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Main Title: Royal Australian Historical Society: Journal 2010 -
Subject: Royal Australian Historical Society
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New South Wales
Vol. 96 part 1 JUNE 2010: Whiteness on the frontiers of Empire: Herbridean Scots and Group Settlement in Western Australia 1923-1928 / Timothy S. Forest p1. The South Head peninsula of Sydney Harbour: boundaries in space and time / Robin Derricourt p27. Australia's mixed gauge railway system: a reassessment of its origins / John Mills p50. How Arthur Griffith came to despair of the industrial arbitration system in New South Wales / Morris Graham p62. Maypoles and electric fewnces: Centenary celebrations in 1950s Victoria / Jessie Mitchell p80.

Vol. 96 part 2 DECEMBER 2010: Making tribes? Contrasting Aboriginal tribal entities in Sydney and coastal NSW from the early colonial period to the present / Mitchell Powell and Rex Hesline p115. The politics of convict control in colonial New South Wales - 'the notorious OPQ' and the clandestine press / Brian Walsh p149. Scottishness and Britishness in Australasia,1875-1920 / Malcolm D. Prentis p168. Playing soldiers: Sydney private school cadet corps and the Great War / Nathan Wise p184. Loyal lieutenat or spy? Frank De Groot and the intelligence services / Andew Moore p201.

Vol. 97 part 1 JUNE 2011: Postwar emergency housing in Sydney - the camps that never were / Michael Hogan p7. Carl Oscar Schulze: one of Australia's finest engineers / Amanda Mackie and Phillip Pells p25. Amending 'the lion in the path': the hurdles, thrusts and ploys of the New State Movement in northern NSW 1920-30 / John Farrell p44. Education for a liberal democracy, 1856-1866: the Hunter Valley / Alan Barcan p67. An architect and his clients: William Weaver in Hunter's Hill / Roslyn Maguire p85.

Vol. 97 part 2 DECEMBER 2011: Obituary: Dr. Ruth Meredith Frappell (8 March 1942 - 31 July 2011) / Brian H. Fletcher p115. Reading in colonial Australia: the 2011 John Alexander Ferguson memorial lecture / Elizabeth Webby p119. 'Necessary and urgent'? The politics of northern Australia, 1945-75 / Lyndon Megarrity p136. 'No common corrobery': the Robert Burns festivals and identity politics in Melbourne, 1845-59 / Alex Tyrrell p161. Richard Dawson: colonial ironmaster, engineer, merchant, and agent of technology transfer / Harry Irwin 181p. The origins of a white Australia: the coolie question 1837-43 / Tony Ohlsson p203. Theatre, amphitheatre and circus in Sydney, 1833-60 / Mark St. Leon p220.

Vol. 99 part 1 JUNE 2013: The role of Robert James Ellicott, QC, in the dismissal of the Whitlam government in 1975 / Andrew Morrison p7. Capital's foot soldiers': William Kennedy McConnell, Francis Armand Bland and Millicent Preston Stanley Vaughan and the war against the Australian Labor Party during the 1940s / Warwick Eather and Drew Cottle p18. The accidental suffragist from Australia: Muriel Matters and the political advancement of British women / Steven Anderson p36. 'Mrs Thunderbolt': setting the record straight on the life and times of Mary Ann Bugg / David Andrew Roberts and Carol Baxter p55. Did Henry Hacking shoot Pemulwuy? A reappraisal / Daoug Kohlhoff p76.

Vol. 99 part 2 DECEMBER 2013: Obituary: a distinguished and influential historian: Emeritus Professor Marjorie G. Jacobs, AO (1915-2013) / Brian H. Fletcher p109. 'Patronised servants': Australian scientists in the 1940s / Phillip Deery and Lachlan Clohsey p114. The Australioan Museum's classical sculptutr collection / Jan Brazier p133. George Vandiemen: a Tasmanian Aborigine in Lancashire, England, (1822-27) / Zoe Lawson p153. Light, camera, fire! Cinematic representations of World War I's Middle East front and its Palestine campaign / Yvonne Kozlovsky-Golan p170. Misconceptions, myths and maps: a fresh look at Armadale's 'Galloway Grid' / Mick Reed p191.

Vol. 100 part 1 JUNE 2014: Towards a destruction of the myths concerning Admiral Arthur Phillip / Russell Sweet p7. Myra Willard and the ghost of white Australia / Tony Ohlsson p28. Keeping it in the family: land use and cultural cohesion in the colonial German settelements of southern New South Wales, 1860-1914 / Dirk H.R. Spennemann p48. Following the leaders: the role of non-Indigenous activism in the development and legitimation of Daguragu community (Wattie Creek), 1969-73 / Charlie Ward p69. Empires of faith, mind and body: St. John's College, University of Sydney 1857-1918 / Geoffrey Sherington and Perry McIntyre p93.

Vol. 100 part 2 DECEMBER 2014: Fifty-five years an amateur historian and bibliophile (John Alexander Ferguson memorial lecture, July 2014) / Keith Johnson p128. Lost and found and lost and found: the discovery and rediscovery of Tench's Prospect Mount / Vic Jurskis p144. Suspect women in the Western Division of New South Wales / Jan Cooper p158. Six o'clock closing and the growth of prostitution in Sydney, 1916-27 / Paul Bleakley p176. The Manor family: Australia's oldest urban commune / Bill Metcalf p194.

Vol.101 Part 1 JUNE 2015: The forgotten expedition - 1885: the Strickland River, New Guinea [of the Geographical Society of Australasia] / Peter D. Dwyer, Monica Minnegal and Chris Warrillow p7. 'A great deal of mischief can be done': Peter Worsley, the Australian National University, the Cold War and academic freedom, 1952-1954 / Geoffrey Gray p25. Shark attacks in Sydney Estuary / Patrick James p45. 'Things Australians strive for': Jack Lang's landmark speech at the Sydney Harbour Bridge [opening, Jack Lang, New Guard] / Gerald Lefurgy p61. Independent women: midwives of two cities, Sydney and Edinburgh in mid-19th century / Lesley Potter p79.

Vol.101 Part 2 DECEMBER 2015: Australian women and the Armenian relief movement / Vicken Babkenian p111. 'The Thiefdom': bushrangers, supporters and social banditry in 1860s New South Wales / Susan West p134. Crooks in khaki: German New Guinea 1914-1915 - a case study / Michael Tyquin p156. Perpetual motion? - mobility in a frontier railway town: Nyngan 1881-1891 / Terry Kass p169. Surgeons' journals: an underused source for Australian convict history, 1817-1843 / Kathrine M. Reynolds p194.

Vol.102 Part 1 JUNE 2016: Songs of the Sudan War: Patriotism militarism and the Australian national identity / Mark Pinner p7. From Happiness to Havoc: the Aboriginal Bruny Islanders before Settlement by the British , as witnessed by French explorers, 1792-1802 / Colin Dyer p32. Drama at the Albury Racecourse: the international airliner KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Douglas DC-2 Uiver / Noel Jackling and Doug Royal p45. A Power in the Bush: the rabbit industry in South-East Australia 1870-1950 / Warwick Eather and Drew Cottle p71. Revisiting the Vickery Legacy: E.F Vickery and his dream of a New World on the South Coast of New South Wales / Robert Carr p88.

Vol.102 Part 2 DECEMBER 2016: James Stephen's doctrine of a white Australia / Tony Ohlsson p131. A community, a council and a flood risk: the case of Maitland, New South Wales, and some ramifications / Chas Keys p152. The curious case of Sammy Cox / Katrina Gulliver p173. A short note on Long Cove / Sue Castrique p189. Richard Guise: Englishman or French Duke / Roslyn Cartwright p203. Winged victory and Marrickville's memory of war: Defining personal and communal loss in Sydney's inner west / Clinton Johnston p217.

Vol.103 Part 1 JUNE 2017: The pioneer legend and its legacy: in memory of John Hirst / Richard Waterhouse p7. Accommodating miners and their families in NSW: twenty acres for the price of two drinks / Terry Kass p26. Cold blooded judicial murder, 1910-1925 / Pauline Curby p40. 'Great progress and evolution' : the 1911 Australasian Medical Congress and fin de siecle nation building in Australia / Mark Hearn p61. Phillip Parker King's stowaway / Matt Fishburn p80.

Vol.103 Part 2 DECEMBER 2017: Drake's progress: the political somersaults of J.G Drake / Lyndon Megarrity p111. All day there was a stream of curious visitors: the cremation of Devan Singh in Abury NSW July 1905 / Dirk Spennemann p136. Cycling communities: bicycle clubs in Australia with an emphasis on Sydney, 1860s to 2000s / Marc Rerceretnam p154. The life of Alexander Green revisited: did he really hang 490 criminals in the colony of New South Wales / Pamela Harrison p181. Surgeon William Redfern in London and Edinburgh 1828-1833 / Arthur R. Jones p201.

Vol.104 Part 1 JUNE 2018: At all events on the through lines: the century-long journey to Australia's rail gauge unification / Scott Martin p7. Prayer and carbolic: reactions to the plague in Sydney in 1900 / Malcolm D. Prentis p28. Tension among friends: internationalism in Sydney in 1923 / Les Hetherington p47. James Ralfe and the early surveys at Port Macquarie / Tony Dawson p62. Crime pays: women transported for forged bank notes / Carol Liston p83.

Vol.104 Part 2 DECEMBER 2018: Obituary: Emeritus Professor Brian Hinton Fletcher OAM (1931-2018) / Carol Liston p121. New Perspectives on an old case: 'Somerton Man', Sydney and the Australian far-Right / Rowan Holmes p125. Australia in Joshua Slocum's circumnavigation / Michael Roe p145. Governor Gipps' unwelcome guest: French Captain du Petit-Thouars' visit to Sydney in 1838 / Colin Dyer p165. Wentworth's coolies / Tony Ohlsson p176.

Vol.105 Part 1 JUNE 2019: The women in Arthur Phillip's life [Margaret Charlotte Tibbott, Deborah Brooks, Isabella Whitehead] / Michael Flynn p8. Macquarie and the towns [Lachlan and Elizabeth Macquarie and the towns they designed] / Iain Stuart p26. Histories of the Chinese in regional NSW 1850-1950 / Janis Wilton p49. The introduction of barbed wire to lineside fences of the NSW railways / John Pickard p70. At the last resort: the Bells Line of road during the threat of invasion, 1939-1942 [preparation for possible Japanese invasion in World War II] / Matthew Larnach p92.

Vol.105 part 2 DECEMBER 2019: Obituary- R. Ian Jack, MA, PhD (1935-2019) / Carol Liston p133. The physical endeavour: how a wooden ship shaped Cook's first circumnavigation / Claire Brennan p135. Governor King and the illicit distillers, 1800-1806 [spirit distillation in NSW] / Darren Hopkins p159. The 1820 influenza outbreak in Sydney and its impact on indigenous and settler population / Denis Gojak p181. Enid and Elaine de Chair: Government House and modernism in Sydney / Anne Sanders p207. Reverend George Soo Hoo Ten / Howard le Couteur p225.

Vol. 106 part 1 JUNE 2020: The elusive Reginald Benjamin Levien: Victoria's commercial agent in Asia, fraudster, recidivist / James Cotton p7. Anna Blackwell, Sydney Morning Herald correspondent in Paris (1860-90) / Patricia Clarke p29. Speculator, settler, selector, squatter, surveyor: surveyors and the land laws, 1860s to 1880s / Terry Kass p49. No band of brothers: officers and internal politics in the 19th Australian Infantry Battalion 1915-1918 / William Westerman p72. Percy Gledhill's memorial to aboriginal people / Keith Amos p93.

Vol.106 part 2 DECEMBER 2020: Spain and the Botany Bay Colony: a response to an imperial challenge / Robert J. King p125. Australia and the Dardanelles commission, 1916-1917: a re-assessment / Jatinder Mann and Carl Bridge p146. Avoid stigmatising them by name [White Australia Policy] / Michael Williams p165. Living with the Hume Dam, 1919-2019 / Bruce Pennay p194.

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