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Main Title: Rye Historical Society: White Cliffs journal 2000 -
Publisher: Rye, Vic.: Rye Historical Society
Collation: Periodicals in box.
Subject: Rye Historical Society (Vic.)
Historical societies - Periodicals
Rye (Vic.)
SEPTEMBER 2000: Tribute to Grace Sullivan.

OCTOBER 2000: Lime. Stenniken family.

NOVEMBER 2000: History of the Rye RSL Club.

FEBRUARY 2001: Memories of early Peninsula / Robert Rowley (from interview 1950 in Southern Peninsula Gazette).

MARCH 2001: Steamers.

APRIL 2001.

JUNE 2001: History of White Cliffs [including Maoris].

AUGUST 2001: Memories of Ern Jennings.

FEBRUARY 2002: Bicentenary of the British discovery of Port Phillip.

MARCH 2002. MAY 2002: Tyrone' [house].

JUNE 2002.

AUGUST 2002: James Little Brown.

OCTOBER 2002: Rye, England.



MARCH 2003.

APRIL 2003: Rye Historical Society official opening [at Rye Primary School building]: President's address / Pauline Powell. History of the Rye RSL Club.

JUNE 2003.

AUGUST 2003.


FEBRUARY 2004: The Bunurong aboriginal tribe (from 'Peninsula perspectives').

APRIL 2004: World War One.

JUNE 2004: Stenniken family. Swan family. Rowley family. Myers family. Trueman family. Newman family. Arnold family.

AUGUST 2004: Home of Michael Cain (photo).

JANUARY 2005: Extract from 'The Jennings family album'.

MAY 2005: History of Boneo and Fingal.

JULY 2005: Wilfred Merlin and Emma Luisa Rowley.

OCTOBER 2005: Robert Rowley (photo). Holidays in Rye from 1919 / Norma Henningham (nee Jarrett).

JANUARY 2006: Trip to Beleura (with photos).

APRIL 2006: The Sullivan family / Phil Cain.

JULY 2006: Rye Football Club. Sages Cottage. Sullivan family continued. Original Gracefield Hotel (photo).

OCTOBER 2006: Rye Football Club 1945-92. A journey to Heard Island / Neil Tyler. Sullivan family continued.

JANUARY 2007: St Andrew's Church / Phil Cain. History of the Rye Football Club continued.

APRIL 2007: Death of Lew Cornish. The Rowley farms / Dick Rowley. Canterbury Jetty.

JULY 2007: Vale: Nick Appleford. Tyrone Foreshore / John Hazledine.

OCTOBER 2007: Rye from the 'Peninsula Post' 8 June 1917. Rye State School 1919 (photo). Volunteer Air Observers Corps (VAOC) group photo c1943.

JANUARY 2008: Obituary: Alby Matthews. The Vic Tyler story. Off to the shack 1942 / John Hazledine.

APRIL 2008: Vic Tyler story continued. Boon Wurrung [aborigines].

JULY 2008: Vale: Sandy Christie. 'Malaleuca' [house owned by Anderson family, Point Nepean Road, Rye]. Vic Tyler story continued. Boon Wurrung [aborigines] continued.

OCTOBER 2008: Rye, East Sussex, England. Vic Tyler story continued. Boon Wurrung [aborigines] continued.

JANUARY 2009: Rye Pre-School 50th anniversary. Rye Bowls Club 50th anniversary. Vic Tyler story continued. A short family history / Benjamin Dawson and Zella Norton, formerly of Sinclair Avenue, Rye.

APRIL 2009: Nell Arnold turns 98. Vic Tyler story continued.

JULY 2009: French Island tour. Vic Tyler story continued. A visit to Marysville.

OCTOBER 2009: Alan Sullivan memorabilia. Name for a Rye lane [John Campbell 1834-1907]. Vic Tyler story continued.

JANUARY 2010: Dorothy Houghton MBE: 90 years young p3. A Californian connection p3. The old pine tree / John Hazledine p6. 'I wonder' (poem) / Nathan O'Hanlon p7. Rye State School 1921 p11. Rye Football Club 1946 p11. The Vic Tyler story cont. p12-15.

APRIL 2010: President's message / Prue Found p2. A Californian connection (Vilma Myers Wilkie, Australians who moved to Canada after WW2) p3. Restoration of historic graves [Patrick Wee, Paul, Richard Barry] p6-7. The Mud Islands p10-11. The Vic Tyler story cont. p12-15.

JULY 2010: Restored graves: Rye Cemetery [Richard Barry, Patrick Wee, Paul 'a Maori fisherman'] p5. The origin of the name 'Rye' (U.K.) p6. Prime Minister Bruce visits Rye on election campaign 1928 (from The Argus 17th Nov 1928) p7. South Channel Fort / Michael Kitson p8-11. The Vic Tyler story cont. p12-15.

OCTOBER 2010: Bimblehurst (historic house) p4. 150th celebrations p5. Restored graves of Maori fishermen p6. The White Cliffs Store p10. Book of memories / Nell Arnold p11.Vic Tyler story continued p12.

JANUARY 2011: Vale: Judy Barnett p3. Plaques and historic markers [Grace Sullivan Memorial; Rye Cemetery; Original Fire Station; Original Rye War Memorial] p6-8. Miss Community Quest p9. Vic Tyler story cont. [Rye Mechanics' Institute] p12.

APRIL 2011: 150th celebrations p4. Congratulations Nell Arnold: 100 years p9. Historic markers around Rye p12. Vic Tyler story cont. p16.

JULY 2011: Rye's plaques and historic markers p8. Maxwell's Store and Milk Bar p10. Extracts from 'Rye: a book of memories' by Nell Arnold p11.

OCTOBER 2011: Anglican Parish of Sorrento and Rye p5. Cuthbert Collingwood, First Baron Collingwood and Collingwood Street p12.

JANUARY 2012: The Ocean Beach Reserve p9. Henry Edward Napier / Linda Berndt p11. Edmund Lyons, 1st Baron Lyons / Linda Berndt p12. Hall's Store (Rye Produce Store) / Linda Berndt p14. Allan Sullivan p16.

APRIL 2012. Rye's plaques and historic markers: St David's Presbyterian Church; Rye School; Rye Historical Society p8. Let's meat in Rye [Robert Rowley and Annie Margaret Cain] / Linda Berndt p9. Rye and WW1: Bernard Jennings, Ernest Samuel Gordon Myers, Robert Myers, Owen Bigelow Cain, William Hill p10. Bowen Street and George Ferguson Bowen / Linda Berndt p11. The Ocean Beach Reserve p15.

JULY 2012: Visit to Walhalla p6. Claude Ernest Jennings p10. Annie Margaret Rowley (nee Cain) p13.

OCTOBER 2012: The Ernie Myers Memorial Board p4. Vale: Ben Stenniken p5. The Cairns family [Robert and Mary] / Linda Berndt p8. The Hill family: early days p10.

APRIL 2013: Nell [Isabelle Ellen] Arnold turns 102 p5. Wreck of the Craigburn [ship] p6. Journal of Michael Cain p8. Trip to Western Port and Port Phillip Bay 1877 p14.

JULY 2013: Heritage awards for Bimblehurst p4. Darley's Lime Kiln p5. The Darley family / Linda Berndt p6. Michael, Lizzie and me [diary of Michael Cain; Elizabeth Francis Hazledine] / John Hazledine p11.

OCTOBER 2013: Major repairs required to the old schoolhouse p8. Early land ownership in Victoria / John Bertacco p10. 'Michael, Lizzie and me' [diary of Michael Cain] p13.

JANUARY 2014: Barwon Park p3. Fordham's Store p6. River and sea frontage boundaries over time / John Bertacco p7.

APRIL 2014: Vale: Norma McMillan p5. Vale: Arthur Dark p5. Australia Day address / Prof. Stuart Macintyre p7. The great border dispute [between South Australia and Victoria] p12.

JULY 2014: Vale: Lesley Howard p2. Postcards of the Peninsula exhibition p5. Jennings family 100th anniversary p6. Rye Post Office p9. Transport p11. Surveyor Permein and the Village of Osborne [Thomas Hanbury Permein 1819-77] p13. Cricket Club formation 1891 p15.

OCTOBER 2014: The travelling sportsman [Billy Albress and family] / John Bertacco p8. St Andrew's Church: Rye's oldest public building p12.

JANUARY 2015: Plaque unveiled listing men of Rye and district who enlisted in World War One p5. Sea boundaries and bollards p6. Vale: Nell Arnold p8. The firewood industry p12. Head Teacher Mr Nan [Van] Nooten 1927 p14.

APRIL 2015: Vale: William 'Bill' O'Brien p2. Vale: Pamela Dawson p3. 'He volunteered for service': new book about Rye soldiers p6. Aerial photography p8. The contour map of the Mornington Peninsula 1891 p12. The Hughes family of Sorrento (book) p13.


JULY 2015: Jennings family of Rye / Linda Berndt p6. The New South Wales - Victoria border: the Black-Allan line p10.

OCTOBER 2015: Vale: Phil Cain 1932-2015 p5. Vale: Phil Grinter 1925-2015 p5. Street names / Noel Erbs p7. Lion's Club of Rye 1972-1985 p9. The telegraph / John Bertacco p12.

JANUARY 2016: Pre-1931 road names, postcode 3941 - part 1 of 5 p4. High profile Sorrento land dispute 1869 [Charles Gavan Duffy versus William Allison Blair] p6.

APRIL 2016: Pre-1931 road names, postcode 3941 - part 2 of 5 [Point Nepean Road; Melbourne Road; Truemans Road; Canterbury Jetty Road] p5. The Coolgardie Safe p10. Pastoral runs on the Mornington Peninsula p12.

JULY 2016: Vale Christine Dixon p5. Vale Alice O'Brien p5. The Naming of Capel Sound / John Bertacco p6. Release of Crown Allotments at Rye in 1864 p8. Pre-1931 Road Names, Postcode 3941 p10. A Coincidental Royal Navy Connection to Rye [Thomas Salmon in the battle between Shannon and the Chesapeake] p15.

OCTOBER 2016: Part of "Gracefield Hotel", then owned by Mrs Hunt, being demolished ca 1926/27 p1. Rabbits / John Bertacco p6. A reminder of times past: Mr. Samuel Sherlock p9. Pre 1931 road names, postcode 3941: part 4 of 5 [Bimble, Elgan, Maori and Weir streets] p10.

JANUARY 2017: Vale-Peter Holloway p6. Vale- Alma Grinter p7. By Viator [agricultural activity in Rosebud 1902] (Mornington Standard, 28th June 1902) p7. Pre-1931 Road Names, Postcode 3941- 5 of 5 [Browns Road, Government Road, Ozone St, Hygeia Street, Weeroona St] / Noel Erbs p10. 1927 royal visit of the Duke of York to Melbourne p13. Charlotte Fenwick- Melbourne to Rye on Wednesdays in 1914 p14.

APRIL 2017: Dorothy Houghton MBE: 1st January 1920-2nd January 2017 p6. A blast from the past: Rolling thunder in "The Cups" country in 1940-45 [WWII army training on the Peninsula] p7. Corinella: Victoria's forgotten episode p8. Acetylene gas generators for home lighting p12. Rye: windmills and rainfall records p14.

JULY 2017: The stereoscope p7. Water supply and sanitation on the peninsula (part 1) p8.

OCTOBER 2017: Lady Loch p1. Eliza Jane Bennett p3. Cain descendants from South Australia visit Rye Cemetery p4. A recollection of the loss of PM Harold Holt 50 years ago p7. "newsboy's picnic" day trips to Rye p8. Water supply and sanitation on the Peninsula (part 2) p10.

JANUARY 2018: Professor Weston Arthur Bate OAM - tribute p6. A.I.F recruiting -101 years ago p7. Lithographic reproduction of parish plans p8. The Illustrated Australian News Dec 1886 [Rye and Dromana] p10. Telegraph services on the Peninsula p13.

APRIL 2018: Vale Robert (Bob) Easton p7. Matthew Flinders' cat TRIM / John Bertacco p7. The White Cliffs Store, Rye, an update p8. The Argus treasure hunts at Rye 1954 and 1955 p10. Book review Victoria and its Metropolis p12.

JULY 2018 2018: Recollections of the White Cliffs store / David Trunfull p6. Rye Mechanics' Institute [brief history about Mechanics' Institutes and how Rye's own Institute came about] / Noel Erbs. From times past-Rye telephone service p15.

OCTOBER 2018: Vale [Richard Rowley] p7. The early surveyors of Rye and District / John Bertacco p8. The ice works at Rye p12. Rye Mechanics' Institute p14.

JANUARY 2019: General meeting [General Monash's 4th Division Artillery, Albert James Arnott] p3. Rye cemetery 150th commemoration 10th November p6. Rye Historical Society happenings [armistice day 2018 display, St. Andrew's Church Rye] p9. Early adoption of Auxiliary engines in sailing vessels p12.

APRIL-JUNE 2019: President's Report / Noel Erbs (President) p2. Australia Day, Saturday 26th January / Noel Erbs p3. Vale - Martgot Minogue / P.P. p5. Rye 100 Years Ago - Saleyards / Noel Erbs p7. The Lifesaving Track Along The Ocean Beach / John Hazledine p8. Alfred Ernest (Tom or Tommy) Short / p12.

JULY 2019: Dedication of new round window, Rye Scout and Guide Hall p4. Vale Loris Margaret Woiwood p5. Rye 100 years ago: SS Reliance: services to Rye reduced by coal shortage p7. Toponomy-place names of indigenous origin [Balnarring, Kangerong, Moorooduc, Wannaeue, Boniyong/Boneo, Tootgarook, Tyabb] / John Bertacco p8. The "No Good Damper" Inn p10. A railway past Tootgarook and Rye- who said that? p12.

OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2019: Rye Primary School: mural on wall at "the old school house" p3. Vale Lesley Martin p3. General meeting, 22nd July @ 2pm, St Andrews Church hall [Eddie Matt of Hillock Downs speaking on peri-urban farming in the Green Wedge] p4. General meeting 23rd September [Danny Jennings on his early years in Rye] p7. Horse trough at Rye post office, post WW1 [Annis and George Bills trough] p8. Anders and Martha Anderson- the Rye General Store p10. The "colonial wine licence" in early Victoria p13. The Licences Reduction Board 1907-1916 p14. Rye 100 years ago p15.

JANUARY-MARCH 2020: Interpretive signs p1. General meetings [John Moody and the Moody family in Rye] p5. Post WW1- diggers comes home 100 years ago p7. 110 years ago- Rye got a mention re Lady Nelson p8. Rye 75 years ago [Rye town planning and progress association, sanitation in foreshore camping area, Frankston Court-break and enter at Rye] p10. Rye Historical Society times line to 2010 p11.

JULY-SEPTEMBER 2020: Vale Jill Bastow p3. Telegraph line upgrades 1888 1908 p4. The Tyrone Homestead in the 1950s p5. Mr John Camp JP p8. Early mail services to Rye / John Hazledine p10.

OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2020: 75 years ago- smoke over Rye Back Beach [British Army incendiaries deliberately set alight in 1945] p5. The jetty at Rye p6. The mason jar for food preservation / John Bertacco p11. 75 years ago- tea rooms on Rye foreshore p12. 100 years ago- aircraft over Rye p14.

JANUARY-MARCH 2021: President's Report [COVID-19] p2. "Pier Store" / "Stringer's Store", Rye [1st store on Napier Street near Bowen Street, 2nd store on west corner of Napier Street facing Point Nepean Road] / Ann and Noel Erbs p6. Rye, 1946 - 75 Years Ago [Joseph Frederick Jones, 56, dies after fall] p14. Rye, 1921 - 100 years ago [Motoring. Point Nepean Road. Reconstruction in Progress, Mishap to Schooner "Woolamai"] p15.

JULY-SEPTEMBER 2021: President’s report [COVID 19] / Noel Erbs p2. The Canterbury jetty p4. Rye, 1911: 110 years ago [Trove search of news items] p11. Rye: early boat wrecks / John Hazledine p122. Memories of Canterbury jetty and boats [notes from W Russell (1893-1976)] p14. Rye, 1946: 75 years ago [selection of news items] p15.

OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2021: President's report [COVID] / Noel Erbs p2. Vale Ian Neil "Tim" Tyler p5. Vale George James Mitchell p6. Rye and district farming pre WW1: p8. White pearl and jersey gold [Jennings family of Bellarine] / Linda Berndt p 12. St David Presbyterian church, Rye - 130 years ago p13. Flying High ?? - 75 years ago [Rosebud Aero club] p14.

APRIL-JUNE 2021: President's report [COVID-19] / Noel Erbs p2. Vale [Pauline Powell] / Norma Cornish p3. Rye H.S. - snapshots down memory lane [Rye Historical Society, Pauline Powell] p4. Rye service personnel "welcome home" 1946 [WWII ending] p6. Rye post-WWII 75 years ago p12. Rye 1921-100 years ago [Wollomai] p14. WW1 - he volunteered for service [centenary of ANZAC project] p15.

President's report / Noel Erbs p2. Committee meeting, November 22nd 2021 p3. Rye, 1922 - 100 years ago p4. Rye, 1947 - 75 years ago p5. Tootgarook - What's in a name? / Noel and Ann Erbs p6. Edward W Hobson and Kangerong p14. Observations on insolvencies, mid 1800's p15.

APRIL-JUNE 2022: President's report / Noel Erbs p2. First post-covid general meeting 28 March 2022 p2. So What's happening with the museum? / Lynne Woollard p4. Rye- 75 years ago (Trove 1947) p5. The Toolgarook swamp prior to the fertilizer works / Noel Erbs p6. James Purves (snr)- his early years in Australia p10.

JULY-SEPTEMBER 2022: Rye 1947 - 75 years ago p6. Parochial Intelligence p7. Fertilizer works at Tootgarook [Walter George Hiscock, Andrew John Pearson, Stephen John Staughton, Agar Wynne] p8.

OCTOBER-DECEMBER 2022: Rye - 100 years ago 1922, Trove p6. Rye - 75 years ago 1947, Trove p7. Little girl lost [Sarah Ann Cain "Minnie"] / John Hazledine p8. Development of today's Tootgarook 3941, pre-1951 p10.

JANUARY-MARCH 2023: From the library: "Buckley's Change" [William - trained bricklayer] p7. From our collection: Robert Rowley's Nature Study Work Book p9.

APRIL-MAY-JUNE 2023: Seeing Melbourne from Rye / Tony Heyes p5.

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