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Main Title: City of Merri-Bek heritage studies [electronic resource] Book Cover
Collation: 1 disk, pdf files
Subject: Heritage and conservation studies
Historic buildings and structures
Pascoe Vale (Vic.)
Pascoe Vale South (Vic.)
Glenroy (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Fawkner (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Coburg (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Merri-bek (formerly Moreland ) (Vic. : City)
Brunswick (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
Studies may also be available online on the council website.

1990 Keeping Brunswick’s heritage.
1990 Upfield Railway heritage study.
1990 City of Coburg heritage conservation and streetscape study / Timothy Hubbard Pty Ltd.
1997 Urban villages: a sustainable future for Moreland / Lester Townsend.
1999 City of Moreland heritage review / Allom Lovell and Associates.
2000 Merlynston Urban Village structure and action plans / David Mayes and Associates, Context Pty Ltd, Greg Tucker and Associates.
2001 Additional building citations.
2007 Brunswick major activity centre heritage report.
2010 City of Moreland thematic history.
2011 Gallipoli Parade heritage precinct and Beaufort houses - review of heritage significance / Context Pty Ltd.
2011 Moreland north of Bell Street heritage study.

Not on CD:
Post-contact-aboriginal-heritage-study-report 2006
Moreland-pre-contact-aboriginal-heritage-study 2010
Lygon Street heritage study: Stage 2
Northern suburbs factory study: Part 1-2

Volume one: Thematic history
Volume 2 Part 1: Building citations: datasheets A-K
Volume 2 Part 2: Building citations: datasheets L-Z
Volume 3: Heritage overlay precincts
Volume 4: Heritage overlay guide
Volume 5: Landscape citations


NOTE: Page numbers refer to pdf file, not paper version.

1. Introduction p8. 1.1 Location and boundaries p8. 1.2 Extent and sources p8. 1.3 Geology p8. Study area showing the location of principal watercourses (map) p9. 1.4 Australian Heritage Commission: historic themes p12.

2. Survey, settlement and subdivision p15. The Parish of Will Will Rook p15. John Terry Hughes and John Hosking. John Pascoe Fawkner. Box Forest. Fawkner. Glenroy – Glen Roy in Scotland. Cameron. Kennedy. McDougall. The Parish of Jika Jika. Pentridge village reserve. George Urquhart. John Pascoe Fawkner. Pascoeville later Pascoe Vale. Edward Butler. Young Queen Inn. Bell Vue Park – Grand View Park. Oak Park. Oak Park Court. Phillipstown. Union Street, Brunswick. Thomas Manallack. Sweethope. Stewart and Brown. Albion Street. Wrigglesworth. Frederick Dubkett. Pentridge Village. 2.2 Subdivision and the land boom p19. Sydney Road. Estates. Moorabinda Estate, Brunswick. La Rose Park Estate. Montague C. Dare. Jean Rennie. Moreland Park. T.J. Crouch. Crouch and Wilson. William Tibbits. Glenroy Farm, Kennedy brothers, Duncan and Donald. Glenroy Land Company. Glenroy Estate. Deanery Park, Coburg. Coburg Reserve Estate Company, Fawkner. 2.3 Roads and Bridges p22. John Pascoe Fawkner. George Seals Walters. George Urquhart. Thomas Walker. Robert Campbell junior. Neil Campbell. B. Cooke. Sydney Road. Newlands Road Bridge. Bell Street Bridge. Captain Coad.

3. Living in the Community p27. 3.1 The first houses 1850s onward p27. Alfred Cornwall, Saxon Street, Brunswick. Mr Slobom, Brunswick Road. James Stroud, brickmaker. Abel Greenwood, Hudson Street, Coburg. Albert Street, Brunswick. 3.2 Prefabricated housing p28. James Blackburn. Edward de Carle. Lyndhurst Hall. 3.3 The consolidation of the suburbs 1880s p29. Woodlands Hotel. Glencairn Estate. Robert Irvine. Nicholson Street tram sheds. War Service houses in the La Rose Estate. Captain D.S. Bain, Station Heights Estate – Merlynston, 1922. Mrs Findlayson. Glenroy and Fawkner. Sylvania Estate, Fawkner, 1925. Charles Mutton. Concrete houses. Maurice Blackburn. Joe Clift. Mr Reddan, Hadfield. 3.4 Government housing and Credit Foncier p32. State Savings Bank. War Service Homes Commission. La Rose Estate. Heliopolis, Gallipoli, Peronne, Somali, Gezireh, Moascar and Lemnos Streets. Glenora Avenue. Glengyle Street. Elizabeth Street or Spring Meadows Estate, East Coburg. Newlands, Roslyn, Dunville Estates. Beaufort houses. Pascoe Vale South. Arthur Baldwinson. Jacana: Hendrick Street, Fraser Court, Lorraine Crescent.

4. Servicing the suburbs p36. 4.1 The influence of citizen pressure groups p36. Fawkner and North Coburg Progress Association. Coburg Baptist Debating Society. Fawkner Ladies’ Welfare Committee. 4.2 The essential services: water, gas and electricity p36. Yan Yean Reservoir. Sewerage. Brunswick Mechanics’ Institute. Sanitation. Diphtheria. Coburg. Glenroy. Oak Park. Lack of water. Gas lighting. Brunswick Gas and Coke Company. Electricity. Glenroy. 4.3 Public transport p38. Hansom cabs. Railway. 1887 cable tram; horse tram. Electric tram, 1921. 4.4 Churches and schools p40. Rev William Wakefield. Pentridge Schoolhouse, Robert Russell. Samuel Jackson, St Paul’s Church. Charles Vickers, Trinity Church. Sydney Smith, Anglican parsonage. Thomas James Crouch. National School and Wesleyan Chapel at Pentridge. Christ Church; Independent Church; Presbyterian Church. Holy Trinity Church, Pascoe Vale, Louis Williams. St Fidelis Church, presbytery and school, Fritsch and Fritsch. Reed, Henderson and Smart. Rev Dean O’Hea, deanery, St Paul’s Church. Reed, Smart and Tappin. Evander McIver. Schools. Pascoe Vale National School. Albert Street Primary School. Glenroy, Fawkner, Pascoe Vale houses. 4.5 Entertainment: night and day p41. Pender’s Nail Factory. Lyric Theatre. Glenroy Hall. William McCulloch. A.E. Gibson. Brunswick Mechanics’ Institute. Parks: Fawkner Memorial Park. Charles Heath. Brunswick Park. Merri Creek Park. Coburg Lake Reserve. Pascoe Vale Baths. 4.6 Pentridge Penitentiary: a community service p43.

5. Local industry p46. 5.1 Farming p46. James Simpson. Farquhar McCrae. Oak Park, John Pascoe Fawkner, Belle Vue Park. Piggeries, Samuel Grimes, James Hutton. Brunswick, William Lobb, Lobb’s Lane / Stewart Street. John Daly, Hill Farm, Margaret Terrace / Pearson Street. Fred Cadman, George Liversidge, T. Hentschell’s Sweet Hope dairy farm, Albion Street. Michael Dawson, Dawson Street. Market gardens, Chinese. F.J. Sincock. Allard Street. Cumming Street. Pascoe Vale 1912. Glenroy, Fawkner horse studs. CERES (Centre for the study of Environmental Research and Education Strategies). 5.2 Brickmaking and potteries p48. 5.3 Quarrying. 5.5 Other industries p51. 6. Footnotes p56. 7. Bibliography p63.


NOTE: Page numbers refer to pdf file, not paper version.


Gatekeeper's Cabin and Gates (c1890), Albert Street, Brunswick. George W. Sims. North Melbourne-Coburg railway line. Robert Thornton and Co. Jewell Station. Hoffman's Brickworks. Cornwell's Potteries. Moreland Station. Thomas Warr and Co. Moreland Timber Company. A-K p21

Houses (c1865), 247-249 Albert Street, Brunswick. Michael Sedgman. Frith Street. Thomas Wilkinson. Campbell's allotment. Carmarthen Street. Albert Street West. William Allen. Frederick Sedgman. John Sedgman. Cornwall. Wilkinson's land. Sedgman Street. Henry A. Harding. Edward Harding and Co. A-K p25.

Railway Hotel (1890), 291-293 Albert Street, Brunswick. Charles Haines. Platana Pty Ltd (licensee). A-K p28.

Ferry Pottery Weighbridge Office (c1887), 306-310 Albert Street, Brunswick. Graham Ferry. Brunswick Terra Cotta Works. Harding's brickworks. Cornwell's Pottery. Victoria Art Pottery. William Ferry. Hoffman's. Northcote brickworks. The Combine or Co-operative. Whitby House. Brunswick City Council. Incinerator and weighbridge. Butler's brickworks, Albion Street. A-K p31.

Houses (c1860s), 361-365 Albert Street, Brunswick. Richard Gillard. 367 Albert Street. Harry Gillard. A-K p35.

House (1875-6), 373 Albert Street, Brunswick. Manager's residence, Hoffman Patent Brick and Tile Company. Abraham Collings. Joseph William Corbett. James Murdock. Stephen England. John East?. Jenkin Collier. David McKenzie Barry. William Owen. A-K p38.

Hartnett House (c1890, c1910, 1934), 117-123 Albion Street, Brunswick. Melbourne City Mission Childcare Centre and Kindergarten. Salvation Army. Stephenson and Meldrum. Thomas Allum. Captain Samuel Roshe? Colonel James Barker. George Hall. Salvation Army Home. Rescued Sisters' Home. Neglected Children's Home. Melbourne City Mission Home. Sister E. Hartnett. William Hall. A-K p42.

House (1910), 10 Allard Street, Brunswick West. Paul Morgan. Phoenix Estate. Closer Settlement Scheme. Philip Morgan. Brunswick Estate. John Fleming. Penders Grove, Northcote. Thornbury Estate, Northcote. A-K p46.

House (1873), 326 Amess Street, Brunswick. J.F. McGuire. Parkside Street. Park Street. A-K p49.

Brunswick Market (1930), 1-9 Ballarat Street, Brunswick. Residences. T.K. Maltby. I.G. Anderson. Belleland Box Company. I.C. Taylor and Sons Pty Ltd. Dickens grocery firm. Dawson Street. Saxon Street. John Curtin Building. A-K p58.

Gatekeeper's Cabin and Gates (c1890), Barkly Street, Brunswick. George W. Sims? North Melbourne to Coburg railway line (now Upfield). Robert Thornton and Co. Jewell Station. Hoffman's Brickworks. Cornwell's Potteries. Moreland Station. Thomas Warr and Co. Moreland Timber Company. A-K p54.

House (1910-15), 1 Barkly Street, Brunswick. Claude Warburton. Mrs B.C. Warburton. Warburton Stone Quarry. Miller Street. Uriah Warburton. Seth Warburton. Thomas Warburton. 'The Elms' (house). Convent. Barkly Street East. A-K p61.

Bluestone Cottage (c1850s), 130 Barkly Street, Brunswick. Office of warehouse (to rear). Matthew Birkett? Quarrying. John Melville. Benjamin Brown. Alexander Cran Reith. A-K p65.

House (c1860s), 151 Barkly Street, Brunswick. Bluestone. David Spence. William Grimes. J.J. Watkins, dairy. A-K p69.

Cottages (pair) (pre-1906), 159-161 Barkly Street, Brunswick. Thomas Loftus. A-K p72.

Houses (c1888), 1-3 Blyth Street, Brunswick. Residences with professional rooms. J.M. Staley. Allan Staley. Staley Street. Dr Douglas Stewart. Jessie B. Staley. Jessie B. Elder. William and Jessie Elder. Dr Melrose Mailer. William Steel. S.F. Ridley. Frederick Kiel. Miss Agnes Dods. Miss Emily Dods. Dods family. Dods Street. A. and G. Staley hosiery factory. A-K p92.

Fire Station and Flats (c1940), 24 Blyth Street, Brunswick. Seabrook and Fildes. Metropolitan Fire Brigade. F.N. Mann Pty Ltd. MacRobertson Girls High School. A-K p95.

Former Independent Church (1888) and Lynall Hall (1929), 103A Blyth Street, Brunswick. 523-527 Sydney Road. Uniting Church. Congregational Church. George Lynall. Lawrence Street. Foundation stone. Rev W.H. Lawrence. Blyth Street. C.W. Taylor. Overend Street. Chiesa Pentecostale Italiano Independente. Children of Christ Resource Centre. Residences. A-K p99.

House (late 1920s), 154 Blyth Street, Brunswick. Ralph McGregor Dawson. Myrtle Street. James A. Dawson. Mrs Alice Dawson. Town Clerk. John McGregor Dawson. Sheffield Steel Works, Michael Street. A-K p103.

House (1880s), 7 Brett Street, Brunswick. Amos Simpson. William Gallagher. Mrs L.F. Gallagher. W.A. Brett. Glenlyon Road. Victoria Street. A-K p106.

Brunswick South Primary School (1886, 1914), 56 Brunswick Road, Brunswick. Public Works Department? Brunswick Primary School. Lee Street Primary School. North Carlton Primary School. South Brunswick Primary School. Free Methodist Sunday School. James Robertson. Rathdowne Street. Education Department. J.R. Jewell. A-K p109.

Former Star Cinema Theatre (early 1920s), 66 Brunswick Road, Brunswick. Warehouse. A.P. Howson. Ernest C. Luckman. Thomas Bydon. Mrs S. Lock. Lygon Theatre, Lygon Street. Lyric Theatre. Western Theatre. Liberty Theatre. A-K p113.

Iron houses (1854), 181-183, 187-189 Brunswick Road, Brunswick. Rev W. Jarrett. James Blackburn Junior. Brunswick early college. United Presbyterian Church. Daylesford. Union Bank. USA. J.W. Fleming. Margaret Baker. Charles Birmingham. Glew family. Michael Dawson. Elizabeth Watson. Mary McGlone. Daniel Raleigh. William Eckersall. Jedidiah Douthart. Baker family. Mrs Jean Redden. Gertrude Southern. J.S. Douthart. John Glew. A-K p116.

Houses (c1910), 333-335 Brunswick Road, Brunswick. George Morrison. Edwin Lacey. Edwardian cottages. Spurway family. A-K p121.

Former Henderson's Shirt Factory (c1915), 337-339 Brunswick Road, Brunswick. Robert J. Henderson. Mrs Eleanor Johnston. Stephens and Co., Gray Street. Hodgson Street. Sterling Shirt and Clothing Factory, 77 Weston Street. R.J. Henderson and Co., 136 Brunswick Road. Albion Clothing Factory, 29 Weston Street. G. Burgin Pty Ltd, 151 Glenlyon Road. Chandler and Folley, 4 Railway Place. H.H. Mann, 1 Manallack Street. Peerless Silk Mills. Staley and Staley, 6 Merri Street, later Holeproof. Jackson and Eckersall, 18 Michael Street. Bowen and Collins, 91 Lygon Street. A-K p124.

House (1930), 356 Brunswick Road, Brunswick. Victor Heiberg. Beacon Garage and Flats 405-13 Brunswick Road. Noel Counihan. A-K p127.

Prestonia (c1890), 357 Brunswick Road, Brunswick. James Stroud. Harry Oxlade. John Carey. St Matthews School (now St Margaret Mary's). Lawrence O'Brien. 'Brunswick Guardian' newspaper. John Stroud. William Barnes. Barkly Street, Phillipstown. Norfolk and Egerton Brick and Tile Works, Albert Street West. A-K p130.

Hazeldeane (c1890), 359 Brunswick Road, Brunswick. Caleb Burchett. R.B. Slobom. William Steele. A-K p133.

Former Cable Tram Engine House (1887), 363 Brunswick Road, Brunswick. Tyre Fitting Centre, Clothing Manufacturing. Melbourne Tramways Trust. Omnibus service. Tram depot, Sydney Road. Melbourne Tramway and Omnibus Co. Ltd. Melbourne Tramway Board. Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board. Sarah Sands Engine House. A-K p136.

Beacon Service Station and Flats (1936, 1938), 405-415 Brunswick Road, Brunswick. Victor Heiberg. 333 Albert Street. 'Adhlar' (house). No. 8 Leslie Street. Thora Doreen Orbett Madsen Heiberg. A-K p140.

Gatekeeper's Cabin and Gates (c1880s), Brunswick Road, Brunswick. George W. Sims? North Melbourne to Coburg railway line (now Upfield). Robert Thornton and Co. Jewell Station. Hoffman's Brickworks. Cornwell's Potteries. Moreland Station. Thomas Warr and Co. Moreland Timber Company. A-K p144.

Milano (The Harbour) (c1888), 20 Cohuna Street, Brunswick West. John Buncle. Alfred Buncle. 'The Harbour', Salvation Army Hospital and Home for Unmarried Mothers. Salvation Army Brunswick Corps. Citadel, Albert Street. Neglected Children's Home, Hartnett House. A-K p161.

Grain Stores (c1887, 1888, 1891), 1-7, 9-17 Colebrook Street and railway sidings, Brunswick. Furniture Warehouse, Fabric Processing Works. Melville and Co. Tinning Street. Albion Street. Thomas Warr and Co. Donald Melville. Bluestone grain store. 'The Manor' (house), near corner of Albion Street and Melville Road. Brunswick City Council. Victorian Farmers Loan and Agency Co. Darling and Sons, grain merchants and millers. Dalgety and Co. John Connelly. Moreland Wood and Grain Store. State Electricity Commission of Victoria Briquette depot. American Army. Commonwealth Customs Department. A-K p165.

House (1907-10), 47 Cumming Street, Brunswick West. Thomas Williams. Dal Campbell Estate. Henry A. Sandman. Brunswick Estate. Cadman Estate. A-K p173.

Davies Street Masonic Temple (1923), 2-6 Davies Street, Brunswick. Charles Robert Heath. Freemasons. W.H. Cooper. Fawkner Memorial Park. Coburg Town Hall. Brunswick Town Hall and Municipal Offices complex. Sydney H. Wilson. Brunswick St John's Lodge no. 78. Moreland Temperance Lodge no. 244. Letchworth Lodge no. 266. Davies Street. Lilburn's Paddock subdivision. David Mitchell. 'Ardmona' (house). James Whelan. James Beattie. Mrs Louisa Beattie. Patrick Whelan. Whelan the Wreckers. Beattie and Jacobs, manufacturing tailors. A-K p177.

House (1889-90), 11 Davies Street, Brunswick. James Spargo. 29 Davies Street (original number). John H. Beattie. James Beattie. William Canon. Lilburn's Paddock subdivision. David Mitchell. A-K p180.

House (1906-10), 26 Davies Street, Brunswick. George P. Cartledge. Originally 58 Davies Street. Lilburn's paddock subdivision. David Mitchell. A-K p183.

House (1915-20), 28 Davies Street, Brunswick. Richard Farmer. Lilburn's paddock subdivision. David Mitchell. A-K p186.

St Ambrose's School and Hall (1916), 1-3 Dawson Street, Brunswick. A-K p189.

Brunswick Baths (1913-14, 1928), 10 Dawson Street, Brunswick. Peck and Kemter, architects. D.W. Bonar. A-K p192.

Former Brunswick Technical School (1916, 1918, 1922, 1939), 49 Dawson Street, Brunswick. Jas. Miller and Co. Brunswick Mechanics' Institute. Percy Everett. CSIRO. Lindsay Ross Library. Migrant English Centre. A-K p197.

Former Hoffman's Brick and Pottery Works (1884, 1888, 1908), 72-106 Dawson Street, Brunswick. Jenkin Collier. David Mackenzie Barry. William Owen. Melrose ware. Albert Street. Clifton Holdings. Fallon Street. Nubrik. Sungrove Corporation. A-K p201.

MMTB Substation (c1925-6), 196A Dawson Street, Brunswick. Melbourne Metropolitan Tramways Board. West Brunswick tramline. West Coburg Progress Association. Melville Road. Donald Melville. Albion Street. Irvine Estate. Baker Estate. J. & P. Baker. A-K p209.

House (c1918), 20 De Carle Street, Brunswick. E.A. Jackson. Frederick C. Jackson. Robert B. Jackson. A-K p212.

House (c1901-5), 7 Donald Street, Brunswick. George Lesh. A-K p215.

Iona (c1899), 31 Donald Street, Brunswick. Henry W. Bull. Frederick A. Goeby. Alexander Morrison. Joel B. Lewis. A-K p218.

Oxford Terrace (c1892-3, c1896-7), 48-52, 54-68 Donald Street, Brunswick. Henry Hayes. Cambridge Terrace. A-K p221.

Tip Top Bakery (c1940), 170 Edward Street, Brunswick. Harry Norris, architect. Tip Top Bread Company. A-K p224.

Cottages (c1860s), 191-193 Edward Street, Brunswick. J. Ridge. A-K p227.

Christ Church (1857-75), 10 Glenlyon Road, Brunswick. Puchas and Sawyer; Smith and Watts; Frederick Wyatt, architects. A-K p243.

Brunswick Creche (1911, extensions 1939, 1940s,1950s, 1957-8), 86 Glenlyon Road, Brunswick. Mrs John Watson. Mrs Bardin. Brunswick Benevolent Society. Mrs Sumner. Mrs E. Adamson. Bruce Street. W. Watt. A-K p246.

House (1881-2), 38 Harrison Street, Brunswick. F.G. & C. Anderson. Thomas Harrison. Merri Creek. David Mitchell. John Crowe. R. Lockington. Edwin Lockington. Robert Lockington junior. Sydney Hewitt. Mrs F.N. Hewitt. Miss W. Hewitt. A-K p268.

Cottage (1881-2), 48 Harrison Street, Brunswick. Residence and Tannery. A. Powell. Thomas Harrison. David Mitchell. John Crowe. Joseph Gamble. 53 King Street. Samuel Powell. Robert Storm. George Reindel. A-K p271.

Chaumont (early 1920s), 49 Heller Street, Brunswick West. Harold G. Ewen, architect, builder and owner. Ewen family. A-K p280.

Former Brunswick Gas and Coke Company Gas Retort Building (1891), 21-35 Hope Street, Brunswick. Gas retort building. Gas appliance manufacturing and warehousing. Southcorp Appliances. Stephen Hutchinson, builder. Percy Street. Lux Foundry. Craig and Seeley. A-K p286.

House (c1910-15), 160 Hope Street, Brunswick West. Henry C. Gallagher. A-K p289.

St Joseph's Catholic Church (1959) and Presbytery (c1915), 181-185 Hope Street, Brunswick West. St Joseph's Catholic School. St Margaret Mary's Catholic Church, Mitchell Street. Our Lady Help of Christians Catholic Church, Nicholson Street. A-K p292.

House (c1900), 7 Hopetoun Avenue, Brunswick. J. Jobson, builder and original owner. Brunswick Estate. Moonee Ponds Creek. John A. Peterson. James A. Speedie. Mrs J.A. Speedie. Mrs Lucy Speedie. A-K p296.

House (c1883), 53 King Street, Brunswick. Original owner Joseph Gamble. Excelsior Steam Crushing and Pavement Works. John Dunne. Aberdeen Hotel, North Fitzroy. Austral Glass Bottle Company. William Sanderson. Mrs Jessie Gamble. A-K p308.

Former Synagogue (1911-12), (Girgarre House), 32 Lord Street, Brunswick. James Dolphin. Methven family. Lygon Estate. Israel Sukiert. Brunswick Talmud Torah. Joseph Yoffe. Boris Sonkin. Salomon Wertheim. Morris Yoffe. M. and H.J. Goldberg. L-Z p8.

Baby Health Centre (c1950), 318-324 Lygon Street, Brunswick East. Maternal and Child Health Centre. Infant Welfare Centre. L-Z p16.

Lyndhurst Club Hotel (1890), 513 Lygon Street, Brunswick. Hotel and Coffee Palace. John McMahon, original licensee. L-Z p19.

Former Western Theatre (c1929), 41-43 Melville Road, Brunswick West. Estonian House. Cinema. Mrs Male. L-Z p25.

House (c1895), 104 Melville Road, Brunswick West. William Mentiplay. Austin Bastow. Donald Melville. James Littlejohn. John Southern. L-Z p28.

John Welsh Factory (1940-41), 12-20 Miller Street, Brunswick. Metalworking factory. David Brown Gear Industries Ltd. Rathdowne Street, Carlton. W.J. Muir, brass finisher. Seaborne and Garner. L-Z p33.

Moreland Terrace (1889), 222-238 Moreland Road, Brunswick. Residences and Professional Rooms. Charles Marshall. Enterprise Building Society. Mrs Elizabeth Eyre. Miss A. Eyre. L-Z p46.

Wesleyan Methodist Church (c1877, c1880s, 1932), 53 Nicholson Street, Brunswick. Elderly Persons’ Residences. Fox and Oakden? John Glew. L-Z p61.

Nalang (c1920s), 655 Park Street, Brunswick. Residence. Henry Williams. Mrs Mary Williams. L-Z p73.

Former Superintendent’s Residence (c1888) (Aldersyde), 903 Park Street, Brunswick. Rooming House. Ministry of Housing. James P. Adams. Robert Johnston. Mount Royal Home for the Aged. Victorian Benevolent Hospital and Home for the Aged and Infirm. Dr C.G. Godfrey. Dr Albert Philpott. Dr John Cade. John Gill. Immigrants Aid Society. Benevolent Home. L-Z p76.

House (late 1890s), 905 Park Street, Brunswick. Residence. Thomas Stephens. Mrs Emma Stephens. L-Z p80.

House (c1910), 19 Passfield Street, Brunswick West. Frank Stringer. Originally no. 11. Phoenix Estate. Closer Settlement Scheme. John Fleming. L-Z p83.

House, 23 Passfield Street (c1910), Brunswick West. Residence. William Halliday. Originally no. 15. Phoenix Estate. Closer Settlement Scheme. John Fleming. L-Z p86.

House (1888), 33 Saxon Street, Brunswick p103. School. Trinity Regional College. Alfred Cornwell.

House (c1920-25), 2 Second Avenue, Brunswick p107. Alfred Joseph Taylor.

Brunswick South West Primary School (1926-7), South Daly Street, Brunswick West p113.

Brunswick East Primary School (formerly called North Brunswick Primary School) (1892-3), 195A-197 Stewart Street, Brunswick p123.

Former Lyric Theatre (1911), 199-201 Sydney Road, Brunswick p132. Gudgeon and Grace? Cinema.

Former Presbyterian Churches (1865, 1884), 212 Sydney Road, Brunswick p136. Ingram and Thewles.

Brunswick Town Hall and Municipal Offices (1876, 1908, 1926, 1937), 233 Sydney Road, Brunswick p140. Evander McIver. Sydney H. Wilson. Peck and Kemter.

Mechanics’ Institute (1868-70), 270 Sydney Road, Brunswick p144. Hall, Library, Offices.

St Ambrose’s Church (Church 1871, School 1916), 289 Sydney Road, Brunswick p148. J.M. Robertson. J.M. Denny.

Cumberland Arms Hotel (c1890s), 337-341 Sydney Road, Brunswick p151.

Sydney Road Community School (former Wesleyan Sunday School and Church) (Church 1872, Sunday School 1887), 342 Sydney Road, Brunswick p154. Church: Fox and Oakden. Sunday School: Alfred Dunn.

Former Union Bank of Australia (1890), 387-9 Sydney Road, Brunswick p159. Commercial, Residence, Inskip and Robertson.

Duke of Edinburgh Hotel (c1890s), 430 Sydney Road, Brunswick p165.

Hooper’s Store (1908), 463-75 Sydney Road, Brunswick p168. Shops, Billiard Centre. H.W. and F.B. Tompkins. Edward T. Hooper. Draper’s store.

Brunswick Baptist Church (1889, 1893), 491 Sydney Road, Brunswick p171.

Former Dental Surgery and Residence (1905), 503 Sydney Road, Brunswick p174. Manse, Brunswick Baptist Church. Dr F.W. Riel.

Don Bosco Youth Centre (1945), 715-19 Sydney Road, Brunswick p204. Salesians of Don Bosco.

Brunswick Tram Depot (1935), 807-13 Sydney Road, Brunswick p207. Cable tram depot.

Mernda (c1921-24), I Timaru Avenue, Brunswick East p223. War Service Homes Commission? Northern Timber Mills. Residence.

Downs and Sons Rope and Cordage Works (Sampson Cordage Works) (c1890, 1907, 1947), 64-72 Tinning Street, 7-9 Cassells Road, Brunswick p226. Ropeworks.

Former Butcher’s Shop and Dwelling (c1863), 145-7 Union Street, Brunswick p236. Abattoir. John Heller.

Carrington Hotel (1927), 158-62 Union Street, Brunswick p240. Shiranne Pty Ltd (licensee).

Jewell Railway Station, Signal Box and Gates (1888), Union Street, Brunswick p243. George W. Sims? McConnell and McIntosh.

Liquorice Factory Chimney (Hoadley and Robertson) (1922 onwards), 342-8 Victoria Street, Brunswick p247. Australian Liquorice Company.

West Brunswick Progress Association Hall (1931), 484 Victoria Street, Brunswick West p250. Monte Lauro Social Club. Community Hall.

Former Brunswick West Primary School (c1889, 1891, 1910), 490-2 Victoria Street, Brunswick West p253. Residences.

Brunswick Railway Station, Signal Box and Gates (1888), Victoria Street, Brunswick p256. George W. Sims? McConnell and McIntosh.

House (c1921-5), 1 Waihi Avenue, Brunswick p260. Residence. War Service Homes Commission. Northern Timber Mills. William S. Pearl?

House, 37 Waxman Parade (originally Hopetoun Avenue), Brunswick West p270. John Mooner?

Canowindra (c1905-10), 43 Waxman Parade (originally Hopetoun Avenue), Brunswick West. Residence. Laurance McCann.

House (c1910), 51 Waxman Parade (originally Hopetoun Avenue), Brunswick p276. James Power.

Coppin Masonic Lodge (1928), 191 Weston Street, Brunswick p279. Freemasons.

Cottage (c1860s), 193 Weston Street, Brunswick p282.

Whitby House (Whitbyfield) (c1850), 28 Whitby Street, Brunswick West p291. Flats. John Gill. Edward Whitby.

Harcourt (late 1920s), 43 Whitby Street, Brunswick West p295. Residence. William G. Dowsley?

House (c1885), 57 Whitby Street, Brunswick West p298. John Trenoweth.


The Grange (c1863), 39 Belgrave Street, Coburg. Peter Virtue. Baptist Church missionary. Stone farmhouse. A-K p78.

The Bluestone Cottage (1864), 82 Bell Street, Coburg. Coburg Historical Society headquarters. James and Marion Smith. Elm Street gate, Pentridge Prison. Rodda Street. Prison warders. A-K p81.

Coburg Primary School no. 484 (Infants' School and Shelter Shed) (1910), Bell Street and Russell Street, Coburg. W.A. Watt MLA. American model school. A-K p85.

Coburg City Hall (1922, 1928), 88-92 Bell Street, Coburg. Municipal Offices. Charles Robert Heath. Town Hall. City of Moreland. Cockram and Cooper. City of Coburg. Fawkner Cemetery. Brunswick Town Hall. A-K p89.

Entrance building, Pentridge Prison (1858-9, 1952), Champ Street, Coburg. Gustav Joachimi. Public Works Department. A-K p148.

St Fidelis Roman Catholic Church and Presbytery (1937), 41-49 Clarendon Street, Coburg. Fritsch and Fritsch. A.A. Meyer and Sons. W.H. Broderick. A-K p158.

Antrim (now Felton House) (c1890), 11 Gaffney Street, Coburg. McGregor Dawson family. Robert Dawson. Victorian Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (VACRO). A-K p233.

Lincoln Mills (1919, c1940), 82-92 Gaffney Street, Coburg. Textile factory. Knitting mill. Lincoln Knitting Company. Lygon Street. T.N. Rowlands. Richard Grundy. Cleckheaton. A-K p236.

Moyle Organ (c1855), St Linus Anglican Church, 21 Glyndon Avenue, Merlynston. James Moyle. Charles Robert Heath. Ivy Cottage, High Street, Prahran. Fincham. A-K p258.

Houses (1888), 5-15 Hudson Street, Coburg. John Long, architect and builder? Mercantile Building Society, original owner. Linsey Park Estate. Crawford Street. Belle, no. 7, Abel Greenwood. Miss C. Rule. Kinuara, no. 11, Mr J. Kelly. Tarrangower, no. 13, Mrs E.E. Blake. No. 15, T.H. Mason. A-K p299.

House (c1910), 35 Hudson Street, Coburg A-K p302.

Former Spicer Paper Mills (1920, 1940, 1985), 1-9 Moreland Road, Coburg. Clothing manufacturing. Jockey Australia. Carleton and Carleton and Oakley and Parkes. James Spicers and sons. Spicers and Detmold Ltd. Dutch Moderne. L-Z p39.

Moreland Railway Station Signal Box (1892), Moreland Road, Coburg. George W. Sims. North Melbourne to Coburg (now Upfield) Railway Line. Thomas Marr and Company. Moreland Timber Company. Brunswick Plaster Mills. L-Z p42.

Terrace (1890), 241-253 Moreland Road, Coburg. Residence. Thomas Francis Hyland. L-Z p49.

Union Knitting Mills (1936), 37-43 Munro Street, Coburg. Warehouse. L-Z p52.

Murray Road Bridge (1870, 1962), Murray Road, Coburg. Road bridge. Prison labour. Pentridge Prison. L-Z p55.

Newlands Road Bluestone Bridge (1865), Newlands Road / Murray Road, Coburg. Footbridge. Gerard Wright. Prison labour. Road bridge, former. Pentridge Prison. L-Z p58.

Former Coburg East Primary School (1926), 146 Nicholson Street, Coburg East. Maronite Catholic School. Frank Tate. L-Z p64.

West Coburg Progress Theatre (Hall 1923, Cinema 1927, Façade 1939), 234 Reynard Street, Coburg. Architect: George Milne? G. Hedley (façade). Builder: George Milne. Original owner: West Coburg Progress Association. Mr Blackwood. J.K. Pettigrew and Sons. Alsop and Duncan. L-Z p95.

American Cottage (c1885-90, 1980), 21 Station Street, Coburg p120. Tyler Johnson.

Residence (1889-90), 1 Sussex Street, Coburg p126. Thomas McKenzie.

Palm Avenue Hotel (Nugget, Woolpack and Nugget Inn, Nugget and Woolpack, Woodlands Hotel) (pre-1857, 1891), 84-92 Sydney Road, Coburg p129.

Bates Building (1888, 1986), 400-404 Sydney Road, Coburg p162. Henry Bates. Shops, Skating Rink.

Holy Trinity Anglican Church (1855, 1857, 1869, 1982, 1987), 520 Sydney Road, Coburg p177. Charles Vickers. Sydney Smith. Evander McIver. Merryfield and Bayne.

Former Holy Trinity School (1859, 1879), 520 Sydney Road, Coburg p181.

Former Holy Trinity Parish Hall (1918), 520 Sydney Road, Coburg p184. Puglia Social Club. Charles Robert Heath. T.H. Rowe. Church Hall. Anglican Church.

Former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel (Kindergarten Hall) (1849, 1982, 1987), 562 Sydney Road (corner of Bell Street), Coburg p187. Thomas Smith.

Uniting Church (Second Wesleyan Methodist Chapel) (1857, 1974, 1977), 562 Sydney Road, corner of Bell Street, Coburg p190. Thomas James Crouch.

Former St Paul’s School (1867, 1974, 1977), 562 Sydney Road, Coburg p194. San Marco Restaurant.

St Paul’s Roman Catholic Church (1894, 1928, 1938, 1956), 562 Sydney Road, Coburg p197. Reed, Smart and Tappin.

Villa Italia (1948-9), 610 Sydney Road, Coburg p201. Residence. J. Langdon. Rizzetti family.

Holyrood (c1891), 22 The Grove, Coburg p211. Residence. T.J. Crouch?

Koorali and Kalimna (c1887, 1912), 23-25 The Grove, Coburg p215. T.J. Crouch. Montague Dare.

Oak Hill and Waratah (Manumbar) (c1887), 45-47 The Grove, Coburg p219. T.J. Crouch. Dr J. Mathew.

Toxteth Park (c1880s), 3-5 Toxteth Park Street, Coburg North p230. Residence.

House (1912), 49 Walsh Street, Coburg p267.


St Mark's Parish Primary School (c1920s), Argyle Street, Fawkner. Roman Catholic Church. A-K p52.

Tearooms (1931), Fawkner Memorial Park, 1187 Hume Highway, Fawkner. Charles Robert Heath, architect. Original use: tearoom and flower kiosk. Garden of Remembrance. New Melbourne General Cemetery. Graeme Butler. Dacey Gardens, Sydney. Charles Heath Memorial Fountain. A-K p305.

Former Fawkner State School (c1910s?), 85-105 Lynch Street, Fawkner. Buddhist Welfare Centre. L-Z p22.


Ingleside (1888), 44 Acacia Street, Glenroy. Douglas Cartwright. Glenroy Land Company. Frank Stuart, John McCutcheon and brothers Arthur and Albert Wiseman. Glenroy Farm. Kennedy brothers. General Land and Savings Company. McCulloch's bullshed. Widford Road. Wheatsheaf Road. Public Hall. A-K p18.

Graystanes (Tiverton) (c1888), 58 Belair Avenue, Glenroy. Residence. James Chapman. Forest Hills Estate. Glenroy Farm. Pascoe Vale Road. Duncan Kennedy. Stanley Street. Glenroy Street. Chapman Avenue. Tiverton Park Estate. Lyons family. A-K p75.

House (c1880s), 2 Churchill Street, Glenroy. Glenroy Land Company. Kennedy's Glenroy Farm. Wheatsheaf Road. A-K p154.

Glenlyn (c1888), 34 Finchley Avenue, Glenroy. Nursing Home. James Chapman. Forest Hills Estate. Glenroy Land Company. Glenroy Farm. Duncan Kennedy. Tiverton Park Estate. A-K p230.

House (c1890), 127 Glenroy Road, Glenroy. Glenroy Land Company. Glenroy Farm. Wiseman House. A-K p249.

House (c1888), 139 Glenroy Road, Glenroy. Glenroy Land Company. A-K p252.

Minnawarra (1888), 149 Glenroy Road, Glenroy. Glenroy Land Company. Frank Stuart. John McCutcheon. Arthur and Albert Wiseman. Glenroy Farm. Kennedy brothers. General Land and Savings Company. McCulloch's bullshed, Widford Road. A-K p255.

Gowrie (1855), 63-65 Gowrie Street, Glenroy. Robertson and Gibb. Cartwright Brothers, architects and builders. James Robertson. Carse O'Gowrie. Elizabeth Gibb. Meadowbank (now Manor House, Campbellfield). R. Lewis. A-K p261.

House (c1910), 9 Grandview Street, Glenroy. James Chapman's Forest Hills Estate. Tiverton Park Estate. A-K p265.

Electricity Substation (c1915), Hartington Street (corner of Melbourne Avenue), Glenroy. Disused. Victorian Railways. Tiverton Park Estate. A-K p274.

Hutchinson's Flour Mill (c1930), Hartington Street, Glenroy. Flour mill. Rudolph J. Muller. Otto Muller, Riddell's Creek. Guy Raglan. Robert Hutchinson and Co. Bendigo mill of Tomlins and Simmie. Flour Millers' Council. Victorian Oat Pool. Peter Gibbs Stockfeeds Pty Ltd. A-K p277.

House (c1920s), 151 Hilton Street, Glenroy A-K p283.

House (c1890s), 41 Middle Street, Glenroy L-Z p31.

Trestle Bridge (1924), Moonee Ponds Creek, Glenroy. Railway bridge. L-Z p37.

Former St Matthew’s Church (1908), Plumpton Avenue, Glenroy. Hall. D.R. Dossiter. J.W. Johnson. Wiseman, Strickland, Stuart, Cartwright family. Archdeacon Hindley. Rev E.C. Crotty. L-Z p89.

Taringa (1888), 6 Salisbury Street, Glenroy p99. Edward Strickland.

Kingsley College (c1890), 21 South Street, Glenroy p110. Theological College. Mr Bishop.

Residence (c1880s), 7 Staples Street, Glenroy p116.

Buangor (c1885-90), 11 Tudor Street, Glenroy p233. Assistant Station Master’s Residence. Glenroy Land Company?

Shop (1887), 92 Wheatsheaf Road, Glenroy p285. General Store and Residence. Glenroy Land Company.

Shop (1887), 139 Wheatsheaf Road, Glenroy p288. Shop and Residence. Bakery. Glenroy Land Company.

Wiseman House (Sawbridgeworth) (1887-8), Widford Road (corner Melbourne Avenue), Glenroy p301. Anglican Church. Youth Centre. Arthur Wiseman.


Glencairn (c1860, c1884, 1911, 1980), 6 Craigrossie Avenue, Pascoe Vale p169. Robert Mailer. Farquhar McCrae. Pentridge change of name. Bluestone. Dr Melrose Mailer. Mrs Melrose Mailer. R.L. Phillips.

St Oliver Plunkett Catholic Church (1961), 314 Gaffney Street, Pascoe Vale p240. Alan G. Robertson and Associates, architects. Thomson and Chalmers, builders.

Wentworth House (c1841-1842, 1850s, 1860s), 22 Le Cateau Street, Pascoe Vale. La Rose Farmhouse. Dr Farquhar McCrae. Coiler Robertson. James Robertson. Margaret Robertson. L-Z p4.

Blackburn House (1936, 1986), 16 Louisville Avenue, Pascoe Vale South. Joe Clift. Maurice and Doris Blackburn. L-Z p12.

Lyndhurst Hall (c1853, 1868), 46 Walhalla Street, Pascoe Vale South p263. Residence. Edward de Carle.


Oak Park (Belle Vue Park. Grand View Park. Pascoe Vale Farm) (1879), 7 Oak Park Court, Oak Park. Residence. Joseph English (John Pascoe Fawkner). R. Hutchinson. Randolph Muller’s Flour Mill. Hutchinson’s Flour Mill. Hutchinson family. L-Z p67.

Former Belle Vue Park Stables (c1840-45), 9 Oak Park Court, Oak Park. Residence. John Pascoe Fawkner. L-Z p70.

House (c1920s), 15 Station Road, Oak Park p118.


1. Introduction p10. Background and brief. Terminology. Exhibited Planning Scheme Heritage Overlay Precincts. Methodology. Criteria for selection of precincts. New precincts. Deleted precincts. Landscape citations. Recommended precincts.

2. Heritage Overly Precincts p14.

Albert Street, Brunswick East p16.

Barkly Street East, Brunswick East p23.

Blyth Street, Brunswick p26.

Brickworks and Barry Street, Brunswick p30.

Brunswick Road West, Brunswick West p34.

Collier Crescent, Brunswick West p44.

Daly Street, Brunswick West p52.

Dawson Street, Brunswick West p56.

De Carle Street / Bishop Street, Brunswick p59.

Donald Street, Brunswick p63.

Edward Street, Brunswick p67.

Ewing Street, Brunswick p70.

First Avenue, Brunswick p73.

Frederick Street, Brunswick p77.

Glenmorgan Street, Brunswick East p89.

Grantham Street, Brunswick West p95.

Hoffman Street and Hunter Street, Brunswick West p99.

Hope Street, Brunswick West p102.

Lyle Street, Brunswick p105.

Marion Avenue, Brunswick West p109.

Methven Street, Brunswick East p119.

Myrtle Street, Brunswick East p126.

Overend Street, Brunswick p133.

Park Street, Brunswick p136.

Phillipstown, Brunswick p143.

Sydney Road, Brunswick p157.

Westbourne Street, Brunswick p170.

Weston Street, Brunswick p173.

Whitby Street, Brunswick West p176.

Willowbank Road, Brunswick East p179.

Moreland Railway Station, Brunswick and Coburg p122.

Railway, Brunswick and Coburg p147.

Church and Municipal Reserve, Coburg p37.

Clarendon Street, Coburg p41.

Glencairn Avenue, Coburg p85.

Gordon Street, Coburg p92.

Merlynston Precinct, Coburg North p115.

Newlands Estate, Coburg p129.

Pentridge, Coburg p139.

Sheffield Street, Coburg p153.

The Grove, Coburg p162.

Balmoral Avenue, Pascoe Vale South p19.

Coonans Hill, Pascoe Vale South p48.

Gallipoli Parade, Pascoe Vale South p81.

Melville Road, Pascoe Vale South p112.

Turner Street, Pascoe Vale p167.

Appendix A: Altered, new and deleted precincts p182.


Properties in the City of Moreland affected by Heritage Overlay Controls.


Albert Street: 59-85. 247-9. 272-82. 247. 279. 291-3 – Railway Hotel. 306-310 – Ferry Pottery Weighbridge Office. 361-5. 373. 437-507. 382-462. Railway: Gatekeeper’s Cabin and Gates.

Albion Street: 117-123 Hartnett House. 145-181. 194. 225. 227-283, 220-276.

Allard Street: 10.

Amess Street: 326.

Ballarat Street: 1-9 – Former Brunswick Market.

Balmer Street: 1-19. 2-20.

Barkly Street: 1. 37-149. 56-128. 130. 151. 159-161. 357-419. 310. 400. Railway gatekeeper’s cabin and gates.

Barrow Street: 66A-94.

Bell Street: 1-5. 2-4.

Bishop Street: 1-47. 2-34.

Blyth Street: 1-121. 2-126. 1-3 terrace. 24 Fire Station and Flats. 103A Church and Lynall Hall. 131-163. 154-156. 154 house.

Brett Street: 7.

Brunswick Road: 56 Brunswick South Primary School. 66 Former Star Cinema Theatre. 181-189 Iron houses. 333-335. 337-339 Former Henderson’s Shirt Factory. 356. 357 Prestonia. 359 Hazeldeane. 363 Cable tram engine house. 405-413 Beacon Service Station and Flats. 405-421. 431-439. 451-453. 344-400. 483-507. Railway gatekeeper’s cabin and gates.

Bryant Street: 1-3. 2-8.

Canberra Street: 42-62.

Cassels Road: 7-9 Downs and Sons Rope and Cordage Works (see 64-72 Tinning Street).

Charles Street: 5-15. 2-2A.

Church Street: 1-7. 2-12.

Cliff Street: 1-15. 2-26.

Cohuna Street: 20 Milano.

Colebrook Street: 1-7, 9-17 grain stores.

Collier Crescent: 3-59. 6-22. 69-103. 60-98.

Connelly Street: 2A (Substation).

Cooraminta Street: 1-25. 2-30.

Crook Street: 1-35.

Cumming Street: 47.

Daly Street: 1-47. 4-18. 25-67. 20-60.

Davies Street: 2-6 Masonic Temple. 11. 26. 28.

Dawson Street: 1-3 St Ambrose’s School and Hall. 10 Brunswick Baths. 49 Former Brunswick Technical School. 49-105. 72-104. 72-106 Hoffman’s Brick and Pottery Works. 160-196. 196A MMTB Substation.

De Carle Street: 20. 37-43A. 46-62.

Donald Street: 7. 22-94. 15-73. 31 Iona. 48-68 Oxford Terrace.

Dorothy Street: 7. 8.

Edmends Street: 1-21. 2-28.

Edward Street: 3-11. 2-10. 67-121. 38-74. 88-116. 141-143. 170 Tip Top Bakery. 191-193.

Errol Avenue: 1-23. 2-28.

Essex Street: 1-9.

Ewing Street: 23-51. 24-48.

Fallon Street: 17-39.

Fifth Avenue: 1-39.

First Avenue: 1-17. 2-18.

Fitzgibbon Street: 25-27.

Fourth Avenue: 2-40.

Frith Street: 5.

Glenlyon Road: 2-14. 10 Christ Church. 86 Creche.

Glenmorgan Street: 3-75. 16-80.

Gold Street: 129-143. 128-172.

Grantham Street: 2-12. 81-83. 48-72.

Gray Street: 1-39. 2-34.

Gregory Street: 4-14.

Hall Street: 1-17. 2-18.

Halpin Street: 1-41. 2-44.

Hamer Street: 1-11. 2-12.

Harrison Street: 38. 48.

Heller Street: 1. 49 Chaumont.

Henkel Street: 32-90.

Hodgson Street: 1-29. 2-16.

Hoffman Street: 1-23. 2-24.

Hope Street: 21-35 Former Gas Retort Building. 145-171. 188-250. 160. 197-207.

Hopetoun Avenue: 7.

Hunter Street: 3-63A. 4-56. 65-67. 58-106.

Jarvie Street: 1-27. 2-44.

Katawa Grove: 2. 13-35.

King Street: 53.

Larnoo Avenue: 19-23.

Lawrence Street: 1-7.

Leinster Street: 1-15.

Lord Street: 24-32. 32 Former Synagogue.

Louisa Street: 1-9, 2-12.

Lygon Street: 280. 318-324 Baby Health Centre. 513 Lyndhurst Club Hotel.

Lyle Street: 1-51, 16-72.

Macfarland Street: 1-33, 2-42.

MacKenzie Street: 1A-41, 2-36.

Marion Avenue: 1-23, 2-24.

May Street: 1-51.

Mayfield Avenue: 1.

McKay Street: 5-7.

McVean Street: 2-8.

Melville Road: 41-43 Former Western Theatre. 61-71. 58B. 82-86. 104.

Merri Street: 3-15, 2-4.

Methven Street: 1-5, 6-34.

Miller Street: 12-20 John Welsh Factory.

Mitchell Street: 43-59.

Moreland Road: 208-240. 222-238 Moreland Terrace. 256-280.

Munro Street: 1-61. 2-62.

Myrtle Street: 1-11. 2-12.

Newman Street: 1-15.

Nicholson Street: 53 Former Wesleyan Methodist Church. 146 Former East Coburg Primary School.

Orient Grove: 1-12.

Overend Street: 11-33. 8-32.

Owen Street: 1-23. 2-18.

Park Street: 655 Nalang. 705-823. 843-899. 903 Former Superintendent’s Residence. 905.

Passfield Street: 19. 23.

Pearson Street: 31-63, 40-66. 73-91.

Percy Street: 5-37.

Park Street to Moreland Road: Railway line.

Saxon Street: 33.

Second Avenue: 1-17, 2-18. 2.

Sedgman Street: 1-18.

South Daly Street: Brunswick South West Primary School.

Stewart Street: 1. 1A. 115-117. 114-120. 195A-197: Brunswick East Primary School.

Sydney Road: 1-697. 2-708. 199-201 Former Lyric Theatre. 212 Presbyterian Church. 233 Municipal Offices and Town Hall. 270 Mechanics’ Institute. 289 St Ambrose’s Church. 337-343 Cumberland Arms Hotel. 342 Wesleyan Church and Sunday School. 387-389 Former Union Bank of Australia. 430 Duke of Edinburgh Hotel. 463-475 Hooper’s Store. 491 Brunswick Baptist Church. 503 Former Dental Surgery and Residence. 715-719 Don Bosco Youth Centre. 807-813 Brunswick Tram Depot.

Talbot Street: 16-54.

Teague Avenue: 1-7. 2-6.

Temple Street: 2-28. 3-7.

Third Avenue: 1-17, 2-18.

Timaru Avenue: 1 Mernda.

Tinning Street: 35-37. 64-72 Downs and Sons Rope and Cordage Works (also 7-9 Cassels Road).

Union Street: 1. 109-119, 126-136. 145-147 Former Butcher’s Shop and Dwelling. 158-162 Carrington Hotel. 224-248. Denzil Don Kindergarten. Railway.

Victoria Street: 292-334. 275-289. 342-348 Liquorice Factory Chimney. 464-494. 484 West Brunswick Progress Association Hall. 490-492 Former Brunswick West Primary School. Brunswick Railway Station, Signal Box and Gates.

Vincent Street: 26-34.

Waihi Avenue: 1.

Walker Street: 1-11. 2-4. Corner of Hunter (Electricity Substation).

Walton Street: 1-7, 4-6.

Waxman Parade: 43 Canowindra. 51.

Westbourne Street: 1-17. 2-24.

Weston Street: 27-29. 42-118. 87-115. 191 Coppin Masonic Lodge. 193.

Whitby Street: 1-65, 4-38. 28 Whitby House. 43 Harcourt. 57. 73-121. 66-86.

Wilkinson Street: 1-15.

Willowbank Road: 2-28, 1-33.

Wilson Street: 33-133, 30-114.

Wraith Street: 1-5.


Bain Avenue: 1-3. 4-30. Merlynston precinct.

Ballard Avenue: 1-31. 2-50.

Bateman Court: 1-15. 2-30.

Belgrave Street: 39 The Grange.

Bell Street: 74-98. 81A. 82. 88-92. Coburg Primary School, corner of Russell Street.

Bernice Court: 2-10.

Blanche Court: 2-18.

Boyd Crescent: 1-29. 2-20.

Boyne Street: 1-47. 2-32.

Chambers Street: 9-21.

Champ Street: Entrance building, Pentridge. Former Pentridge Prison.

Claremont Street: 1-23. 2-34.

Clarendon Street: 15-81. 16-100. 41-49 St Fidelis Catholic Church and Presbytery.

Connolly Avenue: 1-109. 14-48.

Craigrossie Avenue: 3-25. 2-18.

Delta Avenue: 1-3. 2.

Elizabeth Street: 31A-129.

Elm Grove: Church and Municipal Reserve precinct.

Foch Avenue: 1-13. 2-12.

Gaffney Street: 11 Antrim (now Felton House). 82-92 Lincoln Mills. 314 St Oliver Plunkett Catholic Church.

Glencairn Avenue: 3-35. 4-50.

Glyndon Avenue: 21 Moyle Organ.

Goff Street: 1-11. 2-6.

Gordon Street: 1-93. 4-90.

Grey Court: 2-20.

Haig Avenue: 1-19.

Hudson Street: 5-15.

Hutchinson Place: 2-34.

Jackson Parade: 1-27, 2-44.

Jessie Street: 1-17, 2-26.

Julius Street: 1-19, 2-20.

Lorensen Avenue: 1-37, 2-52.

Mailer Reserve.

Maranoa Crescent: 1-23, 2-30.

McCrory Street: 1-9, 2-12.

Meadow Street: 1-15, 2-8.

Mehegan Avenue: 1-33, 2-16.

Merlyn Street: 1-41.

Moreland Road: 1-9 Spicer Paper Mills. 241-253 Terrace. 241-265. 279-325. Railway Station signal box.

Munro Street: 37-43 Union Knitting Mills.

Muriel Court: 2-18.

Murray Road: Murray Road Bridge, Merri Creek.

Newlands Road: Newlands Road Bridge, Merri Creek.

Nicholson Street: 63. 146 Former East Coburg Primary School.

Orvieto Street: 11-15.

Peterson Avenue: 1-39.

Phillips Street: 1-49, 2-40.

Plaisted Street: 10-12.

Moreland Road to Bell Street: Railway line.

Rasmussen Court: 2-16.

Reynard Street: 234A-236A West Coburg Progress Cinema.

Ronald Street: 1-65.

Selbourne Street: 7-13, 6-16.

Shaftsbury Street: 19-47.

Sheffield Street: 1-61, 2-38.

Spring Street: 1-23, 2-28.

Station Street: 1-39, 2-24. 21 American Cottage.

Strathearn Avenue: 1-15, 2-38.

Sussex Street: 1.

Sydney Road: 84-92 Palm Avenue Hotel. 105-165. 400-404 Bates Building. 512-562. 520 Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Former Holy Trinity School, Former Holy Trinity Parish Hall. 562 Former Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Uniting Church (Second Wesleyan Methodist Chapel), Former St Paul’s School, St Paul’s Roman Catholic Church. 610 Villa Italia.

The Grove: 1-83. 22 Holyrood. 23-25 Koorali and Kalimna. 45-47 Oak Hill and Waratah.

Toxteth Park Street: 3-5 Toxteth Park.

Walsh Street: 49.

Wattle Grove: 1-17, 2-34.

Whitton Parade: 1-23, 2-42.


Hume Highway: 1187 Fawkner Memorial Park and Tearooms.

Acacia Street: 44 Ingleside.

Churchill Street: 2.

Glenroy Road: 127. 139. 149 Minnawarra.

Gowrie Street: 63-65 Gowrie.

Hartington Street: corner of Melbourne Avenue: Electricity Substation.

Moonee Ponds Creek: Trestle Bridge.

Plumpton Avenue: corner of Glenroy Road: Former St Matthew’s Church (1908).

Salisbury Street: 6 Taringa.

South Street: 21 Huntingtower.

Tudor Street: 11 Buangor.

Wheatsheaf Road: 92 Shop. 139 Shop.

Widford Road: 32A Wiseman House.


Oak Park Court: 7 Oak Park. 9 Former Belle Vue Stables.


Balmoral Avenue: 1-102.

Bell Street: 448-496. 457-471.

Carrington Street: 1-45. 2-58.

Craigrossie Avenue: 6 Glencairn.

Disraeli Grove: 1-43. 2-52.

Fontaine Street: 1-29. 2-28.

Gallipoli Parade: 17-61. 12-48.

Graham Street: 1-45. 2-44.

Grundy Grove: 1-51. 2-46.

Heliopolis Street: 2.

Le Cateau Street: 22 Wentworth House.

Lochinvar Street: 1-17, 2-30.

Louisville Avenue: 1-41, 2A-24. 16 Blackburn House.

Melville Road: 9-55. 61-233, 72-248.

Mitchell Parade: 2-20.

Moascar Street: 18-20.

O’Hea Street: 242-250, 247.

Prendergast Street: 1-53, 2-60.

Reynolds Parade: 27-59.

Shore Reserve.

Somali Street: 1-21, 2-30.

Turner Street: 1-41, 2-46.

Vaux Street: 1-19, 2-20.

Walhalla Street: 46 Lyndhurst Hall.

Ward Grove: 63-67.

Woodlands Avenue: 2-10.


1.1 Background and brief p5. 1.2 Designation of landscapes: Grade A, B. C. 1.3 Citations.

G.A. Bridges Reserve, Bell Street, Coburg p9.

Former Coburg Council Offices Forecourt, Bell Street, Coburg – two mature trees p13.

Remnant trees, 170 Brunswick Road, Brunswick – 2 cotton palms p16.

Reserve adjacent to Moreland Station, Cameron Street, Coburg p19.

Street trees, Champ Street, Coburg p22.

Warr Park, De Carle Street, Brunswick p25.
Benjamin Warr.

Quarry, De Chene Reserve, Coburg p28.
Pentridge Prison quarry.

Native grassland, end of Jukes Road, Fawkner p31.

Street trees, Glenmorgan Street, Brunswick p34.

Cypress row, Glenroy Road, Glenroy p37.

Northern Golf Club, Glenroy Road, Glenroy p40.

Temple Park, Gray Street, Brunswick p44.

Coburg Oval, Harding Street, Coburg p48.

Street trees, Hawthorn Street, Coburg p51.

Moreland Hall, 26 Jesse Street, Coburg p54.

Oak Park Reserve, Josephine Street, Oak Park p57.

Fawkner Memorial Park (Cemetery), Hume Highway, Fawkner (Hadfield) p60.

Lake Reserve, Lake Grove, Coburg p64.

Anderson Reserve, Linda Street, Coburg p68.

Street trees, Linda Street, Coburg p71.

Remnant tree, 15 Loyola Avenue, Brunswick p74.

Street trees, Loyola Avenue, Brunswick p77.

Street trees, Lygon Street, Coburg p80.

Street trees, Melbourne Avenue, between Trevannion and Widford Streets, Glenroy p83.

Methven Park, Methven Street, Brunswick p86.

Campbell Reserve, Moore Street, Coburg East p90.

Street trees, Orient Grove, Brunswick p93.

Street trees, Phillips Street, Coburg p96.

Hooper Reserve, Royal Parade, at intersection with Brunswick Road p99.

Residential garden, 197 The Avenue, Coburg p103.

Street trees, The Grove, Coburg, between Nicholson Street and Barrow Street p106.

Union Street Escarpment, Union Street, West Brunswick p109.

Brunswick Park, Victoria Street, Brunswick p113.

Old Wales Quarry site, Victoria Street, Brunswick p117.

Street trees, Wattle Grove, Coburg p121.







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