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Main Title: History of scouting in the Victorian reformatory prisons at Pentridge and Castlemaine between 1925 and 1944 / Colin Rimington
Author: Rimington, Colin
Imprint: [place of publication not identified: Colin Rimington, 2022]
Collation: photographs, facsimiles, spiralbound ; 30 cm. 61 pages ;
Subject: Pentridge Prison (Coburg, Vic.)
H.M. Prison Castlemaine (gaol)
Scouts and scouting
Prison and prisoners
Castlemaine (Vic.) (Dja Dja Wurrung Country)
Coburg (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Introduction p5.
Chapter 1: History of scouting at the Pentridge and Castlemaine reformatory prisons p7. Pentridge Juvenile Prisoner Unit p7.
Chapter 2: Recreation in the Pentridge Reformatory Prison p9. Smith’s Weekly (Sydney) ‘Prisoners doing their good turn drill’ 30 May 1936. The Argus (Vic.) ‘Criminality begins at home’ 28 August 1936.
Chapter 3: 2nd Castlemaine Reformatory Prison Rover Crew p12. Smith’s Weekly ‘Training young prisoners: boy scout ideals being inculcated’ 30 May 1936. The Age ‘Castlemaine’ 10 June 1936. Castlemaine Mail ‘Boy Scouts Association’ 29 April 1937. Castlemaine Mail ‘Demonstration on Saturday’ 12 July 1937. The Age ‘Provincial cities and towns: Castlemaine’ 13 July 1937. Castlemaine Mail ‘Rovers at reformatory’ 24 January 1938. Castlemaine Mail ‘Reformatory welfare’ 27 July 1938.
Chapter 4: Entertainment for the inmates within the reformatory prison p16. Castlemaine Mail ‘Concert at reformatory’ 11 June 1937. Castlemaine Mail ‘Entertainment at reformatory’ 11 February 1938. Castlemaine Mail ‘Music at reformatory’ 7 April 1938. Castlemaine Mail ‘Concert at reformatory’ 10 February 1939. Castlemaine Mail ‘Pictures at the reformatory’ 15 July 1939. Castlemaine Mail ‘Reformatory concert given by Methodist choir’ 1 December 1939. Castlemaine Mail ‘Concert at reformatory’ 13 December 1939.
Chapter 5: Prisoner escapes from the Castlemaine Reformatory Prison p19. Castlemaine Mail ‘Two escape from reformatory’ 9 August 1938.
Chapter 6: Scouting ceremonies conducted within the Castlemaine Reformatory Prison p20. Charles Games ‘Castlemaine Reformatory an interesting experiment’ The Victorian Scout 15 December 1939. Castlemaine Mail ‘Unique event at reformatory investiture of scouts: institution makes penal history’ 24 November 1939. The Age ‘Unique ceremony at reformatory’ 25 November 1939.
Chapter 7: Scouting activities conducted outside of the walls of the Castlemaine Reformatory Prison p23. Adelaide News ‘They wandered from path before’ 14 December 1939. Charles W. Game ‘Castlemaine Reformatory an interesting experiment: scouting as a reformer of character’ The Victorian Scout 15 December 1939. Townsville Daily Bulletin ‘Pleasant Saturday afternoon prisoners’ hikes’ 20 December 1939.
Chapter 8: Education classes provided within the reformatory. Castlemaine Mail ‘Visit to reformatory’ 5 December 1938. Castlemaine Mail ‘Reformatory, report by Board’ 13 December 1939.
Chapter 9: Welfare activities at Castlemaine Reformatory p29. Castlemaine Mail ‘Reformatory welfare’ 13 July 1938.
Chapter 10: Muckleford Farm Reformatory Prison p30. Castlemaine Mail ‘Two prisoners escape get away from reformatory farm’ 18 June 1937. Castlemaine Mail ‘Escape from reformatory farm’ 13 July 1938.
Chapter 11: Government reports relevant to the Castlemaine Reformatory Prison p33. Lewis Thomas ‘Children’s Welfare Department and Reformatory Schools Report of the Secretary and Inspector for the year 1924’. Lewis Thomas ‘Children’s Welfare Department and Reformatory Schools Report of the Secretary and Inspector for the year 1925’. Reports from superintendents and matrons of various institutions Royal Park: item 10 recreation. Lewis Thomas ‘Children’s Welfare Department and Reformatory Schools Report Secretary and Inspector 1927’ Item 8: Recreation. Samuel Maguer ‘Annual report Indeterminate Sentences Board for the year ended 30 June 1938’. The Age ‘Saving youth from crime’ 2 October 1943. The Age ‘Report’ 2 October 1943. J. Akeroyd ‘Penal establishments, gaols, and reformatory prisons report and statistical tables for the year 1943’ The youthful prisoner. Annual reports of penal establishments, gaols, and reformatory prisons. Indeterminate Sentences Board p37.
Chapter 12: Biographies of people who were influential in the running, and supportive to, the reformatory prisons p39. Joseph Akeroyd (1882-1963) p39. Colin Francis Blume (1915-2013) p40. Charles Wynyard Game p40. Albert Heather BEM (White Wolf) (1900-1999) p42. Horace Lowe (1912-1967) p43. Lionel Mathews (1912-1944) p44. Cecil Stevens (1914-1942) p44.
Chapter 13: Local Castlemaine clergymen and religious leaders who served in the scouting movement and on the Reformatory Welfare Committee p46. Rev Canon Francis Vanston (1862-1956) p46. Rev Alfred Gearing (1890-1958) p47. Rev William Ernest Lancaster (1910-1950) p48. Rev R.H. Reid (1897-1962) p48. Colonel J.H. Bray p49.
Chapter 14: Organisational histories p50. Victorian Boy Scout Association Social Service Commissioner p50. Thompson’s Foundry Band p51. 2nd Castlemaine Scout Group p51. Rover Crews p55. Girls Scouts Behind Bars Program p55.
Conclusion p57. Method of operation for youth prisons and female prison of scouting behind the bars. Method of operation for women’s prison.
Bibliography p59.
Front page: Castlemaine Gaol Entrance 2021.
Lord Sir Robert Baden-Powell p6.
Rover Group, Castlemaine Reformatory, on hike p24.
Plan of Castlemaine Reformatory Prison proposed swimming pool p26.
Muckleford Prison Farm p30.
Cookhouse at Muckleford p31.
Albert A. Heather p43.

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