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Main Title: South Melbourne urban conservation study : volume 2 survey and assessment of structures part 5.1 grade A structures: terrace rows, flats and shops / Allom Lovell Sanderson Pty. Ltd.
Author: Allom Lovell Sanderson (Vic.)
Imprint: Allom Lovell Sanderson, 1987.
Collation: Various pagination : ill., pbk ; 30 cm.
Subject: Heritage and conservation studies
Historic buildings and structures
Houses, residential buildings etc
Terrace houses
Retail trade
South Melbourne (Vic.) (Wurndjeri Woi Wurrung and Bunurong Country)
Albert Park (Vic.) (Bunurong Country)
Middle Park (Vic.) (Bunurong Country)
Contents include: TERRACE ROWS (by citation no.) 166-168 Bank Street c65. 5-9 Cecil Place c66. 348-350 Moray St c67. 141-147 Bank St c68. 351-355 Moray St 'Pembroke Terrace' c69. 46-48 Howe Crescent 'Hazelwood Terrace' c70. 344-346 Moray St c71. 5-8 Layfield St c72. 33-51 St Vincent Place 'Rochester Terrace' c73. 36-44 St Vincent Place 'Hambleton House' and terrace houses c74. 106-108 Napier St c75. 110-112 Napier St c76. 15-17 Howe Crescent c77. 17-21 St Vincent Place 'Dorset Terrace' c78. 1-5 St Vincent Place 'Balmoral Terrace' c79. 152-156 Cecil St 'Mt Durand Terrace' c80. 37-41 Cardigan Place 'Vermont Terrace' c81. 27-35 Kerferd Road c82. 43-45 Howe Crescent c83. 48-60 Thomson St c84. 79-91 Thomson St c85. 87-97 Raglan St c86. 157-163 and 173-179 Cecil St (including no. 157 'Ingleside') c87. 231-233 Bank St c88. 235-237 Bank St c89. 239-253 Dorcas St c90. FLATS 199 Beaconsfield Parade c91. 194 Albert Rd 'Tiberius Flats' c92. 30 Queens Rd 'Newburn Flats' c93. 34 Queens Rd 'Stanhill Flats' c94. SHOPS 130 Napier St c95. 86-87 Canterbury Road c96. 378 Coventry St c97. 206-208 Moray St c98. 244 Moray St c99. 300-302 Moray St c100. 315 Moray St c101. 142-144 Cecil St 'Albert Buildings' c102. 168 Cecil St c103. 174 Cecil St c104. 275-279 Coventry St c105. 266 Park St c106. 268 Park St c107. 406 Park St c108. 116-118 Park St c109. 123 Bridport St c110. 53-55 Victoria Avenue c111. 93 Victoria Avenue c112. 200-202 Bank St 'Town Hall Chambers' c113. 204-206 Bank St c114. 238-240 Bank St c115. 296 Clarendon St c116. 302 Clarendon St c117. 304 Clarendon St c118. 306-308 Clarendon St (former 'Glasgow Bakery') c119. 324-326 Clarendon St c120. 360-362 Clarendon St c121. 319-321 Clarendon St c122. 355-359 Clarendon St ' Skeats's / Skeat's Buildings' c123. 383 Clarendon St c124. 436-444 Clarendon St c125. 303-305 Clarendon St c126. 256-264 Park St 'Harcourt Parry Building' c127. 242 Bank St c128. 229 York St c129. 189-193 Bank St c130. 255-257 Dorcas St (former 'McCauley's Furniture Warehouse') c131.
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