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Main Title: Nepean Historical Society: The Nepean 2010-
Publisher: Sorrento, Vic. : Nepean Historical Society.
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: Nepean Historical Society (Sorrento, Vic.)
Historical societies - Periodicals
Sorrento (Vic.)
Portsea (Vic.)
Blairgowrie (Vic.) (Bunurong Country)
Rye (Vic.)
The Nepean Historical Society covers the area of Sorrento, Portsea, Blairgowrie, and part of Rye.

Vol.5 no.1 MARCH 2010: ‘Alert' [ship model] p1-2. President's report p4-5. Sorrento Primary School visit p6-7. Education and local history report p8-9. The 'Spirit of Mystery' dinghy p10. The Quarantine Station p11.

Vol.5 no.2 JUNE 2010: Quarantine Station p8. 3080 Point Nepean Road, Sorrento, sub-division p9. Tideways, 3096 Point Nepean Road, Sorrento p9. 120 Ocean Beach Road p9. 29 Coppin Street p9. Nepean Coalition Group p9.

Vol.5 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2010: What's happening at the Quarantine Station p1. Titanic: a Mornington Peninsula connection [McCrae family] / Peter Munro p10.

Vol.5 no.4 DECEMBER 2010: Vale: Anna Alexander p1. Quarantine Station p3. Vale: Betty Collins p5.

Vol.6 no.1 MARCH 2011: James Newton and the S.S. Alert [ship] / Peter Munro p10.

Vol.6 no.2 JUNE 2011: Rare map p1.

Vol.6 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2011: Cliff rest' cottage wins National Heritage Trust award p1. Naming Sorrento [place name] p6. James Eldred paintings p8.

Vol.6 no.4 DECEMBER 2011: State School 1090 p3. Electric ball p4. Disaster bell p4. Heritage watch: Police Point Shire Park; Hotel Sorrento and Hotham Road; Collins Settlement site; other coastal issues p5. Sorrento and Cape Verde Islands p10.

Vol.7 no.2 JUNE 2012: Pre-history of Port Phillip Bay p1. Vale: Elizabeth McDowall p3. Calcutta casks p5. Conrad Constantine Eitel [Mawson expedition] p6. Elizabeth Armytage [nee Peters] p7. NHS visit to Portsea Camp p10.

Vol.7 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2012: Portsea Camp tour p8. Defence at Nepean p9. Sorrento Post Office p10.

Vol.7 no.4 DECEMBER 2012: The Collins Settlement site p6. Robert's deadeye p7. Sorrento 1912 p8.

Vol.8 no.1 MARCH 2013: George Coppin and Ned Kelly's horses p8. Eastbourne [historic farmhouse, 19 William Street, West Rosebud] p11.

Vol.8 no.2 JUNE 2013: The 'Bird Figurehead' [from the ship 'The Sea'] p1. Vale: Heather Johnson p3. 'The sand dunes of Sorrento' (poem) and Henry Edward Prior p8.

Vol.8 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2013: The wreck of the 'Sea' (ship) / Joy Kitch p8.

Vol.8 no.4 DECEMBER 2013: Diprotodontid fossil at Sorrento p1. Post Office update p7. Sorrento 1913 p8.

Vol.9 no.1 MARCH 2014: Ilfracombe, Barnstaple and Ashford [Watts family] / Bergliot Dallas p1. History competition p6. The Sutton gun p8. Vale: Cec Phillingham p11.

Vol.9 no.2 JUNE 2014: Postcards: stories from the Mornington Peninsula exhibition p5. Heritage watch: Sorrento Post Office; Point Nepean Quarantine Station; Collins Settlement p9. World War One: warning shot at Pfalz [German ship] p10.

Vol.9 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2014.

Vol.9 no.4 DECEMBER 2014: Sorrento Post Office (update) p7. Sorrento in 1914 p8. New book: Coastal guide to nature and history part 2 by Graham Patterson p10. Vale: Anne Jacques p11.

Vol.10 no.1 MARCH 2015: The ‘Sea' (ship) p6. Polo at Portsea p12.


Vol.10 no.2 MAY 2015: Heritage watch: Old Sorrento Post Office, Collins Settlement, Quarantine Station p6-7.

Vol.10 no.3 AUGUST 2015: Heritage watch: Lot 5 at the Shelmerdine Sub-division; Quarantine Station; Sorrento township p6. From Flanders Field to Sorrento [Joseph Charles Keys] / Peter Munro p9. Major James Welch / Bergliot Dallas p12.

Vol.10 no.4 NOVEMBER 2015: Heritage watch: Quarantine Station; Police Point; Collins Settlement site; Sorrento township p4-5. New life member: Frank Hindley p6. Sorrento 100 years ago / compiled by Peter Munro p8. Death of an old resident [William Morce, 1915] p10. Eileen McCraw p11.

Vol.11 no.1 MARCH 2016: Vale: Father John Robert Hannah OMI 1930-2015 p10. Vale: the old Sorrento Baths p11.

Vol.11 no.4 DECEMBER 2016: Eastern Sister p4. Continental Hotel Sorrento [proposed 7 storey development] p4. Point Nepean [proposed development] / Frank Hindley p5. Flinders Shire Caledonian Pipe Band Donation to NHS / Joy Kitch p6. Collection and display co-ordinator's report: Our figurehead is finally home again [return of the restored figured head probably from the Sea a Peruvian ship lost in the heads in 1853] / Joy Kitch p10. Vale Peter Holloway p13.

Vol.12 no.1 MARCH 2017: Vale Dorothy Houghton MBE Janurary 1st 1920-January 2nd 2017 p5. Heritage watch [Hotel Continental and 7 story appartment blobk in the grounds, 2.6 metre fence along the Eastern Sister headland boundary, Point Nepean and Quarantine Station, limestone painting] p6. Saving an historic site in Sorrento [Collins Settlement] p8. John Alexander 1 May 1924-5 February 2017 p11.

Vol.12 no.2 JUNE 2017: Heritage watch [Sorrento ferry terminal, Collins Settlement site, planning scheme amendment for Ocean Beach road] / Frank Hindley p4. Museum news: new plaque for electric ball at Sorrento Museum p10.

Vol.12 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2017: Heritage watch [expansion of Sorrento Ferry Terminal, development of heritage review of Sorrento, Portsea and Blairgowrie] / Frank Hindley p4. Sandarne / Bergliot Dallas p6. Vale Don Ewart / Joy Kitch p8. From convict ship to parliament [John Pascoe Fawkner] p12.

Vol.12 no.4 DECEMBER 2017: Heritage watch [Joy Kitch, Sorrento Ferry Terminal proposal, heritage review, Blairgowrie-Sorrento-Portsea, Nee Morna, Sandarne, Point Nepean, Hotel Continental] p4. Vale Professor Weston Arthur Bate OAM FRHSV [1924-2017] / Bergliot Dallas p9. Harold Edward Holt [1908-1967] p12.

Vol.13 no.1 MARCH 2018: Heritage watch [Sorrento Ferry Terminal, Sandarne, Point Nepean] p4. The Buckley Opera p5. The Shepherd's Hut-Pt Nepean p7.

Vol.13 no.2 JUNE 2018: Heritage watch [old butcher's shop Point Nepean Road, retrospective planning approval for 3080 Point Nepean Road, Telstra phone tower, Point Nepean, Searoad ferries] / Frank Hindley p5. Alfred Sandle Ford p7. Vale Gwen Sapiano p9. The beginning of the Nepean Historical Society: looking back over 50 years p12.

Vol.13 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2018: Heritage watch [Telstra tower, Sandarne, The Palms, Police Point Shire Park, Sorrento Coastal Management Plan] / Frank Hindley p5. From the Mornington Standard [Athenaeum] p9.

Vol.14 no.1 MARCH 2019: Heritage watch [Sandarne, view to St. Paul's, heritage review Blairgowrie-Sorrento-Portsea] p4. Known version of 'The Founding of Australia' by Algernon Mayow Talmage, RA (1871-1939) p7. Sandarne: then and now / Bergliot p13.

Vol.14 no.2 JUNE 2019: Heritage watch [Continental Hotel, Shire heritage review, Portsea-Sorrento-Blairgowrie] / Frank Hindley p5. Beware the bride's curse [curse of the bride at the Continental Hotel] / Janet Smith p6. 1919- the Spanish Flu / Janet South p9. A quiet outing: Wednesday 17 October 1877 - trip Melbourne to Sorrento and return p12.

Vol.14 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2019: Sorrento steam tram p1. Facsimile od address to H.R.H The Duke of Edinburgh and K.G from the Old Colonists of Victoria p5.

Vol.14 no.4 DECEMBER 2019: Heritage development at Police Point / Frank Hindley p3. Sorrento Aquarium / Janet South p5.

Vol.15 no.1 MARCH 2020: Heritage and planning news [proposal to rebuild the jetty at the Baths, the Continental Hotel, Spunner House, Point Nepean Master Plan, former Sorrento Park dance hall now scout hall, Mitre 10 development plans] p3. One Australia Day award this year has a special connection to Sorrento [Jean Stirling] p5.

Vol.15 no.2 JULY 2020: Deep Time Dreaming: uncovering ancient Australia by Billy Griffiths p5. Aeroplane crash: Argus, 21 Oct 1929 light machine wrecked, occupants' amazing escape [Alexander Arthur Barlow and Hugh Hughes crashed a Gipsy Moth in Portsea p9.

Vol.16 no.1 MARCH 2021: President's Report [COVID-19] p2. Stories from 1803: John Broadhurst Boothman - Convict to Clerk p3. The Girls by Robin Levett [review] / Joy Kitch p5. Displays and collection report [model of the Port Phillip Paddle Steamer "Hygeia" donated to society] / Joy Kitch p6. Vale the following valued members [Michael Begg, Dorothy Chisolm, Tony Johnson, Fred Sullivan, Pauline Powell] p8. Last of the bay steamers: S.S. Sorrento p10.

Vol.16 no.2 JULY 2021: A hat box and a ripping yarn [Lt. John Tracy Richardson] p3. First of the bay steamers: Williams [luxury excursion steamers, The Williams] p5. Vale: Des Young 1939-2021 p8. Vale: Richard Cotter 1940-2021 p9. Convict stories: Mildred Rose Harrison p10.

Vol. 16 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2021: Sorrento Primary school [sesquicentennial 1871-2021] p1. Presidents report p2. The early Bay steamers / T.K.Fitchett p4. Displays and collection report [lootable goodies] p7. Research rovings [Longford Cottage Blairgowrie, Edith Coleman] p8. Convict stories from 1803 [Mildred Rose Harrison] p10.

Vol.17 no.1 APRIL 2022: Convict stories from 1803 p4. Collins 1803 Settlement Site p9. Three boys in a boat [Wardell family at Sorrento, Vic] p10.

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