers singer Marjorie Lawrence for bicentenary p4. History in timber [exhibition of gems and natural wood sculptures near Buchan Rd, Lakes Entrance] p6.

No.88 JUNE 1988: Museum grants p1. An opportunity for historical societies [VCE subject - work in Australian society] p3. Willimstown history kit [20th anniversary of Williamstown City library] p3. Celebration of the achievement of an eight hour day for building tradesmen in Victoria in 1856 p3. National Gallery of Victoria - Irish gold and Russian Hermitage p4.

No.89 JULY 1988: Alexander Sutherland prize for historical research p2. The correspondence of Ferdinand Von Mueller p3. The W.G.Alma conjuring collection p3. Collins settlement historic site 1803 p3. Melbourne - city of ideas [Paul Fox on the State Library] p3.

No.90 AUGUST 1988: History news queries p3. Lonsdale silver exhibition p3. Hawthorn as a part of Melbourne p3. Melbourne's early banks 1838-1860 p4. Criminal Justice and the Convict Legacy p4. 200 years of public administration - retrospect and prospect p4.

No.91. SEPTEMBER 1988: Sir Keith Hancock K.B.E. 1898-1988 p3. Living museum looking at industry p4. Convict ancestors p4. Postcards of synagogues p4. Family and local history sources in Victoria p6. What makes building historic p6.

No.92 OCTOBER 1988: Regulations governing reproduction and citation of manuscripts from the RHSV collection p3. Federation of Australian historical societies p3. Victoria's contribution to nationhood p4. Silver jubilee of the Western Victorian association of historical societies' p4. C.S.S.Shenandoan p4. Melbourne heritage restoration fund p5.

No.93 NOVEMBER 1988: Centenary of the opening of Prince's Bridge p3. Restoration of tombstone of Robert Hoddle (1794-1881) p3. Brighton's heritage p3. 'Polly Woddside' heritage award p3. A gift to the nation [Old Melbourne Gaol] p3. Lithograph of early Melbourne map p3. High flyer to Port Phillip [William Dobson] p3. Register of inventive Victoria [Bicentennial Register] p3.

No.94 FEBRUARY 1989: Award of Merit p2. Museum grants for historical societies p5. 1990 Churchill fellowship p5. The Hoddle family reunion - Katamatite p7. /Victorian criminal records p7. Public history - present and future p7.

No.95 MARCH 1989: National conference of federation of Australian historical societies - 80th birthday p1. National Trust educational kit p1. Heritage week and St Kilda p2. Australia Day honours p2. The Crusader and the Quest for the Holy Grail p3. Great Australian exhibition 1788-1988 p3. Port Phillip Colonial exhibition p3.

No.96 APRIL 1989: Important acquisition by the society [Knox collection] p2. Australian studies and historical societies p3. Architectural achieve [State Library of Victoria] p3. Making the bicentenary [special issue of Australian historical studies] p3. Mary Gaunt p3. Deutscher - family history 1848-1986 p3.

No.97 MAY 1989: William Foster Stawell 1815-89 p1. Harold White fellowship at the National Library 1990 p3. The historical society of Australasia 1885-86 p3. Public history present and future p3.

No.98 JUNE 1989: Flinders terminal - Tasmanian cable - plaque p2. Melba memorabilia p2. Freemasons in Victoria 1839-1900 p2. Museums towards tomorrow: serving the future public p3.

No. 100 AUGUST 1989: Australian historic records register [outcome of the Australian bicentennial historic record search] p2. Federation of Australian historical societies p3. Survey of Melbourne's interwar housing p4. Pages from the revolution [French revolution] p4.

No.101 SEPTEMBER 1989: The impact of World War II in country Victoria p4. Lessons from the FAHS conference p4. Survey of Victoria's Steam heritage p4.

No.102 OCTOBER 1989: Opening of the Werribee museum and historical society rooms p3. The Western region industrial heritage study launching p3. Victorian School for Deaf Children [Children's History Room] p4. Masson of Melbourne [David Orme Masson] p7.

No.103 NOVEMBER 1989: The La Trobe sesquicentenary p2. Assistance with history from the Bendigo college of advanced education p3. New regional studies - history course Bendigo CAE p3. Workshop at Royal Mint p3. The shire of Hastings Historical Society and Western port p3. Centenary of Yarraville primary school p4. A thriving society [Port Fairy Historical Society] p4. Band histories [history of brass and pipe bands of Victoria] p4.

No.104 FEBRUARY 1990: National Australia Bank - a historical perspective p3. Public assets defense coalition - public forum p4. Museum grants for 1990 p4. Australian cultural society p4. Museum studies 10th Anniversary awards p4. Sesquicentenary of the arrival of The Glen Huntly - a fever ship p5. Werribee genealogy collection p5. St James old cathedral [Charles Joseph La Trobe] p5. Braille and the Bicentennial 6.

No.105 MARCH 1990: Ray Hodge presents award on Australia Day holiday p2. Timeball time again [Williamstown Timeball] p2. Federation Tree planting - 2001 again p2. Launching of the National Centre for Research and Development in Australian studies p3. The future of the Museum of Victoria p3. ACLIS state preservation committee p4. Talking with history [Joan Hunt talking with Steven Rapley] p4. Melba: Queen of Song p5.

No.108 JUNE 1990: The Herald and Weekly Times [150th birthday] p2. City of Springvale heritage centre p3. Yellow flag flew again [Point Ormond, ship Glen Huntly] p4. 150 years of Armstrong - Queen's birthday weekend 1991 p4. Margaret Birtley p4. Thoughts of the Printing Trades Unions p5.

No.109 JULY 1990: Thirty years rule to be adopted [changes to Freedom of Information Act] p2. Tattersall's and the estate of the late George Adams p2. Local government seminar at Benga p3. South Eastern heritage [South Eastern Historical Association] p3.

No.110 AUGUST 1990: Pacific Dunlop Limited [Professor Geoffrey Blainey, the first 100 years] p2. 123rd anniversary of the birth of Henry Lawson p4.

No.111 SEPTEMBER 1990: History of Mayne Nickless p2. Lady Nelson p3. Edward John Eyre p4. Pre-separation population index of Queensland 1824-1859 p4. Historical societies in South Australia p6. Bukan-mungie: 150 years of settlement in the Buchan district 1839-1989 p6.

No.112 OCTOBER 1990: Alcoa in brief [25th anniversary in 1986] p2.

No.113 NOVEMBER 1990: Genealogical acquisitions of the State Library of Victoria p3. Journal of the American Civil War Round Table in Australia p3. Centenary of Labor in Victoria p3.

No.114 FEBRUARY 1991: Launching of Industrial Heritage issue of journal p4. Public Record Office [Archival Heritage program] p6.

No.115 MARCH 1991: West coast shipwrecks anniversary p3. Australian Day Honours p4. Batman Family association newsletter p4. National Country Music Archival Project p4. Henry Dendy [150th anniversary of arrival of ship 'York'] p5.

No.116 April 1991: West coast shipwreck anniversary p3. Australian History prize 1990 p4.

No.117 MAY 1991: Our botanical heritage p2. Establishment of Loddon Aboriginal protectorate at Franklinford June 1841 p3. Documenting modern society p3. Australasian modern British history association p3. Historical drawings of Melbourne p3. Sate library of South Australia p3.

No.118 JUNE 1991: Establishment of Loddon Aboriginal protectorate at Franklinford June 1841 p2. Centenary celebration - metropolitan fire brigades p3. Victorian memorials register p3. A focus for heritage multiculturalism and folklife in Victoria p3. Australian science archival project p3. The centre for Gippsland studies p4.

No.119 JULY 1991: Australasian institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders studies p2. A brief history of the gas industry in Victoria p4. Pioneers museum, Jeparit - deposits of history p5. Scinceworks p5.

No.120 AUGUST 1991: Representing the RHSV in the community p2. Mapping our culture - a policy for Victoria p2. Wreck of 1891 commemorations p3. Children then and now: 1951-1991 p3. Sidney Myer and the State Library p4. Bibliography of exploration [Australian explorers by sea, land and air: 1788-1988] p5.

No.122 OCTOBER 1991: Representing the RHSV in the community p2. 124th anniversary of birth of Henry Laeson p5. C.J.Dennis - poetry set to music p5. Tribute to Johnny Mullagh p5.

No.124 FEBRUARY 1992: Raymond Waxwell Crawford 1906-1991 p2. Representing the RHSV in the community p2. Cornish association of Victoria Inc p4. From pounds and pence to dollar and cents -commemorating the 25th anniversary of Australia's change to decimal currency] p4. Australian watercolours 1802-1926 p4. Federation of historical societies p5. Churchill fellowship p5. Adam Lindsay Gordong 1833-1870] p5.

No.125 MARCH 1992: State Bank of Victoria Archives p3. Museum of Chinese Australian history p4. Exchange of local histories p4. Victorian schools nursery to close p4. Historic gardens conservation fund p4. Geelong cemeteries trust p4. The 8th Australian artillery brigade p5. Henry Dendy's emigrants p5. Local history fair at Dandenong p5. Australian Day in Frankston p5.

No.127 MAY 1992: Warragul and district historical society p3. The Dyason society p4. History institute forum p4. History institute winter school p4. ANZ museum p4. Australian archives microfilming program p5. Sale of public assets p5. Biographical dictionary of the Western district of Victoria 6.

No.128 JUNE 1992: The Dyason society p3. Australian institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Studies Inc p3. CAE liberal studies - Melbourne on film p4. Women and science p4.

No.129 JULY 1992: Federation of Australian historical societies p3. The foundation of Melbourne [arrival of Fawkner's ship Enterprise] p4. Women in science p4. A Happy Event - the rebirth of The Knox Historian p5.

No.130 AUGUST 1992: Those marvelous letters of Melbourne p1. Exploring Melbourne's Tasmanian origins [and exploring your interest] p2. 125th anniversary of the birth of Henry Lawson 1867-1922 p5. A point (or pitch) in dispute [Melbourne's first cricket match November 1838] p5.

No.131 SEPTEMBER 1992: Pitch still in dispute [first cricket match in Melbourne in 1838] p3. Exploring Melbourne's Tasmanian origins p4. Where to put Burke and Wills [City Square Melbourne] p6. Should we protect Ned Kelly's father's house? P7.

No.132 OCTOBER 1992: The arrival of the Enterprise - 30 August 1835 p3. Healsville Mechanics Institute book launch p4. The mission of St James and St John p5.

No.133 NOVEMBER 1992: Healsville Mechanics institute book launch p3. Role and significance of the RHSV p4. Ministry for the arts joint project p5. Coping with copyright p5.

No.134 FEBRUARY 1993: Permanent Royal Mint exhibition p2. Representing the RHSV in the community p3. Grant from Arts Victoria p3. Public asset sales p4.

No.135 MARCH 1993: The Royal Mint Melbourne (built 1872) p2. Representing the RHSV in the community p2. Victorian Heritage festival p3. Public Records office Open Day p4. Walk around the garden [Heritage Hill, Dandenong] p4. Museum opening [The Mont De Lancey Historical Museum at Wandin] p4. National Trust of Victoria on cemeteries p5.

No.136 APRIL 1993: The Royal Mint Melbourne (built 1872) p2. Representing the RHSV in the community p2. RHSV insurance scheme p3. The Australian association for Maritime history Inc p4. Henry Lawson Memorial and Literary Society p5.

No.137 MAY 1993: Representing the RHSV in the community p2. Historic shipwrecks Act amnesty p3. 1933 Quit Week [World No Tobacco Day] p3. Avoca Court House restored p3. Shire of Hastings Historical society p3. Cape Clear and District Historical society Inc p3.

No.138 JUNE 1993: Treasure Trove [Heritage Festival book and music sale] p2. Constitutional Century Foundation Inc p2. WWII events and sites in East Gippsland p3. 'Sullivan Bay 190 years old' 1803-1993, Sorrento commemoration of the Victoria's first official settlement p3. The 'Ashes' in Anglo-Australian cricket [the birthplace of the Ashes Society founded] p3. Australian Cultural history conference on bodies p5. Images of Women: Women and museums in Australia p5. Maritime history: new directions p5.

No.139 JULY 1993: SEHA discovery tour [South Eastern Historical Association] p3. Historic shipwreck Act amnesty p3. 1992 museum survey findings 4. History of Brunswick p4. Iona Primary school centenary p4.

No.140 AUGUST 1993: Representing the RHSV in the community p2. Gibson index [140 Watch House Charge Books 1900] p3. Launch of museum accreditation program [MAP] p3. 150th anniversary marks new start for heritage park [Gellibrand Hill Park] p4. The foundation of Melbourne [ship Enterprise] p4. London family history seminar p5. 'Sullivan Bay 190 years on' p6. Image of women: women and museums in Australia p6.

No.141 SEPTEMBER 1993: Fellowships and Awards of Merit p3.

No.142 OCTOBER 1993: Representing the RHSV in the community p3.

No.143 NOVEMBER 1993: Representing the RHSV in the community p2. Old farming film converted to video [agricultural practices in 1930, drought during 1938] p8.

No.144 FEBRUARY 1994: Museum accreditation program p3. South-Eastern historical association regional curator project p4. Shipwreck amnesty to continue p4. Historic marker to Miss Amy Castles (1880-1951) p5. Destruction of school records [Korumburra Secondary College] p5.

No.145 MARCH 1994: Well afloat [launch of the Maritime Museum of Victoria] p2. From our archives ['Humbug' in 1869, Mr Montague Tigg] p3. Timber bridges survey p5. Pastoral technology: Australia-wide survey p5. 40th anniversary of the telegraph [first Morse telegraph line to the town of Williamstown] p5. St Joseph's school: open houses 5. East Gippsland: a chest full of hopes and dreams p6.

No.146 APRIL 1994: From our archives [Owen Suffolk] p2. Family history resources in the library p3.

No.147 MAY 1994: The SS Great Britain conference [1937] p1. From our archives [John Christopher, Breconshire England] p4. The Old Colonists' Association p4.

No.148 JUNE 1994: From our archives ['Marvelous Letters of Melbourne' 1835-1950] p3. Foundation for Australian Cultural Development p4. Additional eleven museums receive registration under the Museum Accreditation Program p4.

No.149 JULY 1994: Letter to municipalities [duty to care for local records] p2. William Westgarth's fountain p3. From our archives [State Library of Victoria] 4.

No.150 AUGUST 1994: From our archives [emigration of H W Mortimer from England] p3. South Eastern Historical Association [regional Curator Project April 1993-April 1994] p4. Sunbury Pop festivals [Shire of Bulla] p5.

No.151 SEPTEMBER 1994: From our archives [Mortimer family arrival in Melbourne from Tasmania] p4. Restoration of Pontville homestead [Newman family, Templestowe] p5.

No.152 OCTOBER 1994: From our archives [Albert Park Melbourne] p2. Nine museums receive registration under the museum accreditation program p3. Art, culture and science shows for remote Australians p4. Grants available for rural cemeteries p4. Macartney centenary [Hussey Burgh Macartney] p4. Donald: 150 years of European settlement p4.

No.153 NOVEMBER 1994: Ballam Park to live again [Frankston Historical Society] p2. Mary Rose - Life and Death on Henry VIII's Lost Warship p5.

No.154 FEBRUARY 1995: From our archives [Alan D Mickle, life in late 1880s] p4.

No.155 MARCH 1995: From our archives ['The late eighties', Alan Mickle] p5. Friends of Bendigo cemeteries Inc p5.

No.156 APRIL 1995: Purposed and rules of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria [amendment] p4. Save outdoor sculpture! (Victoria) p5. Murray Goulburn regional historic group p5.

No.157 MAY 1995: RHSV premises p2. From our archives [Cobb & Co: the Concord Coach] p4. Numurka remembers: 1945-1995 p5. Melba: a sentimental journey p5.

No.158 JUNE 1995: From our archives [Colonel Alexander Davidson] p3. The Cataraqui - 4 August 1845 [Canadian ship, Captain C W Finlay] p4. Victorian Tourism Accreditation Board (VTAB) p4.

No.159 JULY 1995: The Federation of Australian Historical Societies Inc [funding database] p3. Dromana: Australian remembers 1945-1995 p3. Chelsea: Australia remembers 1945-1995 p4. Guide to Victorian railway records p4.

No.160 AUGUST 1995: Australia remembers [50th commemoration of the end of World War II] p2.

No.161 SEPTEMBER 1995: From our archives [Mr Henry Box, 1850] p5. Mechanic's Institute and schools of arts in Australia p5.

No.162 OCTOBER 1995: From our archives [Mr Henry Box, 1850, continuation] p3.

No.163 NOVEMBER 1995: Fifty notable Victorian women p2. Revising an old favorite [the Arts Victoria Museums Cataloguing Kit edition no.3] p3. Museum accreditation program p3. Changes at Vicimage p4. Public history at Monash p4.

No.164 FEBRUARY 1996: Victorian Historical Society: the structure p2. From our archives ['The Argus', John Knox] p3. Coastal passengers to Port Phillip 1839-1845 p4.

No.165 MARCH 1996: From our archives [a Scottish Family in Australia, Linda Webb Burge] p4. Australian Council of Archives [archival support program] p5. Museum accreditation program p5.

No.166 APRIL 1996: From our archives [The Vagabond at Fairfield House and Vineyard in 1894] p4. Historic railway adventure p4. Ouyen: the early years p4.

No.168 JUNE 1996: From our archives [Edith M Abbot 1937, the early history of Croydon] p4.

No.169 JULY 1996: From our archives [Frank Walker 1934. life in Melbourne and Bendigo] p4. History in Stonnington p4.

No.170 AUGUST 1996: John Drake [Indiaman Madagascar 1810] p2. From our archives [Frank Walker life in Sandhurst] p3. The Australia Foundation [for Culture and the Humanities] p4. Museum services program to relocate to museums Australia (Victoria) p4.

No.171 SEPTEMBER 1996: From our archives ['Orion' Horne in Victoria 1850s] p4. Heritage guidelines project p4. National Estate Values of Land Survey Markers Projects p5. Cemeteries can be interesting [Nillumbik, Diamond Creek] p5.

No.172 OCTOBER 1996: From our archives [Wilchelsea to Colac with 'The Vagabond', from picturesque Victoria Argus 24 January 1885] p3. Mirboo North cemetery leads the way p4. Beauty in Truth: the Botanical Art of Margaret Stones] p5.

No.173 NOVEMBER 1996: From our archives ['The Vagabond' at Colac, from picturesque Victoria Argus 24 January 1885, Colac to Camperdown with 'The Vagabond'] p4. The Tature museum World War II - internment and Pow campus p4. Beauty in Truth: the botanical art of Margaret Stones p6.

No.174 FEBRUARY 1997: Arts 21 Conservation Awards for Small Museums p5. 50th Anniversary of Soldier Settlement and Irrigation in the Numurkah area p5.

No.175 MARCH 1997: From our archives [a brief biography of Thomas Brentnall (1846-1937)] p4. National Quilt Register p4.

No.176 APRIL 1997: From our archives [Horse Bazaars of early Melbourne, trade with India, scene of murder] p4.

No.177 MAY 1997: Deakin dynasty recalls founding father's Federation jig [Alfred Deakin] p2. Victorian History film wins International Award [59 years history of the state owned Wonthaggi mines, 'Black Gold, Kindred Spirits'] p3. Nagambie Museum opens its doors p4.

No.178 JUNE 1997: Bendigo Chinese association museum - the first to achieve museum accreditation p3. Historical societies and the distributed national collection p3.

No.179 JULY 1997: From our archives [Overland from Portland to Darwin in 1872] p4. Bonegilla '97: 50th Anniversary Reunion Festival p5.

No.180 AUGUST 1997: From our archives [G.W.F. Studdert writes on the Beginning of Cobb & Co.] p4.

No.181 SEPTEMBER 1997: From our archives [destruction of the ship 'India' bound for Australia by fire at sea July 1841] p5.

No.182 OCTOBER 1997: From our archives [in September 1859 Mr Philip Rayson writes from his home in Bay St. Brighton to his friends in England, giving his impression of Melbourne on this period] p3.

No.183 NOVEMBER 1997: From our archives [Charles Burchett family passage to Port Phillip] p3.

No.184 FEBRUARY 1998: Amendment of constitution p2.

No.185 MARCH 1998: The State committee and you [reports] p3. The Tea Meetings [Marnoo Presbyterian Church] p4.

No.186 APRIL 1998: Open Day and Book Fair p3.

No.187 MAY 1998: The RHSV Image Collection [demand, origin, access, support, the future] p4.

No.188 JUNE 1998: From our archives [the letter between Burchett family] p5.

No.189 JULY 1998: From our archives [Alfred Burchett describes a bushfire in the Goulburn Valley] p4.

No.190 AUGUST 1998: From our archives [Alfred Burchett comments on bushranging in the Colony] p5.

No.191 SEPTEMBER 1998: From our archives [carpenter Richard Spry's immigrant experience in Horsham in 1857] p4.

No.192 OCTOBER 1998: From our archives [early discoveries of gold in the colony - Alfred Burchett] p3.

No.193 NOVEMBER 1998: The Burke and Wills clump: campsite No.14 [commemoration of 1860 expedition] p4.

No.194 FEBRUARY 1999: Federation of Australian historical societies. Report to member society p4.

No.195 MARCH 1999: The Encyclopedia of Melbourne p3.

No.196 APRIL 1999: Victorian Historical Journal delay [outbreak of the Anglo-Boer War in 1899] p4.

No.197 MAY 1999: New catalogue of manuscripts ['Sources of Victoria's Heritage'] p3.

No.198 JUNE 1999: Family history resources in the RHSV collection p3.

No.199 JULY 1999: Glass slide project [images 1860-1940] p2.

No.200 AUGUST 1999: New catalogue of manuscripts [1984] p4.

No.201 SEPTEMBER 1999: The RHSV's new home [239 A'Beckett Street, Melbourne] p4. Deakin University Cultural Heritage Program p5.

No.202 OCTOBER 1999: Protecting local heritage places p3. The Old Macaroni Factory' Hepburn Springs 140th Anniversary p4.

No.203 NOVEMBER 1999: On the way ['Round the Mountains to Mansfield'] p3.

No.204 FEBRUARY 2000: Official opening of new premises 1.

No.205 MARCH 2000: Governor opens RHSV's new home p2.

No.206 APRIL 1999: A life of Albert Coates p3.

No.207 MAY 1999: SS Great Britain p3.

No.208 JUNE 2000: RHSV image collection: contents and access p3.

No.209 JULY 2000: Rediscovering Mechanics' Institute: conference p4.

No.210 AUGUST 2000: Wartime commemorations p4.

No.211 SEPTEMBER 2000: The army medical corps drill hall p3.

No.212 OCTOBER 2000: The Little Cemetery [Governor Sir Richard Bourke, Ross family] p4.

No.213 NOVEMBER 2000: Exhibition: The story of women in the history of Victoria p3.

No.214 FEBRUARY 2001:

No.215 MARCH 2001: 200 year Commemoration of Churchill Island p3. Murchison Heritage Centre p4.

No.216 APRIL 2001:

No.218 JUNE 2001:

No.219 JULY 2001:

No.220 AUGUST 2001:

No.221 SEPTEMBER 2001:

No.222 OCTOBER 2001:

No.223 NOVEMBER 2001: Bicentenary of the British discovery of Port Phillip p2.

No.224 FEBRUARY 2002: Memorial to Helen Macpherson Schutt p2.

No.225 MARCH 2002: Society gains funding for IT project p1.

No.227 MAY 2002:

No.228 JUNE 2002:

No.229 JULY 2002:

No.230 AUGUST 2002: Profile on Walhalla Heritage Research Centre p7.

No.231 SEPTEMBER 2002:

No.232 OCTOBER 2002: History Victoria database now online p1.

No.233 NOVEMBER 2002:

No.234 FEBRUARY 2003:

No.235 MARCH 2003:

No.236 APRIL 2003: Colac and District Historical Society p7.

No.237 MAY 2003: Yet another research resource for the RHSV Library [shipping intelligence & passengers - Hobson's Bay - 1871] p6.

No.238 June 2003:

No.239 JULY 2003:

No.240 AUGUST 2003:

No.241 SEPTEMBER 2003: Bicentenary of Victoria's First European Settlement [Mornington Peninsula] p3.

No.242 OCTOBER 2003:

No.243 NOVEMBER 2003:

No.244 FEBRUARY 2004: Launch of RHSV's Discovery Series [Melbourne's Timelines, Melbourne's Streets and Lanes] p1.

No.245 MARCH 2004: The Royal Tours 1867-1954 p1.

No.246 APRIL 2004:

No.247 MAY 2004: Revision of Constitution p4.

No.248 JUNE 2004:

No.249 JULY 2004:

No.250 AUGUST 2004:

No.251 SEPTEMBER: Welcome to Local History Online p1. Celebrating the 200th Anniversary of the Naming of Australia p2.

No.252 OCTOBER 2004:

No.253 NOVEMBER 2004:

No.254 FEBRUARY 2005: Victorian Historical Journal Index now Online p5.

No.255 MARCH 2005:

No.256 APRIL 2005:

No.257 MAY-JUNE 2005: Exploring history with the imagination [historical poetry] p4.

No.259 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2005: The latest HIT at Richmond and Burnley Historical Society [information technology] p4. The Australian Children's Folclore collection p5.

No.260 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2005: History Community Identity: Showcasting Melbourne's Diversity p4.

No.261 FEBRUARY/MARCH 2006: 1891 Women's Petition p3. Melbourne 2006 - supporting heroes of the past and present [Commonwealth Games] p5.

No.263 JUNE 2006: The voyage of the Duyfken Replica p4. Yapeen's Diggers win the History prize - insert.

No.264 JULY/AUGUST 2006: Argus Index project - insert.

No.265 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2006: Descent from the Summit? ['History Summit'] p1. Friends of SS Great Britain invite new members p4. And your petitions humbly pray… 150 years of petitions in Victoria p5.

No.266 NOVEMBER 2006/FEBRUARY 2007: Debate on Australian History continues ['History Summit'] p1. Creative storytelling animates community history p5.

No.267 FEBRUARY/MARCH 2007: RHSV receives rare collection: Australia's first and last surviving Lodge of the Grant United Order of Free Gardeners p1. Saving the Kew Court House for the community p4.

No.268 APRIL/MAY 2007: Conserving Victoria's heritage for future generations p4. Lessons to be learned from fire at Yackandandah p5.

No.269 JUNE/JULY 2007: The Uncle Stewart Murray OAM Library@ the Koorie Heritage Trust Cultural Centre p5. Children's literature Collection State Library of Victoria p6.

No.270 JULY/AUGUST 2007: New exhibition to attract young students to the RHSV ['History begins at home'] p2. Drama between history and fiction [Melbourne Theatre Company] p5.

No.271 SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2007: Professional pathways in history [professional historian, role of the PHA] p5.

No.272 NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2007: History in school debate [guide to teaching of Australian history in years 9 and 10] p5 insert.

No.273 FEBRUARY/MARCH 2008: New resources on the RHSV website p2. How do you convey to kids just what the past was like? P5.

No.274 APRIL/MAY 2008: Art Deco festival planned for regional Victoria p1.

No.275 JUNE/JULY 2008: Art Deco festival launched p1. Victoria poised for a return to the the Art Deco Era p4. Podcasting comes to RHSV p5.

No.276 JULY/AUGUST 2008: Benefits of the Victorian Community History Awards p3. If the walls could speak [discovering the fascinating world of Mechanics' Institutes] p5.

No.277 SEPT.OCT 2008: Discover the wonders of Victoria's past p1. Looking at the diversity of our community p2.

No.278 NOV/DEC 2008: An outback adventure [MacPherson Robertson] p2. Colour and smiles [showcasting Art Deco in regional Victoria] p3. History proposal deserve big tick [recent history curriculum report to government] p5.

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