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Main Title: Theatre Publications: Theatre Australia 1976-1979
Publisher: Lambton Height, NSW : Theatre Publications,
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: Cinemas and theatres
Theatre groups
Australian drama
Aug/Sept 1976: Australian Performing Group [AC/DC] / John Smythe p6. Melbourne Theatre Company [Othello] / Leonard Radic p9. Queensland Theatre Company [Savages] / Richard Fotheringham p10. Hole in the Wall Theatre [Hamlet] / Collin O'Brien p12. Old Tote Theatre Company [Habeas Corpus] / Katharine Brisbane p13. Nimrod Upstairs and Downstairs [Mad Bad and Dangerous to Know, Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?] / Rex Cramphorn p15. Eric Dare [Cycle Sluts] / Ron Blair p17. Hunter Valley Theatre Company [Equus] / Bruce Knappett p19. South Australian theatre Company [Otherwise Engaged] / Guthrie Worby p20. New Opera South Australia [Never the Twain Ignorance is Bliss?, Festino] / Peter Ward p22. Playscript 1 [Bees] / Jennifer Rankin p24. Theatre Building 1 [The Drama Theatre] / Raymond Omedei p31. Australian Currents [Follow the Yellow Brick Roadshow] / Nigel Triffitt p34. Anna Volska in interview with Richard Wherrett p36. Pushing the pram [Alternative Theatre company] / Lindzee Smith p38. International: the British scene [Languishing in London] / Alan Seymour p41. Amateur: the art of amateur acting / David Goddard p43. Film, television and radio [Australian TV - a messy compromise?] / Brian Bell p44. Theatre-in-education [tie-ing up Australia] / Margaret Leask p46. Australian Centre - International Theatre Institute p47. Technical [towards an alternative theatre technology] / Darryl Wilkinson, Ian McKenzie p48. Opera [Australian Opera]: Sydney Opera season / David Gyger p50.

Sept/Oct 1976: Original theatrical enterprises [Halfway at Easter] / John Smythe p7. J.C. Williamson Theatres & Parachute Productions [Same Time Next Year] / John Smythe p7. Melbourne Theatre Company [The Foursome] / Jack Hibberd p9. Australian Performing Group [Knuckle] / Garrie Hutchison p10. Queensland Theatre Company [The Department] / Richard Fotheringham p12. Hole in the Wall Theatre [The Trial] / Collin O'Brien p14. National Theatre Perth [Last of the Knucklemen, Habeas Corpus] / Collin O'Brien p14. Theatre Foray [Family Possessions] / J.S. Ryan p16. Old Tote Theatre Company [The Shoemakers Holiday] / Ron Blair p17. J.C. Williamson Theatres Honnon Page [Man of La Mancha] / Katherine Brisbane p18. New Theatre [The Changing Room] / Rex Cramphorn p20. Hunter Valley Theatre Company [Bedfellow] / Robert Page p21. Canberra Youth Theatre [Palach] / Roger Pulvers p22. South Australian Theatre Company [Major Barbara] / Guthrie Worby p24. Bees, act 2 / Jennifer Rankin p27. The direction of Gordon Chater in Steve J. Spear's: The Elocution of Benjamin Franklin [introduction, casting, the venue, the play, design, the rehearsals, the first preview to finish] p32. The Evolution of Steve J. Spears p36. Australian currents [Subsidy: a case to answer] / Tom Markus p38. Two years with the Tote / Bill Redmond p40. Theatre organisations [Melodrama's Triumph or the Miller and his Men] / Stenley Walsh p42. Film, television and radio [pure shit and non-professional] / Bert Deling p44. Theatre-in-education [relevant theatre for children] / Roger Chapman p46. Amateur [festival of Australian student theatre 1976] / Jana Schiler p48. International [the Polish scene] / Bogdan Gieraczynski p50. Australian Centre - International Theatre Institute p51. Technical [the character of Australian technology] p52. Opera [John Copley - perennial producer] / David Gyger p54.

Nov/Dec 1976: Australian National Playwrights Conference p7.Melbourne Theatre Company [City Sugar] / Jack Hibbert p9. LA Mama [Cascando] / John Smythe p10. Theatre Projects [Finger on the Trigger] / John Smythe p10. Australian Performing Group [The Young Peer Gynt] / John Smythe p10. Australian Performing Group [A Stretch of the Imagination, The Dudders] / Garrie Hutchinson p12. Queensland Theatre Company [And the Big Men Fly] / Don Batchelor p13. Brisbane Repertory Theatre [How Could you believe me...?] / Richard Fotheringham p14. Canberra Repertory Company [Cabaret] / Roger Pulvers p15. Nimrod [Dirty Linen] / Richard Pulvers p15. Marian Street Theatre [Tatantara! Tarantara!] / Maria Prerauer p16. Ensemble Theatre [California Suite] / Rex Cramphorn p17. Nimrod [A Handful of Friends] / Dorothy Hewett p18. Oscar's Hollywood Palace [Connelli at the Palace] / Barry Eaton p20. Paul Elliot A.E.T.T. [Dead Eyed Dicks] / Barry Eaton p20. Old Tote Theatre Company [Rookery Nook] / Katharine Brisbane p.21. Black Theatre [Here Comes the Nigger] / Katharine Brisbane p21. South Australian Theatre Company [Malfi] / Michael Morley p22. National Theatre [Arsenic and old Lace] / Collin O'Brien p24. The beautiful Mrs Portland / Dorothy Hewett p26. Don's Party - from play to film / Bruce Beresford p32. Don's Party...then and now p34. Jim Sharman and Rex Cramphorn [directors dialogue] p38. Women in Australian theatre, part 2 / Marlis Thiersch p40. Another Summer...another doll / Stan Marks p42. The Character of Olive / Carole Skinner p44. American line up [Al B. Weiner, Broadway's new season] p46. A sense of involvement [theatre in education] / Peter Wilkins p48. Designers difficulties [technical] / Alan Lees p50. Bringing in the professionals [amateur] / Robert Levis p52. Capital opera / David Gyger p54.

Jan/Feb 1977: Actress Maggie Millar calls for National Theatre / Stan Marks p7. Melbourne Theatre Company [Other Times] / Garrie Hutchinson p8. La Mamma [Still Life] / Suzanne Spunner p9. Hoopla Production [Chidley] / John Smythe p10. Actors Theatre [The Misanthrope] / Ron Finney p13. Hole in the Wall [Mixed Doubles] /Collins O'Brien p14. Old Tote Theatre Company [The Magistrate] / Rex Cramphorn p16. Genesian Theatre [Gaslight] / Norman Kessell p17. Opus Theatre Group [The star Spangled Girl] / Norman Kessell p17. South Australia Theatre Company [Happy Landings] / Guthrie Worby p19. A.F.C.T. [El Grande De Coca Cola] / Michael Morley p20. Playscript-4 [Chidley] / Alma De Groan p22. Sydney celebrates ["Festival of Sydney"] / Patricia Brereton p37. A critical direction [directors diary, Hoopla] p38. From origins to Athenaeum [theatre organisations] / Raymond Stanley p40. That's entertainment [Australian currents] / John Smythe p44. Country art centres [theatre buildings] / Margot Hilton p47. How to handle opera's future / David Gyger p48. Norwegian parallels [international] p50. Onegin [ballet] / William Shoubridge p52.

Feb/March 1977: International musical moguls came together in Sydney last month because of a world-wide shortage of product in musical theatre [the masters, the classes, the problem, a chorus line, Australian doubt, finale] p8. Richard Bradshaw - puppeteer / Roger Pulvers p10. The Marionette Theatre of Australia [Roos] / Roger Polvers p11. Michael Edgley International, Bulletin Bros, Kellogg's [The Greatest Circus on Earth] / Garrie Hutchinson p13. Melbourne theatre Company [The Game of Love and Chance] / Jack Hibbert p15. The 20's and that jazz / Raymond Stanley p16. Hoopla Production [The Golden Oldies] / Bruce Williams p16. Brisbane Repertory Theatre [The Sea] / Richard Fotheringham p18. South Australian Theatre Company [Old King Cole] / Michael Morley p19. Adelaide Festival Centre Trust & SAS Channel 10 [My Fat Friend] p19. New Theatre [Caucasian Chalk Circle] / Rex Cramphorne p20. Geoffrey S. Bell (in conjunction with The Festival of Sydney) [The Surprising Soprano] / David Gyger p21. Nimrod Theatre for The Festival of Sydney [Treasure Island] / Alison Jones p22. Nimrod theatre for The Festival of Sydney [Young Mo] / Katharina Brisbane p22. The resuscitation of The Little Prince Who Couldn't Laugh as performed by Young Mo at the height of the Great Depression of 1929 / Richard Wherrett p24. The resuscitation of The Little Prince Who Couldn't Laugh as performed by Garry McDonald at the height of the great recession of 1977 / Barry Eaton p33. The Perth scene [Festival round-up] / Cliff Gillam p34. Hole in the Wall [Hoe Does Your Garden Grow?] / Collin O'Brien p37. Hole in the Wall [compromising upwards, an unlikely birthplace] / Margot Luke, Alan Cassell p38. Theatre buildings [behind closed doors, facility at the University of Western Australia] / Collin O'Brien p42. Arts for town and country [Western Australian Arts Council] p44. National policy [future of the National Theatre, Perth] / Aarne Neeme p45. Film, television, radio [sympathy for a Chairman, Mr J.D. Norgard] / Stan Marks p47. International English theatre scene] p48. Ballet [a trying out period] / William Shoubridge p50.Opera [summer season, Australia opera] p52. On tap [films] Barry Lowe p55.

June 1977: A chorus line [William Shoubridge previews "An innovation of terrific magnitude"] p8. Raymond Stanley - Thring p13. Theatre buildings [Hobart's historic Royal] / Ross Thorne p16. Tasmanian Theatre Company [presenting the present in the past] / Karl Hubert p20. Fred Schepisi/ John Curtain p22. International - NZ report / Mike Nicolaidi p24. International - playing comedy straight NZ playwright Joseph Musaphia p26. The Australian Ballet, The Dance Company / William Shoubridge p27. Tasmanian Theatre-in-education / Alex Kruse p30. Floating parachute - Wilton Morley / Robert Page p32. Playscript - The Fall Guy / Linda Aronson p35. theatre Queensland p47. Theatre ACT p50. Theatre SA p51. Theatre NSW p53. Theatre WA p58. Theatre Victoria p62. Films [ Pure Shit, Don's Party / Barry Lowe p64. Lingwood's crisis of identity / David Gyger p65. Opera / David Gyger p70. Records - the real Rachmaninov? / Roger Covell p73. New local label's first release: Jazz & Jazz / Alex Sitt p74. Theatre, opera, dance: guide p76.

Sept/Oct 1977: Musical Theatre in Australia / Tony Sheldon p9. The First National Young Playwrights' Weekend / Errol Bray p14. Sweeny Agonistes / David Marr p16. Australian Regional Theatre, part 1 [The Hunter Valley Theatre Company, Frayed Shoestring, The Riverina Trucking Company, mobilising Wagga] p18. Theatre Queensland p22. Theatre SA p23. Theatre ACT p24. Theatre NSW p25. Playscript: Marvellous Melbourne: Hibberd & Romeril p29. Theatre Victoria p40. Theatre WA p42. Theatre NSW p44. Hello world - this is Sondheim [Side by Side] p47. International: Germany - Berlin theatertreffen p48. Festival of Fools in Amsterdam 2-20 June 1977 . Solrun Hoaas p51. Opera: AO Sydney season... / David Gyger p52. Ballet: Dance Company NSW / William Shoubridge p54. Records: Beethoven quarters and Bach cantatas / Roger Covvell p57. Films: The Singer and Dancer, Love Letters from Teralba Road / Elizabeth Riddell p58. Theatre, opera, dance: guide p61.

November 1977: Tracks & Ways [Theatre Australia: Lawson, Faigin, Shylock] / Robin Ramsay p7. Studyguide [Old Tote production "The Time is Not Yet Ripe", Louis Esson] / Jess Wilkins p10. Regional theatre, part 2 [The Armidale Experience] p12. A critic's view: Frances Kelly, Robert Page p14. The Edgleys: a theatre family [Raymond Stanley] p16. The Two Macbeths [Sydney Opera House] / David Gyger p18. Sydney's Theatre, part 1 / Ross Thorne p22. Theatre WA p25. Theatre SA p28. Theatre ACT p31. Theatre NSW p32. Theatre Victoria p37. Theatre Queensland p39. "Jack" play set inside various NSW goals] p42. Opera [Sydney comes second best] / David Gyger p53. Records [rescued from footnotes: Motzatr's Zaide, major film score: Shostakovich's The Gadfly] / Roger Covell p57. Ballet [two conservative managements: Nederlands Dans Theatre, Stuttgatr Ballet] / William Shoubridge p58. Film [The Getting of Wisdom, Storm Boy] / Elizabeth Riddell p60.

February 1978: Don't tell me, show me [photography in theatre] / Peter Holderness p6. Richard Divall and The Victoria State Opera [Molto Remperamento] / Pamela Ruskin p10. Gordon charter: A Year of Benjamin Franklin p13. International [Descending Scale, Toronto] / Barry O'Connor p19. Playscript: A Happy and Holly Occasion - life and death in Mayfield West / Terence Clark p22. The Year's theatre [timely upheaval, successes from Sydney, light but not fantastic, a change of direction, some progress, good but not great, dance survey 1977, opera survey 1977] p25. Twilights of the God / Geoffrey Hutton p50. Billings, broadsheets and brochures / John McCallum p53.

July 1978: Spotlight on Canberra [Canberra theatre Centre] / Marguerite Wells p5. Melbourne's lost theatres, part 2 / Ross Thorne p11. The Australian Film and Television School / Jenifer Hooks p14. International [Hungary] / Bogdan Gieraczynski p18. Theatre Victoria p21. Theatre NSW p23. Theatre SA p26. Theatre WA p28. Theatre Queensland p29. Theatre ACT p31. Theatre TAS p32. Marx, act 1 / Ron Blair p33. Dance / William Shoubridge, Terry Owen p40. Opera / David Gyger p44. Film / Elizabeth Riddell p46. Records / Roger Covell p48.

February 1979: Jill Perryman: our leading musical comedy star / Ray Stanley p9. Marilyn Richardson: our most glamorous opera singer / Pamela Ruskin p11. The John and Sue Fox Tour / Fiona Batchelor p12. International Puppet Festival in Hobart / Carol Thompson p13. Television 1979 p14. Grundy's Prisoner / Michael Hohensee p17. Crawford's - a place in TV history p19. Theatre Victoria p23. Theatre NSW p28. Theatre Queensland p31. Theatre SA p33. Theatre WA p34. The politics of Children's Marketing / Helmut Bakaitis p37. Writers view / Peter Kenna p39. Italian avant-garde revival / Desmond O'Grady p41. Light opera from Sydney, Rockdale's Manon, Macbeth from NZ / David Gyger p43. Fille Mal Guardee and Spartacus / William Shoubridge p44. George Dreyfus: the composer as cabaret / Roger Covell p47. The immortal, the ephemeral and bardolatrous / John McCallum p48.

March 1979: State Theatre Co. Adelaide: programming and policy / Guthrie Worby p10. Michael Siberry - an actor to watch / John Edge p11. Brisbane Actor's Company / Richard Fotheringham p12. Robyn Nevin p13. Theatre NSW p21. Theatre Victoria p27. Theatre SA p31. Theatre ACT p33. Focus on Canada / Barry O'Connor and John Tasker p35. Women, theatre & education p39. Not dancing but moving / William Shoubrifge p41. Exciting Bolshoi, mixed Fidelio, well matured Herring / Devid Gyger p43. Aus Shorts on unemployment / Elizabeth Riddell p46. Money movers - bloody but worthy / Elizabeth Riddell p47. The myth of the Troubadour / Roger Covell p48. Myths and national identity / John McCallum p49.

April 1979: Reg Livermore's singular burlesques / Peter Batey p13. Dorothy Hewett / Kristin Green p16. Emerald Hill Theatre / Raymond Stanley p19. Theatre WA p21. Theatre Victoria p26. Theatre Queensland p29. Theatre SA p31. Theatre ACT p32. Theatre NSW p33. Pipi storm Children's Circus / Murray Oliver p39. Television, capitalism, death, the theatre and me: evidence before the house of un-Australian activities day one / John Romeril p41.Choreographing Rumours / Graeme Murphy p43. Exchange and company / William Shoubridge p45. Focus on Finland / Jacqueline Mulhullen p47. Improved revivals; Don, Merry Widow, Mastersingers and G and S / David Gyger p49. Dawn - they've laboured in vain / Elizabeth Riddell p51. Treasures from a Seven Hundred years old song collection / Roger Covell p52. From the Maestro to a Master / John McCallum p53.

October 1979: Nimrod's new deal / Katherine Brisbane p12. Martin Esslin / Colin Duckworth p13. Paul Dainty / Raymond Stanley p16. Robyn Archer / Virginia Duigan p18. The time is ripe - interview with Ruth Cracknell p22. As much fun as a football match [ Grahame Bond, Jim Burnett] / Mark Gould p25. Theatre ACT p28. Theatre NSW p29. Theatre NT p32. Theatre QLD p33. Theatre SA p35. Theatre Vic p36. Theatre WA p39. Shakespeare and Gin Game - all illuminating entertainment / Irving Wardle p41. Kenneth Ross p44. Children theatre: Tie - Art or manipulation / Joe Woodward p46. Exciting month for AO and State Opera p48. Sydney Dance Company p51. Career not so brilliant ["My Brilliant Career"] / Elizabeth Riddell p55.

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