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Main Title: Art Deco Society: Spirit of progress 2000-2012
Publisher: Camberwell, Vic.: Art Deco Society Inc.
Collation: Magazines in box.
Subject: Art Deco and Modernism Society
Art deco style
Architects and architecture
AUTUMN 2000: Spirit of Progress [train]: a symbol of the new age / Julie Lord p4-5. Pleasure dome plus: a deco bathroom p6-8. A very vitrolite affair / Brian Scott p9. Tasmania visit / Robin Grow p10-11. Show and tell night: feminine fantasies / Julie Lord p12-13. SADV in Tasmania: our first report / Tricia Ramsay p14-5. Getting a handle on art deco knobs and fittings p17.

WINTER 2000: A penny a pattern: the 'Australian home journal' Oct 1928 to Feb 1931 / Le Mot p4-6. Art deco pianos / Cliff Skinner p7. Walter Burley Griffin and St Kilda / Helen Graham p8-9. Industrial architecture in the U.K.: the Boots Company D10 building, constructed in 1933 / Cliff Skinner p10-11. A grand hotel in the Blue Mountains [Hydro Majestic, Medlow Bath] / Richard Troon p12. Deco metal - wrought-iron work / Estelle Bialek p13. J. Esmond Dorney, architect / Helen Graham, who lives in the Dorney Building p14-15. SADV in Tasmania / Tricia Ramsay p16. Rivoli Cinema Complex: restoration and extensions now completed / Cliff Skinner p17.

SPRING 2000: Our sporting spirit [Empire Games 1938] / Julie Lord p4-5. Seedy - but streamlined! [Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia buildings] / Robin Grow p6-7. A deco wedding / Helen Graham p8-9. Do-it-yourself deco brings out the renovators p10-11. Deco plaster / Reg and Norma Binding p12-13. Jazz and art deco: partners in time / Julie Lord p14-15. SADV in Tasmania p16.

SUMMER 2001: Deco hospitals: can they survive? / Robin Grow p3-5. A stitch in time / Mary Bolger p6-7. Our kitchen deco reno experience / Carolyn Mead and John Woudstra p8-10. Deco framing: it can be done and we know how / Lesley Motton p11. The reverso wrist watch: an enduring art deco classic / Garry Stylianou p12-13. J. Esmond Dorney revisited / Helen Graham p14. Art deco in Burradoo / Norma Binding p15. A walk around Dulwich Hill, Sydney / Cliff Skinner p16-17. SADV Tasmania / Tricia Ramsay p18.

AUTUMN 2001: Biba's art deco revival [Barbara Hulanicki, Biba Postal Boutique] / Wendy Faehse p3-5. Moonee Ponds moderne / Steven Barlow p6-7. St Kilda Baths / Helen Graham p8-9. Renovating with Reg: fences and gates / Norma and Reg Binding p10-11. Memories of the Wrest Point Riviera Hotel, Hobart, Tasmania / Cliff Skinner p12-13. Remember The Thin Man / Julie Lord p14-16. SADV launches its new web site p17. SADV in Tasmania p18. Vale: Sir Donald Bradman 1908-2001 p22.

WINTER 2001: Le Verre Moule Opalescent / Garry Stylianou p3-5. Paris 30s gem under threat? [Musee des Arts Africains et Oceaniens] p6-9. The Tulsa World Congress / Robin Grow p10-13. Art deco and the Texas plains - Fort Worth and cowtown moderne / Helen Graham p14-15. Chicago: my kind of town / Julie Lord p16-18. Hitting the high notes in Tulsa, USA / Cliff Skinner p19. SADV in Tasmania p22.

SPRING 2001: Electric island: art deco in Tasmania / Tricia Ramsay p4-7. My life dedicated to art / Eileen Brooker p8-9. Melbourne's interwar street lamps / Steven Barlow p10-11. Inside the Hoover Building [London] / David Thompson p12-13. Renovating with Reg: illuminating your renovation: art deco lights and lamps p14-15. Melbourne city deco walk p16. SADV in Tasmania p17. Stage and screen: Singin' in the Rain / Julie Lord p21.

SUMMER 2002: From D24 to Concept Blue [police building, corner Russell Street and Latrobe Street] / Robin Grow p3-5. Interior design: renovating with colour / Lynne Mewett p6-7. Renovator's delight: the return of the 'deco reno' seminar / Norma and Reg Binding p8-10. Answers to questions asked at Deco Reno 2001 / Marion Pennicuik p11. Book reviews p12-13,21. Annette Kellerman: Australia's million dollar mermaid / Helen Graham p14-15. Memories and movies AGM / Norma Binding p16. Mackintosh and Vienna - the beginnings of art deco style / Norma Binding p17. ADS in Tasmania p18. The passionate preservationist [Lauris Weir] / Helen Graham p19. Deco doings / Helen Graham p20.

AUTUMN 2002: Carlton ware: an Australian collection / Barbara Lee p3-4. What is an art deco fireplace? / Norma and Reg Binding p5. Art deco fireplace restoration / Marion Penniciuk p6-7. Art deco landscapes part 1: local and international influences on landscape design 1935-1939 / Marion Penniciuk p8-12. A nostalgic visit to Hobart hotels of the 1930s / Wendy McHugh p13-15. What's happening in Tasmania? p16-17.

WINTER 2002: Anteaters to zebras: art deco animals in architecture / Robin Grow p3-5. The SS America [ship]: a classic ocean liner of the late deco era / Cliff Skinner p6-8. Agatha Christie's art deco golden era / Marion Penniciuk p9-11. An abundance of art deco architecture / Norma Binding p12. Deco-file on Gillian Dinsdale p13. Book reviews p14-15. What's happening in Tasmania? p15.

SPRING 2002: The Centre Ivanhoe / Robin Grow p3-5. Art Deco Society Inc.: a retrospective p6-11. Martin Lewis: stepping into the light / Kirsten McKay p12-13. Seabrook and Fildes: more than MacRobertson Girls High School / Christine Phillips p14-15. Deco-file on Peter Forster p16. Burnham Beeches: an art deco wonder in the hills / Marion Pennicuik and James Bolger p17-24. Art deco week in Hobart p25. Deco doings p25. Big bands of the art deco era: USA, UK and Australia / Cliff Skinner p26-7. Innisfail: art deco in the tropics / Robin Grow p28-9. McPherson's Building, Collins Street, Melbourne / Robin Grow p30-1.

SUMMER 2003: Places we love: the City of Bendigo, Victoria / Robin Grow p5. Beaumont Estate [Ivanhoe]: the thrill of the chase / Christine Wootton p6-7. Bloomsbury murder mystery: Death in Daylesford / Janet Walker p8-9. Walthamstow, London E17 / David Thompson p10. Celebration and conviviality: the 10th anniversary gala - a delightfully debonair occasion / Norma Binding p11-13. AGM 2002: ten years of growth p14. Tasmania report p14. Bangles, beads, buttons and boxes: the versatility of bakelite / Carolyn Mead p15-17. Deco-file on Davidia and Alex Williams p19. Deco doings p19. Two churches [Second Church of Christ Scientist, Camberwell, Victoria and First Church of Christ Scientist, Perth, Western Australia] / Karin Alteruthemeyer and Heather Hills p20-1. Deco doings p23.

AUTUMN 2003: Adelaide High School, West Terrace, South Australia / Liz Jones p5. Canberra's black Saturday [bushfire destroys buildings including Mount Stromlo Observatory] p6. Sexy saxs - the art of the Deco saxophone / David Templeman p7-9. Deco ceramics - made in Japan style / Deb Lusty p10-11. What do we do with Art Deco buildings / Robin Grow p12-13. Renovating with Reg : Art Deco glass / Reg & Norma Binding p14. French flair and functionality - Art Deco furniture / Norma Binding p15-17. Deco -file on Kath Smith p19. Miami Art Deco weekend 2003 / Helen Graham p20-21. Book Reviews p22.

WINTER 2003: Lempriere Ave., East St. Kilda, Victoria / Stephen Barlow p5. Picquot ware - delayed Deco / Brian Scott p6-7. Art Deco 1910-1939 : Victoria and Albert Museum, London / Robin Grow and Robyn Saalfield p8-9. Musical Gems - the Gold Digger Series / Julie Lord p10-11, 22. Yarra Valley survivor [ Signs Publishing Company building in Warburton] / Alan Holman p12-13. Edward Fielder Billson / Norma Binding p13. Walking western South Yarra / Julie Lord p14. Asmara - Cappucino Deco [Eritrea] / David Thompson p15-17. Deco-file on Chris Klease p19. Cape Town - 7th world Congress on Art Deco / Robin Grow p20. Book reviews p21.

SPRING 2003: Saved from demolition : 420 Spencer Street, Melbourne / Robin Grow p5. Deco surprises [Riverside Estate, Balwyn North] / Adrian Kelly p10. Metropolis and the silent movie experience / James Bolger p13. Illiffe Gordon Anderson : the Melbourne years 1929-1941 / Janet Medd p15. Deco-file on Patricia Bayer p19.

SUMMER 2004: Taliesin, west versus mid-west : a Frank Lloyd Wright experience / Karen Talia & Carl Retschko p5. A personal recollection of MHM [Marguerite Henriette Mahood] / Melissa Spain p7. The Sun Theatre : a new dawn / Brian Scott p15. Deco-file on James Bolger p19.

AUTUMN 2004: The Herman Miller Furniture Company : leaders in American Art Deco and modern furniture design / Marion Pennicuik p5. Designing Art Deco in Victoria : R.M. and M.H. King / Robin Grow p8. The apartments of Elwood / Julie Lord p11. Sunlight and simplicity : Art Deco window treatments / Norma Binding p13. A little bit of powder : compacts and powder boxes / Rosanna Stepowy p15. Places we love - Patience, but also patients [Riverside Estate, North Balwyn] p20.

WINTER 2004: Taroona Hotel, Hobart, Tasmania / Robin Grow p5. Broadway melody ; birth of the muvie musical / Julie Lord p7. Designing Art Deco in Victoria James Wardrop / robin Grow p9. Machine-made and modern : Art Deco furniture of the Thirties / Norma Binding p12. Desperately seeking Dorney : in the Dandenong Ranges / Helen Graham p15.

SPRING 2004: Art Deco hospitality in the west [Western Australia] / Helen Graham p5. Let's do it : an adventure in nuptials [Napier, New Zealand] / Peter Ivan p8. Stuart Calder : designer and preserver / Robin Grow p10. Having a tropical ball in Innisfail / Robin Grow p14. City East Walk / Robin Grow p15. Colour, texture and pizzaz : Art Deco fabrics / Mary Delaney and Karen Talia p16.
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