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Main Title: Australian National Dictionary Centre: Oz Words
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: Australian National Dictionary Centre
Slang and colloquialisms
Vol. 25 No.1 APRIL 2016:
Straight to the poolroom with these Australian idioms [Australian catchphrases and idoms] Amanda Laugesen p1.
Mail bag [the origin of 'bling', trotting the rabbit, to stiffen poll, on the origin of smoker, real bosker] p4.
From the centre [sharing the economy: our word of the year 2015] p5.
Where is Annie's room? [the origin of the phrase Annie's room] / Mark Gwynn, p6.
Mad as box of spanners / Julia Miller p7.

Vol. 25 No.2 OCTOBER 2016:
Mailbag [Gnarly, at sparrow fart, metallician, enough to drive a body beresk, fang it fangio] p4.
The Australian Comic Dictionary / Mark Gwynn p6.
Spanner crabs, platform 27, and a one-duck duck farm [various family and local idioms] / Julia Robinson p7.

Vol. 26 no.1 APRIL 2017:
Barry Humphries: satirist of suburbia / Tim Bowden p1. Mailbag [bush week, what's a brick weigh? Ten pounds! Metallic books and pencils, dicko says, zie and hir] p4. From the centre [launch of Australian National Dictionary, ANU media award, word of the year 2016: democracy sausage (runners up: ausexit, census fail, deplorables, shoey, brexit] p5. The nabes of New Idea / Catherine Horne p6. The claret ash: a dinky-di exotic / Bernadette Hince p7.

Vol.26 no.2 OCTOBER 2017: Bad language in nineteenth century Australia / Amanda Laugesen p1. Mailbag [head over turkey, Adventures of Barry McKenzie and uncle crustacean (uncooked crustacean), bigly and unpresidented and covfefe and Trump, tube of beer, cabbage trees carry the field, hoop snakes and drop bears, disinterested] p4. From the centre [Gary Simes, word of the year] p5. Social media and classic Aussie idioms / Mark Gwynn p6. Finding new Australian words / Julia Robinson p7.

Vol.27 no.1 APRIL 2018: Naming the enemy in French and Australian journals of the Great War p1. Mail bag [bullshit! Pig's ear!, latter, centred on centred around, fair cow! What the?, the letter H, social media queries, dodgy usage] p4. Word of the year [Kwassie] p5. Don't argue: how advertising gave us a sporting term / Julia Robinson p6. From musical flags to beach flags / Mark Gwyn p7.

Vol.27 no.2 OCTOBER 2018: Thirtieth anniversary [Australian National Dictionary] p5. Word of the year 2018 [options include: marriage equality, census fail, shirtfront, smashed avo and jumper punch] p5. Patrick Troy p5. The honey badger loves his similes [Nick Cummings] / Mark Gwynn p6. Memoir and the reading program / Julia Robinson p7.

Vol.28 no.1 APRIL 2019: On barrackers and barracking / Matthew Klugman p1. Mailbag [yabbies fit the bill has he counted your ribs yet?, fronting up: to front court, worth your weight in cocky seed-or cocky chaff, Barcoo fly veil] p4. Word of the year [Canberra Bubble] p5. Colonial goose / Bernadette Hince p7.

Vol.28 no.2 OCTOBER 2019: The silver bodgie and Australian English [Bob Hawke and his influence of Australian English] / Amanda Laugesen p1. Mail bag [rough cobber, toey, schnozzle, asylee, dropping borries, to be in more shit than a Werribee duck, present tense usage] p4. From the centre [Ozwords 25 years old, word of the year, Trading Bank] p5. Looking for butchy boys [butchy boys term used for slaters] p6. Do you say Brisbane, Brissy, Brisso, Brisvegas, Brisbantinople or Brisganistan? / Mark Gwynn p7.

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