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Main Title: Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies: the Genealogist 2000 - 2015
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Vol.9 no.9 MARCH 2000: Emma Albertazzi (nee Howson) born 1814 (cover portrait). The secret Aussie life and the secret Aussie wife [Eustace Charles Alexander family] p394. Our flamin’ Aunt [Emma Albertazzi] p397. The diaries of Stephen Rouse, Parish Clerk of Minster in Sheppey, Kent p398. From the silk weavers of Bethnal Green [Elder family] p399. Member profile: Kate Press p401. The life of a pioneer Australian [Philippa James (nee Bridges) 1848-1911] / Joan Grinlaw p402. From Germany to Sandhurst [Franz and Crescentia (nee Ackerman) Pfau] p404. The Pemberton [sailing ship] 1849 p406. Some early steamships p407. Melbourne celebrates [how Melbourne has celebrated some important moments in its history] p414. Empire Day p416. A tale of two Georges [George Townsing, Rosa Ann de Montford Steele] p417. Pioneer portraits: Margaret Jane Hopewell (nee Turner) 1862-1935 p418. S.S. Great Britain [screw steam ship] / Graham Price p419. Victorian bushrangers p422.

Vol.9 no.10 JUNE 2000: Pioneer portraits: Charles Unwin, 46th Battalion, WW1; Richard Bertram Taylor, 46th Battalion, WW1, photo taken in Bendigo. St James Old Cathedral, ‘the church of the pioneers’ p452. Pierce Collits and the Golden Fleece Inn [on the Bathurst Road] p465.

Vol.9 no.11 SEPTEMBER 2000: Vale: Brian Eade p487. Photos of Coburg: Pentridge; Holy Trinity Anglican Church; St Paul’s Catholic Church; Wesleyan / Methodist Church p502. Great International Quartz Mining Company, Mount Tarrangower 1882 p511. HMS Tortoise [ship] p512. Counties and countries in Britain and Ireland p513.

Vol.9 no.12 DECEMBER 2000: Joseph Greening, watch and clock maker p539. Finding your Tasmanian connections p542. The foul tale of Victoria’s first marine survey p550. Pioneer portraits: George Smith from Beechworth; Five generations of a well-known family late of Osmaston, Westbury, Northern Tasmania: Mr Anderson, Mrs J. Wallace, Mrs J. Purton, Mrs C. Burt, master Lindon Burt p554.

Vol.10 no.10 JUNE 2003: The Collins settlement 1803-4 / Richard Cotter p438. Early land selection [Unthank family] / Dr Eric L. Unthank p440. Researching placenames around Alexandra and Eildon / Nigel Sinnott p446. Using country directories as an aid to family history research / Rod Neep p448. Missing your family from the Tasmanian pioneer index / Lucille V. Andel p452. Daylesford and district / Clare Gervasoni and Dot Wickham p458. Andrea Ferrari (photo) p458.

Vol.10 no.11 SEPTEMBER 2003: A high price was paid [Private Arthur Charles Leary] / Mavis Leary p484. A first class man for a settler [Fred and Lillian Sharrock] / Penny Mercer p486. The Audoss autograph p488. Midwives and nurses in colonial Victoria: Sarah Barfoot and her contemporaries / Madonna Grehan p496. Mary Whiteman (photo) p498. A tale of star-crossed lovers [Mary Heron and Robert Fletcher Reay] / T. Fred Smith and Sarah Reay p500. Alexander Henderson award p506. Hartland family reunion p509.

Vol.10 no.12 DECEMBER 2003: Family search in France / Lawrie Styles p532. Frida’s story of the intrepid internees of Tatura: as dictated by Frida Zerjal, March 1995 [Riboni family] p538. The Anglo-Scottish Family History Society / Dan Muir p540. The search for European roots / Barbara Addie p544. Preserving your precious voices / Liz Butterfield p546. Stefania Brochwicz (nee Zaremba) 1881-1962 / David Secomb p550.

Vol.10 no.1 MARCH 2001: The mystery of the Garryowen solved [Garonne (ship); Lucinda (ship); Ballaarat (ship); journey of Richard and Mary Hopper and family to Australia 1888] p7. Irish convicts transported to Australia p10. State School no. 33 Dana Street, Ballaarat [Ballarat] / submitted by a descendant of Rose McHugh p22.

Vol.10 no.2 JUNE 2001: Robinson family circa 1910: Henry, Mary, Ellen, Alice, Edith and Florence (cover photo). Suddenly, they all appeared in Victoria! [Bell family] p54. List of professions and traders of Horsham 1929 p56. From Canterbury butchers to Canterbury tales [George Robinson family] p58. My father, Dr Lasker, and a little riddle / Ian Nowak p60. Pioneer portrait: a gentleman’s day out [James Henry, schoolmaster] p83.

Vol.10 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2001: The Australians in the Boer War p100. This arduous campaign South Africa 1900-1901 [Fred Carter] p102. The school cadets of Middle Park State School c 1901 (photo) p104. Picture postcards of the 1914-1918 War p107. Boer War newspaper reports p109. Does your family boast of a gunmaker? [gun makers] p114. Public Record Office: early police in Victoria p118. A soldier’s wife [Louise Johnson (nee Garwood)] p120.

Vol.10 no.4 DECEMBER 2001: Vale: Peter Graham Foard 1938-2001 p147. Vale: Doris Kemp 1908-2001 p147. Sir George Reid and Federation p148. The part my great grandfather played in the forming of Federation [John Henry] / Susan O’Keefe p150. My Federation ancestor: William Clarke Hose / Judith Hose p151. The answers are out there [Violet Eller family] / Kath Ensor p162. Joseph’s Christmas [Joseph Tuzo] / Jennifer Tilley p169.

Vol.10 no.5 MARCH 2002: Charlie Collins (cover photo, story p219). Henry and Mary’s story [Henry Coward] / Graham Coward p196. Oliver Harvey remembers [Thomas Oliver Mark Harvey] p198. Mr Inglis – a visitor to Callan, Kilkenny in 1834 / Frances Almstrom p200. Horatio Cooper: forgotten pioneer / C. Stewart Ross p202. New Zealand war medals (colonial) p204. William Wareham, ‘swing rioter’ and elusive ancestor / Lynn Haines p210. Charlie Collins: a man of the times / L.J. ‘Jim’ Collins p219.

Vol.10 no.6 JUNE 2002: Oliver Harvey remembers continued p245. Public Record Office: tracking the 1954 royal tour p246. Cover story: Captain J.H. Thompson 1889-1955 / A.D. Thompson p250. Life on board the ‘Endeavour’ / John Gale p251. The first direct immigrants to Western Victoria and their ship the ‘Tasmania’ / Tom Newton p255. Loss of the barque ‘Tasmania’ p257. The amazing voyage of Captain S.J. Englehardt Jorgensen / Laurel Lewis p261. Geelong and Portland Bay Immigration Society (including Port Fairy) 1845-1847 / Jenny Williams Fawcett p263. Quarantine Station Point Nepean Portsea 1852-2002: a celebration of 150 years / Elsie Barras p271.

Vol.10 no.7 SEPTEMBER 2002: Follow up articles: Captain J.H. Thompson [‘Wild Wave’ barque, ship]; Captain Simon Jacob Engelhardt Jorgensen p294. The final episode of Oliver Harvey remembers p296. The Bligh family / Pauline Long p298. Chasing ancestors in the Cotswolds / E. Jolly p300. Found the foundlings / Eric Panther p310. Gravel Hill School registers / Rita Hull p316.

Vol.10 no.8 DECEMBER 2002: Four of the great grandchildren of William and Betsey Burns 1910: Leila, Rex, Gladys and Violet (cover photo). Who killed Baulch’s bullocks? [Enoch Baulch] / Penny Mercer p340. Waring family and Page family / Phil Waring p343. The Patterson brothers: builders of brigs, barques and schooners / Don Chambers p344. Cover story: the family of William and Betsey Burns p348. Using Victoria Police correspondence files for family history research / Helen D. Harris p354.

Vol.10 no.9 MARCH 2003: A walk around old Broadmeadows Village p390. A Victorian in Western Australia: letter from the goldfields 1896 / P. Brotchie p392. A ten quid migration / Ethel F. Bury p397.

Vol.11 no.1 MARCH 2004: Family threads: seven direct generations of the female line / Yvonne Pratt p4. Coincidences, Cliftons and Morleys [Clifton; Morley] / Nigel H. Sinnott p6. Letters from Melbourne about 1860 [William to John Unthank 1857] / Eric Unthank p8. Australian first class cricketers project / Ray Webster p16. Charles James Backman 1884-1915 p16. Was your grandmother a photographic woman on wheels? / Fiona Kinsey p20. Annie Dawson Wallace in knickerbockers with her bicycle, Sydney, 1899 (photo) p21. Archives of the imagination [National Archives of Australia] / Merilyn Minell p24. Tasmanian records of birth, death and marriage / Maree Ring p26. Was your ancestor in local government in 1901? / Colin Holt p29.

Vol.11 no.2 JUNE 2004: The Red Bridge at Campbell Town, Tasmania p52. Mary Lettice and the female factory / Wendy Nattestad p53. From obscurity to immortality [Handley family] / Louise Rainbow p53. Betsey Carpenter / Noeline Goodwin p54. Richard Street / David Street p54. A fatal letter [Mathew Luck] / Norma Paterson p55. Campbell Town convict trail p56. The lightkeeper’s lament [William and Elsie Matilda Jacques] / Judy Jacques p57. Operations at His Majesty’s General Hospital, Hobart, Tasmania 1840-1859 (list) p61. Family history research at the Archives Office of Tasmania p62. Robert K. Cole (photo) p68.

Vol.11 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2004: Death down below [Edwin Barker and Bridget Carroll] / Carolann Thomson p91. Take a walk in the cemetery p92. The National Archives moves to North Melbourne / Ross Latham p95. An answer to a ‘fatal letter’: Augustus Dauncey – the first Pentonvillain executed in Victoria / Elizabeth Hore p96. Black Friday: January 13th 1939 [bushfires, including list of those who died] / Eril Jolly p108. A letter from the ‘Sacramento’ (ship) [emigrants letter, Melbourne, July 18, 1853, by Joseph Pledger] / Colin Holt p110. Relics of the old times, copied by Betty Dunn from the ‘Albury Banner and Wodonga Express’, 15th December 1877 [moving of graves from the old Melbourne Cemetery to the new cemetery] p119.

Vol.11 no.4 DECEMBER 2004: The Myer Christmas windows / Noelene Goodwin p132. A Palmerston (now Darwin) pioneer [Edward Prosser Hopewell] / Dr Eric L. Unthank p134. Eureka / Dorothy Wickham p136. Thomas Kennedy 1827-1859 p137. Forsters that are gone from the households of Darlington [Forster family] / T. Fred Smith p138. Dr [Edward Foord] Bromley R.N. / Lynda Reid p140. Solomon’s Tump / John Wooller p148. Relatively speaking: calculating relationships / Kath Ensor p150. Never give up [Arthur Good] / Linda O’Sullivan p151. Harry Wilfred Nunn, died 2004 p158.

Vol. 11 no.5 MARCH 2005: The ‘SS Edina’ [ship] leaving Geelong on its last trip, 21 June 1938 (photo, front cover). Neglected and Criminal Children’s Amendment Act 1874 – further conditions relating to wet-nurses p171. Grandfather’s memorabilia: a fragment of Victoria’s maritime history [Henry Osland Moody, Port Phillip steamers] / Eril Jolly p172. Is your family history recorded in maritime records? / Barrie Paterson p174. Kyneton Museum: well worth a visit / Bronwyn Wilson p176. They sowed we reap: 170 years of Whitemore’s history from land grant to family farm / Ivan C. Heazlewood, with a forward by John Dent. Launceston (formerly of Oaks) [Whitemore, Tasmania] p178. The Infant Life Protection Act of 1890 (or how useful police records can be) / Helen D. Harris OAM p180. A walk through Boroondara Cemetery, Kew p188. The man who came from nowhere [John Carley-Macauly] / Chris Carley-Macauly p191. Some unregistered marriages / Ada Ackerly p192. Wemyss family reunion p198.

Vol.11 no.6 JUNE 2005: The Phoenix Foundry: can you date this photo? / Paul Chandler p213. Lydia’s sixpence [inquest of Sophia Berry (Broady), Gloucester 1871] / John Wooller p214. Dorothy Moss: honorary life member of AIGS p215. From Calais, France to Nundle, NSW: a heritage of lace makers [Allan Robert Stanton] / Julie Kersey p216. Poor selection / Dr Greg McKie OAM p218. Marriage of John McKie and Emily Caroline Wilkinson 1897 (photo) p218. My genealogical frustrations [Thompson family] / Laurie Thompson p223. Legal deposit for genealogists p226. Confederate burials [in Australian cemeteries] / James Gray p227. Off limits / Lois Troop Bestor [Troop family] p227. Looking for a home [medallion presented to George William Lawford circa 1910] / Barry Lawford p228. The Society of Friends births in parish registers p228. Rules of the Blackwood Subscription Quadrille Assembly, to be held at the All Nations Hotel, Golden Point 1860 p240. Travelling in the 1850s [on The Continent] / Pat Eade p240. Oak trees, Barkly Park, Calder Highway, Taradale (photos) p249.

Vol.11 no.7 SEPTEMBER 2005: The Rajah Quilt: based on a paper presented by Jennifer Line at the launch of the Metal Rajah Quilt at the Cascades Female Factory Muster, Tasmania, 7 Nov 2004 p251. List of 180 women transported to Van Diemen’s Land aboard the ‘Rajah’ (ship) arriving 1 April 1841 p253. Finding George [George Herbert Deall] / Anne Major p254. 31st Alexander Henderson Award 2004 / Malcolm Turnbull p258. Was one of your ancestors an inventor?: Australian colonial state patents [inventors] p266. Reunion for ancestors of Alexander and Elizabeth (Betsey) Grant p274. Armistice fatalities: Australian service personnel who died on 11 November 1918 / Rodney Noonan p278. Relatives’ photos, a digital camera, and printing / David Andreassen p280. The home of Horatio Jones (photos) p289.

Vol.11 no.8 DECEMBER 2005: Was Santa always red? / Erich Panther p291. St Peters history revealed [suburb of St Peters, Sydney, NSW] p292. Did they go home? [Annie Elizabeth Clark / Clarke; Anthony Edward Billett Green; James Henry Smith] / David Cotton p293. Thomas Nottingham: a convict story / T. Fred Smith and Colin L. Smith p294. The Christmas quiz: or, The British Commonwealth and the effects it has had on your ancestry / David Cotton p296. Surname index: Ballarat East Petty Sessions Registers part 2 1890-1921 / Jennifer Burrell p298. Honouring our ancestors – more extreme genealogy / Megan Smolenyak p300. The Kennys of Newmarket, County Cork [Ireland, Kenny family]/ Graham Coward p301. Ballarat Orphanage circa 1900 (photo) p301. ‘Tigers from the fragrant mountain’: Chinese Studies Association of Australia ninth biennial conference p306. Educating young people in genealogical research: a bibliography of resources at the State Library of Victoria p307. Arthur Kenny with his friend Henry Coward (photo) p315. Mary Anne Kenny (nee Coward) (photo) p315. Robert Henry Kenny (photo) p315. Research activities of Bendigo AIGS p318. Brick walls: Lucy Alice Busby; Hilda Mabel Welsford; Frederick Wulff p319. Gog and Magog statues, Royal Arcade, Melbourne (photos) p329.

Vol.11 no.9 MARCH 2006: The A to Z of genealogy [family memorabilia] / Carolann Thomson p331. Charles and Grace Murray: a story of Australian settlement [Langwarrin] / T. Fred Smith and Mary A.G. Linning p332. The long walk to Wilmington / John Wooler p335. We never talk about Daisy / Dr Greg McKie OAM p339. John McKie and Emily Caroline Wilkinson 1897 (photo) p339. Origins of state secondary education in Victoria [Forrest Hill, National Model School, Melbourne Continuation School, Melbourne High School, MacRobertson Girls’ School] / Glen Turnbull p340. Changing name from Melbourne Continuation School to Melbourne High School 1912 (photo) p341. The view of National Model School on corner of Spring Street and Albert Street p341. Groundbreaking Greeks: tracing Greek Australians in the National Archives of Australia / Enid Woodley p342. George Edward Elliott – Boer War veteran / original source material provided by Norma Gardner p346. George Elliott 1897 (photo) p346. Researching Chinese ancestors p350. Research activities of Bendigo AIGS / David Cotton p359. Old newspapers and the family historian / Rod and Wendy Gow p360.

Vol.11 no.10 JUNE 2006: Down memory lane / Laurel Lewis p372. Researching your house p374. Female emigration to Hobart Town: report in the Hampshire Telegraph 1835 p375. Oh what a scandal! [George Thomas Usher] / Penny McColm p376. Ploughing match at Burrumbeet 1862 p378. The will of John Tregonning Cornish / Graham Coward p379. Victorian Bushmen Contingents / Robin Droogleever p382. The Poseiden mystery [gold nugget; Frederick Eva] / Tracy Rogers p395.

Vol.11 no.11 SEPTEMBER 2006: All you ever wanted to know about weddings p412. Using cemeteries for research p414. Rewards to Hampshire Agricultural Labourers p416. Settlement shopping: two families of the mid-nineteenth century [Brotchie family] / Phil Brotchie p419.

Vol.11 no.12 DECEMBER 2006: Early Americans and Canadians in Australasia / Nick Vine Hall p450. Prime Minister’s family history to be donated to the people of Australia [John Howard] p451. A French connection with a Melbourne stockbroking house [Wallace H. Smith and Co.] / Lucille Andel p452. Salvation Army Heritage Centre p456. Conserving our headstones p458. Vale: Nick Vine Hall 1944-2006 p478.

Vol.13 no.10 JUNE 2012: Chipping away at another brick wall … serendipity happens [Dr Robert Nelson Jack] / Judy Miller p11. The fascination of trains: an alternative way to tackle your family history [railway disaster, Elliot Junction, Scotland 1906] / Dale Margaret Vagg p12. He helped light up our city: George Frank South 1813-1891: the innovative engineer and pioneer of gas lighting in Melbourne / Eric Unthank p18.

Vol.13 no.11 SEPTEMBER 2012: Vale: Dorothy Moss p3. Who was the Blue Girl? [cholera victim, Sunderland, England 1831] / T. Fred Smith and T.R. Finlayson p6. Finding history [Moore family] / Sandra Joyce p8. Changes to registration districts of Tasmania (timeline) p9. Meath to Mundoonen: the life of Mary McGrath (c. 1818-1858) / Judith Cooke p10. Notable dates: 20 years in early Australia p14. North New Moon Company [Eaglehawk] p16. Index to 'expired' tenure plaques at Springvale Botanical Cemetery (index now available at AIGS) p17. Book review: 'Abandoned women' by Lucy Frost / review by Barbara Wilson p23.

Vol.14 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2013: Vale: Margaret Hookey, AIGS President 1994-6 p4. Over the sea from Skye: the story of Alexander Anderson / Lynn Haines p5. Australian immigration and shipping / Cynthia Neale p13. The havoc and debacle of the ill-fated 'West Wind' [ship] / P.W. Legg p24.

Vol.14 no.4 DECEMBER 2013: Births, Deaths and Marriages Registry turns 160 p6. Louise's albatross [researching 'Southwark luck', winner of the 2012 Alexander Henderson Award] / Louise Wilson p7. Writing Dan Desbois' life story / Geoffrey R. Morgan, winner of the 2012 Don Grant Award p10. England and Wales censuses / Cynthia Neale p12. Oakleigh and District Historical Society / Sarah Hurley p15. 'The Scotsman' digital newspaper archive 1817-1950 p16. Australian colonial forces and family history online research guide p17. Lost London / Anne Major p20.

Vol.14 no.5 MARCH 2014: Cemeteries / Cynthia Neale p4. In search of Mary Emily [Reay] / T. Fred Smith, Sarah Reay and Colin Booth p8. Lost and found in parish registers / Trevor Dawe p10. Bendigo diggings / David Cotton p12. Using social media for research / Carolann Thomson p13. State Library of Victoria: new research guide to the Victorian Sheriff's Office Warrants p14. Case study: Archibald Aitken and his son, Thomas Aitken p14. Member query: Sybil May Miers p17. New Zealand war medals / Lucille Andel p20. Melbourne wives and widows of H.M. Soldiers of 40th Regiment serving in New Zealand 1860 / Lucille Andel and Noel Clark p22. Annabella Rosa (Rose) Wilson nee Cavell ... where is she now? p31.

Vol.14 no.6 JUNE 2014: Vale: Fred Smith 1939-2014 p3. Hartley: a middle name [Redfearn family] p12. The governess' tale: Mary Jane Hawken / Pike p14. Bigamy on board the 'Will Watch' emigrant ship p18. Family lore [Howard-Hannay-Kleinfeldt family] p19. Richmond and Burnley Historical Society p26. Roll of Honour in St Andrew's Uniting Church [formerly Presbyterian], Myers Street, Bendigo 1914-1919 War p27.

Vol.14 no.7 SEPTEMBER 2014: Hochgurtel Fountain, Royal Exhibition Building p3. Ellen Grant: tragedy and serendipity / Ray Jelley p4. James Jordan: virtuous veteran or vexatious villain? / Lucille Andel p10. Petition from Belfast (Port Fairy) in 1854 / Helen Harris p17. Alexander Henderson Award 2013 p20. Don Grant Award p22. A serendipitous family connection [Hickox] / Ian Nowak p24.
Vol.14 no.8 DECEMBER 2014: Researching, writing and publishing 'Thomas Diprose and Elizabeth Children Diprose of Kent and Van Diemens Land. Strangers' / Elizabeth Parkes p4. William Parkinson: 19th century operatic tenor and 'Professor of Music' / Patricia Rogerson p6. For God, King and Country: the Great War of 1914-1919 / Shirley Devery p10. Genuki / Cynthia Neale p12. A schoolmaster's life: David Stevenson c1819-1859 / Ray Welsford p14. Hennessy family p25. Ogilvie family p25.

Vol.14 no.9 MARCH 2015: The Lone Pine, Orange, NSW p3. Trove newspapers / Cynthia Neale p4. Water in the family history works / Bev Wilson p8. Henry Walsh: clockmaker, pioneer and civic leader / Barbara Alderton p12. Remember the Boer War?: 450 Private Edwin Knox (1876-1901), Third Bushmen Contingent, Victoria / Pamela Hore p18. Lest we forget: the Australian Army Nursing Service [Sister Ethel Mary Ann Giddings, nurse] / Pirrie Shiel p20.

Vol.14 no.10 JUNE 2015: Free BMD website / Cynthia Neale p11. Harry Alexander Rigby, MC: distinguished Australian pilot, Royal Flying Corps, WW1 / Judith Carter and Don Bradmore p14. A last post [Ruby May Barratt and Frank Roberts] / Jilba Georgalis p19. A red Flanders poppy [war cemeteries of World War One] / Des Lambley p21. Lilydale and District Historical Society p36.

Vol.14 no.11 SEPTEMBER 2015: Vale: Margaret Jansen p3. A convict's life [James Edward Pickett 1817-1907 and Anne Nolan 1819-1876] / Greg McKie p4. Using Digger for birth, marriage and death records / Cynthia Neale p7. Vale: Trevor Dawe 1943-2015 p15. Alexander Henderson Award 2014 p19.

Vol.14 no.12 DECEMBER 2015: In the shadow of Feathertop: a history of the lives and legacy of George Jones and Margaret Hardie / Craig Fullerton (winner of the Alexander Henderson Award 2014) p4. One of a kind: the life of Charles Hastings Barton / Ric Barton and John Tidey (winner of the Don Grant Award 2014) p6. St Michael's Church, Linlithgow p11. Bendigo Diggings: Nugget 1: Elizabeth Prideaux and Ernest Rowe family p14. Nugget 2: In search of Jane, Mary, Sarah Williams, Hahn or Haren / Mary Twyford p15. The Hue and Cry Index / Noeline Goodwin p18. The re-internment of King Richard III: white roses, white roses all the way / Rosemary Allen p19.
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