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Main Title: The founders of Australia and their descendants [electronic resource].
Author: Kenyon, A. S. (Alfred Stephen), 1867-1943
Year: c2005.
Collation: 4 3/4 in. 1 computer optical disc ;
Subject: Biography
Family histories
ISBN: 1920978992 9781920978990
Founders of Australia is two books in one volume - a valuable account of exploration and foundation of European settlement in Australia, together with a fine record of many pioneering families. Each gives details of the emigrant/s and how they came to Australia. It also tells of their family and occupations, where they lived, or owned land and much more. Sometimes details such as death (date, place, cause), education, extended family members, neighbours, friends etc. are also included.
Book 1 - The Story of Australia: Its Discoveries and Founders - This surveys the search for and exploration of Australia, the coming of the English and early settlement, home rule, the story of sheep, the era of gold and more.
Book 2 - The Founders of Australia and their Descendants - This is a goldmine of information! This section consists of over 530 pages of biographical details of many of the early pioneering families, mainly from South Australia and Victoria. Each biography is several pages long, and often includes photos.

The McTaggart FAMILY of Wooltana Station, South Australia p3.
John Norman McBain, ‘Lalawa/' Coonawarra, South Australia p8.
The Richardson family of 'Dalveen," Woodchester, South Australia p10.
Robert Smith of O'Halloran Hill, South Australia p12.
The Neilson Family of South Australia p14.
The Foreman Family of South Australia p15.
THE Green family OF "Barham" Station, N.S.W. p18.
Charles Price of Hindmarsh Island, South Australia p23.
The Morris Family of "Bowoka," South Australia p26.
The Hutchison family, of Moonee Ponds, Vic. P29.
John Paltridge, J.P., Mount Barker p30.
THE LATE George Mackinlay p32.
The Murray family of Coromandel Valley, South Australia p33.
The Smith family of O'Halloran Hill, South Australia p36.
James Pinkerton (A Pioneer of 1839) p40.
Richard Bower of Port Adelaide p43.
David Chambers (Pioneer) p46.
Frederic Race Godfrey, M.L.A., J.P. (The Godfreys of Boort) p47.
THE Cleland family of Adelaide, South Australia p49.
THE HOUSE OF Milne, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Adelaide p52.
THE HON. SIR William Milne: A Brief Resume of His Public Work for South Australia p54.
THE Gardiner family of SOUTH AUSTRALIA p57.
The Clarke Family of Geelong p60.
Mrs. E. I. White of Adelaide p61.
The late John Johnston, of Adelaide p65.
The O'Shanahan Family, of South Australia p67.
The Hughes Family of "Bleakside," Woodside, South Australia p70.
The Turner Family of Kangaroo Island p73.
The Dorward family, of Port Lincoln p76.
James Grey Moseley, J.P. (The Moseley Family of South Australia.) p77.
The Tucknott Family, of South Australia p81.
Thomas Clarke: Incorporating the History of the Clarke Family p82.
The Malpas Family of Willunga, South Australia p86.
The Middleton family of Salisbury South Australia p88.
The O'Halloran Family, South Australia p91.
The Edwards of "Mount Annan," Oakbank, South Australia p95.
The Davison Family and the late Francis James Leary p97.
The Hawson Family of 'Tolda" Station, Eyre's Peninsula, South Australia p100.
The Story of Frank Hawson, the Boy Hero by Ken. Robertson p101.
The late Donald John Coghill and Mrs, H. H. Dann p105.
The late Thomas Charles Harwood p107.
The Campbell family of New South Wales and South Australia p109.
The Daw Family of South Australia p111.
The late Charles Beal: A true pioneer since 1838 and founder of the Town of Winchelsea p113.
The History of the Black Family, of South Australia p119.
The Johnston family of Oakbank, South Australia p121.
The Allen Family, of "Waverley Park” Willunga, South Australia p122.
The Johnston family of "Pirramimma” McLaren Vale, South Australia p123.
The Mudge Family, of the West Coast, South Australia p126.
The Bascomb family of "The Station," Mount Wedge, South Australia p128.
The late Hugh May Wilson of Shelford p130.
Patrick Sheridan, " Clareview," Elliston, South Australia p132.
The late William Eckersley of Gooroc, St. Arnaud and Ballarat p134.
John Barton Hack p139.
The History of the late William Wilson with which is incorporated a brief outline of the Story of His Family from the year 1855 to the year 1935 p145.
The late Hon. H. F. Richardson, M.L.C p148.
The Honourable David Bower, M.P., of Woodville, South Australia p151.
HISTORIC "St. Clair” p154.
Joseph Bower, J.P,, Woodville, South Australia p155.
The Crompton family, of Stonyfell p156.
Thomas Hiscock: Discoverer of Gold in Victoria p158.
A Brief Outline of the History of the late Donald Campbell and the late John Archibald Campbell, of Victoria and New South Wales p161.
The Milne Family of South Australia p167.
The H. A. Newman Family of "Blackford” Charleston, South Australia p168.
RECOLLECTIONS OF LONG AGO, By Charles Newman: South Australia in 1837: The Arrival of the Pioneers p169.
The Dunn family of "Gumbank" Charleston, South Australia p173.
The Inkster Family of the West Coast South Australia p175.
Ferguson Family of Myrtle Bank and Moolooloo p177.
A Brief History of The late John Allen and Mr. William Allen, of Moolap, Geelong, Victoria p183.
The Linklater family of South Australia p189.
The Thomson family of Kapunda, South Australia p190.
The Dawes family of Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia p193.
"Yandama" Station, Milparinka: The Largest Pastoral Property in New South Wales p195.
The Fisher and Suter Families p198.
The late Thomas Robertson p201.
The late Colonel Thomas Price, C.B., D.S.O p202.
The Hopkins Family of Winchelsea, Victoria p204.
Sir Robert Wallace Best, K.C.M.G. p206.
The Sherriff Family, of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia p208.
The Pike Family of South Australia p209.
The Giles Family, of "Penton Vale” Yorke Peninsula p211.
The Jay family of South Australia p213.
F. Kenneth Milne; Adelaide, South Australia p217.
The late John Esler of Bendigo and the Mallee p221.
The late George Robinson, Esquire. and his Descendants p223.
The late Thomas Wragge and Mr Thomas George Wragge p225.
The late George Charles Newman of "Fullarton” Adelaide p229.
The Balcombe Family in Australia, and the late Doctor David Reid, R.N. p233.
The Devlin Family of Marcus; Victoria p235.
The Morgan Family of the West Coast, South Australia p239.
The late Colonel John Longville Price, V.D. p241.
The late Mr. Charles Mills, of "Uardry" Station, Hay, New South Wales p243.
The late Doctor William Markham, of Port Augusta, South Australia p245.
The late George Augustus Mein, M.D., Edin p248.
The late Michael Zwar and H. P. Zwar, J.P., M.L.A. p250.
Alfred Stephen Kenyon J.P. p252.
The McKenzie Family, of Yorke Peninsula p254.
The late Christian Julius Moller of Bendigo and Murrabit p255.
Peter Waite, Pioneer, Pastoralist and Philanthropist p257.
The late Frederick Porritt of Melbourne and Ballarat p260.
The Gordon family of "Borambola" and the late John Peter of "Tubbo" p262.
The late Reverend John Leigh Green p266.
Nicholas Lambrick p268.
Morgan Bevan John p270.
Three Generations of the Longhurst Family of Ballarat p273.
The McBean family of South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland p279.
The Stevenson family of West Coast of South Australia p284.
The late Richard Lambrick and his Descendants p286.
The late Alfred Callaway of Castlemaine, Victoria, and his Descendants p287.
The late
Alderman The Honourable Sir Henry Weedon, K.B., M.L.C. and The late Cr. John Francis McCarron p289.
The late Robert Anderson, of Melbourne p293.
The Tennant family of South Australia p295.
The late Thomas Holyoake Rust p302.
The late Alexander Boyd of Commeralghip and Tarrone p303.
Thomas Graves, of Adelaide, South Australia p305.
The Abbott Family of Westmoreland, England, Canada and Australia p311.
The late Mr. John Johns of Brighton, and The late Mr. Joseph Monkhouse p317.
The late Thomas Elliott of Shelford and Bamganie p318.
The late Doctor Charles Burke-Gaffney, J.P. p321.
Mr. Alfred E. Wallis of Bendigo p324.
The House of Cohn of Bendigo p326.
The late William Hammill and his Descendants p328.
The Hon Herbert Keck, M.L.C. of Bendigo p330.
The Croser family of Rapid Bay, South Australia p333.
The late William Charles Thomas of Beaufort, Victoria p334.
The late Richard Friswell of Bendigo p337.
The late Thomas Walter Busst of Bendigo and his Descendants p338.
The late Alexander Mollison, Pioneer and Overlander and The late Crawford Mollison, Pioneer and Public Servant p342.
The Chapman family of South Australia p344.
The Player family, of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia p346.
The Chambers Family, Pioneers, New South Wales p348.
The Godfrey Family, Pioneers p350.
The Taheny Family of South Australia p353.
The late George Campbell and his Family, Mia-Mia, Victoria p354.
The late William Hobbs of Stawell p355.
The Lewis and Argyle Families p357.
The Foley Family of Ballarat and The late George Francis Coffey of Melbourne p358.
The Mayo family of South Australia p360.
The late John Bon of Wappan p362.
The Worland Family of Shelford and Winchelsea p364.
The Honourable Angus Mackay p366.
The Birks family of South Australia p369.
THE Thomas Family p373.
The Abbott family of South Australia p375.
The Hope Family of "Wolta Wolta” Clare, South Australia p376.
James Sherriff, Yorke Peninsula, South Australia p379.
The Barclay Family, of Corny Point p381.
The Addison and Morphett families, of South Australia p382.
The late Captain Duncan Longden: Soldier — Statesman — Pressman p385.
Friedrich Eduard Heinrich Wulf Krichauff p386.
The Piggott Family of "Rockleigh” Clarendon p388.
The von Doussa Family of South Australia p391.
The late Reverend John Anderson of Warrnambool p392.
The late Pulteney Mein, Pastoralist and Mr William Pulteney-Mein, of 482 St. Kilda Road,
Melbourne p394.
Mr. William John Clement of Raywood p397.
The Gutsche Family, of Yorke Peninsula p398.
Paul Stephen Penrose of 202 Don Street, Bendigo p399.
The Stirling family of Shea-Oak Log, near Gawler, South Australia p401.
The Barker family and Chambers family of South Australia p402.
James Chambers p405.
The Hamdorf family of Hacienda, South Australia p408.
The Smith family of Yackandandah, South Australia p414.
The Stevens family of South Australia p417.
The Russell Family of South Australia p418.
The Irwin family of South Australia p422.
THE LATE SIR John Morphett, KNT. p424.
SIR James Hurtle Fisher p425.
The Price Family of Hindmarsh Island, South Australia p426.
The Hull Family of "Dalry” Pt. Elliston, West Coast, South Australia p428.
The Brundell Family, of Dalrymple, Yorke Peninsula p431.
Charles Brundell, Victor Harbour, South Australia p432.
The Barrow family of Ashwell, South Australia p433.
The Union of the Mathison and Stewart Families of Winchelsea p435.
The Blight Family of South Australia p437.
The Low Family of South Australia p438.
Thomas and Annie Gordon and Family of South Australia p446.
The Coulthard family of South Australia p449.
The Bidgood Family of South Australia p451.
The Maxwell family of South Australia p455.
The Atkinson family of South Australia p456.
The Sandland Family of South Australia p458.
The Cowan family of South Australia p461.
Mr. William John Stephens, RIG.A., A.G.A.,(Aust) J.P. p463.
The Lawson family of "Padthaway", Naracoorte, South Australia p465.
The Smith Family of Happy Valley and Linton, Victoria p470.
The Catford Family of Skillogolee Creek, Auburn, South Australia p473.
The Paterson family of South Australia p479.
The late Dr. H. L. Atkinson, of Bendigo p481.
The Klem Family, of Corny Point, South Australia p484.
The Hume (1790) Huon (1792) and Kennedy (1795) Families and their Connection with The Murray and Pittendrigh Families p487.
The late Charles Ryan and Major-General Sir Charles Snodgrass Ryan, K.B.E.,
C.B., C.M.G., M.B. p488.
The Barclay Family of Goolwa p490.
The Frame family of Mount Barker, South Australia p492.
Rev. S. H. Smith, MA., B.D. p494.
The Love Family of South Australia p496.
The late Edward Waters, Pioneer and The late Colonel Edward Needham Waters p497.
The late Mr. Redmond Nicholas Pomeroy p498.
The Bray family of South Australia p499.
The Seymour Family of South Australia p501.
The Bowman and Cave Families of South Australia p505.
The Gehan family of South Australia p506.
The Daniell Family, of Yorke Peninsula, South Australia p508.
The Boundy Family, of South Australia p511.
The History of the Blackwood family who Settled in Australia p513.
Robert Brown Fraser of South Australia p517.
The Trengove family, "Lanner Park," Bute, South Australia p521.
The Late Alfred Ross - Merchant p522.
Mrs. E. J. Anderson p524.
Charles Henry Boundy p525.
William George Boundy p526.
The Brinkworth family of Brinkworth p527.
The late Henry T. Morris, J.P., Kapunda, South Australia p528.
The Randell family of South Australia p529.
The Hayball Family of Brighton p530.
Added Title: The story of Australia : its discoverers and founders
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