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Main Title: The encyclopedia of Australian architecture / edited by Philip Goad and Julie Willis. Book Cover
Author: Goad, Philip
Willis, Julie
Year: 2012.
Collation: xxxvi, 796 p. : ill. (some col.), col. maps, plans (some col.), portraits, index, hbk ; 33 cm.
Subject: Architects and architecture
Historic buildings and structures
ISBN: 9780521888578 (hbk.)
Behind the iconic images of Australian homesteads, beach houses and the billowing sails of the Sydney Opera House lies a rich and enthralling history of how Australians have responded to natural and urban environments, and in turn shaped Australian culture and society. The Encyclopedia of Australian Architecture is the first major work of reference to be published on Australian architecture. This magnificent book documents and analyses Australian architecture and architects from indigenous beginnings to colonial, modern and contemporary eras. With over 1000 entries from 200 contributors, and 500 photographs and drawings, The Encyclopedia of Australian Architecture provides an unparalleled compendium of architectural knowledge. It is essential reading for all who care about the built environment.

Contributors vi.
List of illustrations x.
Rationale and structure xix.
Acknowledgements xxii.
Marking place: an outline history of Australian architecture xxiv.
Entries A-Z (see below) p1.
Index p786.


Aboriginal architecture [The traditional Aboriginal architecture; The rotational use of camps and domestic architecture; Village architecture; Use of symbolism in Aboriginal houses and shelters; Other civil structural works; Post-contact Aboriginal architecture; Aboriginal architecture in the early 21st century] p1. ACT (Australian Capital Territory) architecture p4. Adaptive reuse p6. G.H.M. (George Henry Male) Addison (1857-1922) p6. Rex Addison (1947-) p7. Agricultural buildings p7. Air-conditioning p9. Airports p10. Allen Jack and Cottier p11. Joseph Francis Allen (1869-1933) p12. Nancy Lorne Allen (1908-1993) p13. Allied Works Council p13. Richard Leonard Allom (1944-) p13. Alpine architecture p14. H. (Howard) Garnet Alsop (1909-94) p15. Rodney Howard Alsop (1881-1932) p15. Ruth Gwendolyn Alsop (1879-1976) p17. Sydney Edward Cambrian Ancher (1904-79) p17. Ancher Mortlock and Woolley p19. I.G. (Illiffe Gordon) Anderson (1890-1963) p19. Andrew Andersons (1942-) p20. Andresen O’Gorman p21. Eric William Andrew (1905-91) p22. Winsome Alice Andrew (nee Hall) (1905-97) p22. John Hamilton Andrews (1933-) p23. Ant caps p24. Thomas Anthoness (1869-1950) p24. Richard Eric ‘Dick’ Apperly (1925-92) p25. Arcades p25. John Lee Archer (1791-1852) p27. William Archer (1820-74) p28. Architect’s Group p28. Architectural Association (London) p29. Architectural clubs and societies p29. Architectural delineators p30. Architectural education p32. Architectural periodicals [includes list p37] p34. Architectural photography p37. Architecture profession p39. Architectus p41. Art deco p42. Art nouveau p43. Arts and crafts p44. Arup p46. Adrian Olsson Ashton (1907-82) p46. Ashton Raggatt McDougall p46. H. (Henry ‘Harry’) Ingham Ashworth (1907-91) p47. Asylums p48. G.B.H. (George Brougham Hubert) Austin (1860-1921) p49. James Gardner Austin (c1809-80) p50. Australia Square p50. Australian Academy of Science p51. Australian pavilions p53. Australian style, search for p55. Australian War Memorial p56. Australiana motifs p57.

Benjamin Joseph Backhouse (1829-1904) p59. Sydney Allison Baggs (1930-) p59. Walter Hervey Bagot (1880-1963) p60. Herbert Baker (1862-1946) p60. Arthur Baldwinson (1908-69) p60. Emery Balint (1911-2001) p61. Cedric Heise Ballantyne (1876-1957) p62. J.F.W. (James Frederick Wilson) Ballantyne (1900-88) p63. Banks p63. Bark p65. John Bede Barlow (1860-1925) p65. Marcus Reginald Barlow (1890-1954) p66. James Johnstone Barnet (1827-1904) p67. Nahum Barnet (1855-1931) p69. Edward La Trobe Bateman (1816-97) p70. Bates, Smart and McCutcheon p72. Beach architecture p74. Hillson Beasley (1855-1936) p75. Beaux arts p75. Isidor George Beaver (1859-1934) p76. Haig Douglas Beck (1944-) and Jackie Cooper (1950-) p76. Guilford Marsh Bell (1912-92) p77. James Bennell (1809-78) p79. Mordechai Benshemesh (1912-c95) p79. Ray Berg (Raymond Schmerberg) (1913-88) p80. Dean Walter Berry (born 1904) p80. John Beswicke (1847-1925) p81. John Bibb (1810-62) p81. Nathaniel Billing (1821-1910) p82. Edward Fielder Billson (1892-1986) p82. S.E. (Samuel Edward) Bindley (1842-1924) p83. Binishell system p83. Francis Bird (1845-1937) p84. James Peter Birrell (1928-) p84. BKK (Black Kosloff Knott) p85. James Blackburn (1803-54) p86. Edmund Thomas Blacket (1817-1883) p87. W.A.M. (William Arthur Mordey) Blackett (1873-1962) p90. Blackett and Forster p90. Charles H.E. (Henry Edmund) Blackmann (c1835-c1912) p91. Bligh Voller Nield p91. James Bloodsworth (1759-1804) p92. Frank L’Anson Bloomfield (1879-1949) p92. Edward Blore (1787-1879) p93. S.W.T. (Sydney Wallace Thomas) Blythe (1905-85) p93. George Frederick Bodley (1827-1907) p94. Bogle and Banfield p95. Bohringer, Taylor and Johnson p95. Aaron M. Bolot (1900-89) p96. Dirk Bolt (1930-) p97. Boom style p97. Kevin William Borland (1926-2000) p98. Feiko Bouman (1944-) p99. Bowe and Burrows p99. Robin Gerard Penleigh Boyd (1919-71) p100. Alfred Barton Brady (1856-1932) p103. Brambuk Living Cultural Centre p103. John Anthony ‘Tony’ Guy Brand (1932-) p104. Marcel Breuer (1902-81) p104. Brick [Brickmaking; Brick wall construction] p105. Brick, use of colour p106. Andrew Briger (1920-2003) p106. Brine Wierzbowski p107. Emile Alexandre Brizay (1900-83) p107. R.H. (Robert Hargreave) Brodrick (1860-1934) p108. John Richard Brogan (1904-87) p108. A.J. (Alfred John) Brown (1893-1976) p108. Brutalism p110. Buchan, Laird and Buchan p111. S.H. Buchanan and Cowper p111. J.H. (John Hingeston) Buckeridge (1857-1934) p112. Budden and Mackey p112. Eva Maria Buhrich (nee Bernard) (1915-76) p112. Hugh Buhrich (1911-2004) p113. Builders [Master builders; Unions; The building process; Construction companies] p114. Building and construction research p115. Building regulations p116. Building services [Water; Sanitation; Communication bells; Lighting; Communication and other tubes; Lifts] p117. Bungalow p120. Walter Ralston Bunning (1912-77) p122. Bunning and Madden p123. Beni Carr Glyn Burnett (1889-1955) p125. Peter Bryant Burns (1924-) p126. Burra Charter p126. F.W. (Frederick William) Burwell (1846-1915) p127. Bush Parkes Shugg and Moon p127. Francis Butler (1823-1916) p127. Walter Richmond Butler (1864-1949) p128. William Butterfield (1814-1900) p128.

Stuart P. Calder (1893-1991) p130. Cameron Chisholm and Nicol p130. Robin McKellar Campbell (1934-) p131. Canberra Plan p132. Candalepas Associates p133. R.C. (Richard Cromwell) Carpenter (1812-55) p134. Dennis Viggers Carter (1942-) p134. F.G. (Frederick George) Castleden (1866-1944) p135. Cavanagh and Cavanagh p135. Cement and concrete p136. Cemetery architecture p138. C.W. (Claude William) Chambers (1861-1947) p138. Chancellor and Patrick p139. John Singleton Chappel (1923-) p140. Jack Denyer Cheesman (1905-94) p140. Cheesman, Doley, Neighbour and Raffen p140. F. (Frank) Keith Cheetham (1898-1976) p141. Chenchow Little p141. Churches p142. Cinemas p144. City beautiful p146. John Burcham Clamp (1869-1931) p147. A.E. (Albert Ernest ‘Paddy’) Clare (1894-1975) p147. Clare, Lindsay and Kerry p148. Philip George Brian Claridge (1924-79) p149. Philip Rupert Claridge (1884-1968) p150. J.J. (John James) Clark (1838-1915) p150. Classical tradition p151. W.H. (William Henry) Clayton (1823-77) p153. Neil Clerehan (1922-) p154. Walter Gervase Clifton Marshall (1903-75) p155. Climate and architecture p156. Clive Lucas, Stapleton and Partners p158. Clubs p158. Cocks and Carmichael p160. Edwin ‘Eddie’ Codd (1939-) p160. Coffee palaces p161. Max Ernest Collard (1909-2008) p161. Colonial architecture p162. Colonial revival p164. Commonwealth Department of Works p164. Company towns p165. Architectural competitions p166. Conrad Gargett p167. Conservation p168. Construction industry p169. Convict architecture p170. Harry Conway (c1829-1905) p172. George Cookney (c1799-1876) p172. Henry Cooper (?-c1833) p173. Cooper and Vincent p173. William Coote (1822-98) p174. Copeman and Lemont p174. Leslie Gordon Corrie (1859-1918) p175. Corrugated iron p175. F.G. (Frank Gibson) Costello (1903-89) p175. Keith Eric Cottier (1938-) p176. Robert Charles Given Coulter (1864-1956) p176. Courthouses [Court houses] p177. Christopher Alfred ‘Chris’ Cowper (1868-1954) p179. Virginia Louise Cox (nee Gowing) (1939-) p179. Philip Cox (1939-) p180. Cracknell and Lonergan p181. Crick and Furse p181. A. (Albert) Lauriston Crisp (1898-1964) p182. G.S. (George Stanley) Crisp (1883-1933) p182. Peter Crone (1944-) p183. Crouch and Wilson p183. Eleanor Cullis-Hill (nee Grant) (1913-2001) p184. Robert Percy Cummings (1900-89) p184. Louis Bowser Cumpston (1865-1931) p185. Curtain wall p185. Customs houses p187.

Charles Abraham D’Ebro (1850-1920) p189. John Harold Dalton (1927-2007) p189. Judith Suzanne ‘Su’ Dance (c1942-) p191. F.W. (Frederick William) Dancker (1852-1936) p191. Ronald ‘Ron’ Danvers (1938-) p192. Davey and Brindley p192. C. (Charles) St John David (1855-1924) p193. Davidson and Henderson p194 Alexander Dawson (c1813-79) p195. Norman Kingwell Day (1947-) p196. Frederick De Garis (1843-97) p196. Robert de Little (1808-76) p197. Decorative ironwork p197. C. (Charles) Bruce Dellit (1898-1942) p198. Demaine, Russell, Trundle, Armstrong and Orton p199. Richard Joseph Dennehy (1859-1939) p200. Denton Corker Marshall p200. Department stores p202. Peter Richard Dermoudy (1933-) p203. Harold Desbrowe-Annear (1865-1933) p203. Designinc p205. John Robert Devenish (1944-90) p205. Devine Erby Mazlin p205. Dickson and Platten p206. Digital technology p207. DIY (Do-it-yourself) p208. E. (Edward) Wilson Dobbs (1860-1939) p208. DOCOMOMO Australia p209. (Robin) Espie Dods (1944-) p209. Robert (Robin) Smith Dods (1868-1920) p219. Donaldson and Warn p211. Donoghue, Cusick and Edwards p212. Donovan Hill p212. James Henry Esmond Dorney (1906-91) p213. Athol Terrence ‘Terry’ Dorrough (1939-) p215. Douglas and Barnes p215. Duffield Young p215. Charles Frederick Duncan (1933-) p216. Alfred Dunn (1865-94) p216. Dunny, dunnies p217. Milo Kanangra Dunphy (1929-96) p217. Durbach Block p218. Gerardus Jozef ‘Dick’ Dusseldorp (1918-2000) p219. Michael John Dysart (1934-) p219.

Joseph Herbert Eales (1864-1957) p220. James Howard Earle (1927-) p220. Earth construction p220. H.S. (Hubert Springford) East (1868-1947) p221. Eclecticism p222. Robin Maxton Calder Gillespie Edmond (1943-2008) p222. Edmond and Corrigan p222. Rosina ‘Rosette’ Mary Edmunds (1900-56) p224. Edwardian baroque p225. Edwards Madigan Torzillo and Briggs (now HBO + EMTB) p225. Eeles Trelease p227. A.S. (Alec Stanley) Eggleston (1883-1955) p227. Eggleston Macdonald and Secomb p227. Egyptian revival p228. Elenberg Fraser p229. Julius Elischer (1918-2004) p229. Elizabeth Bay House p230. Elizabeth Farm p230. William Henry Ellerker (1837-91) p231. Peter John Elliott (1950-) p231. Russell Stuart Ellis (1912-88) p232. Embassies p232. Engineers p233. Thomas English (1819-84) p234. English domestic revivals p235. Heinrich ‘Henry’ Epstein (1909-68) p235. Esplin and Mould p236. Bernard Evans (1905-81) p237. Eric Douglas Forsyth Evans (1899-1968) p238. George De Lacy Evans (1863-1948) p238. Percy Edgar Everett (1888-1967) p239. Exhibition buildings p240.

George Fagg (1844-97) p242. Faience p243. Edward Herbert ‘Ted’ Farmer (1909-2001) p243. Fawcett and Ashworth p244. Rae Edwin Featherstone (1907-87) p244. Federation architecture p245. Federation Square p246. Margaret Anne Feilman (1921-) p246. Karl Fender (1947-) p247. Ronald Jack ‘Gus’ Ferguson (1931-) p247. Fibro-cement p248. Margaret Keitha Findlay (1916-?) p249. Gordon Finn (1908-98) p249. Fire stations p249. Deborah Fisher (1961-) p251. Flats and apartments p252. Flightpath architects p254. Floor coverings [Pile carpets; Ingrain carpet; Matting; Felt; Oil cloths; Linoleum; Animal-skin floorcoverings; Handcrafted floorcoverings] p254. Flywire p257. William Henry Foggitt (1863-1943) p257. Jean Georges Henri Fombertaux (1920-75). Ernest Fooks (1906-85) p258. Walter James Waldie Forbes (1866-1939) p259. Forbes and Fitzhardinge p259. Ford Hutton and Newell p260. Norman Foster (1935-) p260. Fowell, Mansfield, Jarvis and Maclurcan p261. J.H. (James Henry) Fox (1827-1900) p261. Richard Francis-Jones (1960-) p262. Free style p263. John Maxwell ‘Max’ Freeland (1920-83) p263. French Second Empire p263. A.A. (Augustus Andrew) Fritsch (1866-1933) p264. Charles William Thomas Fulton (1906-88) p264. Don Hendry Fulton (1925-) p265.

Richard Gailey (1834-1924) p266. Garden suburbs p266. Beverley Ruth Garlick (1944-) p267. Daniel Garlick (1818-1902) p268. Garner Davis p268. Gawler and Drummond p269. Donald ‘Don’ Gazzard (1929-) p269. Edward Gell ( 1818-99) p270. Georgian revival p270. Robin Findlay Gibson (1930-) p271. G.B. (George Brockwell) Gill (1857-1954) p272. John Gill (c1796-1866) p272. Ronald Andrew Gilling (1917-2005) p273. Henry Ginn (Ghinn) (1818-92) p273. Romaldo ‘Aldo’ Giurgola (1920-) p274. Clement Clancey (1891-1961) p275. Glass p276. Lionel William Augustus Glendinning (1941-) p278. Godfrey and Spowers p278. David Brymer Godsell (1930086) p279. Sean Godsell (1960-) p280. Eileen Mary Florence Good (1893-1986) p281. Bruce David Goodsir (1943-) p281. Gordon and Valich p282. Gothic revival p282. Gothick p284. Government architects p284. Colonial government architects in Australia [lists by state] p287. Government architecture p288. Government houses p290. W.E. (William Elliott) Gower (1898-1996) p292. John Harry Grainger (1854-1917) p292. Greek revival p293. James Green (c1840-1901) p294. Francis Howard Greenway (1777-1837) p295. Marion Mahony Griffin p297. Walter Burley Griffin p297. James Grose (1954-) p300. Grounds, Romberg and Boyd p301. Roy Burman Grounds (1905-81) p301. Neville Gruzman (1925-2005) p303. Graeme Gunn (1933-) p303. Edgar Merton Gurney (1911-?) p304. Vitaly ‘Vic’ Gzell (1908-77) p305.

H2O p306. Robert Joseph Haddon (1866-1929) p306. Byera Alexander Hadley (1872-1937) p307. J. (John) Martyn Haenke (1877-1963) p307. M.W. (Martin William) Haenke (1875-1952) p308. Peter Brian Hall (1931-1995) p308. Russell James Ogilvie Hall (1947-) p309. Hall and Dods p310. Hall and Phillips p310. Hall and Prentice p310. John Hall and Son p310. George Henry Hallandal (1901-c1997) p311. Hallen, Ambrose and Edward p311. Maurice Bernard Halligan (1863-1926) p311. Halligan and Wilton p312. Charles Herbert Halstead (1865-1941) p313. Alexander Hamilton (1825-1901) p313. E.A. (Edward Angus) Hamilton (1831-?) p313 Robert Bell Hamilton (1892-1948) p313. W.B. (William Burden) Hardwick (1861-1941) p314. Philip Harmer (1952-) p314. Berenice Ghera Harris (1925-2002) p314. Standish Lawrence Harris p315. Percy William Harrison (1864-1951) p315. Peter Firman Harrison (1918-90) p316. Edythe Ellison Harvie (1902-84) p316. W.T. (Wilfred Thomas) Haslam (1895-1964) p317. Edwin Garfield Haslock (1921-82) p317. Hassell p317. Monsignor John Cyril Hawes (1876-1956) p318. Geoffrey Oswald Hawkins (1870-1936) p319. Hawkins and Sands p319. Abraham Anthony Hayden (Hershman) (1921-84) p320. Hayes and Scott p320. William Bennett Hays (1814-c1887) p320. Charles Robert Heath (1867-1948) and Frank Heath (1907-80) p321. Tom Heath (1931-98) p321. Peter Dickson Heathwood (1932-) p321. Heffernan, Nation, Rees and Viney p322. A. & K .Henderson p322. Edgar Jerome Henderson (1861-1928) p323. Edmund Yeamans Walcott Henderson (1821-96) p324. E.H. (Edwin Hubert) Henderson (1885-1939) p324. Hennessy and Hennessy p325. Lucien Felix Henry (1841-96) p326. Heritage p327. Heritage legislation p328. Heritage precincts p329. Morton Earle Herman (1907-83) p329. Frank Heyward (1876-1942) p330. Robert Newburgh Hickson (1884-1963) p330. Kerry Hill (1943-) p330. Hill Thalis p331. John Frederick Hilly (1810-83) p332. James Hine (1848-1928) p332. John Hitch (1915-2010) p333. Norman Hitchcock (c1839-1918) p333. Joseph John Talbot Hobbs (1864-1938) p334. Hobbs, Winning and Leighton p335. Holgar and Holgar p336. Charles Neville Hollinshed (1899-1993) p336. Homesteads p337. A.S. (Alfred Samuel) Hook (1886-1963) p338. Hospitals p338. Hotels p340. Houses p341. Housing commissions p343. Howlett and Bailey p344. Lawrence ‘Bill’ H. Howroyd (1929-) p345. Howroyd and Forward p345. Philip Burgoyne Hudson (1887-1952) p345. John Horbury Hunt (1838-1904) p346. Henry Hunter (1832-92) p348. Maurice Hurst (1929-2003) p349. Beatrice May Hutton (1893-1990) p349. Hyndman and Bates p350.

ICOMOS [International Council on Monuments and Sites] p351. Industrial architecture p351. Edith Constance Ingpen (1909-c2004) p352. Innovarchi p353. Interior design p353. Iredale Pedersen Hook p354. Iron and steel p354. Leighton Francis Irwin (1892-1962) p355. Italianate style p356. Iwan Nickolow Iwanoff (1919-86) p357.

Russell Callam Jack (1925-) and Pamela Purves Jack (nee Lyttle) (1928-2006) p358. H.L. (Herbert Louis) Jackman (1867-1936) p358. Jackman Gooden p359. Daryl Sanders Jackson (1937-) p359. E. (Edward) Jeaffreson Jackson (1862-1951) p361. Samuel Jackson (1807-76) p361. Jackson Clements Burrows p362. Jackson Teece Chesterman Willis p363. Graham John Jahn (1958-) p363. Colin James (1936-) p363. John Roger Houghton James (1931-) p364. Friedrich ‘Fritz’ Alois Janeba (1905-83) p364. JCY [formerly Jones Coulter Young] p365. Alex Jelinek (1925-2007) p365. Sir A.V. (Albert Victor) Jennings (1896-1993) p366. Rolf Arthur Jensen (1912-94) p366. R.R. (Richard Roach) Jewell p366. Job and Froud p367. A.E. (Arthur Ebden) Johnson (1821-95) p367. Christopher ‘Chris’ Richard Johnson (1945-) p368. Donald Leslie Johnson (1930-) p369. George Raymond Johnson (1840-98) p369. Peter Richard Norman Johnson (1923-2003) p370. Raymond ‘Ray’ Johnson (1892-1954) p371. Richard Anthony Johnson MBE (1946-) p371. Roger Kirk Hayes Johnson (1922-91) p372. Johnson Pilton Walker p372. Lindsay Johnston p373. Alexander Stewart Jolly (1887-1957) p373. Francis Lionel Jones (1866-1953) p374. George Sydney Jones (1865-1927) p374. Gwenthlian ‘Gwen’ Collier Jones (1898-1989) p375. Raymond Jones (1925-) p375. Jorgensen and Hough p375. Richard George Howard Joseland (1860-1930) p375. Joseland and Gilling p376. Joyce Nankivell p376.

Anatol Kagan (1913-2009) p378. Nonda Katsalidis (1951-) p378. William Porden Kay (1809-97) p379. Henry Hardie Kemp (1859-1946) p380. William Edmund Kemp (1831-98) p380. Michael Keniger (1947-) p381. Harry Chambers Kent (1852-1938) p381. James Semple ‘Jim’ Kerr (1932-) p382. Joan Eleanor Kerr (nee Lyndon) (1938-2004) p382. Peter Kerr (1820-1912) p382. George Raymond King (1872-1950) p383. George Strickland Kingston (1807-80) p384. Richard Kirk (1967-) p384. John Kirkpatrick Snr (1856-1923) p384. Henry Kitchen (1793-1822) p384. Brian Klopper (1937-) p385. John George Knight (1824-92) p386. Knitlock p387. Alistair Samuel Knox (1912-86) p387. J.A.B. (John Augustus Bernhard) Koch (1845-1928) p388. Wilhelm Rudolph Waldemar Koch (1874-1952) p389. Laszlo Peter Kollar (1926-2000) p390. Swetik Korzeniewski (1946-) p390. Tom Kovac (1958-) p390. Krantz and Sheldon p391. Christopher ‘Chris’ Kringas (1936-75) p392.

A.R. (Alfred Romeo) La Gerche (1873-1948) p393. J.A. (John Alfred) La Gerche (1907-c72) p393. Lab Architecture Studio p393. Lahznimmo p394. Edwin Laidlaw (1842-1925) p395. Charles Laing (1809-57) p395. Henry Laing (1803-c42) p396. John Angus Laird (1862-1936) p396. Ewen Campbell Laird (1906-99) p397. David Lambe (1803-43) p397. Richard Peter Lambeth (1807-77) p398. Land titles p398. Landscape architecture p398. Karl Langer (1903-69) p400. Ken Latona p401. Anita Lawrence (nee Greenslade) (1930-) p401. George Gavin Lawson (1882-1953) p401. Howard Ratcliff Lawson (1886-1946) p402. Lazarets [lepers, leprosariums] p402. A.C. Leith and Bartlett p403. Richard Leplastrier p404. Wendy Lewin (1953-) p405. Brian Bannatyne Lewis (1906-91) p405. Doris Adeney Lewis (1898-1981) p406. Miles Bannatyne Lewis (1943-) p406. Mortimer William Lewis (1796-1879) p406. Libraries [State libraries; Carnegie libraries; Municipal libraries; University libraries; National Library] p408. George Thomas Light (1838-1911) p411. Lines, Macfarlane and Marshall p411. Roy Alston Lippincott (1885-1969) p412. Ed Lippmann (1957-) p412. Samuel Lipson (1901-95) p413. James Rutledge Louat (1868-1951) p413. John Joseph Lough (1853-1933) p414. Louvres p414. Lovell Chen p414. Wilfred ‘Bill’ Ernest Lucas (1924-2001) Ruth Lucas (nee Cotter-Harvey) (1928-) p415. Lucas and Cummings p416. Geoffrey Lumsdaine (1924-) p416. D. (Donald) Graeme Lumsden (1915-95) p416. A. & S. Luttrell p417. Sir Edwin Landseer Lutyens (1869-1944) p418. Lyons p419.

M3Architecture p421. A.J. (Alexander James) Macdonald (1864-1951) p421. E. (Eric) Keith Mackay (1903-97) p422. Horace John Mackennal (1875-1949) p423. Colin Frederick ‘Col’ Madigan (1921-) p423. Reginald John ‘Reg’ Magoffin (1905-89) p424. Kenneth John ‘Ken’ Maher (1947-) p424. John Charles Mainwaring (1948-) p425 G. (Gother) Kerr Mann (1809-99) p425. George Allen (G.A.) Mansfield (1834-1908) p426. Manson and Pickering p427. Maritime architecture p427. James Marks (1834-1915) and Henry James ‘Harry’ Marks (1871-1939) p430. Guy Maron (c1935-) p430. John Hudson Marsden (1844-1913) p431. Robert Kenneth Marshall (1945-) p431. Sam Marshall (1956-) p431. Marcus William Martin (1893-1981) p432. Masonic lodges p432. A. (Alfred) Harold Masters (1874-1951) p433. Daniel Dering Mathew (1787-1856) p434. Max May (1941-) p434. Charles Mayes (1827-99) p434. McBride Charles Ryan p435. Kenneth Hamlyn McConnel (1896-1976) p435. McConnel, Smith and Johnson p436. Jack Hobbs McConnell p438. A.L. & G. McCredie p438. Walter Paul Osborn McCutcheon p439. Gerard Henry Bussell ‘Gerry’ McDonell (1908-1979) p440. Ian McDougall (1952-) p440. McGlashan and Everist p441. Raymond Herbert McGrath (1903-77) p442. Stuart McIntosh (1924-2007) p443. Robert Peter McIntyre (1927-) and Dione Beatrice McIntyre (nee Cohen) (1931-) p443. McIntyre Partnership p445. Ian David McKay (1932-) p445. Gilbert Rotherdale McMinn (1841-1924) p446. William McMinn (1844-84) p446. Barry H. McNeill (1937-) p447. George McRae (c1858-1923) p448. Mechanics’ institutes p448. Mediterranean influences p449. Percy Hayman Meldrum (1887-1968) p450. Frederick Bernhardt Menkens (1854-1910) p451. Merchant builders p451. Merrima Design p451. Metier3 p452. Geoffrey Harley Mewton (1905-98) p452. Military architecture [Early colonial (1788-1870); Late colonial (1870-1901); Commonwealth (1901-)] p453. Peter Mills (1828-86) p456. Frank Kenneth Milne (1885-1980) p457. Ernest Edward Milston (1893-1968) p457. Minifie Nixon p458. Mining towns p458. Mission architecture (Missions) [Colonisation and mission establishment; Mission settlements; Mission churches; Mission camps and villages] p459. Mockridge, Stahle and Mitchell p461. Modern Architectural Research Society (MARS) p462. Moderne p462. Modernism [Travel; Professional network; Exhibition; Publication; Migration; Education; Popular culture; Post-war modernism] p464. Moir and Sutherland p467. George Molnar (1910-98) p467. Montgomery, King and Trengove p468. Ian Moore (1958-) p468. John Drummond Macpherson Moore (1880-1958) p469. Anthony John Macpherson ‘Tony’ Moore (1925-72) p470. Paul Morgan (1960-) p470. John Neville Morphett (1932-) p471. Robert Morris-Nunn (1949-) p471. Morrow and Gordon p472. Harold Bryce Mortlock (1921-2004) p473. Motels p473. Motor garages and service stations p474. Elina Emily Mottram (1903-96) p475. Peter Neil Muller (1927-) p475. Glenn Marcus Murcutt (1936-) p478. John Smith Murdoch (1862-1945) p480. John Gordon Murphy (1920-2004) and Phyllis Constance Murphy (nee Slater) (1924-) p481. Clinton Robert Murray (1964-) p481. Museums and art galleries p481. Mussen, Mackay and Potter p484. Peter William Bennett Myers (1941-) p485.

Geoffrey ‘Geof’ Nairn (1942-) p486. Francis John ‘Frank’ Naish (1844-1904) p486. James Nangle (1868-1941) p486. Robert Nation (1943-) p487. National Capital Development Commission (NCDC) p487. National Museum of Australia p488. National Trust p489. Neeson Murcutt p489. W.A. (William Arthur) Nelson (1875-1958) p490. Pier Luigi Nervi (1891-1979) p490. New Empiricism p491. New South Wales architecture p492. Eric Milton Nicholls (1902-65) p495. Lawrence Nield (1941-) p496. NMBW [Neustupny, McLean, Bertram and Wilson] p497. Non-Christian religious architecture [The architecture of Islam in Australia; The architecture of Chinese religions in Australia; The architecture of Buddhism in Australia; architecture of Hinduism and Sikhism in Australia; architecture of Judaism in Australia] p498. Norfolk Island p501. Harry Albert Norris (1888-1967) p502. Norris, Marcus and Alison p503. Alexander North (1858-1945) p503. Northern Territory architecture p505. Ellice Maud Nosworthy (1897-1972) p506.

Percy Oakden (1845-1917) p508. George John Oakeshott (1862-1924) p509. Oakley and Parkes p509. Observatories p510. Office buildings p511. Old (Provisional) Parliament House p513. John Bramston Russell Oldham (1907-99) and Ruby Gertrude ‘Ray’ Oldham (nee McClintock) (1911-2006) p514. Oldham Boas Ednie-Brown p514. Kenneth Henry Bell Oliphant (1894-1975) p515. Olympic Games p515. Thomas Edmund ‘Tom’ O’Mahony (1914-2000) p517. Edwin Roy ‘Ted’ Orchard (1891-1963) p518. Edwin Henry ‘Eddie’ Oribin (1927-) p519. H.P. (Hans Peter) Oser (1913-67) p519. John Wallace Overall (1913-2001) p520. Acheson Best Overend (1909-77) p521. Peter Overman (1931-2000) p522.

Paints and pigments [Limewash; Distemper; Oil paints; Varnishes] p523. Cobden Parkes (1892-1978) p524. Varney Parkes (1859-1935) p524. Peter Parkinson (1925-) p525. Parliament House, Canberra p525. Parliament houses p527. G.H. (George Herbert) Parry (1882-1947) p530. Parry and Rosenthal p530. Pattern books p531. G.D. (George David) Payne (1853-1916) p532. John Loughborough Pearson (1817-97) p533. A. & H. Peck p534. Peck and Kemter p534. Peckvonhartel p534. Peddle, Thorp and Walker p535. Norman Gordon Peebles (1863-1923) p536. Roger Michael Pegrum (1938-) p537. Leslie Marsh Perrott (1892-1975) p537. Andrew Petrie (1798-1872) p538. Pettit and Sevitt p538. Leonore Renwick ‘Lorna’ Phillips (nee Lukin) (1894-1974) p538. Phillips Pilkington p538. Philp, Lighton, Floyd and Beattie p539. Paul Pholeros (1953-) p539. Renzo Piano (1937-) p540. Picturesque p541. Geoffrey William Pie (1938-) p542. Edgard Pirrotta (1944-) p542. William Pitt (1855-1918) p542. Margaret Lillian Pitt Morison (1900-85) p544. Arthur William Plaisted (1891-1965) p544. Newell James Platten (1928-) p545. Joseph Plottel (1883-1977) p545. Police stations p546. Brian Polomka (1922-2003) p546. Gabriel Richard Poole (1934-) p547. G.T. (George Thomas) Poole (1856-1934) p548. Alexander Popov (1942-) p549. Popular architecture p550. Port Arthur p550. Christopher Porter (1801-74) p551. Post offices p552. Postmodernism [Emergence; Pluralist architecture in the United States; Early Australian engagement; Inclusive architecture in Australia; Charles Jencks and ‘Postmodernism’; Postmodern classicism] p554. Allan Coulstock Powell (1945-) p556. Lange Leopold Powell (1884-1938) p557. Willoughby Powell (c1848-1920) p558. Prefabrication p558. Roy Riggall Prentice (1906-2006) p561. Prevost, Synnot and Ruwald p561. Prison architecture [prisons] p562. Maxwell Robert Pritchard (1947-) p565. Procurement p565. Project houses p566. Public housing p566. Pubs [hotels] p568. A.W.N. (Augustus Welby Northmore) Pugin (1812-52) p569. Albert Purchas (1825-1909) p570. Robert Guyon Whittlesey Purchas (1862-1940) p570. Arthur William Purnell (1878-1964) p571. Thomas Pye (1861-1930) p571. Henry Pynor (1902-1946) p572.

Neville David Quarry (1933-2004) p573. Queen Anne Revival p573. Queensland architecture p574. Queenslander p579.

Howard Raggatt (1951-) p580. Edward E. Raht (1844-1930s) p580. Railway stations [Country railway stations; Suburban railway stations; Five stations in five capitals; Other stations] p581. James Rattenbury (1808-63) p583. Ronald Clarence ‘Ron’ Rayment (1930-) p583. Michael Rayner (1956-) p584. Albert Jesse ‘Bert’ Read (1930-) p584. Recreational buildings p584. Dimity Reed (1942-) p585. Reed and Barnes p586. Regency p588. Regionalism p589. Registration of architects p590. Keith Reid (1906-99) and John Robert Reid p590. Paul Stanhope Reid (1933-2001) p591. Edward Henry ‘Harry’ Rembert (1902-66) p591. Renaissance Revival p591. Resort architecture [resorts] p592. Ferdinand Hamilton Reuss Snr (1821-96) and Ferdinand Hamilton Reuss Jnr (1844-1925) p593. Henry Willey Reveley (1788-1875) p593. Duncan Richards (1934-) p594. Oline Richards (nee Hall) (1935-) p594. Bruce Arthur Lancelot Rickard (1929-2010) p594. Ivan Rijavec (1951-) p595. Paul Ritter (1925-2010) p595. J.W. (John William) Rivett (1910-64) p596. Emeritus Professor Gareth Edward Roberts (1928-2009) p596. Henry Robertson (1802-81) p597. Robertson and Hindmarsh p597. Robertson and Marks p598. Noel Robinson (1947-) p599. Robinson Chen p600. Richard Hugo Oswald Roehricht (1834-90) p601. Stefan Rohozinski (1924-2001) p601. Henry Maitland Rolland (1882-1972) p601. Romanesque Revival p601. Frederick Romberg (1913-92) p603. Roofing p603. Sir Charles Rosenthal (1875-1954) p604. Craig Rosevear (1961-) p604. David Ross (1827-1908) p605. Ross and Rowe p605. Luigi Rosselli (1957-) p606. Eric Hazel Round (1900-60) p606. Denis Rourke (1928-92) p607. Colonel Thomas Rowe (1829-99) p607. Royal Australian Institute of Architects (RAIA) p608. RAIA gold medallists (list) p609. Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne p609. E.J. (Edwin J.) Ruck (1862-1950) p610. Rudd and Limburg p611. Rudder, Littlemore and Rudder p611. Grenfell Rudduck (1914-64) p612. Robert Russell (1808-1900) p612.

Rosemary Sachdev (nee Eggleston) (1937-) p613. Society of Architectural Historians, Australia and New Zealand (SAHANZ) p613. William Salway (1844-1902) p613. Thomas Henry Sapsford (c1847-86) p614. David Saunders (1928-86) p614. Edward Saunders (c1852-1923) p615. Conrad Harvey Sayce (1888-c1966) p615. Simon Leo Scally (1963-) p615. J.F.D. (John Francis Deighton) Scarborough (1901-73) p615. Scarborough, Robertson and Love p616. Schools p616. Frederick Abraham Scorer (1907-66) p619. Ernest Alfred Scott (1863-1947) p620. Seabrook and Fildes p620. Thomas Searell (1855-1938) p621. Harry Seidler (1923-2006) p622. William Watson Sharp (1905-84) p624. Mary Turner ‘Mollie’ Shaw (1906-90) p624. Morrice ‘Morrie’ Shaw (Chorzewski) (1935-) p625. Barrie Shelton (1944-) p625. L. (Leslie) Hume Sherrard (1909-96) p625. Shopping centres and malls p626. Showgrounds p627. Dennis Silver (c1931-) p627. John Neil Stewart Simpson (1936-) p628. Marjorie Constance Simpson (nee White) (1924-2003) p628. Roy McCowan Simpson (1914-97) p629. Six Degrees p630. SJB (formerly Synman Justin Bialek Architects) p630. Skidmore, Owings and Merrill p631. Charles Henry Slatyer (1856-1919) p632. Small Homes Services p632. John Smedley (1841-1903) p634. A.L. (Alfred Louis) Smith (c1831-1907) p634. E. (Edward) Evan Smith (1870-1965) p635. Harold ‘Harry’ Smith (1913-2008) p635. Louis Edouard Laybourne Smith (1880-1965) p636. Roy Sharrington Smith (1892-1971) p636. Smith and Tracey p636. Ermin Smrekar (1931-) p637. Douglas Burrage Snelling (1916-85) p637. Adrian Snodgrass (1931-) p638. Alberto Dias Soares (1830-1909) p638. Emil Sodersten (1899-1961) p639. G.A. (Garnet Argyle) ‘Gyle’ Soilleux (1900-59) p640. South Australian architecture p640. George Klewitz Soward (1857-1941) p643. Spain and Cosh (1904-1938) p644. Richard Speight (c1860-1927) p645. Sports buildings p646. Stained glass p648. F.D.G. (Francis Drummond Greville) Stanley (1839-97) p649. Frank Stapley (1858-1944) p650. Peter Samuel Staughton (1929-) p651. A.G. (Arthur George) Stephenson (1890-1967) p651. Gordon Stephenson (1908-97) p652. Stephenson and Turner p652. Colin Arthur Still (1943-) and Irene Still p654. Andrea Giovanni Stombuco (1820-1907) p654. Stone p655. Stores and warehouses p658. Hugo Stossel (1905-2002) p660. Muriel Millicent Stott (married Leech, married Davies) (1889-1985) p660. Zdenko Strizic (1902-90) p661. Henry Stuckey (1821-51) p661. Peter Stutchbury (1954-) p661. Anthony G. Styant-Browne (1946-) p663. Suburbs p663. John Sulman (1849-1934) p665. Edwin Summerhayes (1868-1945) and Reginald Sherriff Summerhayes (1898-1965) p666. Geoffrey Edwin Summerhayes (1928-2010) p667. Sustainable architecture p667. R.G. (Richard George) Suter (1827-94) p668. Brian John Suters (1937-) p669. Heather Sutherland (1903-53) p669. Swanbury Penglase p669. Swaney Draper p670. Sydney Harbour Bridge p670. Sydney Opera House p671. The Sydney School p674. Sydney Smith and Ogg p676. Stanley Charles ‘Stan’ Symonds (1933-) p677.

Enrico Taglietti (1926-) p678. Tall buildings [skyscrapers] p678. Thomas Tandy Snr (c1866-1929) and Thomas Vernon ‘Tom’ Tandy Jnr (1913-?) p681. Tangentyere Design p681. Howard Napier Tanner (1946-) p681. Sir Walter Tapper (1861-1935) p682. William Brittain Tappin (1854-1905) p682. Tasmanian architecture p683. John Percival Tate (1894-1977) p687. Lloyd Tayler (1830-1900) p688. Florence Mary Taylor (nee Parsons) (1879-1969) p689. Hugh Vivian Taylor (1894-1981) and Soilleux p690. Jennifer Evelyn Taylor (1935-) p690. Cynthea Mary Teague (1906-2007) p691. Technical and vocational education [Mechanics’ institutes and schools of arts; Schools of mines; Working men’s colleges and technical colleges; Technical schools; Post World War Two] p691. TECTVS p695. Terrace houses p695. Terracotta p698. Terroir p698. Leonard Terry (1825-84) p698. Theatres p700. Robert George Thomas (1820-83) p702. Kerstin Thompson (1965-) p702. Shane Thompson (1957-) p703. James Alexander Thomson (1805-60) p703. Simon and Freda Thornton p704. George Richard Tibbits (1933-2008) p705. Charles Tiffin (1833-73) p705. Timber construction [Bark huts; Wattle and daub; Timber slab construction; Timber stud frame] p706. H.W. & F.B. Tompkins p707. Tonkin Zulaikha Greer p708. Torres Strait Islands architecture [The island cluster styles; Ceremonial architecture; Cultural change] p709. Town halls p712. Town planning p713. Frederick Edward Anthony ‘Tony’ Towndrow (1897-1977) p715. Philip Edward Treeby (1866-1937) p715. Eric Percival Trewern (1895-1959) p716. Tridente Architects p716. Henry Stirling ‘Harry’ Trigg (1860-1919) p716. Tropical architecture p717. Troppo p718. Twentyman and Askew p720. Geoffrey Kirkham Twibill (1928-) p720. Alexander ‘Alec’ Tzannes (1950-) p721.

Universities p723. Urban design p725. Ussher and Kemp p726. Jorn Utzon (1918-2008) p726.

Christine Vadasz (1946-) p728. William (Wilhelm) Charles Vahland (1828-1915) p728. Leon van Schaik (1944-) p729. Ventilation p729. Verandahs p730. John Verge (1782-1861) p731. Vernacular architecture p733. Hugh Venables Vernon (1877-1935) p733. Walter Liberty Vernon (1846-1914) p734. Victorian architecture p736. Eric von Schramek (1921-) p741.

Alan Cameron Walker (1864-1931) p742. Bernard Ridley Walker (1884-1957) p743. Evan Herbert Walker (1935-) p743. Gavin Walkley (1911-2005) p744. Wall coverings p744. War, effect on architecture p745. War memorials p746. Donald Charles Ward (1909-2000) p748. Herbert Edmund Wardell (1866-1955) p748. William Wilkinson Wardell (1823-99) p748. John Wardle (1956-) p751. Robert Warren (1920-2002) p752. Waterhouse and Lake p753. Donald ‘Don’ Watson (1945-) p754. John Cliffe Watts (1786-1873) p755. Thomas Watts (1827-1915) p755. Weatherboard p756. Charles Webb (1821-98) p757. Geoffrey Philip ‘Peter’ Webber (1932-) p757. Barnet Norman Weekes (1884-1972) p758. William Weir (c1820-?) p758. Edward James Archibald Weller (1903-79) p758. Alfred Wells (1859-1935) p758. Western Australian architecture p759. Kenneth Anthony Vaughan ‘Tone’ Wheeler (1951-) p762. F.M. (Francis Maloney) White (1819-88) p762. Henry Eli White (1876-1952) p763. John White (1927-) p763. Cuthbert Claude Mortier Whitley (1886-1942) p764. Leslie Wilkinson OBE (1882-1973) p764. Louis Reginald Williams (1890-1980) p765. Sidney Williams (c1851-1936) p766. Williams Boag p766. A.B. & R.M. Wilson p767. D. (David) Hartley Wilson (1909-90) p767. John William Wilson (1829-1915) p767. Peter Wilson (1950-) p768. William Hardy Wilson (1881-1955) p768. Wilson, Neave and Berry p769. WOHA p770. William George Wolf (1855-1925) p770. Women in architecture p771. Wood Marsh p772. Geoffrey Woodfall (1931-) p773. Woodhead p773. E.J. (Edward John) Woods (1839-1916) p774. Woods Bagot p774. Robert Woodward (1923-2010) p775. Kenneth ‘Ken’ Woolley p775. Leigh Woolley (1953-) p777. Henry Wray (1826-1900) p777. Alfred Robert Linus Wright (1861-1939) p778. Edmund William Wright (1824-88) p778. James William Wright (1854-1916) p779. Wright and Apperly p779. Wunderlich Limited (1887-1969) p779.

John Young (1827-1904) p781. Yuncken Freeman p781.

Zoological gardens [zoos] p784.
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