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Main Title: Lilydale and District Historical Society: Now and then 1996-
Publisher: Lilydale, Vic. : Lilydale and District Historical Society.
Collation: Newsletters in box.
Subject: Museum of Lillydale, Lilydale.
Lilydale & District Historical Society (Vic.)
Historical societies - Periodicals
Lilydale (Vic.) (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country)
MAY 1996: 25th anniversary of the society p1. New Melba – Monash polymer $100 note p2. $5000 donation to Lillydale Museum Trust from Pratt Foundation p3. Work starts on museum project.

NOVEMBER 1996: Museum re-opens in December.

JANUARY 1997: Museum open.

AUGUST 1997: School attendance at Lilydale.

OCTOBER 1997: Lilydale Band Rotunda.

FEBRUARY 1998: Nellie Melba exhibition.

OCTOBER 1998: Award of merit recognises society’s founding president (Leigh Blackburn). Lions Club is formed at Mooroolbark 1968.

MARCH 1999: Donation of Nellie Melba memorabilia by Lady Vestey.

OCTOBER 1999: See the sea eagles of Yarra Grange on Oct 31st.

FEBRUARY 2000: Society and Swinburne University launch joint CD-ROM project (about Dame Nellie Melba). Vale: Leigh Blackburn.

MAY 2000: From the front: a letter home by Ralph Goode 1918. Montrose war memorial relocated.

AUGUST 2000: Centenary of Mafeking celebrated in style. Evelyn Isabelle Smith. Bertha Sebire.

NOVEMBER 2000: Muriel McGivern tribute. Roger Streeton opens new exhibition.

MAY 2001: Yarra Ranges Shire honours two of our volunteers (Beth Taws and Daisy Chapman). Melba included on the first Centenary of Federation plate. St John’s Church of England (Anglican) Lilydale / Eileen Finaly 1943.

AUGUST 2001: Society celebrates 30th birthday. Dick Oliver gates.


JANUARY 2002: The Upper Yarra tiger.

JULY 2002: Melba Museum project nears reality.

OCTOBER 2002: Lilydale Croquet Club. Lilydale, my own dear home (poem 1912, author unknown).


APRIL 2003: Celebrating 125 years of the Cave Hill Quarry.

JULY 2003: Empire Day dress.

OCTOBER 2003: Robert Always, Always Brothers Corn Dealer and Grocery Store. Hutchinson's Store p3.

DECEMBER 2003: Hardy Street. Blair Street. Anderson Street. Lilydale’s town clock.

JANUARY 2004: A visit to Tarrawarra Abbey.

APRIL 2004: The early years of State School no. 876 Lilydale.

JULY 2004: Child killed at Lilydale 1914 (John Alexander Keeley) Son of William Keely. Lilydale Recreation Reserve Grandstand p2.

OCTOBER 2004: Como Road p2. Castella Street p2.

JANUARY 2005: Streets: Hardy Street; Blair Street; Anderson Street p2. Town Clock p3.

APRIL 2005: Kath Davis farewell afternoon tea. Anderson Street.

JULY 2005: Closure of Lilydale Cemetery 1951 p1. Koomboolmba Court. Menindee Court. Poyner Avenue. Lilydale Band Rotunda: book launch.

OCTOBER 2005: Lilydale Tannery p2. Remembrance of Ivy Arney p3.


APRIL 2006: Eileen Finlay.

JULY 2006: Alfred John Hill 1857-1944 p2. Melba Park gates p6. Memorial Clock p6.

OCTOBER 2006: Impressions of Lilydale 1920 p6.

APRIL 2007: Remembering Dame Nellie Melba on her birthday 19th May 1861 p1. Bertha Sebire p2. The Victoria Coffee Palace, Lilydale p5. Camberwell-Lilydale Railway p6.

AUGUST 2007: Dorothy Aumann (nee Hill) p1.

NOVEMBER 2007: Henry and Fred Perrin plaque p1. Goodall Drive p4. Edward Janson and trees p5.

FEBRUARY 2008: The passing of Australia's first diva - Dame Nellie Melba p1,4. Gasworks boosts Lilydale development p3. Hephzibah Villa p5. Memories of the corner store p5. Iss.2

MAY 2008: Dick Oliver Memorial unveiled p1,5. Lilydale Primary School: the place of learning p3. The life of a telephonist p4.

JULY 2008: Commemorating Lilydale’s commercial past.

NOVEMBER 2008: Margaret Lewis remembered. The many moves of the Lilydale Bowling Club. Pamela Vestey remembers Christmas at Coombe Cottage. The pioneering Deschamps family.

FEBRUARY 2009: Lilydale: a town of churches p1.

APRIL 2009 Lilydale's police station and cells p1. Miss Ethel Phillips: 94th birthday 1982 p2.

JULY 2009: Trust classifies station cork oak tree p1-2. Lilydale Express newspaper to be copied on to DVDs by the society p3. Our early pioneers: David Lithgow p4.

OCTOBER 2009: Society turns to court for a home [historical society sets its sights on moving to former Lilydale Court House] p1-2. Plaque shines light on history [plaque commemorating the Coldstream Hotel] p3. An end of an era for Lilydale jeweller [Henry Decru to close his shop] p4. A Christmas tour to Lilydale area 1865 [hunting trip by William Bailey, Harry Cole, Charlie Haywood and Henry T. Gomm] p4. Link with early retailer disappears [former home of Lilydale businessman James Brownlees Cathcart demolished] p5. Letters: cork trees remembered / Paula Herlihy; letter in support of erecting a plaque in memory of Edward Janson / Jeanette Gow. Our early pioneers: Edward Moore Poyner p8.

FEBRUARY 2010: Heritage walk at cemetery: unique partnership formed [with Lilydale Cemetery Trust] p1. Our Chinese past p2. Melba: a singer in politics? P3,6. 1962 bushfires p4-5. Life membership presented to Dorothy Hill p7. Whitehorse Road (poem) p7.

MAY 2010: Vale: Daisy Chapman p2. Wallace Gardens gala day Nov 6th p3.

OCTOBER 2010: Join us at the Wallace Gardens p1. Vale: Gwenda Millicent Mutimer 1927-2010 p2. Lil Bramall p5.

FEBRUARY 2011: Historical society has a new home at the Old Lilydale Court House p1. The Court House p3. Memories of Melba programme of events to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Melba's birth p4.

APRIL 2011: William Johnston centenary 1911-2011 p4.

JULY 2011: Memories of Melba [Dame Nellie].

OCTOBER 2011: The passing of a great, compassionate lady [Pamela Vestey (nee Armstrong)] p1. Vale: Kathleen Marie Davis 1921-2011 p3.

FEBRUARY 2012: The day it snowed in Lilydale (19 July 1951) p4.

MAY 2012: Official opening of 'Old Lilydale Court House' [as home of historical society] p1. Deaths: Cath Hill; Keith Lithgow; June Richardson p3.


NOVEMBER 2012: Launch of Faces, Places and Events project p1.

FEBRUARY 2013: Society photos loaded onto website p1.

MAY 2013: Montrose Historical Society closes, hands collection to Lilydale Historical Society p1. Dame Nellie Melba learns to ride a bicycle p4.

AUGUST 2013: Alexander (Sandy) Ross receives award of merit p1,4. The death knell for Detroit p3.

NOVEMBER 2013: Gun Alley project p3. Helping to plan the future of Cave Hill p4.

FEBRUARY 2014: Gun Alley project launched.

MAY 2014: The Manor House p4.

NOVEMBER 2014: Gun Alley project wins multi-media award. Lilydale-made plough restored.

FEBRUARY 2015: Val Sheehan receives award of merit p1. Mrs Valma (Val) Jean Sheehan (nee Skate) p4. Robert Macalister Pender p5. Historic bale of wool p7.

APRIL 2015: Vale: Val Sheehan. Pamela Vestey plaque p4. Stories behind the headstones project launched p5. Historic Manor House returning to former glory p7. Early Lilydale bakers [Herry family] p7.

JULY 2015: The Celotti family at Coombe Cottage p7.

NOVEMBER 2015: Vale: Dorothy Hill.

FEBRUARY 2016: Vale: Margaret (Brenda) Crawshaw.

MAY 2016: Jim Sawyer receives life membership p1. Lilydale Primary School turns 160 p1. Memorial stone for Val Sheehan p3. Key to Melba's trunk p4. Elections 1859 style p5.

SEPTEMBER 2016: Society secures a five-year lease on the old Lilydale courthouse / Sue Thompson p1. Rules for women teachers 1915 p3. Poon Kee-the much loved Lilydale green grocer p4. Unveiling of the Lilydale war memorial p5.

FEBRUARY 2017: Vale Evelyn Tull p1. Our new storage shed p3. Sue Thompson receives an RHSV award of merit p4.

MAY 2017: Farewell Jim Sawyer / Sue Thompson p1. Another form of Melba's artistry [a quilt done in crewel work by Dame Nellie Melba and donated to the Yarra Ranges Regional Library by the Grand daughter of the woman Melba gave it to] p3. New interpretation boards for Silvan Reservoir p4. Cave Hill Submission [Submission to get Cave Hill Quarry on the Victorian Heritage Register] p4. Les's shed officially opened [Les Skate] p5.

AUGUST 2017: Vale Evelyn Tull p4.

OCTOBER 2017: Christmas in the Lilydale district in 1950 p3. Refurbishment of Lilydale landmark [war memorial] p3.

FEBRUARY 2018: Jo Pritchard our quiet achiever p1.

MAY 2018: Remembering out ANZACS p1. The day Melba arrived in town p3. Old police station demolished p5.

AUGUST 2018: Two new Life Members [Maree Phelan and Jeanette Dodson, ANZAC project They Answered the Call] p1. New home for Deschamp painting [Deschamps, Christine Deschamp] p3. Lilydale Express Now on Trove p3. Highlighting Lilydale's heritage [Opportunities to set future development projects in the Lilydale Place Plan] p5. 100 Years Ago (Arbor Day at Lilydale) / p2 Lilydale Express 2/8/1918 p5.

NOVEMBER 2018: Christine Gray to receive an award of merit p1. Open up your photo albums [Oliver family WW1] p3. Kinley Estate officially launched / Sue Thompson p5.

FEBRUARY 2019: Vale founding and life member Sandy Ross p1. Cartoon by local WW1 ANZAC [George Hastie 58th Battn Australian Imperial Forces Bermondsey Military Hospital Lewisham 20/4/1917] p3. Rare Cave Hill Bacon advertisement [Advertising David Mitchell style in 1906, found Victor Harbour South Australia] p5. Cr Len Cox OAM p5. Court House repainted then the vandals struck p6.

MAY 2019: Vale Ruby Kwijas - 1937-2019 p1. Aboriginal footballers from the Yarra Valley p4. Vale: Reg Kenealy p6. Vale: Tom O'Meara, Educator and Mentor p6.

SEPTEMBER 2019: Stories about living in Lilydale in the 1950s p3. Removal of the Main St level crossing p4. Council to repair historic Melba Park entrance and David Mitchell gates p5.

NOVEMBER 2019: Making news in the Lilydale Express in the 1950s p4.

FEBRUARY 2020: Vale Christine [Christine Gray] p1. David Mitchell gates restored to former glory p3. Melba's own scouts p3.

JULY 2020: Vale Mary Hamilton p2. Queen Elizabeth II diamond jubilee tree and firewheel grove / Philip Burton p3. Celebrating 50 years of the Lilydale and District Historical Society 1971-2121 p4. Local girl with great talent performs on the world stage [Judith Lambden] / Philip Burton p6. Changing aerial view of Lilydale p6. George Mason Baker / John Brown p7.

APRIL 2021: Vale Lord and Lady Vestry p1. Mafeking Tree plaque p1. COVID update p2. Melbla's 160th anniversary [Dame Nellie Melba] p4. 150th anniversary of local government [Shire of Lilydale] p4. William Robert Johnston and the "Johnson Collection" / Joy Gothe p5. The glory box Evelyn Tull / Marg Tull p7. The Melba chrysanthemum p8.

NOVEMBER 2021: Lilydale Girl Guides [Certificate of 1940] p2. We will remember them [Thomas Henry Goodall] p4. Aboriginal umpires p5. A brief history of Lilydale part 1 p8. Melba Maze p9. Brick Kiln Lilydale (1876) and Elizabeth Parsons (artist) p10. Academy of Art 6th Annual exhibition p12.

MARCH 2022: Working together- 150 years of local government [first new display for 2 years] p1. Dandy Dick comes to town [performance of play delayed by floods in 1923] / Joy Gothe p2. Mount Burnett observatory 50th birthday / Deb Braber p5. The fine web of family history and the power of historical societies [tracing the Starbuck family from England to Australia in 1849 / Kristyn Jackson p7. South Wanda Road/Mangans Road / John P Brown p8.

APRIL 2022: The world of radio from behind the microphone [Tricia Ziemer] p1.

SEPTEMBER 2022: The Jessie (Janet) Tait story (1896-1989) / Sue Thompson p2. Le Pines 130th birthday [Le Pines Parlour] p8. War Memorial Glass [donation] p12.

FEBRUARY 2023: John Hardy - an early Victorian Surveyor / Kristyn Jackson p4. The naming of Lilydale p4. Kelly Gang Days 1878-1880 p5.

SEPTEMBER 2023: Join the Whelan Brothers [Frank - Captain of the Lilydale Fire Brigate] p1.

MARCH 2024: Artis Paddock, Hughes Park, Eyrefield Park, part 2 from 1900 to December 1955 p4. No tombstones, unmarked graves at Lilydale Cemetery [Joseph Wilson Family, Meredith family] p18.

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