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Main Title: Genealogical Society of Victoria (GSV) : Ancestor 2008-2011
Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. : Genealogical Society of Victoria.
Collation: Periodicals in box. Electronic issues available on library computer 1948-2011.
Subject: Genealogical Society of Victoria
Genealogical societies - Periodicals
MARCH 2008: My ancestors of Old Pallas, County Limerick, Ireland / Narelle M.A. Donegan p6. Treasures from the attic [Tupper family] / Sylvia and Ian Tupper p10. University of Melbourne - the first matriculants / Trevor Hart p12. The case of the missing convicts / Brian Green p14. The British House of Commons parliamentary papers (1801-2003/04) / Walter Struve p20. Resources for family history research: resources on Victoria's history / Vicki Court p21.

JUNE 2008: The Irish Registry of Deeds: a secret treasure house / Kaye Cole p4. John Blight the baker and his baby / Sue Reid p7. The McNaughton family of Edinburgh and Kirkintilloch / Ken McNaughton p8. Was your ancestor employed at Kerang State School in the 19th century? / Judith Woodlock p12. Tracing your Scots-Irish ancestors / Allan Aberdeen p16. Don't forget historical societies as a resource / Vicki Court p28. Bena and district history p42.

SEPTEMBER 2008: Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital p3. The Hussey-Walsh manuscripts: 12th to 19th century Irish records / Linley Hooper p4. Fire, water and tragedy: two deaths in the McDowall family / Margaret Whitaker p6. Archibald McDowall, fireman p6. James McDowall, excise man p7. Genealogy disaster plan: a precaution worth taking / Julie Miller p9. Determination meets fate / Marie J. Dallman p10. The nice agreeable Miss Wellington [Marianne] / David Holloway p12. More from the State Library’s Redmond Barry Collection / Walter Struve p16.

DECEMBER 2008: English taxation records / Alan Fincher p5. Richard Wright of Kent: a convict’s tale / Mary Anne Gourley p13. It all began with the 1891 women’s petition … / Vicki Court p15. Trade journals / Walter Struve p16. Paintings of armorial bearings / A.C.G. Gray p17. Writers to the signet / John Blackwood p19.

Vol.29 iss.5 MARCH 2009: Subscribing to GSV RSS feeds p6. The Great War: some background material / Walter Struve p8. Dead man's penny [Wallace John Lydford] / Gail Arkins p10. Writings of Charles Dudley McNaughton / Ken McNaughton p13. The Australian Light Horse charge at Beersheba, Palestine October 1917 p16. Resources for family history research: Australian newspapers - historical newspapers 1803-1954 / Vicki Court p20. How do inherited objets d'art help the family historian? / Susan Patterson p29. The dirty linen of a gas manager [William Milner Barratt, manager of Port Fairy Borough Gas Works] / Ian Braybrook p31. A ward of the state: Jessie (one girl's story) p34.

Vol.29 iss.6 JUNE 2009: Wills and probate records - Australia / Eleanor Pugsley p4-6. Personal details: the Founders and Survivors Project / Prof. Janet McCalman p7-9. Exploring the 1911 census (England and Wales) / Debra Chatfield p10-12. Finding Laurence Ryland … or not! / Susie Zada p13-15. The mystery of the two marriage ceremonies of Susan Catherine Matilda Browne / Julie Wilson p16. Ballarat Goldfields diary appeal p17. British India: sources from the State Library of Victoria / Walter Struve p18-19. The Royal Historical Society of Victoria: celebrating 100 years / Vicki Court p20. CFA Memorial Website / Dianne Lewis p30. William Wylie and the press-gang / William Binns p30-1. The Golden Ball [Wellington family of Eldorado area] / David Holloway p41.

Vol.29 iss.7 SEPTEMBER 2009: Wills and probate records in Australia part 2: states other than Victoria / Eleanor Pugsley p4-6. UK farm labourers 1874 / Geoff Palmer p7-8. Looking for Judith / Maureen Mitchell p9-10. Judith's story / Judy Rout p10-12. An elusive ancestor / Jenny Kisler p13-14. William James Reid: a very old colonist / Bob and Sue Reid p15-17. Company genealogy / Walter Struve p18.

Vol.29 iss.8 DECEMBER 2009: Wills and probate: England and Wales / Linley Hooper and Eleanor Pugsley p4. The name of Isbister / Thelma Ragas p9. The wreck of the SS Konini / Jenny Wells p12. Grandma did not lie / Dorothy Anderson p14. Just do it! [write and article for Ancestor] / Susie Zada p17. Company genealogy part 2 / Walter Struve p18. Fire and flood: saving your treasures / Alexander Romanov-Hughes p31. SS Great Britain / Lesle Berry p32. Self-publishing on your own computer p34.

Vol.30 iss.1 MARCH 2010: Wills and probate records: Scotland / Eleanor Puglsey p4. The Advocate, Melbourne, a catholic journal 1868-1990 / Ita Collard p6. A pioneer's life: Chorleywood ot Colbinabbin 1841-1908 / Tony Martin p7. Trooper C.W. Emery: a light horseman / Max Emery p10. A visit to Cornwall 1805: Dolcoath Mine / Geoff Palmer p14. Early Melbourne Church of England (Anglican) records / Eleanor Pugsley p22. Historical British newspapers online p35.

Vol.30 iss.2 JUNE 2010: They were landed Irish gentry: why did the emigrate in steerage? [Jonas Charles and Martha Travers Morris (nee Smyth)] / Merilyn Bourke p4. A pioneer's life part 2: 'Box Hill' at Colbinabbin 1908-1927 [Sam Bull] / Tony Martin p7. Geelong: the gateway: the first years: through the eyes of Anne Drysdale we catch a glimpse of life in early Geelong / Bev Roberts p10. The expedition of Burke and Wills: a multicultural cast of hundreds / Dave Phoenix p14. Newspaper summaries and indexes / Vicki Court p35. State Library of Victoria: adoption and forgotten Australians: researching adoption, wardship and other related records in Victoria / Walter Struve p36.

Vol.30 iss.3 SEPTEMBER 2010: Family and community: living on the goldfields / Charles Fahey p4. Chinese on the Victorian goldfields / Ben Langan p8. Letters of Richard Nicholas Dowling Treacey / Tony Martin p11. Wills and probate records: Ireland / Linley Hooper p12. Trade unions: suggestions for genealogists / Christopher Wade p36.

Vol.30 iss.4 DECEMBER 2010: Nicholas and Marion Webber: Castlemaine publicans / Jim Webber p4. English Corney: a wheelwright who suffered miscarriage of justice / Katherine Aberdeen p7. Patient records of the historic Melbourne Hospital: the human side of history / Maurice Majurey p10. John McWhinney / Lex Tucker p16. The Penny Bridge, Studley Park / Joan Schoch p34. Charles Lightfoot, tollgate keeper / Elizabeth Dunlop p36. A soldier's gift [Sam Hyde and Edith Elena 'Nell' Robinson] / Patricia Baddeley p38.

Vol.30 iss.5 MARCH 2011: Ambrose Delany family / Leonie Loveday p4. Refugees and penal settlements / Susan Patterson p6. Eleanor Pugsley retires p10. Bad characters book / Peter Stanley p12. One-name studies / Dr Joe Flood p16. A case study in tracing German family history: finding my uncle / Michael Weber p34.

Vol.30 iss.6 JUNE 2011: An extraordinary story of survival: Jack Marshall / Mary Reilly p4. Footprints: an exhibition about Lucy and Percy Pepper / Sebastian Gurciullo p7. Finding the Fullertons [Fullerton family] / Aillin O'Brien p10. Landscapes of 19th century Melbourne / Gary Presland p12. Using geophysics to locate unmarked graves / David Hunter p16.

Vol.30 iss.7 SEPTEMBER 2011: A family heritage: six generations from 1831 to the present / Dr Dorothy Morris p4. My DNA adventure: a case study [Stubbs family] / David Stubbs p6. What kind of settlement? [Sydney] / Grace Karskens p9. Discovering grandfather [Edwin Davies] / Dr John Lane p14. Huguenot Society of Australia / Louise Wilson p16. A mystery solved, but another begins [Thomas Henry Thwaites] / Robert La Nauze p32. Upcoming exhibition: On their own: Britain's child migrants, Immigration Museum 13 Oct 2011 to 6 May 2012 / Geoff Read p33. In the backyard at Nan's [Matthews and Griffin families] / Christina Callinan p42.

Vol.30 no.8 DECEMBER 2011: My ancestry: Maria Goldsworthy p4. Farewell my children: mid-19th century Irish emigration to Australia / Dr Richard Reid p7. What kind of settlement? [early Sydney] [cont. from Sep 2011 issue] / Grace Karskens p10. Maria's story / Barry Parsons p36. Mapping for family histories p41.

Vol.31 iss.1 MARCH 2012: He died an Australian hero [Leslie George Ellis] / Joy Ellis p6. Tasmania's convicts / Dr Alison Alexander p7. Researching Australian World War One nurses / Dr Kirsty Harris p10. Lesle Berry p26. The Boer War 1899-1902: Victorian response / Rob Droogleever p40.

Vol.31 iss.2 JUNE 2012: Bennett family of Foresters Arms Hotel, Comadai [Coimadai?] [near Bacchus Marsh] p4. Searching for Jane [Martin] p6. Larrikins p9. WL [William Lawrence] Baillieu p12. Arthur Barker, death in orchestra pit, Bijou Theatre, Bourke Street p15. Tom and Libby Luke: preserving Cornish history in Australia p42.

Vol.31 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2012: From Ballysculty to Belfast: an Irish family story [Magdalene Semple and Isaac Topping] / Kay Daffey p4. Writing about the Irish in Victoria / Val Noone p8. Eleanor Greenwood's wedding dress [Greenwood family, Isbister family, Brunswick] / Thelma Ragas p11. John Fishenden: a hapless hatter / Judith M. Faulds p13. An introduction to e-books for family history writers / Louise Wilson, based on a talk given by Sylvie Blair p40. Australian royalty? [convicts] / Geoff Bentley p42.

Vol.31 iss.4 DECEMBER 2012: Lewis Byrne: colonial surveyor [Byrneside] / Jenny Wells p4. Hillendia: researching family history in Hill End, NSW / Martin Playne p7. A stranger in the grave [Thomas Berkley, Sarah Jane Carroll] / Ray Watson p8. Convict ancestors / Lynn Haines p10. Family history quest: Malvern, U.K. / Vicki Court p14. Honouring our long-term members: Marjorie Morgan OAM, FGSV p16. Clan MacNeacail [McNicol] / Beth and Jan Bell p35. The role of the family historian in dealing with uncertainty or disagreement / Tina Hocking p40.

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