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Main Title: Port Melbourne calendar 1997-2010 / Port Melbourne Historical and Preservation Society
Author: Port Melbourne Historical & Preservation Society
Collation: 26 unnumbered pages, ill., portraits, pbk, 28 cm.
Subject: Calendars
Port Melbourne (Vic.) (Bunurong Country)
1997 - Historic Port Melbourne: Outer leading light and Princes Pier c1977. Paddle steamer Gem at Railway Pier c1890's. Town Hall 1990. Station Hotel 1872. Port theatre 1920s. View of the Sandridge Lagoon and Emerald Hill from the sugar works c1872. Boats in the lagoon, Harper's and Western Jetty c1920s. Various pictures of the Faram Brothers store 1919-1991. Cable trams passing the Town Hall on a misty morning. Beach Street, Sandridge 1870s. View of Sandridge foreshore from the Sugar Works c1870. New shops in Bay Street, Sandridge 1875 and Port Melbourne post office 1990.
1998 - Historic Port Melbourne: Shipping horses for India at Sandridge Pier. The tug "Racer" operating at Railway Pier. Graham Street footbridge over Sandridge Lagoon c1875. Railway Reserve, Port Melbourne c1905. Thomas and Sara Edwards and family, Rouse Street, Sandridge 1882. Wharfies Union banner, loading wheat for export to England 1881 and waterside worker's badee. Bellion's grocery c1885 and 175. Stokes Street : window details 1996. View of Courthouse from Holy Trinity c1873. Miss Congues' shop in Bay Street c1911. Prince's Pier and HMS Repuls and Prince's Pier and HMS Hood. Bay Street National Bank and Scott's Hotel, Sandridge c1878. Port Melbourne Boy's Band 1939.
1999 - Historic Port Melbourne in the 1930s: Southern stairway Centenary Bridge 1989. Irving children celebrate first run of the boat train 1936. Port Melbourne Gala Red Cross Ball 24 May 1938. Port Melbourne's Mission to Seaman pictures 1988-90. Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works project workers working on a major drainage installation in Princes Street 1933. Early State Bank houses in Garden City c1930s. Various Art Deco buildings c1990s. Interior, Hoyt's Eclipse Theatre c1930s. Coronation Motor Show souvenir 1937. Various pictures of the Faram Brothers shop c1932. A month of Centenary celebrations of the landing of the first settlers Captain Wilbraham Frederick Evelyn Liardet, his wife Caroline and their nine children 1939. Station Pier gatehouse 1990.
2000 - Historic Port Melbourne - pubs and pastimes: Prince Alfred Hotel c1910. Royal Hotel c1912. 1872 view of Bay Street from the top of the nearby Sugar Works. Graham family Hotel football team 1950's. Photos of various hotels: Army and Navy hotel, Chequers Inn, Fountain Inn, Foundry Hotel and Railway Club Hotel. The Flower Hotel in Bay Street 1940s. Cruikshank Street and the Cricketers Arms 1930. Stokes Street 1989. Bay Street, National Bank and Scott's Hotel, Sandridge 1870s. London Hotel c1872. Liardet's Beach and the Pier Hotel in its heyday 1840. Glee Club members 1938.
2001 - Historic Port Melbourne - the traders: Demmlers's Boot Shop at the corner of Bridge and Evans, c1910. MacLennan's Grocery at Graham and Clark Streets 1960s. 1908 postcard Graham Street, Port Melbourne view to the southeast. Johnny Allsorts Bay Street Pawn Broker 1875. Plan for shop front alters to nos. 191 - 219 Bay Street, Port Melbourne 1916 and Market buildings 1892. Miss Jago's corner shop at Health and Ingles Streets 1933. Galatis Chocolates interior 1940s. William Bellion & Sons, 175 Stokes Street 1880s. J.E. Earl Hardware shop photos. Faram Brothers shop and Doug Faram 1991. Alfred Dowsett, General Outfitters, Bay Street 1880s. Moran & Cato, Bay Street and Bridge Street intersection 1911. Station Pier Kiosks 1991. Trader trivia July 1896.
2002 - Historic Port Melbourne: Yachts in the Sandridge Lagoon c1905. Troop train at Port Melbourne Railway Station 1940. Swallow and Ariell Coopers, early 20th Century. Brandy shipment from Joshua Bros. Distiller 1903. R.G. Carey's Melbourne Aviation Company booking office 1920s. Flood in Crichton Avenue, Garden City 1941. Holy Trinity Anglican Church c1910 and the original Iron Church c1890. Graham Street level crossing gates 1950s. Port Melbourne cable tram 1920s. Workers at O.T. Box Factory. St. Joseph's Primary students c1934. Princes Pier viewed from breakwater, Port Melbourne c1950. Salt on the windows - 1940/50s memories of our house "Irvine" at 42 Beach Street.
2003 - Historic Port Melbourne - School days: Class photo S.S. 1427, Nott Street Grade 4B. The "Hygeia" and the "Weeroona" at Railway Pier c1920. The first Sandridge State School No. 1427, better known as Nott Street 1874. St. Joseph's Primary class 1898. Aerial view of Garden City development 1927. Lady Forster Free Kindergarten c1930. National School 1862, Australasian Sketcher 8.8.1874 and Children from Ross Street Baptist Sunday School 1930s. Floodwaters in the North Port Underpass full of children St. Valentine’s Day 1955. Sandridge northwest from the Sugar Works 1871. Port Melbourne Yacht Club members 1889. Jubilee Hall, Bay Street 1960s and Sister Barnett and her boys. Ross Street Sunday School picnic 1936. State School Port Melbourne c1900. Schooled in Port - memories of former students.
2004 - Around the streets of Historic Port Melbourne: Faram Brothers in Bay Street. Fishing nets in Esplanade West. Corner shop at corner of Clark and Farrell Streets 1950s. Collapsed Gasometer from Danks Street 1920. View over Beach Street and Piers 1871. Bus garage at Port Melbourne c1950s. Sidecar in Raglan Street 1920s. Graham Station western platform 1950s. The Boundary Rovers, Victorian Sunday League Football Team, 1947-48. Swallow Street level crossing gate 1989. Seaman’s Institute, Beach Street, Port Melbourne 1890s. Cruickshank Street Social Party at No. 35, the home of Albert and Carmel Mowlam. Street Trivia.
2005 - Historic Port Melbourne produces the goods: J. Kitchen & Sons Cardboard Division 1920s. Aerial view of the Gas Works c1930. The Candle Room, J. Kitchen & Sons (date unknown) and Ellie Smith and William Hegarty compete in a threadneedle race at the 1924 Kitchen picnic. Workers from the Cardboard Unit, J. Kitchen & Sons, 1920s. "Fresh milk from our own cows"- young Claude Butcher III and horse Jack c1930 and Butcher family dairy on Fisherman’s Bend 1920s. Princes Street panorama 1990. Swallow and Ariell workers from La Trobe picture collection. Commonwealth Government engine works employees with their first diesel marine engine 1949. Robert Harper & Co. manufacturing complex from Town Pier 1930s. General Motors Holden administration building 1998. Peter's boat. Messrs. Joshua Bros. Distillery 1894, Fire at Victoria Sugar Company's works 1875, Federal Distillery Port Melbourne 1892, Old Sugar Shed 1999 and sweetmaker 2001. Liardet and Bay Streets 1870s. Memories of working days - Edie Mallett, Swallow and Ariell forelady; Gladys Scott, J. Kitchen & Son and Veronica Aldridge, Dunlops.
2006 The Sandridge years: Sandridge, Victoria, steel engraving by Nicholas Chevalier 1873. Pier at Sandridge, Victoria, tall ships and donkey No. 24. Murdoch’s general store in Bay Street 1870. Town, and Melbourne and Hobsons Bay Railway Piers, Sandridge; steel engraving by Arthur Willmore 1862. The London Family Hotel, c1872. Police precinct from the Holy Trinity Tower 1891. Men on Sandridge Beach, c1883. Settlement at Fishermen’s Bend, 1904; John Meier, c1850s.Birds eye view of Melbourne from Sandridge, 1884. Sandridge Lagoon from the Sugar Works, 1871. View of Port Melbourne Town Hall with no clock, 1883.
2007 Those were the days: William Raeburn Stuart in Bridge Street c1950. Ethel, Irene and Eileen Molloy with Agnes Denehy on The Bend, c1930. Bruno, Joe, Teresa and Tony on the bakery delivery car; Joe and Tony on the roof of Bay Bakery, 1967. The Flavia (ship) arriving at Station Pier, February 1964. Charles and Alice Baker’s corner shop at Ross and Farrell Streets. Tennis ladies including Alice Hegarty, c1929. Two-car electric Tait train, c1975. 1950 St Josephs debutante ball. Port parties: Coach Kelvin Leadingham and the Port Melbourne’s Under 15s Premiers 1971, Christmas morning tea in Princes Street 1945 for friends of Margaret Smith, backyard birthday celebration for Barbara Hegarty at 91 Cruickshank Street, 1945. First Communion photographs: Father de Loughry and St Josephs boys, c1961; St Josephs girls, c1962; St Josephs Primary School, Stokes Street. The Princes Pier Gang, c1945. Poem by Barbara Boyd-Anderson, December 2005, The Hygeia and the Weeroona at Railway Pier.
2008 From the album: Metallurgist Peter Griffin is supervising the molten metal being taken from the furnace at Grimwade Castings, one of the Borough’s several iron foundries. William and Elizabeth Faulkner at their Bay Street shop, 1867. The Monts (the Thistlethwaite Street gang). Anzac crosses, 1956. Holy Trinity iron church from the vicarage garden, c1890. Flood in Crockford Street, 1919. Bay Street north, 1870s; The London, 1920s. Match at North Port Oval, 1930s. United States Battleship fleet, 1908. Mrs Coggin’s greengrocery shop, c1891. William Gleeson and Digger on Station Pier, WW2; Cup Day at Princes Pier 1935. The McLean sister’s shop and the former Abraham Lincoln Hotel, c1910.
2009 - Historic Port Melbourne - Image from the Borough: Princes Pier and the outer Beacon c1992. Detail of Faram Bros. Ironmongery at 405 Bay Street. Wharfies' picnic train 1948. Rice Butchers, 251 Bay Street 1941. Ted Raven and Uneeda van c1927. Boys at The Settlement (Depression Era club for underprivileged Borough boys), 1933. Edwards brothers and their forge off Rouse Street 1910. Fishermen in the bay with their nets c1941. Graham Soccer Club 1933. William Dalgish's Tea and Coffee Mart c1876. Captain Wilbraham Frederick Evelyn Liardet and his wife and cousin Caroline Liardet. Corner of Graham and Station Streets c1960.
2010 - Historic Port Melbourne - our eventful past: Aerial view of West Gate Bridge 1970s. Overlooking the railway yards from the original Sandridge station platform with the first Sandridge driver, William Pattison and his 2-4-0 locomotive 1854. Children staging a dress rehearsal in the grounds of Nott Street State School, possibly to mark one of Queen Victoria’s Jubilees in 1887 or 1897. The Holy Trinity Anglican Church the morning after a violent December storm rips off the roof and smashes the church in 1908. .A map of Melbourne 1864 showing the land that had once been the floor of the bay. Political rally at the Clare Castle (latter 19th Century). Fire at Victorian Sugar Works 1875, The men leaving Port Melbourne Pier to march to the city, 1908. Beach Road, 1970s. Duke and Duchess of York pause at Port Melbourne Town Hall 1927. Pictures from the 1939 Centenary celebration of the landing of first settler Captain Wilbraham Frederick Evelyn Liardet, his wife Caroline and their nine children. 1982 picture of the ceremony in front of our Town Hall as Mayor Perce White, presents HMAS Lonsdale's commander with a Freedom of Entry to the City certificate.

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