PMI Library Announcement

Updates to the Members Area of our website
Hello members,

We have some exciting news.

We have been working with our library management system vendor to update the member area of the website to enable us to communicate with you more effectively.

This update streamlines the communication process for us “behind the scenes”, reducing the number of steps and amount of manual processing we have needed to do in the past. We are thrilled with this update and are looking forward to connecting with you all much more quickly and easily.

You will notice some new additions in the members area when you login online.

Communication Area

The My Details page now displays communication method preferences for different types of communication.
You now have the ability to choose either email or post as your preferred method of communication for:
  • Newsletter and Other Announcements: this area relates:
    • Newsletters
    • Recent Additions (not available via post)
    • Event Updates (not available via post)
    • Special Library announcements or updates
Please keep in mind that in order to keep costs down, we do prefer to send our Newsletters via email where possible, so if you do have an email address and are happy to receive the Newsletter via email, please add your email address to your details and update your communication preferences. Don’t forget to click on save once you are done.
  • Library Notices: this includes general library notices such as Overdue and Reservation Notices
  • Membership Renewal Letters: This includes membership renewal reminders. 

Your current communication method preferences have been carried over, so if you currently receive the Newsletter via post, you will continue to receive it via post unless you update your communication preferences. 

We have now sent out our latest Newsletter and Recent Additions via email using the new communication preferences. If you have not received this email in your inbox, please check your junk mail. If you have not received this email and it is not in your junk mail, please let us know.

Library Announcements

Under the Catalogue drop down menu, there is now a new item Library Announcements. This page will store a copy of special library announcements or update emails. They are searchable by keyword or by the categories listed in the side navigation bar. You can also sort the announcements by date. For example, a copy of this email will be available under this section.

How Did You Hear

You may also notice another new section at the bottom of the member details area - a section which records how members heard about the PMI Victorian History Library. This gives us the ability to collect this information from new members and will provide valuable information on how people hear about us. This will provide insight into where we can best promote the library to potential new members and users.
You are welcome to complete this section if you wish, but it is not a requirement.

Please feel free to visit all of the new sections of the members area.

Should you experience any issues with these new sections, please let us know. This is a custom area developed for us by our library management system vendor, so we welcome any feedback on your experiences with it. 

Kind regards,

Chris Moysey-Barker
Marketing and Communications Coordinator
PMI Victorian History Library