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Main Title: Unions [vertical file]
Subject: Labour unions
001 Labor's $50,000 thug: ALP branch president accused of being a standover man [Pentridge Prison redevelopment, Royal Commission] (4 Jul 2014).
002 Can of worms: union threat claims to air [CFMEU, Royal Commission] (7 Jul 2014).
003 Dirty rotten mates [Ken Hardy, CFMEU, Daniel Andrews, John Setka, Royal Commission] (9 Jul 2014).
004 $8m union sting [CFMEU, Boral, John Setka, Daniel Andrews, Royal Commission] (10 Jul 2014).
005 Union boss accused [Ralph Edwards, Boral, Gareth Stephenson, CFMEU, Royal Commission] (11 Jul 2014).
006 Empire crumbles [John Setka, CFMEU] (12 Jul 2014).
007 CFMEU accused of ban [Ralph Edwards, Red and Blue Scaffolding] (14 Jul 2014).
008 It's a real deal ... but ambos union chief says it's still not enough [ambulance employees union pay dispute] (17 Jul 2014).
009 Gatto fires up for mate [Mick Gatto, Peter Marshall, Firefighters Union] (21 Jul 2014).
010 Union trial on site ban: CFMEU bid to dismiss case fails (25 Jul 2014).
011 The union's muscle man [Norm Meyer, CFMEU, Comancheros] (2 Aug 2014).
012 Union boss faces court [CFMEU, Shaun Reardon] (7 Aug 2014).
013 Ambos seek strike deal [Ambulance Union] (9 Aug 2014).
014 Court told of CFMEU chief’s tirade [John Setka] (15 Aug 2014).
015 Grocon protest ring-in claim [CFMEU] (19 Aug 2014).
016 Guard tells of threats: CFMEU duo accused (20 Aug 2014).
017 Hands off our RDOs: union up in arms as Senate ready to attack conditions [Electrical Trades Union] (26 Aug 2014).
018 Hearing gets steamy [Health Services Union, Kathy Jackson] (29 Aug 2014).
019 It was just a pity shag [Health Services Union, Kathy Jackson] (30 Aug 2014).
020 Hail Cesar: slush fund king: Royal Commission told Labor MP used $250,000 stash [Cesar Melhem] (Herald Sun 16 Sep 2014 p1).
021 $1m slushie fund: CFMEU bosses take 20 per cent of cost of building workers' soft drinks [corruption] (Herald Sun 17 Sep 2014 p5).
022 Build a dog with bite: Boral boss wants commission to blunt unions [Mike Kane, Building Commission, CFMEU] (Herald Sun 10 Sep 2014 p17).
023 Union stuffs coffers: levies on members build CFMEU war chest (Herald Sun 1 Oct 2014 p10).
024 Dig for more dirt: union corruption buster to look at desal plant [desalination plant] (Herald Sun 7 Oct 2014 p1).
025 Underworld beware: corruption probe gets extra $23.6m to examine union links to crime (Herald Sun 8 Oct 2014 p4).
026 Cops hunt union rats: Federal and Victorian police join forces (Herald Sun 31 Oct 2014 p1).
027 Setka should face charge: CFMEU blackmail claim [John Setka] (Herald Sun 1 Nov 2014 p3).
028 Charge the union men: Royal Commission's tough findings [Boral, CFMEU, John Setka, Shaun Reardon, Ralph Blewitt, Bruce Wilson] (Herald Sun 20 Dec 2014 p13).
029 Bully boys: CFMEU boss suspended by charity after being accused of threats against women [Shaun Reardon] (Herald Sun 28 Feb 2015 p1).
030 Court slams union and guilty officials [CFMEU, John Setka, Grocon] (Herald Sun 19 March 2015 p15).
031 Union ban hits $28m: Boral's Supreme Court fight over CFMEU boycott (Herald Sun 2 May 2015 p6).
032 Kane's war: Boral boss Mike Kane was offered a deal with the devil [CFMEU, Grocon, John Setka] (Herald Sun 2 May 2015 p35).
033 Bring these thugs to heal [editorial] (Herald Sun 2 May 2015 p38.).
034 Setka loses defamation: fight with PM over 'thug' tag [John Setka, Tony Abbott] (Herald Sun 20 June 2015 p21).
035 $3.5m reasons to go: CFMEU empire crumbling [CFMEU to pay for illegal blockade of Melbourne Emporium Shopping Centre, Grocon] (Herald Sun 22 June 2015 p1).
036 Setka's costly reign of terror [editorial]. Unions on their own bed of nails [opinion]. [CFMEU] (Herald Sun 23 June 2015 p20).
037 Royal Commission report: No escape for Labor mates. Union corruption exposed: boot them out and ban them. (Herald Sun 31 Dec 2015 p6-9).
038 We can smash them: police want new laws to fight bribery, blackmail and bikies in the building industry (Herald Sun 8 Jan 2016 p1).
039 Union fights part-time jobs [United Firefighters Union, Metropolitan Fire Brigade, Country Fire Authority] (Herald Sun 22 April 2016 p14.
040 Worksite rogue ban: clamp on union officials who flout law [CFMEU, John Setka, Alex Tadic] (Herald Sun 22 April 2016 p15).
041 Strikes cost us millions: Port workers to return [Swanson Dock, Port of Melbourne, Patrick Stevedores, Maritime Union of Australia] (Herald Sun 23 April 2016 p23).
042 Fiesta's over: ex-union boss Kathy Jackson hit with 70 fraud charges after marathon police probe [Health Services Union] (Herald Sun 1 Sep 2016 p1).
043 Treadmill of excess: 5000 pages detail fraud case against ex-union boss [Health Services Union, Kathy Jackson] (Herald Sun 20 Sep 2016 p11).
044 Blackmail battle: CFMEU duo say case should be struck out [John Setka, Shaun Reardon] (Herald Sun 4 Nov 2016 p11).
045 New super-union plan dwarfs MUA merger [National Union of Workers and United Voice are planning an amalgamation] (Australian 12 August 2017 p6)
046 The Laws and Constitution of the Loyal Orange Institution of Victoria (booklet, c1942)
047 Australian Workers' Union : official report of the 50th annual convention in Ballarat 1936 (booklet)
048 Unions put Andrews on notice [school cleaners, timber workers and disability services workers confront Daniel Andrews] (The Age 21 May 2017 p13)
049 Shoppies' union faces scrutiny over wages scandal (The Age 20 June 2017 p6)
050 NUW : National Union of Workers : welcome to your union : The Market Research Union (pamphlet)
051 NUW Assist : National Union of Workers : make it your first call (business card)
052 NUW : National Union of Workers : The Market Research Union : membership application form (flyer)
053 NUW : National Union of Workers : organising for power : 12 reasons to join the NUW (brochure)
054 We fight hard for ASU members, because when you're up against it, results matter. Maurice Blackburn Lawyers (poster, ac. 2022)
055 If you're a member of the ASU, ME Bank is your bank (poster, ac. 2022)
056 ASU membership services : your ASU membership gives you access to a range of services, another great reason to be UNION! (poster, ac. 2022)
057 Umagazine : ASU Australian Services Union Victorian Authorities & Services Union. Summer 2010
058 Why Unions need to fight back. A.C.P. [Australian Communist Party] Trade Union policy (brochure, ac. 2024)

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