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Main Title: Cinema and Theatre Historical Society (CATHS): Cinema record 2016 -
Year: 2016 -
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: Cinema & Theatre Historical Society (CATHS)
Cinemas and theatres
No. 89 2016: Victoria Theatre Newcastle saved / Les Tod OAM p6. Ambassadors Theatre, Perth / Graeme McBain p8. Orana Theatre, Wangaratta / Rod Cook p12. Orry Kelly: Miss Weston's protégé - a biography / Robert Parkinson p15. Movies at the Mechanics' Institute / Royce Harris p16. Jericho Drive-In, central Queensland / Gerry Kennedy p20. A touch of elegance - Williamson Films, New Zealand / David Lascelles p22. The theatres of Lismore, NSW part 3: a new theatre for Lismore - The Vogue / William Gray p28. The Roxy Theatre, Parramatta / Bruce Beresford p31. Victoria Picture Theatre, Horsham 1913-14 / Keith Davies p32. Capri Theatre, Goodwood [SA] / Brian Hunt p34. 70 mm at the Sun Theatre [Yarraville, Vic.] / Rob (Bert) Murphy p37.

No. 90 2016: A time in the film industry / William Gray p5. Last of the line: Hoyts New Malvern / Ian Smith and Eric White p8. Mishaps at the New Malvern / compiled by Ian Smith p13. 100 years: The Strand, Toowoomba / Mike Trickett p14. Remember the Long Run? / Royce Harris p16. Cornwall's Minack and Balmoral's Amphitheatre [Balmoral, Sydney, NSW] : two cliff-side theatres a world apart / Les Tod p18. Remembering the Crystal Palace, Caulfield / Alan Winn p22. He went for all he was worth [early theatres in Melbourne] / John Payne p24. The Colac Drive-In / Craig Pink p26. The talkies, picture palaces, the 1930s and the Depression / Bernie Halperin p28. The Geelong Palais Royal / Richard Twentyman, with research by Ian Smith p32. OK for sound: the Vocaltone / Ross King p36. The Adelaide Regent stripped of its fittings soon after closure / images by John Thiele p40.

No. 91 2016: Obituary Gerry Kennedy 7 May 1943-28 May 2016 CATHS President 1996 and 1999-2016 / Mike Trickett p5. Civic Theatre Ashburton / Gerry Kennedy p6. Hoyts Bentleigh / Les Egan p9. The Embassy Malvern (and me) / Hartley Davey and Gordon Evans p10. The Empress: The old tart in Williamstown / Les Tod. p16. The Lakeside Drive-In Yarrawonga / David Scott p20. The Nulty Family [Ouyen] p22. Hoyts: he company in New Zealand / David Lascelle p24. The Geelong Theatre / Richard Twentyman p28. Who would want to work at the pictures (part 3) / Steve Maggs p32. The not so breathtaking side of Cinemascope / Ross King p37.

No. 92 2016: Richmond National Theatre / Les Tod p6. Stanley-a brief history of the town hall p9. Blackett and Forster : Architects of the Barkley Theatre Footscray p10. $mall change [admission prices, Melbourne Regent Theatre 1929] p11. The Stargazer Drive-In, Thurgoona, NSW / David Scott p12. Who would want to work at the pictures (part 4) [Cremorne Orpheum, Dendy Cinema] / Steve Maggs p16. The Comedy Theatre Melbourne / Fred Page p19. My story: at the Darwin Drive-In / Patti Izod p23. Now showing [Barkley Theatre Footscray, Waverley Theatre East Malvern, Circle Theatre Essendon, Broadway Theatre Elwood, Lyric Theatre Brunswick, Dux Theatre Albert Park] / Royce Harris p26. My 50 years at 191 Collins Street [Regent Theatre] / Ian Williams p30. Ballarat's Civic Hall / Earl Martell p32. Municpal Theatre, Charleville / Gerry Kennedy p34. Recollections of the Victory Picture Theatre Taringa, Queensland / Eric Marggraf p36. A snapshot in time [drive-in theatres] p39.

No. 93 2017: Melbourne's Capitol Theatre / Graeme McBain p6. Geelong Performing Arts Centre / Richard Twentyman p10. The Callahans and the Murphys come to town [riot at the Empire Theatre over film The Callanhans and the Murphys] / Peter Wolfenden p14. The Dendy Theatre, Brighton-as I remember it / Eric Reed p16. Capital Theatre Bendigo / Fred Page p18. The Ballarat Mechanics' Institute / Earl Martell p22. The Stargazer drive in, Thurgoona NSW (part 2) / David Scott p25. Mildura's Langtree Hall / Keith Davies p28. New Era Film Productions p38.

No. 94 2017: Newsreal [Mildura: Deakin cinema. Preston: Preston Progress Hall. Collingwood: Austral, Rivoli Camberwell, Rivoli East Hawthorn. Footscray: La Scala. Melbourne: Forum Theatre. Daylesford: Rex Cinema. Balwyn: Palace Cinema Balwyn] p4. Hoyts and mid city cinemas, Melbourne / Cameron Hall p6. The Amusu Theatre, Manildra NSW / Richard Twentyman p12. The cinemas of Moruya, NSW / Gerry Kennedy p14. The Piccadilly North Adelaide / John Thiele p16. The picture theatre orchestra: a Tasmanian perspective / Phil Corby p24. The Royal Prince Alfred Hall, Ballarat / Earl Martell p27. A look at the process of super technirama 70 / Earl Martell p28. Crossroads Drive-In Theatre, Mildura / Gerry Kennedy p30. Cinema promotion 1940 style / Royce Harris p32. Paramount pictures and the auditorium : a short lived romance / Bernie Halperin p36.

No. 95 2017: Tasmania's cinema ones [Tasmania single screen cinemas in the 1970s] / Earl Martell p6. Recollections of a movie buff / Don Flowers p8. The Palace Theatre Hobart / Phil Corby p10. The cinemas of Narrandera, NSW / Gerry Kennedy p14. The brightest years of cinema advertising / William Gray p20. Her Majesty's Theatre, Ballarat / Earl Martell p22. Athenaeum Theatre / Richard Twentyman p25. Lawrence (Laurie) Ernest Rossister (1905-1985) and the Surrey Hills Theatre, Surrey Hills, Vic. / Paul Rossister p28. The Newmarket Theatre / Mike Trickett p30. Fay's twin cinema, Taree NSW / Gerry Kennedy p33. Canterbury Picture Theatre: films move eastwards / Ian Smith p34.

No. 96 2017: Tivoli Theatre and Roof Garden theatre, Brisbane / Les Tod p6. Lyric Cinema - Apollo Bay, Vic. / Ted Tuckey p10. The Avalon Theatre, Hobart / Earl Martell p12. Australian picture going / Barry York p14. Tickets please / Royce Harris p19. Arthur Charles Davis: film industry's shadowy figure / David Lascelles p23. The Roxy Theatre: Leeton NSW / Gerry Kennedy and the editorial team p24. The Theatre Royal, Perth / Les Tod p26. The Mailing Canterbury: last growth spurt of the 40s / Tony Tibballs and Ian Smith p29. That man outside Hoyts [Carl Theodore Fredrickson] p32. Bellerive Regent Theatre / Earl Martell p34. The great city picture palaces / George Ivanoff p36.

No. 97 2018: Fire at the Mentone theatre / Ron McVay p7. Proserpine's Eldorado theatres / Mike Trickett p8. The Astra, Ascot Park, South Australia / Dylan Walker p10. Cinemas of Orange, NSW / edited from research by Gerry Kennedy p13. Happy days at Hoyts Movies / Keith Gulliver p16. Gulong's Prince of Wales Opera House / Keith and Judith Gulliver p20. My Fair Lady Theatre Adelaide / Rick Foster p22. Plaza Theatre / Paris Theatre, Perth / Les Tod p24. Prince of Wales Hobart / Earl Martell p26. Prospect SA / Royce Harris p28. When CinemaScope came to Australia / Earl Martell p30. Smoke gets in your eyes: smoking in Melbourne's theatres / CATHS Research Group p32. Looking back...The Regent and Plaza, Melbourne / Bert Bertram p34.

No. 98 2018: Chinese cinema in Melbourne / Cameron Hall p5. Going to the pictures in Hobart in the 1970s / Earl Martell p10. Presentation at the movies: what did and what didn't happen / Fred Page p12. Memories of the Regal Theatre Hartwell, Vic. / Graeme McCoubrie p14. The crying room: no more tears / Royce Harris p16. The history of cinema in Peterborough SA / Colin Flint p19. CATHS inspections: Paramount Theatre, Maryborough, Vic. p11. The theatres of Queenscliff, Vic. / Ron Hodgetts, Richard Twentyman and Ian Smith p23. The Astor Theatre, Kilmore Vic. / Jim Lowden and Mike Trickett p28. Ozone Theatre, Victor Harbor SA / Ben Bagshaw p31. The cinemas of Ayr, Far North Queensland / Gerry Kennedy p34. The old theatres of Healesville, Vic. / Richard Twentyman p36. Changing times [projections, projectors and projectionists] / Mike Trickett p38.

No.99 2018: Service with a Smile at the Cinema [The Era of the Cinema Usher] / Bertie Berttram p5. Her Majesty's Theatre, Adelaide / John Thiele p8. Going to the Pictures in Wollongong, NSW / Robert Parkinson p14. The Burnie Theatre, Tasmania / Earl Martell p18. The Evolution of the Carbon Arc Lamp / Richard Twentyman. CATHS visits the Forum Theatre, Melbourne / Graeme McBain p23. Rob Richards at the Capri Theatre Organ, Adelaide / John Thiele p24. The Phillips Brothers : American Showmen down under / Bruce Corneill p25. When Hoyts was also a coded message / Ian Smith p28. The Globe comes to Australia / Jim White p30. Theatres of Rockingham, WA / Lindsay Morris and Richard Twentyman / p34. The Fairfield Theatre, VIC / Tony Tibballs p36.

No.100 2018: 100th journal p3. Melbourne's Broadway [Bijou Theatre and Bourke Street] / Bert Bertram p5. It's a wonderful like: part 1 finding my feet / Maurice Scott p10. The Astor, Surat QLD. / Mike Trickett p14. Salute to the State Theatre, Melbourne [the Forum] / Frank Van Straten p16. Congratulations on CR's 100th issue / Les Todd p20. The 100th edition of CinemaRecord celebrates a selection of 100 year old, operational theatres [Melbourne's Alexandra Theatre now Her Majesty's Theatre, Geelong Theatre, The Victoria Theatre Newcastle, The Empire Theatre Toowoomba, The Strand Theatre Toowoomba, The Strand Theatre Hobart, The Delta Theatre Queensland, Rickard's Tivoli Theatre Adelaide now Her Majesty's Theatre, His Majesty's Theatre Perth, Empire Theatre Bowral, St James Theatre Weillington, Princess Theatre Melbourne] / Richard Twentyman p21. Filmed in 70 mm or was it? / Earl Martell p26. First provincial "twin cinema" in Australia: Townsville's Odeon and Forum Twin / Mike Trickett p28. Switching: a nightmare for runners and projectionists / Ian Smith p29. Patron Peter Smith OAM remembers p30. Patron Frank Van Straten OAM p31. Explosion at the pictures [Padua Theatre Brunswick] / Wendy Harvey p32. Peter Ricketts-Cinema runs in the family / Tony Tibballs p33. Strand/Odeon Theatre, Hobart / Earl Martell p36. Raymond Cottam Allsop: WW1 wireless operator, engineer, FM pioneer p38. Greek cinema in Victoria / Gerry Kennedy p40. Bendigo's... [Golden Drive in] / Mike Trickett p42.

No.101 2019: Greek cinema in Victoria-a follow up / Peter Yiannoudes p5. It’s a wonderful life: part 2 of the MGM family / Maurice Scott p6. At the pictures in Darwin / Ian Smith p9. Eddie Vormister: centenarian cinema serviceman-some recollection (part 1) / Charles Slater p12. Capitol Theatre Perth / Graeme McBain p14. The theatres of Ulverstone Tas / Earl Martell p16. The Roxy Theatre-Townsville and its predecessors / Mike Trickett p18. The effect of the 1918-19 Spanish influenza pandemic on picture shows and theatres in New South Wales / Robert Parkinson p20. 70 years at the flickers / Bert Bertram p23. The exhibition theatre, Geelong / Richard Twentyman p28. You'll be happier in your Hoyts suburban theatre / Keith Davies p32. The screening of Greek films in New Zealand through Australia- 60 years on / Michael Yiannoudes p34. The Palace of Dreams / Royce Harris p36. From singles to doubles [joining film together] / William Gray p38.

No.102 2019: Tearjerker end for cinema epic-the Mossman kings [Australian Theatre of Pictures which became the Kings and then the New Kings and then the Village in Mossman] / Mossman Historical Society p5. The Prince George Theatre: Brighton's own flea house / Malcom Fredman p6. It's a wonderful life: part 3: bright lights again / Maurive Scott p8. Adelaide's Pavilion/Rex / Les Tod p10. A visit to our Regent [The Regent Theatre Melbourne] / Bert Bertram p13. The Maldon "Orient Express" / Peter Wolfenden p18. New screen news: a weekly habit for generations of movie goers [film newspapers and magazines] / Royce Harris p20. Her Majestry's Theatre, Hobart / Earl Martell p24. Pathecolor: the 100+ year old colour process / Mike Trickett p25. Eddie Vormister: home movies- WWII style (part 2) / Charles Slater p28. The silver screen-the Reardon Theatre, Port Fairy, Vic. / Richard Patterson p30. Rupert Foyle and the Defoy sound system / Ross King p32. The Lyric Prahran: Melbourne's first suburban theatre / Ian Smith p36. Save the Roxy, Parramatta p40.

No.103 2019: Broken Hill's Tivoli: a sad little theatre / Les Tod p5. Memories of the Olympia Theatre Riverstone / Riverstone and District Historical Society p8. Focus on the Capitol Theatre- Te Puke, New Zealand / Christine Clement p10. When the Kellys rode: but the cinema had gone [making a film on Ned Kelly with the local school kids in Koondrook and Myall and Kerang and the Kerang Regent, Kerang Parkline Drivein and Koondrook Elite Cinema] / Roger Seccombe p12. A part time theatre projectionist [Paramount Theatre Maryborough and training to be a projectionist] / Arthur Sweatman p14. Brisbane Arts Theatre / Cameron Hall p16. Shepparton's Lyric and Capri Cinemas / Gerry Kennedy, Aaron Stroop and Michael Purden p19. Some blasts from the past [projection box Corio Theare, projection room Capitol Theatre Melbourne] / Richard Twentyman p22. Central Brisbane's last live entertainment venue: The Suncorp Theatre / Regis Danillon p24. Vaudeville- you lucky people / Bert Bertram p26. State Theatre Sydney: the story of the Wurlitzer organ / Robert Weismantel p30. Beaufort Picture Theatre / Earl Martell p32. Promoting the pictures- public transport advertising Victoria p34. Geelong's cinema by the sea- The Joy Ark / Richard Twentyman p36.

No.104 2019: The theatres of Glen Innes / Les Tod and Mike Trickett p6. The memoira of an assistant projectionist: The Rialto Theatre Kew, Vic / Greg Lynch p12. Movies on wheels: filming the mobile cinema / Daniel Eisenberg p14. A giant in the suburbs [the movie Giant screening in Melbourne cinemas] / Ross King, Ian Smith and Eric White p15. The Mount Vic flicks [Mount Victoria] / Les Tod p18. A Bundaberg evolution [117 Bourbong Street Bundaberg] / Mike Trickett p20. David Wayside and the Mayfair Cinema, Melbourne / Greg Lynch p23. The travelling picture show man at Yongala, SA / Dennis Parker p24. The Minerva Theatre, Kings Cross (Part 1) / John Stephen Clark p26. The theatres of Devonport, Tas. / Earl Martell p30. Hoyts Albury- another look at an old favourite / Richard Twentyman p32. "P" is for picture bus: A snapshot of picture and theatre bus, tram and train services / Steven Haby p36. CATHS visits the Capitol / Cameron Hall p39.

No.105 2020: A life in projection [Record of where author worked in different theatres, including: Barkly Theatre, The Trocadero, La Scala] / Ross King p5. The Eclipse Theatre Deepwater and Carl Wilhelm Baer [obituary] / Eve Chappell p10. My life in cinema [where author worked and where he opened different theatres, including: Waverley Theatre, Regent Theatre, Melbourne Cinema Centre, Century Cinemas Cranbourne, Village Twin] / Graeme Hodges p12. Back in the day [history of pre-digital projectionists] / Allan Webb QSM p14. The Cairo: St Kilda's short-lived picture show / Ian Smith p16. The GUO Film Exchange - Melbourne / George Florence and Greg Lynch p17. The Theatre Cowra [AKA the Centennial Hall and Majestic Pictures] / Les Tod p19. The Minerva Theatre, Kings Cross (part 2) / John Stephen Clark p23. The Theatres of Victoria Park, WA / Ken McKay p26. Theatre Royal, Geelong / Richard Twentyman p28. The travelling picture show [early life of Harold Parsons] / Barbara Kiefer p30. Casterton Town Hall (Regal Theatre) / Richard Twentyman p31. The Camden Theatre: Hidden in plain sight / Royce Harris p32. Moe's first cinema - The Mechanics Institute / Graham Goulding p34. Altona Picture Theatre or Strand Theatre / Les Tod p37. Bundaberg's cinema relics in pictures / Steve Malone p39.

No.106 2020: So you want to build a drive in theatre? / David Kilderry p5. Pictures at the port [Port Adelaide cinema] / Les Tod p8. Townsville's Olympia Open Air Theatre / Mike Trickett p12. Home talent: Australia's itinerant filmmakers / Graham Shirley p14. A career in cinema / Ken Todd p16. The Prince Regent Theatre, Hamilton, Victoria / Richard Twentyman p18. The Plaza Theatre, Chelsea / Brian Miller and Gerry Kennedy p20. Mudgee: the theatre that never was / Les Tod p22. Robert Alexander Hamilton / Earl Mantell p24. The South Street Society's Coliseum Picture Palace / Earl Martell p26. Prince Regent Theatre, Sale Victoria / Gerry Kennedy p28. Congratulations Wondergraph / Star / Odeon Star 1920-2020 p31. The Minerva Theatre, Kings Cross (part 3) / John Stephen Clark p32.

No.107 2020: The majestic theatre, 178 Flinders Street, Melbourne part one: from silent screen to talkies / Roger King, Fred Page and Ian Smith p4. The spool boy [work as a projectionist across Melbourne] / Bob Phillips p8. The Theatre Royal, Ballarat, Vic / Earl Martell and Les Tod p12. Marryatville, SA: Princess Theatre, Ozone Theatre, Hoyts Ozone, Chelsea Theatre / Les Tod p16. My love affair with The Chelsea [cinema in Maitland SA] / Bob Parr p19. The Burwood drive-in / Greg Lynch p20. Frank Van Straten: my fortunate life p22. The coming of sound [sound in Australian cinema] / Graham Shirley p29. The cinema church [churches used as cinemas] / Robert Parkinson p32. The powers that be [projectionist at Hoyts Padua in Brunswick and The Grand Theatre Coburg and the Powers projector head] / Kev Franzi p34. Film distribution in Australia / William Gray p36. Gem pictures- travelling picture show- Ballarat / John Rash p38.

No.108 2020: Geelong West- a cinema in a park / Mike Trickett p5. Theatre Royal, Castlemaine / Les Tod and Richard Twentyman p6. The majestic theatre, 178 Flinders Street, Melbourne part two: a new Majestic / Ross King, Fred Page and Ian Smith p12. Frank Van Straten: my fortunate / Jim White p16. 3D at the movies / Mike Trickett p21. The drive-in theatres of Ballarat / Earl Martell p24. The Palace / Mayfair / Odeon Cinema: Palmerston North, New Zealand / Warren Smyth p26. Ararat: Drill Hall / Alexandra Community Centre / Les Tod p30. Grand Designers: Cowper, Murphy and Appleford / Tony Tibballs p32. Cinema personalities: Arthur Kishere / Dennis Kishere p36. The hear of the movies (or what audiences don't know) / Bernard Cronin p38.

No.109 2021: Pictures at St Peters: Adelaide, South Australia [ANZAC/Star Theatre, Town Hall Pictures and Open Air, Capitol Theatre] / Les Tod p5. Jack Scott the giant slayer [brief biography of owner of Melba Cinema, in Albury and also same name in Numurkah ] / by David Scott p7. The Menora Picture Gardens: Mt Lawley, WA / Greg Lynch p8. The Art of Art-Deco [Christopher (Chris) Arthur Smith, architect of theatres in: Alberton, Victor Harbor, Semaphore, Colonel Light Gardens, Goodwood, Marryatville, Victor Harbor, Adelaide, Kilkenny, Prospect, Clare, Peterborough, Hindmarsh Star Cinema, Everard Park, Glenelg, Norwood, Murray Bridge, Woodside, Unley, Gawler, Brighton, Naracoorte & Port Adelaide] / by Colin Kennett p10. Frank van Straten: my fortunate life [interview] / Interviewed by Jim White, CATHS Member p13. The stage turns under history's spotlight: re-printed from the Herald Special Centenary Issue, October 15, 1934 p18. My life in cinema [autobiography of time in motion picture industry, including at Broadway Camberwell, Victory Theatre St. Kilda, Shore Theatre Williamstown, Bryson Cinema Melbourne & Hoyts Ivanhoe] / by Gordon Onans p22. The best by test: the Ramsgate - Sans Souci Palace Picture Theatre / by Michelle Steet p25. The Sun Theatre, Geelong Vic / by Richard Twentyman p28. The mouse that roared: the saga of the Orion Theatre, Canley Heights NSW / by Greg Lynch p30. The theatres of Red Cliffs, Vic. [Diggerland Picture Theatre, Joyland Open Air Theatre, Roxy Theatre] / Mike Trickett p32. All aboard the moving picture train! / Keith Davies p34. Hoytz Plaza Theatre, Ballarat / by Earl Martell p36.

No.110 2021: The legacy of the Regent South Yarra / Tony Tibballs and Ian Smith p5. The Watermans and the Ozone theatre story / Colin Kennett p12. The Empire Theatre, Brunswick / Richard Twentyman p15. Pictures at Cobden: the story of the Mechanics Institute and public hall / Les Tod with additional research by Chelsea Wilkinson p18. Stolen: one picture theatre [Wonderland open-air picture theatre, Mildura picture theatres] / Keith Davies p22. The theatres of Morewell, Vic / Les Tod and the late Gerry Kennedy p24. The world’s first feature length film [Corbett-Fitzsimmons 1897 boxing fight] / Keith Davies p28. Interview: Bruce Cerneil chats to Peter Smith OAM p30. Those great old Tivoli shows [Tivoli Theatre, Melbourne] / Ken Budge p34. The Wendouree Centre for the Performing Arts / Earl Martell p34. Filmed in technovision / Earl Martell p36. Armadale hall, WA [reprinted from AMMPT Sight and Sound Update with permission] p38. Advertising from the past: drive-in theatres [newspaper advertisements from the 1950s – 1960s] p39.

No.111 2021: The beginnings of cinema in Melbourne: the first moving pictures: part 1: 1896-1910 / Keith Davies p5. Tweed Heads and Coolangatta: a cinematic tale of twin towns / Tony Tibballs p8. Melbourne Cinema Centre / Maureen Carolan p16. Regent Theatre, Albany WA p22. Theatres of Numurkah, Vic / Les Tod and Dick Twentyman p27. Australian drive-in theatres: rise, fall and revivial / Graham Shirley p33. First impressions in terrazzo / Royce Harris p36.

No.112 2021: The beginnings of cinema in Melbourne: the first moving pictures: part 2: 1911-1920 / Keith Davies p5. The theatres of Bathurst, NSW / by Les Tod & Richard Twentyman p8. 25 years before cinerama or how I met Napoleon at Waterloo / by Ross Campbell p16. Orbost [Vic.] at the movies / adapted by Mike Trickett from a research paper by Les Tod p20. New Theatre/Liberty: Rockhampton. QLD / from notes by the late Gerry Kennedy p23. Pictures at Greensborough, Vic. / by Dawn Bennets (nee Petts) p24. Embassy/Metro Cinema, Malvern, Vic. / by John Nailon p28. A remembrance of theatres past: Temperance Hall/The Imperial/The Savoy/The Lido/The Total / Greg Lynch p30. Protests and objections to cinemas, films and related issues / by Robert Parkinson p34. Murwillumbah's [NSW] early cinemas (to 1945) / by Toby Tibballs p36.

No. 113 MARCH 2022: By the light of the silvery screen (a young life spent in the stalls of a Hoyts suburban theatre) / Richard Kruse p5. 283 Bourke Street, Melbourne: the Melba, Times, Liberty and Odeon theatres [reprint of article] / Fred Page p8. Vale: Fred Page p9. Best on the block: the Empress Prahran (Vic.) / Ian Smith p10. A magnificent obsession: Vic Basham – cinema pioneer / Greg Lynch p14. The Astro Ararat: cinema of distinction also known as the Midland and the Ararat Entertainment Centre / Les Tod p17. The Palais theatre: Sale, Victoria / from notes by the late Gerry Kennedy by Richard Twentyman p20. The Glover family of Sale, Victoria p23. Sculthorpe Pictures and the Guild Hall, Melbourne / Keith Davies p26. Projection bloopers p29. The Photoplayer / Royce Harris p30. Paddington: West’s Olympia, Odeon, Pallas, Mandala, Academy Twin / Les Tod and Richard Twentyman p32.

October 2021 (newsletter) : AGM [COVID-19] p1. Cine collectors fair p1. Committee positions p1. Member presentations p1. Dendy organ [Dendy Brighton organ returns to Capitol Theatre] p1. New members p1. Deceased member [Fred Lomman] p1. Helpful historic societies p1. New book release [They Built an Empire: Snowy Kenna and Bill Burton] p2. Membership numbers p2. Westgarth Theatre p2. Cinema and theatre news in brief [Bundaberg QLD, South Yarra Vic [Jam Factory], Stafford QLD, Caloundra QLD, Richmond NSW, Clifton QLD, Roma QLD] p2.

No.114 JUNE 2022: Publisher's message [copyright re images] / Mike Trickett p2. The star that gave us motion picture enjoyment - Daniel Clifford: 1887 - 1942 Bookmaker, businessman, theatre entrepreneur, film exhibitor / Colin Kennett p5. 7 keys and the Rivoli Theatre Sydney / John Holloway p8. Pictures in South Townsville, Qld / Mike Trickett p10. The Paramount/Regent Theatre in Mordialloc (Part 1) / Michael Campi p12. Behind the screens [employees view, cleaning, vandalism] / Maureen Carolan p16. The Cameo Cinema - Belgrave, Vic: based on notes by the late Gerry Kennedy 2006, with added information by the current owners p19. Sydney's Randwick Ritz: celebrating 85 years / David Coles p22. Theatres of Barcaldine, Qld [the First Town Hall, the Second Town Hall, Kemp's Hall, Gildeograph /the Gildeo, Lyric Theatre, Paramount Theatre, Radio Theatre] / Les Tod and Richard Twentyman p25. The invincible theatres of Cunnamulla, Qld / Les Tod and Richard Twentyman p32. The Wintergarden Theatre (1925 - 1974) Rockhampton: from notes by the late Gerry Kennedy p35. Ararat Vic: Town hall pictures / Les Tod p38.

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