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Main Title: Circus Fans of Australasia: fanfare 2021-
Author: Circus Fans of Australasia
Imprint: [Gorokan, NSW. : Circus Fans of Australasia, 2021-]
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: Circus Fans of Australasia
Circus and circuses
Historical societies - Periodicals
JAN-FEB 2021: How wonderful to see a council promoting circus! [Blackall-Tambo Council giant elephant statue and the Perry Bros. Circus] p2. Sesame Street Circus Spectacular [Mornington, Geelong, Ballarat, Warnambool and Adelaide] p4. Hudsons Circus delayed return p5. Infamous [wedding of Merrick Ashton and Maddy] p6. Ringmaster's report [circus under COVID] / Michael Robertson p7. Stardust Lions Leisure Resort p8. Colin R. Ferrell p10. The Circus [Australian Circuses decorative border] p11. Seeking help [Thelma Hawks and Alexander Anderson] p13. 5th Australian circus festival 2021 p16.

MAR-APR 2021: Ringmaster's report [circuses and COVID Circus Fans of Australasia 2020 Convention] / Michael Robertson p2. Australian circus families [Lennon Bros. Circus, The Great Moscow Circus, Infamous, Hudsons Circus, Stardust Circus, Circus Royale, Silvers Circus] p3. Laurie Jackson's Lennons Circus review Southport p5. Congratulations on the 5th Australian Circus Festival p7. Lifetime achievement award winners [Adam St James, Bekki Ashton] p7. Lifetime achievement awards [Jasmine Stranga] p8. Hall of fame [Peter Wilkins, Maryann Schulz] p10. Memories [insurance for circuses with exotic animals] p12. 11th world circus day 17th April 2021 p14.

MAY-JUNE 2021: Ringmaster's report [50th anniversary convention] / Michael Robertson p2. Where are they now? [Lennon Bros., The Great Moscow Circus, Infamous, Hudsons Circus, Stardust Circus, Circus Royale, Silvers] p4. Ladies and gentlemen, children of all ages [Ashton's Circus film] p5. The remarkable Robert Bruce p6. From the secretary [Big Bird's costume stolen, COVID, circuses recovering] p7. Performer profiles [Carlo and Diana Urban] / Ted Burton p8. From the past...Holden Brothers Circus p12. Chookhouse chatter [Goldie the Clown, Raymond Deller, Ringlings] p16.

JULY-AUGUST 2021: COVID hits again p1. Ringmaster's report [COVID, Circus Royale, 50th Circus Dan od Australasia Convention, Sonny Gasser] / Michael Robertson p2. Newcastle the luckiest city p5. 2021 Great Moscow Circus / Bob Cunningham p6. Bending the rules [Christine Danton] p7. The most popular train in Australia ever [Wirths Circus train] p8. Hudsons Circus Lismore NSW 13-16 May, Casino NSW 19-23 May 2021 / Laurie Jackson p12. Vale Ernst (Sonny) Gasser / John MacDonnell p14. The last Australian lion trainer [Matthew Ezekial Smith from Stardust] p16.

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