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Main Title: Genealogical Society of Victoria (GSV) : Ancestor 2016-
Publisher: Melbourne, Vic. : Genealogical Society of Victoria.
Collation: Periodicals in box. Electronic issues available on library computer 1948-2011.
Subject: Genealogical Society of Victoria
Genealogical societies - Periodicals
Vol.33 no.1 MARCH 2016: Finding Paddy Mullane [Mullane, Withers, Woodruff] / Veronica Craig p4. Harold McDonald [Williamstown Dockyard] / James McDonald in collaboration with John McDonald p7. The life of Donald McAlpin 1889-1916 / June Torcasio p11. Almost without a trace: Shinnick siblings in early Victoria / Alison McKirdy p15. What our grandmother did not tell us [Mary Phelan, born 1823, Clonmell, Tipperary; Phelan / Whelan family, Hodgson, Robinson] / Ruth Frances Curtain p18. Emily Grace Chappell: World War One nurse / Wendy Pfeifer p22.

Vol.33 no.2 JUNE 2016: Shades of grey: the colonial wood engraver, Edward Lee / Margaret Coghlan p4. 'I am known as Snowy' [James Salter 'Snowy' Armstrong, of Kerang] / Valerie Blake p8. Who lived in Richmond in 1887? [indexing the 1887 Richmond rate books] / Eric and Margaret Smith p12. Mary Ann Trewartha: a bal maiden's journey / Lynn Haines p15. In remembrance of Catherine Sandilands / Robert La Nauze p18. Mornington Peninsula Family History Society p21. Exempt from military service: Norman Fraser / Carol Kelly p22.

Vol.33 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2016: A Cornish goldmine in our library / Stephen Hawke p4. Ben Gould: from convict to pioneer / Tony Cocks p8. Lola Russell's ancestors / Susan Pierotti p12. The flying doctor [John Clifford Peel] Jenny Kisler p15. John the coachman [Thomas John Ibbotson] / Margaret Vines p22. What's your island story? Australian connections to Jersey, Channel Islands p30.

Vol.33 no.4 DECEMBER 2016: Finding Mary Jane [Mary Jane Walshe] / Emma Hegarty p4. Mary Barker Rae: a new life in England / Elaine Story p12. The impact of tuberculosis on my father's family [Donald Ian McRae Wilson] / Levane Abdoolcader p17. Research corner: Searching for nurses and midwives in Victoria / Meg Bate p30.

Vol.33 no.5 MARCH 2017: The new GSV research and education centre: Level 6, 85 Queen Street, Melbourne / Allan Aberdeen and David Down p4. A colourful character [William Waters] / Judith Woodlock p6. George Lee, pompous git or good bloke? / Margaret Coghlan p9. Felicie's story [Louise Felicie Augustine Jean] / Horrie Poussard p12. Little girl lost [Western suburbs of Melbourne WWII and Alison Joan Thompson] / Barbara Manly p14. The story behind a photograph [Marjorie and Jean Western and Kathleen Babbage] / June Torcasio p16. Shame in the family [Rochow family secrets] / Judy Rochow p18. Pioneers of Esperanto in Victoria / Bill Chapman p20. Catherine Macdonald's amazing christmas gifts to her husband / Betty Woolley p23.

Vol.33 no.6 JUNE 2017: From destitution to prosperity [Rankins of Geelong] / James McDonald p4. My father never again celebrated christmas [Dugald Campbell and Catherine Matheson] / John Stewart p8. The wedding photo [wedding photo of James Gallagher and Mary Mooney] / Glad Wishart p12. The adventurous life of Jonathan Harris (1800-1891) of Benalla / John MJ Fitzpatrick p16. Robert, who's your daddy? And your mummy, too, for that matter? [Robert Bowman] / Richard Olive p19. Bond to significant women holds with name and date [James Beaton] / Jacqueline Dinan p21. Walter James Tuck-tinsmith, plumber and iron workers, Mirboo North, Gippsland / Noreen Nation p23. Changed to the GSV library p27.

Vol.33 no.7 SEPTEMBER 2017: Harold Berrow, English farm student at the Wagga Experiment Farm / Prue Mercer p4. Investigating detective Mason [Michael Mason] / Thelma Ragas p8. Annie Seale Finney 1832-1905: my great grandmother / Jean Dart p12. The World War One Australian-Serbian Project / Bojan Pajic p15. My Campbell ancestors-truths, half truths and untruths / Darryl Grant p16. Where is Billy [William Stanley Cooper] / Margaret Cooper OAM p19. Unexpected information [Benjamin Burford and Caroline Spurrier] / Sue Blackwood p22.

Vol.33 no.8 DECEMBER 2017: Thomas Owen: the skeleton in my family's closet / Helen Pearce p4. The woodbridge family: harness makers and saddlers from Abingdon / Lynn Haines p8. Bigamist, liar and family man: William Walter Ridgway p12. A sense of place [writing family history] p16. A farming life /June Torcasio p16. Ballinturley, Spring 1949 / Jean Dart p18. Lorn Road Brixton / Barbara Beaumont p19. A guide to researching Queensland records / Martin Playne p26.

Vol.34 no.1 MARCH 2018: Use of autosomal DNA to find the relatives of Charles William Sharman / Robyn Sharman Hawking p4. Who's been living in my house [cottage in South Melbourne] / Louise Wilson p8. How I found my namesake [Elizabeth McCallion] / Elizabeth Kelly p12. Dr John Fishbourne: a Victorian medical pioneer / Kaye Cole p16. A walk along Queen Street / Margaret Vines p19. A guide to researching Northern Territory records / Martin Playne p20.

Vol.34 no.2 JUNE 2018: The Rose Millions [Rose family money] / Jenny Deslandes p4. Kate Considine: Never a mother, always a carer / Claire Dunlop p8. Richard Jose: four times returned to England / Margaret Dimech p13. Cornish coincidence [Martin family] / Rod Martin p16. Love eternal: Bertie Hollands and Minnie Prince / John Barry p18. Joe's van [Joe Dunn and his van] / Margaret Vines p23. A guide to researching New South Wales records / Louise Wilson p26.

VOL 34 NO.3
The SS Great Britain: A Famous Emigrant Ship on the Australian Run / Levane Abdoolcader p4. Who was Auntie Bugbird [Annetta Kibble and Susannah Hutchings] / Darryl Grant p9. Treasured Possessions [Elizabeth Mary Hunter Gowdie's writing desk] / John D. Gowdie p11. Thomas Brasher: To Manor not Born / Ian Hobbs p12. Discovering Uncle Will [William Ephraim Brittain] / Brian Wilson p14. DNA Genaealogy news and notes / Jenny Redman and Martin Playne p18. Captain Playne and General Bellomo / Martin Playne p20. A Guide to researching New South Wales Records -Part 2 / Louise Wilson p26. Getting it write: Writing beginnings and endings / Bernece Shutz and Tina Hocking p30. Research Corner [Are you barking up the wrong tree?] Linley Hooper p32.

Vol.34 no.4 DECEMBER 2018:
Daniel Elphinstone: his son's secret exposed / Helen Pearce p4. Robert Henry Athorn: premonition / John Barry p8. New GSV president Jenny Redman p11. When family relations go away [Ethel Jenkin] / Peter Jenkin p12. Mining in their blood [Stephen and Phoebe Bee] / Eril Andrews p16.

Vol.34 no.5 MARCH 2019: Sober, industrious and of good moral character [Catherine Lissey Needham and John Steward] / Marilyn Fordred p4. DNA story: discovering James Dede Smart / June Torcasio p9. The troubled life of Rose Anne Hedley / Liz Kelly p12. Family connections across the generations / Jane Vanderstoel p16.

Vol. 34 no.6 JUNE 2019: Just a lump of metal? [1939 Victorian fires and Lionel Kenneth Marsden Elmore] / Chris Elmore p4. The troubled life of Robert Gowdie: miner and pigeon shooter / John Gowdie p8. The mystery woman [Lilian Robins] / Barbara Beaumont p12. DNA case study: searching for Matilda [Matilda Sarah Ann Read] / Lynda Collier p16. Robert Gribben, AM p27. View of ships in the bay from St Kilda: the story behind the painting p41.

Vol.34 no.7 SEPTEMBER 2019: Citizen Fenton: a London gunmaker and a radical in an age of revolution [Richard Fenton] / Rob Fenton p4. Who was Jim Coffey, the central shearer [Tom Robert's painting Shearing the Ram] / Robyn Sharman Hawking p8. The memo: a DNA confirmation [Cecil Richards] / Anne Nolan p15. Postscript to: the troubled life of Robert Gowdie / John Gowdie p24.

Vol.34 no.8 DECEMBER 2019: Masters of the road [Philip Boulton: coachmaster] / Louise Wilson p4. Gunner GR Merrifield: return from the middle east / Sue Reid p9. A lost solider found: the story of Private Walter Allen Clarke / Natalie Lonsdale p12. The defence of home and family: Carl Gottlieb Keirnall and Louisa Phillips] / John Barry p16. A guide to researching Western Australian records / Martin J Playne p26.

Vol.35 no.1 MARCH 2020: Finding Johanna [Johanna Spicer formerly Kennedy nee Ryan] / Victoria Spicer p4. Erin Go Bragh: a stitch in time / Michael Considine p8. Following a thread: the search for Ann and Angus McDonald / Darryl Grant p13. A tale of two women: Annie Greenwood and Maria Rye / Margaret Wilson p16. A guide to researching Canberra, ACT Records and National Organisations / Martin J Playne p26. Research Corner: TheGenealosit - A guide to 'overseas records' p30.

Vol.35 no.2 JUNE 2020: Walter Hon, beekeeper of Seventy Foot Diggings / Julie Conroy p4. Learning from my mistakes [John Blade, Jeannie Smith Scott, Maria Purcell] / Emma Hegarty p8. Vale Beryl Anne O'Gorman 1941-2020 p10. Henry Woodroffe: much more than a seaman / Geoff Brown p11. Cissie, who are you? [Cissie Wilson] / Brian Reid p14. Vale Marjorie Morgan p18. Waterloo and Brexit [Richard Ferridge] / Justin Corfield p19. The Mason Family at Tahara / Thelma Ragas p23.

Vol.35 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2020: A country schoolteacher [Jessie Marguerita Johanna] / Robin Randall p4. The habour master's son [Michael Economides/Conos] / Florence Livery p8. Nathaniel Barton: child exile / Noel G. Dix p13. The perilous journey of the Lade family / June Torcasio p16. Breaking down my brick wall [Nellie Litchfield] / Leonie Last p20. Researching your Chinese ancestry / Sophie Couchman p32.

Vol.35 no.4 DECEMBER 2020: Tom were the naughty lad' [Thomas Nicholson, parents Joseph Nicholson and Elizabeth Coates, fathered child (Cyril Ivor Wilson) with Constance (Cissie) Annie Dalston-Ewbanke, married Alice Isabella Stokeld, adopted Alice Coates] / by Brian Reid p4. Music in his soul [Louis Fellicia Poussard] / by Horrie Poussard p8. Father and Son: Quintin Bone 1793-1869, Quintin Bone 1843-1918 / by Jan Whamond p16. 'A romantic tale of love in the kitchen' [Ludlow Stammers] / by Glad Wishart p21. Research Corner - Tasmania and Victoria Inter-colonial shipping: solving those passenger riddles / by Meg Bate p30. The 'Other Galicia' - Researching your Polish and Eastern European Roots / by Maria Irene Picyk p34. Getting it write: Organising research notes to make writing easier / by Penny Mercer p40.

Vol.35 no.5 MARCH 2021: Webster Soda Water [owned by author's great great grandfather Joseph Webster] / by Susan Wight p4. A rocky start to life [Bridget Hoar, parents Ellen Hoar & Thomas Walker Green, married Robert Neighbour, children James, Daniel, Margaret Ellen, William, cared for a boy called Cyril] / by Claire Dunlop p9. Mary Delany - wife, mother and hotelkeeper / by Leonie Elliss p14. Life on the Landhurst diggings: the story of Jane Hughes / by Bernard Metcalfe p16. Johanna [O'Donnell] at the North Fitzroy Arms [hotel] / by Margaret Vines p20. Research Corner: My ancestor was a... [occupational records] / by Linley Hooper p30. Genealogy and family history research in New Zealand / by Bruce Ralston p32.

Vol.35 no.6 JUNE 2021: Finding Dillingham [letters from convict Richard Dillingham] / by Natalie Lonsdale p4. Henrietta, licensee of the Park Hotel [Henrietta Dalton Forester nee Leroux] p9. Tilly Woodlock, J.C. Williamson's protégé / Judith Woodlock p16. The Coghlan family, early settlers near Port Fairy / Jim Coghlan p20. Vlassopoulos family: Ithacan migrants in Melbourne / Rosa McCall p24.

Vol.35 no.7 SEPTEMBER 2021: Sailors and shipwrights [William Allshorn 1792-1865] / by Ian Penrose p4. Ellen Thornthon - publican and survivor / by Claire Dunlop p10. The long walk [Mary Ann Roney 1862-1932] / by Margaret Dimech p14. William, Wasdale and GIN / by Margaret Wilson p16. Basil and Marjorie: an unlikely match [Basil Alfred Playne and Margaret Lowther Playne nee Fisher] / by Martin Playne p18. The ancient art of dog whipping / by Jenny Dooley p22. Research in Germany: German roots in Poland, with special reference to Posen / by Marianne Gifford p24. Historic Victorian schools photo collection released / by Kate Follington p30. RHSV's Pioneer Registers - a little known treasure p45.

Vol.35 No.8 DECEMBER 2021: The mystery of the extra Booth Hodgetts / Susan Wright p4. Ann Bell, a single mother in 19th century Scotland / Moreen Dainty p9. Stole a pig and away he run [Michael Cusack] / John MJ Fitzpatrick p14. The children in lockup [Dean children Moonambel 1896] / Jennifer MacKay p20. The controversial managers of the Yan Yean Reservoir / Paul Magill p30. Getting it write: including First Nations people in our writing p40.

Vol.36 no.1 MARCH 2022: The secret life of Mr Crisp [Joseph Albert Crisp] / Bernard Metcalfe p4. Patients and diamonds:James Beaney, surgeon, paediatrician and politician / Catherine Carman p9. Tough times for a Mallee family [Battersby family] / Horrie Poussard p14. The ups and downs of Louise Hanson / Martin Playne p18. The RMH ward books and the indexing project [Royal Melbourne Hospital] / Sue Wragg p26.

Vol.36 no.2 JUNE 2022: Tracing WWI military records: a tale of survival and persistence [William Anderson] / Moreen Dainty p4. From godly mechanics to farmers: the Nundah missionaries / Yvonne Tunny p9. Bounty immigration to the Port Phillip district [London shipowner John Marshall] / Liz Rushen p15. Ghost ships of Gloster /Russ Gloster p18. Pioneers / Janine Marshall Wood p22. Joseph Beaumont and family: a downward spiral / Barbara Beaumont p26. For Crown and Country: Defence service records at the National Archives of Australia [Pre-Federation records, Australian Army service records, Boer War, World War I, World War II, Navy service records, Air Force service records, Merchant Navy service, National service, World War II digitisation project] / Patrick Ferry and Darren Watson p30. Research corner: tax time! / Linley Hooper p36. Vale Clive Luckman p39. Vale Pauline McIntyre p39. An unexplored treasure fromthe RHSV manuscripts collection [Laura Gregory, Firebrace Street Horsham] / Cheryl Griffin p45.

Vol.36 no.3 SEPTEMBER 2022: From Suffolk farmer to Violet Town citizen [Samuel Jeremiah Fenton] / Patricia Neville p4. An excellent career for a young ladt [Mavis Long - mothercraft nurse] / Jackie van Bergen p10. Uncovering my slave ancestry - the story so far [Margaret Cameron Innes] / Lyell Horwood p15. DNA testing - a journey [how DNA shared with relatives] / Martin Playne p20. Augustine Eyre: a life lived on the edge [Annie Maria Austine Eyre - Augustine's wife] / Bronwyn Kilkwnny p22. Vale Alan Fincher [Fellow of the Society] p25. Vale Ann Burrows [Genealogy Librarian] p26. Vale Allen Evans [GSV Councillor and Secretary] p26. Researching Australian First People ancestry / Bill Barlow, Martin Playne and Margater Vines p28.

Vol.36 no.4 DECEMBER 2022: Forgotten Emma [story of my Luthern ancestor] / Ian Penrose p4. James Thomas Macminn from Edinburgh to Fitzroy Victoria / June Toscasio p11. Finding biological fathers and Aboriginality / Gary Buck p16. Linley retires [Linley Hooper - library manager of GSV] / p21.

Vol.36 no.5 MARCH 2023: When this you see [convict love tokens collection] / Kathleen Rutherford p4. Sergeant Thomas Hill: a Redcoat in the Black War / Margaret Vines p9. Stephen Stebbins: son of a shipwright / Merle Pole p14. Unlocking Susannah's story with DNA [Joseph Beaumont] / Barbara Beaumont p19. Family object biographies [the wicket chair / Ian Penrose, sweet tooth: Caroline Louisa Hearle / Penny Mercer, my mantle clock / June Torcasio] p22

Vol.36 no.6 JUNE 2023: Jane Elizabeth Bear: the photo in the biscuit tin [resident of Spotswood] / Barbara Burnell p4. Brown coal and butter: an unexpected chapter in the life of William Collier Francis [performer] / Jackie van Bergen p10. The return of the family album [Josiah Wesley Walter, Mary Hannah (nee Rogers), Horace Wesley Walter] / Ruth O'Dea p14. A precious find [Gwendoline Ellen Walter nee Lewis] / Dianne Lewis p18. Jock's welcome home [Jock Vines / Margaret Vines p20. An introduction to sourcing Italian genealogical records [Italian Family History resources] / Elizabeth Triarico p22. Nenagh, Country Tipperary: researching its military history and soldiers / Michael J. Reynolds p28. Public Record Office Victoria 50th anniversary p44.

Vol.36 no.7 SEPTEMBER 2023: T.M. Girdlestone [surgeon, coroner and politician to the Goldfields and Melbourne] / Catherine Carman p4. A small quantity of lace [Mary McCarthy] / Jenny Cassidy p9. Researching Huguenot ancestors: a guide for Australians / Robert Nash p14. A visit to Serbia for Anzac Day / Bojan Pajic p16. A difficult move to the city [Felicia Hart] / Claire Dunlop p24.

Vol.36 no.8 DECEMBER 2023: The Ancestor Box [Winter 2023 Writing Prize] p4. Clarks at every crossing [biography of William Henry Clark] / John Fitzpatrick p11. A Christmas present from Nellie Melba ["The Young Visitors", 1919] / Bill Barlow p16. Alice records the 1920s [Alice Ware] / June Torcasio p20. Maltese migration records in the national archival collection / Patrick Ferry and Kathryn Graham p26. Research Corner p32. Using structure in our family history writing p35.

Vol.37 no.1 MARCH 2024: Scene at Moonee Valley and West Brunswick ["Moonee Moonee Chain of Ponds", Fleming family p4. Lorimer family: deserted and destitute / Lyn Mitchell p8. Eureka! How I discovered Edward (Ned) McGlinn [ Jim Coghlan] p12. The life of Andrew Ballantyne,a Pentonvillain / Jihn Hillard p16. Scottish Ancestry Group's 30th anniversary p21. Ken's happy day [Ken and Olwyn Thompson] / Anne McRobert p22. A guide to researching your Welsh ancestors p28.

Vol.37 no.2 JUNE 2024: Archibald McAlpin and the Emu Flat Presbyterian Church / June Torcasio p4. Letters of love lost [ [Kent and Pacholke families] / Elizabeth Heartnell-Young p10. Travels of a tapestry [St Salvador Alfred Case] / Marilyn Kenny, Vikki Jacobsen Joanne Davin] p14. The convict's daughter [Elizabeth Clark (Harris)] p18. GSV pays tribute to Eleanor Pugsley, William John Campbell Vigus p22.

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